December 27, 2006



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Guess what did I get for Christmas? Scroll all the way down!;D

What a wonderful end for 2006 and great start for a New Year!! A hope,a dream and a promise!I always loved water; lakes,rivers,Ocean!One day,I hope to live by one too!

Anyway,I am still in FL,having loads of fun.This is the eighth time in 12 years we are visiting Orlando but it never gets old!In fact,Universal Studios has lot of new rides!Kids are enjoying fully.We will head back home on Sunday!:)

My last dish of this year to begin a new one, a recipe for a delicious Beet-Coconut Chocolate cake with Beet icing or glaze rather! It tastes delicious and looks fabulously colorful.I wanted to do something different than just baking a chocolate cake with coconut to celebrate and welcome 2007 and for 'JFI coconut' hosted by Ashwini of 'Foodforthought' this month.I found this recipe at and made some changes adding sweetened coconut to the Beet Chocolate cake recipe.It worked out well as you can see.

Here is my beautiful Beet-Coconut Chocolate Cake with Beet icing or glaze with Coconut garnish! Welcome the New Year with a smile and a new hope in your heart!!

To bake this cake you Need:

Pre-heat the oven at 350F. Then gather all these; 2 cups all-purpose flour,1 1/2tsp baking pd,1/2tsp salt,1 1/2 cups sugar,1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder.

3 large eggs, beaten,1 cup plus 2 tbsp Canola oil,1 cup grated beets, 1/2 cup sweetened grated cocnout,2tsp vanilla essence.

Cook beets covered for 5mins in the microwave without water ,squeeze and save about 1/8 cup of Beet juice for icing and use the rest for cake.

Beat eggs. Mix all the dry ingredients and put it in a Kitchen Aid or any blender you have with mixer blade.Mix on low, add in all the wet ingredients and blend gently until mixed well.

Pour into a attractive mould (I used a French non-stick fluted pan from Williams-Sonoma)but a Bundt cake pan is best.Tap the bottom to release the bubbles.Put it in the oven and bake for 30-45mins or the knife inserted comes out clean.Oven temps differ,so I cannot give you the exact time.If you use the ready chocolate box recipe ,follow the instructions on the back of the box.

Take the out and cool on a rack before you add icing. You need: 6 tbsps melted butter, 1/2 cup Powdered sugar, 1/4 cup whipping cream, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla,4 tbsp beet juice.Mix all these to a smooth, thickish mixture.Keep additional 4tbsp coconut to garnish the top separately.Now for icing; take a baking sheet pan,put the cooling rack on the pan with the cake still on the rack.

Pour the beet icing from top to cover the top and sides.Take a spatula,scoop the icing which falls through the rack into the pan and keep pouring it on top until the whole cake is covered with Pinkish red icing.Let it dry between the layers and keep coating the icing until you are satisfied with the even glazing!:)

A Delicious Slice of Beet-Coconut Chocolate Cake slice for you:

NOTE: If you don't want to go through all these steps,here is an easy option!

Take a store-bought Chocolate cake mix ,follow instruction on the box and add the cooked,squeezed 1 cup beet and 1/4 cup coconut as in the recipe above and proceed with baking.I should have done that instead all these!:)

For quick icing or Glaze: Take a cup of store-bought vanilla icing, mix in reserved Beet juice and heat gently in the microwave until little thin.Mix well and pour over the cake until cake is covered.That's it for this year! Enjoy!!!

After that delicious cake, let me take on a equally delicious MeMe!


I've been tagged by my beautiful friend Artizen Flair for 'The Three Things MeMe' of 'artizenkitschen' blog. Thank you for tagging me for this fun MeMe, AF!:)

Here they are, my life in three's!:D

Three things that scare me:

Going back to my early 20's ("horror" is more appropriate word here!),

my husband dying before me,

and my kids getting seriously ill!

Three people who make me laugh:

Myself,(one of these days I am going to kill myself with my own bad jokes!),

my 11yr old son Tushar with his imitations of Bollywood dances,

desperate parents who are trying to "keep up with Joneses", who buy zillion of toys to impress but I see their kids playing with boxes those toys came with!:D

Three things I love:

Being and feeling positive most of the time about life and such,

creating my food blog and to see how an empty page evolves into a beautiful post,

to see my kids are happy , healthy and laughing!

