November 02, 2006


After all those sweets,snacks and candies, you can't imagine how wonderful it feels to bring you these authentic Indian dishes! I can't stop smiling! Happy dance!! And Oh, all you 'Ghost readers' , if you could leave your paw prints here after you read my posts,I would appreciate it! You are all more than welcome to enjoy my dishes , infact I want you to cook all of them for your families and have a great time..:D:D

Well..My posts these days are becoming more and more like a tutorial for novice cooks than a recipe blog!! Oh well , enjoy as long as I keep dishing them out for you!! I might get tired of it all one day or ran out of dishes to blog about (which is unlikely,don't worry!):D

I am posting two delicious and very authentic Indian side dishes today to be eaten with layered parathas! The first one is seasoned with onion and tomatoes ,cooked with tasty spicy ground coconut masala and simmered to a perfect side dish. It tastes delicious with Parathas or chapatis,even tastier the next day!! And the other one would be Whole Green Moong (Green gram) dish with lot less spices than usual but wonderful tasting and nutritious too!! Hope you will try both of them for a tasty lunch or dinner for your families!:)

Eggplant and Potato dish:

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6-8 small purple Eggplants,diced and soak in salt water,drain and use
2 big Potatoes,cubed
Cilantro, Lemon juice
2 small Tomatoes


Saute and powder: all these in 1 tsp of Oil: 2 tbsp Coriander Seeds, 2 tsp Cumin Seeds,2 Dry red chillies,1 tbsp each Chana dal and Urad dal,6-8 pepper corns,1" cinnamon (dalchini),1 tbsp each cashew nuts and peanuts, seperately until reddish.

Grind all the above with:
turmeric , 2 tsp tamarind juice,1 tsp poppy seeds and 1/2 cup fresh grated coconut to a smooth paste.Season With: 2 tbsp Oil and ghee,1 tsp of each of mustard seeds,cumin seeds,chana dal, Urad dal,1-2 red chillies,few curry leaves,1 chopped onion until reddish.Add 2 chopped tomatoes.

And:When soft,add eggplants and potatoes,1 cup water,cover and cook on a medium heat for 10 mins,add ground masala, simmer on low heat until thick.Add salt,cilantro and serve with slices of lemon and Parathas. Note:You don't have to use all the above ground masala for this dish, just enough to make it thick.Rest, you can freeze it to use next time with diff veggies!

Green Moong Dish:

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1 cup Whole Dry Green Moong,soaked,sprouted and cooked soft but not mushy,Cilantro, 2-3 Tomatoes,1 onion, Lemon juice if needed.


in 1 tsp oil; 8 cloves,1/2 tbsp pepper corns,2 tbsp coriander seeds,1/8 cup grated coconut,2 dry red chillies seperately.Grind all the above with turmeric, to a smooth paste.Keep it aside.Use as much masala as you need to make a thickish gravy,save the rest.Chop Tomatoes and onion.

Heat 1tbsp oil and butter,add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,curry leaves,red chillies,1 garlic,1 onion until reddish.Add tomatoes , salt and 1 cup water,simmer for 5 mins.Adjust the seasoning.

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Add cooked moong and ground masala and simmer for 5 more mins on a low heat or until thickish.Garnish with cilantro and 1/4 tsp garam masala (Optional).Squeeze some lemon juice on the dish and serve with Parathas.

Layered Triangle Parathas:
Below is an another way of folding the dough to make layered Parathas which is most usual way of making parathas in India as it is easy , puffs beautifully and tastes delicious too!:)

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Here's How To Make Them :

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2 cups wheat flour or atta,1 cup plain flour,1/4 tsp salt,1 tbsp oil,pinch of baking pd,enough water or milk.Mix all the above and knead to get a firm pliable dough.Must not be sticky or very soft.Cover and rest it for 15-30 mins.

Divide into 6-8 golf sized balls,take a ball and roll out to a 4-6" circle,spray no-stick oil,sprinkle some flour and fold in one half over the other to make like half moon shape.

Spray lightly again and dust with flour,fold the top to the bottom half as shown in the picture to a triangle.Press gently and dust with flour again very lightly so it doesn't stick to the rolling pin but don't use too much flour!

Now roll out gently keeping the shape of a triangle evenly.It does take little practice to keep the shape but some effort you can do it. Don't give up, beginners!! Rewards are greater! You don't have to be an expert.
Note: You can use just the wheat flour or Plain flour instead of mixing both.Mixed flour is good for texture and puffing of parathas.

Posted by Picasa Heat a skillet,cast iron ones are better, to a medium heat.Bake parathas on both sides until you see golden specks.Brush some butter lightly on one side when you take them out! Keep warm in a tortilla warmer covered with a clean kitchen towel.You can reheat in microwave not more than 10-15 seconds or on skillet to serve.

Serve with either Moong dish or Alu-Baingan dish or both and have a great weekend and a wonderful meal!!:))



Shionge said...

If I don't want to make the parathas I can eat with tortilla too right???

