December 13, 2006


First, let me thank all of you for your wishes on our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week with all my heart.It was overwhelmingly emotional day for me to know that there are so many well wishers out there who really care.I am sure with so much good will around me, we will make it to another 20yrs easily! Happy Wedding Anniversary to many of you who are celebrating your own this month and wish you many more and much happiness! We had a great time celebrating too!:)

Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro all decked up for Christmas:

I appreciate all e cards you sent me.Logos and Buttons you made just for me was truly humbling.For once in my life,I am at loss for words!! My dearest blog friends,I will just say to all of you once again "THANK YOU".

is around the corner.Although I do not have Christmas, I do love all joy and festivities. Most of you must be having a party or two for your friends and family.I thought, why not make some Hors D'oeuvres and help out with some ideas.You probably know most of these appetizers.I will give some of them to you anyway if somebody out there would like some of of my fav goodies.I will start with my favorite appetizer.

A Platter full of different shapes of Spanakopita:

Spanakopita is a Greek snack, simplified with store-bought Phyllo dough stuffed with deliciously spiced Spinach and Basil and Tomato Feta cheese,then folded in different ways and baked.It is a very flavorful and crunchy snack wrapped with delicate layers of Filo dough.Whenever we go to a Greek restaurant,we always order Spanakopita for an appetizer.

How to make Spanakopita:
You need 14 leaves of Phyllo sheets, thawed if frozen.Keep inth fridge covered until needed.Melt about 4tbsp butter and keep it warm with a brush to spread the butter.
Pre-heat the oven to 375F.

Crush 2lbs bag of chopped Spinach and open.Heat 2tsp butter/Olive oil in a pan,fry 1 big chopped onion,1/2 cup chopped spring onion,1-2 chopped garlic until very soft.Add spinach,fresh parsley,Dill(optional),salt and pepper and cook until soft and almost dry.Cool slightly and add 3x4 block of Basil Tomato or plain Feta cheese ,crumbled.

Mix well but gently and keep aside. Take out the Phyllo leaves,lay 1 leaf on a non-stick baking sheet,brush some melted butter all over lightly.Spread another leaf on top and repeat the same until you use 7 leaves.Spread Spinach and Feta mix on it in a thickish layer on the 7th leaf.

Place 8th leaf on this gently and brush with butter again.Repeat the same with rest of the leaves until you use all 14 leaves.

Brush butter lightly on top and sprinkle with some dry Parsley.You can cut this into 6-8 squares now or wait until it is baked.

Place it in the oven and bake for 25-30mins or until it is golden on top.Take it out and cut into squares if you haven't done it on a wire rack.Be careful when you are transferring the pieces.You can any meat fillings or diff.cheese inside.

Here is how it looks in layers with Spinach and Feta stuffing:

Some variations in folding the Spanakopita,which are better to hold and eat as finger food:
Triangular Fold or Samosa shaped:
Take 2 leaves of Phyllo,cut lengthwise into two rectangles.Brush with butter and Place 1tbsp spinach mix as shown and fold one edge to a triangle as in the picture.

Keep folding the layers until you reach the end,brush with butter and seal.

Repeat the same with other strip as well and place them on the sheet.Make as many as you want and always keep the Filo leaves covered with plastic wrap.If they dry out,you can not use them at all.Bake at 375F for 20-25mins or until golden.

Cute Spanakopita Baskets:

Cut 2leaves of 6x6" squares of Phyllo ,press in gently into big sized muffin pan.Put 2tbsp of Spinach, gather the top and pinch the middle until they stick and loosen the filo leaves on top as shown.Lightly brush with butter and bake at 375F for 20-25mins or until golden,Do not burn.It's okak if the bottom is still light colored.

Twice Baked Chili Potatoes,Crostini,Canapes and Zucchini Pizza Bites:

To Make Twice Baked Chili Potatoes:

Take 2 or more Baking potatoes,wash,,poke few holes and spray some oil or butter on the skin.Microwave or bake until done(375F for 45mins or so).Cut into half lengthwise,scoop the pulp with a spoon without breaking the skin and put it in a bowl.Add canned chili or refried beans,Green onions,diced tomatoes,4-6tbsp of cheddar cheese.

Mix thoroughly with salt and pepper if needed and fill it back in the potatoes and sprinkle some cheese on top and bake again until cheese melts.Garnish with chopped spring onion and serve.You can cut into thick slices if you like.

You can also mix potato pulp with salt,pepper,Gorgonzola,or Ricotta cheese with roasted bell peppers and bake it.

Zucchini Pizza Boats:
Slice Zucchini into slices,layer it with some Pizza sauce or tomato slices,Canadian bacon, pepperoni or any veg or meat and top with slices of Mozzarella and garnish with Oregano.Heat this either in Microwave or oven until cheese melts.Delicious and quick appetizer is ready to eat!
Slice the franch bread into thickish slices,place any meat or veg, tomato,cucumber slices and top with Feta or any creamy cheese and serve.
Take as many crackers,Bagel chips, water crackers as you need,layer them with Zucchini,cucumber ,Tomato slices and top with Zesty cheeses like Jalapeno cheddar etc and serve.You can also microwave it if yiu want just enough melt the cheese.But you to serve them immediately to avoid crackers getting soft.
Second Canapes:
you see up there are topped with the canned chili or re-fried beans and garnish with grated carrots.There is no limit to what you can come up with the fillings and toppings.
Toast some thick French bread slices,top with Ricotta cheese,few roasted bell peppers,salt and pepper and garnish with Parsley or top with Goat cheese,tomato slices ,Basil and parsley.

