October 13, 2006

RAJMA - Malai Maar Ke :) WITH PARATHE !

Malai Maar Ke!!:D :D

I always wanted to say that! I did it this time!! You know how they shout across the room in little reasturants in India "Bhai, Chai Lao malai maar ke"!!:)))("Brother,bring me a tea with cream in it!" Indian style!) Love it!! Hey! my brothers and sisters, here is my Rajma , malai maar ke!!:D:D

I wish there were some punjabi bloggers out there who would give us authentic home style punjabi dishes! This might not be authentic,(don't blame me all you real Punjabis!:D) but my addition of fennel seeds and cardamoms gives this dish that sweet and aromatic gravy,like 'Shahi'(Royal) cooking!

After Chole-Bhature from Punjab, North India, this Rajma-Parathe comes next in my fav list!! I love the taste of soft kidney beans in onion-ginger-tomato masala served with all those soft layered parathas! Heaven!! Lot of protein and fiber with carb, some fat from parathas!! Perfect meal, isn't it?:)

Rajma-Parathe was our lunch last sunday. Since I had to send Zucchini-sage dish before the 12th to Monthly Mingle, I delayed this post until now!I have also shown below the makings of some parathas which I learnt recently from a book! There are many techniques to make layered parathas!I would like to learn diff.ways of making them and always looking for new ones too!!This method is easier compared to others!
Well!! Here we go!!:)

2-3 cans of Red Kidney beans(canned are better) or 2 cups dry kidney beans soaked and cooked.Cilantro, 1/4 cup Heavy cream or half & half,1/2tsp garam masala or Rajma masala pd.(Optional)

2 onions,sliced & fried in 2tsp oil until reddish,2 big garlic cloves,1" ginger,Turmeric,1tsp paprika for color,1tsp mango pd( Amchur),1/2 cup tomato sauce,1tsp sugar,2 cloves,1" cinnamon(dalchini),little mace pd,2 tsp fennel seeds,1 tbsp coriander pd,1 tsp cumin pd,1/2 tsp cardamoms seeds pd,1/2tsp shah jeera,chilli pd,3 tbsp cooked kidney beans.

Grind all the above ingredients in a blender to a smooth paste with little water.Meanwhile,make Onion relish with thinly sliced and washed onions,paprika,lemon juice and salt.Set aside in a bowl.Drain the kidney beans liquid,wash and keep them ready, chop cilantro and keep the cream handy...Are you ready yet?!:)

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Heat 1 tbsp oil and butter on medium heat, add the ground masala and fry gently until thickish and oil shows on top. Add kidney beans and 1 cup of water, simmer for 15 mins or until you get a nice aroma,shiny on top.Adjust the spices and salt now.

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Pour that delicious Rajma in an attracive dish,drizzle some cream on top, garnish with little garam masala or rajma masala pd and cilantro!! Done!! As always tastes better the next day!!Serve with relish ,lemon slices and parathas! and Rice!!

After getting a thrashing by a Dilliwali Ms.Skeeter, RAJMA is always eaten with CHAWAL(Rice)in North India people!!
So, make some rice too along with some Parathas and eat up before she buries me alive!!!:))

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How Do These Look, hah??!! Ready to dig in?! Not yet! Gotta make some Parathas!!:D (This recipe makes about 8-10 parathas)

Now, let's start making some of those yummy parathas!!

This Is How:

Mix 2 cups wheat flour or Atta,1 cup plain flour,1/2 tsp salt,1 tbsp canola oil,pinch of baking pd and knead to a firm dough with enough water.Divide into 6-8 golf sized balls,cover and rest for 15 mins.Never add too much water,you will mess the whole thing,takes some practice to get a firm,non-sticky dough!!

Take a ball,roll out to a 6" circle.Spray no-stick oil and sprinkle some flour on the top evenly, not too much but lightly.Fold the circle to a half moon shape,repeat with spray oil and flour.

Fold again to make a rectangle as shown in the pic.Now roll the rectangle like pinwheel fashion from one end to other to make a round and flatten a bit with layers facing upwards.Immediately after baking a paratha like below, put it in a paper towel and push it from both sides from the edges gently to release the layers!!

