October 27, 2006


Welcome to beautiful Fall!
Happy and frightful Halloween to all of you!
Hope you all have a very scary night,and lots of nightmares!:D

I don't know whether I am ready for some more sweets, but when you have kids we mommies just have to get on with it and make the Halloween fun too! Hopefully, Halloween night would be a little warmer, not bitter cold like it is now & poor kids don't freeze up in their costumes..keeping my fingers crossed..

Updated!! Kids in Halloween costumes!!There is my daughter trying to strangle her brother as usual!:D
Weather is a perfect 65F, a beautiful evening for trick or treaters:)

Martian in the house!

A colorful tree right infront of my house I can't stop looking!
Life is so beautiful, isn't it? :))

Some rich guy with his "toy" Airplane made this BOO to spread the Halloween scare! Photo taken from my backyard deck:

I baked these Pilsbury ready-bake cookies for my kids' friends. My son ate half of these alone before they even reached his friends! Yes, I had to bake some more..sigh..My kids BETTER take care of me when I am old!:D:D

Here is what else but my Halloween Pumpkin Pie!
Recipe below, next to the Pumpkins.

Delicious Coffin and Tombstone snacks!
Psst!! What's on your Tombstone?!
Recipe below, next to the Pumpkins.

A bloody monster slice of Devil's food cake!:)

Help yourself to my Halloween Treat,no Trick involved at all!

Scary carved Pumpkins:

These are from a book 'PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD' by Joost Elffers !
It has some amazing fruit and vegetable carved into hilarious faces and expressions. Some as you can see has pretty scary carvings. Be sure to look up this book in your local library and you will love all the beautiful creative carvings and makeovers. "You will never look at fruit and vegetables the same way again",as the book says.

Here they are:

Enjoy looking at all these scary pumpkins and my recipes!

To make Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie,you need:

1 four cup volume 9" deep-dish pie shell.
1 15oz can Pure Pumpkin,1 12fl.oz.Evaporated milk,3/4 C sugar,1/2 Tsp salt,2 eggs,1 tsp ground cinnamon,1/2 tsp ground ginger,1/4 tsp ground cloves.

Heat oven to 425F.Beat eggs in a blender, add sugar, salt,all the ground spices.Stir in pumpkin puree, mix well. Pour in evaporated milk slowly,and blend well.

Pour into the pie shell, tap to get the bubbles out. Put it in the oven carefully and bake for 15 mins. Turn down the heat to 350F and bake for 40-45 mins more.Do not burn the sides.Insert a knife to check if it's fully baked inside.Take it out, cool on the wire rack for 1 hour.

Whipped Cream:
Whip 1-2 cups of heavy cream with 2 tbsp sugar powder and any flavor or color you like which is optional until it thickens.Pipe it on the pie to decorate.Your delicious pie is ready to dig in.Serve with some more whipped cream and don't scare yourself by looking at the mirror until next week!:D

I am not very good at baking. But even dummies like me can bake this easy pie.It comes out perfect.I used ready to bake Graham cracker crust pie shell, my kids like Oreo crust too.You can make your own pie crust if you like.

To make Coffin and Tombstone snack, you need:

1-2 Flour Tortillas cut into rectangles 3x7", 1 cup frozen or 2 cups fresh Spinach chopped fine,salt, pepper,1 tbsp Parmesan cheese,any spices you like, 1/2 cup grated Mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

Grill Tortillas until golden brown and crispy,sprinkle some Mozzarella and cool.
Cook spinach in the microwave with salt, pepper and a tbsp water.Make sure spinach is completely dry.Mix in all the spice and cheese.Spread it on the Tortilla to cover the rectangle.

To make the Cream cheese spread,you need:

1/2 a block of Cream cheese,2 tsp milk. Mix cream cheese with 1-2 tsp milk,pinch of salt to make it thick enough to squeeze through the piping bag but not too thin.Using a ribbon nozzle, pipe on the spinach to make somewhat like a coffin! :)

Well, you are done with the Pumpkin pie and the delicious Spinach-cream cheese snacks which tastes like Spinach Alfredo pizza, YUM!
Fill up your candy containers with loads of candies for Trick or Treaters. Get your costumes out, dress up and get ready for Halloween party!:))

Look at this real life horror!!:D

I found this warty, horrible looking Pumpkin in my local supermarket. No, I didn't buy it but took a photograph:) What a great addition to Halloween, scares the heck out of you just by looking at it or is it more like a nightmare. Wonder what kind is this or how a farmer grows these natural Pumpkins,does he do something clever to grow those thingies on it? Do you have any idea?! Let me know,if you do!!:)

A close up:


(from Photocreations)



By Deepa and Supriya said...