Platter full of Olive-Pepper Pinwheels,Vegetable Crescent Roll Bites,and Garlic ,Spring Onion and Cheese Slices:

To make delicious Olive-Pepper Pinwheels:

Take 1-2 Tortillas,spread softened cream cheese,finely diced colorful bell peppers or diced roasted peppers,chopped green olive pimientos,little hotdog relish,jalapeno if you like,chopped green onions,chives or parsley,ranch dressing(optional)thinly and roll tightly to a cigar shape.Wrap with foil and keep in the fridge.When you are ready,take out the foil and cut into 2" slices.
These Pinwheels are the most delicious appetizers you have ever eaten!

Cheese and Roasted garlic French Bread slices:

Slice a crusty French bread lengthwise about 5" long.Wrap one whole garlic in a foil with some salt and olive oil or butter and bake until soft.Peel and mash the garlic roughly.You can microwave it too in a bowl.Spread this on the bread.In a plate mix 2 cups any grated cheese you like with green onions,oregano,parsley,2tbsp Parmesan cheese,salt and pepper.Mound on the bread slices,garnish with some spring onion.Bake at 400F for 15 mins or until cheese melts.Serve immediately.You can cut them to 1-2" slices to make it easy as finger food.

Crescent Roll with roasted veg bites:

Here's how to make the Crescent roll Bites:
Pre-heat the oven to 375F.

Make filling: Heat 1tsp oil in a non stick pan,add thinly sliced 1 onion,soften.Add 1/4 cup each of grated carrots,bell peppers,potatoes etc or any ground meat and fry until reddish.season with salt,pepper ,chili flakes and 1/2tsp cumin powder.Keep aside to cool.You need a tube of refrigerated crescent roll.Open the tube,take two rolls and close the seams in the center to make rectangle shape.

Place 1-2tbsp filling in the middle and roll into a tube tightly,to seal all ends.Make sure rolls do not have any holes.Seal with with wet fingers if any.Repeat with others.Makes about 4 rolls.

Bake in the oven for 11-16 mins or until done.Cool on the rack,cut into 2" slices.Serve with any dip.

Cheddar Cheese Spritz cookies: Makes about 24 cookies.

I saw this cheese Spritz cookie recipe in food They looked like Indian Chaklis ,I couldn't resist baking these.They are very tasty.The original recipe used Pecorino cheese ,I didn't have it.I used grated Sharp Cheddar,made some changes,worked out great! Kids will love these finger food. Hope you will try.

You Need:
1/2 cup unsalted butter,3tbsp heavy cream,1 cup all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup finely grated sharp Cheddar cheese,1 tbsp finely grated Parmesan cheese,1 tsp Baking pd,1tsp sugar,1/2 tsp salt.You can add some herbs and 1/2tsp lemon zest if you like but I didn't add any.

I used this Indian cookie press with star disk to make these savories:

How To: Mix all these at room temperature to a firm dough.Spray no-stick oil inside the cookie press to prevent sticking.Fill and press out either straight straws or join them in a round shape as shown on a non-stick baking sheet.Chill in the fridge for half an hour.Bake at 325F for 20-25mins or until slightly golden.Do not burn.Cool on the rack after few mins and store in a airtight jar.

Some Dips and Cocktails:

These dips are delicious with any veggies,Crackers,Bagel chips and roll bites.

Tangy Mayo dip: Mix 1/2 cup Mayonnaise,1/4cup sweet relish,2tsp lemon juice and pepper.
Dijon Mayonnaise dip:Mix 1/2cup Mayo with 1-2tsp Dijon Mustard,fresh parsley,pepper,1/2tsp garlic pd and Onion powder.
Sour Cream-Jalapeno dip:Mix 1/2cup Sour cream,salt,chopped Jalapenos,chopped cilantro,1tsp cumin pd.
Goat cheese-shallots dip: Mix 2tbsp minced Shallots,1/2cup creamy Goat cheese,pepper,2tsp lemon juice,any herbs you like.
Spicy Remoulade sauce:This spicy sauce is excellent with pan fried Crab cakes.Mix 2hard boiled egg yolks creamed,2 cloves garlic, 1tbsp brown mustard,1cup mayonnaise,1tbsp Worcestershire,1/2tbsp paprika,1tbsp Horseradish,2tbsp vinegar, Tabasco,2tbsp parsley,Salt & pepper to taste.

Alcoholic Cocktails: Please refer here.I will post some Non-alcoholic Punch next week.

It's supposed to be Emerald for 20th Anniversary. Here is my little 20th WA Emerald pendant keepsake, if you are interested!:D It's not very expensive, just something to remember by. It's cute but not as pure as Indian Emerald!

Our own Christmas tree! We love these colorful ornaments and enjoy decorating the tree.I kept the lights off since it's a little hard to photograph with the lights on:

Enjoy your weekend and I will back with my Christmas cookies next!:)


Mrs. K said...

Let me wish you a belated wedding anniversary first! I saw your other post but couldn't comment on it yet. That was one wonderful post about your life. Really enjoyed it. And for this post, I have yet to read it. But I am sure I will be enjoying it too, as always. :)

USHA said...

Wow Ashaji,

It was treat for me today, what a colourful, wonderful new receipes i got .
Gift looks simple and sweet, gift on wedding days all always special, though it is small.
Even i don't have christmas, but seeing here, where all houses are decorated and appears like marriage house, automaticaaly some sort of joy arouse in us, to join them.

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

I love spanikopitas. Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely going to be making it for one of my Christmas parties :) Thanks for sharing

Vini K said...

Whoa Asha,you will beat anybody in the enthusiasm department!your spread of fingerfoods is to try the spanikopita now...ant your chirtmas tree looks so cute and beautiful..Can't wait for your christmas cookies!

FH said...

Thanks rp.I appreciate it!:))Take your time and read it later,no hurry.It will be there until next week.

