November 29, 2006


Hello everybody! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and ate a lot. Now, make some room for my delicious dishes too! Before that, I have some beautiful photos to share with you from the Carolina Coast where we were for a short break last week and then my contribution to 'Jihva' and Poori with Field beans masala!

A beautiful Sunrise:

Even more beautiful Sunset:

A sunny stroll on the beach:

Well, hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we did. Now on to my recipes:

A delicious American classic Jello Jiggler dessert with a Indian twist using Jaggery! This would be my entry to 'Jaggery for Jihva' being rounded up by Kay of 'Towards a better Tomorrow' who suggested that we should come up with some unusual dishes if we could.I thought 'Okay then, let me see who has thought of making this dessert before?!'I am hoping that I am the only one who came up with this Jaggery Jello Jiggler:D Btw, I love the name 'Jihva',I wish it had a equally beautiful logo as well so I could display it with pride ;)

A quick Info:
Jaggery ,Bella,Vellam,or gur as we call it in India, is an unbleached and unrefined sweetener made from sugarcane .It is found in South America as Panela and in Mexico as piloncillo. (Photo:

Here is my Jaggery Jello Jiggler: Makes 2-4 servings

This is how you make this super simple but delicious Jello:
1/4 Cup packed Jaggery,crushed (or more Jaggery if you want it sweeter)
1 cup water (1 Gelatin envelope for 1 1/4 cup liquid, total proportion)
1 Envelope(1/4oz) of Knox or Jell-o Original unflavored unsweetened Gelatin,
1 tbsp heavy cream (1 more tbsp cream if you want it creamier)
1/2 tsp cardamom pd.

Spray a Jello mould with no-stick oil lightly, keep it aside.
1. Soak Jaggery in water for 5 mins and boil in the Microwave until melted for 3-4mins. Strain through a strainer lined with paper coffee filter to a bowl.
2. Add cardamom pd to the hot mix. Add gelatine to 1 tbsp heavy cream and stir until smooth.
3. Add immediately to the hot Jaggery water,stir gently to mix.
4. Pour into the mould and place it in the fridge.Do not touch it until set.
5. Finally, immerse the bottom of the mould in hot water.When edges are loose, invert onto a plate and serve. Your Indian Jello is ready to dig in :))

After that yummy dessert, a delicious Field Beans Masala:

Let me give you an authentic Karnataka dish; my home state back in South India along with some puffed wheat flour Pooris to scoop it up. These beans are called Field Beans in English and Avarekai or Avarekalu in Kannada ,which are grown in India and elsewhere mainly during summer.Lot of good memories are associated with this Field beans dish which is my Grandmother's recipe and she used to make it often with fresh beans along with Idlis and Dosas:)I make some Pooris with this dish which is one of the fried breads of India.

This is how dry Field Beans look as you get it in the Indian stores:

A Summer delight:

Usually every summer in India ,Indians get a surplus supply of fresh green beans which are delicious to eat and have unique taste unlike any other beans we usually get here like Navy,Kidney etc,.If you cannot get this particular beans, you could use the same masala with any beans available.Ofcourse, it tastes different from this field beans dish.

Another look of field beans masala.It looked so good , I decided to put up this photo as well!

In US, usually we get plenty of dried beans in Indian stores but hardly any fresh one's ,at least where I live. You do need to soak the dry beans overnight,drain and cook next day in a pressure cooker with water.These are also called Val, Surati Val or Val beans which are split beans.I prefer to use whole Val or field beans in this traditional dish, which is really called Avarekalu Palya in Kannada to be authentic!

A delicious plate of Field beans masala with puffed Pooris, served with onions and a slice of lemon:

To Make Beans Masala, you need:

You need to soak 1 cup dry Field beans overnight and the next day, ,drain the water, add 3 cups of fresh water and cook until soft.I use pressure cooker on low heat for 30 mins ,so they don't get mashed.

Dry roast each separately: 1 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds,3/4 tbsp cumin seeds,1/2 tsp Fenugreek or methi seeds, 1 tsp peppercorns,2-3 dry red chillies,1 tbsp poppy seeds.Fry 2 big onions sliced in 1 tbsp oil until brown,1 small garlic, saute for few mins.

Take them out. Add all these to the blender along with 1/4 cup fresh or dry dessicated coconut,1 tbsp roasted chana dal or chutney dal,1/2 tsp turmeric,1 tsp paprika or chilli pd ,enough water , grind to a smooth paste.

Soak and squeeze out 3 tbsp tamarind juice.Heat 1 tbsp oil or butter, add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,curry leaves (Optional),1 garlic minced,1/2 onion chopped,fry until soft. Add ground masala ,tamarind juice and 1 cup of water and simmer until the raw smell goes on medium heat for 10 mins.

When it's thicker and a little oil shows on top, add cilantro,salt,adjust the chilli pd if needed.Add in all the beans with water and simmer until thick.Tastes better next day. Add as much water as needed, don't make it too thin. Need to be able to scoop up the beans with poori Indian style!If it's too thin, microwave it on high for 5 mins.Don't burn the gravy.