Oh! my god Asha......i hardly know you but I am seriously thinking of moving to north carolina and send my kid over to your place! you make me guilty about everything that I am not doing. The best I could come up with was take A to the party at the local Y! Geez!!
Yet, life is beautiful. Cheers and happy halloween!

Nee said...

Boy, you sure do go all out! Awesome!
That pumpking is really scary...is it actually edible?

Happy Halloween!

Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
You sure are a great enthu person, first Diwali an now this. The Pilsbury cookies seem to be a good idea to bake, are they special halloween ones, from the super stores ?
The tree looks beautiful too.
Don't worry we will make your kids read this blog when they grow up.

FH said...

Hi Orchid, don't feel guilty at all, enjoy your kids and enjoy the time you give them.That's all they care,not what we buy or do! Mommies are the best party for kids,nothing else is.Take A to Y and enjoy the Halloween or move into NC :))

You are welcome Nee,I did my best! Yes, they are edible but after you put your hands all over them to carve and put it out to display,I don't think you want to eat them!:)
These are real pumpkins though!Aren't they scary?!:D The real one from the store is edible too,just stuff growing on it!

Anonymous said...

wow!your halloween treats look scary good;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh!!! woh!!! they look so scary and creepy
Nice to see someone puting so much effort into making all those!!
thank you for sharing


sra said...

Asha, you seem to have outdone yourself - what a post! It's bursting with colour from beginning to end, I love that tree - did you take that pic from your house or is your house the one behind the tree? Your headline was nice too, and I can go on and on about the pie, the spiders - what a riot of colour!

Anonymous said...

hey did u carve them out? they sure look scary...
hope i can sleep tight tonight ;)
i m just 2 1/2 hours away frm u
will come home n get the treat alone :D

Anonymous said...

Loved the tree.. and all those treats. Scawwy pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

A Very Scary Halloween to you too ! I love your energy and the fact that you've gone all out in this spooky celebration, its infectious :)!
I've been on the road for a little while now, feels good to be back home in time for Halloween, hope you have a great time, I would also love to see pics of the little ones in their costumes!

Sofi said...

omg! i love the tree!! what a spectacular sight!

Anonymous said...

Every one of your posts commands a 'WOW!!' from me - and thats a capital WOW!

Really, you do it grand - great pictures, fantastic treats - I really thought the wavy things on the coffin were noodles, good job with the icing...which of those pumpkins did you carve? Or all of them?

And yes, count me in as one of those ready to pack their bags and head to NC!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You are really creative and imaginative! Loved your impressive pictures and creations.


Deepz said...

hey clever creations. ure kids r very lucky. hope they hav a wonderful halloween this yr.

Vani said...

The halloween goodies look really good! The "coffins" look delicious. And you got creative with the devil's foodcake too! Great job, Asha! :-)

Loved the tree in front of your house. It is really beautiful! I'm looking forward to the fall colors here (leaves are just starting to turn) but not the accompanying cold! It feels like winter already! The temp outside now (4pm) is 45! Brr...

FH said...

Sandeepa, I will give ur no. to my kids to make sure you remind them!:D Pilsbury cookies are available in any grocery store,buy and bake.That's it!You also get diff designs too..

Hope so too Deepz! It's so clod and my son has cold too.But that will not stop him from going trick or treating,believe me!:D

Thanks Deepa! Worked hard,blogger went out on me while editing,had to do most of uploading again!:))

FH said...

That was my intention Paati!:) Nice to know you liked them ,makes me scary happy!:) Have fun..

Doesn't that ruby red tree makes you happy to be alive, Anjaan? I couldn't wait to take a photo and put it up here to share..enjoy!

Glad scawwy:D:D pumpkins scawwed you a liitle, Sanjay!IGNORE THE TEMPS!!:))))

Okay Jaya, start driving and I will be waiting for you with big plate of scary goodies:))Sleep tight,don't let the bed bugs bite!!

FH said...

It's bloody(pardon the pun)cold here too Vani!Double Brr..:)Try that coffin snack on a whole Tortilla,it's soo yummy.My kids were asking for more today!It's healthy and easy to do..

@, thank you so much!No,I didnot carve any, they are all from that book.Snack topping was salty cream cheese, yummy..Alrighty,all of you pack up and move in, we will have a grand time!!:))BYOB!!Bring your own bed:D

FH said...

Hi Monisha, I missed your delightful desserts! I did check ur site often in vain, now I know that lady was on the prowl!:D
Good to see you back. I might get a picture of kids in the costume and attach it.Btw they are not so little anymore:)Thanks girl and start baking something beautiful for us as only you can do. Welcome back.....

Thanks Padma, it was quite an effort but my kids laughed their head off looking at them in my blog.It was all worth it.Glad you enjoyed it all:)

No sra, house you see is our neighbors infront of us,our's is a red brick house.If it's snows this yr, I will put up my house covered with snow.I love bright colors,makes me feel good.Thanks sra,glad you liked it all:))Have a great weekend...

