November 15, 2006


Let me thank the hostess of Monthly Mingle 'Give Thanks' first! Danke`, Meeta of WFLH for hosting this event. I appreciate your friendship as well:))

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.It's time for us to think of good people in our lives and thank them all for their kindness and love which sustain us through our good times and bad. Here are my thanks!!

My Family:
My husband Arvind,who doesn't talk much on a daily basis,not a fussy guy and never looks at my posts unless I ask him to, out of the blue bought me a Cannon Power shot 6 mega pixels camera last week and he says "it takes better photos for your blog:O "Ooohhh! Did he think of ME when he was at work? OYYY!!
Now that calls for a big fat "thank you" from me!:D
My two kids who make my life easy, joyful and complete! Thank you Trishala and Tushar! I thank my lucky stars for having all three of you in my life.And of course I thank my family back home in India although they might say "huh?!" because they are not used to 'Thanksgiving'!:D

My blog friends, Ladies first:
When I started blogging on July 14th 2006,one of the very few who visited me was 'Menu Today' and she advised me "leave some comments Asha, let us know you" and I did! I never forgot your kind advice, MT! A special thanks to you:)

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Ladies, I thought of listing ALL of your names in here to thank each one of you but realized that there are more than 60 of you ladies, 'Desi' and 'Pardesi'!(ie Indians and non-Indians):) I never thought that I had so many blog friends.I will try my best to visit you all whenever I can.I am overwhelmed by your affection. A big "THANK YOU" from me to all of you ladies! I respect and adore each one of you intelligent, savvy , strong women and cherish your friendship.

Susan in Italy, Grazie! You are a great lady, who takes on other cultures,their food and make us aware of it in your posts.I have learnt from you!Rowena, Grazie and Mahalo! Thank you for your sweet e mails. Nee! Thanks luv! May God bless you with 100 sons Indian style;D
Keshi and Margie, I thank you both:))

No! I haven't forgotten you Gentlemen :)
Jeff with his crisp,to the point,mostly one sentence comments:), Johnny with his own style(!), Deepak the Megalomaniac:),Sanjay who tracks my posts by his RSS feed:),DeepSat, Kulpreet,SOUTHPAW, Kishore, DilipUK, Twisted DNA,Orhan, Prasad and Paresh. Thank you! I appreciate all of you handsome guys, and may we remain blog friends for years to come. Wish you all the best in whatever you do in your lives.(Did I forget you? Remind me!)

My teenage blog buddies! Thank you Isha, Julia, Sneha and Raghu! My best to all of you,a very bright future is surely ahead of you.So young and so smart!!:))

Finally, to all the 'Ghost readers' who showed up , thank you!Others who didn't, please say 'thanks' to the blog authors when you visit them for their hard work! Not just to me and my blog , to ALL of us!:)

Let me make you some breakfast while you relax and hope that we will be blog friends forever! Here's my sweet and savory offerings for all of you in friendship:

Apple-Cinnamon Coffee Cake With Struesel Topping, Hash Medley, fresh Grapes and hot Coffee are on the menu !!

Apple-Cinnamon Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping:

To bake a coffee cake you Need:

2 cups all-purpose flour, 2/3 cup sugar, 2 1/2tsp baking pd,1 tsp sweet cinnamon pd,1/4 tsp each salt and nutmeg pd, 1/2 cup butter,1/2 cup milk,1 egg, 1 big apple,chopped finely to 1/4" cubes or slices.Grease or spray a 9x9x2 baking pan.Line with parchment
paper. Pre-heat oven to 350F.

Streusel topping: 1/4 cup each quick cooking oatmeal and plain flour,1/4 cup packed brown sugar,1/2 tsp cinnamon pd,1/4 cup butter softened,2-3 tbsp crushed walnuts(Optional).Mix all these with your fingertips until it resembles coarse lumps.Keep aside.

Mix all the dry ingredients first and add cut in butter to resemble coarse crumbs.Mix all the wet ingredients in a seperate bowl and add to the dry.Stir everything just until moistened.Or you add all except apple into a blender with a mixer attachment,and mix all but not too much.Add in Apple pieces and mix with a spatula.

Posted by Picasa Pour the batter into the pan,tap gently to get the bubbles out,sprinkle the Streusel topping on the batter evenly.Bake for about 40 mins or until a knife inserted in the cake comes out clean.Cool on the rack for 15mins and cut into 9 squares and serve.

Coffee cake is ready. Got fork?:)

Hash Medley:

Hash or Hash Brown is a potato and onion dish seasoned and sauteed in butter or oil until it is golden and served for breakfast along with pancakes, Sausages, Grits etc in the south. Well, you know me!:) I added lot more colorful veggies along with Potatoes and made into a Hash Medley! Tastes great.

How to make Hash Medley you Need:

Chop 2 potatoes peeled,chopped to a 1/4" cubes or you can use canned diced potatoes too or a frozen potato hash,1 onion diced, green,red and yellow peppers diced,few jalapenos, few Olives,few broccoli and cauliflowerettes,1 small carrot and all diced to the same size.

Heat oil or butter in a non-stick pan,add carrots first,saute for 2 mins and then add potatoes,fry until half done.Then add all other vegs to the pan and stir-fry until cooked and golden.Add salt and pepper or any spice you like.

Serve with a big slice of cake, Hash Medley,Grapes or any other fruit and a cup of steaming coffee. Sounds great , doesn't it? Hope you bake this delicious Coffee cake and Hash Medley.

