December 06, 2006

OUR 20th !!! :)

Look what a beautiful logo creative Pooja made it just for me today!Thank you sweetheart, I appreciate it and love it:)

My sweet friend Anali got together secretly with my other blog buddies and created this button and wrote this article just for me! How do I thank her and others with just my words?! I am overwhelmed by all your wishes and affection! My heart is full,there is nothing else out there for me to achieve and want for.I have reached my maximum and I am humbled today and forever by all your wonderful thoughts and caring!! THANK YOU!!

You must be wondering what the heck is going on in here this week!
Well, on December 07th 2006, Arvind and I are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary!! Yeah,I said I am married for TWENTY years and to the same guy too, my one and the only!! Seriously people! 20 yrs of all these and more, don't you think I should be recommended for atleast a 'NOBEL PEACE PRIZE"?! Cheers!!

Here are some of our wedding photos:

(Due to some personal problems I faced, I have deleted and posted my wedding photos in a private blog. Sorry that I had to modify this post but it became necessary!)

That's all folks! A beautiful milestone in my life to remember and I thank all of you for sharing it with me! :)

Now,on to what I do best:
Some of you asked me, if I would post a Indian style Thanksgiving spread.

Here it is: My belated Indian style Thanksgiving and our Anniversary dinner:

Since we were not at home for Thanksgiving, my son insisted that I should cook a meal when we go home.Of course I had to do it .
My menu: Tandoori Chicken(not Turkey)along with cumin flavored rice,two side dishes and a Sweet Potato Pudding.I made some Egg nog too, but forgot take photos!

How to cook a Tandoori Chicken:
(Approximately,I hour of cooking for every 4lbs of meat at 400F)
(Vegetarians,add little paste to mixed vegetables and cook until oil shows on top for a very tasty veg meal)

You need about 3 1/2-4lbs of Chicken(whole bird).Slash the meat in places and rub in some lemon juice or slices and some salt into it and keep aside in large pan in the fridge.

To make Tandoori paste,you need:

Grind 2" fresh ginger,2 big garic,1/2 big onion,1 tbsp sweet Paprika,3" cinnamon,4 cloves,2 tsp Cumin seeds, 2 tbsp Coriander seeds,1/2tsp or more chilli pd for heat,3/4 cup yoghurt,1/4 cup Tomato sauce,1/2 tsp cardamom seeds,few peppercorns,2tsp Fennel seeds,salt to a smooth paste.Rub the paste on the bird evenly and marinate overnight in the fridge covered.Turn once or twice to coat the masala evenly.

Next day,pre-heat the oven to 400F and place the chicken on a dripping pan in the pan. Melt 1tbsp butter,dribble on the chicken or spray oil.Cook for 45 mins.Turn up the heat to 450F,cook for 10-15mins just to get the crisp coat on top and a reddish color.Do not burn it.Take it out,let it sit for 15mins before slicing.For Gravy:Drain excess oil from the drip pan,cook it on the stove,adjust the salt and remove and add 3-4 tbsp half and half or cream and mix.Heat gently.Strain for smooth sauce into a gravy boat.

Cumin-Clove-Cinnamon flavored Rice:

Cook 2 cups of Long grain rice or Basmati rice,fluff with a fork and keep it aside.Heat a little and oil,add 1tsp cumin seeds,2cloves and 1" cinnamon.When sizzles, add to the rice and mix well.You can 1/4tsp salt but not necessary since chicken has already has the salt.

Saute`ed Rainbow Swiss Chard:

Rainbow swiss chard is a beautiful multiple colored and wonderful tasting greens.Little expensive than the other greens but looks and cooks beautifully.This is an easy recipe similar to southern Collard greens,makes a great side dish for any special meal.Wash and chop them coarsely and set aside.

Heat oil and butter,add 1/4tsp mustard seeds,1/2tsp cumin seeds,1-2 garlic, finely chopped,1/2 big onion finely chopped,fry until reddish.Add chard and stir-fry,cover and cook until all wilted and cooked.Add salt and you are done.Make sure you discard the hard stems before you chop the chard.

Mixed Vegetable Stir-Fry:

Here is a delicious simple veg side dish lightly spiced and stir-fried.Goes very well with any meat dishes to make a perfectly balanced meal.Cut 1 potato into slicesor cubes,cut 1 green bell pepper into squares,1 carrot sliced into thick pieces,few Broccoli flowerettes or any veg you like,set aside.Heat oil/butter,add all the veggies,stir-fry for a while.

Add 1tbsp of water and cover and cook on a low heat for few mins,just until little tender.Don't let the Broccoli turn pale.Open the lid,add salt,1/2 tsp or more Cumin seed pd,squeeze a little lemon juice ,pinch of chilli flakes(optional).When done,it should be dry ,tender to bite and lightly coated with spices .

Cardamom-Cream Sweet Potato Pudding:

Sweet potatoes are traditional Thanksgiving dish.I made a simple but delicious dessert using cardamoms for flavoring.Adjust the sugar to your liking.Sweet potatoes are already sweetish,I don't add too much sugar.You need a big sweet potato for this,peel and cube it to chunks about 2 cups..Add some water and cook in the microwave until soft.Add about 1/4-1/2cup sugar to it and mix.

Microwave it again on for a minute,do not burn it.Meanwhile,powder 3-4 cardamoms with 1/2 sugar until fine,add to sweet potatoes.Let it cool a bit,add in 1/4 cup heavy cream and mix.Microwave again for 1 min.Serve chilled and sprinkle any toasted Almond slivers on top if you like.

Delicious Dinner is served:)



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Tanuja said...

Hi Asha,

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my friend may god bless u couple to complete 100th Yrs together:)

jayakarthik said...

Hey Asha
Wishing the ever young couples A Very Happy And Blessed Married Life
Very Nice to see you in saree,with a smile and a shy in face
Long Live The Couples
HEHEHE here is the NOBLE PEACE PRIZE to you.
Ur son and daughter must be very proud of u guys
and not to forget abt ur dishes
looks yummy
thanks for sharing ur life

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Its me first to wish you for your anniversary(20th).I'm happy i madeit.
Becoz You are one ,who wished me first for my 2nd wedding anniversary...

Enjoyed your snaps,get to know aboutyour family members too..

So sweet family ....HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.......

Nee said...

Asha Sweetheart!

Have a WONDERFUL anniversary - the pics are awesome, and your joie de vivre shines through as always!

I'm sure Arvind knows how lucky he is! Wish him on our behalf too!


PS - How I wish I could have been there to hear you tell that priest the "girls" thing...LOL!

Mr. J said...

Ohhhkay, so this is it huh... Happy Anniversary, I can smell a lot of delicious stuff cooking up.

And hey incase you finding it hard to choose the right car, just give me the one you have, it will be easier for you then.

I'm soo tempted to make many a wicked comments, but Ash, it's your day.. so i'll rest for the moment. :D

Have a blast lady!!

Mr. J said...

And hey, am I the first one to comment?? Hmm gotta wait and watch. But well, here I am :D

Anonymous said...


20 years eh?

Congratulations A & A. :)


Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary !!! the post was quite interesting. 20 years is something !! CONGRATS !!I do agree the initial years of marriage are similar to a car's break-in period :). It certainly was for me what with both of us being independent, too-used-to-single life kind. We are in our 4th year now.. fingers & toes crossed :). So what's the gift ... emerald ?


Anonymous said...

Wow!...I Mean Wow!..about everything.