You are welcome Sangeeta, enjoy the party and the recipes:)

Thanks Usha.I love the joy and festivities around this time.People are EXTRA nice to you!:D

Enjoy ViniK. When you have kids around ,you have got to do something fun even if you are exhausted!:D Have fun.

Shionge said...

You are amazing Asha, absolutely wonderful long did you take you to prepare all those yummy food? I was like 'WHOA!' - lovely tree and thanks for sharing, truly appreciate your effort.

karmic said...

Lovely as always. I will try some of these out. I now know a blog to go too if I run out of ideas for food.
BTW *A* read your blog the other day and says it's spectacular.

Brilynn said...

You're giving us all appetizer inspiration, great ideas, as always.

Bong Mom said...

Hi Asha,
my prev comment didn't go through
So repeat againg, Great as usual
I loved that emerald of yours, it's beautiful

Sneha said...

mmmm these goodies look sinful!!

even we don't have christmas but i've always wanted to celebrate it with the tree and the gifts (main reason) and THAT kind of food and the whole santa thing..

iam really looking forward to these holidays.. we'll be having this family reunion type of a thing after like 17 yrs!! heh.. anyway, happy holidays and merry christmas!!

FH said...

Happy family reunion! What a great party recipes for you to try on them and get some praises Sneha!:))Enjoy and try as many appetizers as you can on them:D Have a great Christmas and get lot of gifts.

Thanks Sandeepa for trying again.Make some of these and enjoy the recipes:))

Thanks Brilynn. Something fun to do and to eat for the parties!:)

WOW!! Tell 'A' I said thank you!:))
And Sanjay, I personally recommend you try that Tortilla Pinwheels.They are easy and delicious.You can add relish you want.Arvind was asking for seconds!! HA!!!:D

Hi Shinoge,you are sweet.They are all easy and quick except Spanakopita which takes some preparation!:)I did those in one afternoon for a little party for our 2oth! Enjoy your Christmas!

Priya said...

WOW....thats tooo many recipes for me to drool for all at once !!! All the recipes sound soo simple that I just can't decide on any one to try out. Thank you soooo much for the recipes Asha.
And the Christmas tree looks beautiful !! Lovely ornaments :-)

swapna susarla said...




Sri said...

Asha first of all just me say WOW!!!! how do you manage to cook all of have loads and loads of energy..."knocking on wood". The Four seasons mall looks so pretty and festive....and so are the platters of hors d'oeuvres you presented. Will definitley try spanakopita. Could i use puff pastry instead of phyllo dough?
Beautiful pendant. Thanks Asha for sharing the recipes.

NanoNano999 said...

Hi Asha
I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner...and I am so far behind with everything.
Just trying to catch up!

More great recipes from you!
Thank you Asha!
I am going to try your recipe for the twice baked chili potatoes, and the cresent rolls with roated veg bites...I will have them on Christmas Eve...I think my family will like it!

The Emerald is beautiful!
You'll enjoy it so much..
a wonderful keepsake!

Well, enjoy your Christmas tree, enjoy all the great food...
enjoy your family, enjoy life!

Merry Christmas to you and yours Asha!

P.S You were probably wondering who jefkap is...I was on my hubby's computer.

Mr. J said...

Christmas.. good food family reunions good food and good food. :D

FH said...

Johnny,two more days to go buddy!You get all those you said!:)) You must be falling off the rocker by now.Hope you are done with shopping!Have a wonderful time back home,don't worry about a thing.OH! don't forget to visit me every wednesday!:D

I was Margie!:D Thought there is new guy wishing me!Great to see you and enjoy your Christmas to the fullest with your family:))

Sri,yes you can use puff pastry,lot easier than Filo although not the usual choice for tis!Fold it like Triangles with puff pastry,would be great too.Enjoy.

Hi Swapna,yes,I made them last weekend for us since out WA was a working day.
Filo dough is available in US grocery store in the fridge section,ask somebody there to get it.These are made of very thin sheets of flour,very delicate and dries up quickly.Follow the instruction in the back for this recipe.Hope you try this!:)

Thank you Priya.Try one at a time if not for the party.They are delicious just as snacks too:)) Enjoy the recipes,have a graet weekend.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Asha,
So many delicious treats,all look so yummy.
The beautiful christmas tree and the wonderful emerald pendant and above all, first of all i thought they are chaklis, so was thinking b/w all those recipes which you blogged chaklis doesn't match with the rest, then saw they were cookies, so nice, i have to try these cookies Asha.
Thanks for all those recipes

Priya said...

Asha: I have always enjoyed greek recipes. You just rock it and make me drool seeing the pictures. Did I say I am hungry right now. When I get back, I will try this recipe.

Lisa Johnson said...

Wow Asha! Again, over the top amazingly wonderful post! I'm going to try some spanakopita. What a beautiful spread and such variety. And your emerald is really pretty too!

FH said...

Hi Anali.Thank you friend! Hope you try that spanakopita.It's delicious:) Have a great weekend.

Priya,do try when you come back.I love Greek food too!Thanks.

I know Lakshmi:) When I saw them,I had to try bcos they reminded of Chaklis too!These are salty cheese cookies but if you add sugar and Almonds,they are delicious as sweet cookies too.Try them.

Anonymous said...

wow, great appetizers, will come in handy any time of the year. Happy holidays to you and your family. The Emerald pendant is very cute.

jayakarthik said...

oops i guess i m little late
but never too late :D
asha i have the same pendent n to add to the surprise got the same for my 2nd annivesary :D
those cresent rolls looks easy
spanakopitas remainds of puffs
will try that too
thanks for the recipe asha

TNL said...

Thanks for those great ideas!! I have never tried Spanakopitas...I saw them in the grocer's freezer the other day, so might try it. I liked your emerald pendant and your xmas tree very much. Can't wait to see the cookies and non-alcohol drink recipes...if you have some exotic punch ideas, it would be great.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Nice recipes and photos. I will try the recipes and let u know.