I bet I would enjoy your cooking very much :D

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Great to leave a comment here as the first one! What lovely dishes you make. I still can't get the raajmaa out of my taste buds, this one is even more attractive!
First time I am seeing an alu-egg plant combo! Interesting combo. I am gonna try the green boong dish tonight for dinner! Love your triangle parathas!

prabha aka desimom

Krithika said...

Lovely aloo baingan recipe.
THis is the way I make my parantha for my kids... I mean the shape. THey like it. THanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Yummy side dishes : )
Thank you for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

Eggplant and potatoes....nice combo, Asha.

Anonymous said...

That moong dal dish looks really good. Will give it a try (have sprouts sitting in my fridge)

Great pics and step by step procedure, Asha.

Btw, the Halloween post is simple awesome.


Anonymous said...


I am one of the "ghost readers"... Also from NC. I like your presentation style. I am gonna try the moong dal recipe today..i guess i wud have to soak the dal overnight tho..


wheresmymind said...

I would love some triangles right now :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks spectacular. I have to get some eggplant and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Asha- nice dinner for a cold evening. it's easier for me to make shapres like these for parathas.. than making a perfect round one!

sra said...

The eggplant-potato-coconut dish is new to me, looks yummy.

Bong Mom said...

Wow so many things to eat...your family is sure lucky
I liked the moong dish...good and healthy as snack too

Susan in Italy said...

It all looks delicious and healthier than the Halloween sweets! Are the parathas the type of bread that you could stuff with vegetables before folding and cooking?

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha! Here's a BIG thanks from one such newbie. Because of food blogs like yours, I am eating better and cooking faster. Yay! Everything looks gorgeous here (as usual!), and I am now hungry for some crisp paratha and moong-dal dish...

FH said...

Yes, Shinoge. You can eat the both dishes with Tortilla but doesn't taste the same as Parathas and Moong probably tastes better with Tortillas.Give it a try:)

Hi Prabha, glad you tried and liked Rajma. Hope you try moong as well,good for kids. Hey!! You are a desimom like me too!:D Enjoy!!

Krithika, trikon parathas are the easiest to make, isn't it? For beginners it is probably hard.Enjoy ANOTHER alu-Baingan of mine:D:D

Thanks Hyderabadi! I will be there for more too. Love Telugu dishes:))

Anonymous said...

I must remember to not read your blog around lunch time. It's hard esp since I don't eat lunch or just have an energy bar or some fruit. Your recipes are too yummy. :)

FH said...

Thanks Jaya, I always liked that combo,firm potatoes with soft brinjas..perfect..enjoy!

Hi Sailaja! I am so glad to see you back, I really missed your recipes.Thank you for stopping by and hope you are bringing more your delicious recipes for us, can't wait:))

Try Trikon lacchha(!) Parathas with Moong , Jeff!:D:D
I am sure you will love it...

Hey there Tmom 'ghost reader'!!:D Thank you so much for commenting.Do that for my every post and I will bring you more recipes! Deal?!:))
Try Moong,let me know..

Gattina Cheung said...

no no no, I never ever get tired of this tutorial post, please let them keep coming! Your layout is beautiful, captions and photos are perfect! I definitely will try the eggplant dish first; love every of the ingredients although I may not get fresh coconut *sigh*

Meena Kandlakuti said...


nice dishes..shall try with moogdal and florets one....and parathaas are too good.Thanks for sharing:-)

FH said...

Start with the Moong if you can get some of those, Pearl!:)) Eggplant dish is little spicy but delicious.But if you like spicy dishes,you will love the Potato-Eggplants dish:)

You are so right, Mandira! Winter comfort dishes:D Love some spicy dishes after all those sweets.Enjoy..

Hi sra! Hope you try that eggplant dish, tastes better next day though.Let me know when you do:)

Thanks Sandeepa. I don't know about my kids liking thes but we parents sure love these with parathas:D:D
Kids prefer to eat parathas with grape jelly!Eww.. I have to and usually will MAKE them eat Moong or any veg dishes..:)

jayshree said...

Potato with baigan combo is new to me. My paratha has less layers, will try this next time.

krista said...

You have a very nice site and your recipes are explained very nicely.

Vani said...

The aloo baingan looks yum, Asha! Will definitely try it out!

Lakshmi said...

both your side dishes look so rich, will definately try them out, and the folding of parathas we follow the same way at our house.
very good post.

ammani said...

This and the other layered paratha (like puff pastry). Have been trying for years. Thanks so much for letting us in on the trick.

Also, the way you present your dishes is lovely.

Anonymous said...

hi foodie's hope
now i know what i am going to cook for friday's dinner - your moong dal dish,sans les sprouts( too late to sprout them now!)! i have also bookmarked your akki roti to try out ,maybe i will pair it tomorrow with moong dal! btw your little martian looks more cute than scary:)))

starry said...