20 years, the thanksgiving feast, your lovely Daughter and a very brave son! No, Asha, it wasn't boring at all. Just a slice of life I wish for my family 15 years from now :)

Congratulations on the milestone!...

Anonymous said...

awwright...i got here first...yay!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations's wishing you and your husband many many more years of joy and togetherness. hey, you must include a present day picture of both of you.

wheresmymind said...

Congratulations to you and your family...your wedding pictures are so beautiful!!

FH said...

Tanuja, GOD bless you for that:))Hope we will!

Thank you Jaya and with your lovely card and friends like you,I am lucky:)

I remember Usha:) Wish you all the best too and I want to see your blog like this in 18 yrs,okay?:D

Thanks Nee! I did and that was so daring of me to tell a priest that. But you know me,should have given us food before the 'multiple sons' blessing! Safe flight :)

karmic said...

Happy anniversary gal! Quite a story and quite the couple indeed.
The food as always never a disappointment.
Way to go buddy!

karmic said...

Oh and I loved the toon of the woman carrying the hubby over the doorstep. And you look great.. the rocking 40s as I call it. ;-)

FH said...

Hi Tmom! Emerald is what the gem for 20th?! Didn't know that,no worries.I will get something,still time:) Thank you and you made it for 4 yrs and you can make it to 20 easy.You are right abt the starting problems:D

Thank you Mathy! I know, looong time,eh?!:D

Thank you darling John! You can have my SUV,it's 2yr old,bought brand new.I like it but you can have it for a Penny:D I know what your wise cracks are going to be,you are wise man to shut your trap today:D:D
Thanks for visiting Johnny,I know how busy you are,you made my day:)

FH said...

Thanks Vee! Wish you the best too,you will make there in 15,don't worry:) We all do because we Indian ladies are all very peaceful and forgiving;D Thank you so much.

Matangi,thank you.That last photo behind the cut-out is new and if you click on 'me' at the end,you will get my new photo too:)

Thank you Jeff. Our weddings are very colorful,aren't they?:) You should try and attend one of those Indian weddings,you will love it.Food and all the festivities,I miss it all.Wish you and Steph all the best too:)

Indeed rocking now Sanjay,than I ever did in my 20s!! It's true. I love where I am now! Wiser ,calm , mature and most of all secure with hard earned moola:D Life does rock right now,enjoying every bit.I don't want to go back to 20s at all,weren't that good.Thank you buddy:))

By Deepa and Supriya said...

The first thing I thought abut this morning was that your blog would be updated :) and how nice of you to share your day, your family, your pictures and your recipes with us and might I add all done in good taste too. Happy Anniversary!

Sneha said...

hey asha!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! wishing you lots of love, luck and magic.... hugs!!

the pictures look wonderful and VERY clear and almost digital type (considering this was like 20 years back)! great job with the photo clicking!

hope you have a wonderful day, year and life ahead :D:D


Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
this is indeed aa special post for all of us too ! Happy anniversary ! MAy god bless you and all your family member with His finest blessings :) .
It is very nice to know , I enjoy everything you write here, It feels good to know someone you are in touch with since a long time . You look so beautiful in your wedding pics. Nice couple, and nice kids too ! :) .20 peaceful years ? it is simple great, mine is just 1.5 years of marriage is completed ,and I don't remeber how much time we fight for little things :)) .
thanks for sharing this nice yet personal post with us.
Recipes are good as always. I will try some of the Vegeterian recipe out of here some time.
Have a great day !

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary...wishing you and H to enjoy 100 more anniversary like this in the future...yeap it seems long huh?...i am only crossing 5 years and i feel its been looong..
Nice pic.s of the family..and last but not least the food...i personally like cumin rice...delicious..will try tandoori soon..I made swiss chard thoran just yesterday...

Rashmi said...

Arvind and Asha,

Wish you guys a very Happy Anniversary and May God bless you both with more and more of twenties.

You always leave comments on all my posts.So my husband knows the name of two foodblogs one is Foodie's Hope and the other is mine.

Have a wonderful day.

Sri said...

Dear Asha,Happy Anniversary!!! So it was a love marrige :) wow!!! Was it love at first site?
I wish you lots and pots of Happines and Love to complete your century the same way ever smiling as you are in all your snaps. Lovely kids, Asha.
Not forgetting your feast that you had on Thanksgiving...chicken tandoori looks delicious perfect color too!!!

FH said...

Hi Rashmi,thank you sweetie.Thank your husband too for noticing me,mine never looks into it:)I enjoy your blog.Have a great weekend yourself too.

Mahesh,thank you! If we are around THAT long,we will make it to 100:)5yr young marriage,no problem. You will make it to 20 easily.First 2yrs are tough though.Enjoy.

Hi Pooja, just 1.5yrs old marriage! You are a baby:D Fighting every day goes on forever but making up and moving on does keep you healthy and happy:)Thank you for wishes.

Hi Sneha,thank you!Do you realise those photos are older than you?!:D You are so wise and mature for your age! One little advice, don't ever get married before you are 25yrs old! It's hard to cope with the harsh realities of life when you are too young.It's too late for me now. Hugs to you:)

Thank you Orchid for thinking of me this morning! What a nice thing to know,you made my day:)Thank you for your wishes and I am glad I could share this day with you.Who knows what happens tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend with your loved one's too:)

Shionge said...

Happy 20th Anniversary Asha :D Thank you for sharing this special moment with all of us and oh those wedding pictures, so nice!

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,Wish you both a very very happy anniversary!20 Glorious years,wow!You never know how time flies,isn't it?It will be 6 yrs since I got married on Dec 16th this year..and it still feels like it was only a short time ago that we got married.BTW,7th dec is the day we got engaged!

Your kids look great..Have a nice time dear..

Oh,I made the field beans curry yesterday from your was just FABULOUS.

ChrisB said...

Hi Asha
Many congratulations and a very happy anniversary. I believe 20 yrs is a China Anniversary. It is so lovely to see you and your family and share the happiness that shines through your writing. You must be very proud of your children and I wish you much future happiness. The meal looks absolutely delicious.

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,Congratulations and best wishes for a very happy anniversary.20 glorious yrs,wow!how fast time flies.

BTW,I got engaged on dec 7th.Nice to have something in common!have a nice time and best wishes from me and my hubby Venkat.

swapna susarla said...

Hai asha


FH said...

China it is,Chris! I will get that and Emerald too!Thank you so much for your wishes.Yeah,I am a proud mother.They turned out well somehow!Enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend Chris:)

Hi ViniK,thanks girl.I hope to see something special on your blog for your 6th;)Some photos may be.Enjoy tomorrow too.Glad you liked the beans, great to know too:)

Hi Shinoge`, thank you.I am glad to share my day with you.I was a little hesistant but heck! 20yrs of marriage is pretty special:D

Yeah Sri, that's what they used to call it in India! First sight? No, not really but took 5yrs of friendship!Worked out in the end:)Enjoy the recipes and your family.

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
thanks for accepting my award to you. :D. well , I am sure a baby as compared to you , and all your experience. People say I am wiser than my age always :)). even I didnt know that you are this much elder to me. :) . nice to get some one as nice and elder as a friend here. BTW, when you got married I was just 6 years old. :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Congratulations!! Wishing you a wonderful anniversary.Wear a saree and take a snap with your hubby and post it 2morrow.(if time permits).Your wedding Pictures are so beautiful.


Bong Mom said...

Dear Asha,
Wishing you both a very very Happy Anniversary....Great story I simply loved it.
I got all senti reading your shall write later
Lots of hugs on your great day and for everything

Deepz said...