Enjoy and have a great day :))

A final note:
Blogging is not easy as some people might think! We do get addicted to it before we even realize! It does take time and energy to do this! So, my humble advice to you would be 'take a break' and 'it's okay if you cannot leave comments on every post of everybody'! But do visit when you can and able.Also keep in mind that this blogging and commenting 'business' is a two way street!;D

Our families must comes first, then these blogs:) Enjoy blogging, but don't let it stress you more. I used to feel guilty if I miss even one post of my fav bloggers. But now I have learnt to take it easy and take my time, visit blogs when I am done with my usual work. It's not a competition to win medals but a hobby which gives us a venue for our creativity and so relax, enjoy it all:)

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Have a great Thanksgiving my blog buddies:)

Before I forget, 'thank you' Blogger service, for providing these freebee blogspots for people like me to go crazy like I have here!:D


Jaya M said...

Asha ,thanks lady for sharing such yummy recipes and for putting so much efforts whatever you do put in your splendid work .Its always a pleasure visit here(and I eagerly wait your posts).So much to learn from you by virtue and grace also.Apple cake with Coffee looks perfect ,ready to eat ...spectacular,splendid and awesome!

sra said...

Thank you, Asha, for that visual treat!

Anonymous said...

thot i should comment before the deluge hits.:) nice going with the index.. wonderful spread for thanksgiving.. can i come over?

Minal said...

I thank you for all the recipes that have saved me on quite a few occasions.

Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

wow asha..with you everything is a production... the post looks lovely.. so much thought and effort... thank you for taking the time to share.
happy thanksgiving..


FH said...

Mantu ! You are the first one to comment:)
I am blown away by your compliments, thank you for being a friend and I appreciate it with all my heart.Have a great Thanksgiving!

You are welcome sra! Enjoy :))

Thank you Shaheen and yes, come on over!:)) I am sure we will have a great time!Have a wonderful day..

Hi Minal! I am so glad some of my recipe helped you. Thank you for letting me know. You made my day:))
Have a great day..

Hi Matangi,I was wondering where you were for past few posts! Doing okay? Everybody is sick these days
:( Thank you, yes it does look like a production , isn't it?:D May be I should make a movie or something! Enjoy Matangi and you too have a good one :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! Many thanks to you too, for bringing us a little part from your life,your experiences in cooking and your valuable encouragements on our newbies have a lot to learn from you!


Anonymous said...

That was a very touching and very lovely post, Asha! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Asha, First of all thanks to you for all the cyber treats, they brighten up our day and make us look forward to another cooking session with enthusiasm.

And You are Very Welcome.

Glad that Thanksgiving is around the corner, looking forward to it

Nee said...

100 sons?? Asha, I thought we were friends!!! ;-)

Any recipe that I've tried of yours is always a big hit! I love tea-time, now I have to try this cake.
Most importantly, you always make me smile, sweetheart!
So many, many thanks for that!
Enjoy your time with your family over Thanksgiving, and keep spreading smiles!


FH said...

I love all of you newbies! You are such a wonderful bunch, I can learn a thing or two from you! Thank you Trupti!We will all be great bloggers indeed!:) Have a good one...

You are welcome Chandrika :) I meant every word and more.I love you all! US and other countries have great future with you all as mothers and fathers!I am proud:)

Indo, you are such a sweet and wise lady! I am glad I know you! Thank you for visiting me, and making all this happen! Have a good day today and a great thanksgiving!:))

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post Asha !! The warmth in your heart is all over the blog, hugging each one of us :-) And you are soo true speaking about the addictive side effect of blogging, it sure is a great hobby, but should remain that way and not eat into our time.
I liked the Hash medley, especially the jalapeno's & banana peppers in it, will give it a try soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Post Asha! May God bless you and your family! Incidentally your hubby seems to be quite like mine....doesn't talk much, is not fussy and quietly does nice things for me and doesn't look at my blog unless I email it to him :-D

Was the "Give Thanks" an ice sculpture?

Anonymous said...

Hey, That ws pretty Impressive write up, you seem to be making bloghopping all the more pleasurable with your beautiful array of pictures and recipes, carry on this work....:) Happy Thanksgiving in advance & cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha - love the colorful entry and ofcourse the delicious spread, but most of all, as I may have mentioned to you before, I enjoy your infectious enthusiasm and great attitude, thank you for such delightful posts, it is truly a joy!

FH said...

Nee ,I knew you would be shocked!!:D:D:D Take 99 out of boys and add 1 girl in that equation, perfect! Wot say?
Thank you for friendship and wish you a happy life with the 'The Boy' and may you have just 2 , one each!:)
Tea time,eh? You are turning into a proper "Lady" there :))Enjoy..

Priya, you are welcome. All of you make me special, so this is good way to express how I feel.Glad you felt that:)) Hash is great with all the veggies, it could be a good snack any time of the day.Enjoy..

Hello Sai! Hope you are doing well. I know my soul sister! These husbands, the silent kinds are little strange to understand but they do love us:)) They just don't know how to express feelings, thank goodness they have wives like us!!:D Enjoy your silent one too, Sai. Thank you..
It looks like a frosty glass or a lace to me,photographed well in shade and light. I am not sure.Beautiful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

wat da..heehe.. psuedo mom.. nice 2 c my name der..hw do u noe im im not .. 2day i di sum real masti at skool ya..u must read it ya.. me sure ull laf out..bloody ven evr i come 2 ur blog im reminded of mm ya..heehe,,she cooks vel 2..

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

How right you are about blogging not being easy and also about prioritizing it according to one's needs!. I love Thanksgiving post and of course I think it is the right time to say 'Thank you' to you for visiting my blog and encouraging me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

First time here.I was really amazed by your collection of recipes & the effort you have put into this blog.Great job & amazing pictures.Will surely keep visiting for more visual treats.Thanks to you for the wonderful food spreads.


Anonymous said...

hey!! thanks soo much to you for inspiring me (and others too) to cook more AND to click pictures of all those thingies!! it was so very sweet of u to actually mention everyone :))

the cake looks yum, but what is nutmeg pd? i am not sure if that's available here. is it okay to skip that? and for the topping, can something marie biscuit crumbs or something(!!) be used in place of quick cooking oatmeal? i am not sure if the breakfast oatmeal i have will work for this or not.. :S

anyway, have a GREAT thanksgiving!

psst.. all the pictures are wonderful!! had fun looking at them :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha..
Nice pictures & presentation Dear & very well written..!!
But most of all let me THANK YOU for posting such wonderful recipies!!
Keep coming with more...