FH said...

Hi Trupti,glad you liked them.Try Spanakopita,cheaper to make it at home and get a pretty big portins too.Thanks and yes,I will give you some Punch recipes too!:)

Hello JayaK! No, you are not late at all!:)You got the same on your 2nd WA!That's so nice to hear.It's cute indeed.Enjoy the recipes:)

Thank you Usha.They make great quick snacks too for anyday,you are right.Make some this weekend.Happy holidays to you too:)

Hi Sam,welcome and thank you.Hope you will try some of them:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaben, as always balled over with your lovely dishes. How very creative of you, loved the platter...thanks for sharing...~smile~..take care ben

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, what a lovely spread ! I love that Feta-spinach combo. Will have to check out the Filo dough in the supremarket cos usually I use Puff pastry for these puffy bakings.

Lovely Emarald !

ChrisB said...

You have given us some more exciting recipe ideas. I am looking forward to seeing your non-alcoholic punch. It's so nice seeing other people's trees. I will post a picture of ours once its up and decorated (probably this weekend). The emerald pendant is a lovely keepsake of your special day.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Asha! I love appetizers and have had a few appetizers only dos! Will try some of your recipes soon. The baked potato chili is new to me. Will be sure to try it.
Check out my post, dedicated to you. Happy Anniversary again! I tried posting it last night but couldn't. Just so you know, I'm not drinking at 4 in the afternoon. That was last night's glass! :)

FH said...

Thank you Chris. Can't wait to see your X'mas tree!Have a great weekend decorating and enjoying!:)

NZ,thank you. Try and get the Filo dough. If you don't get it ,you can always use Puff pastry, but taste and crunchiness will not the same.Hope you will!

Hi Dilip,good to see you.Thanks and hope you will try some of these for your parties!

Thank you darling Vani!It is a very nice gesture on your part to say such good things.Your dish is wonderful,as a fan of Eggplants I am thrilled to have a new recipe.Love you friend,have a great holiday! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful variety of dishes.
Surely I'll try some of them and let you know! Happy holidays Asha :)

Isha said...

whoa f'sH ... my parents got married that year too.. hmmm.. oh well a couplah months before you though .. august 4th .. 1986

congrats.. sorry i missed it :)

anyway i wish you an awesome three hundred and fifty something days left :) hope this year turns out to be the best ever.. :) yet

you look like some kind of earthen angel visitin the planet and marrying a sweet earthling.. in ur weddin photos.. im in luv :P ..

need i say .. had i been 24 something and male back in the 1980s .. believe me i would have been a tough cookie to compete wid .. but marriages are made in heaven .. so god delayed my birth and made me female .. just in case u know ;) no younger men hassles n all
lol jks

and madam dearest you so do deserve the nobel peace prize for bein oh so awesome .. and maintaining galactic peace...

cheeers .. :) ...

PS: i hate this blog .. its the worst nightmare.. and perhaps the best bitterest medicine for a diagnosed bulimic :P

Isha said...

oh my last comment was for your eyes only .. u can publish it if you want

Beccy said...

Mummmmmmm some yummy looking dishes to try out, now which one will I try first.......

Lovely emerald, here's to the next 20 years.

P said...

Wow! Those dishes look awesome!! Am definitely going to try some of them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha:

Thanks for the lovely recipes! You are too good. I enjoy cooking and am always looking for new recipes. These recipes are wonderful. I have a pot luck coming up at my work place and am planning to try some of the recipes that you have posted today.. Thanks a ton and keep up the good work:)

FH said...

Hi prithvi,I am so glad.Enjoy your potluck,Spanakopitas made like samosas are perfent finger food.Hopr you try:))

Hi Isha sweetie! I love what you said there,so I published it!:)) If you mind , let me know.You are a sweet girl,just going through some phase or something.You will do fine in a few years.Time is the essence!Thank you for the compliment,I will take it.Congratulations to your parents too for 20yrs! It's great journey.Have a great summer,luv ya!:)

Thanks Beccy.Just something I thought it would help for a party.Glad you liked it,enjoy:)

P inc., welcome and happy to know you liked them and hope you try some of them:)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of any of those dishes, but they look very tempting. I will see if I can get hold of the ingredients here. Thanks. tree tumba chennagide. nange Kannada matadakke ishta adke kannadadalli bareeta iddini :D.

starry said...

WOW!what a spread , so many delicious things,looks really delicious,I have to make these when I am well. I was hungry just looking at the pics.thanks for sharing these recipes.lovely as ususal.

Anonymous said...

ok Asha I wanna be at a party in ur house so I could eat all those yummies u mentioned. Lovely post here!

**Here is my little 20th WA Emerald pendant keepsake,

WOW thats nice. I like Emeralds. Sophisticated stuff.

That tree looks sooo original and full of XMAS cheer. Ty for sharing it with us. Hugggggggggz!

So this is what u do every Wed...update ur blog? :)

btw sorry I have to be Anonymous now...cos dumb Beta wont let me log in :(


FH said...

Hi Lalitha,take it easy.You can make them later,even better,ask him to make it for you:))They are that easy.Have a great weekend.

Shilpa,try and make Spanakopita,it's delicious!
Kannada mathadakke nangu ishta!Adre bariyoke hodre ondondu sala words maretu hogutte!:))Indiakke hogo yochane enadru ideya? Tumba varsha agirabahudu hogi neevygalu!Naavu hogabeku sadyakke.Naalku jana hogabekoondre tumba himse!Nodabeku!Innu eradu varakke,Orlandoge hogutta iddeevi elaru ondu varakke.Bejaru madidde madi yavagalu!:))

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Wednesdays are becoming one of my favourite days in the week as I am sure a visual treat to my eyes & my growling stomach awaits me at your site.Keep up the excellent work & keep us drooling!


