November 22, 2006


This is my contribution to Nandita's (of Saffron Trail) WBB #7 for 'Baking For Breakfast'. Thank you for hosting, Nandita.

This is also my contribution to Ana of 'Morsels and Musings's food blogging event 'Festive Food Fair'.
Thanks for hosting,Ana :)

These unique combination of goodies also make a delectable breakfast on Thanksgiving day for a great start for you and your guests before you jump into cook that Turkey :) Enjoy!!

Have a great Thanksgiving with your families and have fun !
When I baked a Coffee cake last week for my 'Give Thanks' post, I thought of including that cake into 'Baked Breakfast' for WBB #7 as well. But, since Thanksgiving is this week, I baked one more baked breakfast of delectable Scones with savory Latkes and Masala Chai which makes a fabulous breakfast on Thanksgiving morning!

What a combination,did you say?! Only my kind of brain can come up with this kind of Scottish,Jewish and Indian medley:D Enjoy...have a delicious breakfast on me while I go for a short break after posting this, but will check my e mails often! :)

Mixed Berries Cream Scones with Strawberry Jam, Potato Latkes and Masala Chai for breakfast:

This Scottish QUICK BREAD is said to have taken its name from the Stone of Destiny (or Scone), the place where Scottish kings were once crowned. The original triangular-shaped scone was made with oats and griddle-baked. Today's versions are more often flour-based and baked in the oven. They come in various shapes including triangles, rounds, squares and diamonds.Scone is also a village in central Scotland.Scones originated in Scotland between 1505-1515.( Info, courtesy of

A 'Heart' shaped beautiful Scone baked to perfection!

To make Scones you need: (Makes 6 big or 10-12 Smaller Scones)

Preheat the oven to 400F.

1/2 cup dried mixed berries, 2 cups plain flour, 1/4 cup sugar,1 tbsp Baking pd, 1/4 tsp salt,6 tbsp chilled butter,1 egg,1/3 cup cream or half and half or milk,for brushing on top; 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp cream.

In a blender with a mixer blade,add all the ingredients one by one with liquids first and then dry flour,run the blender just until they are mixed.Do not mix too much.Or you can mix all with a spatula or by hand until just mixed.

Take the lump out,place on a clean surface,knead gently to a smooth ball.Divide into two balls,pat one to a circle 1/2" thickness,either score into 6 wedges or cut into diff. shapes.Repeat with other ball.

I made 6 big Scones of diff. shapes without dividing the dough and with 1" thick circle as you can see. Place them on a ungreased cookie sheet 2" apart and brush the top with cream or milk,sprinkle sugar.Bake them for about 12-15 mins or until golden on top.Do not let them bake too much.Under-baked is better than over-baked:)

Take the sheet out of the oven,immediately put all the scones onto a cooling rack. That's about it. You should serve these with any jam you like.
Makes one delicious breakfast with soft and light scones jam or Orange Marmalade.

Scones with various shapes are ready for Breakfast:

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According to legend, when the Jews returned to cleanse their Temple, which had been defiled by pagan worship, they discovered only enough consecrated oil to keep the holy lamp burning for one day. However, the oil miraculously lasted eight days, the time needed to secure a new supply.Potato latkes are a traditional Jewish deep fried food treat, with the oil used for cooking recalling the miraculous oil in the sacred lamp.Potato pancakes called latkes, sometimes served with applesauce or sour cream, sometimes as a side dish with meat, are the food of Hanukkah.

Since I am just cooking Latkes for a savory breakfast, I skipped the very traditional Jewish recipe with egg etc, and suited it to own taste. Here is how I made my Latkes...

A plate of crispy fried Latkes:

To make Latkes you need:(Makes about 10-12 Latkes)

Heat oil to 375F or you can shallow fry or bake in the oven too.But tastes best fried:

1 big Russet baking potato,2-3 green and white parts of Spring onion chopped,1/2 big red or white onion coarsely grated,1/2 tsp garlic pd and ginger pd or some fresh garlic and ginger,salt, pinch of dry red chilli flakes and 1-2 tbsp plain flour or corn starch just enough to bind.

Chop and add all the ingredients into a bowl except flour ,and grate potato lengthwise to get long noodles like gratings.Mix all gently and add just enough flour to bind the mix.It should be loose not like a batter at all.

Idea is to get fried potatoes which looks like spiders with legs spread and a lump in the middle:D I know, there goes your appetite:)) But they taste out of this world,believe me!! It's fried potatoes after all.When the oil is hot,drop a small portion with a fork or with your fingers gently so the grated long strips spread out not in a lump.It's very imp not add water and too much flour to the mix.

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Flip to the other side gently to fry to golden color, do not burn. Drain on paper towel and if you are serving right away,put them in the oven on warm until you are ready.Serve with Apple sauce or some Sour Cream.

Indian Masala Chai:

A Chaiwallah in India:

In India, chai is most popularly sold from street vendors called chaiwallahs. These chaiwallahs carry pots of chai and serve it in tall glasses. It is also a family tradition in India to welcome your guests with cups of chai, specially in North India.Most of South India prefers Coffee. Each family has their own recipe for making masala Chai and preparation method.There is no wrong way making Chai but make with spices you prefer.Indian Masala chai is made with Assam , Darjeeling tea leaves etc,.I use 'Brooke Bond Red Label' brand tea leaves here.

