October 02, 2006


Green bell peppers,also called 'Capsicums' in India is a versatile vegetable. Red, yellow, green peppers make a colorful addition to salads. Bhath means anything cooked with rice,they're quick and easy,perfect for a Sunday lunch without slogging too much over the stove which is always makes me happy!Today,I am giving you my versions of Green Pepper Bhath and cooling Yogurt bhath with easy Jalebis for dessert!!

How popular Jalebis are for Indians around the World??! There is song I think by 'Apache Indian' of UK , who sings "I want a wife who is sweet like jalebi!!" :D:D:D That says it all!! Need I say more?! Enjoy!!

Usually, I do plan an elaborate lunch for Sundays, but last Sunday I didn't feel like cooking somehow, so I just decided on these quick dishes. Btw,I don't usually cook any dishes just to post in my blog unless I am sending an entry to an event!! I cook for my family as usual and if I feel that some dishes are good enough to blog ,then I take some pictures as I cook and post them later. That's why most of my posts have a full meal instead of any one dish because that's what we had for lunch or dinner!!:))

Our Sunday Lunch With Jalebis!!(scroll all the way down:D)

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This recipe is from 'Indo Link', which I had noted down long time ago because of it's wonderful flavor and taste.I did change some ingredients to personalize.Capsicum bhath recipe is the only dish I would use green peppers with rice,it adds a soft and sweet taste to the spicy masala in contrast.I know lot of you have posted capsicum rice recipes, add mine too your collection!!:) So, Spicy Pepper Bhath with equally delicious but cooling yoghurt rice and sweet Jalebis for dessert, here we come !!:)
Where is the protein here,do you ask?! We will get some good sandwiches for dinner!!It's all about the yummy spicy tasty food right now!!:))

2 cups rice , cooked and cooled
3 Green Bell Peppers or any other colors,sliced
Juice of 1 Lime if required

Saute All These in 1 tsp of Oil: 2 tbsp Coriander Seeds, 2 tsp Cumin Seeds,2-4 Dry red chillies,1 tbsp each Chana dal and Urad dal, 5-6 pepper corns,1" cinnamon (dalchini), seperately until reddish.
Grind all the above with: turmeric , 2 tsp tamarind juice, 2 tsp poppy seeds and 1/4 cup fresh grated coconut to a smooth paste.

Season With: 2 tbsp Oil and ghee,1 tsp of each mustard seeds,cumin seeds,chana dal , Urad dal,1-2 red chillies,few curry leaves,1 tbsp each cashew nuts and peanuts.

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HOW TO: Season till cashews are reddish, add green peppers and fry until almost cooked.Add ground masala and mix well ,simmer for 5 mins on low heat. Take out of the heat and add enough masala to rice & mix well,add salt,cilantro and lime juice if needed. That's it,tasty Green Bell Pepper Bhath is ready!!

Serve With: Spiced Yoghurt rice for delicious combination of spicy Bhath and cooling yoghurt along with some tasty, crispy banana chips,slices of lime and don't forget the deesert!! Doesn't that sound good ??!! I think that's a perfect, relatively easy sunday meal!! :))

NOTE: You don't have to use all the masala with rice, use only as much as needed.Save the rest of the masala to use in veg. combo with chapatis for your next meal!! I will post that combo sometime later! Adjust the spices according to your taste!!


2 cups Rice cooked soft, cooled
1/4 Cup Sweet Red Onion finely chopped (optional)
2-3 Cups Low-fat or fat-free Plain yoghurt,
1/2 cup milk if needed to thin out rice

Take The Juice of: 1" Ginger ,2 Garlic Cloves,Salt,2 tsp Water.

1 tsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tsp Chana Dal
2 Green chillies
1 Red Chilly for color
Curry Leaves
Cilantro minced

1.Crush ginger and garlic with salt and 2 tsp water in a cup or blender,squeeze the juice out and add to cooled rice. Discard the dry solid parts.
2. Season with all the above,when reddish, add cilantro and quickly add to rice so you donot burn the cilantro but just saute gently.
3. Add yoghurt to rice, only as much as needed to make it soft but not runny.Adjust the salt.Then put in chopped raw onion and mix well.

