November 08, 2006


Breathtaking Oak Hollow Lake in my small home town:

Oak Hollow Golf Course:)


Breakfast is a much neglected meal. During the weekdays , most of us usually grab some cereal or toast with a glass of juice and a hasty cup of coffee before we start our routine work! We are all at home for the weekend, relaxed and sleeping in, wake up around 10am, hungry as heck ,right?:) So I thought, why not cook a variety of dishes to give you some ideas for Brunch! I know it's little too early for planning for weekend brunch but hey,I am doing all the thinking to make it easy for you:)You can always dream at your work place on a wednesday for weekend brunch,can't you?:)
Shhh...don't cry now,ya hear!..I know y'all want to smack me up the head for posting these on a weekday:D:D Deeeeep breaths now..yessss, that's it!!!! Phew!:))

Look what Isha Reddy from Australia, a would be Dentist,took time to create! See "foodie's hope" on the chef hat? So sweet! Thank you darling Isha!! I love it!! Hugz to you :))

Here are: some veg and non-veg dishes. You can skip meat and make it veg, or get creative and improvise on your own to make a decent meal combining breakfast and lunch to create a great and delightfully informal brunch! They also make a quick weekday lunch or dinner as well when you come home tired, and would want a quick meal! Enjoy and let me know how did you like them.These recipes are mostly for two servings, double it if you need more.These are also perfect for all you single souls out there with big appetite:)) Enjoy my style brunch dishes!

Let me start with a quick Indian brunch:This is a breakfast dish, a Indian version of scrambled eggs with what else but Indian spices and served with toasted bread slices:)

Egg Bhurji:

How to:
1. Beat 3-4 eggs with 1tbsp of milk, pinch of salt.Keep aside.
2. Heat 2 tsp of butter or oil, add 3tbsp minced onions, 3tbsp chopped green bell pepper, 1 jalepeno or 1/8 tsp chilli flakes, 2 tbsp grated carrots, saute until they soften.Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric,1/2 tsp each cumin pd and coriander seeds powder, pinch of garam masala,( if you don't have all these, add 2 tsp ready made curry pd), 2tbsp cilatro.You can add 3 tbsp chopped tomato now to saute or add a little lemon juice just before serving.
3. Add beaten eggs and keep stirring until it's almost dry/still moist. Serve sprinkled with 1 tbsp spring onions, cilantro and with toast.

A warm Chick peas and veg Soup for a cold day:

How To:
1. Heat 1tbsp butter, add 1/2 big onion chopped, 1 garlic minced, 1/2 cup each of cubed carrots,green beans, potatoes, broccoli, spinach ,peas if you like and saute all until soft,almost cooked.Add 3 cups of veg stock/broth or water,1 tomato chopped,1 can 15oz chick peas and boil for 5-10 mins.Turn down the heat.
2. Season with lemon-pepper or just pepper, 1 tsp cumin pd, some parsley,1/4 tsp each dry Thyme and Rosemary or any herbs you like.Salt if needed,stock has salt already.If you use water,go ahead and add salt.Simmer until butter shows on top.
3.Serve in a bowl garnished with fresh dill or chives and with a crusty roll to scoop up all that soupy goodness!:)

A Cool Cucumber-yoghurt Soup for a hot day:

How To:
1.Cut an end piece og one cucumber,peel and seed the rest,cut into cubes and put that in a blender.Chop 2tbsp red or white onion, peel,chop 1 garlic add to the blender with cucumber and make into a paste with little yoghurt first.
2. When everything is smooth, add 1 cup fat free yoghurt,4 tbsp fat free sour cream,salt and pepper, few mint leaves and dill leaves and blend again.
3. Serve in a bowl garnished with some chives,saved cucumber pieces and a dash of pepper freshly ground.You can add some croutons if you wish for texture. That's it.

Southwestern Corn Fritters with Sweet and Tangy Chilli Sauce:

How To:
To make sauce; mix 1/4 cup Rice vinegar,1/2 tsp salt,2 tbsp or more sugar, 1 fresh red chilli minced or 1/4 tsp dry red chili flakes,1 garlic minced and microwave it until sugar dissolves and gets thicker.Adjust sugar and salt.

For fritters:
1. Mix 1/4 cup each rice flour and plain flour,1/8 tsp baking pd,1/4 tsp salt,1/2 tsp cumin pd,1/2 tsp coriander seeds pd,1 tsp lemon juice,1 egg is optinal, 1 cup corn kernels,canned is okay,2 tbsp each chopped cilantro and spring onions, mix with a fork adding just water to make a thick batter.
2. Heat a non-stick pan,rub some butter, add 1 tbsp of batter and flatten to a 3" circle.cook until golden both sides and serve with tangy sauce.

Mini Meatloaf stuffed with boiled Eggs and cheesy steak potato fries:

How To:
For Cheese Fries: Bake 1/2lb steak potato fries in the oven until crisp and golden, sprinkle 1 cup Cheddar or any cheese you like on top and 1 tsp of any Mrs.Dash spice,put in the oven just until it melts.Take it out.
For Meatloaf:
1. Hard boil 2 eggs,peel the shell and keep aside.Preheat the oven to 375F.
2. Mix 1lb ground beef or any meat you like,1 beaten egg, 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce,1/4 cup mix of minced onions ,grated carrots and green bell pepper,2-3tbsp bread crumbs, 2tbsp tomato sauce or ketchup ,salt and pepper well.
3. Spray a 6x4 loaf pan and line with foil,fill halfway with meat.Place two whole eggs sideways and fill up with meat again to cover it completely.Spoon some ketchup on top and put in the oven, bake for 50-60 mins.
3. Let it stand for 10 mins and cut into four slices cutting into the egg inside.
4. Serve with cheesy fries and tomato slices.

Veg version:
Use mashed potatoes and veggies with spices and place Koftas inside!

English Muffins topped with Egg salad and Salsa Chicken:

Toast 4 halves of 2 English muffins until crisp,keep aside.