Now, let's make some Indian whole wheat puffed bread, shall we?!

These are just like paratha dough but rolled out into smaller circles and deep fried.Pooris are not usually made everyday unlike chapatis and parathas because they are deep fried.They are usually reserved for weekends, special days or whenever we have guests.They are delicious to eat right out of the fryer (after draining on paper towel that is) since they get deflated quickly after few mins unless you add 2tbsp fine semolina which retains the puffed shape for a longer time than just wheat flour Pooris but get a little crispier . Did you get all that?:D
I talk too much, don't I? I will shut up now and make some Poories........

This is how you make Pooris: Makes about 16 pooris/4 servings

Mix and knead
2 cups of either wheat flour or Plain flour ,1/2 tsp salt ,1 tbsp fine semolina with enough milk or water until you get a firm pliable dough,cover and keep aside for 15 mins.Divide into golf ball sized or smaller portions to make round balls again.

Take a ball, roll out to a 4" and 1/8" thick circle. Cover until ready to fry.Don't use too much flour or let them dry too much before frying.Heat the oil to deep fry while you roll them out.You can use 4"-5" cookie cutter for a perfect Poori:)

When the oil is hot (375F),slide in one Poori into the oil,press it down gently under the oil for a few seconds with a wide spatula until it starts to puff,and then let it go.Splash some oil on it carefully if it helps the poori to puff up.

It will puff as you can see in the picture, if the dough not very soft,didn't roll them too thin or you didn't make any holes in it:) Be patient and practice. Try to make a perfect circle instead of maps like me.You can cut with cookie cutters too:D

After few minutes, flip gently and fry the other side until golden.Drain on the paper towels and serve them any gravy dish or dry fried veg or meat dishes.

Perfectly puffed up Poori!

That's all there is to it. Cook all these comfort food and enjoy the new tastes! :)

Here is another dish of Field beans sambhar (South Indian gravy) to eat with rice I cooked for us, using a fellow blogger's recipe. Lera's Bangalore style tasty Field beans curry(Avarekaii saaru). Thanks Lera :)

Well..enjoy good life and good food ,be happy and think positive!
See you all later in good health next week with my VERY special post ;)


USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Wow!Very long post with wonderful variety of picture in it.

I feel like took a tour,yeah!See first pictures and then dishes.
Which filled my eyes with joy and dishes,which filled my stomach.

Step-by-Step picures of making poori,excellent.Though took shortbreak,you come with fabulous post Ashaji.

jayakarthik said...

hey pooriiiii super
yesterday thought of making poori but ended up making chapathi
will prepare poories this weekend
jaggery jello looks good,i dont have gelatine right now, will buy n prepare that too, but this weekend.... thanks asha for ur wonderful treats

karmic said...

Lovely pics from your trip and I am in epicurean heaven with all those lovely dishes!

FH said...

Hi Usha! All the praise is going to blow up my head and explode!:D Thank you for all that.I love the photos, thought I had to share with you all.Enjoy and keep encouraging me so I can bring you more!:)

Hello JayaK! As always, quick to catch up with me:))I was busy unpacking and all that entails any trip sofar,I will visit you today.I love Pooris too,don't often make them(deep fried).Once in a while,yummy to eat.Try Jello, it's delicious:))

There you are, my fav Sanjay:))Tracked my post again!I wish I had that tracking thingie too Man!
I am not very Tech savvy.
Glad you enjoyed the photos,aren't they eye-soothing?!Nature is beautiful.Thanks Sanjay......

sra said...

What will you think of next, Asha! Jaggery jello! Very creative.

Brilynn said...

I love that last pic of the beach, I wish I was there. I wouldn't refuse any of this food you've prepared either, in fact, I'd like it as a picnic on the beach...

Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
great holiday , aha ?
The dishes look great and very nice info too.
Your JFI entry is truly unique :)

Vini K said...

WOW,The pictures are simply breathtaking,dear Asha.Very beautiful.
You just stump me!how innovative of you to come up with a jaggery jello!

And many thanks for the dish on feild beans.My friend gave me some before relocating to India and as I have never cooked with them before,I was wondering what I should do.Now I have an authentic recipe to use them.

best wishes


FH said...

I know sra!:D:D
Kay asked for 'unusual',and I was scratching my head thinking 'all the jaggary desserts I know are traditional'then it popped in my brain:)It is so funny to even think Jaggary Jello!

Great idea of picnic on the beach,Brilynn! Let's go there again, I will pack some food just for us:D Enjoy.

Thanks Sandeepa, Jello is delicious.It was a VERY short holiday but a great break from the routine.Weather was perfect too.Enjoy the dishes and photos:)

wheresmymind said...

Beautiful pictures!

Sangita S said...

Wohoo ur blog is always a visual treat..Loved the sunset pics and amazing food u make..I can' even bake a simple cake :-( comes out eother too greasy or too top too slimy..Phew are u a professional chef..if not,go ahead that's ur calling :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Your holiday pictures,jaggery jello & puri with field bean masala are so beautiful & tempting.
Your site is one stop shop for beautiful pictures,wonderful writeups & yummy food.Great Job!