Hey Asha,
A beautiful writeup about your 20 wonderful yrs. A big CONGRATS. Thanks for sharing your wedding pics with us and also for the lovely spread. Im sure ure kids r proud and lucky to hav u.

FH said...

Aw!!! Sandeepa, you are all senti, more than me!Thanks sweetie and we will have a great weekend.With all your wishes I couldn't ask for more:))

I don't have any saree here Jas!:D Everything including my wedding Jewelry,I left all of them back in India! I guess I have to buy one now:)Will see.Thank you.

Oh thank you Pooja! Hello from your older friend:)))I am really happy with the logo you created for me.Can you do one for 'Jihva'? One as beautiful as the name Jihva is and show it to Indira for approval.That would be very nice.Try little baby:D

Thank you so much, Swapna! All your wishes are definitely helping us to make that leap:))We will. Have a great weekend.

Seema Bhat said...

Wishing you and your husband a very happy belaed anniversary..Man 2 years is a long time and i liked to read every word of your feelings about these 20 yrs from the day u guys gotto know each other...I am so happy for you Asha...may you both live like this for ever and ever and ever

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha
Congratulations for completing 20 yrs of wonderful married life & happy aniversary.
I have been a regular ghost reader since a couple of weeks, I am so fond of your blog, not a single day passes without peeking into your blog even in the middle of my so hectic work life, I am a mother of 2 yrs old daughter & I am from rajajinagar's Bashyam Circle, I am a lingayath too,i guessed u must be too looking at your wedding photos with 'bilwapatra' garland, Those are lovely pics, remained me of my own wedding 6 yrs ago. thanks for sharing that great yet personal story. Your some of the receipes are just like how my mother used to make, i am trying all those, & simplying loving them. I loved your 'ragi mudde' & 'Radish Gojju' which i saw last week, thats exactly how my mother used to make, thanks for sharing such an authentic food, You have wonderful kids, may god bless you all


Tee said...

Hey Babe,

Happy Anniversary!! Glorious 20 years. Nice post really. Here's to more memories :)

Beccy said...

Congratulations Asha, I loved seeing your wedding photos. A long day but one to remember.

As ever delicious looking food and fabulous photographs.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Asha. Nice to see your pictures.The best part I loved in this post is about the priests blessings. I was fed up of people saying "gandu magu agli" if daughters are evil. Most of the time I replied back and sometimes, I thought it is better to keep quiet :(.

I wish you many many more years of happiness and success. Enjoy your big day.

archana said...

Congratulations Asha,lovely post. Wish you both 100 more years together and 100 more children ( don't wring my neck, i am just kidding in the 2nd part of the blessing !). Have fun.

Priya said...

May your anniversay bring the happiest moments to enjoy together, and happiest memories to share forever.

Wishing you a wonderful happy anniversay:-)))

FH said...

Hi Shobha! Glad you are not a ghost reader anymore,come back and say something to me,will ya?:D
Yes,we are Lingayats but a very bad ones:)My traditional recipes are mostly what my g'ma makes at ome.Glad you liked them.Hey,Bashyam circle!Is that near Rajajinagar 2nd stage,3 rd main?! I have my best friend there.If yes,let me know,You can say hello to her and to me when I come there:)Thanks Shobha.

Seema,you are sweet.I would like to live like this forever too, fingers crossed.20yrs is long but doesn't feel like it.Thank you so much for your wishes:)

Thanks Deepz! I do know how lucky I am and count my blessings everyday.It's not always perfect with a teenager at home but not that bad either:D Life goes on great,as long as we care about people around us.Have a great weekend Deepa.

Anonymous said...


I mean my mom's place is that, I am now in US in florida, bhasyam circle is 5th block, i think not 2nd stage, your receipes are so good, i am enjoying, great work, keep it up,


Priya said...

A very Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your dear husband Asha !! You have a way with words, you made us feel soo much part of your life by sharing soo much from yours :-) Have many more wonderful years ahead !!

FH said...

Thanks Priya. With so many well wishers, I think I have accumulated a life time of happiness:)I am blessed.

I almost did Archana!:D
Lordy Lordy, had enough trouble with the two I have and I am waiting for the day they are out to college:))Thank you darling for 100yrs of marriage though,I will take it:)

Shilpa! Bari ondallamma,nooru gandu maklu aagli antaralva?!:D:D As if we are baby boy machines!!Girls are wonderful,everybody must have atleast one daughter:) Thank you for your wishes and wish you a long happy healthy marriage too.

Thank you Beccy.You have no idea how long these weddings go on India:D Sometimes a month long ritual,it's crazy.At least mine lasted a day with 500+ guests:)
It should be short and sweet with few guests who really care ,I would it like that for my daughter:)

Hey Tamanna.Thank you doll!I hope you are keeping warm there.Terrible blizzard these days,going to get worse.Cocktails come to my mind for the weekend:)) Cheers!! have fun...

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Congratulations on your 20th. Thank you for sharing such warm anecdotes and pictures of your big day, 20 years ago. :)

Warm wishes,


Me said...

Congratulations on making it to 20 years! Happy holidays to you Ms Asha!

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, even though I know you only through your blog, I feel like giving you a hug and wish you a Happy 20th Anniversary. CONGRATS !!

It was such a lovely post - and you are a lovely person.

Once again wish you and Arvindji a very happy anniversary and many more to come :-)

Margie said...

A beautiful post!
Congratulations to you!!!!
May the next 20 years together bring you nothing but love, peace and much joy!
The pictures are wonderful!
I loved them!
And, more wonderful recipes!
Thanks Asha!
Have a beautiful day together!


Lakshmi said...

Happy Anniversary Asha. It was interesting to read, so nice of you to share about you. Your kids are so sweet. and the last snap you look so cute.
lots and lots of loving wishes from me on this beautiful day.

Vani said...

Wow! 20th anniversary is indeed VERY special! Congratulations, sweetheart and may you both have many, many, many more years of happiness and wedded bliss. Nice pictures too. You actually manage to look demure in one of the wedding pix! :) I'd not seen green garlands before. They look so nice and different.
BTW, you both look great together. Happy 20th, Ash!

Sai said...

Wishing you and your Arvind a very Happy Anniversary!!! BTW my anniversary is on December 8th and it will be my 10 years!

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, Asha, congratulations to you and Arvind on your 20th and here's wishing you many,many more! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful memories with us, Asha, not to mention some superb recipes. Have a wonderful time on the 7th, I will be thinking of you!

starry said...

Happy Anniversary ,I think you have a wonderful marriage and wish you both many more happy years ahead, loved those wedding pics. you have a beautiful family.wish you everything that is good.

FH said...

Hi Abha, I hug you back!Thank you ,you are a sweet girl.I am glad that I met you even though it's virtual.Let's keep in touch for a long time to come,be there at my 50th WA,OK?:)

Thank you Orhan! Man, did you just call Ms.Asha?!:D Merry Summer Christmas and happy holidays to you too in Aus.We are freezing here!Enjoy the sunshine.

You are welcome Sangeeta and thank you for wishes.Makes me very happy to know so many people care!:)

Thanks Priya.I try my best to convey what I feel.I am thankful for what I have and appreciate it too.If you feel that, then my goal is achieved:) Thanks again for your sweet words.

Hi Shobha, you are in FL! Okay,guess where we are spending our Christmas Holiday! Universal studios in Orlando:)Yup,last od Dec.In b'lore,I am thinking of diff. circle near a movie theater.Your mom's probably further away.Enjoy sunny FL:)

FH said...

