August 02, 2006


Tomato Gojju:
What is a Gojju? Hummm...A Kannada word ,I think you could say Gojju is a veg dish with a thick gravy cooked with spicy aromatic coconut paste and should be served with either dosa (Indian Rice and dal Pancake or Crepes) or Idlies (rice and dal steamed cakes). Tastes better with any kind of bread which is made of rice or plain old cooked white rice too! It is one of the traditional delicious side dishes in my recipe collection and almost always served with dosas!! I highly recommend you try this recipe of Tomato Gojju !! :))

Tomato Gojju is one of my Mysore grandmother's recipes. Since dosas,idlis are made practically everyday at home in the (sugarcane,coconut and Paddy fields)farms around Mysore, these breads are served with various side dishes along with coconut chutney!! Although dosa recipe is well-known among south-Indians, I am posting the HOW-TO anyway for the poor souls who never tried these delicious bread ! Urad dal and fenugreek seeds are not available in US grocery stores, so you will have to make a trip to some Indian store to get those! Dosas are worth the effort!:D

My son loves this tomato gojju although he is not into most Indian food usually while my daughter dislikes tomatoes but she loooves Spaghetti sauce,marinara sauce!! May be she thinks Spaghetti Sauce drops directly from heaven to the jar, not made of earthly tomatoes!! LOL !!
Anyway, here are the recipes. Happy cooking!!


1 lb Plum Tomatoes,skinless is better(boil, peel but not necessary, can use sliced tomatoes as well),Cilantro and salt.
Roast all these and:
Roast 2 Dry Red Chillies
1 tbsp Chana Dal
1/2 tbsp Urad Dal
1 tbsb Coriander Seeds

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1/2 tbsp Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Sesame Seeds
1/2 Onion
2 Garlic Cloves

Grind with:
1/4 Cup Fresh or dry Coconut
1/4 tbsp Poppy Seeds
1 tbsp Roasted Chana Dal(chutney dal not red ones)
Curry Leaves
1 tbsp Oil and Ghee
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tbsp Chana dal
1 tsp Urad Dal
1 Red Chilly
Curry Leaves
1 Onion chopped


1. Season and when onion is reddish,add either chopped tomatoes or puree`d,simmer gently on low heat so the tomato sauce does not separate.
2. when the raw smell goes and see the oil on top, add in the ground masala,cilantro and salt.Simmer again until it thickens.

Serve With: Rice,Dosas ,Rava dosas or Idlis.Tastes better the next day as it is true of any Indian dishes !! Takes some time for the spices to blend in and make it taste delicious next day !!

Rava Dosa With Tomato Gojju:

How to:
1. Mix 1 cup fine Rava,1/4 cup all purpose flour in 1/4 cup yoghurt,1 1/2 cup water,salt and let it rest for half an hour.Add pinch of soda.(optional)
2. Heat Tava and pour a ladleful of batter and spread to a circle and drizzle some ghee around and on top of the dosa.
3. When golden, flip and cook the other side.Serve with Tomato Gojju.
4. You can add minced onions,green chillies etc to the batter as well.

Note:You can serve this Gojju with any kind of dosa like Urad dal dosa,not necessarily Rava dosa but crisp rava dosa tastes great with Gojju.



Surya Hith said...

Mouthwatering Asha.tomato gojju is wonderful.I am going to try this with my weekend breakfast.

FH said...

Let me know how did you like it and any suggestions to improve.Cheers!

Sana said...

Planning to make it tonight. Will let you know how it goes

FH said...

Okie diokey Sana! Good luck and I am waiting:))
Actually,this is my fav Gojju for Dosa.Enjoy.

Sana said...

Actually, I made your rava dosa and Karam. I posted them on my blog too. This is the first time I tried making rava dosa, and the propotions are too good to mess them up :) Probably, will never put in the effort to make normal dosas :p

Sana said...

And oh, thanks for a great dinner. My husband and I enjoyed it a lot!!

FH said...

Hi Sana,glad you liked the Gojju,actually it tastes better after a day.I know what you mean by Rava dosa.Before I found this proportion,I have ruined many Rava dosas by experimenting,throwing many lumpy ones!:D Enjoy.

Devi Priya said...

One of my fav's. I love this chutney with dosa.

FH said...

Thanks DP. It's a very traditional grandmother's kind of dish. Tastes very good with Dosas, enjoy!:)

phanitha said...

sounds yummy will try it out soon...