Take Care,

FH said...

Hi Sneha,you are welcome,glad you enjoyed all the pics.I thought you youngsters would :))
Nutmeg is used in most Muslim or shahi cooking,but it's quite okay to skip since you need a small amount anyway. You don't need oatmeal at all,just mox with 1/2 cup Maida or plain flour, works fine with Marie biscuits too. Idea with big crumb topping is give it crunch.Or you can skip topping,bake just the cake.Mix sugar pd ,essence and milk and use as frosting!Sounds good,let me know when you do:)

Hi Kate,glad you found me!Welcome and looking forward to see you more.Have a great Thanksgiving!:)

Hi Nalini, glad you agree with me! It is addictive.I walk around with a silly grin on me sometimes thinking of some comment and my kids say 'mom, what's wrong with you!':D:D Got to take it easy! Thank you for saying all that and enjoy blogging:)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm the apple cake looks great! hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

FH said...

Raghu, who told you are not smart?! I need a teenage slang dictionary to read your post:D That's very smart of you!Saw your friends and family, nice one.I will visit all of you tomorrow,little busy today.I am sure I will enjoy reading your antics:))Say hi to your mom from me.Thanks son:))

Oh, thank you Monisha!:) Now you know what I have been busy doing.One more to go for Nandita's next wed and I am off for a little break! I appreciate you saying all that. I am very lucky to have all of you this way,really makes me proud to say I am one of you.Enjoy and Have a great Thanksgiving sweetie :))

Lera, thank you:)) I have to start bloghopping too tomorrow and it would be fun to see what others are doing for Thanksgiving.Have a great week Lera and enjoy :)

mommyof2 said...

awesome post:-) You really are something:-)And ur hubby does sound like my hubby.. lol

Happy thanksgiving to u & ur family and I am glad I got a chance to know u:-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha.. im sure if u did make a movie your heroine would be a chef.. right?
well im back.. have been following your awesome recipes though....

FH said...

YUP! Chef with super powers and all ,who could produce miracle food to make people smile all the time:)) Would be fun ,right? Thanks Anon....

MO2! I always told you we are almost like sisters , have somany things in common!:D Nice to have come to know you too ! You have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your family, including the silent one there ;)

Thanks Deana. This Cake tastes wonderful the day after somehow.Gets more dense and moist next day. Hope you try:) Have a great Thanksgiving with your family, Deana:)

Anonymous said...

Asha: Loved your post and you nailed it well. Hats off to you:-)) Your step by step recipe makes me comfortable even if I donno something. You also give the pics one after another how to proceed with the basics so on. I love that.
Is this your 1st blog anniversary too or wat??

By Deepa and Supriya said...

What a neat way to share your passion, acknowledge people that care to visit your blog, and also thank people that matter most to you ...well done as always! and thank you to you too for the wonderful recipes and more importantly for your attitude.


Unknown said...

A Heart felt post.'Thank you' for sharing so much wonderful n' delicious recipes.You are correct about being addictive, as a newbie..i have started to feel that.Felt very good after reading your post.Happy Thanksgiving...

Anonymous said...

hehe.. although nz doesnt have thanksgiving.. thanks to the media it inevitably rubs off on us... hmm

i remember a joke from the nanny ...
where her mother says...
thank you god that .. my daughter is married, and she's having a baby.
most importantly thanks that its in that order!!

happy thanksgiving!

FH said...

Thanks Mahesh, you are a darling!That's what I felt until last month,surfing everyday for new posts to comment,then got so left behind in my work that I felt like a failure:D:D I take it easy now.You do that as well and have a great Thanksgiving with your family:)

Orchid, you make me proud to be one of you. Thank you for all your words of encouragement,that keeps me going.Have a good one:))

Hi Priya! No way it's my blog anniversary!:D I started blogging on July 14th this year and yes , it feels like I have been around for a long time,doesn't it?
Thank you and I am glad you get to see and learn step by step.I would like that too for some recipes.Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji,

That was a very sweet and lovely post. Wishing a very Happy Thanks Giving to you and your lovely family :-)

Mamatha said...

What a lovely post - and straight from the heart! Thank YOU for the lovely recipes and the enjoyable posts.

FH said...

You are welcome Faffer. I haven't forgotten the recipe you asked for, will post next month.Thank you and Enjoy:))

NZ, thanks for your wishes. You chrish your family too even though you don't have Thanksgiving there:)) Have fun.

You get Nanny there too! I remember that too, you have to say that with NY Jewish mom's accent, it's hilarious:D
Yeah Isha, you remember that order, Ya hear!!orelse I am calling Nanny's Aunt Yenta:)))
Thank you ,we will enjoy.

Deepz said...

Gr8 post Asha. Kind of summarizes a lot of things. Also a big THANKYOU for visting my blog regularly and leaving your comments of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

wow asha
visiting foodies hope is always a treat to eyes n stomach ;)
u go girl.... keep cooking n keep blogging
must thank you for visiting my blog often n leaving msgs(first one to comment)
feel like writing poems abt ur blog
but i m not good at it
i m just leaving that small thank you note
thank you for shring the great recipes

Keshi said...

awwww what a beautiful THANK-U post! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ Foodie we r always here for each other!

Ur hubby is quite a stunner ha..I mean presenting u with that - HOW BLOODY NICE :)

So does this mean more pretty pics and some of u too? awww plzzz plzzzz I wanna see ya!


Margie said...

Hi Asaha
What a wonderful post!
I am supposed to be in bed(as I took a bad fall the other day)
But, I just had to comment!
Was I the Margie you mentioned?
If so...thank you so much!
That made my day...
as it has been rather a painful day for me....
but, I'll be better soon!