Sai! What a surprise:)))
Are we going to see you in your blog,hope so Sai!Congratulations on your 10th on Dec 8th.I am so glad you told me.Have a great celebration on Friday or in the weekend sweetie.Many happy returns to you too.Thank you.

Thanks Vani! Until Shobha who is a Lingayat told me gralands are made of Bilwapatra,I didn't know it either.Didn'y pay much attention before.She asked me whether I am a lingayat just by looking at that green garland.So sweet of her!
Oh, I was anything but shy there:D
Thank you sweetie,we will enjoy.

Thank Lakshmi.We made it somehow so far.I think this 20th anniversary is going to be a great one with all your wishes.My heart is filled with joy already:)

Margie, thank you so much.As always you are such a lady!I am glad you recovered well and on with life as we know:) Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Wow, your wedding photos look so--- beautiful. Actually beautiful is an understatement,but I can't find fancier words...First congrats for 20 years of wedding bliss:-)) and your marriage really proves the old adage "opposites attract"... Nice to know that you had a great time on your wedding day with your family. What more does anyone want?? you make me want to go to India to my parents!!:-)))

Ashwini said...

A very happy 20th wedding anniversary to you and Arvind.
That was such a sentimental post.. I am glad you got the daughter you asked for. Go girls!!!
Here's wishing you celebrate many many more years together. Cheers

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, how weird, I wrote you a longer note wishing you and your husband a happy anniversary, but I guess it didn't show...

Anyway, just wanted to say again:

Happy Anniversary and many,many more!

Anonymous said...

You write so well. Happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary! Have a ball of time and celebrate till you drop the hat so as to remember for the other milestones.

Jaya M said...

dear Asha,
oh wow! 20 years of togetherness , great happy anniversary , wishing both of you many good and wonderful years of togetherness ,
I loved the thanks giving spread also ,loved the Tandoori Chicken yumm .
again Happy Anniversary ,you both are gorgeus couple.may God Bless both of You .
hugs and smiles

Jaya M said...

dear Asha,
oh wow! 20 years of togetherness , great happy anniversary , wishing both of you many good and wonderful years of togetherness ,
I loved the thanks giving spread also ,loved the Tandoori Chicken yumm .
again Happy Anniversary ,you both are gorgeus couple.may God Bless both of You .
hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Happy Aniversary to you. Here's to another 20!

Anonymous said...

Wish u a very very happy anniversary my friend...:)
Now lemme go back and drool at the chicken...:D

Keshi said...

OMG thats a lovely Anniversary post Asha! huggggggggggggz HAPPY ANNIVERSARY swt hrt!

**no,thanks, keep your paws of my vehicle

LOL good one.

WOW those Wedding pics r amazing! I love Hindu weddings cos of the glamor, colors and all that jazz. Simply beautiful! U look sooooo pretty there. WOWZA!

Ur daughter is a big girl now! u have a lovely family Asha. May God bless u all!

Here's a lil poem dedicated to both of u on on ur anniversary:

Love like a river
Love like the night
Love like the moon
A love so bright
May it shine forever
May it glow everyday
May it bring joy to u
A Love come what may

-by Keshi especially for u 2


Anonymous said...

Many Many congratulations Asha!!!!!! :) May you both have a lovely life ahead :) BTW, I will be celebrating my third aniv. on 20th dec ;)

Nabeela said...

Happy 20th Anniversary! You look just like the Indian girl I imagined you to be :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary Asha! 20 years is amazing and quite an accomplishment in the Britney/Fed-Ex world we are living in.

Beautiful pictures too! Please stop by my blog if you get a chance!

na said...

To dear Mr and Mrs Asha,
From our family to yours we wish you eternal happiness and peace on your life journey together. 20 years of bliss, and many more to come!

Your wedding photos are divine, and the ceremony looks to be one filled with love, colour and happiness. The pathway for any great life together.

Your children are beautiful and are a tribute to your family, as well as everything you can achieve in growing, working, loving and living together. Congratulations!

Be sure to have a wonderful day, we send our prayers and blessings to you on this ceremonious occassion. Best of wishes <3 xoxox

deepsat said...

Hey Asha - Many wishes on your 20th Wedding anniversary. That must have been one beautiful journey! I believe the road ahead is even more beautiful from every milestone onwards!

You two really make such a beautiful couple!!! Beautiful pics of your wedding too!!

I liked the pic where you are presumably lifting your husband!! LOL!!

and your dishes are yumm!!! If i ever come down there I will only eat & eat & eat!!


Jayashree said...

Happy Anniversary, Asha!!! Loved your wedding pics....especially the one where ur comment about daughters made the priest squirm visibly.
Here's wishing your several more happy years with Arvind.

Anonymous said...

Asha, happy happy anniversary!!! Wishing you and Arvind many more years of happy times together. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and memories. I do believe your true personalities peek out from behind those beautiful wedding clothes! ;)

Love and best wishes,

Shah cooks said...

Asha and Arwind, I didn't realise u had such a nice grown up daughter. u are still young at heart and it shows in every word u write. Congrats to both of you for sticking to each other thru thick and thin. Wish u another 40 years together.very nice to see ur wedding snaps and no, it was not too much info for me.

na said...

"You have been TAGGED with the "Three Things MeMe". Go to
for How to Play with this MeMe. Enjoy!"

I Look forward to reading more about YOU! <3

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful post. You both were looking very good in ur marriage snaps.
A very Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you!!
Have A great Day!!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
20th Wedding Anniversary Wishes.
Have a Great Day and Many more anniversaries.
MenuToday and Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,Congratulations to you and Arvind on a glorious companionship of 20 yrs!Have a great time today dear!May you have many moer glorious times together in future.Your kids are great.Our(mine and hubby Venkat's best wishes to you all.:)

BTW,I got engaged on dec 7th,isn't it nice to have something like that in common?

Nabeela said...

I wonder where my last comment disappeared to!

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha, that's wonderful ! wishing you a Happy Anniversary and many many more to come...:))Your pictures are absolutely eye catching ,you both seem to be made for each other couple.I wish you both a great life ahead.

sra said...

Asha, may you have many, many more happy anniversary posts ahead! Your wedding pix are nice, so are the family ones.

Sangita S said...

Hi,Little late comes my wishes but I hope u won't let it bother..Wish u both a very happy anniversary and a lovely day ahead..
20 years long time it is and I am sure u have many memories to cherish..So take ur own time and Enjoy the Day :-)

Seema said...

Dearie…Congratulations, here’s lotsa wishes being sent your way today and forever…loved yr snaps…sweet memories that stay on till the end…May there be lots of joys and peace that’s ushered into this happy family that you bind Asha…take care…hugss for that lovely person you are !

All I can think after reading you is the following –

When two hearts are bonded together;
There’s nothing that’s impossible in this beautiful boulevard called life,
It’s a formidable fortress of love and care…that makes this ride worthwhile!

indosungod said...

Asha, Congratualtions on your wedding anniversary friend. Loved reading your writeup and seeing pictures of you as a shy bride and the family. Wishing you great happiness in the years to come. HAve a great celebration.

FH said...

Thanks Lotus for your wishes.Sometimes blogger takes little time to show the comments!I appreciate you taking time again to comment sweetie.We will enjoy today although it's work day:)Btw,I e mailed you,hope you got it.

Ashwini,daughters are great blessings,sweetest things on Earth!Sons too but should have a daughter:)Thank you,we will have a fun time this weekend as a family.