Personally, I do not like peppercorns in my chai.I skip that and add a little of everything else you see in the list below.I also use fat-free milk and no water at all in my chai.You must add little sugar to Indian chai,it is NOT herbal or black tea people! Lemon slices are not necessary either. I have given you the traditional blend for Masala Chai below.But it's up to you to add whatever spices of your choice.Chai you see here is my way of making it at home for us.

Here is my positively glowing golden Masala chai as I made it:)

The most commonly used ingredients in Masala Chai include;

Cardamom-A wonderfully fragrant spice ,green cardamom is what you use for masala chai.
Cinnamon -Cinnamon in stick form is used for chai.They should be crushed slightly before use.
Cloves-whole cloves slightly crushed are used.Only one or two cloves are enough to infuse a large pot of chai.
Pepper-Whole peppercorns are used.
Ginger-Ginger root should be fresh.Ginger has a pungent, almost citrus flavor with warming effects.It should be crushed a little when making Chai.

This is how I make my Masala Chai:

To make two cups of masala chai,you need:

2 1/4 cups fat-free milk,2 tsp sugar.
Spices; 2 cloves,1/2" fresh ginger,2" cinnamon stick,2-4 whole green cardamoms and 1-2 tbsp of tea leaves,depending on how strong you want your tea.

Indian tea leaves do have strong flavor.I add just 1 tbsp of tea leaves for two cups.I skipped peppercorns,added here on the plate just to show you the ingredients.You can add if you want to.
Now take a pan, put on medium heat,add milk and sugar.Do not let boil too much,just get it up to a simmer.

Meanwhile,gently crush or bruise all the spices , NOT powder, and add to the simmering tea pot, turn down the heat to low and let it simmer for 3-5 mins.
Strain into two cups using strainer lined with a coffee filter if the leaves are very fine. Adjust the sugar and voila!!

My style Masala Chai is ready for you to enjoy! :)

Have a great Holiday!

We are off to the beach for a short Thanksgiving holiday just for 4 days. I know what you are thinking! Who goes to the beach in Nov,right?! Surprisingly, LOT of people! :D
Most resorts were booked up and we got a suite in the nick of time!! Anyway, my Laptop is coming with me, so no worries :))


jayakarthik said...

wwwwow asha
i love masala tea, usually i add only ginger and cardamom
next time i will try adding cinnamon sticks and cloves.....
latkes are something like our pakoras, will try that too
as my friends are coming home for thanksgiving ... asha i m coming to charlotte next week ;)

Anonymous said...

You are one lady who doesn't fail to surprize me whenever I drop by........ :) Hats off to you!!!!

FH said...

JayaK! First one as usual!
Thanks girl:)) Try adding sweet cinnamon US style,it smells so good in Indian tea.Laktes are very crispy and yummy.I am abt 110 miles away from Charlotte.I would have loved to meet you Jay:)Charlotte is beautiful, enjoy.Have a great holiday.

Bong Mom said...

Asha a great breakfast spread...
Very informative write up too on the scones and latke
The scones look so good
Happy Holidays and enjoy with your family
I will be off too after tonight's post

Tanuja said...

Hi Asha,

Wehave a perfect weather for ur platter hope I can grab the platter from ur system:)

wheresmymind said...

Those Scones look killer!

Brilynn said...

Can I come to your place for breakfast???

Vaishali said...

A lovely post with lots of info and great recipes, Asha. Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, Scots scones and Jewish latkes, I love it (having both Scottish and Jewish ancestry I am familiar with both!). And wash it all down with masala chai... yum. I have just discovered this (lazy way, with premade bags from Indian grocery) and will certainly try your version. Have a lovely holiday break :)

Shionge said...

Asha..I do know my Indian friends ordered masala tea and I've never tired them. Maybe I should huh? I do enjoyed ginger tea though.

Laktes looked so easy to make...I'm so scare to try Asha coz yours looked so yummy.

Have fun Asha.

Sai said...

Hey Asha:

Enjoy your vacation!

I love latkes. There are a few jewish dishes that I enjoy...bagel and lox for breakfast, Kasha, can see that I live on the east coast and have quite a few jewish friends :-D

archana said...

Happy thanksgiving ASha. This indeed is a splendid breakfast. I am planning to serve cardamom tea after thanksgiving dinner tomarrow. Masala chai sure goes well with this climate.

Jaya M said...

dear Asha,
I loved every single detail you put across here , I liked all the pics and specially the Indian Chai wallah.Scones and Latkes are also on my list now to try .I made your English Muffin with egg recipe for Brunch ,me and Hubby both enjoyed it ..thanks alot Lady .
spectacular job
hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Love the scones, Asha! They look buttery, flaky and oh! so delicious. You did circle the globe for this breakfast, but the end result looks so very appetizing!

Happy Turkey Day!

Sneha said...

hie!! mmhh!! the latkes look awesome. i first thought they were pakodies but on reading their hiestory i was like- u-huh! of late i have been having chai (ONLY half teaspoon leaves per cup!) without getting a horrid headache. SO, i'll try the masala chai tomorrow :) i have maths exam day after tomorrow so that should help!! cheers :))

Anonymous said...

Asha, enjoy your vacation!!
Latkes are my favorite!! can never get enough.
I am going to make your chai today... anytime I go to an Indian restaurant I order chai because so far I have not been able to make it right. I'll be making the scones for breakfast this weekend and I think I'll add a little bit of oats. Thanks for the awesome recipes Asha!!

Nee said...