Kelley said...

Those pumpkins are hysterical - how clever to carve them so that the stem serves as the nose!

Your Halloween treats look delicious! It looks like Halloween is going to be a lot of fun at your house!

And that Libby's pumpkin pie recipe is my favorite. I don't consider it a real Thanksgiving meal without one! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely pics! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was a kid at ur house.. ur kids are lucky to have such a fun loving mom..happy halloween!!!

Tree said...

what a fun post! Love all your halloween ideas and the pumpkins are so cool.

FH said...

Shaheen,you are so sweet! Thank you , and have a great fun with your kid too..

Thanks Shankari, same to you too,have fun..:)

Thanks Kelley! Love that Libby's recipe,delicious!! Pumpkins are hilarious and scary too!The real one is even more scary:)Have a good Halloween fun!!

csar said...

Eso que llamais Halloween no es mas que una antikisima tradicion celta que habeis cogido y le habeis metido una dosis de consumismo.
Es lo que pasa en un pais capitalista y sin historia... un poco triste. La historia es lo mas grande que se puede tener... y eso no os lo daran los misiles y las invasiones ilegales.
Un saludo desde EspaƱa


Anonymous said...

Oh Asha, I'm scared to bits! ;) Love your fun halloween creations! And great photos of the veggies too -- oranges and peppers are especially clever ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh my! my!..ashaji...u r still a kid at heart..and ur kids r surely having fun with a big kid arround them..but how about the 'biggest kid' in ur family?? is he also fun loving ? anyway..i just loved all that pic of the pumpkins..did u make that? have a spooky ,tricky happy halloween..

mommyof2 said...

I envy your friends & family.. lol!! j/k

You are great yaar..:-)

Anonymous said...

OMG! these are Awesome pictures! great collection of spookypumpkins..and a mouthwatering spread and not to mention a beautiful Tree in sight...wow,Asha you've made Halloween seem very deliciously spooky...Happy Halloween to you & family:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Photos are great. I viewed your blog in daytime. Before the nightfall, i shall overcome the scary photos. -:)
Happy Halloween.......

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, Asha.....love the pic of the tree.....and the pumpkins....they've been carved so well. The last one really is gross. Wonder how people would eat it.....

Me said...

I love the food faces in the fruits and vegetables, and as always I love the food. MMM, pumpkin pie = win!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, i am spooked to death. Enjoy a terrific Halloween.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

nice photographs and yes they are too scary..nice work and happy halloween to u and your dera children..have a great weekend asha:-)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Great pics and amazing feast. I'll be posting a Halloween special too and will be linking to your great post here. Asha, you are wild. I love you for that!

Prema Sundar said...

Hey Asha, I love the fall photo and the boo one too.
U did a great job for halloween Asha. Everything was very impressive.
BTW i liked ur Diwali spread..

Mamatha said...

I am not going to say anything that the others haven't already said - I really wish I had your energy and enthusiasm!!! It's such a treat visiting your blog. Btw, in response to your comment on my blog, no dear I haven't forgotten you (how can I!) - I was just waiting for some more people to participate in the quiz. I'll post the answers today. Btw, what are your kids dressing up as for Halloween - I'm sure you have come up with some imaginative costumes for them.

Mamatha said...

Reading the "You'll be next" sign on the tomsbstone snack reminds me of this incident that happened when I was in school - this random kid dresssed up as the Grim Reaper walks in when class is in session, points his finger at the professor and quietly leaves. It was hillarious!!!

FH said...

Csar!No Habla Espanol!!:(
Hope you are complimenting me,if so ,thanks.If not, thank you visiting!:))

Thanks Tree,I am sure your pet is feeling well now.cold virus is here again.Have a great Halloween!

Thanks Shree!Everybody is diff,shouldn't compare.I am a perfectionist ie little crazy!:)I am sure you are wonderful as you are.Have a fun Halloween..

Archana, thanks and you have a spooky night on Halloween too!!:))

FH said...

I can't wait for the ans,Faffer!Thank you,I try to do my best in everything I do,gets me in trouble sometimes:)Costumes are their likings,I just pay.I think they have Harry Potter and Darth.. or something,not sure!:D

Hi Prema,commenting from India!You lucky girl.I am sure you had a great Diwali,thanks for taking time to visit me.I know they don't do Halloween there,so have fun in India's warm weather:))

I can't wait to see your Halloween ,Meeta!Thank you and love you too,you are a sweetheart:))

Thanks Meena! Is your son going trick or treating this year? He is such a handsome guy,hope he dresses up and go with mommy.Enjoy!:)

FH said...