Egg salad: Mix 2 hard boiled chopped roughly, 1-2tbsp Mayonnaise, 1 tbsp green spring onion, 1 tsp relish (optional),salt , pepper well and pile up on two halved and toasted slices of English muffins equally,splash some hot sauce and serve with a hot cup of coffee. You can use tuna or salmon flakes instead of eggs.

Salsa Chicken: Slice one big chicken breast in two and then slice each piece into two crossways to make 4 thin slices. Heat some butter in a non-stick skillet and place 4 pieces of chicken ,cook both sides until cooked and golden, add salt and pepper.Place a square pieces of any cheese on muffin slices ,broil until it melts, place two chicken pieces and top with salsa or any spices you like,some parsley or oregano. Serve with salad.

A Savory Pastrami and Provolone French Toast and a sweet Cream Cheese and Strawberry French Toast :

HOw To:

Sweet first: Heat a non-stick skillet,apply little butter.Beat 1-2 eggs with 1 tsp sugar pd,2 tbsp milk, 1/2tsp cinnamon pd on a plate and use it to soak the sweet French toast.
Mix 1/4 cup cream cheese with 1/2tbsp sugar and apply on a thick slice of Cinnamon-raisin bread, and a layer of any jam you like,cover with another slice,press to seal.Dip in egg mixture for few seconds each side and carefully lift and place it on the skillet.Fry until golden both sides and cut into half and serve sprinkled with sugar powder.

Savory Next: Beat 1-2 eggs with 1tbsp milk, salt and any herbs or spices you like and keep aside. With 2 slices any plain bread, place slices of Pastrami slices or any meat, slice of Provolone or any some relish or sauce inside,cover with another slice,press. Soak in savory egg mix and toast both sides to golden and cut in half and serve with some olives or salad.
You can skip soaking in egg mix for this , just fry in little butter on both sides.

Orange Chicken with veg Chow Mein:

How To:
Make Sauce: Mix 1 tsp orange zest,1/2 cup orange juice,1tbsp soy sauce,1 tbsp worcestershire sauce,1tbsp brown sugar,1/2 tsp mustard pd or chili flakes for heat,1/4 tsp each garlic pd and ginger pd,1tsp chinese five spice pd,1/2 tbsp or more corn starch and 1/4 cup water well.Take out 3tbsp of sauce for noodles and Keep the rest aside.
1. Chop 1 big chicken breast inti 2" cubes. Heat 1tbsp butter, sprinkle 1 tbsp plain flour,fry for few mins and add chicken and cook until coated and almost cooked.
2. When reddish, add orange sauce ,simmer until thick and shiny. Sauce should be clinging onto the meat.Adjust the seasoning.
To make Chow Mein:Cook 1/2lb spaghetti or vermicelli noodles,drain and mix with butter to prevent sticking.Heat butter in a pan, add 4" long thinly sliced veggies like Zucchini,carrots,green beans,spring onions anything you like and stir-fry until fried,add saved orange sauce and cooked Noodles and saute until thick.
3. Serve with Orange chicken and Spring roll.
Note: Instead of adding Orange sauce to noodles, you can add soy sauce,pepper,1 tsp balsamic vinegar,little garlic pd and stir fry just until mixed.Soy sauce contains lot of salt unless it's sodium frree, be careful when seasoning the dishes.

Seven Layer Tacos with Guacamole`:

How To:
1. Grill 2 6-8" Tortilla until crisp.Take it out ,sprinkle 3 tbsp grated Colby and Monterey cheese and cool.Place Tortilla on a plate and start to build layers.
2. To build the layers, apply 3-4 tbsp of re-fried beans or ground beef chili on the top of the melted cheese to cover the Tortilla ,sprinkle chopped lettuce,chopped tomato or 2 tbsp hot salsa, onion pieces,cilantro,few jalapenos,dollops of sour cream.
3. Sprinkle some salt and cheese again if you like and serve with Guacamole` on the side. Enjoy the delicious seven layer Taco.
To make Guacamole`:
Take one big ripe Haas Avocado,peel and seed.Add to the blender with 1-2 tsp lemon juice to prevent discoloration.Add 1 garlic or 1/2 tsp garlic pd,some cilantro,1/2 chopped onion,salt,1-3 jalapenos and blend just enough to mix everything to a rough paste or just mash all these with a fork in a bowl for authentic looking Guacamole.
You could also add tomato pieces and 1/2 tsp cumin pd as optional additions.
Take out in a bowl and serve with Tortilla chips or slather some on open faced tacos.

Would you like to try Linda's Cornish Pasties (Pass-tees)for a delicious brunch?!:)

Cornish Pasties ( Makes about 6 Pasties)
For the crust,you Need:
2 - 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 c shortening (crisco )
1/8 cup milk, just enough to form the dough
For the filling:
You Need:
1/2 - 1 lb lean, tender sirloin,
1 medium Rutabaga
1 medium onion
2-3 large carrots
1-2 large red potatoes
Any spices or/and herbs you like
salt and pepper
Eggwash for baking:
1 whole egg or egg white mixed with 2-3 Tbsp water
How to:
Preheat oven to 350 F.
1. Mix flour and salt. Now add in the shortening and mix with your fingertips until it looks crumbly. Add milk, little by little just enough to get a firm dough. Divide the into 6 pieces equally and cover the dough to prevent drying and keep it aside.
2. Cut the sirloin 1/4" pieces, and cut peeled vegetables into uniform size,about 1/4" pieces as well .You can cook vegs for 5 mins in the microwave with little water until little tender so you don't have to worry about whether they are cooked in the oven, specially the Rutabagas. Making sure you don't have any liquid with meat or veggies, mix all the ingredients with any spices , herbs you like ,salt and pepper to taste. Divide into 6 portions.
3. Roll out a dough ball to 1/4" thick circle about 8" in diameter.Place these on a baking sheet lined with wax paper .Put one portion of filling,a pat of butter, fold one half over and seal both edges with water and press with fork to seal. Brush with egg wash all over the pasties. Prick the top with fork to make tiny holes. Repeat with the remaining dough balls.
4. Bake for 50mins to 1 hour or until the crust is golden. Cool on a wire rack.Serve hot or cold with any sauce you like.