NOTE:Rice will absorb a lot of yoghurt and gets thick as it rests.You can add some milk to thin it out if you like.

A Quick Jalebi For Dessert Anyone!!:
Last sunday, my daughter wanted Orange Chicken but I wasn't in the mood to cook that. May be I will do it next weekend or so!! Instead , I decided to make this quick and easy Indian dessert called Jalebis!! Hey!! it's orange too!! My daughter was happy!!

For Non-Indians, it's a fried spiral dessert made of flour and little yoghurt which is briefly soaked in saffron sugar syrup!! Popular all over India, I have found a quick version of making them using what we can find in US kitchen shelves.Hope you will try!! May not be the authentic way, but something you can make it for a quick dessert!!:)

Here is My Easy Saffrony Jalebi!!:))

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1 Cup Plain all purpose flour, 2 tsps Besan/gramflour (makes it tasty and colorful but optional),1 tbsp plain Yoghurt, Pinch of salt,1/8 tsp baking pd, pinch of Saffron or orange food color mixed with water, pinch of cardamom pd,1 tbsp sugar pd.

Add enough water mixed with 1tbsp powdered sugar and pinch of saffron or orange food color, to make a thickish batter , good enough to squeeze out of a piping bag. Leave it to rest for 10 mins.

Meanwhile to make syrup, boil 2 cups of water with 1 cup sugar,pinch of saffron or orange food color,1/8 tsp cardamom pd, stir until it gets little thicker for 15 mins,take out of the heat,cool. Easier way?? Use heated Karo light corn syrup with any essence you like:))

Posted by Picasa Pour the batter into a piping bag.I used a plastic mustard bottle with top cut off for a wider hole to squeeze out batter!!:D Heat enough oil to(350F),squeeze the batter into the oil in a circular motion to create a shape, doesn't need to be perfect! We are not pros anyway!!Fry gently both sides until golden, but not dark.

Posted by Picasa Take out with fork,drain the oil,and immediately put it into the syrup for 5 mins,flip to soak the other side,soak for 5 more mins.Take it out ,arrange on a plate, sprinkle powdered sugar, and serve.

NOTE: Best served right out of the syrup, crispy and sweet!! It tends to get soggy when it's cold but still tasty to eat!!



saakshi said...

Wow, Asha.....Jalebi is one of my favorite sweets. I never knew it was this easy to make. Thanks for the recipe, will try it out soon. And hey thanks for looking at the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Ur capsicum rice is a must try for me but before it, is the jalebis.wow.

FH said...

Hi Saakshi!! Nice pics in your blog,enjoyed them all! Hard work pays off!!:)) Thanks, make time and come back!!

Thanks Shaheen!! Jalebis are good ,aren't they?!:D:D Hope you will try!!

Unknown said...

Yippeeeee...jalebi...never knew it was this much easy to do..will try it first and then only the rice dishes...my son loves yougurt rice, sure will love this one...

Thanks Foodie's hope for your visits and encouragement...

Deepz said...

hey asha,
ure jilebis look delicious and also easy to make.

Prema Sundar said...

Asha Ur pictures are so nice and sure they are a feast for the eyes.I too thought jalebis are tough to make .. but ur step by step pictures encourage me to try it out.. thanks for the recipes.

Krithika said...

Wow ! so many recipes in a post :-) jalebis look delicious. Your family is very lucky

Anonymous said...

Asha, I confess -- I scrolled down to read about the jalebis first. I have wanted to try making these but just too intimidated by it -- now I can give it a shot! And will be back to read about the pepper-rice, too ;)
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Jalebi!!!!!!!!!! ummmmmmm!!!!!!! reminds me of that ad which used to come :)
The timing is perfect Asha...... would love to try it for diwali. :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Your Jalebis look soooo nice.
I follow the same procedure for capsicum rice.
Asha, I will post my version of Jangiri(Elder sister to jalebis) soon.
I missed all your earlier posts.All fantastic!!! Bamboo shoot pickle is new to me..Thanks .