Easy to make dishes and step by step instructions.thank you. I would love to try out the parathas some time.looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Your parathas looks very nice Asha, and the eggplant potato dish looks delish - was interesting that you used skinny eggplants :)!
Thanks for posting pics of your kids, looked like they were having a great time!

Anonymous said...

this is how I used to make parathas before I saw your cartwheel method - and I decided I like the latter better - they turn out more layered and flaky!!
I'm going to try the moong dish soon - sounds healthy and delicious.. (but then again, on this blog, what doesn't ;)

Brilynn said...

Both dishes sound wonderful! Eggplant and I don't get along very well however, for some reason I can't seem to cook it properly. I really like eggplant, but only when other people makes it. I've tried numerous times to make baba ghanouj and I've finally just accepted that it's easier to buy it.

UJ said...

My mom makes this way. I have adapted to make it into a circle after forming the triange. Got it!

FH said...

Try and let me know, Jay. I will post more ways to make layered parathas later..

@! you are right and the easiest way too.Thank you so much,as long as you try and like them,that's all I care:))

Hi Monisha,those skinny :D eggplants were my last harvest before the plant died. I got about 8 of them ,that's it.No more Eggplants unless I get some at the supermarketuntil next summer:)
Kids did have great time,lots of candies too:))

You are welcome Starry N, let me know when you do make parathas,hope I am a good teacher:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, love both your recipes, I cook both the dishes but my recipes are different. Thanks for your paratha making tips, that is how I learnt to make some yummy parathas.

FH said...

Hey Paati,thanks!Kids had a great Halloween:D You don't have to sprout moong at all,but healthier if you have time,that's all.Akki roti goes well with eggplants Paati.Let me know:)

Ammani, I know. It took many yrs for me before I came up to this stage to make soft parathas.Phew!!:)Thank you..

Thanks Lakshmi. Hope you do ,enjoy!:)

Enjoy Vani, that would be the second Baingan dish from me to you!!Have fun..

Hi Meena, make them and let me know sweets:))

FH said...

Hi Krista, thank you and welcome to my blog. Glad you liked it and hope you will try some of them:))

Okay Gattina, I won't stop!:D:D
If you get dry desscicated coconut that's okay too, cannot use sweet coconut though.or you can skip coconut and use just dry powdered spices,add 2 more potatoes instead .Hope you will try.

Hi Mystic, I am so glad you are eating well sweetie!:)) Hurray for me, happy for you. Keep cooking and eat small portions, we all will be fine.Enjoy cooking..

Mamatha said...

I too made eggplant-potato today, but a different style. Both your dishes look intesting, particularly the masala. I might give the moong dal dish a try soon. Love your parathas! My chappatis, despite numerous attempts trying making them soft, bear an uncanny resemblance to a frisbee - so I now rely on frozen ones :(

FH said...

Sanjay!! A big guy like you donot eat lunch?! WHY OH WHY!!!:)))
Eat something better than fruit or a bar. How do you get your strength
up half the work day, I don't understand! Anyway,hope you eat well when you go home..:))

Susan,deftly better than those sweets:) Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up shortly, some more sweets are on the way:)) OH NOOOO!!
You can stuff these parathas with potato or any dry cooked veggies or even meat too! But you fold it diffly.Put the filling in the middle of 6" circle and gather the edges ,cover the filiing folding over them and gently roll them out again to 4-5" circle to bake as usual.I will make them one day with photos.It's easier to look and learn than explaining in words!:) Thanks Susan....

Jaya M said...

Oh Yumm!! I like the way you present things Asha ,and that makes your blog so special , good Job!! Parathas ,eggplant/potato , moond dal recipe are yumm specially its winter time now...

Sai said...

I really love moong and make it the same way as mentioned in your blog. I like to garnish with some onion and eat it by itself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, I was just coming to look up your rajma and paratha recipe and voila -- here's yet another paratha! As usual the dishes look fantastic... my favorite eggplant, and another new recipe for green moong... thanks!

Tonight is rajma night -- will let you know how they turn out :)

BTW I love the "tutorials"!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I usually prepare dry subzi with potatoes and Brinjal.. Thanks for sharing Typical kanadiga style of gravy paste....

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
thanks for your comment on my blog. Just wanted to let u know that I came across your blog 2 days ago(from the link on Mydhaba-vkn), and when I first visited it, I become a big fan of yours. so you can imagine how glad i would be to see your comment on my recipe. thanks for your response and welcoming me. :)It feels nice to feel you somewhere around me. You have got very good pics of your recipe here , and I just love to surf it. Will like to be in touch with u regularly :)

Anonymous said...

I just made it, and ate it too for dinner. It was very chatpatah.. really tasty. Thanks Asha.

Margie said...

What wonderful recipes...and beautiful pictures!
I am going to make the eggplant and potato recipe over the weekend!
Looks so delicious!
Thank you!


Neer said...


Anonymous said...

I am now hooked on your blog. I just love the way you guide us through the recipes, so easy to follow. I shall have to try one out soon.

Anonymous said...