Umm, umm, ummmmm!
I love Scones, and The Boy will be in heaven - fried and potatoes? You're talking his language, baby!

Have a great break! Enjoy your family, hope you get a break from cooking (a break from doing things you love is good too!)


Rashmi said...

wonderful dishes Asha.

Happy Thanksgiving.

FH said...

Rooma,thank you and try to bake that Scone , it really makes a delicous breakfast,not very sweet but perfect:)

YAY Sandeepa! Take a little break,sounds wonderful.It will be fun.Enjoy and thanks for commenting before you leave.Happy holidays:)

Hi Tanuja, wish you could grab some too,we have quite a few scones left:)Have a great time.

Hi Jeff, thank you and have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Enjoy good food and fun:)
Btw, you missed my Thanksgiving post!

Okay Brilynn, more the the merrier!:)You are welcome and bring your whole family:)Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Your masala chai does have a positive glow FH!but thats normal,since it is in the company of a happy person like 'YOU'!!:))he!he!he!So how is your new beta blog working? Is it compulsory to have a google e-mail to make the switch?your scones look yummy!tempts even a non-breakfast person like me to have them for breakfast;))thanks for sharing the recipe:)

Krithika said...

SCones look so good ! With masala chai I bet it tastes heavenly

FH said...

Hi Vaishali, how are you? Getting through the wedding okay?:)
Thank you, my little getaway starts tomorrow,just finished packing.Have a great time there in Pune, I envy you:D

OMG Linda! So you know both! what a wonderful lineage you have and a little Indian at heart too, to top the icing:))WOW! I am glad you approve the scones and Latkes.Both are my first try and they came out perfect.Thanks and have a great holiday, a big hug from me to you, my friend!Enjoy the holiday.

Shinoge,if you like ginger tea,you will love masala chai:) Use Indian tea leaves.Scones are easy, my first time baking them too.Came out good.Thank you,have a great weekend,cook something Shinoge`:))

Sai! Kasha , Babka,huh?!:))
Latkes are the first Jewish food I ever cooked,looks interesting though.I should cook more Jewish food.I might do it.I have heard of Matzo balls,got to try.We LOVE bagels though.NY bagels in those carts early in the morning,YUM!!
Thanks,have a great one:)

Archana! Cardamom chai sounds great,I can smell the aroma right now!:)You made me crave,got to go and make some ASAP!
Have a great time with family and friends:)

Mantu, you are a doll!Thank you for trying all those and enjoying too.I appreciate it, a big hug to you too.Have good fun this holiday:)Thank you.

Tweety said...

Hi Asha, your description of masala chai is so good. I could almost feel the taste of it while reading it. I am not a fan of tea, but masala tea with no water...i'll go for it !!

Have a happy vacation :)

FH said...

Thank you Manisha for taking time to comment considering where you are:) I am sure you have baked them before,I rarely do.This time somehow it baked perfectly and we ate them for 3 days for breakfast:D
Happy Turkey day to you too.I might have a cook a T feast after I come back.My son won't let me sit:D Have fun there.

Sneha, I guess it is like Jewish Pakoras:D Every culture has their own version of Pakoris.Good luck with your Math exam and take it easy sweetheart.You are too young to get headaches like that!Make some chai and enjoy the weekend:))

Hi sweet Nee! I know Scones are your fav, no chocolate chips in there though ;) Laktes are yummy, make it a little spicy.That recipe says just pepper,but green chillies are a great addition.Make it for 'The boy' , zara hatke (Jewish Pakoras) Latkes:D:D
That suite has Kitchenette!But I ain't cookin' sweetheart! I don't love cooking THAT much:D Hugs to you and have a great weekend Nee:)

Sowmya, oats sounds good for breakfast scones. Great idea.Latkes are little oily for mornings but for weekends or as snacks would be good.Enjoy and have a great holiday:)

FH said...

Thanks Krithika! Scones with jam and Masala chai sounds so perfect, isn't it? I have to make some chai now that you remind me:)Make some scones for the holiday and have a great time with your family.

Paati, me and my chai all glowing positively,yup :D:D
Yes, you have to open Google ac with new user name if you don't already have one with a new password but other than that the process is easy,nothing in your blog changes.It is better if you change,you get lot of choices in color etc,publishing is faster.Whole process of accepting Beta is 5 mins and changes takes may be 30-40 mins, they will send you e mail!Try and change to Beta.Enjoy the weekend:)

Hi Tweety sweetie:D
Somehow I never liked making chai with water and little milk,for me fat free milk is perfect.If you don't have fat free, then you can mix half and half of full milk and water! Thanks for visiting.
Well, hope you try making some and have a great weekend:)

Hyderabadi's said...

Happy thanks giving :)
I love scones, will definately try your recpie...

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Wonderful post,what a lovely pictures with delicious items in it.

I missed great chance of being neighbourhood friend to ashiji..Oh!god.


Lakshmik said...

Wow that was a long post. I have never tasted scones before. Will try out your recipe. Latkes, yes I have seen them on Food TV. Cheers!

Beccy said...

Another stunning, mouth watering post Asha. I make scones but never knew the history. I always made them by hand but will try your way with my new kitchen aid. Latkes look good, I've never heard of them but they'd go down well in this house as a Sunday brunch.

Anonymous said...

Great post Ashaji - I can smell the freshly baked scones now ! Is there a way to avoid egg altogether or a substitute v can use ?

And thanks for visitng my blog again. Have a lovely holiday :-)


FH said...