Anonymous said...

Great recipes! I have tried jelabis once(only once!). I always wanted to make it again, but thought it is too difficult. Your pictures are tempting me to make it again. :)

Anonymous said...

Asha, I always thought jilebis were real hard to make....u make it sound so easy...
Curd rice is one of my all time favourite simple meals....I can eat it at any time of the day...have you tried it with sour cream??? It tastes really great.

Anonymous said...

Asha, I am completelt Awestuck looking at the jalebis, it looks so good just like the ones at the sweetstall.Thanks & cheers..:)

Anonymous said...

The Jalebi's are a must try. Havent dug my mouth into a nice juicy one in the US...I guess I have to get into the kithen for it :-) Thank you for the recipe

Anonymous said...

Hey u put a lot of effort in the post. Great pics and lot of detailing in recipes.
In a jify cud only savour in snatches; wud love to try out at home later.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Asha, on seeing Jalebis in the heading I directly jumped to it !! Though my favorite, never dared to try. Now I will :) Now let me go back to your other dishes in the post...

FH said...

Thought you are all going to like Jalebis!!:))It's so easy too but hard to make the shapes as in store-bought though! Thanks Maheshwari!

Thanks Deepz! Hope you will try!!:)

Thanks Prema! They are surprisingly easy to make!But they are fried so you don't want to cook too often!:D

FH said...

Krithika! I don't know abt family being lucky.. we are all on the plump side except for my skinny son!:D:D Thanks girl!!

Linda!! I suspected it would happen!:)) That's why I wrote 'scroll down'!!:D:D
Most Indians know abt these rice dishes,probably buy Jalebis in the stores! Hope you will try!!

Hi Rooma! Perfect for Diwali,indeed! One more sweets to add, eh??!!:) Thanks!!

FH said...

Hello MT!So glad you are here! You are special to me, know why? When I first started the blog in mid July, you are the first one to advice me on how to leave comments,so people would know I am here!and I don't forget a good deed! Thanks and I love and prefer Jahangirs made of Urad dal to flour Jalebis!!I can't wait to see if you making them!!:))

Thanks rp! I always thought that it was difficult too! Not any more as you can see!:)) Try again!!

Jayashree! I use sour cream in all yoghurt based dishes except this!! Next time I will use in this as well! I love curd rice too!Yummy!!Thanks!

FH said...

Thanks Lera!! That was a great compliment!!:)) It tastes good too as long as you don't let it hang around too long!!

Priya! I know what you mean! The one get here are not as good as we get in India! and then I have to drive atleast 20+ miles and buy them in the stores!:))
Thank you!

Thanks and welcome to my blog, Kulpreet!! Jalebis are Punjab's fav. as I have heard!:))Mine may not match that taste of Indian Jalebis,ofcourse!! But something you can make in a jiffy and get creative!! :)) Pure fun!!

Harmonia said...

YOU Have been featured on today's Shout Outs! ;) Neat post!

Kavitha said...

Hi Asha
The masala bhath looks yummy!!! a must try. and nothing like cool curd rice to complete a meal. The jalebis... i think i will have to step up to the next level before i try this... till then i think i will stick to store bought :)

Nee said...

Um, this is what happens when you DON'T feel like cooking? Jalebis??

EYE said...

ummmm... love jalebis.. guess i m going to try this out:)

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

just found your blog via Harmonia's.

LOVE the way you set up each post and the what you need, how to. Wonderful idea!

My husband's family is from Bangalore, and I'm always looking for Indian dishes I haven't tried to add to the table. I have to veganize everything, but that's usually no problem at all.
Can't wait to stop back by! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW! Awesome recipes Asha. It is 10-45 morning now and I am hungry as hell looking at your pictures. Nimma manege ootakke barla?


Vani said...

Wow, girl! Jalebis for lunch?! How lovely!!