Your dishes look both beautiful and delicious. I think I need to take some photography lessons!

mommyof2 said...

There should be an "try/sample it" option like "comment" option:-)

I never made dal with grounded masala the way u mentioned... will try ur way next time:-)and maybe moth dal instead;-)

FH said...

Brilynn,I used to cook them in the pressure few yrs ago,I would get Eggplant paste!:D Now just fry on stove top,use non-stick pan in 1 tbsp canola oil.Comes out perfect.I love eggplants dishes:)

CM! For me,even today sometimes trikons would mysteriously turn into round parathas:D Takes little practice:))

You are welcome, Indo! Indians usually these methods,but for young one's and non-Indians sure help a lot.Wish I had 'me' when I was young and blank!:D:D

Faffer, I remember my frisbees too in the distant past:)) Try and try again,don't give up.Make a lot, you can freeze your own parathas!You should post your dishes in ur blog, Faffer.Let me have some of your's :))

Thanks Mantu, if you make it for ur family , enjoy a meal, all my efforts are worth it.I want people around me happy, so I can feel good:))Enjoy..

FH said...

Sai, that's a good idea! It becomes a nice chaat. Only Mumbaikars can think of that,see:))
I will try that next time,I love that idea.

Will keep the tutorials afloat,Linda!:)) Enjoy ur Rajma night and I made ur delicious Pasties too and will post the pic some time later:))

You got it right, MT!::D It is Kannadiga, with coconut paste!! Hope you will try..:)

Thanks Pooja,I am around you and all you young ones when you are cooking in ur own beautiful kitchen!I am watchinggg youuu:)
Happy blogging..

Hey Mystic, you are faster than me girl!:D Glad you liked it,it is chatpatah!!:)Good for winter days, eh?! Thanks for ur feedback...

FH said...

Hi Margie, you are welcome. Sounds like you cook Indian food often!Good for you. Give it try and let me know:)) We are all missing Keshi, aren't we?:))

Hi Neers!!That lip smacking 'yum' is good enough for me girl!Thank you!!:D:D

Hi Chrisb, glad to help you out. You don't have to go for Indian Take outs anymore,well..all the time anyway!!:)))

Hi Beccy, your mum's here too:)
Your photos are great as well! I just have a small digital camera, no expertice involved :D Thanks..

Enjoy a diff way of Dals, MO2!Mysorean or B'lorean style.Moong suits your family better since you don't like it too spicy.Try it..:)

Anonymous said...

hey, Triangle shaped ones are my forte , moong combo with eggplant sounds great ,need to try it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Asha!

I was here yesterday but for some reason blogger wouldn't allow me to leave a comment, anyway, just wanted to tell you what a godsend your moong recipe is...I have a whole packet of green moong dal here and for the life of me couldn't figure out what do to with it and now you've solved my dilemma. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us - I'm so grateful! I will return later in the day to jot the recipe down - again, thank you so much!

mommyof2 said...

ohhh I LOVE spicy food.. its hubby who doesn't eat masala food... I am crazy mirchi eater.. green ones;-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously.. tell me a recipe that can be cooked by using onions, tomatoes salt pepper n rice :D

FH said...

MO2 !! You are my kinda girl:D:D What's life without chatpatah masala, eh?! Make these dishes and you can freeze some for another day just for you. Shouldn't give up something we like cos 'somebody' doesn't like it!:)That's what I do,cook my fav, eat for 2 days, kids and hubby can have their bland food!:D:D

Lotus, you are welcome.Some blogs give me hard time to leave comments too:) It's okay.
Hey, you can also use cooked Moong in any Rasam or Sambhar recipes I have too! or you can make this Moong and have it just like that like Sai said,sprinkled with onions,cilantro and some sev like chaat too! Yum!!lot of options with my fav Moong beans:)

Lera, thanks girl! Hope you try both dishes with parathas!:)) Have fun in B'lore! You don't know how much I envy you for living in that city!:D:D

FH said...

Johnny, OYYY!!!:))

Here it is:
Cook rice first,cool.
Heat 1/2 tbsp oil or butter,add mustard,cumin seeds,chilli flakes or green chillies,1 garlic, onions.Fry until soft,add tomatoes,saute until soft,add salt,cilantro and pepper(if you didn't use chillies that is).Add cooked rice and mix well. Voila!!

Skip everything you don't have,add anything you have and hold the salt until the end. Remember last time what happened!:)

Are you happy now,John? and where is your e mail, seriously!!:D:D

Latha said...

Wooooooooow Asha. Look at your pictures. So delicious! I am so hungry now. I had a soup for lunch and now I'm hungry for your food
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Asha

My moong is soaking even as I type this - hope it hurries up and sprouts! ;)
Thanks for the other tips- much appreciated!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

thanks for the recipes...i like the eggplant + potato combination. I have my own version of the same..don't ask me for the recipe (it changes everytime :). On a different note, it's your blog but do you think you can, maybe, do a post on "Easy dinners-Monday thru Friday" and maybe give us 2 easy Indian recipes for each night? See, more than the cooking, the planning is the hard part and I am sure most of your readers are bored of their dinner menu, week after week...just a thought.

vasilisa said...