Hi Beccy, your mum must have made Scones many times!Hope she approves mine:)Laktes are my first too, a wonderful snack.Kids will love it! Fried potatoes! What's not to like? Have a great weekend,Beccy.

Thanks LakshmiK. Hope you will try both of them this weekend.You have to see my 'brunch' post to see how long I can post, Lakshmi:D Enjoy.

Usha, thank you girl.I would have loved to have you as a neighbor.I don't have any Indians here!Enjoy the goodies and have a good weekend:)

Thanks Hyderabadi! Hope you do and let me know how did you like it:))

Thanks Rashmi, hope you try and make them:) Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashaben, Gosh you always ball me over with lovely dishes you prepare. Yep only you can mix the scots, jews and the Indians….~lol~. I am gonna skip the scones (I don’t eat eggs), Latkes however I must try. As for the masala chai, yep I too use Brook Bond too and use exactly the same ingredients for the masala. When I was last in India, I used to have chai at the street chaiwallahs several times a day. One look at the stall would put anyone off chai, class tumblers and saucers were hardly washed, the mega pan in which the chai was made looked really dirty, flies everywhere…etc BUT the chai itself was heaven. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories. Have a ball at the beach, ponder upon the lovely food you plan to make as you laze about, eat lots of lovely stuff, drink some lovely wine/chai and come back with lovely ideas…~hugs~….have a great holiday ben, my regards to Arvindbhai, Trishala and Tushar...~soft smile~.

mommyof2 said...

Happy Thanksgiving & enjoy ur holiday:-)

FH said...

Thanks MO2! You too have a great THanksgiving darling! Kiss your kids and thank him too ;)

NZ, I guess you can skip egg completely, I did for Latkes.What happens but may be a little harder scone. That's not bad.Try once and see how it goes.There is butter to balance all.Enjoy:)

Dilip bhai, thank you so much for all the things you said.Somebody (not family)was rude to me today,I was feeling down a little but you made me better just saying all that:)You are wonderful guy.As long as you care abt me bhai, I will go strong nomatter what some people say,right?
You can skip egg amd bake Scones, They are wonderful with jam,don't miss out! Tea story is terrible but as usual all street food are delicious, just wish they would clean a little.Well, enjoy and I will be back soon:))

Lakshmi said...

wow Asha, so many items, and that chai, just like having it, my hubby loves masala chai, and that too when he prepares by himself...ha ha good for me you know.
happy thanksgiving

Keshi said...

you know Asha I love Masala chai. Everytime we go to the Diwali festival or Holi Mela in Sydney, I make sure I get one of those teas. They r soooo yummy!

Great pics and ofcourse great recipes as always!

Hugggggggggggz! I wish I lived next door to ya so I can try all of these hehehe.

Vani said...

I'm not much of a baker but I must say, the scones look so good that I may venture into baking soon! :)
Latkes-well, anything potato I WILL love! :)
Have a great 4 day vacation, sweetheart! And leave that laptop at home!!

deepsat said...

what a beautiful spread!! every hungry!! i love masala chai. i liked the pic where the guy was pouring from a good height!! i tried that once and it nearly fell on me!! LOL!!


Viji said...

Asha, Lovely picture, nice write up as usual. Happy holidays and enjoy. Viji

Seema said...

Hats off (as usual hehee) to ya !!! Thanks for the Lip smackingggg treats ...The Scones are so tempting n the Latkes are so inviting (ive had the ones called pakoras in Mumbai they make in a similar way using unions instead of potatoes in yr recipe)
Masala chai (especially the ones you get on Mumbai roadsides heheee i can shamelessly stand at these small stalls have it with mah frends) is a treat !!! The combination is not at all wierd hehee

U take care n have a fantabulous thanksgiving vacation !!

sra said...

Hello beach bum! Your scones look lovely! - Sra

Reeta Skeeter said...

Oyi!!! Chai and Latkes... wow! yummy... i feel like picking it up from ur blog and eating... do v add a little water to the flour to make it mind?

ChrisB said...

Just wanted to say happy thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday. As always everything looks delicious. I like the idea of shaped scones.

FH said...

Thanks Sateesh.I know we can't pour from that ht at home:D We need
lot of practice orelse disaster!Enjoy the weekend:)

Vani, can't leave it!:D I have to publish the comments from my e mail, orelse it will extra work for when I back.that's okay, it will take few mins.I don't like baking either,I choose the easiest.It comes out okay:) Have a great weekend sweetie.

Hi Keshi girl.I loved your latest post and I had to deal with some nasty(not family) yesterday but gave it as good as I got:)People are so insensitive sometimes , aren't they? Anyway, enjoy and have a great weekend:) I will be back on Monday.Hugs...

My husband is that way too, Lakshmi!He makes his own coffee bcos he doesn't like the way I make it!Oh well, less work for us:D:D Enjoy ,thank him and have a great weekend:)

Hi Chrisb, thank you and you too have a great Thanksgiving with your lovely family:))

FH said...

No Reeta, you don't need as you add salt to grated potatoes,it will leave water as it rests. But if you feel you need to add some but more water,Latkes will become soggy.It should be very crispy.Hope you try and let me know.Enjoy Skeeter:)

No bums are going to land on the sandy beach this time , too cold sra!:D:D But it's resort,has heated indoor pool,lazy river and Jacuzzi.Planning to see Mr.Bond and Happy Feet, so it would be fun little break.Thanks and bake some scones for hubby and you:))

Thanks Seema.I heard abt all those delectable street foods of Mumbai.I have plan to go there and taste all those! Sounds wonderful.Enjoy these meanwhile,I guess they all go together very well.Have a great weekend:)

Thank you so much Viji! You too have a great one with your family and enjoy:))

indosungod said...

