October 09, 2006


  Zucchini-carrot with sage pancakes is my entry to Meeta's MONTHLY MINGLE 'Take Two' event! I have never cooked zucchini before and always passed by those in the produce section!!Thanks to Meeta's idea, I hesitantly picked up two of them and Boy! am I glad I did!! Sage is also one of the spices I have never used,thought it tasted good only with meat dishes! I was wrong there too!!They both are wonderful to include in most dishes!These pancakes are sooo delicious,as soon as I took those photos,two of them diappeared from that plate into me!:)

I am also sending this to Nandita's monthly Breakfast event (with a twist of using a Indian dish to come up with a new one!) as my entry!! These Zucchini/carrots/sage pancakes with flour , veggies , spices and Parmesan cheese taste wonderful like westernized south Indian Uttappams!!I made these without eggs as they are not absolutely required,taste and smells better without them as well!! They absolutely make a delicious,nutritious and quick breakfast with coconut-mint chutney!! YUM!!

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I followed the basic zucchini pancakes batter recipe from the 'The Fanny Farmer cook book' an American classic cook book! But without the eggs and added the other ingredients of my liking to make it tastier!!There are many variations of the these pancakes. Skip what you don't want and add whatever spice you want!! I hope you will try this recipe, I guarantee you , your family will love them and come back for more!! My honor is on the line here, people!! Trust me!! :D:D


Serve: these pancakes cold or hot off the griddle with equally delicious coconut-mint chutney, pepper relish ,some yoghurt or sour cream and icy cold soft drink or Orange juice to start the day with bellyfull of these pancakes or as a quick lunch or even as snack in the evening on a lazy weekend!!Once you gather all ingredients, you can make them in a jiffy!!


Take: 2 cups grated Zucchini,1 cup grated carrots,1tsp sage, 3 tbsp or more plain flour, 1 tbsp plain yoghurt,1/2 minced onion,some cilantro,1 minced green chilli,1 tsp minced ginger, 1/2 tsp garlic pd,1/4 tsp chilli flakes,1/2 tsp cumin pd,1 tsp lemon-pepper pd,1/8 cup Parmesan cheese,salt ,pinch of turmeric and 1/8 tsp of baking powder.

Mix: all the above with enough milk or water just until mixed. It should look like very thick batter.Do not make it thin.Thicker the batter with less liquid, crispier the pancakes will be!!

Heat: a tava or a pancake griddle at 300F. Spray the pan with no-stick oil or little butter and place 2 full tbsp of batter ,quickly flatten to a 1/4" thick about 3-4" circle. Drizzle a little oil on top of the pancakes.

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After few mins, when the lower side is golden, flip the pancakes gently and cook the other side to a golden color as well!! Do not cook these with high heat,they burn outside quickly and remain uncooked inside!! Keep the heat at medium.When they are done, cool them on a rack to keep them crispy until they are ready to be served!:)

How hard was that??!! No excuses not to make them!!:))

Now, let's make some Coconut-Mint chutney:



Take: 1/2 cup freshly grated coconut,3 tbsp Roasted yellow gram or Chana dalia, 2 green chillies, salt,cilantro, 2-3tbsp plain yoghurt,1/2" fresh ginger,few mint leaves.

Grind: all these in a blender until smooth , adjust the salt and yoghurt to taste and serve with pancakes!! That's it!!


Well! This would be very easy!! Buy a jar of your favorite relish , open the lid and ....OH! come on!! you know what to do!!:D

That's all the goodies for these events!! EAT...EAT..Enjoy!!:))


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
What a healthy breakfast, zuccini and carrot nice....
I liked your soup fair too..
Thanks for the recieps..

wheresmymind said...

Fried Zucchini really is pretty tasty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha..that's a wonderful recipe and great pics.feel like having one of those pancakes.thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice and spicy pan cakes! I will surely try them, I am so tired of having the same old pan cakes with maple syrup. This is a nice variation.

Thanks Asha avare! Nimma weekend channagitta? Matte sigona.

FH said...

Thanks Madhu! I see you had a good break! Back to normal life,hah?:)
This pancake is really tasty,hope you make it for your breakfast!

You are right,Jeff! I found out at last,better late than never,eh?!:) Hope you saw my soups galore!!

FH said...

Thanks Madhuli! I loved your matki dish! Yum!! Try this pancake,very good!!:))

Deepa! Why are you anon!You should blog some recipes too,girl! We could talk more!:D
Did you see the soups?You are right abt pancake,maple syrup!:)boring!This is mouth watering for breakfast! Weekend maamoolu,swalpa shopping maadi,kala kaleyodu ashte allave!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

wow what a rich,healthy,and colourful breakfast, thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -- the pancakes look wonderful! I'll definitely have to try this. I don't think I've ever used sage with vegetables either. Pretty color chutney, too!