Posted by Picasa Gently roll out to a 4-6" circle taking care to not flatten the layers too much.Dust with little flour if you find it sticking to the rolling pin.Heat a skillet to medium heat and bake both sides to a golden specks on top.Take it out,brush with little butter(optional)and store in a tortilla warmer until you are ready to eat!!

Okay!! Now You Are Ready!! Get a Soft Drink or Lassi and ...!!;))

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Here is a typical Punjabi yoghurt drink ,my style Vanilla-Mint Lassi: from the previous post! You can skip vanilla flavor and make it with plain yoghurt with sugar or salt too!!

You know what would be the perfect Punjabi dessert to end this Rajma-Parathe meal?! JALEBIS!!:)) Mmmm...!!

Are you ready to kill me off yet?!:D Okay!!Okay!! I am almost done!!

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Have a fabulous weekend meal with your family!!
I can't wait for Diwali and to see all those goodies you guys are going to cook up! YAY!! Bring'em on Ladies!!:))

Hope all of you do know about this Diwali special Jihva event!!:))

BOO!! Friday The 13th today!!:D:D


indosungod said...

Friday the 13th scary indeed!! :)

Rajma looks delicious want to use a word that is more delicious than delicious but don't know any, love Rajma and that remind me I should make it this weekend. Thank you. Paratha looks great too.

Prema Sundar said...

WoW Asha... They look so delicious and inviting. Wish I could come over there and have some.
Thanks for linking the diwali special jhiva event. I would n't have known this if u had not linked ..

Latha said...

Hi Asha,
Woooooooooow. My mouth is drooling. I logged in to check out any latest updates from my favorite blogger friends before I leave to work. At work it has become increasingly busy and I am unable to drool at all the yummy dishes ;-)
Look at your spread! My husband would love this. He is a Rajma fan! I've eaten so much of it that I dont care that much anymore. But your'malai maar ke' version looks groovy.
In Engineering college, I had afriend in the hostel who was Punjabi form Ludhiana. Renu. Renu could'nt do without Rajma, Rice and Desi ghee atleast once a week. She would top hot rice with sizzling Rajma and a big dollop of desi ghee sent by her mom and slurp it all off. She made us eat it too, ever so often that for a long time after engineering I still craved Rajma atleast once a week :-)
Lassi, Jalebi's et all! Heaven!

Gattina Cheung said...

I just love how you described the texture of malai maar ke! Yup, really sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Yum Yum. I love rajma. I usually make it without onion and garlic, though at times I do use them minimally. Grinding some rajma alongwith the gravy also gives it a good texture. Thanks for the post. It has been a while since I made rajma.

Anonymous said...

ok.. wow... that hit the spot just perfect... im here slaving in my lab, and reading this in my 2 min break is very satisfying i must say..
your pictures look so delicious, i can almost taste the rajma...


starry said...

Me first.. It is 8am and I am helping myself to all this delicious food.love the pics.thanks for sharing these recipes.I have to make the red kidney beans.Happy Diwali to you and your family.have a good weekend.I got lucky today friday the 13th.

mommyof2 said...

your recipe is the punjabi way beside the fact that we don't fry onion first:-)but this is the speedy way cuz otherwise you have to fry the masala for a long time to make sure that onions are cooked:-)And we prefer rice with rajma:-)) At least I do:-D

btw I came up even faster version.. in oil add clove, bay leave,cadmamom, 1ts ginger garlic paste and fry it for a minute. add tomato paste or 1 tomato.. fry for 5 minutes(if tomato not the paste, paste only 1 minute fry).. add beans & all dry spices & water.. in 10 minutes you get the dish:-)

Brilynn said...

I'm salivating! All of it looks very very tasty!
I'll have mine with a mango lassi!

Anonymous said...

the rajama curry is superb....i think it 'll taste better with poori and wheat dosa too.i was not a big fan of vegetarian food ..but ur recipes r somewhat different and pic r visually appetizing...asha.. wish i could stay somewhere near by...

SikhsRus said...

great blog you have! I just happen to run intn it. These recepies are just amazing. Thank you for sharing!

FH said...