Three things I hate:

Unnecessary War and the results of that conflict all because of somebody's "misunderstanding",

Poverty around the world which includes children,

Paedophiles!(I despise them and war on these creatures is a just war!)

Three things I don't understand:

People who dicriminate against others because of skin color,race or Origin,

ultra rich people not trying enough to help the poor and needy,

emotional,verbal and physical abuse on women and children.

Three things on my desk:

My beloved LapTop,

loads of books,

a calculator!

Three things I'm doing right now:

Typing this MeMe waaay in advance before I leave for my Christmas vacation,

cooking dinner and doing the laundry at the same time,

and just realizing that I am famished and I need to eat something!

Three things I want to do before I die:

To see my kids go to Medical school as it is their dream and goal,

to see them grow up to be fine American citizens with my Indian values and philosophy firmly imbibed in them,(not easy but possible!),

would like to visit Egyptian Pyramids and walk on the 'Wall of China'!

Three things I can do:

Cook creatively , efficiently and deliciously,

read books like a thirsty woman who hasn't seen water for quite a while,

be kind to others and brutally honest when and if necessary.

Three things you should listen to:

Your sixth sense,(if you feel something is wrong,it probably, usually is!!)

sound of waves of the Ocean and chirping of birds on early mornings in Spring,

to kids when they walk in the house from school and yakking away about their day.

Three things you should never listen to:

Destructive criticism,

Fanatical Religious non-sense; people who are alive and breathing around you are always more valuable than anybody's personal beliefs,

to people who take pleasure putting you down!(I say,rise above them and look down!:D)

Three things I'd like to learn:

To be stress free and worry free,

to learn to say 'NO' to people articulately without hurting their feelings,

to relax and smile even more.

Three favorite foods:

Any and every Indian dish,

Crab cakes with spicy Remoulade sauce,

Strawberry Cheese cake.

Three beverages I drink regularly:

Indian masala Chai(Tea),

occasional Cocktail,


Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:

Watched "Fraggle rock" every weekend,

Chandamama,(a Indian monthly kids' magazine with lots of stories)

Many, many 'Mills and Boon' and 'Danielle Steel" trash as a teenager!:D

Three blogger friends that I am going to tag:

Rooma of "myKhazanaofrecipes"

JayaK of "Watscookingdoc"

ViniK of "awhirlofaromas"

Pooja of creativepooja as well since she is back from her break!:)

Take up the tag only if you feel you can ladies,no pressure!:)

That's it for this year my friends ! I promise you, there will be no baking anything for the whole of January! I will post Indian food and only Indian food next month! Have a great New Year's celebration friends!I will see you next week! :)

December 20, 2006



Okay buddies,here I am again with my Christmas Wreath Bread,cookies and non-Alcoholic Punch!I chose some of the easiest recipes but very delicious and festive! Hope you try them and enjoy.


How To Bake The Wreath Bread:

Pre-heat the oven at 400F.

You Need:

I tube of Ready-bake Pilsbury Pizza Crust.Open the tube,spread it on the counter top and stretch lenghtwise.Sprinkle cinnamon pd,sugar pd and any nuts you like and press down a little.

Cut this into three parts and fold each into half as shown.Join the three ends and press down to seal.Braid these as shown or just twist them around each other if you don't know how to braid.Seal the end and transfer it to non-stick baking sheet.

Place a 9" round baking pan in the middle.Curl the braid into a circle around the pan bottom and bring two ends together and seal.

Remove the round pan, brush the bread with heavy cream or egg wash and sprinkle with colorful sprinkles.Place in the oven and bake for 15-17 mins or until golden but do not over bake.That's it ,cool it on the rack and enjoy!:)
You could spread some vanilla icing on top of the Wreath too.

Your Delicious Christmas Wreath Bread is ready to impress the guests!

Red and Green Christmas Cream Wafers:(Taste of Home)
Here is a wonderfully light, not very sweet wafers with sweet, colorful and festive frosty filling! Kids would love these cookies! :)

To make Wafers you need:
(Makes about 12-16 wafers)
1/2 cup softened butter
1 cup all-purpose flour
3 tbsp heavy whipping cream
White or brown sugar crystals for sprinkling.