Lakshmik said...

Wow Asha. Amazing number of recipes. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Very nice recipes and your christmas tree looks beautiful.

ServesYouRight said...

Asha - OMG! What an amazing platter! You are truly a talented cook and a fabulous hostess!!! Also grinned and beamed at you and Shilpa 'chatting' in Kannada :-D Smita

sra said...

Just figured out why I couldn't post a comment on your blog yesterday - anyway, good spread. Now go in for platinum!

FH said...

sra,glad you found out why? That's okay.I will post once week anyway,so plenty of time! I already have Platinum and China!:D My pure Emerald is in India,so I bought this liitle one.Enjoy the spread.

Smitha,you speak Kannada too!Great,we can just open a blog and chat away in Kannada:D Vani,Mythreyee,Seema & some others speak Kannada as well. Harate hodeyoke yavaaga bekaadru tayaaragirutteve alva?:D

Thank Krista.We love decorating that although it's not "real" tree and we don't have Christmas!:)

indosungod said...

Asha what a lovely set of appetizers and snacking items. I will have my hands full this holiday season. Happy Holiday!

Al Nims Media said...

For me, those cookies resemble chakkulis...BTW, how do you translate foodieshope into Kannada? :) I tried, but can't get one...

FH said...

Thank you LakshmiK! Enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend:)

Hi Kate.Oh, thank you sweetie.It is an odd middle of the week for me to post but somehow, I will be ready with all these on Wednesdays!:D Glad you log on to see them,I appreciate it.Enjoy and happy holidays.

Yes Keshi, this is my MO on every Wednesday:D You are welcome to my home to partay anytime.But these are so easy,you can do it there too.Quick snacks when you are tired and hungry.Can I see your tree if you have one,I think you do! Blogger did go off twice yesterday!Good that you put your name there. Happy Holidays!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Just a well wisher- I love your blog.Do you know Indira has removed you from her blog roll.? Some one seems to be J because of all the fan mail you are getting.

FH said...

Hi Indo. I love all the blogs nowadays for the same reason too! We get to see somany different sweets and savories that we can treasure,it's wonderful.Enjoy Indo,happy holidays!

Kishore,I thought so too when I looked at the recipe but made with cheddar cheese!!:D Hmm..Foodie's Hope' in Kannada,never thought of that.Hope is Asha or aase`.I will have to come back for that one:)

Hello well wisher. She did??!!!!
I never would have noticed that! I just leave my comment there whenever I like the recipe.Hmm..!Thank for letting me know,luv ya!
As I said before in one of my MeMes, if NOBODY comes to my blog tomorrow, I will still be blogging so my kids one day could use some of my recipes:))Oh Well..each to his/her own, I don't let it bother me much! Have a great weekend Anonymous:))Thanks again.

Mr. J said...

Ash, we should put you on top of that big christmas tree in the mall :D

Anonymous said...

Naavu illi Januaryli bandiddu. Ee varsha hogakke agalla...nanu ellaranna tumba miss madkota iddini :(. Next year hogbeku anta iddivi, enagutto innu gottilla. Illi job huDkakke try madta iddini, sikkidre Indiage bega hogbahudu. Namge illi hechu dina irakke ishta illa.

Orlando trip enjoy maadi :). naavu christmasge ellu hogta illa. Navibru nam certification exam madkobeku, adke manele iddu study madbeku anta iddivi.

FH said...

HA! HA! HA! Johnny, what a brilliant idea! I have a better one! How about putting you on the top there and give you a great big kick in the backside, so you can fly to India without a ticket!:)))Hyderabad, herrrrrrrre is Johnny!Check your e mail bhai!

Shilpa,neevugalu illige bandu varshagale aaytu andukondidde!Innu ondu varshane aagilla.Tumba begane aagutte eega hodre,nija!Summane duddu karchu.
Vapassu permanent aagi hogo yochane idre,kelasa maadi duddu ulisikollode olledu.B'lore antu tumba costly! Mane,site tagobeku andre lakshagattle keluttare.Naavu entoovare lasksha kottevu bari sanna sitege 8 varsha da hinde,18 lakshakke marridevu hoda varsha!
Good luck and God speed:)

Mandira said...

Asha - what a spread. I'll have to keep these recipes handy for the holidays. Happy Holidays! Any more vaccationing?

Anonymous said...

As usual awesome recipes. Neevu enu madidru chennagi madtheera! You are an inspiration, truly!


Manjula said...

So many recipes at one shot! They are all wonderful.

Happy Holidays!

FH said...

Hi Mandira, enjoy the recipes. Yes, we are off to sunny Orlando,FL for 10 days around Christmas. That's the only holiday we can all get away together.I have some recipes in the draft,I will still post every wednesday.Happy Holidays to you too:)

Thank you Deepa.I have to do my best.Otherwise, it will be boring for me.Blog open madteeni anta heli tumba dina aytalva Deepa,innoo yochane madta iddeeyenamma!:D I am waiting for mom's recipes!Have a great weekend.

Hi Manjula,thank you.I always bring too many,don't I? :D Try one at a time and happy holidays to you too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely party food Asha! Goat cheese spread sounds particularly yummy :)

Unknown said... do you do this..:)
Write up is so good...
All the items looks delicious..
BTW Tree looks good...

FH said...

Thanks Linda,goat cheese and spinach combo really tasty,hope you try:)

Hi Maheswari,Thank you girl.You are always sweet:)) Enjoy and try some this weekend!

Anonymous said...

:) tnxx!

I did take a pic of our chrissy tree...will put it up in my blog some time soon.