Thanks Indo!!I know!!Painfully delightful and delectable Rajma!!:D:D Just kidding, it's THAT good! BOO again!:))

Come over,Prema!! Loved to have you!:)) I suspected that some of you probably don't know abt Jihva,so I added this morning!!Great,start cooking now!!:D

Gattina! You better believe it! It is delicious, indeed!!:))

Brilynn! Great choice of Mango Lassi! You know it!!Hope you try Rajma!!Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sakathagide nim recipe. I know I should start blogging too and share some of my ajji's and mom's recipes. But time sigode illa asha, I have a toddler and a full time job so swalpa kooda purusothilla nodi. But will surely start blogging soo. Till then I will enjoy making your wonderful recipes!


FH said...

Thank you,Latha!! You are a super woman!! Married, kids and a full time job!!and all that cooking at home!!WOW!! Nice Rajma story during college days! I can imagine!!Nostalgia!!:)
I don't make it often either,anything too much,you start to dislike it!Hope ur husband gets to eat some Rajma soon!!:D:D

Thanks Hema! I did grind some beans with the gravy,ur rt!:) But ginger-garlic a must! You should post some next time Hema! Nice variation is always good!!:D

Mathangi! Worth the wait,hah?!:) I told you to hold on!:D:D Hope you will try soon!! Feedback when you do, please!!:)

FH said...

Starry,thank you! It's great that my food didn't scare you off on Friday ,the 13th!:D:D Thank you again for checking in at 8am! I am honored! Now go cook some!!:)

Hi Maneka!! Recovered !! Great!!:) This Rajma masala almost tastes like non-veg except beans in there!Poori would be great too! Dosa , never tried it! I always make Parathas or rice!Next time ,Poori!!YUM!! Thanks girl!!:))

Now, MO2!!Assuming you are a Punjabi,I am delighted with ur feedback!! I was hoping Punjabis would comment on it!Even asked Kulpreet! I used to grind everything and fry one by one!Then one day I thought,Heck I will fry first,then cook!:D Does work! Thank you somuch for ur version,I will try next!!Happy Diwali to u and ur family!!Have Fun,sweetie!!:)

Anonymous said...

I had to do a 'Chak De Patte' when I saw your 'Rajma Malai Mar Ke' :), you're photos and recipes are making me drool, I need to get home and fix me some of this !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful recipe!! Awesome pic!!! Thanks for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha...
Awesome Rajma Recipie Dear! U solved my fix of how to prepare Rajma in a different way...Will surely try this one out along with the Parathas!!
Thanks Dearie...
Take Care :)


Anonymous said...

I love the kadai that you've served the rajma in....parathas look great too....thx Asha.

Anonymous said...

never did tell you i made the kaaram recipe one day. my roommate was so jealous, bcos her boyfriend loved it so much..:) we all did too..


mommyof2 said...

yes Im punjabi:-)

Our ways are similar:-)

(my vies:-)Actually if you grind onion without frying its really pain in the neck then one day I was at my muslim friends place & she fried the onion & grind it with everyelse later. I really liked it:-)

and other way is to cut everything in half a finger size length & roast it with cumin & ther dry spices for 8-10 minutes and grind it.. It gives totally different taste and good too.. Its maharashtrian way and very quick compare to other way:-)I make butter chicken,lamb this way. totally awesome..

hey btw do you know how make white rice in like browinsh color. I ate it once but my step mother never told me how to make it and it was really good... look wise & eating too.. First I thought it might be with tea but nope..

FH said...

SikhRus! Welcome and hey! glad you ran into my blog!Don't make it first and the last now!:))Thanks!

OH! Thanks Mathangi! I love that Karam too,learnt from a fellow blogger!!Love with just rice and ghee! Yummy, indeed!!

Thanks for noticing the Kadai, Jaya!! I love it too,beautiful copper lid, so pretty to look at!!

FH said...

Hi Sangeeta girlfriend! Glad you liked it and blog some of your family treasures too,will ya!!:D

JFF!! thanks,nice blog you have too! Come back, now!!:))

Monisha! "Chak De Patte" ..I have a stomach ache now,ROTFL!!:D
I looove Hindi and all those slangs! Gimme more,girl!!:))

Vani said...

Though not a big fan of rajma unless made in a dhaba and served with jeera rice, this looks so good, especially the malai part, that I think I'll give this a try sometime. The rotis look great too!