Hi Orhan, they did a survey here abt what aroma men most like.Guess what? Pumpkin pie!:))I love it too , fills up the whole house to feel festive.Thank you for visiting me,have a great Halloween..

Thanks Jaya.I know,how gross is that? After I saw that,I took a camera next time to the store!:)I am sure it's a normal pumpkin inside,just outside is horrible to look indeed:D

MT!:D:D Don't worry, I will hold on to them until daytime for you to see!:)) Thanks and have fun!

Thank you S Paw! When I do something, I give 100% which makes me borderline crazy:D:D I enjoy it really,it's fun!Have a fun Halloween..

Anonymous said...

Asha, you're my hero!!! I am still recovering from Diwali and here you are so "into" the Halloween spirit. What an amazing person you are, I am so glad to know someone like you!


FH said...

Thanks Lera! Lucky I got that book from the library,Halloween wouldn't be the same without those pics! They are scry carvings.You don't have Halloween in B'lore I think. Have a great weekend thaen:)

Hello MO2! You got 2 kids too, you must in the process of dressing them for Halloween by now.That's what we do, always pleasing kids!!:))Thank you and have a great Halloween, mere yaarni..;D

Glad you got scared, Linda!:))Goal achieved and ready to move on to my Indian dal and Poori..little tired of sweets and snacks now..have a Happy Halloween Linda..

Hello Manekaji!Same to you too..
'Biggest Kid':D as a health care provider to the mass is equally passoinate abt his job & patients!So he works loooong hrs and comes home late everyday!He is always a late addition to the family fun,he does what we could.I don't mind,comes with the territory for marrying a doctor.I like my job ie being a wife and mom,I am a happy camper!!Can you tell?!:D:D
Thanks girl,you have fun there too in FL(?):))

FH said...

Thanks Lera! Lucky I got that book from the library,Halloween wouldn't be the same without those pics! They are scry carvings.You don't have Halloween in B'lore I think. Have a great weekend thaen:)

Hello MO2! You got 2 kids too, you must in the process of dressing them for Halloween by now.That's what we do, always pleasing kids!!:))Thank you and have a great Halloween, mere yaarni..;D

Glad you got scared, Linda!:))Goal achieved and ready to move on to my Indian dal and Poori..little tired of sweets and snacks now..have a Happy Halloween Linda..

Hello Manekaji!Same to you too..
'Biggest Kid':D as a health care provider to the mass is equally passoinate abt his job & patients!So he works loooong hrs and comes home late everyday!He is always a late addition to the family fun,he does what we could.I don't mind,comes with the territory for marrying a doctor.I like my job ie being a wife and mom,I am a happy camper!!Can you tell?!:D:D
Thanks girl,you have fun there too in FL(?):))

Brilynn said...

Wonderful post!
I used to eat mass amounts of those pillsbury cookies...

Anonymous said...

Asha, you are ready for Halloween already with goodies and all. The most I do is buy candies. I wish I were your neighbor. The teens in our neighborhood are planning a Halloween party and I have to take a platter with me and I have a ton of ideas now. thank you

Latha said...

Wow Ash! You are a great mom! Your kids better take care of you when your old! If not I'm personally coming there to kick their... you know what! :-)
My kids are still little enough to not want all these! Thank God. They are more into what Princess they want to be! My older one is Cinderella this year and next year she wants to be Aurora! SIGH...
And the younger one is Barney .. she must be the thinnest Barney I have seen :-)
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

FH said...

Latha!I showed ur co..to my kids.. My daughter(15)says "that lady will be old too when I am older,let's see!" and my son(11) says "me doubts it!" :D:D:D and they are laughing their head off!!:))
My kids are somuch older than your's,don't know who Aurora is! I am guessing an angel. Enjoy the girls! I remember Barney!!My girl has this monster mask with one light bulb on the forehead,looks like a Rakshasa in Indian Mythology!:) Have fun, Latha!!

Candies are good enough for kids, Indo!! That's all they want,everything else is bonus! Make those Coffin snacks,they are delish and some cookies,you are all set.have fun..

I believe you,Brilynn!:)) They are kids fav, aren't they?! A classic cookies every year with diff. designs.Enjoy...

FH said...

Oh thanks Lotus! You are a darling!I was dead tired until after the 3rd of Diwali,then got to do the routine mommy thing you know! No choice,but to grin and bear it.You guys are all so caring ,it makes me proud to be one of you!Thank you so much,I am honored to know you!Big mommy bear hug to you!!