Nalini,me too!Let's go together to India:)Thanks for all that you said.Great to hear those after 20yrs!It was a great day,today will be too.

Starry,thank you somuch for taking time to wish me.I think I have a good marriage too,if not great!There are no 'perfect'guys out there anyway,right?;D Take care of yourself,and remember I am thinking of you.

FH said...

Southpaw, you are a great friend!Thank you and while you are drooling over the Chicken,lemme go and thank more friends:)

Deana,thank you.With all wishes I am accumulating,I think we will make it to another 20yrs surely:))

Thanks Jaya.You know it's 7.25am and I am choking with emotions with all your comments and wishes.In an hour 20yrs ago, I was a married woman:)

Usha,thank you darling!I will party this weekend.Today,just lot remembering and looking at the photos:)It's working day.

Gini,thank you.I am glad my feelings came through my writing.It's hard to to explain 20yrs of ups and downs in a page or two:)I am glad I made it sofar.

Anonymous said...

My wife Seema joins me to convey Happy anniversary to you and Arvind.
We really enjoyed the wedding pics. and the interesting anecdotes.
Best wishes always.

Anonymous said...

And yes, me and Seema often argue if there can be anyone more dedicated and commited a cook in the whole world,than you, and draw a blank.
Keep feeding us; I wish we lived somewhere closeby.

Alapana said...

Congratulations for completing twenty years,have a wonderful life ahead .I stumbled upon your blog a few months and have been going through it from them and then today i made your Masala egg curry which you posted long back and you know why the special today:D because i completed 7months of my marriage today,Yup,we are still celebrating our monthly wedding day,May 7th to Dec 7th:P. Congratulations once again and may god bless your family

Gunfighter said...

New here... Nice blog!

Congratulations on your 20th!

FH said...

Hi Deepsat,you are right,it's was quite a journey indeed:)Not all days were easy but you just learn to get on with it.We Indians have lot of patience and tolerance,don't we?:D Thank you,you are welcome to eat EVERYTHING:)

AF! As always you make feel good,lady!:))) Thank you for all blessings,prayers and wishes.We wish you the same and more.I want you see your post like this many yrs from now and wish you a great life too.Have fun,take care.

Anali,thank you friend.I will stop by you today,been busy since yesterday.Brit/Kevin don't have a clue what marriage is,it's all big joke for them!Sad that there are 2 kids involved:( Oh well..each for his own.Take care Anali.

Thank you Nabeela.I am glad I resembled your expections:) I wish I could see all of you to match your names too.That would be so wonderful:)Have fun Nabeela.

Rooma,I will be there on 20th for your 3rd:) You are all babies compared to me:))Thank you friend.We will enjoy the today.

Keshi,I am printing your poem and will frame it.Thank you for all that you said.Trisha is 15 now,next year she will be driving!I am wishing you too to have a colorful wedding with a great marriage to follow.Let it happen naturally without trying;)My best to you sweetie.Hugs and kisses.

Ash said...

Happy Anniversary Asha!

FH said...

Thank you MT! I thankful to have you all in my life.We are grateful for all the wishes:)

Thanks AF!I will see what I can do:)

Bhargavi,thank you for your wishes.Have a great weekend:)

Hi Shaheen,my daughter 15 and will be driving next year:) Thank you for your wishes and another 40yrs is welcome too.

Thanks Linda! Indian weddings are colorful indeed.Arvind does enjoy a laugh or two at my expense:D Thank you for youe wishes,it's overwhelmed woth all these.Have a great weekend,we will too.

Hi Jaya,thank you madam:) Those were the days.Enjoyed all the festivities and food.Hope for 20 more indeed.

Nabeela,I got your other too.Blogger delay,thanks again.

FH said...

Seema,you are a beautiful being.Your mind is a wonderland for me.I thank you for your poem and wishes with all my hreat:)

Sangita,you are right on time!Thank you and we will enjoy the day.My son has his Guitar concert today at school,fun for us:)

sra,as always my friend , thank you and I greatly appreciate your wishes:)

Thank you Lera,my B'lore buddy! I appreciate it and welcome your wishes.Have a great day:)

Thanks Indo,it's so nice to know that I have so many friends and your wishes will carry me through the next 2oyrs:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Wish you both a very happy anniversary.A remarkable milestone indeed!Congratulations!

The food spread is as usual yummy & mouth watering.

Warm Regards,

FH said...

Thank you Kate!20yrs are long time indeed. It doesn't seem that when you are having a good time atleast most of the time:)Have a great weekend Kate and be warm.

Ash! My name sake! Thank you sweets.Have a grea weekend:)

Hello Gun fighter,welcome to my blog and thank you for your wishes:)

7th month on the same day as mine,Alapana! That's so great.Congratulations,mat 7th is around the corner too.Thank you for your wishes:)Enjoy and come again here to comment.

Kulpreet, you are toooo kind to me as alaways.I thank you and Seema for your wishes and I think you are a great couple with cuteset kids on earth.Don't flatter me too much,I might cook and bake left and right:D I love you guys and have a great life ,you two.Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Heyyy Asha dear it's me again,just went through your pictures in leisure,It's a wonderful post for this holiday season ! Btw,nice to see your wedding pictures, you are looking beautiful ..:)

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Happy Anniversary! My annivversary was yesterday, 6th anniversary.

Krithika said...

What a post ! I was trying to control my 'khushi ke aansoo'. Here's wishing you many more years of togetherness.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,Asha!:)You look beautiful in your wedding photos:)here is wishing you many more years of happiness together in the years to come:)

Joyce said...

Asha, Happy Anniversay! May you and Arvind have many, many more.
What a wonderful idea. Seeing the photos and reading your story was delightful. And the meal. . . so ambitious - so many dishes - so appealing! Will soon be tackling those wonderful side dishes. Thanks for your efforts - certainly well appreciated by me!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Happy Anniversary Asha! All the best and here'e to another 20 years!


Minal said...

Twenty? wow we just completed four but for us too it has been a lovely journey as of now.
Wishing you lots more of happiness in future.

FH said...

Aw...Krithika, don't!:D Time to laugh and get through another 20yrs girl.Me and you both with ours in our owm time,right?!Thanks you:)

Happy 6th Shankari! Wish you many more.It seems LOT of us got married in Dec! Wonder why!Good weather at this time in India?!Enjoy and thank you for your wishes:)

Hello again Lera!Thanks darling and you have a great Christmas there.Next post, Party goodies for Christmas!;)

Thanks Kate! 20yrs is big milestone indeed.It feels like a life time:) But looking at the pics,it feels like yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Nimmibarigu nanna hardhika shubhashayagalu Ashakka!
Have wonderful anniversary! By the by Dec 9th is my 7th wedding anniversary :)


Anusha said...

I wanted to wait a day to wish you - so you can write about how you spent the big day! Hope there were grand festivities all around and hope the 'smug' husband gave you a deluge of gifts :)

Wish you many many more years of happy marital bliss!

FH said...

Paati, thank you as always! 20 down and 20 more to go:)) With all these wishes ,I think we will make it to another 40 surely:)

Thank you so much for your wishes Joyce! I am so lucky to have so many well wishers!I am sure you will like the side dishes.Low fat and healthy:)Have a great weekend.

Hi Meeta! I am so glad to see you here:) Thank you sweetie and yes, I think we can make it to another 20 easily.First 2 were the hardest,after that easy peasy:D

Minal,4 yrs is great! Keep it up and yesmarriage is wnderful when it works out:)Thank you and have fun,keep smiling.