Click here for a quick brunch! Chilli Chicken with Pita bread :

Here another brunch idea! My Masala eggs with Green peas rice:

No, I did not make all these dishes in one day but a collection of what I cooked during the last few weeks!! I am not THAT crazy :D:D Enjoy!! Have a great weekend and cook some of these brunch dishes and see you all next week!:)

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Anonymous said...

Hi asha
thats too many dishes for a day :))
feeling hungry after looking into these wonderful dishes
i hope u got my comment earlier in moong dal

sra said...

Hey Asha, you've outdone yourself with the pix, made a special effort this time? Your chickpea soup photo is the best, apart from the lake pix

Anonymous said...

I am printing this one out. :) We have folks visiting the next 2 weekends. I know what to feed them for b'fast now ;)

Darn I wish we were neighbors, we would always be inviting ourselves over ;-)
Nice pics of the lake too. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo wow! You did take my breath away with all those pictures! I love your posts.

Anonymous said...

But but but... but they are sooo rich.. so many calories.. ohh cholesterol levels a increasing.. BP shooting up.. aaaaaaarrrghhh.. i'm having a heart attack!!

Unknown said...

Oh..too many to bear..just got up from bed and straight to u'r blog, now after seeing theses dishes, feeling so hungry..there is nothing to eat other than cereal now..:))got to cook atleast one of the above...Thanks...

Shionge said...

Aiyo true about neglected's always toast or biscuit :P

Looking at all your wonderful pixs make me drool and full already :D Ha, I need not cook now have a nice day Luv.

FH said...

Hope you do , Mahesh! One at time per day! No hurry :D
Good morning , btw!!It's almost lunch time here!:)

Thank you rp! I love those pics of lake, how beautiful they are at this time of the yr!!I love fall. Enjoy!!:))

Hey, glad I could help ,Sanjay! You are my kind of guy unlike John there:D I would have loved to have as my nieghbour too:)) You would have invited yourself over to my home often, let's be honest here:D I don't mind though. Have fun feeding the crowd!;)

Vini K said...

Hey Asha,thos pictures are gorgeous and what a menu!!wow,even though I am a vegetarian,I am sure the chicken will taste heavenly!

Anonymous said...

wowo.. u made nanditas entire breakfast collection in one post!good stuff!

FH said...

Yes I did,Jaya and answered it too! Thank you so much for your help.I will do it when I get some time. Make these one at a time during the weekends, lot of ideas!

sra, thank you! Actually,changed the place this time for photos.It's my dining room now.Wide space,less bright than the old spot:) Food photos came out good.Lake is natural light,who can beat that but God:D:D I love how it looks, was a little cloudy day but looks like Heaven!:)

Hello old and fat John!Did you really read my recipes?! Where is the veg soups, half an egg in meat loaf, 2 eggs per week in Bhurgi,in Taco,chicken dishes,1 egg in salad,?! Eat my grub and you live a little longer..:)
These are for brunch,you eat them once or twice a week and make one or two dishes at a time per week!
Btw,your JD & ciggies will kill you faster than my food, bhai:D and oh! your salt and pepper rice too, of starvation and malnutrition!!Have fun!:O
Anyway, did you check my response at Nee's?:D Are you having "fun" with your "mate" in Sweden?:D:D

Unknown said...

i know ...was watching elections news till midnight :)).Made Egg bhurji and bread toast...came out very well.

Anonymous said...

Asha, you have outdone yourself with this post!! Hmm, I know you will ask why we aren't blogging recently...just too much work at school as finals r approaching. However, we satisfy our urge to blog by visiting your site often(:-).

FH said...

No! No! Shaheen!!:D For Nandita's and Meeta's, they are coming up next week! These are just a sample of stuff for weekends.Baking is on the way,still time,no worries for that now!:) Thanks..

Vini, you can make the same recipes with veggies,even Orange chicken with Cauliflower etc.Veg soups are wonderful too.Enjoy..

You are right,Shinoge.I grab a slice of bread on a weekday, so I can start my work and get it over with quickly!:) Sat and Sundays are the best for these. Hugs...

Anonymous said...


Will you please change your name to SuperGal(or SuperLady) ? That was a great Brunch Parade and I love NC, those beautiful pictures!


Meena Kandlakuti said...

great work..and lot for breakfast..even I will give atry to most of them..thank you asha....nice work and great pictures again again.....goes on:-)..Great weekend to u too

Lakshmi said...

Hi Asha,
Wow so many nice recipes, and a very nice presentation. I have to try guacamole recipe, that tortillas look inviting to me and that soup is perfect for this weather.

FH said...

Mahesh you are quick girl!:)) Glad you had my breakfast,perfect timing , wasn't it?:D
So who won in ur state, your fav?

Hi Divya! That's okay darling, take your time and study.Blog will be there always.Thanks for taking time to visit though:)) Good luck with ur exams!Chaya, you too!

Nav, Hi! Thank you and super duper lady would be fine:D:D
No, actually when I cook, I take photos just in case and when I can I just gather them all like this.One dish at a time is boring:) Enjoy and yes, Ashville at this time is heaven on earth too! I love it!!

Thanks Meena!I just got that cookbook you mentioned once in your post 'Shahnad..!' It's great,thank you for letting me know.Enjoy the the dishes..:))

Soups are delicious, Lakshmi.Hope you try them. Who doesn't like open faced Tacos,that was my dinner last night.YUM!!Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My son aged 13 would like to hire you as a chef if you're ever in our neck of the woods. Where you live looks stunning and wow what a brunch, I'll try some of it but not all at the same time! Now, where will I start?

Anonymous said...

Wow Asha your brunch spread is a treat and a feast for the eyes! Wish I lived in North Carolina, I would shamelessly invite myself to lunch at your place!!!:-)))

Anonymous said...