I appreciate you , AF! Wait until you are a mom, then you will be on auto to do all these and more!:) Lucky your mom helping you this yr.
After 9/11, we are not allowed to give any homemade goodies here,everything must be wrapped and sealed.Kids are not allowed to eat candies until their parents check them all.Some fun is gone out of Halloween.Have fun in Aus..,lucky you and thank you!!Don't dum maro like Asha Bhonle:D:D

Oh Faffer! That is really scary.My kid is in High school,all the trenchcoats and grim reapers would give me a heart attack!! But it is hilarious if you think abt it,hope that teacher didn't get it at that time!!Now a days, it's all diff, isn't it? All the fun has gone out of everything..sigh...:))

Jaya M said...

Hi Asha !! I simply loved the fall tree,and awesome pics for Halloween and some mouth-watering recipe also .Simply a superb Job this time also ....you are such abundle of energy ....again love it and enjoyed it ....happy halloween

starry said...

You went all out for Halloween.Love that spread and really scary stuff.I like the tombstones.cute.thanks for sharing all those recipes.happy scary halloween.

Neer said...

Asha, you make food look and sound oh soo FUN!!

vasilisa said...

The coffin snacks are priceless... I can't wait for my kiddo to get older so I can scare him a little bit :-) I'm sure he'll enjoy that...

Anonymous said...

Asha, I just can't help seeing your post again and again.... you are one bundle of talent I must say. I don't have kids as yet, but I sure hope to do something like this for them. :) Now I am going to see it the 8th time. :)

Anonymous said...

You are having a great time! Have fun (life's too short not to!). Great cakes and all.

FH said...

I just translated what Csar guy said in Spanish up there,here is what he said:

"This that you call Halloween is only an antikisima Celtic tradition that you have taken and have put a dose of consumerism.
This is what it spends in a capitalist country and without history ... a little sad. The history is the biggest thing that it is possible to have ... and that you the missiles and the illegal invasions will not give it.
A greeting from Spain"

My reply to you Csar is this:

"Chill dude,it's just fun holiday for kids to get dressed in costumes ,eat candies and have some fun before the cold winter hits us all!! Don't over think it, okay?!Infact,I am sad for you and for your intolrance! If you are Anti-America,Anti-war,Anti-Halloween,there are forums you could go and discuss with people who can answer you.Sorry but this blog not it!I am sure you are a great guy. Have a nice day!"
A greeting to you from the 'land of the Free and the Brave' and a greeting from the 'land of Gods and Taj Mahal' too!:))

FH said...

Mantu, thanks girl! I am glad you enjoyed them all..have fun...

Thanks Starry, being a kid with the kids, that's the fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Neers, it was fun to create all those and to enjoy the Halloween just once a year.Kids' joyful expressions make it all worth it!
Thanks ,have a great weekend:))

Lisa, did you show him those pumpkins? May be he is too young.Yes, it's fun scare them but you know what? They laugh at all these rather than getting scared!:D Enjoy,you will have two kids to scare next year!!:))

Thanks Nidhi,I did post your comment but cannot find it here.Welcome to the blog world and I will check out your's.Thanks!!

Thanks Anita,you are right! Life is too short,enjoy while you can..have a great weekend!:)

Anupama said...

Your Halloween post has made me speechless. Does that say it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha ji,

Thanks for your wishes.I felt very happy to see your wishes.

20years?????So experienced person....Bless me too...

prasad said...

nice to see Samskara figuring in ur fav book list

ur page is all delicious

Anonymous said...

reality is but defined by one's perception... according to me...
clothing: minimalistic :P
eating: obligatory, lesser or nothing better!
Drinking: necessary
shelter: highly necessary
braces: *shudders* very very very very necessary
plasma tv: basic necessity :P

AHA nice way to dodge about commenting on the pretty kids issue... admit it why dont ya .. hehe.. actually dont.. dont really wanna make your conscience suffer :P .. but i know the truth mwahahaha

Lisa Johnson said...

**Best Halloween Post Award**

Asha - You are amazing!!! This post is wonderful. One of the best I've ever seen. The food looks delicious and I love the tree and the sky writing! Outstanding!!

I wish I had a cool graphic, but you deserve this award!

Anonymous said...

A job well done! The devil's food cake looks sinfully delicious!


FH said...

Thanks Prasad! I love all his books!Glad you liked my blog!

You will do fine Usha!Wish you a long happy married life!!Have fun:))

That said it all, Anupama!!Thanks!!:)))

Rooma, hope you save this somewhere and use for your future kids!! Right now,have fun looking them and enjoy!!:D

FH said...

Thank you Trupti! Glad you liked my Halloween post,enjoy!:)

Anali! Graphic or not, I will accept my award humbly and I thank you and the academy.....:D:D

Isha, you sweet girl! I do have a 15 yr old pretty girl who was on braces until last year.Believe me, she will not get what she wants if it's unreasonable and gets everything she needs!
I will ask you when you have your own little kids someday, if you prefer your good looking kid than the other ordinary looking one!It is impossible to love one more than the other, you know!It's true girl!:D:D Keep in touch!!We will talk more!
Btw did you like my post?