Pdk said...

Hi Asha...
Happy Anniversary.. Hope ur life is filled with a lot more of wonderful moments to share adn rejoice.. happy christmas...
Priya Dilip

Shree said...

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Just enjoyed reading your post. I always look forward to your posts. This one was the best. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

Wish you both a lifetime of togetherness, joy and happiness.

Mona said...

Asha!..That is great!!!20th wedding anniversary...WOW!!!
You are so beautiful!...& so is Arvind a handsome guy!..You make a perfect pair!
May God Bless you on this day, and may each year get better for you and your family!
Your chilren are cute as well!
I just love what I see here...
Have a Great Day together!!!!

Mahek said...


Chandrika said...

Dear Asha,

Wish you and Arvind a very Happy Anniversary and many many more happy years ahead! :-)

ServesYouRight said...

Awwww - 20 years is wonderful! Congratulations and enjoy!!!

Lakshmi said...

Hi Asha, Thanks a lot. Happy Anniversary once again.
So nice of you, to leave a comment.
Have a nice day.

Manjula said...

107 comments already? Hope mine will be read too..

Though I do not know you personally, after reading this article i feel i know you. ENJOYed reading it


Annita said...

Wishing you and Arvind a very happy anniversery..All the best and wishing you many many more years like this..

Susan in Italy said...

Congratulations Asha for your 20 years of marriage! Thanks for doing to work to put your beautiful wedding photos on the web for us, too. As a "Foodie Fan" I thank you for all your entertaining work!

FH said...

@! Smug one is willing and able to get anything I want:D May be I will buy an Emerald for 20th,will see.Today is a working day,weekend will be fun.Thank you.

Deepa,I was thinking of you yesterday.Where is your blog if I want to wish you girl?:))Thank you and happy 7th for you on the 9th!Blog tegedare naavibbaru matanadabahudu alva:D:D

Thank you Mahek,I will and you do the same thing too:))I am glad I shared with you all.

Hi Dizzy,thank you, thank you and thank you!:)20yrs is a long if you think about it ,isn't it? Well, so far so good:)

Shree,thank you for your wishes and we will enjoy our day.I better do , with all these well wishers wishing us:)

Merry Christmas to you too Priya:) Thank you sweets,I think we will make it to 40yrs:D Have a great day.

FH said...

Oh Susan!You are all so sweet to do that for me and today of all days too! You didn't know this was coming on the 7th,did you?!It is a very touching gesture from you all.Thank you so much.You made my day:))I really appreciate it.

Thank you Annita! I think we will make it to many more:)

Thank you Manjula! It's true,none of us really know each other but what a big community we have made for ourseleves!Isn't that great:)I read EVERY ONE of the comment and respond.You are always welcome.

Lakshmi,you are welcome and thank you again:)

Smitha,thank you .I appreciate it.

Thank you Chandrika!I am overjoyed to recieve all these in one day.It feels wonderful:))

Smitha said...

Wish you both a very happy Anniversary and many many more years of happy and healthy married life!

Ultimate Foodie said...


20 years? wow!!! A very happy Wedding Anniversary to the A square couple :)! I donno y but wen I read the post my heart swelled with happiness.. Wish you both the best of everything that life has to offer...enjoy the day..Bye..

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Wish You Both A Very Happy 20th Anniversary !!
U know what...its our anniversary too today !! What a coincidence !! Though ours is just the 2nd one :) :)
Take Care & Enjoy !!


So So Simple said...

Hi Asha
This is my first visit to your blog. I read Anali's comments and I am thrilled to add you to my favourites. She is right it's lovely to read your stories and see the great looking food.

I saw you have a scone recipe. I have on my blog a really good scone recipe if you go into and dive into the August archive you will see it. Try it and let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

As anjali mentioned in her blog , she couldn't contact everyone, i hereby pronouncing myself a proud foodie fan.YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION...

Inji Pennu said...

Hahahah....Loved this post every bit! And what fun to watch!
Would love if you would post about your Kannadiga traditional marriage and customs and then to make it look like a food post, could post what you ate too :)

Would you please? It was so much fun reading! ( I am pretty sure your husband doesnt know this blog exist,right? ahh...)

Sunila said...

Hi,am new to the world of blogs,have just started reading ur blog and luv it.Happy 20th Anniversary and i did enjoy reading what u wrote though i hardly know u,pics are gr8 and the recipes look and seem yummm will try the tandoory chicken as soon as my oven is repaired by my irresponsible landlord.c ya

Keshi said...

hey really? Ur printing it and gonna frame it? How nice! I just wrote that in like 2mins...just for ya. It just came naturally I think cos of ur genuine Love for each other.

Im honored by what ur abt to do. TY!


Neer said...

wow!!!! a very very happy anniv!!! and that was a damn cute post!

Mamatha said...

Dear Asha,
Wishing you and Arvind a very happy anniversary and a beautiful life ahead.

Look at you in the pictures - all pretty and demure.

Take care.

FH said...

Thanks Mahesh!That's is so sweet of you and Anali!I was little surprised to see somuch affecion bestowed on me.I humbly accept all your love.I really appreciate it:)

Hi So simple,welcome and thank you for visitng me.I will check out your blog for scones and more:)We love scones.Have a geat weekend.

Happy 2nd Sangeeta! Lot of people seem to have got married in Dec:))Enjoy sweetheart and thank you for wishes.Weekend will be good for us.

UF, thank you! A squares are going to enjoy fully this weekend:) With al these wishes,we better!

Smitha,thank you for youe wishes.I love your photo sipping coffee,perfect for foodie:)

FH said...

Thank you Faffer!I don't know about demure:D:D 20 is big no indeed!On to 21st now!

It's sooo damn nice of you to say that, Neers!!:D Thanks for your wishes darling.Have a great day.

I will Keshi! I know it came from your heart , how much you meant it and I will honor that:) love ya.

Hi Sunila,welcome.Thank you girl and enjoy all the can you eat everyday without a oven! Hope it'll get fixed quickly.I will visit you later:)

Inji Pennu,thank you.It's been 20yrs!I don't know whether I remember all that to post.I just came to know that green garland I am wearing there was made of Bilwapatra as a young Lingayat told me yesterday:)I did delete one of your comments,didn't know which one you wanted out though:)Have a great weekend Inji.

Paz,thank you.I know you wished me in my other post.Just to let you know I did recieve it:)

Mandira said...

Asha- congratulations, wow girl 20 years already!!! You look beautiful in your wedding pictures and your "other" wedding picture made me laugh on a busy work day. Thanks for sharing them. :)

TNL said...

What a great post, your wedding pictures are beautiful!

Congratulations, Be happy always.

Glad you liked the Foodie Fan Club Button, you totally deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to u both ! Wish you many many more years of a happy married life.
20 Yearsss and with all the compatibilty report of you and Arvind, you sure deserve a Nobel Peace Prize :)

Phew ! 2 years of marriage and already Iam at wits ends ;)

Btw , beautiful pictures of ur wedding and kids.

FH said...

A big OOPS Sanjay!:D:D
I thought she was.Some other gal called Anjali then.Oh well..missed your chance to eat yummy goodies.There is always salted nuts, buddy.I didn't publish your comment though,hope you don't mind:)You too have fun,we surely will.

Thank you for your wishes,Trupti!You are a sweetie.I love the button:)Have a great weekend and good luck with your studies.Enjoy your family.