Jaya M said...

dear Asha,
I loved the pics beautiful so calm and spectacular especially the 3rd one ,and Jaggery Jello how innovative , Love that too ..
hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice spread Asha. I have tried fresh Avrekalu few times. But somehow it didn't turn out like what my friend does. I will try with your recipe and dry avrekalu next time. Thanks

Mandira said...

Asha - Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Such an innovative idea - jaggery jello. I'm loving it ;)

Shionge said...

Oh dear...that beach is to die for Asha. What a beautiful sight and yes I don't want to go home if I'm there :D

Thanks for the wonderful comfort make me drool and smile :D

FH said...

Hi Jeff, how did I know you are going to say exactly that?! Because my friend ,I know where your mind is:D:D Thanks.

ViniK, cook those field beans! I love that unique taste which you cannot get from any other beans.Jaggery Jello is yummy,I was surprised myself:) Enjoy girl:)

Hi Sangita,thank you so much.You know,my kids always that I should open a restaurant!:D But no, I get tired just by cooking for family, I don't think I can't do anymore than this.Hey,you are getting free recipes though, make some amd enjoy:) Btw, my coffee cake and scones are fail proof! I am not good at baking either but these works well.Try them.

FH said...

Hi Shilpa,glad you are back and enjoyed your break:) Fresh beans does taste little diff. and needs lot less cooking.You get a mush if we cook too much.Dry one are little tougher,stands pressure cooking well.Try this recipe and let me know :)

Hello Mantu, try jello,it's delicious.Weather was so perfect at the beach,we got to enjoy fully.Day before we went there, it was pouring rain,we escaped all that,thank God:) Enjoy.

Hello Kate, you are filling my head with Helium now:) Hey thanks.I am thankful for all your encouragement as well.I will do my best to bring some smiles and joy for all of you:))

Ashwini said...

What a creative way to use jaggery...good going Asha

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Wow, how creative is that. I am amazed!

FH said...

Hi Mandira, actually we were at the and Arvind hardly get a break at the same time, so we thought of taking a a little vacation.Enjoyed it and I will post my belated Thanksgiving meal next wednesday:)Enjoy the unsual Jello:)

Shinoge`, I didn't want to come home either but had to and get on with routine work.:) What can you do? Pictures are all we can keep.Well, have fun there and enjoy the visuals, my friend:)

Mrs. K said...

Good to see the jaggery recipes popping up here and there. Can't wait for the event round-up to seen them all.

Beautiful pictures as always!

Anonymous said...

This is the most innovative recipe for jaggery and love that name "Jaggery Jiggler" :) Looks pretty too !

indosungod said...

Asha, great pictures from the beach. Jaggery Jello creative, would love to taste. Field Beans and poori oh my I am full.

FH said...

Hi rp, jaggary dishes are popping up everywhere these days,aren't they? Good for us to enjoy:)

Thanks Shankari, it was fun making it:)

Ashwini, that was delicious to eat too, thank you.

You are welcome Indo! Enjoy all of that and more!

Hi Priya, it tastes delicious ,cool and sweet.Hope you try it.Thank you.

Sneha said...

hie asha!! wow, u must've had an awesome time at the beach! so beautiful :) they seriously look heavenly!

is there any alternative for the field beans that can be used? i don't think we get them here.. or may be i just couldn't figure out WHICH type of pulses those are :S
anyway, they do look lovely. yellow matar should be okay na (in place of te field beans ie)? that's always there at home :D:D

oh btw, did i tell you that i made the masala chai? awesome! it was the first time i made PROPER masala chai. earlier i just used to add bay leaves n ginger and call it masala chai.. heheh.. but this was really tasty and authentic!

smiles :)

Joyce said...

Isn't it marvelous...healthy beans, so inexpensive, given this royal treatment and they become not only a healthy dish, but a heavenly tasting one, also? Lovely treatment and wonderful images.

swapna susarla said...

WOW asha

great effort......the pictures are very nice.tempting poories.

Seema Bhat said...

man the pictures in here are so beautiful....the beach looks so relaxing plus your jaggery jello wow i need to try this one soon ...
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Jello with jaggery is very creative and colour looks fantastic......
I am drooling over your avarekayi palya...have to wit untill I go to India to have some.
Have a nice day.

Nee said...

Yummy yummy - I'll leave the jello dessert out since I don't eat gelatin, but the field beans look awesome. I am not 100% sure what these beans are, I have to go check in the store - or ask Ma!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, welcome back from the beach! Lovely photos. I will have to use split val and make the beans -- they look wonderful. And of course, since I can't resist trying, pooris too :) I love the jaggery jello recipe. For Thanksgiving I thought I'd make a low-fat dessert for me. I read in a magazine, it was mini-chocolate cheesecakes made with gelatin. I must have used too much. My daughter and I had a good laugh taking those from the fridge -- they were just like rubber! Your dessert looks much more diner-friendly ;) Thanks for sharing!