Asha, Scones look absolutely marvellous and the Latkes make me want to grab some. Hmmm so you are getting pampered at a beach resort huh, no cooking. Have fun.
"Happy Thanksgiving"

FH said...

Indo, yeah I am here and enjoying! No cooking but just eat.I loved your pancakes, can't wait get home and make some:) Have a great day.

Tree said...

Latkes?? Scones?? Chai??? I'm fainting from happiness...

Tree said...

Almost forgot, Happy Thanksgiving

karmic said...

Lovely post food and all. You rock ya know? Have safe n happy thanksgiving!

Keshi said...

awww just take it easy girl. Dun let ppl get to ya.

Huggggggggggz have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, Masala chai seems too good to resist,as usual your food spread is very inspiring n delicious.:)Happy Holidays & a great Thanksgiving weekend to you all in the family!!!

Mr. J said...

I had way too many potatoes this week... but I guess one more won't hurt.

Have a nice holiday.

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
Such a lovely post with great pictures of SCONES & LATKES . And this Masala Chai .........ohhh ......... i cant resist to have one in this cold days here. really a lovely post. !
hope you might be enjoying this long week end at the fullest at beach there :D
it seems like all blogger buddy is busy with celebration...
thanks for your comment on my recipe. :)
Stay tuned.
Happy thanks giving.

Julia said...

hi ash,
what a great looking scones! delicious! and so cute in that heart shape...=)
have a great time down on the beach and happy thanksgiving!

Deepak Gopi said...

:)thanks for the recipie of Masala chai:)
I go to Madurai often to pray and to drink excellent tea. :):)

FH said...

Thank you John!If you love potatoes, you will love this.Or you can bake some scones!Have a great weekend:)

Hi Lera, I am enjoying al that and more:)) Have a great weekend,thanks.

Keshi,thank you for caring and you are a great friend:)Love you.

Oh Sanjay! Thanks man.I love your posts too:)) Have a rocking weekend my friend!

NO Tree! Don't faint but bake some:)) Try masala chai and see if you like it:) Have a great weekend.

FH said...

Hope you had a great THankgiving too,Tree:)Thanks.

Lucky you Deepak! Madhurai must be beautiful! Pray and drink tea sounds good man:))Enjoy...

Thanks Julia! Loved your recipe and I will back for more too:))You too have a great weekend sweetie.

I know Pooja:) Everybody seems to be either on vacation or busy with the Thanksgiving overload:) I don't think they will recover until may be sunday:D That's okay and thank you for taking time to visit me:))Have a good one..

Joyce said...

Hi Asha,
I found your blog from your comment on Ari's blog. So glad to meet you. What lovely images you've included - you've made my mouth water for latke's and scones and everything else! Look forward to following your postings.

Mr. J said...

Thank you John.. OMG.. this has to be the most sober reply from you.. you ok?

FH said...

Hi Joyce! Nice to meet you too.I am so glad you took time to comment here.We do meet so many wonderful bloggers this way by looking up at other's comments.Thank you and I will deftly check your blog once I am home:) Enjoy and have a great weekend Joyce.

Hi sweet Johnny,you are very perceptive!
Yeah,not feeling okay emotionally! Not family but somebody's words.I am at vacation right now, true.Still a lot on my mind.Usually, I don't let people get me down.This time it did,bcos it's somebody I cared.But you know me!I will be back to myself very quickly and verbally abuse you again:D:D
Hope you are having a great weekend:) Thanks for caring,I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi asaha
All these wonderful recipes!
Scottish, Jewish, and Indian!
Sure works for me...
Thanks so much!
Everything looks sooo yummy!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving
and are having a great time at the beach!
Take care!


Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
Dropping by here to just inform you that i have chosen - spinach and fenugeerk as vegetable of the week, starting from monday. I have chosen this with the consideration that this time you will have no problem in gettin it in stores there. I jsut cant wait to see, which yummy recipe you are going ot make with that ....
Can I expect you to present atleast one recipe with it?It would be my pleasure if you can represent any .:)
Thanks for being around

FH said...

Hi Margie. Hope you have recovered from your injury and had a great Thanksgiving:))
We drove to Carolina coast on Thursday and enjoying the wonderful weather ,pools and movies etc.I will be back home on Monday.Thanks for taking time to visit me Margie.I will see you on Monday:)

Hello Pooja! Fenugreek leaves are like bag of gold for me in winter here where I live in US but I will get plenty of Spinach.No problems about that.Acually, I have few recipes with Spinach already in my blog (see in recipe Index) but I might make something new as soon as I go home:)) Thanks for letting me know.
Have a great weekend.

Mr. J said...

I am preceptive, intuitive, observant, extra intelligent, blah blah blah.. wow.. I feel good ;)

Have a nice vacation.. ups and downs, a part of life, I guess you know that already.


Pooja said...

thanks Asha, Can't wait to see what you come up with .

Sia said...

hi asha:)
so many recipes in one single post... u r confusing me here:)
hope u r having gd time with ur family.... tc.. will catch u once u get back fm ur holiday...
till then tc and have fun

Anonymous said...