Such great recipes here...
and such a sweet sincerity for your family, and friends!
So touching!
What a sweet husband you have!
Enjoy the new camera!
My hubby is hollering at me...
"Get back to bed!"
So, I have to go!
Wishing you and your wonderful family a most special, and joyful Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings!


P.S I agree totally with you about
Family must come first!
And, I am so very glad I met you
through blogging...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, you are such a sweet soul -- your enthusiasm and humor always brighten my day. Thank *you* for all that you share :)

When we get to Thanksgiving, I might even be able to approach one of your multi-recipe posts, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely write-up, Asha! You constantly amaze me with the things you come up with! Thank YOU for making this such a pleasurable blog to visit, sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics, Asha.....and some wonderful recipes to go with those pics too....I like the idea of the hash medley.....and who can say no to some good ol' coffe cake???
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, iam new to this blog world. Just read your post and honestly it made my heart light.As you mentioned we do get addicted to it.Strange i didn't realize until you mention.You are right, Family comes first, now i feel so bad n guilty that instead of spending time with my 18 month old daughter i am sitting in front of my laptop blogging....n its not even a month i started blogging!!! I Thank You from bottom of my heart.Now iam thinking i should post this for meeta's Give thanks!!!! I really needed to read this post. Yes,you were right comment does matter....even a single comment makes worth your time away from family.

Anonymous said...

Hey... surprised to see you mention me :p

Well, what can I say.. I started cooking dinner every day. Thanks to buying some more than required quantities of potatoes and green peas.. but it's good never the less.

Happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Great recipes. The hash medley is such a innovative recipe. We always think of potatoes whenever we see the hash brown recipe. The coffee cake is delicious. I was wondering why your blog was not being updated. Now I know there was so much work going on in the background. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Asha, visiting your blog is a joy from the beginning for me. You are an incredible person and the world needs people like you.

Congratulations on the new camera and many thanks for all the joy!

I can't wait to see your post on thanksgiving weekend!

Unknown said...

That is a wonderful post, Asha. U've done a great job!!! Happy thanksgiving to u too, dear.

FH said...

Deepz,thank you. I would love to visit you and others EVERYDAY but sometimes it's hard.I will try my hardest to do that and I love you all.Enjoy the recipes:)

I would love to be the first one to comment, JayaK!:)It's not always possible but I try!Feels good when I am first.I know you care abt me,no poems needed.I thank you and you are welcome in return,may we be friends forever.Have a great day:)

Hi Keshi,you are a beauty!I will be here for you too,always.Loved your family's photos,you are real to me now.Arvind is sweet but hardly speaks!Sometimes that's unbearable:)But he is good,know him since we are teenagers,so it goes on.Yup,photos get little better from now on.I didn't really needed a new camera but it's here anyway!
You can see me in my 'Me Me Only Me' tag,( Sept archive?)go ahead and take a peek:))Thank you and love you!!

Sorry abt you accident,take it easy and recover soon!!
You and Keshi go together! You are THE only Margie I know:))You have sweetest vioce and sweetest soul I have ever come across,Margie.I think you are a amazing soul. Glad to know you through Keshi:))Thanks.

FH said...

Thank you Linda! I am proud of you to take other cultural food and make it better than us! (I referring to Pearl onion rice you made. YUM!)It's not easy,believe me!Have a great Thanksgiving.Never stop, enjoy blogging :)

Vani,I should thank you for suggesting me to start an Recipe Index.I did,still in progress:)
For some reason, from the first post I read in your blog,made me feel like I know you for a long time.May be 'Mysoorean'did the trick I don't know!:)I love my Mysore Thatha and Mysore side of the family!Enjoy your baby and let me know more abt her.Have a great week:)

You are welcome,Jaya! Enjoy the recipes.Both of them are very tasty indeed.Try them for your family.Happy Thanksgiving:)

Hi Sri,welcome and thank you for saying all that.Enjoy your baby,you don't know how fast they grow up:)You can blog when she is napping or with her dad.I will visit you today and happy blogging.Yes, comments are imp, specially if somebody visits you regularly, you must return the favor with the same loyalty:)

My dear Johnny,why wouldn't I mention you?! You are my fav kid!!Although I give you hard time abt your JD and smoking,that's bcos I care.If I didn't care, I wouldn't bother to say anything,right?So, always know that and have a great holiday and Christmas. Gook luck with whatever you decide abt your future,thank you:)

FH said...

Hi LakshmiK, thank you! I love hash brown too,make it every sunday with pancakes.Weekdays are just toast,cereal.Try hash,you will love it.Yeah,I used to do abt 2-3 posts every week but now I decided to post just 1 or 2 per week,so I can bring really good recipes and make time for my family.It's easy on people who visit all of us once or twice a week like I do too.Works out for eveybody.Enjoy:)

Hi Pushpa! Thank you and you are very welcome.Yeah,did some crazy work on this post:))Love it.Have a great weekend and holiday sweetie:)

Hi Indira! Whenever you visit me,it's an honor for me. I admire you and respect you for what you bring to us in all of your posts. Congratulations on winning VKN's event,which you absolutely deserve. Thank you for saying all that,I humbly accept it:)
We are going on a short break for Thanksgiving holiday,so no grand post as such but I will leave with a delicious dessert though:)Thanks again Indira!

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha, As you can see by the are well respected and loved by the community that we are family of...I wish i was in Carolina to give you a mega hug...Hey consider yourselve hugged...~grin~...thanks for the support and helping newcomers like clearly love cooking and making friends...may we remain friends motivator you...~soft smile~...million thanks

Anonymous said...

hear hear!! Good job Asha!

Your posts are such a delight to read. So prolific with your thoughts/words/ideas and recipes!!

Keep posting dear....