Sia said...

all i can say is AMAZING:) too good... i donno how u manage to cook so many new dishes...
will read them in detail once i come bk:)
till then tc and have fun:)

FH said...

Thanks Swapna, I do my best:) Enjoy the recipes with your family.

Thank you Joyce. It sounds even better when you put it that way:)Beans become like 'rags to riches' story,doesn't it?:D Enjoy the Pooris with Samosa filling,tastes great.

Hi Sneha, you absolutely can use Vatanas,probably tastes the same too! I love those as well. You can use any dry beans to this masala,tastes great ,try it.I am glad you liked masala chai!YAY!!:))

Beaches are beautiful here just like Indian ones,but deftly lot cleaner than India and lot cooler so we can really enjoy!We had a great time:) Thank you darling.

FH said...

Hi Linda,we had a great time.Val dal is good too,cook carefully so they don't get mushy.Pooris are great with any gravy,specially any potato dishes.
Jello proportion as I make it, is 1/4oz packet for 1 1/4 cup liquid.Comes out well.I haven't made Cheese cake though,got to try it.Enjoy Linda,more to fry now:))

Hi Madhu,Avarekai is real hard to get here too,even the dry ones.I have to drive 100 miles to get them sometimes.That's why I use 1 cup at a time:) I love Avarekalu,remember 'Uppit mele mooru avarekalu"?:D YUM!!!
Try the jello,your daughter is going to love it,I am sure.

Nee, they are called Val beans or Surti Val beans as printed on the pack.For many yr, I never read the label but just bought it by looking at the beans.Last time I had to look so I can write here:) But you can use any dry beans like dry Vatana etc.Let me know:))

Hi Seema. it was a great little break,enjoyed and back to my work now:)) Hope you try the Jello,really yummy:))Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ashaji from your short holiday, I was waiting for your next post and see what have you got for us this time ! And it was worth the wait :-)

Always saw those Val beans in the Indian grocery shops and in the frozen section but couldn't figure out how to turn them into a delicious curry. But Ashaji, I don't have patience to do all tht roasting and grinding. IS there a quick and simple way of making them?? Please tell me. And yeah, I made that masala chai, and oooohh it was sooooo soothing to my sore throat ! Thank you.

Nabeela said...

Hi Asha, the field beans masala look perfect for a cold evening, send some over, won't you? :)

FH said...

NZ, Aw.. masala chai was soothing to your sore throat? Hope you are feeling better now.I had pretty bad Sinusitis too last weekend.This dreaded cold is everywhere.
Well,if you gather all the ingredients and grind it,then saute in oil quickly before adding the beans,that's easy.Or add cumin pd,coriander pd and garm masala to cooked beans,works too.Tastes diff ofcourse.
NZ,fry those,grind and make it my way ,lady:D It's not hard if you gather those once!Really, try it.

Nabeela, don't you move a muscle girl.It's coming through FEDEX!It's already on the way:))Thanks.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

nice recipes and great presentaion as usual...thanks for sharing asha.

Anonymous said...

Ashaben, delighted you are back. Loved the holiday pics...~dreaming~. Lovely jaggery recipe, certainly very creative. As for the field beans, wow.. wonderful, another bean which does not get exposure, it should. My mother makes a lovely val dish, i will try and post it. Thanks for sharing...welcome back...~soft smile~

Keshi said...

Asha I always come here during lunchtime and end up fainting. LOL! ur posts r always yummy-looking.

I love that ocean beautiful!

Ur doing many ppl a great favor here...posting recipes and food ideas. So many ppl r learning from u and it's a precious gift in ya. ty n HUGGGGGGGZ!


archana said...

I feel like chanting the name over and over again. Go jaggery gello jiggler !! Very creative,very !!!

Jayashree said...

Wow the risk of repeating myself, Iam going to say every one of those dishes looks wonderfully delicious. Didn't know puris would stay puffed up for longer if I added rawa to it. Will try it next time. Thank you.

Anonymous said... yummy!!
And me loved all the pics.Especially the sunrise and sunset..
tnx for sharing,Asha.

Mamatha said...

Hi Asha,
Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend. Been away from the food blogs for a while - have a lot of catching up to do. Your field beans curry looks like what my grandmother used to make - but she would soak the fresh beans overnight and pop each bean from the skin and then make the curry - quite a cumbersome process.

Nidhi said...

Very nice pictures, Asha!
Thanks, Nidhi.

Viji said...

Very nice, and good writeup as usual. Thanks for sharing. Viji

Gattina Cheung said...

you're so creative in making that jell-o! Field bean masala and avarekaii are amasing!
Splendid shooting on Carolina Coast, the place looks like paradise on earth!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hey asha,
it is really late and i just came to see if you had updated ur blog, i promise to come back and check out the recipes tomorrow. Poori sounds wonderful especially tomorrow with the arctic blast that is headed our way and oh, I am slower than the rest of your readers, however, I did try the spinach pakodas this weekend and they turned out real good, so thanks and keep them coming, the recipes, I mean :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Asha you have a beautiful array of pictures that are so much in sync with the holiday spirit!! Jaggery Jello Jiggler is a show stopper,not to mention the equally appetizing poori with Field beans masala . keep more of these coming ,your post Rocks ..:)

FH said...