FH said...

You are welcome Tanuja! Hope you will try them for quick breakfast!:)Thanks!

Linda! I was hesitant to use use sage too in veg dishes,I closed my eyes and dropped in some hoping that it wouldn't spoil the whole dish!!:D But it tastes good specially with this chutney!!

Shionge said...

Yo Asha..I'll be back for more :D

Can I replace Zucchini with something else? I think it's hard to find Zucchini in the local supermarket.

Anonymous said...

very interesting.. very creative.

Prema Sundar said...

They look so nice .. Feel hungry now..I rarely use zuchini and this recipe tempts me.. ahealthy one too. I have noted this down and will try it out sometime. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation, Asha. I have used zucchini before, but never used sage. The pancakes look delish.

Deepz said...

hey asha,
wonderful recipe and healthy one too. the dish looks pretty colorful.

vasilisa said...

Oohh, I love zucchini pancakes! I also shred in a little of potato. In fact, these pancakes are so versatile, you can pretty much make them with any vegetable! And yours look amazing :-)

Keshi said...

I love mint-chutney.


Unknown said...

You just killed two birds with one stone! And your entry fits in beautifully for both events - very smart one Asha and you are indeed the first entry. I just hop eit is not the only one :) Hehehe

Have a good one!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Looks devine, Asha. A must try recipe! Thank you for entring it for the Monthly Mingle! Look for the roundup sometime this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am really Awestuck! taking in so many delicious goodies in one go. oooh!down the post,you've yet another appetizing Soupy Bonanza!!Thanks for motivating me to go on a soupy binge once again..:)

FH said...

Hi Shinoge!!Welcome Yo!! Yes, you can add cabbage,potatoes,or any other veg which is not very watery to this dish! Hope you will try!!

Thanks for coming up with these two combos ,Meeta!! Makes a healty snack , too!Looking forward to the round up!:))

Hey Keshi! Hope you will try making some too, single happy girl!:)

FH said...

Thanks Shaheen!Glad you liked them!:)

Very easy to make for breakfast too,Prema! Zucchinis are so soft,it takes seconds to grate them! Makes satisfying meal anytime!

Thanks Jaya! I am glad I found both of these new ones! Zucchini are wonderful in Sambhars too!

FH said...

Hi Deepz! Carrots makes this dish such pretty orange color, you won't be believe it!!:))Thanks!

Lisa! You love your potatoes,don't you?!:D Ofcourse , you are a true Russian!!I will add next time..
Hey! you know what? You should move to Idaho!Get it!;))
I will see what you had for dinner,later!

FH said...

Hello my home girl,Lera!!
*Soupy binge*!!:)) Do you do that?Those Soups were good,disappeared quickly!!Thank you for noticing them!Appreciate it!
I made your 'Avarekaii Saaru' yesterday with dry soaked field beans,we loved it!Thanks again!:)

Thanks Nandita!! Humble woman that I am, trying to do my best!:))
Actually,I started cooking just for Meeta's entry but then it tasted so good like Uttappams,bulb went on in my head! I thought I might as well send it as your entry too!! Worked out nicely,isn't it?:D

Anonymous said...

Very creative! Will try it sometime soon. :)

Shionge said...

Thanks Asha.....:D You have gave me such wonderful ideas...ting ting!

mommyof2 said...

ohhh I have got to try this..:-) sound really yummy & 2 veggies in one shot,wow..

Anonymous said...

Asha, great recipes and very innovative. Apt entries to both events too. A lot remains to learn from you.

Brilynn said...

That's a great display!

Anonymous said...

WOWW..wat a healthyyy recipe!! dish looks so colorful!

Unknown said...

Healthy,delicious and yet very easy to make..this is a must try in my list..need a change from same old pancake with maple syrup..:))

starry said...

looks really delicious.thanks for sharing. so many nice eats to try.love the pics.

FH said...

Thanks rp!! Feedback please when you do try!!:))

Hi Brilynn! Thank you ,hope you will try!

Hema! Glad I could share what I know and very glad to learn from others!! That is why I do this!!Thanks Girl!!:)

FH said...

Mommyof2!You should get your driving license plate like that,very nice!!:D:D
These pancakes are wonderful,you can add more than 2 veggies too,very healthy !Hope you try!
Thanks!Btw me too,mommy of 2!:D

You are welcome, Shinoge!Let me know how did they come out when you make them!! Ting Ting!!:))

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Asha..thease are really tasty..I can feel the taste ..they are really easy to make and no cooking oil..I mean no deep frying..that's for iam lloking for now a days..thank you so much for sharing this..when I will try I will let u know.:-)

Anonymous said...

You all make me go hungry looking at recipes and pictures:-)))

Nabeela said...

Asha the soup fair you had was AWESOME!!!! So many varieties of soup and all looks SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!
As for the zucchini fritters, I made them a while ago too but somehow they didn't go well...maybe I'll try your version next time if I can muster up enough.