Asha, I love that your posts make these amazing dishes look so simple! Makes everyone want to just go in the kitchen and do it... (and though I don't always follow your recipies, I'm quite liberal in taking ideas and implementing them in mine... And I learned so many Indian cooking tips from here, I can't even count any more...)

Love your blog! As always... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha!

You present everything so nicely that one cannot leave your blog without leaving a compliment for you...what more should I say..


FH said...

I appreciate it Nidhi! It's nice to know if people liked or not!It's worth all hard work, isn't it?:) Thanks ..

That's my girl, Lisa!:)) You take ideas to implement in your own way, that is exactly what I do!You don't have to follow word by word but suit a recipe to youe own taste! Keep it up and I will bring you more ideas,working on it as we speak!:)

As always my fav gal Latha, you make me feel like I am greatest cook around!:D Thank you for that:) Blogger gave me lot of trouble today,still not able to post some comment!Trying to deal with it:)Have a great weekend!

That's a good idea, Orchid! I will think abt it, seriously! John, a single guy keep asking me to do that.Dinner fair sounds great to me.See what I can do,mix up veg and non veg too.Thanks sweetie!:)

You are welcome Lotus! You can use Moong without sprouting too,sprouting just makes it more nutritious. Enjoy!:))

FH said...

Sneha, I did get your comment.Blogger trouble again!! As soon as blogger lets me post all comments in here,I will do it. Meanwhile, I am glad I am helping with cooking to some extent:) Don't just dream , cook!:)) Enjoy!

Yes, Nee! Super healthy and super delicious too! Asha's soup and Asha's Moong now!:D 'The boy' is going to build a temple for me in Mysooru!:)) From Nov. 1st , Mysore and B'lore is Mysooru and Bangalooru, did you know that?!:)

Oh dear Deepak! Where did you hear that Brinjal's are harmful to the brain?!:D I have a degree and a Diploma and almost did Law school too, and I ate Eggplants all my life!:)My brain is working in over drive, little too well by looking my post! No?!:D
You were joking, right?!I think so:D Enjoy the Eggplants...

I would like to know what's in your 'famed' Engilsh b'fast?!:D Eggs and toast,beans,bacon,sausage? Are you talking to Nee?:D:D
Guess what I am bringing you this week;)) Watch out! you will like it,that is if you have all that ingredients! Or just enjoy looking at them,you poor guy!:))
Btw,that recipe is 'Tomato Rice' or somewhat like that considering the 'spices' you have there:D

Hi Xcentric! you are welcome!Glad you liked my post and I think I came to your blog through Verdant, I am not sure. I saw your H costumes and liked them!:D
Yes, NC is beautiful, Ashville is breathtaking with Blue ridge mountains! I hope you visit ur sister,and enjoy NC!
Just skip the meat in 'Rogan Josh' and add veggies like carrots,potatoes,green beans, Cauliflower etc. May be one day I will post that,so many ideas and so little time:)) Hope you will be back here!:))

Margie said...

I tried the recipe tonight,and loved it!
It is very good!!!!
Thanks for the recipe!
And, yes I love Indian food, and like to try new recipes.
Last night, my hubby and I went to
one of our favorite local restaurants here, A Taste of India, and our dinner was so delicious.

I am missing sweet Keshiroo,
and wiil be waiting to see what she will post when she gets back...
I'm sure it will be very interesting!

Take care!


Deepak Gopi said...

I have heard some where that Brinjal s are not good for brains.
Nice post .
good day.

Me said...

Another great meal!

Anonymous said...

oh thanks to the heavens!! i must've tried posting the comment 20 times! :D

FH said...

Sneha, you are so patient girl,thank you so much.I tried your's and some other blogs yesterday,got frustrated and gave up!It's not fully functional yet,all are in my e mail but will be alright shortly, I hope.

Thanks Orhan, I think you will like my next post better! I will start cooking today ,will post in next 2-3 days. Watch out!!:))

You go girl, Mallika! Easy and tasty food is the way to go.I welcome any canned, frozen, pre chopped, ANYTHING to make my life easier, and food tastier.We get such great products in US, why not use it, right?:D

Deepak, thanks again.Blogger trouble .I do hope you try the eggplant dishes man!They are delicious if cooked right:)

Margie, I am glad to hear that you like Indian food! Many people think they are all spicy and don't even try.Spices we use are good for us,chilli pd, you can always limit.Indian food can be very healthy if we try and cook at home.Restaurants add butter and cream to make'em delicious, but once in a while , it doesn't hurt.
I went to Keshi's too:D But let her have a good time,be happy for 2 weeks.She needs a break now and then!Orelse you know what happens, crash and burn!!:))

Anonymous said...

hi asha
since you called out for 'ghost readers' here i am!
am from b'lore and went to hassan - chickmagalur recently and thought of you!
70 comments already! and i see you reply to each one! i enjoy reading your blog and your recipes look lovely - but am yet to try them.
- d

FH said...