FH said...

Hello Keshi, looking forward to seeing it!:)We are(Hindus etc) a weird bunch,others won't enjoy our Diwali and Ramadan but we put up X'mas trees,bake and have parties!We are REALLY secular and I am very proud of us!!:D

Krithika said...

All I can say is WOW ! so many ideas ! have a wonderful holiday season !

FH said...

Thanks Krithika. You too have a wonderful holiday with your family!We all get a long break atleast!:))

Lotus Reads said...

You're a real marvel, Asha, you should take this up professionally, but I'm sure you've been told that a 1000 times before! :)

I can't believe you're going on another holiday again, you lucky girl, you! I will miss you so much - make sure you come back soon, OK?

I haven't started my Christmas baking yet...maybe your Christmas cookies will give me just the incentive I need.

Thank you for another marvellous post, sweet Asha.

FH said...

Hi Lotus. Thank you so much! I don't think I want to be a pro!:D Got enough work with 2 kids and a husband already.
We are off for a week to FL,but I will post one in the draft already on that week,so I will still be around.
Next post is wonderful! I am impressed myself,very festive!:))Have a great weekend sweetie.

Mallika said...

20 years of marital bliss!! Huge congratulations...

Just catching up on the last two weeks after my holiday. It was pretty painful to not have computer access.

Lovely nibbles recipes...

FH said...

Hi Mallika.Welcome back andthank you for your wishes! We had a great time!:))
We are all set to go for a vacation too.But I am taking the Laptop!:D:D Enjoy Mallika,happy holidays.

Seema Bhat said...

Hey Asha:
I feel so bad...i dont know how did i miss out your blog and i hope i am not the last one here to comment. First and foremost i just love your writeup lady...always and always u really have time and patience to so nicely write up everything step by step and presenting them in a very nice way ...all your dishes look amazingly great and love the way u have presented them.

Xmas tree looks great too. You know what i have always wanted to have an xmas tree at our place too and then i end up postphoning to next coming yrs.

Creative Asha( thats what i will call you if you dont mind for now) thanks a bunch for taking time and sharing it all with us

Love it

FH said...

That's quite okay Seema! Don't worry about it sweetie.I usually post just one on every wednesday,so you have 6 days to visit me whenever you can!

Thank you for all that,I try to my best.Last year,we too kept on postponing putting up X'mas tree,never went up in the end.This year I put wayy early so we don't miss it again!
Have a great weekend:)

Susan in Italy said...

what a great idea to make spanakopita baskets! My husband is half Greek and makes the triangles and the squares but we've never tried little parcels. They're so cute!

sallywrites said...

Your recipes look wonderful Asha!!

Why don't you put a link onto your cookbook, so that people can buy it from you online?

Have a lovely weekend.


Viji said...

Hi Asha, so much recipes in one post! I need to save everything :) Thanks for everthing. Looks great. Have a wonderful holidays. Viji

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi:)Isnt that Samosa?. idiappam &murukku is made using that gadget?.
good day

FH said...

Hi Deepak, yup! Greek Samosa!:D That gadget is Indian ofcourse to make chaklis etc.Deepak,did you see my last post?I think you were on a break.Check it out,surprise!;)

Viji, thanks girl:)Good ideas for a party.Enjoy.

Thanks Sally. Book link; you mean through Amazon? That's a good idea.I will try.Some of my books are very rare to find bought by etc by private sellers.
Happy Holidays Sally:)

Hi Camp, I am so glad to hear from you! Little baskets are easy to make and also great as finger food too.Hope you try,thanks:)

Cyberkitty said...

Wishing you a belated wedding anniversary ! Great christmas tree pics !

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, gorgeous spread as always! I think I might just pack my bags and fly to NC one of these days, don't be surprised if you see me at your doorstep;) wish you could be my santa and drop some of these at my place..:) I can't stop fostering a craving for your Cheddar Cheese Spritz cookies
will try thiss ome day soon:)

BTW, your Emerald pendant looks beautiful ,have loads of fun and enjoy !

FH said...

Hi Cuberkitty! Thank you for your wishes:)Enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend.

Hi Lera, you are always welcome in my home.Thank you and glad you are trying that Spritz.Enjoy and yeah, I will keep an eye on the door for you with goodies packed! OH! Wait! they are all gone already!:D:D
Have a great weekend.Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Given how amazingly informative and image filled your posts always are, I can only image what goodness awaits in your cookie post! The appetizers you posted about today look mouth watering.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Sai said...

Hey Asha:
Love the post!!! Incidentally I love Greek food and have made spanakopita at home. With the readymade Phyllo Dough it is so much easier.

Love the emerald pendant. I od agree with you, nothing can beat the desi gem stones ;-)

FH said...

Thank you Ari.I do my best.I loved your Beignet! I am not a great baker and I like to become one:)Happy Hanukkah you and your family.Enjoy.

Hi Sai, me too.Anything quick and helpful to make life easier!I love Spanakopita.
I have my pure Emerarald in India.This is the saleswoman said "lab created Emerald" and Arvind said I am wasting wasting money, I should wait and buy it in India.But I bought it anyway,it's my 20th keepsake!:D
Happy Holidays.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hey Asha,
I am a li'l late this time. But boy! do the apetizers look good and ofcourse very useful this time of the year. Particularly looking at the pinwheels and the twice baked potatoes and yes the caruso, definitely. Planning to also make some pomegranate cocktail (any ideas??) so we can have alternate red and green drinks in keeping with the holiday theme.

Isha said...

hey hun when are u updatin ur lifehappens blog ;) ....

mm.. haha that was very child like of the blog goddess haha

mommyof2 said...