Anonymous said...

You and your blog rock! Loved the cake. Between the hash and the cake am gonna go for the cake. :)
Thank you for making my daily web wanderings more worthwhile.
Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I like the coffee cake!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Dear Asha..I read your post completely..its really fun to have here...ofcourse all the time.I appreciate your work and for remembering so many readers which is actaully that not easy and also thanking all of us....I wish whole heartedly that you enjoy your blogging all the time and have a great time with your family and thanks for reminding me again that family comes first then any thing else..I knew that...but still:-)).....Enjoy buddy:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, new camera for thanksgiving.. now that is a treat! your spread looks as gorgeous as ever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Little Miss Muffet said...

Hi ! I chanced upon ur site and it looks great. Am planning to try out some of ur recipes soon :)Though I'm a little scared by all the grinding to be done. I'm a south Indian too, so making masalas was a part of the everyday routine in my mom's kitchen. Unfortunately I don't like cooking that much, so I try and make stuff which involves less of grinding spices. Any suggestions?

FH said...

Hi Krista.Coffee cake is tasty,hope you try it for your family.Happy Thankgiving:))

Thank you Sanjay, for tracking me for your daily wanderings:D:D
I appreciate it and have a great Thanksgiving.Don't forget to have a cake on me:))

Thank you Saffron! I try my best,that's all. I will keep posting ofcourse weekly posts now a days:) Have a good one.....

Dilip bhai, a big hug to you too.You are such a sweet guy!I am glad to know you brother and yes indeedy, we will friends forever.Good luck to you and bring us more Gujju dishes.I love them all.Have a great day!:))

Anonymous said...

can't say how nice it is. Thanks to you too Asha.

FH said...

Meena, you are sweetheart! Thank you for saying all that and your family is lucky to have you who cooks so well and takes care of them.You are agreat mom,keep it up and have a great day:))

You are very welcome,Lakshmi! I know sometimes words are not enough:))I tried my best to put words into how I feel,it's hard.Have a great Thanksgiving sweetie:))

Thanks Mandira! Psst..don't tell my husband but I like my old camera better;) Enjoy and have a great weekend:)

Hi Ms Muffet,welcome! I think I saw in John's blog.Glad to know you are a southie too,and what's a southie dish without grinding,eh?:D
Well, there must be some recipes in my posts without the coconut but if you use store bought spice pds in your dishes you don't need to grind at all.Add some dry dessicated coconut and less water in your dishes,that's abt it.Hope it helps:))Have a good day sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
This is such a lovely post.....with beautiful pictures... and delicious
Thanks to you too.....for taking time to leave commnets on my blog.
Really enjoyed reading Halloween and Deepavali posts.

Anonymous said...

hi asha,
thank you for sharing lovely recipes with us fellow bloggers:)and also for encouraging we freshers:)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Well my earlier post seems to have disappeared. But here I am again saying OLA way to go Asha - what a post, love reading them. I also thank you for your entry. Lovely recipes as always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, thats a nice post. I missed most of your posts (and most of all foodbloggers posts too). May be sometime I will take a break from my studies and concentrate on reading all the posts.
A very happy thanks giving to you.

FH said...

Hi Madhu,you had great big vacation in two beautiful cities!Lucky you.Thank you for your friendship,I do value it somuch!I am glad you are back,missed you.
Happy Thanksgiving:))

Always welcome Sia! Love the newbies and their wonderful recipes too!Enjoy....

Meeta,thank you for coming up with this theme and looking forward to new and exciting DT! Can't wait.Have a great weekend:))

Hi Shilpa,are you taking up more studies? I didn't know that.That's okay,you can catch up with me:)Take a break if you can from your schedules to enjoy some free time and have a good Thanksgiving too:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Wonderful gift from your hubby....your pictures and receipes was excellent...

Happy Thanksgiving.....

Keshi said...

OK right away to that ME ME ME post! :) I wanna see ya Foodie Hugggggggz!


Keshi said...

Just got back from ME ME ME post. OMG ur a BEAUTY! love ya and u have such beautiful complexion...must be cos of all the nice n healthy food u eat. Ty so much pretty lass ;-)

btw why dun ya hubby talk much? Ask him to meet me and I'll give him a headache LOL! that might actually get him talkin too :) Wut say?


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

The only person leaving comment in my blog is you. Heartful thanks for all you encouraging comments. It helps me a lot.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

Susan in Italy said...

Hi Asha, Thanks to you for your inspiring recipes and even more inspiring attitute! Happy Thanksgiving. P.S. I'd love to know what ans Indian (as in New Delhi)-American Thanksgiving is like, will you post?

FH said...

Thank you Usha! Glad you enjoyed it and have a great weekend:))

Hi Keshi:D My husband doesn't talk bcos that's his personality:) I know him since he is a teenager,he was always like that,little nerdy!
But I am willing to send him to Aus. if you help him to talk more:D
Abt my complexion; NO!! it's not my food but I inherited that from my mother,never had a zit in my life even as a teenager,clean skin, donot use any harsh make up etc.That's it:))Have a great day sweetie...

JFN! you are welcome and you do have great recipes in your blog.That's why I come there whenever I can. You deserve it and have a good Thanksgiving:))

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a blast at thanksgiving. Very touching post! So, tell me..where do you get the time to cook all this great food. I have a hard time putting together one decent meal.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Have been from my computer these days.:-(
Your Thanksgiving post is wonderful.
Am greatly honoured by you for such a simple thing.
It has been great to know you.Continue your good work.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Pooja said...

What a great post here for Thanks giving ! thanks for sharing this great breakfast recipe with us.! i am just being your big fan as days go by. not only you have maintained a good blog, you are a good lady at heart, thats what I learnt from your words in blog here. and what you have written in last para of this post is absolutely true, we never know when we are getting addicted to blogging and leaving comments! I also have now made a rule to give first priority to Family! May be experienced people like you will help us to be on the right track always. who will not like to be around a person like you?
A bunch of Thanks .