Archana:D:D:D I know,when it came out so perfect,it was hilarious to see Jaggery jiggler:) They make Jello with Cool Aid etc,I thought why not with good old Jaggery!

Oh Keshi,quit looking at my posts during lunch time,I don't want you fainting now:D:D
Thanks darling! I was a late bloomer in every way as a young kid. But now that I grew up and know something, I want young'uns like you to learn what I am great at.Gives me pleasure when they come back and say,"Asha,I made and enjoyed your recipe!" :)

Hi Dilipbhai,I love the taste Val beans.It's hard to get here,that makes it even more tempting to try:)I can't wait for your recipe.Thank you and yes,I enjoyed my VERY SHORT break.Long break coming at the end of Dec.Enjoy.

Hello Meena, glad you are back girl,I missed you:) Thank you and try jello,it's delicious.Kids love it.

FH said...

You are welcome, Nidhi! Glad you enjoyed all of them,hope you try some now:)

Hi Faffer,good to see you here:) It's okay to take break,we will be here.I know what you are talking about! What a long process that was,as kids we would have a blast popping those too:)I don't think we need to that here,you lose lot of Fiber with the skin.Enjoy Faffer and I haven't forgotten Obbattu,will bring it sometime and let you know.

Hi Gangadhar,haven't said that name in a long time:)I knew a Gangadhar when I was a kid! Love the name.Are you from K'taka?
Thank you,glad you enjoyed the pics.I love nature too.Have a great weekend.

Hi Jaya,you are welcome.Rava should be very fine and it makes Pooris little sturdy to stay puffed.If you have coarse rava,grind it fine with a coffee grinder to use.Hope you try:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
You are so creative. Good post for JFI. Simply superb!!!!Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Lera,your beans curry rocks too,enjoyed it fully:) Christmas is just around the corner,you must be excited! I will bake some cookies shortly just for the holidays:)Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Orchid,no problem.I will be here whenever you are ready:)I post every wednesday now,so plenty of time check out and comment in a week's time.Gives me time to think and bring good recipes too.Glad you liked Spinach Pakoras.I know, cold is coming here too.Latkes and pakoras are wonderful this time:) Enjoy.

Thanks Gattina.Carolina beaches are the best in US.Clean and beautiful.You have to choose a quiet time to go there like now.Spring holidays are the worst time with all those college kids crawling every inch of the beach:)Have a great weekend sweetie.

You are welcome Viji. You have a great weekend and hope you try some of these too:)

Anonymous said...

Wah.... what a name ..... almost like a tongue twister.... Only you can think of a name like this :)
Great recipe Asha.... and the pics are awesome...... BTW, can I use them to paint??..... with due credit to you of course.:)

FH said...

Hi Mt! Thanks girl.Glad you liked them.Jaggery Jello was my first attempt,came out well somehow:) Have a great weekend.

Ofcourse you can paint them, Rooma:)) They are so beautiful, aren't they? They make grand paintings too.Glad you thought about that.I don't mind,go ahead.Can't wait to see them on your blog:)Enjoy.

Neer said...

beautful and yummy! :p

Sri said...

Hi Asha,Beautiful sunset snaps, i bet you had a great time there.Those jaggery jello jiggler looks beautiful.Your field beans masala and puri looks yummy...i wish i could taste them all too :)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of the beach tell me that you must have had a relaxing and rejuvenating trip! Unique recipe for jaggery jello, love its color, rich deep brown!

Mrs. K said...

I don't remember if I commented on this already. hehe it is difficult to go over all these comments.

Good to see new jaggery recipes.

How on earth do you find time to make such elaborate posts? I am jealous. And I adore your dedication. Asha, you rock!

FH said...

Monisha,it was great short get away and I didn't want to come back:)But no worries, I am off to Florida for Christmas holiday for 10 days:)
Color is entirely from the type of Jaggery we use.It was gorgeous to look and tasty ,refreshing to eat.Loved your cookies too,will bake some.Have a great weekend:)

Thanks Sri,I will FEDEX all of them for you:)) Enjoy the recipes.

Hello my dear Neers! Were you on a break?! I will check you post today.Thanks and take care:)

FH said...

Thanks Shree.Glad you liked them both.Jello is new,isn't it?:)) I love Avarekalu palya.Hope you try the jello.Have a great weekend:))

Hey rp! It is difficult to find the comments:) I have to go through 4 at a time.Thank you girl.I just cook for my family,if they look good I will post them.
I appreciate you for taking time to comment:) Enjoy the Jello.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the beach!

Unknown said...

Nice pic.s shows u had a great time.For me 3 days of the vacation were raining.Something good came out of it,got to spend quality time (rather eating) with friend n' family...:)I luv poori but never tried another side dish than potato bhaji..will try this soon.and jiggler..looks son would luv that...

Sai said...

Loved the photos! Were they taken from the new cammera?