I know other people have said this but wow, what a fantastic post. I've gone through it at least three times. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Nidhi said...

Hey Asha,

Its always a pleasure a visit and read your blog. I always find something very new and creative in your every presentation, which inpires me a lot to do a better job.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks, Nidhi.

FH said...

Thanks Nidhi.You encourage me to do my best and I will try to bring it!:)

Three times Ari! I am honored and thank you for taking time to comment during the holidays:))

Hi Sia! My post these days have become like meal on the go:D Well,enjoy as long as I can bring you those and thanks sweetie:)

Hey Pooja,I am still thinking:))Thanks girl.

Hey Johnny,I just said you are (perceptive) man! Where did all the others come from, dude?!:D You love to flatter yourself , don't you?! Anyway,I am baaack and I am glad you are tuned into emotions,recognize and care! Very good trait and I will miss you when you go home.Hope you will keep in touch:)I will see you on Monday if you have new post.
How is 'romancing the stone' going on in Sweden?:D

Deepak Gopi said...


Gattina Cheung said...

Let me give you a bear-hug and a big kiss!!! I longing for masala chai, now I spot your lovely recipe! Oh your latkes!!! So good!
Asha, you besides of being a good baker/cook, you are also such a superb layout designer! The illustrations and pictures here all look professional!

FH said...

Hi Deepak, *smiles* from me too:)

Gattina,a big hug and a kiss from me to you sweetie:) I did switch to Beta and it has so many choices for color and fonts,I am glad I did.Enjoy all the goodies and have a great week.We will be driving back home too to my routine work.Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Crispy fried latkes...ahem ahem m drooling...:)

Mr. J said...

ahhha.. there's the typical Ash comment now :D I'll be off blogsville from Dec 6th.. maybe would blog once a while from home, most important, got some scores to settle >:)

Should be back on post London trip.

Sreejith Panickar said...

Hi Asha!

Outstanding dishes... I felt like eating them when I saw the pics! :-))

Joyce said...

Ashe, When you have a moment, please check my posting from Sept 11 in the archives...this American chickie makes Samosas! Give me your take. I make a mean chapati, too. :-)

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! I hope you had a great vacation! This combination looks wonderful. I'm a big scone fan and love to make them. I love chai, but have never made my own. I'm going to try your recipe!

FH said...

We did enjoy the vacation Anali and we just came back. It was short but a great one.Hope you try these and let me know:)

Joyce, another 'Indian at heart' American! YAY!!:D Great to hear that and you bet I will check all of them tomorrow:)

Hi Sreejith,thanks for visiting and hope you try making some Scones:)) They aren't that difficult.Have a great week and come back again.

FH said...

Southpaw,glad you liked the Latkes.They are really delicious.Most people say 'oh Potatoes and it's fried' and they don't even try.They miss out on big taste:)Add some chillies for a zinger and enjoy my man:D

NOOO!!! Johnny,something very special is coming up in my blog on Dec 6th man! You must check it out before you leave the Blogville,okay? Promise me:)
I will miss you Johnny boy. What the heck are you planning to do to those people?! Anything "special"?I am scared now!
Take it easy John John and keep in touch:)Have a great time at home and enjoy the family:)
Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Sri said...

Asha sweetie,that is some scones...i am definitely gonna make them...and will let you know too or will post it on my blog.Thanks for sharing this recipe. Latkes, i never heard of them before, but sounds and looks decadent.

Keshi said...

Stay cool ;-)


Kalpana said...

You have got so much of energy. keep up the work the same way. Enjoying ur blog.

FH said...

Hi Sri! Glad you are going to try the scones:) Can't wait to hear the feedback and see your scones in your blog!Try Latkes, almost like Pakoras but lot less spicy.Thanks dalring for taking time to visit.Everybody seems to be visiting India these days:D

Hi Kalpana, thank you sweetie.I will try my best.I missed the Thanksgiving meal bcos I was on a break but might make a belated feast on Dec 6th!:D Stay tuned and enjoy these.

TNL said... those look good! I remember having 'cream tea' in Scotland, and it was delightful! Your scones look great...must make those sometime.

Thanks for your mail and your understanding!


FH said...

Trupti,you are welcome sweetie and try making those wonderful Scones.They are delectable with any jam.Your kids will love them,I am sure!
You are fine,don't worry abt anything,have fun:))

Paresh said...

mmmm Chai. Sorry - that's all I could keep my eyes on :)

FH said...

I knew you would eye only the Chai, Paresh:D
Hope you try the others goodies too,equally delicious with the masala Chai:) Thanks....

Joyce said...

thanks for the thumbs up on my samosa filling. Look forward to your next posting as I love the wonderful flavors of India.

FH said...

You are welcome Joyce! They were really good.Please do visit again and check them out:)

Priya said...

Is that a Hanukka recipe. Chai my favorite and it is always fun to watch he guys making tea in India.

Shah cooks said...

Very cute heart shaped scones.And Ur latkes look Hatke!

Unknown said...

Good entry for WBB.Masala chai and latke..yummy...not only on weekend ,can have it anytime.Never tried baking scones at home, will try soon.

Anonymous said...

my mouth is watering!

Anonymous said...

my mouth is watering!

FH said...

Hi Shaheen, you are back:) We came back on Sunday night and great little break.Zara hatke Latkes are delicious,little like pakoras:D Hope you try.

Hello Deana, thank you.Hope you try some of these:) Have a great week Deana.