Anonymous said...

Thank you Asha!!! your blogs are such a visual treat!

My wishes for you and your family. May happiness and togetherness be always with you!!

take care


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post Asha, wonderful pictures that went hand in hand with the content. I too second you. I want to thank every food blogger, as blogging is not an easy job. It needs some drive or I can say a passion to keep going. Thanks for the tasty recipes. I find a lot of wonderful vegetarian easy but yummy dishes in your site. Keep posting and bye for now.

Anonymous said...

If you were in front of me, I could give you a big hug for such a beautiful post and such lovely write up. <> A big hug to you and Thank you for visitng my blog and leaving a comment on it.

Seema said...

That was a lovely THANKSGIVING post Asha...
Here's loads of love n hugsss at this thanksgiving to a lovely buddy who compliments me the best n i feel on top of the world !!! You make me feel great !
THanx for being around..
N i am always there for the treats u offer..n someday iam really gonna have them heheeeeeee...
Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha,
I visited your blog after a long time and was very happy to go through your colourful, bright and cheerful post.

FH said...

Hi Susan,thank you.Thanksgiving is exclusively American as you know.No other coutry has it.But if we Indians had to cook a T meal,it should involve lot of spices:)Since we are off for a short break next week,I will post my Thanksgiving meal with recipes when I come back on Dec 1st week.:D

Hi Gini,thank you.I am a full time stay at home mom.All these are my everyday job like any other job.No big deal, but organizing these into my blog posts does take my time and energy.That's the hard part for me:) Enjoy...

MT,it's okay.Take a break when you want,that's how it should be.A simple thing you did was the greatest thing for me:)Thank you and have a great weekend.Hugs.....

Thank you so much for all those things you said there, Pooja!I am very flattered.When you are a new blogger, you can get carried away by all the attention,that's why I wanted to say somethig abt that,little advice from my own experience:)Have fun blogging..

FH said...

Oh Deepsat,you are a great guy!Thank you somuch for your wishes and same to you too buddy.Have a wonderful weekend with your's.

Thank you Nayana! Take a break, that's okay.We are always be here.Glad you enjoyed the all these and have a good one:))

Hugs to you too Seema!You do have a beautiful mind which comes out with all those amazing poems!I can't put together a rhyme to save my life darling;D You deserve all that praise and one day ,yes, cook something.Enjoy looking until then:))

You are welcome Rooma! I love all your recipes,very diff. from usual recipes and I am willing to learn always:))Big virtual hug from me to you too and have a great time with your family:)

You are so right, Mythreyee! Blogging is not just write and post something in few mins,takes lot of time and thinking involved in that.So take it easy and post few but wonderful things which helps lot of people is the way to go:))Thanks and have a good one...

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha!

Lovely post on Thanksgiving! I want to thank you for having a great blog from where I cook so much and yet remain a 'ghost reader' :)

I love your style of writing and everything about your blog - great job!

My best wishes to you and your family.


PS: Finally!! I am glad that I am leaving you a comment and am not a 'ghost reader' anymore ;)

FH said...

Sonia, the 'ex-ghost reader', I LOVE YOU!!:D:D
Thank you so much for leaving a comment.That's what makes all of us bloggers keep going, a little encouragment with few words!Have a great weekend with your family and come back with more comments:))
Btw, check out my recipe index for easy find,still working on it.

Anonymous said...

What a great post Asha, as someone new to blogging I can see how addictive it can be, with Mum here we're fighting for computer time!

FH said...

Hi Beccy, fighting for PC , I can understand :D Say hi to your mom from me:) Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and take it easy,some time for yourself!I know how moms can get stressed out:))

Glad to to know you ,and glad to visit your blog too, Mallika:)
Take your time and take it easy.Blog hop whenever you feel comfortable,that's what I say.Thank you for visiting ,have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Asha!!! What a beautiful post!
I will have to come back and read all over again. Am in a little hurry now. :)

Krithika said...

Lovely 'Vote of Thanks'. Great recipes as always. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks to you and the blogworld to geto know such nice people.

Happy thanksgiving. Great post and recipe too.

~Usha/Cooking memoir.

PS: Been having trouble posting comments.

FH said...

Hi Usha,if you have switched to Beta, it won't allow you to comment in your name but as Anonymous.I haven't changed to beta yet.Thank you Usha for taking time and enjoy blogging:)

Thank you Krithika,have a great Thanksgiving and have fun:)

Okay rp, take your time:)) Come back and read in leisure , no problem,it will be here always.Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving:)

Anonymous said...

Your apple cinnamon cake looks delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe,FH:))

Margie said...

Hi Asaha
How sweet of you to share those kind and generous words!
I am so touched!
Thank you dear Asaha!
You are too kind!
And, thanxx for visiting me today...
and your prayers!
I am getting better!

I went to your ME ME ME post!
It was so very nice!
You are very special!
And so pretty!
I love the pic of you sitting on your sofa...very nice!
The other pic is very lovely also!
A wonderful post!

Well, take care...
and have a wonderful weekend!

joy, peace and many blessings
to you and your family!


vasilisa said...

Happy thanks giving, Asha! And lots of great ideas, as always...

I just know Christmas cookies recipes are coming up soon, and can't wait ;-)

The coffee cake looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi mom, it's me Tushar again! I felt like I should contribute to your blog more often. It's very cool. It's not boring like those other blogs, where it's just black and their talking about movies or games or...daily life or how life sucks or anything. This one and all the other ones out there are about food. Food that wanna make you go to their house and beg them to make it for you. Or just make it themselves ;)
I remember that Apple Cinnamon Cake. Wait, Coffee cake? I don't remember tasting any coffee...:o
And the hash medley was good too.
Not many recipes this time, huh mom? :\ You'll update with some food soon though.
I hope our vacation is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!! :D
From the son who has the best mom ever,
Tushar Arvind. ;D :) XD

FH said...