Jaggery Jello sounds cool!

About the beans, which are called chowli ussal, in marathi aren't my favorite at all, therefore not commenting on that dish :-)

FH said...

Hi Krista, yes they are beautiful coastal pics.We had a short break and enjoyed it as you can see:)

Everything turns out for the best,Mahesh!You got to enjoy the the friends:) It was raining day before we went there,and then 3 best days after.Enjoy the Jello:)

Hi Sai,you guessed it right! New camera is great for everything else except for my food photos!For that I still use the my old camera:) Jello is great,try it. Chowli Usaal in Marathi is good info to know.I take 'no comments" too:D:D
Speedy recovery Sai, take care sweetheart:))

Lakshmi said...

ASha, so many yummy yummy dishes, pudding looks great. and nice pictures.

Krithika said...

Jello with jaggery looks delicious ! I want that plate of Field beans masala right now ! It looks so good with poori.

Mona said...

Wow took the word out of my mouth!...a Jerk is just perfect!

So are your dishes as usual...I love the innovative dessert dish...usually I add caramelised sugar to the cream..but jaggrey is something new.How about if we add some cinnamon and nutmeg along and some ginger juice and rum???I think I will try yours as well as this new concoction mixture too, and let you know!

Mona said...

The pictures are breathtakingly beautiful...Thanks for sharing!

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Asha:)
I will have poori,it is one of my favorite eatables.

FH said...

That JJlo is for you ,Southpaw! I made it just for you buddy,grab it if you can!:D

Take it right away Krithika and enjoy that plate beans and pooris.SP got the Jello first:))

Thank you Lakshmi. Hope you try the Jello,kids surely love it. Enjoy the pics:)

FH said...

Hi Dizzy:) So it's a jerk huh?! Well...stay away from those and keep your power to yourself darling.Hope I will find him on the curb somewhere:D
Your idea of Jello or pudding is excellent!I will try it.Rum!! YAY!This J jello was just a experiment for 'Jihva' entry.Kid stuff:)Enjoy the pics,have a great weekend Dizzy!

Hello Deepak, I love pooris too! Any gravy tastes great with pooris,don't they?:)
You can just go out to have some Pooris.For us in here,I have make them. After all that work, I don't even feel like eating them! Enjoy!

Mystic Rose said...

hi asha,

this is my lunch hour and the pics are making me hungry!!! wish i cud order these online :))

i will try them out soon..esp the jello.

FH said...

Hi Mystic, wish I could sell them for you:D That would have been a lucrative business for me! Enjoy the Jello,it's tasty.Have a great weekend:)

Susan in Italy said...

Hi Asha, The beans and pooris look delicious! I'd love to try them. One question about frying the pooris: How much oil goes in the pan? It looks like very little but yet your result looks beautifully deep-fried. Is there a secret?

Chandrika said...

Wonderful picture, Asha and a very innovative idea too! I am sure you would have had a tough time keeping your kids off the plate...:-)

Anonymous said...

Jaggery jello jiggler!wow!you are one creative cook asha!:)) I love puris & your plate of puris with field beans masala looks so mouthwatering!:) I am sure no one would have thought of combining jaggery & jelly before! you are a real foodie at heart to come up with such innovative dishes!:)

Priya said...

Where is the bamboo shoot?? Did I miss something...

FH said...

Priya, actually that's an old recipe.I just created a new post just for Pickles so we can get to them one place! This is the new post.If you RSS feed,it will confuse you:)

Thanks Paati. I was hoping I was the only one who came up with Jaggery Jello,thank God I am right:))Enjoy.

FH said...

Hi Chandrika, yes it was hard keeping them off.I had to warn them not to touch it before I take pics:))

Hi Susan. Since my fry pan was wide,I had put less oil.Trick is,specially for Pooris,is slide in a poori in hot oil,hold it immersed in oil gently with wide spatula.When it starts to rise,let it go, scoop some hot oil around the poori and keep pouring on the poori so it puffs up evenly.
You have to do this even if you have lot of oil in the pan bcos it puffs like a balloon with just bottom touching the oil.Takes some practice but you can do it.

Hope you try. I will post my belated Indian Thanksgiving meal on wednesday as you were asking.Be sure to check it out and have a great weekend:)

Tree said...

The pictures of the beach are so pretty! Wish I was there with my toes in the sand and surf.

TNL said...

Great job Ashaji!! Beautiful pictures,and your version of the beans is different, looks great.

Thanks for the Rava tip for Pooris..I always wondered how I could get them to stay 'poofy'.


Anonymous said...

Nice entry for jihva, Asha! I love avarekai in rottis and saaru. Will try your curry recipe sometime.

BTW, great looking recipe index you've got there! Very attractive and nicely done. :)

Looking forward to your VERY special post :) Have a fab weekend, Ash!

Margie said...

Hi asaha
Those beach pictures...just wonderful!
Oh, I want to be there today, as it's snowing like crazy...and too cold!
I'll just have to stay inside and enjoy my hot chocolate!

As always...more wonderful recipes!
Thank you!
Your family sure must love having such an amazing cook!
My poor hubby just got meatloaf last night!