Hi Mahesh,I came to your blog many times.Glad you are back.Everybody seems to be in India these days:D
Try Scones,they are not very sweet,perfect to eat with jam.Latkes are like pakoras:)

Hi Priya, Latkes are traditional Hanakkah recipe but I skipped eggs.Delicious and very crispy though.Others are just random selections of mine:D I love Tea ,any kind.Enjoy and have a great week.

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,I did drop by so many times,but everytime I have been so mesmerised by the recipes and photos that i forgot to leave a comment!scones look great.I am starting to panic now as my list of to-try recipes is sooo long.I will definitely make your scones and tell you how they came out.Latkes are good.I make them on the tava,(not deepfrying) and also omit the egg.

Masala chai is great for winter mornings.I make it whenever I can drink but it is a pity I cannot drink anything using diary milk.Perhaps i will try your masala chai with soy milk.

Great post,Asha.Keep up the good work!:-)

Mona said...

Great recipies asha!...the scones are mouth watering..slurp...I just love blueberry scones.And Masala chai of course is an essential 'daily need' with our kind of winter up in the north!I also add tulsi [ basil] leaves along with all that u have enunciated.
Been neck deep in work...will be updating soon:-)
And hey, that cornucopia picture is great...& also your contributions.I am not very clever at programming or designing:( or I wud have made something for you.But I do splash some colour on canvas.Will put up pictures of my paintings up on my blog sometime.

Anonymous said...

You've gone to town yourself!

Wow...truly baked to perfection!
And the latkes seem to be something I'll really love, being a potato fan that I am!
And the masala chai is looking good as well! :-) I like them peppercorns in it though.

Wow, again. I wish the scones had less butter...but you've gotta live a little, right?

FH said...

Hi Anita, thanks girl.A good medley of this and that works well,isn't it?:D I don't bake often bcos of the butter but when you bake ,can't do without it.Once in a while it's okay, you are right. Enjoy :))

Hi Dizzy, glad to see you here.I know, I love chai too even though I am from the south:D Love masala chai,basil is new and a great idea.We get dry basil here,not very flavourful,try to get fresh ones if I can to add to Chai..
I am not Tech savvy either!I would love to take a look at your paintings though.I visited you quite a few times.But take it easy,blog when you can sweetie.Enjoy:)

Hi Vini! NO!! don't forget to comment:D:D As long as you enjoy looking at them, that should be okay to come back ,comment and encourage me.
You can shallow fry too,I had about 1/2" of oil when I did,works well.Have a great week and I will post my new one tomorrow:)Enjoy...

Priya said...

Thanks for the info bites on each of the recipes Asha !! The scones and latkes look yummy...and masala chai...thats just wonderful for the weather around here. I generally add caradamom and ginger root to mine. Never tried it with cinnamon and cloves. They are going enter into today's cup :-)

Tweety said...

Man! look at the number of comments!! You're so famous :)
So are you back from the vacation yet?
Your scones do look lovely, could you fedex some to me ;)...I've never tasted any.

FH said...

Hi Priya, glad cinnamon and cloves are going in your Chai today:) Man, talking about Chai makes me crave for some right now and it's all your fault:D Try and tell me how did you like the new taste and have a great day Priya:)

Hi Tweety, yes, we came back on Sunday to start the routine work for all of us:) It was a short break but enjoyed it.I wish I could send you some, Tweety! I have to bake some all over again:)
Bake some and enjoy the new dessert.Thanks for visiting sweeite:)

swapna susarla said...

Hi asha

nice blog u have.ur latkes is nice.thanku for sharing.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Asha,

Iam just back from my trip. I could just check my mails and reply to comments, but was anable to reply to your mail for request to Meetha's daily tiffin. every month on wednesday's, I will send recipes..any curry or any dish with photos to meetha. But I just can'nt promise for every wednesday.but once or twice a month is for sure.A/c to my convinience. I will try to contact meetha by mailing..or else you can pass on the message.Thank you Asha:-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Haven't been to your blog from last week, thought you are on vacation. But you have posted before you leave. I am so late....
Good looking scones....I make masala chai same as you do...BTW did you go to Hawaii beaches...
Waiting to see what's cooking for Jihva for Jaggery ?
Have a nice day.

FH said...

That's okay sweet Madhu! I did post on wed. and then left for vacation on Thursday,came back on Sunday but was busy unpacking:)
No,we went to Carolina Coast,will put up photos and a simple but yummy 'Jihva' dish tomorrow:)Thanks Madhu,caught up with me on the last day before a new one:))

Hi Meena, welcome back! Don't worry about DT,she has got other contributors.But you can send any dish even once a month too if you like to.You should e mail her abt it directly.I also send once in a while too may be once a month.I am too busy to send regularly from Jan. Glad you are back safe and sound Meena! Start blogging now:))

Hi Swapna,welcome to my blog and thank you visiting today.Enjoy all the recipes and come back again:))

vasilisa said...

Hi Asha! Great post as always! I love latkes, I make variations of them pretty often -- my favourite crispy easy food :-)

And masala chai looks interesting. We actually call tea "chai" in Russia. And Indian tea is very popular there... I wonder if there is a connection somewhere...

Al Nims Media said...

I am more into chai these days, so will try out masala chai recipe. Don't you like Coorg Coffee or Sakleshpur Coffee? :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Thanks giving !!! Yummy looking latkes....Thanks for sharing...

FH said...