BTW, I'm planning to make your brinjal yengai soon. Will let u know how well I did.

FH said...

Thanks Jayshree for jumping rt into Jalebis!! I would too!:D

Harmonia,thanks for the shout out!! YAY!!I am honored!!:)

Hi spicelover! Rice dishes are tasty, but Jalebis are easier! Try!!:))

:D:D Nee!! I know!! But I felt guilty for making rice dishes for my kids who don't like them that much! What can you do,but please them with sweets!! You will understand when you have some kiddies!!:)

FH said...

Thanks me! Hope you will try!!:)

Thank you Vegan and yes! you could convert these into vegan dishes by eliminating whatever you don't need! Any q's abt cooking,let me know,I will help if I could!Nice to know your husband is from B'lore!:))

Hi Deepa! Manege banni, enoo tondare illa!!Ibroo seri ulake palake ella mugisi bidona!!:D:D
Hope you try these,thanks !!

Vani!! We eat heavy lunch and very light dinner at home on weekends!:)) After lunch,usually we go out and spend some time in the book stores and come home late in the evening,have sandwiches! Good digestion that way!!:D:D
Let me know abt enngayi,any advice too to improve! Thanks !

Latha said...

What a lovely spread Asha! Perfect combination! Will try u're rice. Like always I am very nervous when making sweets. But u're jalebi recipe looks really simple.


Meena Kandlakuti said...

nice recipes asha....all are very good looking and jelebi I love them will try your version ..my husband loves jelebi..thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Yum!! Thanks for reminding abt this wonderful sweet.

FH said...

I am a nervous sweet maker too!:) When started to make this ,I wasn't sure but took photos anyway! Then they came out better than I expected! Spicy rice and sweet Jalebi! Perfect indeed!Thanks Latha!

Thanks Meena K! Hope you make some Jalebis for your hubby and your cute kid!!:))

FH said...

Thanks Divya!! Hope you will try them out too with your sweet sister and feed those hubbies of yours'! :))

Anonymous said...

I have exactly 3 bell peppers sitting in the fridge, will try them tomorrow. You are indeed adventerous to try Jalebies, I thought U have to use urad flour for that.

Anonymous said...


thanks for ur encouragement. Hey, we are excited about the meme...will b our 1st..lets see how it goes!!


sra said...

Asha, thanks for tagging me, will do the meme before the weekend's out. I like the shortcut you used for the piping bag - I'm always looking for such tricks.

FH said...

I will let you know, or check back here on Thurs. Thanks Divya!!:)

Hi Shankari!Spicy rice tastes good!Jalebis are made with plain flour and Jahangirs are made urad dal which I love more than Jalebis! MT said she is going to make some Jahangirs to post!I can't wait!:))

sra,thanks for taking up the tag!Looking forward to it!:)Inexpensive plastic mustard bottle works beautifully!!:D

Hi Vibhor,welcome to by blog!! Hope your wife tries the easy jalebis! Let me know for sure!:))Thanks!!Check here on sat. for new dessert!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fooooooooooooodddd... Want moreeee...

On the other hand, may I request you to come up with a recipe that I can cook this weekend?

I got chicken legs, tomatoes, onions and some spices.

So, you gonna post a recipe that's easy to make, or would you wanna watch me starve :(

Considering you aint a hardcore veggie :s

starry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again. love your site. nice recipes and easy instructions. my husband will love some of that capsicum bath and also the jelabi's.his favorite. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Asha...never thought of making Jalebis-- I always that it could be got only in stores--- so happy to see a recipe for Jalebies-- must try recipe-- I love this sweet:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. You are really a foodie's hope. Your blog is so gorgeous and informative, that it is really a source of inspiration. But the problem is I cannot make up my mind which recipe to try...because they all look sooo good. The jalebis look Yummy!

FH said...

Hi Priya B! You were on a break!! Good!!Jalebis are easy peasy to make!!:)) Try them when you can!!Loved ridge gourd peel chutney! YUM!!