Hi d, the 'ghost reader'!:D
You are just the second one so far:))I have a aunt in Chikmagalur!So nice to hear from you! I am glad you took time to comment,I always say hello to everyone who visit me!:)It's just feels right.It's okay to look and enjoy.I will be happier if you cook some of them!:))Keep in touch and tell me more abt Bangalooru!

foodiemama said...

indian is my favorite..yum!

Anonymous said...

Asha, I am one of the 'ghost readers'. I tried your spinach pakoras a few days back and they were very yummy!! I love all the recipes that you post. Keep them coming!!!
BTW- Do you have any crockpot recipes (Indian)?

Deepz said...

Gr8 recipes asha. havent heard abt both before but will definitely give it a try. thanks for the detailed explanation abt making paratha's.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, parathas and moong. I once made these parathas and they came out quite well. I also liked your halloween food creations - very skillfully designed and also looked very tasty.

Vidya said...

wow.. nice moong dish... thats for dinner tomorrow.. looks like u've had a blast for halloween and deepavali! deepavali is quite lacklustre when we;re the only indians for miles and miles around!!!

FH said...

I know Vidya, we are also lonely Indian family here too! But I did try to make something similar to India. Came out great and enjoyed both! You did ask For Moong dish some time ago which is not dal or sundal,I remembered that and here it is!:)) Enjoy!

Thanks CyberK! When you have kids you do something nice so they can remember what I did when grow up:)
I was tired right after Diwali, but did it somehow.I appreciate when others like you recongnise my effort!:)

You are welcome Deepz.One is typical K'takite and Moong is more Maharastrian.Hope you try:))

Hey, 3rd one!:))Thanks for taking time to write me Sowmya! Glad you liked Spinach pakoras,my fav too.I do make slow cooker meals but not neccessarily Indian dishes.I guess you can get creative!:)Let me think abt that,might come up with something.You will come back,won't you?:D

Hi Foodierama! If you like Indian food, you are in the right place:))
Welcome, try one or two of my recipes from the archive and see how you like them.Let me know:))

Anonymous said...

yay!!! im gettin my om here tomz!

Anonymous said...

hey asha
triangle chapathi i like those kind of shape, something different frm the regular shape(circle)
going to try this recipe tonite
thank you asha

Anonymous said...


I know you are very creative which is why I requested for Indian crockpot recipes.
Sometimes when I have leftover Indian food I mix them all together (rice, curry, dal) and I like to eat this the next day... somehow it tastes really good!! So, I figured that even slow cooking would have the same effect because all the rice, veggies and dal would nicely absorb all the spices.
I visit your site at least once a day!!

FH said...

Hi Raghu! Man, I need a teenage slang dictionary to read your blog!:D I had to think abt what you said for a while:)) Do you cook or just look! You could give the recipes your mom so she can cook for you. Come back,will ya?Thanks..

Thanks JayaK,I know I have made some wierd shapes in my time too,but tis is the easiest,learnt them at last:)

Hello again Sowmya, It's like making Bisi Bele Bhath in slow cooker , isn't it? :) I like the idea,slow cooker ise the best if you work outside home, can come home to a yummy food, hot and inviting:)Cheers, will keep that mind and come up with something!

Deepak Gopi said...

seriously thinking of settling in canada for a month and sending my stamps to each and everyone in the world.
Oh! god pls help me .

Anonymous said...

OMG I ADORE YOU SO MUCH!! . I admire you so much.. you are everything one could ever hope to be.. just cught up on ur spooktacular... post .. and wowee what an awesome mum.. being half as fan-cook-tastic as you is soon on my agenda in the next 3/4 yrs but wow way to go .. im all smiles .. :P ... i have a picture for you foodie..

PS. It took all my photoshop skills to achieve that .. hope u like it FH!!

Vini K said...

Hello Asha,thanks for visiting my blog.I am sorry to say I am one of your ghost readers too!!:D..anyway,your blog is excellent.Look at all the photos with the detailed descriptions!!Wow,even one who is not interested will start cooking after taking a look at your blog.Thanks for bringing all those wonderful recipes.I will be going through all your archives now.

Anonymous said...

Well Asha,
Fab parathas. But one tip ( I hope I am eligible enough to endorse a comment to sucha meticulous cook)- try not to saute the boiled potatoes before stuffing. Instead, after stuffing, cook it on a slow fire and when crisp punture the semi inflated paratha with a fork and serve with a blob of butter on top.
Interestingly, I too had an eggplant dish in lunch today. Eggplant is indeed a very versatile vegetable, and here in India, least understand.
The photos u post are so clear; can u tell me how many megapixel is ur camera?

FH said...