Hi Lisa! Chai is a Hindi word for tea(British/English) actually.I heard that Raj Kappor,Salman Khan are very famous in Russia too:)Hey, we have lot in common than we think:D Latkes are yummy,I love them specially in winter.Enjoy.

Hi MT, taking a break from blogging?:) Great,have a relaxing time and come back with beautiful recipes.Thanks girl:)

Hi Kishore.I do love Coorg/Sakleshpura coffee ie Arabica blended with Chicory.But in US, you get every other kind of coffee but our kind:) Bitter coffee ,I don't like.Only place we get Chicory blended is from New Orleans,I order it by mail sometimes. I like Chai these days too:) Have a great week.

Priya said...

Loved the beans dish with poori and looks awesome.Regardinsoups I always have a problem. When you look at books they always us ready made stock/broth from stores. How to make at home?

FH said...

Hi, Priya,you got the old post!Oh yeah you saw them, poori and beans are new.
I do have some soups without stock in my blog in 'Soups Galore'.

About the broth and stock, you can use plain water or Buttermilk if it suits the soups to replace it.You don't get essence of veg or chicken stock but you do get the flavour of veg you are cooking.Hope it helped.

Sumitha said...

The spread looks absolutely fabulous Asha!I remember the Avarekai season in Blore too and among all my Kannadiga friends it was a big favourite.I love peeling its skin while watching TV:)

Padmaja said...

hai asha!!
thank u for appreciating my blue berry muffins and gosh look at u'rs!! u did took a lot of pain to make those!! they look absolutely amazing!!!
and once again thank u so much for encouraging me!!

FH said...

Hi Sumitha, glad to know you are from B'lore too.Yeah, my grandmother used to peel that skin for hours:) I don't have the patience though.Enjoy the recipes Sumitha and you got the wrong post to comment but that's okay.

You are welcome Padmaja! Muffins were great.I do love them for breakfast:) Keep in touch,Padma.I visit you whenever I can:)Enjoy.

Sri said...

Yay!!!AshaToday i tried your mixed berry scones...i didn't even get time to cool them,they were almost over...took snaps of the last two piece will post it or email it to you.The only thing was i forgot to brush it with milk or cream before putting it in the oven...but i guess that won't have anything to do with the taste....loved it..its definitely a keeper.Thankyou once again.

FH said...

YAY!! Sri, I am so glad you tried and liked them:) I never put anything in my posts unless they reasonably tasty.You are right,brushing with cream is just for that shine you get on top like bakeries.Nothing to do with the taste.Thank you for your feedback.Enjoy.

Alan said...

Hi Asha, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your chai recipe sounds really good. We'll give it a try. We had a good chai recipe written down, but somehow managed to lose it and haven't been able to duplicate it.

Alan said...

Hi Asha, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your chai recipe sounds really good. We'll give it a try. We had a good chai recipe written down, but somehow managed to lose it and haven't been able to duplicate it.

FH said...

Hi Alan, welcome to my blog:) Try my version of chai.You might like it.Thanks for visiting.

Manasi said...

As usual, a wonderful spread... but Masala Chai... aaaahhhhh! kya baat hai! I luv tea and ur cup looks ... aaahhhhh!!! Thanx Dear!

Lotus Reads said...

Good grief, how on earth did I miss this fantastic post? Asha, we love scones in our family, just love,love, LOVE them so I am definitely going to try your recipe for tea sometime. As for masala chai, it's a staple when people come over. I'm always hesitant about how non-Indians are going to take to having ginger and cardamom in their chai but they appear to love it!

Hey, Asha, when you have a moment can you drop me a line at - need to check something with ya.

Thanks so much!

FH said...

Hi Manasi,haven't seen ina looong time girl:)) Welcome back. Glad you liked the scones etc.Ofcourse, my fav masala chai:D Doesn't that sound good Manasi,just about right now! Enjoy.

Hi again Lotus, we love scones too.This recipe is really delicious,little rich with butter and all but hey! you don't eat them all in one go:) I will e mail you later.

chandra said...

Hi Asha,

I was hoping to read something on "Life Happens' .......

warm wishes


FH said...

Hi again Chandra! In 'Life Happens!', I am planning to put some of my family's photos, that's all.You will see why in my next post:) No writing as such,I don't get time to manage 3 blogs. It's still in progress, I just opened that last week.Stay tuned:)

SJ said...

Hi Asha, I made the scones this weekend. They were so good the first batch was gone in minutes! I made another the same evening this time with chocolate chips and some raisins, but forgot to add the egg. Still tasted great. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

FH said...

Hi SJ!!! Youa re welcome and I am glad you ejoyed the scones.They are tasty!!:))
You know ,I tend to forget the eggs too sometimes!;D

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha, I'm still reading more, playing catch up but I took your advice and I'm going slowly! I love the heart shape scone. I've never seen a heart shape scone and it just looks lovely. I love scones with cream and jam, a heart shape one would be just perfect! Thank you

FH said...

Good for you Amanda.Go slow!:))
Scones were excellent.Shapes are not necessary but makes it interesting to eat!Try it.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Asha
Once again great scones thank you nice to have the history of scones. Of course all British colonies are very keen on scones. It is not customary to add egg. Our scones are more like USA biscuits.
They all taste divine.

FH said...

Hi Gilli, thanks. I love scones for breakfast. I am making southern biscuits today!:))

amna said...

i made ur masala chai for MBP :)

Check it out here

FH said...

YAY! I will Nags. Hope you loved it as much as I did!:)