I do that egg bhurji often when i come back hungry!& sometimes i do add frozen corn to it too! Atlast i have found a tried & tested recipe for meatloaf!have bookmarked it to try it out!thanks for sharing the recipe:)

FH said...

Paati, Bhurgi is the easiest of all dishes here, and can throw in any veg, taste delicious and easy.Meat loaf is good,try it.Let it sit for 10 mins after baking,so all the juices get absorbed.Enjoy!

Nalini, I would shamelessly welcome you everyday too!:))Have fun wherever you are:))

Beccy, can he AFFORD me?:D:D
I have 15yr old(big girl!) who would wrestle him to the ground too before he can get me!:))
Kids, they are so sweet.
Start with Egg Bhurgi Beccy. If you have curry pd, that's fine too.Hope you do and feed that teen on me, no charge:D

wheresmymind said...

Awww..that mini meatloaf looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Amazing number of options for brunch. I never even thought of some of them.

Margie said...

Let me start by saying your picture of the lake is so very are so lucky to have the lake close by!

I think your blog is just so wonderful!
All the recipes and beautiful pictures of the prepared recipes I simply love!
I am going to make the orange chicken with veg chow mein tonight.
I know my son and hubby will love it!
I also am going to try some of the other recipes...on the weekend.
Well, I have to go grocery shopping now to get everything I need for this recipe.
Thanks for this great post!
Have a wonderful day!

P.S Thank you so very much for your
sweet and kind comments on my poem today.
You are so very nice!
I so appreciate your comments!

Rashmi said...

wow what a display!.
Lots to go into my to do list

Anonymous said...

You live in such a beautiful place. I am just full of admiration, what a lovely selection of recipes. I certainly intend to try some out in the coming months. I think my husband enjoys the 'new cook' who has appeared in our kitchen since I retired.

FH said...

Thanks Rashmi, hope you try some of them on weekends:))

Thank you, Margie!You are a sweet heart! You do have a beautiful soul.As I read your comment at Keshi's, you took the elderly people to vote yesterday! How many will do that?!:)
We do live 2 blocks from the lake, all July 4th fireworks on that lake can be seen from my upstairs window.It is truly a beautiful lake!Enjoy Orange chicken:)

Thanks Lakshmi! See, I thought of them for you so you don't have to think :)) Now it's your turn to make them for your family and have fun!:)

I know, Jeff!:D:D It's delicious to eat too, those cute one's!!:)Thanks...

Jaya M said...

Simply awesome Asha!,I am drolling here ,I liked the English muffin recipe alot but hey that doesn't mean I am not going to try other ..they all are on my list now...lucky your family to have you !

Anonymous said...

nah nicks gross .. :) .. hmm.. i need ur email addy :P

FH said...

Isha:D:D What was that?! Huh!!:)
Go to my profile, you will get it!
Hey, that was nice of you, I liked it.Didn't you?:)

Mantu, my husband loved that egg salad on English muffin! Guy doesn't talk much usually,HE asked me what's in that:D Must be good , right?:) Try and let know...

Hi Chris, thank you! I bet your husband admires and loves you even more than before, now that you are filling him all those yummy goodies!:) Enjoy Chris!!

Anonymous said...

hey asha,
beautiful pics and presentation of recipes once again... hats of to u

Unknown said... fav. and made history after 40 years..:))..finally worth spending that much time in front of the tv..:)

Anonymous said...

Asha, you have solved my brunch problems for a year. All the dishes look like must tries. Let me pick and choose now...

krista said...

Thats a great amount of food yummy! I realy like the chick pea and veg soup.

Deepz said...

Hey Asha, Thanks for posting so many recipes. Now I hav a lot of options to choose from for this weekend brunch.

Keshi said...

Everytime I visit ur blog I feel Im the most starved person on Earth. DELICIOUS pics mannnnn!

**Isha Reddy



Revathi said...

Wow Wow Wowwww You are the best !!!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Wow!!! Brunch is my favorite meal of the week. This looks so amazing! I want to come to your house! : )

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmm they all look so delicious!! i am gonna try em soon!!

thanks a bunch!!


Anonymous said...

You amaze me! I love the fact that you present your dishes so beautifully.

I love meatloaf. Sometimes I add blue cheese to meatloaf for some pizzazz.

BTW lovely photographs of the lake

Mona said...

your blog, a windfall for me. I own a restaurant you see!
thanks for visiting my blog.writing poetry is a hobby with me, just as cooking is with you...both creative arts in themselves...the only difference is, mine eats the insides and yours feeds the insides :) your blog!

Ash said...

hey, hey, hey.......those were som amazing recipes......hope to try 'em out some day.....keep postin...... :D

Nee said...

I have to try the corn fritters and the sweet French toast...yummy yummy!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Phew Asha! What a feast! I am not sure if I would have everything for breakfast though. Ther recipes are great and the pics of the lake are beautiful.
How long dod it take you to write up that post?!!

FH said...

Whole week to type in, Meeta!:D
Specially those pasties,masala eggs,orange chicken etc.for brunch or quick lunch or dinner ofcourse, I just added them since I had them in my laptop:)
We love that lake ,often visit. Thanks..

Hi Nee!Soups are good too for quick lunch.cucumber one tastes like potato soup you know,even quicker,no cooking invovled.Try..
I will talk to you later..

NO!! Mojindro! Don't eat all these in one go please!:D:D I know you are just kidding. Hope you try some of them. Have fun and thanks!

I will Ash! You keep coming back too! Try one by one on weekends,no hurry!:) Enjoy..

WOW! Dizzy!! what great thoughts abt poetry and food:) They are art indeed, Indians say there 64 kinds of art, we both are doing well in atleast two:D Well, you doing more than me. I don't think I can match the restaurant food, but I try my best to create something.
Thank you and good luck with your restaurant business:)

FH said...