Vani said...

Looks yummy and with the veggies, nutritious too! Will definitely try this one! Lovely pictures, as always! :-)

Deepak Gopi said...

You have got a beautiful blog.I dont know cooking ,but I like watching the
pics of dishes and eating.My favorite programmes on T.V are cookery shows.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you really love cooking don't you. Sure takes lots of patience. :D

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Excellent post. I never tried sage and zucchini. Very creative idea of making pancakes. Thanks a lot Asha for sharing this. Always you post different dishes.

Nee said...

Ooh, I've never made anything with zucchini before either...this really looks awesome!

FH said...

Thanks Kalpana! welcome to my blog and try the pancakes!:)

You are rt, Maheshwari!A great and tasty change from the usual pancakes indeed!:)

Thank you, Starry N! Try slowly one by one! Don't want to overload the system!:D

Thanks Paz! * Menu* is right!:DD These days they are more like tutorials too!

Pria! get up right now and make some girl, with any veg you have! Even spinach! OH! wait! E-Coli!:))

FH said...

That's right,Meena! Minimum of oil if you cook with non-stick!Don't we all foodies need to drop some pounds?! Oh yes, we do!:D:D Enjoy!

Thanks Nabeela for the soups,I liked them too! Zucchini pancakes; got to limit the liquid and also skip those watery veggies,got to be dry!Don't give up,they are delicious!:)

Very nutritious and easy too, Vani!
You could add some greens and Besan too for even more veggie delight!!Hope you try for ur family,another Asha's dish for ur parents and in-laws and hubby!!

FH said...

Thanks MT! you always say nice things to me!:))You have a good heart! I try my best to bring diff. ones as much as I can!!

Ahhh..!!There you are again Deepak!Staring at us!:D:D
Enjoy looking at the pics then,I like to watch Cooking shows too!This recipe is soo easy even you can do it, I am sure! I will be back in your blog!!Nice one!:)

FH said...

Hello there my blog babies,Nee and JohnJohn!:D:D

Nee! You seem happy,had a nice break?! Ofcourse you did!Say hello to The Boy from me!
I liked it when he chose Nee and Nah as first and the last choices in the tag!Better be that way for yrs to come orelse I will chase him around UK with Indian style broom in my hand!!:D
And these pancakes are easy,should be your next dinner if you have some veggies in the fridge!Hope you try!:) Hugs and welcome back!!

Johny! Hope you had LOT of rest too! Don't grind yourself too much,y'hear?:) Relax,enjoy and smile more even when you don't feel like it!Believe me, it works!! :D
ME!!I am a very organized person,I plan and execute and out of the kitchen within hrs and back to my other work and books!Cooking is an art,gives you instant gratification and results, which I love!!I thrive on multitasking!:D:D
Tried one of the soups?!

Anonymous said...

I saw one your post where you mentioned rice and chickpeas. Didn't have peas at home, but a can of mixed veggies. So dumped them with the rice and it came out good.

Only problem was, I pust salt in the chicken curry I made and salt in the 'mixed fried rice' too.

I guess it's obvious how it ended up tasting :p

Nee said...

Hey there Blog Mom! :-)

Had a really nice break in Edinburgh - can't believe am back at work now! It was just lovely!
Am cracking up imagining you chasing The Boy around with a 'jhaadu'! LOL! Hope it never comes to that!
Definitely want to give these pancakes a try, will pick up some zucchini and sage next time I go grocery shopping.

Susan in Italy said...

The pancakes and the chutney look wonderful and they sound easy-enough to make. You give good, clear directions on how to do things. That helps so much!

Anonymous said...

Never tried zucchini with sage... will surely try. it looks great :)

Alanna Kellogg said...

Very nice, Asha! And you get extra points for veggies for breakfast, that one's always difficult!

Anonymous said...

i make the same pancakes with out sage and i put some indian spices to make it to the indian taste.urs looks better though..asha..thanks for such a wonderful breakfast.

FH said...

Hi Alana! welcome and thanks for extra points,m'am!:D
Actually, most Indians are vegetarians,so breakfasts are mostly vegetarian in India! It's easy for us to cook veggie dishes for any meal!Hope you will try and let me know!:))I will bring more veg breastfasts in future!

Hope you will try,Mandira!!Thanks:)

Thanks Susan!! I try my best to be clear as much as possible,so people don't blame me after they try!:D:D

FH said...

AHHHH..!!! My babies again!!:D:D
One had her B'day and the other buys himself a present?!What???Share kids, share!!:))

Nee! Arvind went to Edinburgh once while we were in England for MRCP exam and said it's beautiful!Sorry I missed your day of ur B'day,busier this week,dunno why!Next 21st , Diwali!Got to cook like crazy!:)
Sage is not necessary really unless you use it often!But get lot diff.veggies chopped fine to add;spinach,potatoes,cabbage etc.will be delicious!Let me know!