Thanks Mandira!The other one cracks me up too every time I see that,so diff!! Yup! 20yrs down and 20yrs to look forward to:))Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Priya,just 2years! Hold on, I think worst is over and good times are ahead aplenty.Adjustment period is hard indeed:))
Thank you for your wishes.Phew,I am stepping up on another milestone!

sallywrites said...

Congratulations Asha!!

We too were married in 1986, on 2nd August. So like you we celebrated our 20th Wedding anniversary in the summer. We ahve five children aged between 6 and 16.
It is quite an achievement to be married to the same person 20 years on and well worth celebrating.

I love your photos! What a beautiful bride and groom! And I love the recipes too.


Sri said...

Hi Asha drop by to thank you i tried sending my puran poli post to kay for the event and she posted it...that's really kind of her and thanks for your support.:) Luv you!!! This is my first event to take part in and ofcourse with your help.

Kalpana said...

Hi Asha,

Happy anniversary to both of you. May God bless you both with wonderful days ahead. Keep smiling always the way you look in those photos. They look good. You have got a wonderful site which makes me feel Live to eat. I really love this tandoori chicken. And your site is becoming one of my favourites.

Thanks for posting such lively stuff.


FH said...

Thank Kalpana for your wishes and all that you said,I am glad you like it:)

Hi Sri! YAY!! It's great that you tried and she accepted.That's really a delicious recipe too.I enjoy all those recipes she rounded up,Looks like we got a great site to go to refer for sweets for our festivals:)

Hi Sally.WOW!! I am so glad somebody out there who shares the same feelings as I am.20yrs is not easy and we should be proud how we got here indded! Thank you for your wishes Sally and nice to meet you.Wish you a happy 20th too way in advance:))

Anonymous said...

Cingradulations on your anniversary, what a beautiful post.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Asha,

Oh My...I wonder you got so many blessing from all over the world...I understand it now deserve all the blessings....:-)) A Very 20th a happy anniversary Asha to you both.I really enjoyed reading your blog today.Hey Asha!! Its not at all boring..indeed a great joy and happy to know abt my dear fellow blogger friend.Thanx and your marriage life really gives lot of encouragement to younger ones for a long and happy life to lead.Enjoy Buddy:-))You children are lovely:-))

FH said...

Thank you Krista! It is little long post.I appreciate you taking time to comment.I know how busy we all get arounnd Christmas:)

My dearest Meena,I am glad I didn't bore you!:)I am surprised at all these wishes too and I humbly accept all blessings.Yes, I am a sort of veteran now for all the young women:D I am glad to be that.You are my dear friend,Meena.I remember that your Kaaram was first blogger dish I ever made and I still love it to bits.Thank you for your wishes,I appreciate it and hope that we will always be friends for a long time to come:)Enjoy your family and be warm this weekend.

Vcuisine said...

Asha, Very nice to see you list of friends. Hope you enjoyed your WA. Have a good day. Wish you many more returns of the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wishing me Asha...... but it was in advance I must say. :) Mine is on the 20th, not 10th :) I will still take your wishes in advance :)

vasilisa said...

Congratulations! 20 years! Wow! (sorry i'm a bit late, have fallen behind on the blogs here...)

I met my hubs pretty young too (I was 18). That was 10 years ago... And we are still married :-) So dispite what hollywood would want us to believe, marriages can and do last :-)

And you look amazing on your pictures. I can just imagine how tired you must've been. My sister in law recently had a full-fledged Indian wedding... Believe me, I know how long/exhausting it can be...

Swamy VKN said...

Dear Asha - Belated 20th wedding anniversary. May God bless you and your family. Here is a quote from Adlai Stevenson for you, "it is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count." Keep spreading happiness everywhere Asha. Cheers!

Al Nims Media said...

Congratulations on your 20th marriage anniversary. Guess you guys had a rockin’ party!

FH said...

Hi Kishore,thank you.Today is the day for rocking!!:))

Thank you VKN.It's a beautiful quote and it is very true.I really appreciate it Vijay:)

Lisa sweetie,don't worry about being late.I know you are getting through day by day now a days!It was great to hear you guys met when you were teenagers too!10yrs is a long time and congratulations for that:)Thanks for your wishes.Indian weddings are unnecessarily long really,got to change that somehow!

I wish you again on the 20th Rooma!:))

VC,thanks girl.I know!:D It was soswwet of them to do that.I am very grateful for all these blessings.

mommyof2 said...

Belated happy Anniversary Asha:-) Nice seeing ur family pics:-)

Nidhi said...

Congrats Asha, wish your husband as well, you completed 20 years.....You look so pretty in that pink wedding saree,.... beautiful wedding pictures. We will also be completing our 2 yrs together on 20th december. :-)

Congratulations once again!

Lots of love, Nidhi.

FH said...

Nidhi,thank you so much! Rooma and you both have the same wedding day!I will wish you both on the 20th.Just 2yrs for you and 20yrs for me:))Have fun.

Hi MO2! That's okay.We are still celebrating!:)7th was a working day,so we are all free to enjoy this weekend.Thank you for your wishes.

saakshi said...

Hi asha,
Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Arvind. Wishes for many more happier ones to come.
I am very much here girl....just caught up in some things, hence the tortoise

saakshi said...

hey btw, u look very pretty in ur wedding pics.

FH said...

Hello Saakshi! I am so happy to see you:))Thank you for your wishes.That's okay,you are not late at all.Take your time but I miss you my dear girl.Hope you will be free soon:)

Revathi said...

Oh Wow 20 years what a journey !! I always think my life will be complete when I am 35 or so. to think that there is life after that scares me a bit honestly !!

Wishing u good health and so much of happiness in all the years to come !

FH said...

Hi Revathi.Life for us really begins at 40 Revathi!It's really true.We struggle so much to go through life and adjust when we young.When you are mature,life is lot sweeter and calmer.Kids grow up,we don't fight verbally ie as much!:)Wait and see,you will enjoy your 'after 35',guaranteed!!
Thank you so much for taking time this weekend and for your wishes:)

Praba Ram said...

Asha -

choooo chweeeeeet!!!!!! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing all the lovely romantic stories with us! I met my husband when I was 16 - married him after 6 yrs when I was 22 - he was a friend who used to visit our house...very similar lovestory like yours - funny! I am married for 8 yrs now, and have two lovely daughters! :-)

ok bye! Happy New Year! Will miss visiting your blog the next two weeks - we are flying to Maui tomorrow for a week, and then to portland to visit cousins and then to San Diego to see legoland etc..! :-) YAY!!!

bye! take care!

Tree said...

Congratulations on everything, Asha. I wish you and your family many good things in the future.

FH said...

Thank you Tree.I appreciate it.Good luck to you too in everything you do and haapy hoildays:)

Praba,what a surprise!I am so happy to hear about similar events in our lives! That's wonderful. Have a great vacation,sounds like a great one:)Thank you for your wishes and have a blast with your girls and hubby.I will see you later.

Gattina Cheung said...

Happy belated anniversary! Many more! I've tried leaving a note last week but somehow the software engine had a little problem.
You have a gorgeous family!!! And your marriage story is a big inspiration and encouragement to every one of us! *hug*
Last but not the least, definitely I will come back to this post many many time... too many delicious dishes that I can't miss!

Anonymous said...

What a hearwarming post Asha! Many Many Best Wishes to you and Arvind and your lovely kids. Here's wishing you Many Many more wonderful years together.


FH said...

Thank you Saffron.We will and you have a great week yourself too!:)

Hi Gattina! Thank you for your wishes.I can understand the blogger problem,don't worry about it.I appreciate you taking time to wish us!:)) You are always welcome here.