For Frosting or filling you need:
1/4 cup softened butter
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla essence
1-2 tsp cream
1 drop each Red and Green food color

How To:
1. Mix all the wafer ingredients to make a dough,wrap in plastic and chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Preheat the oven at 375F.
2. Take the dough out,roll out to 1/4" thickness,cut out 2"rounds and place them on the baking pan.Sprinkle sugar crystals on top of half the cookies and prick all the cookies 3-4times with fork or tip of a knife.
3. Bake for 7-9mins,should be still white,take out and cool on a rack.
1. Mix all the filling except color and divide into two bowls.Add red and green color to each and mix well.Take a unsprinkled wafer,put a dollop of red filling.
2. Take another sugared wafer, keeping with sugar sprinkle on top,press it on the frosted wafer.
3. Repeat with the color, and keep all the cookies in the fridge until frost sets.
They are ready to serve!:))

Chocolate Fudge and White Chocolate Christmas Fudge:(Taste of Home)

These are easy and delicious! It's chocolate, so how can you go wrong?!Even if you mess up,you still can eat the chocolate marbles!:D

You Need: (makes 2 pounds of Fudge)
1/4 cup butter
2 cups Confectioner's sugar
2/3 cup Milk
12 ozs white UNSWEETENED or Semi-sweet baking Chocolate chips or squares
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup chopped dried mixed fruit or berries

How To:
1. Line a 9" square pan with foil(must do this) and spray or butter the bottom.
2. In a heavy pan,add sugar,milk and butter on medium heat,bring to boil for 5 mins.
3. Turn it down to low,add chocolate chips and vanilla essence.Cook until they all melt,stirring often until slightly thick.
4. Take off the heat,add dry chopped mixed berries,mix and immediatly add to the foiled pan.
5. Chill in the fridge for atleast for 2 hours or until firmly set.
6. Take out, using the foil,lift Fudge out of the pan.Peel foil carefully,cut the fudge into 2" squares.They must be stored in the fridge to preveny melting.
To make brown Chocolate Fudge:
Follow the same method as above with Brown Unsweetened chocolate chips and add 3/4 cup chopped walnuts or Almonds and Raisins to make chocolate fudge! Enjoy.

Pilsbury's Ready-Bake Christmas cookies I baked for my daughter's friends.Some of her friends call me "mommy" and send me messages through her to bake cookies for them every holiday!:D

Here are some Holiday Red and Green NON-ALCOHOLIC PUNCH:

Too many Cranberry recipes did you say?! Hey, it's Christmas and it's good for you too! There are some Green Punch too! Have fun making them and enjoy.I didn't make all these except some which we love but I collected some easy one's for you.These recipes would help if you have a large family gathered at home to celebrate!

Warm Cranberry Punch (From ALL RECIPES)

You Need:
4 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
3 1/2 quarts water
12 whole cloves
4 (3 inch) cinnamon sticks
3/4 cup orange juice
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2 cups sugar

How To:
1. In large pan, combine cranberries, water, cloves and cinnamon. Bring to boil,cover, reduce heat and simmer 12-15 minutes. Strain cooked juice through fine sieve or cheese cloth.Add all the other ingredients and serve warm.Makes 25 servings.

Cold Cranberry Punch: (From Reader's Digest)

You Need:

2 cups cranberry juice
2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
1 cup orange juice
1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced
1 lime, thinly sliced
4 cups ginger ale, chilled or seltzer or club soda for ginger ale for less sweet.
Ice cubes

How to:
In a large glass container,combine cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, strawberries, and lime slices,chill thoroughly.Just before serving,stir in ginger ale or Club Soda and add ice cubes.Makes 12 servings.

Green Punch:(

You Need:

6 oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
2 (6 oz.) cans frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
2 c. chilled water or Club soda
Few drops green food coloring,
2 (28 oz.) bottles ginger ale, chilled
Ice cubes
Green Apple or green lime slices

How To:
1. Mix juice concentrates and water.
2. Add Green food coloring.
3. Just before serving, add ginger ale and ice.
4. Stir to blend. Garnish with few green apple slices or lemon slices if you like!
Makes about 15 servings.

Easy Kool-Aid Green Punch:(

You Need:
1 pkg. lime Kool-Aid
1 qt. water or Club Soda
1/2 c. sugar
1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice
1 qt. ginger ale

How To:

1. Chill first 4 ingredients.
2. Add ginger ale. Makes about 5 quarts.

Apple-Cranberry Tea Punch: (From Taste of Home magazine)

You Need:
5 Tea bags
5 cups Boiling Water
5 cups unsweetened Apple Juice
2 cups Cranberry Juice
1/2 cup Sugar1/3 cup lemon Juice
1/4 tsp Pumpkin Pie spice( or throw in cinnamon,clove and little ginger)

How To:
1. Take a big bowl,put in tea bags ,whole spices if you are using and pour boiling water.Cover and let it steep for 5-10 mins.Discard the tea bags and spices.
2. Add all the other ingredients and stir until sugar dissolves.
3. Serve warm or chilled with ice cubes with a slice of lemon. Makes 3 quarts.

