August 15, 2006


Would you look at those beautiful Veggies!! Yup, I just cut those fresh from my veggie patch, my first picks:) Every June I cannot wait to go to Garden store and buy these little plants and plant them.Sometimes I start them from seeds. When they start growing, they become almost like my children.Every dry fruit or branch pains me!!

These are my milder peppers!!

Picked Peppers:

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A Closer Look:

A picture of my beautiful Green Marrow or Bottle Gourd as it called. Few more weeks of summer, it's time to clean up my garden to be ready for the next year ! :(

Pictured below is my Thai or Bird chilli Plant with all it's glory!! They are not ready to pick yet. When they are, they all go to my freezer to use the whole winter and spring until next summer !

Last Picks From My Garden Before Fall:

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Ripened Thai chillies ready to be picked:

Well ! Summer is almost over. Have a fab (rest of the) summer Y'all ! Welcome to the LOT COOLER Fall !!


NO!! I didn't grow these freakish pumpkins but found them inthe local grocery store,thought I will show them to you!!:))

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Revathi said...

Wow it looks amazing. Asha !! Ya i know how we connect emotionally to the plants.. I cud not throw my mint into the blender for quite a while..
Ur veggie patch looks very appetizing.. Gud pics

FH said...

Thank you Revathi for sharing that! Atleast there is one out there who understands my feelings!

I laughed aloud when I read about your mint and the blender, it does feel like little bit of death, isn't it? HA...HA..HA...

Appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Asha what a harvest !! Nothing like having your own veggies and the food always tastes much better.Now time to enjoy the fruits of your summer.. ok Veggies:)). Amazing picture too.

FH said...

Thanks for visiting my veggie garden , Jaya!! As you can see you are the second person who is interested in gardening :)
They are a joy and I always look for others gardens too. Feels good, doesn't it?

sra said...

EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They really look horrible, really horrible, don't think I can sleep tonight. will look at your tendli palya now.

FH said...

HA HA HA,sra!! Told you!! It was disgusting even to touch it!

Wonder if it's grown just like that or they wrap something around it while they are growing! Pretty scary for Halloween though!
Palya is the better option,run!!:D

Kelley said...

You grow your own veggies, too? You are amazing! Beautiful photos.

You weren't kidding about those pumpkins - that's some pretty serious hideous! What was the grocer thinking?

FH said...

Hi Kelley,I do grow some veg in Summer.It's very enjoyable to see your plants fruit!:) Thanks.

veggie belly said...

thanks for sharing this post with me, this is inspiration for my itty bitty herb attempt!!

FH said...

VB, enjoy. This is my year of growing veggies at home. It got better and better after 2006. Have fun with your garden too! :)