Sai said...


I am speechless. All i can say is Bravo!!!

PS: With all the delectable treats not just your kids but all their friends would take care of you when you get old! Why wouldn't they? They know for certain that you will be making all these yummy goodies for them and their children.

Take care and God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Asha, you are simply amazing!

Your kids are very very lucky! I'll be there to remind them, don't you worry!

Have a spooky Hallowe'en!

Margie said...

A totally amazing post!
Just wonderful!
Cheers to you!
I loved it!


Margie said...

A totally amazing post!
Just wonderful!
Cheers to you!
I loved it!


FH said...

I hope so Sai! You never know with these modern day kids:D But seroiously ,we should except them take care of us anyway,right:)Have a great weekend,thanks!

I will hold you to that Manisha!:D
Thanks girl and happy Halloween to you,enjoy...

Susan in Italy said...

Wow! So many gorgeous pictures! I miss the beautiful orangey trees of fall. And you made so many desserts! Your really take the cake, Asha. (oh, I mean "bake the cake")

Rachna said...

Hi Asha,

WOW WOW WOOOOOW, excellent post, a real treat to the eyes... yummy treats and excellent autumn picture.
I give you the supermom award!!!

Alexiev said...

Jaja... very simptic work

FH said...

Thanks Samuru! All your encouragements makes me feel good, and all the hard work pays in the end. Have a great day Sam!:)

Saffron I hope so too!:)The day I FEEL old would be the day I stop blogging!!:D Hope that day never comes..Thanks girl..cheers to you:)

Thank you Susan! I bake my cake and have it too:D:D
I love the fall colors,gold,ruby, some emerald...WOW!!Makes you feel good, then winter comes.Everything will be bare for so long:(
Have a nice day in sunny Italy.:))

Thank you Dumela! 'Supermom' award is the greatest award you could give me and I am thrilled:)))
You guys are all so nice,I am honored to know you and enjoy the fall colors..

Anonymous said...

Those pumpkins.. some a nice.. some a yuck!! I'm a walking Zombie.. maybe a bit late for Halloween, but never the less. Boo!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha,
Whenever I visit your blog, I get hooked on those Pumpkins. They look just perfect for Halloween...
and those Bell-peppers, also make a mark.

Anonymous said...

Wow asha, such wonderful treats, your kids are bery bery lucky! Happy halloween :)

Unknown said...

Lady, you are soon going to get blogger down due to this hit overload, 76 comments is the goddamn largest number of comments I have ever seen...your enthusiasm draws ppl to your blog like magnets--woohooo.....you scared me with all those goodies....Supermom, super lady, super bloggger, super everything

You have loads of fun

Anonymous said...

Gosh! You are really in the halloween mode here. Enjoy! I made the rajma - malai mar ke and it was awesome. You were right. It tasted better the next day. It was my first time making anything with rajma and I am so happy it turned out great.

Anonymous said...

82 and counting... amazing treats asha... your enthusiam is infectious...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

That's quite a Halloween spread you have! I especially like your tombstones. The cheese looks really eerie! Happy Halloween to you!

FH said...

Alexiev, huh..?! Is 'simptic' a compliment? If it is ,thank you!:)
Have fun!

Thanks Nidhi,glad you liked them all, I am happppyyyyy!:))

Johnny darling, Halloween is tomorrow( Tuesday)?!!:)
Hey, I know! Zombies fit in perfectly by my coffin snack up there.Go ahead Zombie, make my day !!(Clint Eastwood style):D
Put that JD down,you can't rest with that,makes it even worse.Take it easy,Johnson....:))

Hulloooo N!! At last,I hit the jackpot, you are here!!:) 81 now and counting for Halloween! For Diwali post, 113!!
Thank you! yes,this super duper lady also works her ... off for all these too!:D:D Hard work pays in appreciation,affection and care of all these people,I am basking in that glory indeed!
Halloween is tomorrow,have fun there ie if you have it in India.
Thanksgiving is around the corner too! Hope you had a great Diwali,we all did! Cheers to you too,girl!!:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pumpkins with cute scary faces.

Sangita S said...

Gosh how do u come up with stuff like this..Amazing. I come here only to see all the pretty food and pics even though I know I am too lazy to try them :-) Ur kids are reallyyy going to enjoy..Happy Halloween BTW u surely know ucan open a store or u already have one??

Deepa Culinary World said...

everything about halloween is great.thanks for sharing.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Whew!!! I am transfiguring myself into a kid today. Asha i knock at ur door... Betta tell me TRICK OR TREAT??? Fast!! fast c'mon!!!

Anonymous said...

My god what a smorgasboard of sweet treats! Makes me feel like a kid again... ;-) Really wish that I had time to host a Halloween party tonight (would be fab to serve fried toad!) but no, there are other plans to scare up! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...