Hot Cocoa For a Crowd! ( Taste of Home)

You Need:
1 1/4 cup Baking Cocoa
3/4 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1 1/4 quarts water2 1/2 quarts of milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla essence
1/4 quart Heavy whipping cream
Some whipped cream for topping
Some Cocoa or Cinnamon pd or grated Nutmeg, Chocolate gratings to garnish

How To:
1. Mix cocoa,sugar and salt,add water and bring it to boil,turn down the heat to low.
2. Whisk in the milk and cream,remove from heat and add in Vanilla.
3. Pour into mugs,put a dollop of cream and sprinkle with whatever you like.
Makes about 16 mugs of hot Cocoa.

Warm Chocolate Eggnog: (Taste of Home Magazine)

You Need:
1 quart store bought Eggnog
1/2 cup Chocolate Syrup
1/8 tsp Nutmeg pd
3 tsp Vanilla essence
Whipped cream to top.

How To:
1. Mix eggnog,syrup and nutmeg,heat through gently on low heat for 15mins,must not boil.Remove from the heat.
2. Stir in vanilla, pour into mugs and top with a dollop of whipped cream,sprinkle with nutmeg powder. Makes about 4 servings.

Apple Citrus Cider: (Taste of Home)

You Need:
2 quarts unsweetened Apple Juice
3/4 cup Pineapple Juice concentrate
3 tbsp Sugar
1 medium Lemon,thinly sliced
3 3" connamon sticks
6 whole all spice or 1/8 tsp allspice pd
6 whole cloves
4 cups or 3 12oz cans of lemon-lime soda

How To:
1. Bring all these except the last lemon-lime soda to a boil and lower the heat heat to simmer for 15 mins uncovered.
2. Fish out all the whole spices and add soda,simmer for 406mins on low heat,do not boil. Serve warm with slices of lemon as an option. Makes about 12 servings.


May Peace be with you all forever! Have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah with your families, laugh a lot and eat little less! ;D

We will be in Orlando,Florida from 24th for a week's vacation but I will post one on Wednesday 27th , a beautiful New Year goodie/my entry to JFI coconut which is in my draft already. See you all just before next year!!!:))

December 13, 2006


First, let me thank all of you for your wishes on our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week with all my heart.It was overwhelmingly emotional day for me to know that there are so many well wishers out there who really care.I am sure with so much good will around me, we will make it to another 20yrs easily! Happy Wedding Anniversary to many of you who are celebrating your own this month and wish you many more and much happiness! We had a great time celebrating too!:)

Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro all decked up for Christmas:

I appreciate all e cards you sent me.Logos and Buttons you made just for me was truly humbling.For once in my life,I am at loss for words!! My dearest blog friends,I will just say to all of you once again "THANK YOU".

is around the corner.Although I do not have Christmas, I do love all joy and festivities. Most of you must be having a party or two for your friends and family.I thought, why not make some Hors D'oeuvres and help out with some ideas.You probably know most of these appetizers.I will give some of them to you anyway if somebody out there would like some of of my fav goodies.I will start with my favorite appetizer.

A Platter full of different shapes of Spanakopita:

Spanakopita is a Greek snack, simplified with store-bought Phyllo dough stuffed with deliciously spiced Spinach and Basil and Tomato Feta cheese,then folded in different ways and baked.It is a very flavorful and crunchy snack wrapped with delicate layers of Filo dough.Whenever we go to a Greek restaurant,we always order Spanakopita for an appetizer.

How to make Spanakopita:
You need 14 leaves of Phyllo sheets, thawed if frozen.Keep inth fridge covered until needed.Melt about 4tbsp butter and keep it warm with a brush to spread the butter.
Pre-heat the oven to 375F.