You are welcome Paati! I loved your Biryani too:)Thanks...

Hi again Margie,take it easy , rest so you can write lot more poems:)) Thank you and have a great weekend:))

Hello Lisa,let me get over this Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas:)) We are all eating too many sweets,I might skip cookies altogether.Thanks and have a great weekend with your sweeties:)

Hi Tushar,don't you think two recipes are enough for one post?:D
Yup, we will have tons of fun next week.Thank you for commenting:))

Anonymous said...


I just checked out your recipe index wih pics and it looks awesome. Great job!



Anonymous said...

Asha - I love this post! Thank you for all the wonderful posts and beautiful pictures that you give to all of us to read!

Your family sounds wonderful and so supportive of your blogging. The camera that your husband bought you and your son's posts, it just brought a tear to my eye.

Shionge said...

I think I've lost my comments here but just wanna say - YOU ARE A SWEETIE :D

vasilisa said...

Nooo.... We need cookies! For Christmas! It's the season for sweets, isn't it?

Though no pressure, really...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Asha. Your blog is truly wonderful, keep up the good job. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)

FH said...

You are welcome Kishore and have a great weekend with your family and best wishes:))

Okay Okay Lisa:D:D I will bake some just for you:))

I don't know what's the problem with the blogger these days!I will have to switch to Beta next week.Thank you for trying again Shinoge` , have a great weekend:))

Oh Anali, your words brought me to tears too!!My son left that comment yesterday,I was surprised too:D He is 11yrs old,very sweet,always asking me how I am doing atleast once a day:)Thank you so much Anali,I am proud to know you sweetie,love you....

Hello, Sonia! It's still in working progress, but will try and complete next week.It makes it easier to get recipes without going through my whole blog:))

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice thank you note. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

FH said...

Prema Sunder said:

Amazing Asha... U are really a busybee and the results are truly outstanding.Thank You for the lovely recipes u post..

Hi Prema, how are you? Haven't heard from you for a long time.Hope you are having a great time in India,I think that's where you are:)) Thank you for taking time comment and enjoy:))

FH said...

Brilynn Said:

Here's my thank you to you for having such a great blog!

Hello Brilynn,thank you and I appreciate your comment.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family:)

I got both your's and Prema's comments and I did publish them but for some reason ,they didn't show up here! Blogger problem again:))I just wanted both of you know that.

FH said...

Thanks Shankari.I wish you the same and more. Have a great weekend sweetie:))

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm.... ur hubby indeed thinks of u ... smile :D congrats for ur new camera!! i hv the same one too... but it is a 5MP thing... and i love it bought it on diwali...

Viji said...

Its really very nice to read your thoughts. Have a nice day. Viji

FH said...

Thank you Viji for taking time to read it and enjoy your weekend sweetie:))

Yes, apparently he does Skeeter!!:D
I didn't really needed one, I love my old camera but when he did buy one for me,I didn't say anything but Thank you to him:))It was nice of him and I need to shut up on a few rare gesture like this:D:D
Thank you Reeta for taking time visit and enjoy your camera and I will too(new one that is):))

Hi Shankari,thank you and you have a great weekend and Thanksgiving too with your family:))

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow thats all I can say !! Happy Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Anonymous said...

What a truly wonderful post, Asha, you make me realize it is so important to have an attitude of gratitude. Many thanks to you, too, for all that you do for us foodies! Thanks also for sharing a little about your family with us, they sound as wonderful as you are!

A BIG God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Asha.

Just loved reading your post which truly reflects the spirit of "Thanksgiving". God Bless You!!

So a new camera, eh? Way to go, Asha...:):)

FH said...

Thank you, thank you Revathi! You too have a good Thanksgiving:))

God bless you too Lotus:))
You are such a talented girl. I wish I was as smart as you when I was in my 20's! I really do!!
Thank you for taking time to visit me.I know we are all busy these days.Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy:))

FH said...

Hi Sailaja, didn't expect you here!:)) I thought you are taking a break. Thank you so much for visiting and for your heartwarming wishes.Yeah, enjoying the camera:D

Have a great weekend and holidays with your family:))

Anupama said...

My God Asha, After reading your post I have come to realise the importance of Thanksgiving. Being from a marathi family this was a tradition we never ever followed. I was never even much aware of it although I was educated in a convent school. Infact I remember incidences when my parents thought that it was totally unneccesary for me to thank them for anything. But now I think differently. Maybe I should express my gratitude more often to people who I love and never take them for granted . Thanks for a lovely post.

Keshi said...

sometimes nerdy hubbies can be good I guess :):)

ur blessed with good skin then girl...HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I hardly get zits too...sometimes I get em but only ard that time of the months eeeeks :(


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! i m so very late here....

Thank u so much i always say ur page reminds me of my kitchen, my home. Very best of wishes for u and ur family...I m very glad to hv come across u...:)

Anonymous said...


I want to try the coffee cake recipe one of these days. Last weekend I made a bunch of items from your brunch list and they came out really good!! Thank you so much!!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
BTW- I like the china in your pictures...colorful and cute.

Anonymous said...

:D cheers!

Neer said...

kewl post!! and *she does not mention me* sob sniff sob... LOL!!! :)

same to you, Asha!! hope it was fun!

FH said...

That's okay , Southpaw!Better late than never:)Thank you for taking time to visit,we are all busy during holidays.I am touched to know that I remind you of home.I cherish that, and glad I know you too!