FH said...

Deepa!I am on my knees and begging you, pleeeaase blog!!:)) I love anybody's mom's and grandmom's recipes! That's how we preserve our precious heritage, by sharing it!!You can do it on weekends,once a week for one hr spent on it is okay too! Start maadi,Nimisha enisutta irutteene alleetanaka!!:))

MO2!! Yippeee, a Punjabi! NIICE!!You have a great friend and teacher there! Wonderful! You should blog those yummies!!I will be all over them!:))
Hmm..Brown rice! Well!I know what's called "Dirty Rice" from New Orleans which involves ground beef! If you are vegetarian,only other way I can think of is fried and ground onions mixed with rice?! Bcos sometimes when I am making rice for Kurma,fried onions makes it brownish.Orelse was she cooking the rice with some soaked dal water like Desi chori or brown channa?! Step- mothers, Blah! why couldn't she teach you?!I will try and find out more!:)
Thanks for ur useful tips,keep'em coming! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...


I can tent in front of your home for such a delicious recipe. Hope its free when I visit you:-)))

Nabeela said...

oh wow....what a perfect meal...and your parathas look awesome Asha...as for the brown rice description going on here, the rice gets the color from fried onions, here's my recipe for it

Unknown said...

RAJMA - Malai Maar Ke..maar diya yaar...just a perfect meal..lassi..my fav..

Meena Kandlakuti said...

asha...the presentation is fabulous...great job asha as usual...happy weekend to you too:-))

Anonymous said...

I loved that kadai as much as I enjoyed looking at the rajma. May I ask where you got it from, it looks faboulous.

vasilisa said...

And the amazing Asha outcooks everyone again... Just looking at these pics makes me want to leave the kitchen never to return, cause this is just so delicious and creative, and amazing... I'm drooling all over...

Anonymous said...

Rajma and the hearty spread you have laid out is a wonderful Diwali Treat!what more could one ask for this weekend ...:)
BTW, your kadai looks great with those twisted handles.

Shionge said...

Oh wow! What a nice presentation...yes, we do have lassi here but I'm not adventurous to try them but see your vanilla-mint so nicely presented that I must check it out huh?

Yum..you gave me a different perspective on indian food already :D

Anonymous said...

I love rajma, but with poori. How do you manage to take those luscious looking photos in between cooking? Quite a task.

Deepavali special shuru maadi. Time hathra banthu :)

Me said...

Your attempt at trying to remain as authentic as possible whilst delivering a visually impressive dish is admirable. Keep up the superb work sweets!

FH said...

Vani,thanks! Stop dreamimg of Dhabas in US, girl!!Start cooking!!:))That's the only way!!

Pria,you are welcome to tent out,it's and the food free!! But I must warn you, it's freezing cold here in NC today!! 31 F!!:D:D Thanks!

Thanks for confirming,Nabeela!! I told her so too abt fried onoins in brown rice!!:)Will pass on the blog and thanks again!!

FH said...

Maheshwari!! Rajma khao, khush ho jao!:))Thanks!!

Hello sweet Meena! Thank you and start cooking for Diwali,so you can send it to Jihva!!:))

Shankari!! Thanks!That beautiful kadai,I got it long time ago in Minneapolis from a US specialty store who sell all the cooking gadgets!They don't call it Kadai though,just copper lidded dish! Google it for copper utensils!

FH said...

Return to ur kitchen and cook away, Lisa! Another gravy dish for you like chole with rice! Try and see!!Yummy!!:))

AF!! I am flattered!!Thanks sweetie!! I think I know Manisha of India Food Rocks?! I will check it out anyway since there are many Manishas!Veg food can be nutritious if you balance diff. kind of beans and veg!!Mang lassi is yum! I agree!:)

Thanks Lera! Diwali goodies spread are coming on Thursday! This is just a starter!:D Enjoy ur weekend!
I like my diah too!ur lucky to be in B'lore during Diwali, Have fun!!

FH said...

Hi Shinoge!Never tried Lassi?! Bummer!! Hope you will next time! It's very easy to make at home too,click on Lassi for step by step!You can add any flavor you like too!:)Did you get ur flowers for yourself?! or spend all the moola on something else like kids' stuff?! I know, I am a mommy too!:D
We ALL do that..sigh...