Deepak, :D:D you amaze me man!!:)) You do LOVE yourself, don't you?!It's good to love yourself in my book though,makes you a positive person which is like me.But you have family etc then you become ONE of them,you know what I mean!:)
May God help you to go to Canada,so I can get one of your stamps. Amen:D:D

Hello Vini, the 4th or 5th ghost reader!:)It's good to know you. If readers who come here say just 'thank you' to me, all my efforts will be worth it.This is just a hobby,I have a family to care of besides blogging.It does take a lot of time to do all this.Appreciation is always makes me feel good,I will bring more spectacular 'shock and awe' goodies for you all:D:D Thank you Vini for saying that,enjoy all recipes with your family:)You are more than welcome..

Hi Isha,I am blushing, OMG! How adorable YOU are to say all that.I was thinking of you yesterday.Blogger problem last week, couldn't visit any of you,I will today.Don't miss my next post,you will like it I think.I am sure you will make a great mom and a cook in a few yrs .I didn't know ABC of cooking until I was 24yrs old! Plenty time for you,concentrate on your career going right now.LIFE catches up on you faster than you think.:D
I will check out that photo and Isha, you can call me Asha:))Thanks for visiting...

Anonymous said...

im so srry abou da last i ment ill get my mom here tommz.. plz pardon me my new mom(vel dats U)..lolz!

Anonymous said...

Asha: Your measurements with pictures makes life easy for me when I wanna cook that recipe. Eggplant is my favorite and I usually add potatoes together and fry it. Tis is little different and will try it out as I still have eggplant left over.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is not fair because I have you in my bloglines reader but this post never showed up!! I'll give this a try, especially that green moong dish and the parathas! Never heard of those.

FH said...

That's all rt Raghu! All forgiven sonny boy:)) Making your mom work harder,are you?:)Hope she doesn't jhadoo me upside the head:D:D Enjoy my little blog son:D

Priya, enjoy and I will try my best.Blogger allows me only upto certain size, bummer!orelse You would have seen a bigger pics!:)Thanks Priya..

Kulpreet, any suggestions are always welcome,you know that:)
I didn't make alu parathas though up there, just a trikon shaped plain ones.But I do need some help with stuffed alu parathas which I made before at home and didn't like them! If I don't like it, it will NOT come on my blog:D Thank you somuch for your sug, though , I will try some time,again!:)
I have a tiny Sony Cyber shot Dig. with 5 mp with 3x zoom! I just need need good non-sunny sopt for a good photo,don't really need a expensive camera.For a foodie, this will suffice:))

Anonymous said...

hey asha
where is the kid pic and the recipe go
vanished in a minute
or was it my eyes giving me illutions of u posting a baby pic , a scenery and a wonderful food pic
i was abt to post a comment for that post

FH said...

JayaK,:D Ignore those! My blog doesn't let me upload photos , so I had to publish temp files and then edit into my post.It all happens in a min, so don't worry abt ur eyesight,you are perfect.Yes, they are all coming up tomorrow,if I can work hard today as fast as I can.'Shock and Awe' , watch out!!:))

Hi Rowena! It happens to me too! I think it saves only a particular page instead of latest post.I have missed so many new one's bcos of that!:) Now I always check the right side for the latest in any blog to make sure I don't miss any:) Hope you get Moong there ,Rowena. I am not sure you will but you can use any small sized beans cooked instead of Moong, parathas can be made with plain flour as well. Enjoy!:)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, here's another one of your 'ghost readers'. I think I am becoming a blog-addict specially since I have so much time on hands since I left my job to become a stay-at-home mom. So, I get a lot of time to read a lot of blogs and yours is one which I have visited regularly after discovering it !

Love your writing style and your recipies too. I normally make dry aloo-baigan, never tried your styled ! Sure gonna try it one of these days :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya, here's another one of your 'ghost readers'. I think I am becoming a blog-addict specially since I have so much time on hands since I left my job to become a stay-at-home mom. So, I get a lot of time to read a lot of blogs and yours is one which I have visited regularly after discovering it !

Love your writing style and your recipies too. I normally make dry aloo-baigan, never tried your styled ! Sure gonna try it one of these days :-)

Anonymous said...

hi...i too am from karnataka(mangalore-dharwad-bangalore) n now in UK...
i just love the way u post ur recipes... hats off to ur patience:)
badane nanna favourite, but hubby is allergic to it:( but still will try this recipe...
happy blogging

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -

Tried your moong dish! It came out awesome. First time I am using coconuts with onion/tomato combo for a gravy. Also, the other interesting thing is the masala - coconut, pepper, clove, coriander combo is unique. Thanks for a new gravy idea! Usually - I end up making all my gravies tasting like chole, and I get tired of them. Now I have two new gravies - raajma's - malai maar ke and moong's - coconut based.
Can you offer one for chole too?
:-)Thanks again! And thanks for your comments on my recent blog.


Keshi said...

hey Foodie sweetie Im bakk! HUGGGGGGGGGZ! :)

Eggplant is one of my fav vegs. yummy pics again WOW!

btw I didnt 'dum maro dum' lol!