Loved reading ur tag, SN! I will be back and you do the same here if you can!!Thank you and hope you will make that bhath for ur hubby!!:))

FH said...

Mystic!! Too many compliments makes the cook go balloon headed with helium!! :D:D
No!!just kidding..thanks for stopping by and try some recipes slowly one by one!!Don't forget to come back and give me the feedback!!

Mahek said...

such a great meal!!!!
i just love yoghurt rice and i think there are many versions to it
i will be making your version soon will let you know.
thanks for visiting my blog .
your was the first entry even before i specially invited bloggers to send entries and i thank you for your enthusiasm which made me write the post immediatly.
keep in touch.

FH said...

Hi Mahek! I thought you are asking for sending in the Thalis!:))

But no worries, I will send you some more of mine!Thanks!!

FH said...

Hey John!! I published your comment but I can't find it here anywhere!! I don't know what the heck happened and where!!

Anyway, I thought I would let you know if you come back here to check, I have left the info you asked for in your blog! Sorry abt the missing comment, Man!! Not my fault!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Many thanx for ur comments on my blog.
Fully endorse ur views about our culture and values.
How I got to your blog? I don't know, I guess I was surfing some food sites. To be honest I also love food. But that comes second to my writing.

FH said...

Thanks Kulpreet! I am glad you liked it. Hope you will come back with more advice and inspiration!:)

Unknown said...

Going to make this before my husband leaves for a week, its his favorite ..thanks for posting asha:) you have such a huge collection of recipes that i didnt know where to start looking for ..each one looked more tempting to try than the other...so finally decided on jalebi as its been long pending in my list of wud-be-making recipes for husband:)

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

I hop to your blog through coffee's blog.I thought of commenting after I tried,b'coz I was bit nervous its my first time making jalebis right from beginning on my own.I left the batter for 4 hours not purpously.I have to try after leaving it for 10 min next time.I will sit for frying 1 or 2 jalebis in my parents home with coconut shell.So for first time I got a swirl and round shape.I made this for hubby's birthday.He was so enjoyed.Thanks for sharing the receipes.

FH said...

Hi GV,good to see you and thanks for trying Jalebis!:)
I remember my grandmother making them with Coconut shell too!I just invented mustard bottle myself,works well and easy too.Glad you enjoyed it!:)

Grihini said...

Hi Asha, Found your Jalebi recipe and just cant seem to stop thinking of it. You make it sound so easy with pictures. I definitly got to try this one.

FH said...

It is easy to make at home G, not that much of work either. Try it!:))

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Iam surely gonna try the jalebi..... its yummyyyy

FH said...

Hi Shubha, Jalabi is very easy to make too, enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha... the jalebis look amazin !! I wanted to try them and was searching a few sites for the recipes while I came across yours. Almost all other recipes use active dry yeast. Could you tell me what difference it makes to the taste or otherwise?

FH said...

Hi Anon,
Yeast is never used in India for making Jalebis at all! Most Indians make these either with plain flour or mix of Plain flour and 2 tbsp Besan.
Jahangir on the other hand are made with Urad dal paste.
Yeast usually makes any bread rise well and to make the bread soft compared to quick breads which uses baking pd for quick rising. May be that's it does for Jalebis too.I have never tried it, so I don't know.
These Jalebis are crisp and then become soft after a while, very tasty and quick to make too.
Try both with yeast and without Yeast, see which one you like. Good luck!:))

vidhas said...

First time to your blog. YOur blog is Awesome, nice collection of recipes, beautiful presentation, Wahh i dont know how to explain in words. Great... Job

FH said...

Thank you very much for your appreciation Vidhas, makes me work more at beautifying it! :))

Have a great Diwali, enjoy. Hope to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I love your recipes they are so simple & inspiring!! I tried rasmalai, capsicum rice & Jilebi!!!Thank you very much!!

FH said...

Thank you for trying these Gowri. I love simple but tasty dishes for everyday meals too. Glad you liked them, enjoy! :))

Anonymous said...

thanks for an easy recipe