Hi Revathi, where were you? Took a break,huh:) Good for you. Thanks girl,hope you try some on the weekends:)

Okay Anali, come on over:) Glad you liked them. Hope it helps on weekends for quick lunch.Enjoy..

Thank you so much AF! Hope I didn't ruin your laptop:D:D Love to you and your family too! Mum is having fun with all those parties! Enjoy.
North Carolina is one of the best states to live in USA.Nature takes your breath away. We have the most beatiful beaches, plain land in middle where we are and gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains on the other side! We are lucky.Enjoy your family..:)

Hi Sai, thanks. Love the lake.
Blue cheese indeed gives it a tangy taste,good idea.I like your tips, Sai! Great tip for Moong too:) Keep them coming..

Hi Deepsat, thanks a bunch for visiting me too!:) Hope you try and enjoy them with your family.

FH said...

Keshi, we did miss you! Kept checking even though you were gone for 2 weeks:) I am glad you had a great time darling,happy for you.
Isha is such a sweet girl to do that:) Thanks and try some of these,easy enough..G'day mate!

Deepz,thanks and glad you help you out.You are great cook too,not that you needed any help:D Enjoy Deepz!

Krista, that chick pea is fab, my lunch on my Monday,tastes even better next day as well! Protein on full blast:D Have fun..thanks..

Indo,for a whole year on weekends , you don't have to think now:D Enjoy with your family..thank you.

Mahesh, I am glad. It's nice when our fav leaders get chosen, makes you feel good.Yup, it's worth late night,like my husband does for Cricket!:D:D

Sia, thanks girl. As always I try and make all my posts fun whether it really helps people or not!:)Enjoy..

Anonymous said...

Asha: Its breakfast time here and I wait for all your recipes to come alive in front of my notebook.

Nice pictures asha and the colors are beautiful.

Chandrika said...

Asha!! Are u a super woman or what??? I mean cooking so many different items over a period of time is equally daunting and to take pictures and blog about them????..I am dumbstruck..awestruck...!!
You simply rock, Lady!! :-))

Brilynn said...

You've left me with ideas for weeks! Wonderful!

FH said...

Hi Priya, wish I could send you some real food instead of virtual food you have there sweetie:)Now get up and make some:D

Oh! Thank you Chandrika! It does take quite coordination , doesn't it? cooking and taking photos are the easy parts for me, then typing in the recipes..sigh...that takes it forever!:) It's worth it, if I gave you some ideas! Enjoy..

Brilynn, thanks! They are nothing new for you except some of the dishes may be .You are a pro, I am just learning! I appreciate it:)

Anonymous said...

Asha, will take me forever to try all this stuff.

Fantastic Asha, the art of cooking will never die with you around. There is great deal to learn for novices like me. Great dishes, great food, great cook...~smile~

take care and thanks

mommyof2 said...

I can't believe how similar taste we have:-0 beside 2 recipes I make all what u mentioned and almost the same way :-0 Now after reading this I have to make something for myself instead of eating pizza..:-)

Bong Mom said...

wowwwwwwwww I have already said earlier.... your family is one lucky family
You know what, I want to move to NC, be your neighbour :)
How did you mange to cook up such a variety ?
thanks for sharing the nice recipes & brunch ideas.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the awesome ideas!! On weekdays it is cereal for me and my husband but on weekends we usually go out for brunch. But starting this weekend I am going to make some nice breakfast items (from your list of course) at home! You are a great inspiration for slackers like me :)
You know what else would be cool for a brunch dish? PIZZA!! Indian style of course... do you have any neat ideas for making this?
If you get a chance you should also blog about Hor's DeVours and drinks to serve with these at parties since the holiday season is around the corner. Thank you!! Sowmya

Anonymous said...

Asha akka ( I hope I can call you that) neevu onde sartheege istondu aduge madi hakidre hegappa navu irodu :)
Istondu jeerna agbekalla!! Amazing recipes as usual. I will be starting my blog soon. Nimage khanditha link kalisuttene.


FH said...

Hi Sowmya, Indian Pizzas are easy.I don't make them, kids prefer the regular pizza.You add Tikka chicken,Tandoori chicken or any veggies you like with cheese etc.Tacos are also made like that except baking.I will see what I can do, I do have Drink in the archive "Caruso",check them out.Thanks Sowmya..

Hello Sandeepa, move in to NC!:))
I just cook all those little dishes for kids daily ,take photos and keep in the Laptop.One day I bunch them all together and post.That's why I am posting once a week now instead 3/week!:D It just takes lot of time to type the recipes though.Thanks:)

Similar in everyway it seems, MO2!:D Moms rule! Yeah, most of these are usual if you think abt it really but don't remember until you see them somewhere and you say 'hey,I know that!':D Happens to me too. Enjoy..

Dilip, one at a time every weekend is the way to go!:D
Thank you so much for saying that,I appreciate it.You are not a novice,your dishes are yummy.I love Gujarati food. In UK , we used to go Leicester and gorge ourselves with Gujarati food.I miss it somuch.Have fun...

FH said...

Deepa, Ashakka ishtella madiddu vaarakke ondu antha kanamma!:D Onde dina ellanu madikondu thindre jeerna aagodirali,aspathre hudkiko bekaagutte ashte:D:D
I am so glad you will be blogging soon,amma's and grandma's recipes and your's too! Can't wait:))Let me know..

Anonymous said...

hi Asha,

Very nice blog. I liked the Lake View. I am a nature lover too. I have posted my Pics and paintings at

one more thing, I like your recipes. Shall I add your foodieshope blog in the blog list in my food blog trythisrecipe? Let me know. Nin Blog Nanga thumba ishta aaithu.

Vani said...

Wow, as usual! Very nice stuff here, Asha. Since each post has so many recipes within it, is there a way you could list/link the recipes on your blog individually? Just checking. It's great just as it is too! :)

Anonymous said...

mouth-watering pics !! I will come back to check for some more vegetarian recipies - I hope you have lots of vegetarian(eggless too) recipies that I can try on my family ( now that I have loads of time on my hands ) !