Kishore! I have this tiny camera I keep it handy and click away as I cook! No big deal! I love it all!:))Poori sounds good with this!
Deepavali adige Somavara shuru maadi,guruvara post maadtheeni 'Jihva' event ge!!Matte bandu nodi!:))

Hi Orhan! Thanks kid!! I didn't grow up in a traditional family in India,miised out but trying to infuse some tradition into my Americanized kids as much as possible!:D
Do you know abt 'Diwali' at all!'Festival of Lights' is on 21st,cooking away some of my home state's and grandma's dishes, you will see on Thursday!:))

Nee said...

Hello there my favorite blogger-super-cook-plus-mom,

I LOVE the laccha parathas, and I think that's what these are, right? I want to try these out! Can we use just the regular whole wheat flour, instead of mixing in the plain flour?

Why oh why did you move out of the UK?


Anonymous said...

Your recipe for Rajma looks lovely I must say! My hubby doesn't like Rajma too much, but let me try your recipe and see what he thinks!
Great blog...will keep visiting from now on.

Cheers from Newfoundland,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Asha!

So glad to meet you and your blog! You're doing a terrific job of bringing home recipes to homesick foodies like myself. Thank you so very much! I also LOVE the fact you like to read - I think you and I have a lot in common! :)

p.s. I grew up in Mumbai, but my parents live in Bangalore now, so whenever we return to India on vacation, that's where we hang out!
I will visit again - often.

Susan in Italy said...

Hope, Reading you blog with your bubbliness and style, is so much fun! I really love it and am glad to have discovered you. I have to link to your blog on mine so I won't miss any posts

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha, I am not a big fan of Rajam, but seeing your pictures I am drooling here.... I have some rajma at home will give a try... saw the sambhar post--- the picture was prefect:) You are superwoman I was guess- you are so energetic to do so many dishes:) Keep up the good work:)

FH said...

Hi Priya B! Coming from you,it's an honor!! Ur sambhar was soo delicious, I made sure to take pics and post it!!Very traditional and flavorful like all of ur posts!Thank you for all that!:)) Happy Diwali!!

Hi Trupti!! Welcome and hope ur hubby likes it too! I will keep my fingers crossed! Thank you!:)

Hello Nee beta!!:) ur right!! It is laccha paratha,you are good! I wrote and deleted it,didn't want to have loong title!:)You absolutely can use just the whole wheat! healthier!Feedback after you u try!Use good atta!
5 yrs in UK is more than enough, sweetie!:D Got to see some other European countries,glad for that!
So any of ur fav sweets you want me to make for you next week?Posting 1 or 2 K'taka sweets recipes with a photo all the goodies I make for Diwali!:)

FH said...

Same here, Lotus! I was so thrilled to find ur book review blog!Although I don't buy and read every book, I do try and read most!It's getting harder to find time as the kids grow!I try my best!:))
Another B'lorean is always welcome!:)Hope to visit you more!Thank you! Ur are a intelligent girl!I am proud of you that you are a fellow Indian!:)

Thank you ,Susan!! I have you in my fav list too, first day I saw ur blog! I am really impressed how you take interest in all the other cultures and cook their cuisine too! I appreciate it!It's not easy!
We love Italy and Italians! We spent 2 weeks in Rimini region,drove to Venice,Rome and Florence! Italians, as we found out love India,they kept asking us abt India and abt our Homeopathic Medicine!:)) We felt soo welcomed in Italy unlike France and the French!:D
Keep up with ur good work,I will be visiting you to see what and of which country's food ur cooking now!!:))

Anonymous said...


Beautiful presentation. I am taking some days off from blogging and just enjoying reading the blogs from all you wonderful bloggers out there. Plz keep sending us the wonderful recipes as usual.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Asha!!!!!!!! tumne to rajma ka murder hi kar diya... rajma w/o rice in saddi dilli and sadda north India is sin... i therefore levy a fine on u...chalo fine nahi penalty laga dete hain.. aapko humein apke blog pe feature ki gayi saarriiii dishes bana ke khilani hongi... wotsay ;) cardamom and fennel surely wud make it taste like a royal dish... but nufink in this world can beat the normal rajma chawal.. :P

FH said...