Well,have a wonderful weekend!


FH said...

Hi Trupti,Rava is a good trick,another one you could try is adding 2tbsp of rice flour to atta.It makes little criper and tastier!Hope you try next time:)

Tree, it sounds so wonderful when you put it that way:)I miss it so much.Oh well, have to wait for sometime now to go back again.Have a great weekend.

FH said...

Hi Vani,try Avarekai palya with coorgi akki rotti I have,tastes great,better than with Poori.Recipe Index turned out great,is't it? Thanks to your idea sweetie!You will see me in my VERY SPECIAL next post;)

Hey Margie,meat loaf sounds wonderful,I don't mind having some of that!:) Oceans are always soothing to me,just love looking and hearing the sounds of the waves.Some day we hope to buy a beach house:)
Fortunately,we have sun shine today and humid too here.Hope we get some snow by next week for a white Christmas.Have a great weekend,Margie.

Anonymous said...

Wow. so many comment! room for one more? The bean marsala looks good.

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, welcome back and so glad you had a nice holiday - those picturs you took are quite breathtaking! I grew up close to the ocean and miss it so much, your pictures made me think of home and so does your food (especially the field beans masala, yum)!

I have never made jello with jaggery - the only dessert that I make with jaggery (coconut palm) is called "Wattapalan" (sp?) - a Srilankan dessert. It's nice too!

Sorry that my blog is misbehaving! Please try accessing it from Mozilla if you have it downloaded - I seem to have incompatibility issues with IE. Thanks for letting me know, sweet Asha! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, what a fun entry and a full meal for Jihva jaggery. Your blog is The place for celebration.

Love the energy and enthusiasm you bring to food blogging world!

Me said...

Once again, such beautiful photographs and such wonderful food!

FH said...

Thanks Pearl for taking time to comment:)) Beans and Pooris are great tasting,hope you try.

Hello Orhan, thanks man.You are always nice to me:))Enjoy.

Thank you Indira.Every time you visit is a great joy for me:) I do my best to bring some fun into cooking.Posting whole meals in detail is a great help specially for young brides.
Hope you don't miss my next post,very special for me:)

Hi Lotus:) I came to your blog many times,now I know why I can't see.I will try through Fire fox,my husband says it has lot of bug problems.I will try.Gald you liked the beans masala,hope you try.Thank you sweetie.

Tweety said...

Till I saw your blog, I thought Indira's was the only highly visited food blog. But now there are two :)
Thanks for posting those breath taking pictures. Very nice scenes and very nice photography :)
That jaggery jello seems to be quite an innovation. Will try it out someday :)

Praba Ram said...

What enthu and energy you have Asha! Touch wood...I checked the other recipe blog of yours! Very nicely done!

thank you!

Saleem Pothiwala said...

wonderful blog you have here Asha :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it but your posts always leave me feeling happy and energized. This entry was a pleasure to read!

Ari (Baking and Books)

FH said...

Tweety! Indira has surpassed 1 millionth comment!!I could never equal her and rightly so:) She is brilliant.But I take your compliment humbly ofcourse.As long as you make and enjoy my recipes ,that's enough for me:)

Thank you Praba! Recipe Index was needed bcos all the multiple recipes I post every time:) Easy for you to find the recipes quickly.Glad you liked it.

Thanks Daagh and hope you try some of them and enjoy with your family:)

Hi Ari,thank you for saying that:)I try my best.It's fun to create something like this.If you think this post was pleasure to read, wait until my next post on Wed?!:D Hope you don't miss it! Enjoy.

starry said...

love the pics and the recipes.Remember eating these beans in BANGALORE.THANKS FOR SHARING.

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
thank God ,that today it will be possible for mto post comment for your post ! I tries it before but it was saying that page can not be displayed :(, thought i leave comment for this on my blog as reply to your comment. :)
Loved these pictures of your beach trip :) , I just love sea shorea, and that too with Camera:) . you are an excellent photographer too :D .
Jello Jigger is the perfect entry one can made for Jihva fo Jaggery. WIll try it your way some time.
You know , what catches me to yur blog everytime,it is the way you present the whole recipe. you describe everything with words and pictures so well, that everyone would like to visit here again and again. It might be true that so many of us might be knowing the process to make puri, but the way you show it ,is unbeatable :) I love it.
And field bean masala is simple superb.
Thanks for sharing it .
(P.S. - waiting eagerly for your next very special post :P ) .

Reeta Skeeter said...

hats off to u!

FH said...

Thank you Skeeter as always:)) Enjoy!

You are welcome Starry:) So you do know about this beans dish! Isn't that yummy? A traditional K'taka dish.Have a great week Starry.

WOW! Pooja, all that you said is going to my head:) Thank you for trying again,sorry blogger gave you trouble.Happens sometimes.Most Indian bread recipe are meant mainly for non-Indians and novice cooks to help them out,you are right.If I can help even one with some recipe,makes me happy.
I will send my Bhindi to you later.
Have fun Pooja:)

ChrisB said...