Ashaji thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment :-)

Anonymous said...

mouth-watering pics :-) I hope you have lots of vegetarian(eggless too) recipies so that I can try them one-by-one on my lovely family ( now that I have loads of time on my hands ) !!

Ashaji, thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment :-)

Anonymous said...

I could live on these dishes for months !!!! Excellent joh Asha !

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Just admiring your post for past few days. THANK YOU sooo much for your treat (visual)!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, Wow!! What a fabulous selection of dishes!! I am tired just thinking of all the work you did here ;)

Everything looks positively lovely; I must try the masala eggs especially soon.

Glad you enjoyed pasties, too :)

vasilisa said...

Oh my God, Asha! You cook a lot! (Even if it's a collection...) And so much variety! I'm soooo impressed... And I'm totally planning to use the egg bhurji and chick peas soup ideas soon. I always experiment with omelettes in terms of veggies I add, but have never tried to add spices. It seams so obvious now!

Anonymous said...

Asha, how can one even begin to say anything?!! You are a prolific blogger and you are a prolific cook!!

Anonymous said...

bhurji is one of my all time favourite breakfast dishes- quick, easy-peasy and always yumm. i used to make a chinese-type bhurji (with tomato and chilli sauce et al, lots of pepper and onions) but i tried this veggie version (minus the cilantro and jalapeno)(and i added some biryani masala in place of curry powder- loved the smell!!) this morning- fab!!

such a marvellous site!! awesome! and really cute pic from isha :))

Susan in Italy said...

Mmm...I want me some spicy scrambled eggs just about now. Did you stay up all night preparing this brunch?

Mamatha said...

Nice one! I could use a recipe or two from this post this weekend. Thanks for the recipes and the ideas.

Have a nice weekend.

FH said...

You are welcome Faffer.Glad you iked it and enjoy the easy recipes!:)You too...

No Susan!:D:D Cooked each in few weeks time and collected them to post in one go!Indian style scrambled eggs are good,hope you try:))

Good choice South Paw!:)) Try it and let me know.I will see you today,been busy lately.Can you tell?:D Have a good wekend..

Hi Sneha,looks like you are better cook than me!:)) Good for you and keep it up.Bet you help your mom a lot.I am proud of you.Thank you and yes, Isha took time to do that.So nice of her.I will try your style Bhurgi,sounds delicious.

Oh shucks, Manisha!:) Thank you .I try to bring something better than ordinary.That's all. When you do anything,better give your 100%, my personal motto.I appreciate your compliment! Have a good one!

FH said...

Hey Lisa, glad I gave you some ideas. That was the goal:)I do and HAVE to cook diff things everyday for kids and us.So it's not hard for me.I just collect the photos as I cook.Try Egg Bhurgi, have a great weekend. Hugs...

Thanks Linda, new Indian dish for you:)) I am sure you will enjoy it, little diff from regular scrambled eggs.I was tired after Diwali before Halloween. Man! it felt like every bone in my body was creaking:D:D These are easy.

You are welcome as always, MT!Enjoy and have a great weekend. Don't miss next my post ,you are in there;))

Thanks Archana:) Yup, you could easily live for a month on these!!
Have a good weekend....

Hi NZ, acually most of my recipes are vegetarian in my archive! 4days/week , I cook veg. Non-veg is just for weekends usually. Check out the archive,you will find many! I like your blog, keep it up:))Thanks...

Pavani said...

Great job Asha.. Everything looks delicious and its very very very difficult to choose ONE for this weekend. Thanks so much for a wonderful spread.. Have a great weekend.

Sumitha said...

What a wonderful spread!Beautiful pic of the lake and the little girl is so cute too.The orange chicken is what has caught my attention,should try them soon!

FH said...

Hi Mythreyee, welcome to my blog:))Kannada mataduttheera, thumba santhosha:)) Not many Kannadigas here.I will check out your nature photos,love to.Yes, you can add me to your blog.Thanks:)

Vani, listing recipes is a good idea,even I can find my own recipes:)) I think I have to open a new blog for that and do it when get some time.Will do it and let you know.Have a great weekend,lot of Kannadigas are coming here,I am so happy!:)

Pavani,thanks. You can pick and choose any for any weekend,I will be here at your service:)) Enjoy..

Hi Sumitha, great choice, I am sure you will like it:)
I love nature, specially this time of the year.Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha- I'd have to agree with you, I think NC is a great place to live in, especially the mountains, love visiting Asheville and the places around in the fall, you have an excellent view, very serene!

You've been keeping yourself very busy with all the delicious dishes you've prepared, way to go!!

Krithika said...

Right when I was about to faint my eyes fell on those last words .. No, I did not make all these dishes in one day ... phew ! So many dishes ... Lovely collection of recipes

FH said...

Thank you Monisha.Ashville is like Heaven at this time.I do not have the words to describe it:))
Yeah,I have been ver busy since Diwali, work never seems to end.Somehow I am visiting all of you although I catch up in the end of all other comments:)You gals are wonderful,making me feel good!

Thank God for not fainting Krthika!:D I had to add that in the end, but should added right on top! You all might think I am crazy or something:))
I appreciate your comment,have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Ashaji: what a wonderful picture of the lake! I love aunt lives in Rocky Mount.
This whole spread has given me many ideas for lunch on weekends! Love your 7-layer burrito fav.

dRoZzY!!! said...

Egg Bhurji.... looks awesome...
it's 2:20am and i am hungry. maybe i'll just die!!!

Praveena said...

Wow so many recipes to pick from! which one shall i chose! :)
Thanks for the ideas Asha!

FH said...

Praveena, choose one at a time per week, you will be alright!:D Thanks and have a good weekend..

Drozzy, what on earth are you doing at 2.20am?! No wonder you are hungry and please don't die on me!!:D:D Have a good night err morning:))

Enjoy Trupti, that one is my fav too! Hey , you aunt in Rocky mount,that is so nice! Most states are so beautiful at this time, but I am partial to NC:D Have a good one, Trupti....