Divya,you are welcome!!Take a break and enjoy!! Hope you are cooking for Diwali and post some goodies!!:))

Aiyyayyo Reeta amma!:D Mar daala mujhe!! Told you don't blame me!! Poor Kannada girl trying Punjabi?!
I thought you wrote abt food, got recipes too?! I am there and take my fine like a trooper and cook awayyy!I will add rice here too!:)
Seriously though,I always thought Rajma is eaten with parathas ,my hubby ate with rice but I didn't put it up there!:D and some south Indians as you can see in the comments eat with poori too! Doob daaloji sabke sab southie logonko Rajma-chawal me!!:D:D
Thanks Skeeter and I will be there in ur blog to check'em out!!Glad to
know the real deal!:))Thre will be rice in here in 5mins!!:))

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Nice presentation. I love Rajma with jeera rice. Great work!!! Happy weekend. Thanks for sharing.

sra said...

Hi Asha, left a comment on the warty pumpkins. I also meant to say that the pix of your garden veggies were superb - esp the first one and the bottlegourd, it looked like a swan, almost.
I noticed the discussion on brown rice in these comments - I think frying a spoon of sugar till it caramelises colours the rice, which has to be mixed in soon after, not sure about the sequence - you can check the recipe for dhansak or tips for brown rice on the Net.

FH said...

Thanks MT! Jeera rice sounds good too!Happy Diwali to you and your's!!:))

sra! How gross was that pumpkin,hah?!:) I did get plenty of veggies this year, the plants have died now! Waiting for next summer!
She says it's savory brown rice,so it must be fried ground onions! I let her know abt sugar too! Might work! I will search for more ideas! Thanks sra!!Happy Diwali!:))

g said...

Hi there! I guess you got plenty of Punjabi input already.......but I wanted to add my half-punjabi bit to it anyway! The traditional way that rajma is made in Punjab and Jammu (btw, next time you go to India, try the rajma beans that are grown in the jammu region. they are out of this world in flavor and taste) uses a different souring agent. In your recipe (and in most preparations of rajma) this is tomato paste. But the authentic way is to use 'anaardana' or dried pomegrenate seed powder. This is available in most Indian stores. Just soak 3-4 tsp of it in water and let soak for 15 mins. Use just the water in the gravy for the rajma. You can still use tomatoes but this zing is way more with anaardana. Also, big black cardamoms are key spices (we usually dont use fennel seeds).

Deepz said...

hey asha,
both rajma and paratha look delicious. i like your meal combinations a lot. im sure u hav already decided the spread that your gonna make for diwalil. good luck.

sudha said...

Hi Asha..I enjoy reading your blog. You got a great sense of writing.

I prepared rajma curry last week and somehow it lacks the rich taste that i get outside. Next time i will surely try your version.
I am hungry now seeing your heavy meal.

Keshi said...

Foodie heyy now I wanna die..cos I love Rajma so much and Im here in my office looking at ur pics n wanna have it so much..but I f##kin cant grrrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

Hi there..!
Thanks for your visit.., Asha!
Me not much of a cook.. so might not cook these wonderful recipes you have provided, but I just love food and love to eat, so will surely drop in often, to look at these mouthwatering pics you post..

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

sra said...

Yes, i knew she meant savoury rice, i don't think one spoon of sugar will turn the entire rice sweet, that's what a friend said long ago, i never tried it out, though.

Nee said...

I tried the parathas. Took me a while, since even making proper rotis is still a challenge for me! But not bad at all for a first attempt. Now I can't wait to make them again!


FH said...

I am glad you tried, Nee!Soft Parathas are hard to make,takes practice and it's worth it in the end though!
What are you cooking for Diwali?Is The Boy Indian?My Diwali post will be on Thursday,later today a cocktail!!:))Do you have an occasional wine or something?
Happy Deepavali!!

I have passed on the sugar idea to her too,sweetie!I do add a tsp sugar to ALL my cooking,tastes better!!Thanks sra!!

Thank you Sudha and hope you will try this version which is not labor intensive and let me know!Happy Diwali!!:))

Thanks for visiting,Srijith!!I appreciate it and have a very Happy Deepavali!!:))Come back!

FH said...