Mr. J said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photos are beautiful, what an enchanting bride. :) 20 years is definately something to celebrate, congrats!


Ari (Baking and Books)

Mythreyee said...


Little Miss Muffet said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! 20 years of being hope me and The Better Half sound just as happy then as u do :) It must have been so nostalgic looking at ur wedding pics ....hope u had a great weekend :) am thinking of trying ur tandoori recipe sometime soon...

FH said...

Hi Johnny! What's wrong now,O king of all dudes?!:D

Hi Ari, thank you so much! Yes! 20yr old marriage and bride!:D:D I appreciate you for taking time to comment. Have a great week:))

Hi Mythreyee, thanks for your wishes girl:)) I appreciate it. Busy holiday time everybody now.

Hsejjes said...

Hi Ash! It was lovely looking at your anniversary recepies and photos. I think I will try one of your recepies. Hsejjes from Malta

Anonymous said...

Asha, belated wishes! 20 years! No way! You look just the same. I must tell you that blue becomes you. You look gorgeous in the blue sari.

I hope you had a great weekend celebrating! Hugs to you on such a special occasion.

Divya and Chaya said...

Wonderful!! Wishing you a Very Happy wedding aniversary and many more years of happiness together! you are a true embodiment of today's woman. Love you always!

FH said...

Hello Divya,what a great compliment you gave me!:) I like to think myself as that too darling.I feel like I just came in to the real world!Thank you Divya.

Manisha ,hugs to you too sweetie!Thank you and I do look almost the same but plumper.I don't mind the extra cushion at all!:D

Hi hsejjes! Welcome to my blog,I am glad you are here.Thank you for wishes and I do hope you try some of the recipes!:))

Ms.Muffet,thank you.You know, it did take me back to 20yrs and to that day looking at the photos.I do remember everything!:))I am sure you will have a wonderful life with your's too.Let me know how did Tandoori chicken came out when you do:)

Anupama said...

I am the 172nd person to leave a comment!!!! Amazing. Asha with so many good wishes you two will have a happy marriage for the next 100 years. And I wish you that too. Its my 10th this Dec so its a special year for us too.

FH said...

Hi Anupama. It's heartwarming to know how many of us got married in Dec!! I wish you a very happy Anniversary and many more too!!Thank you for your wishes.I would like to go on 100yrs but...:))
Yup, you are 172nd and probably the last one before I post a new one tomorrow!Have a great week:))

Manasi said...

Hi Asha!! Congratulations!! sorry for the late wishes.......20 years and here i am, abt to celebrate my 1st. this week!
U look very nice in ur wedding snaps (luved that bit abt the pundit's blessing bit!)and hey u look very good in that white bridal gown photo cut out too!!

Surya Hith said...

Asha,sorry for being little late.Good wishes from my heart.Photos and recipes are so nice and lovely...

FH said...

That's perfectly okay Surya,don't worry about it!:)) Thank you for your wishes.So sweet of you.

Hi Manasi,thank you so much!:)) Hey,you are the first one to mention about the cut-out picture!Thanks.:D
Congratulations for making it to the first year,wish you many many more.Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Wish you a (belated) very happy anniversary!! The wedding pictures are beautiful!! You look cute in those pics :)

Also, happy holidays!


FH said...

Hi Sowmya! Thank you for your wishes.Happy Holidays to you too!Btw,party appetizers and cocktails are coming tomorrow,don't miss it!:))

Anonymous said...

178 comments!!!!! asha, I think you can enter the guinesse world records with it :)))

Prema Sundar said...

Happy Anniversary Asha... Wish u all the best.
enjoyed seeing the photos and ur write up too was very good.

So So Simple said...


How wonderful to read all of the comments on your blog. You have made lots of good friends with your creative writing.

Your whole annivesary sounded wonderful. What will you do for the 21st???

Thank you for visiting my site.
I just love meet such nice people


Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

Wishing you and Arvind a Very Happy Marriage Anniversary and many more to come. It was indeed a fabulous post. You look very gorgeous in your real :-) wedding pictures.

I wish you all the best in your life to come...


FH said...

Thanks Sushma!"unreal" wedding was more fun than "real" one! It took a second to get married!:D:D

Hi SS,thank you.OH! I am NOT doing this every year:D 2oyrs of marriage was special. May be on the 40th,I will do it again!Happy blogging:))I did answer your Biryani q, btw!

Hi Prema,nice to you back girl.I really missed you,you are always there in my every post!:))Thank you for wishes.

Rooma,isn't that wonderful?! I never thought there are somany well wishers out there for me.I am humbled.Thank you for visiting me regularly too!:))


Niceblogand I am quite sure it must have been the most wonderful anniversary celebration

FH said...

Hi Harekrishnaji! Welcome and it was great! 20yrs is a milestone,isn't it? Thank you for visiting me today and hope you will come back:))Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

this is a bit belated but happy belated anniversary and may you have many more.nice post there

FH said...

No problem Madhuli!:) Wishes are blessings, always welcome here anytime.Thank you and happy holidays:))

Anonymous said...


great blog. Happy anniversary. me and wife too 20yrs.. Sep 06... God bless you..


FH said...

Hi Raj. Congratulations on your 20th too!:)) Finally, I met someone who is married as long as we are!:D Good to see you here and GOD bless you and your family too! Enjoy the 21st year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji,
Congrats! I may be a little late but don't want miss this wonderful chance of greeting my friend! Thanks for sharing the happy news and photos!

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Asha:)
Wishing you a (belated) happy anniversary.
I liked those photos .
good day:)

FH said...

Hi LakshmiA, wishes are always welcome late or not my friend!:))
Thank you so much.We did have great time and happy that I made it so far! Happy Holidays.

Hi Deepak. Thank you friend. I know you were busy attending all those fun events!:))Good to read about those too.You have a great week too:))

Dalicia said...

congratulations! :) and thanx for the phyllo tips for the samosa!

FH said...

Hi Delicia, thank you for your wish!:)) Phyllo sheets are excellent idea for samosas.Crunchy outer crust and soft spicy potatoes inside,what more could you want?!:D Enjoy.

Creativecook said...


I know this is late, but I am new to your blog. What a touching post. It's amazing how quickly time flies. Here's to 20 more great years!


FH said...

Hi Rinku.Wishes are always welcome,never late!:))Welcome to my blog,and enjoy.Happy 2007!:))

Latha said...

Hey Ashu,

I'm finally sitting and looking at all your wedding pics in detail! You look really cute! Could'nt tell who Trishala looks like and Tushar's picture is too distant for me to tell :-)
Such a nice post.
Love Latha

FH said...

Hi Latha,just found where you I lost your comment!:))Trisha looks like me somewhat but Tushar looks like his dad.None of them look exactly like me though!:D

Sia said...

just saw ur comment being u r waiting to make 200 comments here;) so i thought being urnaughty sis i will give u that pleasure:D he he he... i was away in inida that time n couldn't wish u:) so here is my wishes... happy (belated) 20th wedding anniversay to u and arvind:)
hugs to u....

FH said...

YES!!YES!!!YES!!! 200 , yippee!!;D

Thank you naughty but very caring sister!!Hugs and kisses:))
You haven't seen these before?! I think I didn't know you when I posted this and only from Jan or Feb,all of you at once started visited my blog ie you,Trupti, Seema and other.

Thank you for your wishes.20yrs are lot indeed to be married and reasonably happy at it too,right?!;D

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