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha,

Your brunch dishes look awesome. Will try them one by one. I really liked your masala egg and pea rice recipe and the 7 layer burrito.

Love the pics and the presentation..



Anonymous said...

Whoa, this post is amazing! It's the equivalent of like three weeks for me! :-o

I'm really liking those Indian scrambled eggs, reminds me a "spice pack" we used to buy to add to tofu in order to make a breakfast scramble. I'm going to give your combo a try!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Anonymous said...

hey!! that's like amitabh bachchan telling abhishek- looks like ur a better actor than me!
heheh!! :D
my mom doesn't let me help her around in the kitchen! she's like - either you cook or let me do it. and if it's the latter then get yourself out of my kitchen!!
heh.. and even iam that way.. well.. kind of... i don't let anyone else enter the kitchen when iam making something... freaky e!?!

FH said...

Thanks Nidhi, Masala eggs combo is delicious.I posted it few weeks ago, lot of people tried and liked it.Give it a try and let me know:))

Hi Ari,welcome to my blog.These are more like a month's supply:D:D
Give Egg Bhurgi a try and see how you like it,have a great weekend:))

Good comparision Sneha:D Where is your Ash then?!:))
It takes more time if there are more than one cook in the kitchen!You know 'too many cooks spoil the broth' saying:D Enjoy and one day you will get your own kitchen and an office somewhere to rule! Have a good weekend!

Mona said...

hello Asha...the cucumber youghurt soup sounds very interesting. the mint leaves and dill leaves addition is very innovative and must add a special flavour. Also the croutons would make it quite wholesome a meal.A very good diet meal I must say...keep up the good work...
will send u some non vegetarian recipies as soon as I can find time to do so.
thanks for your comment on my blog.Yes that is me there...but I firmly believe, that the real human beauty comes from inside.
Take care..have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Amazing asha...... I normally plan my menu for the entire week so that I don't have to think much what to cook...... now i think I have it for the whole month :P .

Latha said...

OH My God Asha! Are u a wonder cook or what? How did u cook all those dishes girl??? You must a magic lamp and genie!
Wonderful wonderful recipes. I was just thinking of making a brunch myself! I'll see if i have ingredients for u're dishes so I can steal some ideas!
You are a magician!
Oh and I love the baby chef! So sweet of Isha :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Asha!

Totally indebted to you for this wonderful selection of recipes!!! I love the look of the egg bhurji and also the egg masala (can you tell I have a thing for "andaas"?) ;)

I also love sandwiches, so I will have to return and write down how you make your special "Asha" sandwiches.

Last, but certainly not least, I made the moong dish from the previous post and it turned out YUMMY!

Many, many thanks!


FH said...

You are right, Dizzy. Lot of people don't pay attention to that soup!You do have an eye for food. Also don't forget , it has garlic too,full of flavor and ease of no cooking.Very refreshing for summer.Add some green chillies to the blend, you got a killer soup with rice in the middle! Try..

Hi Rooma, that's very organized of you to plan for the whole week.Good idea!I plan for 2-3 days depending on whatever I have in the fridge.This menu is great for you indeed:)) Enjoy,have a great weekend.

Thanks Latha:)) I am the genie and the lamp too:D:D
I just collect them as I cook, come out like this post,no big deal.When you have tween and teen at home, you got these anyway.Works great for my blog:))
I know,it was so sweet of Isha:)
Enjoy Latha ,take it easy and have a great weekend with ur girls...

Tree said...

so many recipes! I hope to try the scrambled eggs soon. I can't believe all the visitors you get here, too! It's great and well deserved!

Anonymous said...

What a fab view of the lake; your city in indeed beautiful.
Brunch...ummm... what an array of variety for it. I wish I had friends like you somewhere closer; one could at least gatecrashed on weekends. Just kidding...
Once again, great recipes, and pics.

FH said...

Hey Kulpreet, I am not kidding.I would welcome your family for brunch and crash in on your's for Rajma-chawal,chole-bhature etc:)Don't miss my next post on wed.,an American tradition ;) Enjoy..and thank you.Btw,I got a new Cannon 6 mp power shot camera:)

Awww..thanks South Paw.It's a nice feeling to know that you miss home when you see my food.That means I am doing something very right!I am da big mama here for all of you:D

Hi Lotus,hope you try 'Asha' Anda salad on muffin,really good:)Glad you liked Moong dish and I so enjoy your book reviews although I wish I could make time and read all those books.May be one day when family pressures lessen and I could have some time just for myself!I appreciate your work and your comments too. Enjoy life sweetie:)

Thank you so much Tree.I know, it makes me feel humble that so many of you like what I bring:)It's a great feeling. Enjoy the eggs and have a great weekend....

Anonymous said...

and here comes ur 100th post!! well well.. the brunch ideas r supercool.. but wot i love is wot ur frd from Aus has done... the chef cap!! :D Happy Blogging!

FH said...

My 100th comment!! YAY!! For that ,Reeta Skeeter from Delhi wins *drum roll* A GIANT HUG from me!!:D:D
Thanks sweetie for taking time.
Yeah,Isha is a sweetheart for doing that, I am honored!
So, how is it going there in Nayi Dilli, Ms Skeeter? Thanksgiving is upon us in abt 10 days,so I am busy creating my next ' Give Thanks' post for wednesday.Hope you don't miss that,would be fun!:)Have a great week Reeta...

Anonymous said...

Some temptations are too hard to resist.Asha, your delicious medley of dishes are as usual fantabulous.Happy weekend dearie..:)

Seema said...

Asha, that Golf course view is breathtaking buddy...lucky you to be rite there !
This breakfast invite is tempting more than nethin sweetheart...cant resist !!!

FH said...

Hi Seema,hope you had a great weekend,mine was busy as always:)Got more work on weekends than weekdays for me.
That lake is beautiful although it is manmade,not natural!
We do enjoy so much.But Nature is like your poems Seema,pure and breathtaking! Have a great day...