Anonymous said...

I have been cooking 'independently' since I was eight years old! :P .. surprise surprise .. :P .. meh .. its not the mere mastery of the art of cooking that makes someone awesome like u asha .. its being able to do it despite all the million things we have on hand!!! lookin forward to ur next post!

Seema said...

heyyy loved this egg plant simple n easy...the way u put up the ingredients arranged so well in plates...lovely set up!
I have two cook books all set for n Shaheen are my hopes for mah cookin days !!! I am getting great theory training via. yr pages heheee

Anonymous said...

Another baingan recipe for me to try out..Thanks Asha

Neer said...

heyy thankoo! :)

FH said...

JayaK, thank you somuch for your help;) Didn't publish but wanted to say thanks.See if I can work that out!:)

Hi NZ ghost reader! :D Thank you and being a full time mom is the HARDEST job around, so be proud and raise those wonderful children of yours. We are not JUST housewives, but HOMEMAKERS!:))

Hello Supriya, we were in Hubli for a while,love the city,Dharwad too:)I have too many Badanekai dishes here,I love them.Thanks and come back,look forward to see you!

Prabha, I know,that usual onion-ginger-garlic although delicious, still gets boring after sometime!:)
Thanks for the feedback, and Chole- Bhatura is already in there in my archive , check it out.Simple and delicious my fav! Enjoy.

You are welcome, beautiful Neers! Unique and only one of you of your kind in this world:)))

FH said...

KESHI!!!!! You are back!!!OMG!!!! Margie and I missed you like crazy!! I checked you Sunday, been little busy lately but will be there ASAP !:)) Glad you didn't Maaro Dum!:D:D Good to see you my child!!:))Welcome back!

Isha, next post coming your way today,you will be surprised!:)
You are right!For me,being a full time mom is not at all easy,blogging does take lot of time and energy when you have 100 other things going on at the same time! You are wise beyond your yrs!See ya later...:)

Hey Seema, thank you. If I could help one to cook and get her appreciated by his/her family, my efforts are worth it.I will visit all of you today, couldn't do it last week.Busy cooking!:)

Annita, I know!:D I am a eggplant freak, unfortunately my plants died and waiting for next summer! Meanwhile, Baingan break!:))Thanks for visiting!

Thank you somuch Paati! I didn't publish your comment for obivious reason but I got it! I appreciate your help, will see what I can do!:))

Keshi said...

awwwwww I missed u two as well HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

na I didnt maaro dum only cos I was full on it lol!


Me said...

You put a superb amount of effort into this site! You should be very proud.

FH said...

Thanks Orhan! You all make me proud by appreciating my work!:))

Seema Bhat said...

hey asha ...oh boy !!! your blog is really beautifully done this neads time and patience i must say ....and your brunch section is very good ...thanks every bit for posting them..

Seema Bhat said...

hey i loved your brunch section and its so very true ...most of the weekends just go by good filling brunches rather than u know regular breakfast or even lunch ...loved your post ...
Thank you so much

FH said...

Thanks Seema, hope you will have a chance to try some of them:))Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

i dont like 111.. so this is 112 comment
111 is nelson number..supoosed 2 b bad or watevr

FH said...

Hi Raghu,how are you doing? Having a great weekend?:)
Numbers are numbers Raghu, don't worry abt it:D Still I have to find out what's a 'nelson number' is! You are soo smarter than me son!!:)

Mythreyee said...

your green moong dish looks cool.this is sure a healthy treat. would you like to contribute it to my blog 'cook for health'. its not a contest though, just an attempt to gather all the healthy recipes in one place in my blog at

more details at 'about this blog' link in the blog.


FH said...

Hi Mythreyee, sure ,go ahead and add it with a link here.Moong dish is healthy and deliciously tasty too.
I will take a look at that link too:))

Unknown said...

Thank U!! Thank U!! Thank U!!! I am newly married and have little very little cooking experience (as far as Indian food goes) it was a challenge when my husband asked me if I could 'try' to make parathas. Last nite I tried your method of making trinagle shaped parathas and my husband was stunned!! He said that they were better than what he has had in India (even his own mother!!!). Keep up the good work. Newly wedded cooks like me need all the help we can get..Thanks again

FH said...

I am thrilled to hear that ,Gargi!:)) Your feedback gives me more pleasure than having 100 people say'looks great'!I am very glad I could help.There 100s of recipes you could try. Go to my recipe index and choose.
Come back and check out my new recipes too:) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi...i was just browsing around for some recepies n got 2 c ur webpage its awesome...really impressive.. i got married 5 months back n come 2 was nice 2 read ur blog..maybe ill get some inspiration from u....

FH said...

Hi Anon,glad you got me!:)
So you are new to marriage and to US,hah? That is tough initially to adjust.I am here to help you at least in the kitchen,don't worry!;D
Visit me again,let me know how you are doing.Leave your first name so I can recognize you next time!:)