YO Keshi!! Wondering where you were?! and you come back with a bang!! and how!!:D:D
Mom's cooking for Diwali? Have fun, I know you will!!I have been busy last week,this week is busier!I will squeeze in a visit to you later,forgive me if I am late!!
Keshi, I am posting a cocktail later today!! Check it out!!:))

Deepz!! How did you know?! I have planned big as usual!!You know me!:)) Thursday , it will be up!
Thanks and Happy Diwali!!

G!! My fav. chef!! I am sooo glad you are here!! and what a great advice and info!!Please come back and give ur opinion on all my posts!! Next trip I will get those spices,never tried most of them,I must say!Used regular Rajma beans once,didn't like it!Now only canned!:(
Happy Diwali! and I really really appreciate ur input!:))
Do you know abt brown Punjabi rice at all?!

Anonymous said...

Seema sits with me while I write this.
First, ur recipe is quite exhaustive; normally rajma is made the easy way. Only the preparation time is longer- it takes about 6 hrs to soak them (and we here prefer to use the dry ones instead of canned for reasons of economy and easier availability).
Notwithstanding that the pics are great. But few tips :
1. Malai is normally not used for rajma; though it appears to be a good idea.
2.rajma is unthinkable without rice and raw sliced onion and lime; it is rarely eaten with parathas.

Frankly, taking cue from you, Seema got motivated and prepared Rajma yesterday for lunch.

Although Seema is averse to my idea of her having her own blog, but I think I am getting close. In fact ur blog is a silent inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, gee, I go away for the weekend and look what I've missed! I absolutely am going to try making parathas, just to eat with this yummy-looking rajma. I can't believe I would ever say I was craving kidney beans, but that's how good it looks! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful dishes :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm hungry. So tempting that I wish I could cancel my beef burger and smoked salmon and go in with the Indian restaurant.

Nahi bhai.. Ek cup chai.. saaf.. bina malai. Cream is one of those perfect reasons for me to throw up.

mommyof2 said...

Tried the rice today. Fry the onion near burnt :-) still couldn't get the color I was looking for & taste is not the same either. There must be 1-2 other secret ingredient;-) Anyway thanks.

FH said...

Sorry MO2!! little sugar,cumin pd,not burnt onions,salt,got lot of suggestions from others! But you should know how it tastes!Well! I keep an eye for any ideas,let you know!!:))

Hello Johny beta!! Hindi bhi bholte ho kya?!DAANNGGG!!!How abt Kannada, bhaijaan?!:))
Rajma is easy,make with plain rice!Malai nahi chahiye to chodo,bina malai bhi chalta haiji!!:D
I don't like cream in my tea either,just a little on rich gravies!!
Cocktail is coming later today,see if you have ever tried this and Diwali goodies on Thursday!Don't forget!and eat ur Burger for now and Salmon! YUM!YUM!!!:D

FH said...

Linda! I WANT THAT PASTY RECIPE!!:)) I am still thinking abt it!!Rajma is good with rice and parathas too! Try it! Had a good weekend! We are still waiting for fall colors here,can't wait!Watch out for Diwali goodies,Linda!It is raining sweets!:D:D

Hi Kulpreet and Seema! I am sooo glad you visited!! I got somany diff. advice for Rajma,I am confused now!!Yes!!Rajma-Chawal , I got it in my brain now!!:D:D
I HOPE Seema starts the blog,I will be the first,believe me!:)
We get good canned dark red kidney beans here,easy and tasty too! Cream,cardamom,fennel seeds are all my K'taka style Rajma!!:DD
I almost got killed by a Dilliwali Skeeter!!Now she says I have to pay a penalty and cook one of her her fav!!:))Thanks for ur tips,hope I will get full Punjabi recipe from you and Seema one day!!
Happy Diwali!!Hugs to your kids!

Anonymous said...

wow!!!! now thats adding to the already growing waiste line hahahaha......... but its ok to be sinful once in a while ;)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks ever so fine! Wow, I'd love to eat this kind of comforting food...

FH said...

Hi Rooma!! Live to eat is the motto!!:D:D No, anything in moderation is the way, isn't it?:))
Happy Diwali!!

Thanks Rosa!! It is a comfort food for Punjabis and rest of India too!! Hope you will try!!:))

Anonymous said...