Johny,I think you are talking abt Kari Ayam?!I am not sure!Take a look at masala egg,there is a simple rice recipe you cannot go wrong!Add pinch of salt first!
Never add salt until the end of cooking! Drain all the water in the canned anything!Was it a salty blah?:D I can imagine !Sorry!
Well!There are 4 soups,cook one at a time and then go to the complicated ones!I could post some easy recipes for single souls some time later!Good luck next time and don't give up!
NOW,go play with your PCP!!:)))

Kelley said...

Wow, looks delicious! I will NOT let my husband know about this blog, because then he'd know how miserably I've failed as a wife!

Latha said...

Hey Asha,
Yummy recipe! I have never bought sage either. Your pictures as always look delicious. And man! you have some energy, taking allt hose pictures at every step. I used to be able to do it, nowadays it seems like I am in such a hurry to get the thing done!
Lovely post.

EYE said...

nice. even a lazy bum like me feels like cooking now!! Do u think I could find Zucchini in India?

Me said...

How did I ever miss this blog?! You are definetly going on my blogroll!

Awesome effort! You should be proud.

FH said...

OH Kelley! Come on! I think and your husband thinks, I am sure, that you are a fab wife!We all have diff, style of cooking,that's all sweetie!I am still learning and you will too!!Thank you and come back!!:))

Thanks Latha! I know It's harder for you with your young kids and all and probably work outside home too! I do this when mine are at school in the mornings!Enjoy doing it,I have cook for us everyday anyway!I appreciate all your encouragement!!:)

FH said...

AF! You are a true Artisan with your words too! Almost Poetic!Thank you so much!Don't encourage me too much orelse I will bring just photo recipe blogging instead of typing in the recipes!:D:D
I do appreciate your comments!!:)

ME!! In first 26 yrs I spent in India,I donot remember seeing Zucchinis but you never know now!
Skip it and sage and add cabbage,carrots,alu,palak,gobi anything grated but dry to it and enjoy a fab meal!Even lazy bums could do this!:D No excuses as I said!right?!:))

I really have to pay attention to ur name instead of calling you Orphan Khan!:D Sorry ,Orhan Kahn!!
I don't blame you,unless you are a foodie it is hard to find me!
Glad you did,and thank you for adding me!
You all make me proud of my efforts by ur comments and I will try my best!I did like ur article,scared of what we are facing in future!!:((
I take refuge in my colorful taseful food!:D Bye,come back!

sra said...

Hi Asha, nice pix as usual!

Corianne said...

Hey there! I see you live in NC, i am about to move there in January. How funny. Korean food is pretty good, but indeed the smell is really strong and garlicy.

Love your blog!

FH said...

Hi sra!! Thank you m'am!! Been busy?! no recent post from you!:)

Hey BFreak!Sorry,didn't feel good calling you that!:D
Hey!! Welcome to beautiful NC,I promise you, you will love it!:) Jan. will be little cold compared to other months but still you will enjoy it!! We moved here to Triad area in 1998 from Minneapolis,MN!You can imagine our delight weatherwise!:D
I love the smell of garlic but can's stand the fishy smell though!
Thank you,keep in touch!:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, never have tried Zucchini or Sage. Now you are opening this up for me Thnx.

Anonymous said...

hi asha...
now cmon, u made me come to your blog everyday, but u havent posted anythign since monday....:)

sorry, i know i cant impose, but u do have an amazing flair for making anything you cook look so absolutely divine....


sra said...

Hey Asha, am replying to your comment on my own blog

Anonymous said...

Can i grab plate??
Excellent photos as usual. Thank you.

Nee said...

Aw, that's alright! Have you started cooking for Diwali already? That means we, your ardent fan following, have a lot to look forward to next week! Yay!

FH said...

Hope you will savour the new exotic taste Zucchini and Sage , Jay!! Welcome to enjoy!!:))

Sra!! checking out ur response today, M'am!! I will be there!!

Archana! Grab a plate and pull up a chair darling!!I will get you a drink!!:))

FH said...

Nee!Thank you sweetie for understanding!! Alas! I am not perfect after all!!Shucks!!#*^%$##:))
I will start cooking from Monday and post on Thursday,I hope!!I will try me best to bring some tradition but I am not very traditional! Will do my best for the blog!:D:D

Sorry! I know! Somehow this week is extraordinarily busy!Trying to cope!!Thanks darling for coming by everyday!!:))

ammani said...

I tried this one today and it was a big hit with the family. Added mashed potato to the list of ingredients. Deceptively simple. Fantastic recipe.

FH said...

Thanks Ammanni, gald you liked it,potatoes sounds good too! Feedbacks are always welcome:))