August 09, 2006


Batani saagu:
What can I say about this classic Karnataka dish? There are no words to describe the pleasure you get just to smell the aroma of Saagu wafting through the kitchen. You are there at home in Bangalore in an instant , no air tickets necessary!!;D

Here it is:
You can use any vegetable or mixed veggies to make this, use the same masala.

Saagu is usually made with mixed vegetables like Cauliflower,carrots,french beans,potatoes etc.But you can use any dry beans,soaked and cooked with spices.It goes deliciously with dosas.idlis and specially with freshly made Pooris.Hope you try and enjoy the delicious Greenpeas (Batani)Saagu.

To make Saagu:

1 Cup Dried Greenpeas soaked overnight and cooked
1/4 Cup sour Cream

1 tbsp Oil and Ghee
1/2 Cup chopped Onion

1/4 Cup Fresh Coconut
1 tbsp Poppy Seeds
1 tbsp Coriander Seeds
1/2 tbsp Cumin Seeds
2 tsp Peppercorns
2 tbsp Chutney Dal (roasted Chana Dal)
2-3 Green Chillies
1" Cinnamon
3-4 Cloves


1. Grind all the ingredients to a smooth paste and keep aside.
2. Heat oil, fry chopped onion until soft.Add ground masala on a gentle heat until you get a good aroma out of it and little oil shows up on top.
3. Put in cooked Greenpeas (make sure it's not mushy),cilantro,salt and sour cream.
4. Simmer gently and serve with Poori.( Taste better next day if you can wait!)

Another look:

Let's make some Poories,shall we?!:)

Pooris are fried Indian puffed bread which are excellent freshly made with any veg or non-veg curries.A favorite bread to make when the uninvited guests drop in on you to say hello!:)

This is how you make Pooris: Makes about 16 pooris/4-6 servings

Mix and knead
2 cups of either wheat flour or Plain flour ,1/2 tsp salt ,1 tbsp fine semolina with enough milk or water until you get a firm pliable dough,cover and keep aside for 15 mins.Divide into golf ball sized or smaller portions to make round balls again.

Take a ball, roll out to a 4" and 1/8" thick circle. Cover until ready to fry.Don't use too much flour or let them dry too much before frying.Heat the oil to deep fry while you roll them out.You can use 4"-5" cookie cutter for a perfect Poori:)

When the oil is hot (375F),slide in one Poori into the oil,press it down gently under the oil for a few seconds with a wide spatula until it starts to puff,and then let it go.Splash some oil on it carefully if it helps the poori to puff up.

It will puff as you can see in the picture, if the dough not very soft,didn't roll them too thin or you didn't make any holes in it:) Be patient and practice. Try to make a perfect circle instead of maps like me.You can cut with cookie cutters too:D

After few minutes, flip gently and fry the other side until golden.Drain on the paper towels and serve them any gravy dish or dry fried veg or meat dishes.

Here's a plate for you; the popular Poori-Saagu:

That's all folks. Cook all these comfort foods and enjoy!:)


Roopa said...

Hey got here thru my site. You have a very good collection. A fellow Mysorean :) Can't wait to try this green peas recipe and all your baingan recipes.

FH said...

Thanks Roopa ! I am waiting for your Saagu recipe you promised :)

My parents live in a farm house near Manasa Gangotri! Most of my uncles got their Master's degree from MG.My husband Arvind and I were at CKC boarding school next to Ganesh Movies , if it still there!! Arvind went to St.Philomena's High school after that.

Good to meet you , Come back!

Anonymous said...

Mysore, and poori sagu - I miss it all, it hurts. Thanks for reviving some of my memories. I can almost feel the gentle breeze as I mentally walk along kukkarahalli kere eri. Mysore, saraswathipura, my paradise lost.

FH said...

Hi Ravi.I feel for you man!My parents used to live Kukkarahalli Kere in a farm house ,Military Residence area?!Now,they sold it and moved to B'lore.Arvind and I both went CKC(Christ The King)convent near Ganesha Theater in Mysore.Setdose,saagu is yummy too.
Enu maadodu,kelasa anta elladru irabeku thane hegaadru.Agaaga Mysorege hodgta idre sari ashte.Come back and visit me again Ravi!:)Happy Shankrathi.

Saju said...

Hi Asha, the greenpeas look delish, I have soaked some and am making them tomorrow. I will report back.

FH said...

Thank you Saju.It's delish,I am sure you will love it.Actually, it tastes better if you eat it the next day. Enjoy:))

Raj setlur said...

The saagu recipe looked awesome.But, Iwas wondering if you have the recipe for the other kind of potato saagu.Where you have to grind the potatoes and make a base of it.

FH said...

Rajshree, I don't think I know that recipe. Are you sure it's Sagu? I have a potato and greenpeas Bhaji for Poori if you like, may be that's what you are looking for.It's in my other blog Aroma and also in my recipe Index.Try it!:)

Seena said...

tried out the green peas, delicious!! waiting for next day.. :D

FH said...

Isn't it yummy Seena? I love the saagu gravy. You can add any vegetables to this too and always tastes better the next day. Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of my Mom...whom i lost recently. It was her fav dish...

FH said...

So sorry about your mom Anon. This is my mom's recipe, I love it. Hugs to you.