Nice tree:-) I was thinking of putting our very 1st cristmas tree picture too, which is baby size compare to ur tree:-)

And nice pendant:-) I have Emerald ring, which I wore during my second pregnancy to fix "mangal" dasha.. I still have it on;-)

Btw did he get the gift for you or you made him ;-)(for my future reference;-)LOL!!

vasilisa said...

wow wow wow... so many ideas! I'm already imagining myself gulping on the zucchini boat pizzas... The concept is so obvious and so brilliant, I can't believe I've never tried it! And I'm definetly using some of these ideas soon... Not even for party -- I love mini snacks just for me :-)

PS: Great Christmas tree! Reminds me to put mine up already :-) (Been lazy...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your posts are very informative....excellent. Everything looks good too.

FH said...

Thank you Peabody:) I am glad you liked them all,hope to see you back!Happy Holidays.

Mini bites Pizza is great Lisa!Quick and healthy snack too! Try it.Last year, we kept on putting off decorating Xmas tree and never did,so this yr we made sure we put it up way early!:)Enjoy.Merry Christmas to you.

Are kidding MO2?!:D:D
He never buys anything for me on his own unless it is electronic etc.I went and bought it myself for 20th keepsake.Read my comment up there.For him,Jewelry is a waste of money,do I care? NOPE!:D
I love itty bitty gems,don't like heavy kinds.Enjoy your's and thanks.Happy holidays:)

FH said...

Thanks South Paw!:) Enjoy your trip to Delhi.

Hi Isha. I am planning to post some photos of us there,opened it but trying to find some time now!I will do it when I can.
Yeah, some "mature" women are less mature than sweet kids like you unfortunately!! Oh well! Life happens!I enjoy every bit of life or whatever there is left of it anyway!:D:D Have fun Ish! Hugs!

Hey Orchid.I am planning to post some non-alcoholic punch next wednesday.Red is definitely will be there but green?!You could use Sour Apple mix for the green color.Grenadine is pomegranate juice,it's already there in my Caruso post.It's very sweet,lemon juice or any sour mix is recommended.Check my next post.
Don't worry,you are not late at all!Happy Holidays and party on!:))

Sasi Kumar said...

interesting reading

FH said...

Hi Sasi Kumar.Welcome and glad you enjoyed reading. Thank you!:))

Anonymous said...

First of all,belated anniversary wishes,Asha.It was so lovely to read about you and your family.I dont have words to tell you,almost had tears in my eyes when I saw your wedding snaps.I celebrated my 1st anniversary in Nov and couldnt believe,time just passed by so fast.I completely agree with you that the first few years are tough always.Infact my first year has been a roller coaster.My hubby and I have had our share of lovely moments,our share of fights.Infact I had read somewhere "The first year of marriage is the hardest to get through,with all of the adjustments and tantrums of one other".
Look at me,I am here to congratulate you on your anniversary but I am writing my autobiogaphy.Have a wonderful life ahead and may you complete 100 years after platinum jubilee,Asha ..

FH said...

Hi Deepa.Thank you first of all for your wishes!:)
I absolutely loved reading your comment! It was sooo sweet of you.Congratulations on your first year and may you have many many more.
Don't think that you imposed at all!I totally understand your tribulations of your first year,brought back many memories too,great ones and not very good one's as well!:D:D
But you know, you will survive just like millions of us,hang in there.Life will be beautiful as the time goes by,I promise!
Keep in touch sweetheart,have a great week:)

Vickie said...

Hey Asha! Thanks for commenting on my blog! You have a beautifully interesting blog! I LOVE the recipes and I will have to try some of those myself. I will be back when I have more time to sit and just read. Right now is a very busy time getting ready for Christmas. I am a last minute person and I have lots of gifts that I am making myself. YIKES!!
I wish you a very "Merry Christmas" and an AWESOME "New Year"!!

Gattina Cheung said...

how could you do cook/bake so many things, and all of them look absolutely delicious! Spanakopita and canapes are surely a work of art! I instantly fell in love in your and chilli potato and cheese spritz cookies (really look alike Chaklis!).
Beautiful pendant and beautiful Christmas tree! Can't wait to see more of your Christmas cookies next!

Julia said...

Hi Asha, congratulations!!
what a beautiful previous post, so sweet and touching! And i love learning more about different cultures...

can't wait till your Christmas cookies! ;)

FH said...

Hi Vickie,do come back and take a look,no problem!:)I know it's the busiest time of the year.One more week to go! Enjoy the festivities and have a great Christmas:)

Gattina,these are so easy,I made them in one afternoon!:)
I will post my next one on wednesday.Thanks and Happy holidays to you friend.

Julia,thank you sweetie!
You were not even born when we were getting married!:D Twenty years is a long time.PHEW!!
It is very different from your weddings indeed.Enjoy and very merry Christmas to you and your family:) Hugs!!

Nidhi said...

Wow Asha, I love your Emerald. I am so fond of stones like this one...Uuuh.

Your Cheese cookies are looking very nice and delicious and all the other apptizers too. That greek snack is really different, I have never heard about it before.

Thanks a lot for sharing..

FH said...

Thanks Nidhi! I like the cute one's too!:))Hope you try the Spritz cookies.Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary to you. I love your tree and I love the picture of the mall all decked out as well.

Congratulations to you on 20 years!

FH said...

Thank you for your wishes Kristen!:) I arrpeciate it. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Me said...

So glad to see you're at a loss of words and that your anniversary was pleasant. You're worth the joy you're feeling.

Anonymous said...

I was on vacation for 4 days and look how much late I am :( But they are all fabulous Asha!!!! Its like a visual treat!!! Dunno where to start from???!!!! Hats off to you dear :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
As usual WOW! I don't even know the existence of many of the yummy dishes you have posted. Also, the emerald looks fantastic!Thanks,Nalini

FH said...