Keshi,I know! My daughter had a red one right in the middle of the eyebrows last month,boys started asking her'what do you call that?' thinking that's a bindi(Indian):D
She told them "that's called 'breaking out' you fool":D She was so angry:))No, she didn't inherit my skin!
Nerds are not always good , Keshi!They are BORING!!:))

You are right Anupama!No other country has 'Thanksgiving' as US has!We all should have something like this everywhere if you ask me:)It's nice to know atleast once a year somebody cares and appreciates what you do without expecting anything in return all the time.Thank them and they will do with gratitude!It's wonderful feeling,really.Good one to learn from America.Thank you Anupama for taking time to comment today,have a great holiday:))

FH said...

Neers! YOU ARE one of the 'desi ladies' I thanked.Ofcourse I love you darling!How can I not? You are a brilliant girl. Wish I was as smart as you when I was younger!Would have saved me quicker in certain situation:D
Have a great day,know that I think of you:))

Enjoy your day, Skeeter:))

Thank you Sowmya! You are already cooked some of them and liked them too, I am soo glad:)) Have fun and I will bring you more every wednesday.Have a great day sweetie:)

jayakarthik said...

hey cool asha, looks wonderful
the other blog FH is excellent makes me want to eat n eat n eat n do nothing, think i will spoil myself looking at ur blog

FH said...

Thanks JayaK. Trying out new colors and stuff since I switched to Beta.At last, I will have some time to visit all of you.
Happy Thanksgiving:))

FH said...

Thanks Trupti for responding:)
I have e mailed you with all the details and hope you replace me!My daily work is going to be very hectic from Jan.You will do fine , that's why I requested you.Thanks again:)

Tanuja said...

Hei Asha,

U are really a great person dear, nidra pothuna walla kallalu kuda nidra leputhayi nee posts:)

Thanks a lot asha for sharing such wonderful things. May god bless u with more enthu and good health.

Ashwini said...

Goodness I am not sure you are going to read the 125th comment but here it is anyway...
Looks great. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Praba Ram said...

I don't remember if I left a comment here already - the comment screen was too long to scroll up - so thot, might as well leave another comment...'coz I love you and your blog SOOOOOOOO much....

THANKS TO YOU for inspiring newbies like me...

FH said...

Hi Prabha!No , this is your first comment here,and I thank you so much for taking time to comment today.I love you too Prabha,you are a great blog buddy!I love all the newbie,you are all one talented bunch and I will visit you whenever I can.Have a great day:))

Ashwini, I will read every single comment and thank every single one personally.I appreciate your visit and have a great Thanksgiving with your family, my friend:))

Thank you and same to you my dear Tanuja! Your comments and words of encouragement does sustain my energy ,makes me work harder! Have a great weekend and God bless:))

Ashley said...


I hope you have the best thanks giving ever, and i hope everyone has a splended peaceful thanksgiving and don't forget to give thanks to GOD..

Don't forget about the annoying mean people in your lives for they have showed us how not to live and treat others. they have also helped us a little more in the patience we may or may not have.

Thank you Asha for visiting my poetry site i am glad you liked it, keep in check for i may be posting some new poems and after i get my book published i am going to change my blogging name to my real name. Thank you so much.

love always and forever,

Kora M. Remington

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha

You're such a sweetie, thank you for always finding something nice to say about everyone when they write in. Not sure why my previous comment came in as anonymous, but I have been having blogger issues recently.

"Speak" to you again soon!
~ Lotus

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I'm thankful for you and your blog!


Anonymous said...

WHOA !! Iam speechless !

Happy Thankgiving Asha !

Anonymous said...

wonderful blog! Happy thanksgiving!
God bless!

Rohini said...

Thanks for dropping by... your blog is simply mouth-wateringly delicious. I am hungry and there is still an hour to go for the crappy office. lunch

Twisted DNA said...

Thank you for thanking me :)

Deepak Gopi said...

Happy thanks giving :)
good day

FH said...

Kora! Thank you so much.It's early morning here as I read your comment.My heart is filled with joy to read it and GOD is ever present indeed.I will pray for those mean people too,may GOD give them some wisdom too!
You are a wonderful soul, I will visit you whenever I can,I promise.Looking forward to all your poems too.Have a great Thanksgiving with your family Kora.

Paz, thank you , I appreciate your visit as always and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy to the fullest:)

Hi Priya, speechless is good:D I will take it with gratitude and thank you with all my heart.Have a great time on Thursday.

Lotus,I did get your previous comment.I have switched to Beta 2 days ago bcos I was tired of blogger issues too.Now non-Beta bloggers' comments will be Anonymous with no name or link, so it continues:D:D
Thank you and yes, why not say a good thing abt somebody instead of NOT saying anything at all,right!Make this world a better place with your words if not by actions.
I will see you later today:)
Have a great holiday.

FH said...

God bless and thank you so much Anonymous for taking time to wish! Please leave your first next time so I can thank you personally.I know it's Beta problem sometimes!

Deepak, thank you and have a great weekend:))

T DNA, thank you for thanking me for thanking you!:D Have a great time in India, enjoy.

Hi Rohini, people often say to me that they shouldn't look at my blog when they are working or around lunch time:D:D Enjoy and have agreat weekend.I will visit you later.Thanks:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, I remember leaving a comment on this post..... sometime around your 125 cooments...... I dont see it here though.... :(

FH said...

Hi Rooma,you were here but when I changed to Beta, most went as Anonymous.That's okay, I know you were here,it takes some time to adjust to the new setting:))

FH said...

Hi Baab, glad I didn't forget you!:D Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking time to visit mw this busy weekend.Hope you had a great Thanksgiving:)

Me said...

A very colourful post!

FH said...

Thanks Orhan,glad you enjoyed it:)

me said...

Awww.. Your blog is so sweet. I just read the Thanksgiving blog as I happened to stumble upon it. You sound so sweet. I just started blogging myself. I am just learning to cook (well) :-) and blogging about it ( and other random things) inspire me to keep it up..
I shall visit your blog again!!

FH said...

Hi ZUZU! Welcome to my blog home.Glad you found me!:)) Thank you and I hope to see you back here again.Happy blogging btw!