Thank you so much Lera:))You are always so sweet.Thanksgiving is around the corner in US.I know other countries do not have it,wish they did.It's nice to say thank you to people once a year atleast!:)Enjoy the brunch and see you today if you have any new post.Got some time today although kids are off school for veteran's day.Have a great week Lera....

Paresh said...

Egg bhurji. Mmmm Nummy.

And awesome pics of the golf course :)

Anonymous said...

You bet I won't miss it Asha!! Cheers!

Rashmi said...


What type of bread you use for French Toast?

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like tutorials, especially when it comes to Indian food. I think you are doing an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji, last night I prepared the alu-baigan from your previous post with parathas for kids and phulkas for me and hubby - it was yum ! Hubby even got the leftover packed for his lunch today !!

I have visited lots of food blogs but they don't have that personal touch and warmth that comes through in your blog. I know you are not that old, but it reminds me of my mom's cooking - filled with so much love for her family. God bless you.

Thanks for sharing the recipies and looking forward to many more ;-)

And thanks for your comment on my last post too :-)

FH said...

Hi Paresh, welcome and thank you:))
Egg Bhurgi is delicious, you probably know that recipe already:D

Hello again Reeta!:) Thanks girl.Yesterday my kids saw your name and told me that "mom! Harry Potter has a character with the same name ie Reeta Skeeter!":D They are crazy abt HP and I haven't read those books!

Hi Rashmi, for this recipe I used Cinnamon-Raisin bread,so I don't have to add all those flavors.Works well but traditionally, French Toast are made from day old hard crusted french bread sliced pretty thick and soaked in egg mix for 5 mins.Hard crusts hold well when frying on skillet.I just use any bread,do not soak long but just dip both sides in egg mix.Hope this helps:)

Anonymous said...

im being so so good.. can you see the halo?

FH said...

NZ! it was wonderful to hear your feedback:) Nothing makes me happier.Glad your hubby liked it too,that is a big compliment! Hey ,you can compare me to your mom if you want to, I am not hung up on age at all:D Last week I told somebody that I am da big mama to you all:D Thank you and looking forward to give you more recipes:) Enjoy....

Thank you so much Gini. I do appreciate your comments and encouragement which keeps me going!
There are lot of young prople who are new to cooking, if I can help them out a little, that's enough for me.I didn't have anybody like me when I was young to help me out:D:D So I try.....

FH said...

Oh yes!! I can see now, Isha!:D:D

You are practically an angel, flying around Auckland:O

Have fun GREAT this time:))

Margie said...

Hi Asaha
I made your orange chicken was so YUMMY!
My family LOVED it!
Thanks for your visit today..
and your nice comments!
You are such a sweetie!


Deepak Gopi said...

:)After reading this I felt that I had a heavy breakfast.
Thank you for the bday greetings.

Me said...

The Egg Bhurji looks great! The perfect breakfast.

Kalpana said...

Great pictures and good dishes for brunch. Liked most of them.

Kalpana said...

A wonderful site. Will keep coming...

FH said...

Hi Kalpana, thank you and welcome to my blog.Glad you liked them, enjoy:))

Hello Orhan, Egg Bhurgi is a scrambled eggs with Indian twist.Hope you will try:)

Hey Deepak, don't get stuffed just by looking, make some:D Thanks..

Hi Margie, glad to know you made and liked Orange chicken:)Thanks for feedback.
I LOVED your voice reading your poem, you have a soothing voice,love to listen more.

Anonymous said...

hmm how can I put this? YUMO! damn girl.. you've been busy. I have my mouth drooling over the goodies. Too bad you don't live in hopkins anymore.. :(

FH said...

Southpaw! I am willing to adopt all of you in any shapes or sizes and even kids older than me:D
I know, I accept my new title with pride!it's just fun knowing you all even though not really knowing all of you at all:))

Hi Tamanna! Your husband Paresh made it here before you:))
When I was Hopkins few yrs ago, I don't think we had this blogging craze,atleast I didn't know it then. If I did , I would have deftly invited you both over for Brunch.
Thank you and don't miss my Thanksgiving post tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

awesome.. u are generating a blog wave.. love ur recipes( i make them a lot on busy weeknights) and i have a request.. i sit possible for u to seperatethem out and put them into categories.. it takes forever for one post to load up and its not easy to search for something old.

FH said...

Hi Shaheen, thank you.You probably are the last commentator before I post a new one 'Give Thanks' in few hours:)

Yes, I am creating a recipe index as we speak with all recipes seperate and clickable with photos.It's still in progress,you have to go my prifile and click 'FH-Recipe Index'.I do appreciate your suggestion,lot of you were asking abt that.I still have re-organize some recipes and that will take some time,but will be ready soon.
Happy Thanksgiving sweetie, enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

wow, great variety of food and beautiful pictures to match. looking forward to seeing more! ;p those english muffins look exceptionally good as does the orange chicken. you made me hungry!

FH said...

Thank you Burekaboy!!Glad you enjoyed it and I think you got my old post.There is one after this,check it out if you like:)
Come back for more..

Prema Sundar said...

Amazing Asha... U are really a busybee and the results are truly outstanding.Thank You for the lovely recipes u post..

Anonymous said...

Asha, I think you can enter the guinesse world records with 127 comments to your post hahaha :)

FH said...

Hey Rooma, NOOO!!!:D:D

Actually , Indira just crossed her *drum roll* 1 millionth comment!!I saw yesterday and I was amazed and happy for her.She deserves it all.

Thank you so much for taking time to comment and have a great Thankgiving.

Anonymous said...

I love your recipes and plan to getting down to making one when I collect all the ingriedients. Nice cartoons !

FH said...

Thanks Cyber Kitty! Let me know when you bake some and how did you like it! Have a great weekend:)

Saju said...

Asha, I can't believe how prolific you are.
I love you energy!

FH said...

HeHe!! Thank you Saju! I try not to post too many dishes like this post now a days!;D