Hi Nalini.Thank you.Hope you try some of these.Yeah, Emerald is cute,little something to remember the 20th!:))

Hi Rooma.You are not late,don't worry.Glad you went on a little break.We all need those!:)We are off for a week's vacation too next week.Enjoy Rooma and happy holidays.

Aww..!!Orhan, you are SO SWEET!!
I am glad I met you. Although I skip "some" of your articles,I enjoy reading most of them.Yeah,I talk too much!:D:D Thank you.
Merry Christmas.Have a great time with you family.You are worth it too, my friend!:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely step by step for these snacks.

Glad you had a fabulous anniversary. To at least 20 more as joyful.

Joyce said...

I'm worn out just looking at all the appies you made. The step by step instructions for the spanokopita are marvelous. Thanks.
Can't wait to try the cheese spritz cookies...much like the sweet almond dough I just whipped up for my Christmas cookies...but the savory ones will be a great match with a glass of wine! You're an inspiration!

Ultimate Foodie said...

Awesome as always! i love spanakopita too and gonna try it soon..i am in the process of creating a blog roll and want to add your blog ( as first entry )..hope it is ok with u :)

FH said...

Hi UF.I am glad you are trying the Spanakopita!I assure you it's yummy.Yes,you can add me to your list!:)Thanks.

Joyce,thank you.I love all cookie recipes I am getting these days in all the blogs!:) Enjoy the Spritz,great with wine indeed!Happy Holidays.

Thank you Pearl.We had a great time! On to 21st year now, will take a year at a time carefully!:D
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

These recipes are really awesome!! I saw your post last week but was pretty busy and took me till now to post this comment. I am going to try some of them for my up coming party. Thank you so very much!!
BTW: for the phyllo dough you can also use non stick spray insted of butter. At least for me the spray works better because it takes me forever to brush the butter on each layer.


FH said...

Hi Sowmya.That's okay,take your time.We do get busy these days:)Enjoy these for your party.
Spray is a great idea!Wish they would make real butter spray,we do get butter flavored ones.But it probably taste a little different.I will try next time.
Tomorrow,I will post some Party Punch too,might help you.
Thanks.Happy Holidays:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
I have been wanting to visit your blog to thank you for leaving lovely comments on my blog but the link you left was not taking me to your blog, this time I managed through somewhere else.

I am not much into cooking, I enjoy eating thats where my interest ends with food but again people who enjoy cooking also need someone like me to eat and appreciate,Right?

Excellent presentation too, I feel that is a very important part of cooking, although what I really enjoyed was your wedding anniversary post, cool too cool, mine is a similar story but 10yr old.

Keep it up, you are doing great!!!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I left comment already. It didnot appear. For your info :All dishes are new to me. I wants to try one by one. Thanks a lot for sharing.

sallywrites said...

Good idea to take a photo of the tree without the lights on Asha. i tried to take a photo of ours last night, but will ahve to re-do, due to the lights!!


FH said...

I know Sally! I took some photos with lights on and I got these streaks of colored lights like they get in Las Vegas!:D:D
Glad you are re-doing again before it's too late!Enjoy the holidays!:)

MT, atleast you could comment today.LOT of non-Beta bloggers can't get in at all!Thanks for trying again.Try one by one,enjoy:)

Hi Sadiya,sorry that you couldn't find me before.Blogger is giving lot trouble to lot of people these days!Yes, we cooks do need to be appreciated so we can bring you more.Can you imagine blogging without anybody's comment!:)
Congratulations on your wedding too,10yr marriage is great!May you have many more.Thank you for visiting Sadiya:)

Anonymous said...

Wow great site, lovely recipes. i just loved the appetizers ideas and recipes.going to try some this weekend. thanks so much, pls do post more appetizer, party menu sort of recipes.

Anonymous said...

Finger licking good, that's all I can say to those lil' petite artistic bites !! :) Thx for the ideas. Will motivate me to make some for an upcoming party soon. cheers & happy 2007 to u !! :)

FH said...

Hi Priya!Thanks girl.Enjoy and I will and try bring more!:)

Hi meltingwok!Welcome and thank you for visiting.Glad you liked them.Happy 2007 to you too!:)

Me said...

I should never visit your site on an empty stomach; after scrolling down the page to catch up on the things I've missed I am suddenly so very hungry!

FH said...

Hi Orhan!Lot of people have told me that they shouldn't come to my blog when they are hungry!;D
Thank you and enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, Whenever i have a party or gettogether i first check ur blog and try some recipes. this time i am trying cheddar spritz cookies as it looks yummy and fatty for kids.(hoping to fatten up my kid,lol!)
I made the dough and the cookie press broke so rolled it by hand and put it in fridge, will that be ok? do i have to grate cheese finely or crumbles are ok? will post abt the result sooner.

FH said...

Hi Nila,cheese is great for the kids,lot of Calcium and little fat too.Sorry about the cookie press,but rolling is okay I guess.Probably turn out little dense,I haven't tried it.
You have to grate the Cheese though,crumbles doesn't mix well with the dough.It should be throughly mixed with the dough to get a smooth texture.Try it,let me know:))

Anonymous said...

Tried it and came out good. my kid did like it.Thanks soo much.i did use the cheese crumbles and rolled it like sticks with hand and came out good.Next i am going to try ur taquitos( our fav frozen snacks) and pinwheel rolls.

FH said...

Hi Nila,cheese crumbles works too,that's great to hear,thanks and glad you liked it.Good luck with Taquitos,I love them too:)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha. Thanks for the pointer to your Spanakopita. It looks good in all the different shapes. I shall head back later in the week. A very Happy Father's Day to your hubby too.
Amanda x

FH said...

You are welcome Amanda.It's exciting for me to see what dishes you come up with for Greece.Can't wait!:))