Those are some amazing food works. Cannot believe how patient, loving and cool Mom you are. Please keep these wonderful creations coming, and inspiring foodies like me. Kudos to you!


Anonymous said...

marvellous! pity we don't celebrate halloween here in india... well, we DO have diwali, holi et al, but i preferred baked sweet goodies like these to fried munchies!
you really are foodie's hope! :D

Anonymous said...

WOW Asha! I am lost for words now. Tell you what...you shud start your own show on Food network! this is so much better than all that they showed (repeated from last year) this week. Love the tombstones. I hope recipes and methods will follow in the next post?

Shionge said...

OMG! That lovely tree right out in front of your house? How lucky! How pretty and yes, life is good ya!

OMG! OMG! You kids are so lucky to have you bake all those goodies for them...OMG! :D Can I join in the fun?????

Happy Day!

FH said...

Hi Sneha, glad even teenagers are choosing to come here!:))Halloween is not really a festival but a commercialised event US style. India does have fun one's like holi.I will bring you more baked goodies for Thanksgiving( another u don't have in India!)and Christmas!Have fun there sweets!

Aw..Nav! Thank you, I do my best in whatever I do at the cost of my well being!:D Enjoy!!

OOO Rowena! What other plans?? I am scared now,Toad was scary enough!:))Have a good one today!!

TREAT TREAT, Skeeter! Oh Lord! Am I crazy to get in your way!!You almost buried me once!! JEEZ!!:D

FH said...

Thanks Deepa!! Is your kid going Trick or Treating today, would be lot of fun for him!!Enjoy....

Hi Sangita! You are welcome to enjoy just looking at them and comment ofcourse!;)My kids ask me the same, 'Mom, you should open a restaurant'!
But I am happy to be here in my blog, bring you all these eye candies,keeps me happy! Thanks..

Thank you Priya! I got lucky to get that book of Pumpkins. Couldn't have done without it!Have fun today!!

FH said...

Gini, I am so glad you tried and liked Rajma,my style. Punjabis do make it little diff. as I learned.But as long as it works, it's all good.Thank you for the feedback. Have fun today!:))

Nalini, Happy Halloween to you! That Tombstone snack is delicious to eat,hope you try on a whole Tortilla. Enjoy!!:)

Thanks girl, yes,95 and counting!:D
You guys are amazingingly kind! I am happy to bring you all these.Kids are going to have a great time today, 75F tonight here in NC.Hurray!!:) Have fun, Mandira!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha

What a delight! I'm not even going to try to write a post about Halloween, I'm just going to link to yours! Wonderful - particularly the scabby pumpkin, which is about as close to the Black Death as you can get without actually going back in time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOW - so pretty (and scary!!!)
I love everything, it looks really great!
hope you and your kids had fun (and didn't freeze!)

wheresmymind said...

I really dig that red tree! Looks like it is on fire :)

FH said...

Jeff, I thought I am going to miss fall colors before my Halloween post,but there it is right on time!! Enjoy:)

We will Julia!:) It's 65F tonight, not bad at all.Hope you do too!!Thanks for droping by!!Don't eat too much candies!:D

Feeling a little better John?!:))
Take care buddy,have some fun too!
All work, no play makes Johnny ....?!:D

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. I love the pumpkins.

FH said...

*Black Death* :D:D
June, you are right! They do look like death, gross. Thanks for linking me but give us your ideas of scary stuff,will be fun!:))Thanks for visiting!!

Yes, Shinoge. Every year at this time , they all turn so colorful like wonderland for few weeks! Then they all fall out,bare whole winter.Come on join us and bring your kids too! More the merrier!:)

Oh Hema! You are too kind:)
No, I am fine here at home , doing my thang!!:D Recipes are already there next to the pumpkins,don't miss them,Snack is really delish!!
Have fun!!

PerfumesReviewer said...

fantasstic.. mouth watering pics

ahaa am gonna love this foody blog!

hapy haloween

FH said...

Hello Punjabi car freak, that's a mouthful to say!:D Glad you liked it and happy halloween to you!

Thnak you Chrisb! Your grand kids are so cute in those costumes.I bet they will have a great time.Enjoy your day!:))

Lakshmi said...

Happy halloween
wow , those pumpkins looks great.
great work

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ithought my cakes were good till I came here!
I love your pumpkin I must try harder next year!

FH said...

Hi Lakshmi! Thanks , glad you enjoyed them all! Have fun tonight:))

Thanks Beccy! Your cakes are defty better than mine, don't worry! I am not that of a good baker!:)) You and your kids have fun tonight!:D Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh...my..gosh!! I have no words for these. Absolutely spectacular, and of course spooktaculour :). Did you make those pumpkin pics too?