What beautiful beach pictures and such a glorious sunset. I dont have anything to match that from my Spanish hol. In fact the beaches were a little disappointing. I will be posting during the coming week.

mommyof2 said...

Asha, I got Hanuman from India and the quality is just awesome & my Uncle sent me ganesh from there but anytime I get dvd from here Its not that good so these days I stop looking for the original stuff. If you want any dvd, let me know cuz my dvd retal place sell dvd in $2 to me:-) ONLY ME:-))but thats the copy of original.. I don't care these days & they work as good as the ones I got from ebay or any other store:-)

Surya Hith said...

Hi Asha,
Jaggery Jello looks superb Asha.Thanks for the nice recipe.I remember you started the blogging when I planned to go to India.Now your blog is filled with the delicious recipes.Scones looks so tempting.Thanks

FH said...

Hi Surya,I am glad to see you here again.You did visit me twice, one of the very few when I started blogging in mid july! Thank you for that and glad you liked the recipes.Welcome back:)

Hi MO2! I do get DVDs from Nehaflix,all original ones.Little expensive but brand new. I have seen Hanuman DVD there too.I will try and get it. $2 for a DVD, that is cool:) Thanks for the Krishna review,good to know before wasting money.

Hi Chris, welcome back from a sunny Spain.Can't wait to see the pics! Carolina beaches are beautiful indeed.You just don't want to come back home:)Enjoy and I will check out your blog.

Mythreyee said...

the beach photo is top class. well shot. and btb your pooris with the masala is a great combo.

FH said...

Hi Mythreyee, thank you.We had a great time at the beach.
Hope you try the recipes and enjoy:)Have a great week.

Ultimate Foodie said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks a lot for ur advice and encouragement..i will definitely follow them.. i am so very happy to receive ur comments and u hav made my day! :)

Rashmi said...


I liked your new look both FH and also the recipe index.

Keep it rolling.

ServesYouRight said...

Fabulous pictures and such creative ideas! Delighted to see more kannadiga food on the web :-D

Lisa Johnson said...

Beautiful pictures! Sunrise and sunset! That must have been a nice long day!

Deepak Gopi said...


chandra said...


I do a lot of random browsing.. and i am so happy i came across yours. The photos are excellent. As a foodie, i like your dishes.

come, lets meet up at :

warm wishes


FH said...

Hi ultimate foodie,you are welcome and glad I could help. Enjoy blogging and you do have great recipes in your blog:)

Yes it was one beautiful warm day in Nov., Anali:))We enjoyed it greatly.

Hi servesyouright:) Thank you and I am assuming you are a Kannadiga too.Welcome and hope you come back again.Enjoy all the recipes:)

You are welcome Rashmi, use both of them and enjoy with your family!

FH said...

Deepak, :)))))

Hi Chandra, welcome to my blog and I am happy you liked the recipes.I will visit you today,glad you left a comment.Now I can say hello to you:))

Neer said...

Asha... i have to eat at your table sometime!!

Kalpana said...

Wow, I really feel like doing this dish. But need to get those beans.....Will try it soon. I loved those sunrise, sunset, and beach pictures. They look great.

FH said...

Hi Kalpana, hope you try.You can also try this woith yellow dries peas etc.Any dry beans will do:)

Neers, you are welcome to my table anytime my friend!!

AF! Long time no see!!:D Try this bean dish and Pooris and let me know.It always tastes better the next day so the spices can seep into the beans.Enjoy and hugs to you too:)

mommyof2 said...

hey that dvd message was you,not to post;-)

Y'day I went to Indian store but forgot the name of the beans.. will go this weekend & get it..

FH said...

Mo2! got to say'do not publish' orelse all comments get published:D That's okay,no harm done.Good info there from you for all who are interested,right?
Beans Val or Surti Val,remember it:)

Anonymous said...

Ashaben, any chance you could email me...see my profile for address...need your help...thanks...

Keshi said...

hehe cant wait for ur anniv post :)


Swamy VKN said...

Wow! what a combo! Love all these - jaggery jello, beans masala, and puris. Your blog rocks Asha!

FH said...

Hi Vkn, thanks you sir.I am glad you visited:) I know abt it and I will send a recipe to your charity event.I am trying find some time to type.Hope it's not too late.

Keshi, it's coming shortly:)

I will e mail you later Dilipbhai!

FH said...

Thank you Paz.I appreciate it:)20yrs is a long time ,isn't it?!:)
We made it and now, on to 21st!

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha
Do you make biriani?
If so what is your recipe please.

FH said...

Hi SS.Yes I do have it Madam!:D
Go to my Recipe Index by clicking on my profile.It's in the lunch or Rice dishes catagory. It's Veg. Biryani but you can add meat following the same procedure.

Sofi said...

Happy xmas and new year asha ji :)

FH said...

You too Anjaan.Have a great holiday and new year!:)

LiveForToday said...

I tried out your surti val recipe and it turned out great. Thanks or the recipe !

FH said...

Thanks for your feedback!!I really appreciate it and glad you liked it!:))