Crush 2lbs bag of chopped Spinach and open.Heat 2tsp butter/Olive oil in a pan,fry 1 big chopped onion,1/2 cup chopped spring onion,1-2 chopped garlic until very soft.Add spinach,fresh parsley,Dill(optional),salt and pepper and cook until soft and almost dry.Cool slightly and add 3x4 block of Basil Tomato or plain Feta cheese ,crumbled.

Mix well but gently and keep aside. Take out the Phyllo leaves,lay 1 leaf on a non-stick baking sheet,brush some melted butter all over lightly.Spread another leaf on top and repeat the same until you use 7 leaves.Spread Spinach and Feta mix on it in a thickish layer on the 7th leaf.

Place 8th leaf on this gently and brush with butter again.Repeat the same with rest of the leaves until you use all 14 leaves.

Brush butter lightly on top and sprinkle with some dry Parsley.You can cut this into 6-8 squares now or wait until it is baked.

Place it in the oven and bake for 25-30mins or until it is golden on top.Take it out and cut into squares if you haven't done it on a wire rack.Be careful when you are transferring the pieces.You can any meat fillings or diff.cheese inside.

Here is how it looks in layers with Spinach and Feta stuffing:

Some variations in folding the Spanakopita,which are better to hold and eat as finger food:
Triangular Fold or Samosa shaped:
Take 2 leaves of Phyllo,cut lengthwise into two rectangles.Brush with butter and Place 1tbsp spinach mix as shown and fold one edge to a triangle as in the picture.

Keep folding the layers until you reach the end,brush with butter and seal.

Repeat the same with other strip as well and place them on the sheet.Make as many as you want and always keep the Filo leaves covered with plastic wrap.If they dry out,you can not use them at all.Bake at 375F for 20-25mins or until golden.

Cute Spanakopita Baskets:

Cut 2leaves of 6x6" squares of Phyllo ,press in gently into big sized muffin pan.Put 2tbsp of Spinach, gather the top and pinch the middle until they stick and loosen the filo leaves on top as shown.Lightly brush with butter and bake at 375F for 20-25mins or until golden,Do not burn.It's okak if the bottom is still light colored.

Twice Baked Chili Potatoes,Crostini,Canapes and Zucchini Pizza Bites:

To Make Twice Baked Chili Potatoes:

Take 2 or more Baking potatoes,wash,,poke few holes and spray some oil or butter on the skin.Microwave or bake until done(375F for 45mins or so).Cut into half lengthwise,scoop the pulp with a spoon without breaking the skin and put it in a bowl.Add canned chili or refried beans,Green onions,diced tomatoes,4-6tbsp of cheddar cheese.

Mix thoroughly with salt and pepper if needed and fill it back in the potatoes and sprinkle some cheese on top and bake again until cheese melts.Garnish with chopped spring onion and serve.You can cut into thick slices if you like.

You can also mix potato pulp with salt,pepper,Gorgonzola,or Ricotta cheese with roasted bell peppers and bake it.

Zucchini Pizza Boats:
Slice Zucchini into slices,layer it with some Pizza sauce or tomato slices,Canadian bacon, pepperoni or any veg or meat and top with slices of Mozzarella and garnish with Oregano.Heat this either in Microwave or oven until cheese melts.Delicious and quick appetizer is ready to eat!
Slice the franch bread into thickish slices,place any meat or veg, tomato,cucumber slices and top with Feta or any creamy cheese and serve.
Take as many crackers,Bagel chips, water crackers as you need,layer them with Zucchini,cucumber ,Tomato slices and top with Zesty cheeses like Jalapeno cheddar etc and serve.You can also microwave it if yiu want just enough melt the cheese.But you to serve them immediately to avoid crackers getting soft.
Second Canapes:
you see up there are topped with the canned chili or re-fried beans and garnish with grated carrots.There is no limit to what you can come up with the fillings and toppings.
Toast some thick French bread slices,top with Ricotta cheese,few roasted bell peppers,salt and pepper and garnish with Parsley or top with Goat cheese,tomato slices ,Basil and parsley.

Platter full of Olive-Pepper Pinwheels,Vegetable Crescent Roll Bites,and Garlic ,Spring Onion and Cheese Slices:

To make delicious Olive-Pepper Pinwheels:

Take 1-2 Tortillas,spread softened cream cheese,finely diced colorful bell peppers or diced roasted peppers,chopped green olive pimientos,little hotdog relish,jalapeno if you like,chopped green onions,chives or parsley,ranch dressing(optional)thinly and roll tightly to a cigar shape.Wrap with foil and keep in the fridge.When you are ready,take out the foil and cut into 2" slices.
These Pinwheels are the most delicious appetizers you have ever eaten!