Happy Hallooween! The costumes of the Martian and the scary monster are great!

Vani said...

Your kids' costumes are awesome! I'm sure they had a blast trick or treating! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! I LOVE that tree...one of the things I miss most about the east coast...

Anonymous said...

my first time here! oh wowwww
so many recipes!! what a good site for indian recipes! happy halloween to you!

sra said...

Hi Asha, really scary, your daughter's mask, especially scary!

Gattina Cheung said...

I can see how your kids enjoy this day! What a lovely and creative meal you made for them!
Btw, the scene and the tree in your yard... breath-taking!!!

Anonymous said...

ur kids are scary,thank GOD i didnt visit ur place ;)
now that halloween is over i m eagerly waiting for thanks giving posts
what are you having in stock for us??????

FH said...

Thanks Gattina!:) I love that color too,can't get enough of it!
Kids had a great time yesterday,weather co-operated too:D

sra! Trisha took Tushar around for trick or treating with a mask!:D She thinks , she is too "old" to beg for candies!Thay had a grand time...

Hey Anonymous,thank you! Glad you found me.Next time leave a name so I can recognize you when you come back next time !:)) Hope you try some of the recipes and give me a feedback, any advice...

FH said...

Hi Mystic!thank you. Those pumpkins are from a book , I just took photos.They are somuch fun,very creative whoever carved them are very talented:)Kids had fun yesterday:))

They had a great time yesterday, Vani!They were gone for 2hrs atleast, went to 2 more neighborshoods here.Next yr M's turn ,get ready!:) Lot of kiddies came to our house yesterday,got scared of my son's alien mask and started screaming:D:D

Hi Payal! thank you for visiting and yes,south east gets all colorful in fall.I didn't you were in East coast!Few more weeks,everything will be bare:( It's quite warm here right now,winter is just around the corner! Enjoy the colors there too..

Anonymous said...

The martians are coming :D You treating them too?? What abt me :(

Ashwini said...

Ohmygod Asha this is like a horror fest right here on your blog :-)
Those are 2 scary kids! Glad you had fun...

FH said...

You know it , Ashwini!:D We did, everything was great this year, Diwali and this too! We created lot memories..thanks , hope you had a great time too..:))

Aww..!!! Johnny, if you had come to my house for trick or treat as a Zombie, you would have gotten popcorn packs and loads of candy corns, a martian and monster to keep you company!:D
Well..you have JD for a treat now or is it all gone? But then you are getting 'Pongal' in Jan, you know where! That would be nice a treat too, huh! ;))

Seema said...

Wawww...u had a great time at Haloweeen...commendable enthuu that is Ashu..keep goin !!!
Lovely picsss...

FH said...

You are a doll Seema! Thank you, I have been busy and a little tired these days but enjoying to the fullest. I will do my blog rounds today,will visit you!Have a great weekend,check out my new post!:))

Oh AF!You make me feel good and proud by all your comments.For a mum, there is no greater compliment than what you said.I am blessed to have my kids,they are very centered, intelligent ,playful, and teachers' pets too!:D
Thank you so much, your mum looks so happy in the photo. Enjoy her stay and enjoy your daughter.Have a wonderful weekend in Aus..:))

Yes, it was very scary around here JayaK!:D Had a great time.Thankgiving is 3 weeks away, thank God! I will post some others in betn, something Indian today!Can't wait after all these sweets overload!:)

jayshree said...

OMG, what a Halloween parade you have here. Jus' spectacular Asha !!! Oh Oh Can I borrow some words to say more about this :)). Amazing.

Anonymous said...

nice costumes! seems like they've taken their roles quite seriously - your daughter especially :)

FH said...

@! I know:D She is lot bigger than skinny him.They are always like that but playfully though!:) They had a great time this year,weather was warm thankfully...

Thanks Jay! Thank God for that book of pumpkins I found in the library, it made all the difference.Hope you had fun too:))

mommyof2 said...

I check ur blog everyday and that too more than one time so ofcourse I saw ur updated post with costume kids;-) so cute:-)

FH said...

I didn't know you check me everyday, MO2!!:)) Thanks, I am flattered...they did have a great time..

Anonymous said...

My God, You have had a terrible scary halloweeeen.Great job , Asha.

FH said...

Thanks Laksmi! We did have a great halloween! Hope you did too!:))

Mystic Rose said...

great pics, asha!!!
all of them...not only r u a wonderful cook but also a good photographer and writer!

FH said...

Thank you Mystic, I will take the compliment with a smile:) Glad you enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

these look really scary , how did u make those teeths so perfect?

FH said...

Hi rv,was it too scary for you?!:D

No,I didn't carve those pumpkins but it's from a book I mentioned on top of the pics.You can carve them with a very sharp knife very carefully:))