A Late comment, but my very first one on your blog :)

When I read this last week, I was suddenly hungry for parathas and sure enough, tried this out first thing Saturday morning. The net result is up on my site!

Thanks so much for such a delicious blog :)

FH said...

Hi @! welcome and late is better than never!:))

I will take a look at ur site!! Thank you for visiting me and come back!!Happy Diwali!!:))

Johnny Ong said...

yr pratas are killin me...i'm from malaysia so i'm used to havin it for my supper frequently...and i do miss it while getting stucked here in sudan

FH said...

What are you doing in Sudan,Johnny?
Let me kill you some more:)
There are Roti Jalas, Kari Ayam and Roti Canai in my blog too!Check them out!!:D

Anonymous said...

first time leaving a comment here. I am a regular visitor.
Awesome recipe - Love the malai maar ke punch line!! Will follow your recipe for raajma from now on!

FH said...

Hey, another 'ghost reader'!:D
Thanks leaving a comment Prabha and glad you liked the recipe! Hope you come back..

Verdant said...

This looks SOOOOOO good!!! Love the presentation!

FH said...

Thanks Verdant! Hope you try some time to make them too!:))
Enjoy!! Btw, you look like Tiger, the golf guy!!

Melting Wok said...

asha, i luv ur recipes so much, i wanna share it in my site, can i link u ? :) I missed the roti canais back home..when I read your easy paratha recipe, my drool almost made it impossible for me to type..haha, gosh, tt kidney masala is heaven, I'd like to try it sometime with chickpeas & throw in some fenugreek leaves, is that possible ?

FH said...

Thanks!:)) Yes,you can link me and add methi(Fenugreek)leaves to Chickpeas.But it's not traditional to add methi to kidney beans though.

But if you are talking about Chickpeas-Methi,that's wonderful.I have a Alu-Chole recipe which is better to add Methi leaves.Go to recipe Index to find it.Enjoy!:))

Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness Asha! You are indescribable. The meal has me drooling. Love, love, love your food.

Hey, guess what? we make jalebis in the Caribbean too! :)

FH said...

Thanks Cynthia!:))

You make Jalebis there !Really! Wonder what do you call them.Jalabis?!

sdf said...

Hello Asha,
Okay, I am one of your ghost reader.. I have read n tried several of ur recipes and they have come out good.. I was looking out for a paratha recipe in your FH blog and while reading it, I saw the Icon abt 'Ghost reader'. Though the post is old, I would like to leave a comment, that the recipe is great.. and I am going to try it today!!

Loads of recipes you have.. and it really takes lotta time to read them and pick one to cook today you know :)

FH said...

Hi Ani, see you are not a ghost reader anymore!!:D
Thank you for taking time to say hi. If you want to try Aloo Paratha,I have posted at Aroma,it's a great recipe.Hope you do.
Also, if you type in the dish you want in the search engine box in the sidebar,it will show you quickly and of course,there is my recipe Index! Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, I just finished cooking your rajma malai....it came out really well.....am sure by dinner time, it would be just awesome...thanks for another tasty recipe :)

Hope u re enjoying the break...and rejuvenated after the vacation......take good care....catch u by next month :D

FH said...

Hi shn, glad you tried it.It tastes better the next day, enjoy!:)

Vacation is over last month, we have been working non-stop renovating now. I am getting a new kitchen too. I will not be blogging for few months actually, no kitchen to cook in 2 weeks time!:D

Take care, hugs to you.

hi said...

Hi, My mom makes such a delicious rajma curry, that I have tried so many times to imitate and make it tast like my mom's but never succeeded. I tried your recipe yesterday and it turned out almost like my mom's. Thanks..

FH said...

Mrudula, that's a huge compliment for me, thank you so much for trying and liking it! :))

M@mm@ Mi@ said...

The photos were so tempting that i thought i will give it a try...The best rajma curry i have ever made or eaten....and great blog too...

FH said...

Thanks M, glad you tried it. This Rajma is my fave too! :))

Anonymous said...

exceptional post! I hate commenting and i dont usually do it but since i enjoyed this, what the heck! Thanks alot!:)

FH said...

Thanks A, appreciate it. Do my best always!