Cheese and Roasted garlic French Bread slices:

Slice a crusty French bread lengthwise about 5" long.Wrap one whole garlic in a foil with some salt and olive oil or butter and bake until soft.Peel and mash the garlic roughly.You can microwave it too in a bowl.Spread this on the bread.In a plate mix 2 cups any grated cheese you like with green onions,oregano,parsley,2tbsp Parmesan cheese,salt and pepper.Mound on the bread slices,garnish with some spring onion.Bake at 400F for 15 mins or until cheese melts.Serve immediately.You can cut them to 1-2" slices to make it easy as finger food.

Crescent Roll with roasted veg bites:

Here's how to make the Crescent roll Bites:
Pre-heat the oven to 375F.

Make filling: Heat 1tsp oil in a non stick pan,add thinly sliced 1 onion,soften.Add 1/4 cup each of grated carrots,bell peppers,potatoes etc or any ground meat and fry until reddish.season with salt,pepper ,chili flakes and 1/2tsp cumin powder.Keep aside to cool.You need a tube of refrigerated crescent roll.Open the tube,take two rolls and close the seams in the center to make rectangle shape.

Place 1-2tbsp filling in the middle and roll into a tube tightly,to seal all ends.Make sure rolls do not have any holes.Seal with with wet fingers if any.Repeat with others.Makes about 4 rolls.

Bake in the oven for 11-16 mins or until done.Cool on the rack,cut into 2" slices.Serve with any dip.

Cheddar Cheese Spritz cookies: Makes about 24 cookies.

I saw this cheese Spritz cookie recipe in food They looked like Indian Chaklis ,I couldn't resist baking these.They are very tasty.The original recipe used Pecorino cheese ,I didn't have it.I used grated Sharp Cheddar,made some changes,worked out great! Kids will love these finger food. Hope you will try.

You Need:
1/2 cup unsalted butter,3tbsp heavy cream,1 cup all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup finely grated sharp Cheddar cheese,1 tbsp finely grated Parmesan cheese,1 tsp Baking pd,1tsp sugar,1/2 tsp salt.You can add some herbs and 1/2tsp lemon zest if you like but I didn't add any.

I used this Indian cookie press with star disk to make these savories:

How To: Mix all these at room temperature to a firm dough.Spray no-stick oil inside the cookie press to prevent sticking.Fill and press out either straight straws or join them in a round shape as shown on a non-stick baking sheet.Chill in the fridge for half an hour.Bake at 325F for 20-25mins or until slightly golden.Do not burn.Cool on the rack after few mins and store in a airtight jar.

Some Dips and Cocktails:

These dips are delicious with any veggies,Crackers,Bagel chips and roll bites.

Tangy Mayo dip: Mix 1/2 cup Mayonnaise,1/4cup sweet relish,2tsp lemon juice and pepper.
Dijon Mayonnaise dip:Mix 1/2cup Mayo with 1-2tsp Dijon Mustard,fresh parsley,pepper,1/2tsp garlic pd and Onion powder.
Sour Cream-Jalapeno dip:Mix 1/2cup Sour cream,salt,chopped Jalapenos,chopped cilantro,1tsp cumin pd.
Goat cheese-shallots dip: Mix 2tbsp minced Shallots,1/2cup creamy Goat cheese,pepper,2tsp lemon juice,any herbs you like.
Spicy Remoulade sauce:This spicy sauce is excellent with pan fried Crab cakes.Mix 2hard boiled egg yolks creamed,2 cloves garlic, 1tbsp brown mustard,1cup mayonnaise,1tbsp Worcestershire,1/2tbsp paprika,1tbsp Horseradish,2tbsp vinegar, Tabasco,2tbsp parsley,Salt & pepper to taste.

Alcoholic Cocktails: Please refer here.I will post some Non-alcoholic Punch next week.

It's supposed to be Emerald for 20th Anniversary. Here is my little 20th WA Emerald pendant keepsake, if you are interested!:D It's not very expensive, just something to remember by. It's cute but not as pure as Indian Emerald!

Our own Christmas tree! We love these colorful ornaments and enjoy decorating the tree.I kept the lights off since it's a little hard to photograph with the lights on:

Enjoy your weekend and I will back with my Christmas cookies next!:)