August 02, 2006

MYSORE MASALE` DOSE`! (Savory Pancake)

Mysore Masale Dose!!
What more can I say about this world popular dish? No need to write any more. What makes masala dose Mysore style? We brush some chutney powder or red hot chutney on dosa before we put the potato palya on top.
Here's my way. This dosa is made of Rava,so you get a good looking masala dosa if not better but tastier and crispier than regular good old rice and urad dal dosa batter in my opinion and better served best toasty right out of the griddle/Tava!!
But you can use any kind of dosa batter you like, 1tbsp of Rava and 1 tbsp Besan added to the regular fermented urad rice dosa batter an hour before making dosas works very well too.
In Mysore, you get what's called 'Plain Dosa' which is served just with chutney without masala inside , my favorite kind as a young girl! Now enough of nostalgia, let's begin:

Masale` Dose`:

You Need:
1 Cup Fine Rava (Semolina or cream of wheat)
3 tbsp plain flour,
1 1/2 Cup Water
2 tsp Plain Yogurt
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
Mix all and rest the batter for 30mins but never more than 2 hours.It gets lumpy.Let the batter be thinner than usual dosa batter to make it easy to spread.

Meanwhile , prepare potato filling as below. Prepare chutney.

POTATO FILLING(Alugedde` Palya):

Please click here for the recipe of dry potato bhaji filling.


Please click here to my recipe for Chana dal chutney.


1. Heat tava,cast iron is best. If it sticks switch to nonstick pan or even better electric pancake griddle. Smear some oil,pour a ladle full of the batter from outside to the middle to make a thin 6-8" circle. Make sure batter is thinner than usual if you are using rava batter.
2. Dribble some oil or ghee, cover with a lid and cook on one side until bottom is crispy and golden.
3.You can sprinkle chutney pd on top if you like. I didn't as you can see.
4. Put a portion of potato filling and fold in half or both sides into the middle over the filling or into a triangle as the restaurants do!
5.Finally, serve with chutney, any kind you like.

Here is another way to fold Masale dose:

Plain Dosa With Green Coconut Chutney:
Use the same dosa batter as above and make dosas until they are crisp.Do not filling but serve with green coconut chutney. Delicious!

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Green Coconut Chutney:

This is how you make it:
1. Grind 1 cup fresh Coconut,2-4 roasted green chillies,2tbsp yellow roasted chana dal (Hurokadale),small amount of tamarind,1/2" ginger,handful of fresh cilantro,few curry leaves,1 garlic and enough water to a smooth paste.
2. Heat 1tbsp oil,add 2tsp Urad dal,1 tsp mustard seeds,curry leaves,1 dry red chilli and when reddish , add to the chutney.Mix well.

Now relax and enjoy the delicious Masala Dosas!!


Surya Hith said...

Hi Asha,
I was searching for a good 'mysore masala dosa'recipe.Your recipe is so good.Thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.

Unknown said...

This looks very interesting. I want to try it. Thanx for the recipe.

FH said...

Thanks Surya, I had a blast making it ! Hope you do too! Sorry for the late reply...

Pushpa, welcome and thank you .Hope you will try and let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Asha Thnx, for dropping by.... I have linked this. The recipe is simple & nice dosa !!

FH said...

Thanks for linking my recipe Jayshree and for the compliment!!

Pavani said...

Hi Asha,
That is a easy recipe, but when you say rava, it is rice rava right??
Thank you

FH said...

Thanks Pavani, glad I made it you on time! Rava is fine semolina, not the rice rava. But you could also use the regular dosa batter if you like. Taste is in the potato filling(boiling & draining onions first) and chutney, really!!
Can't wait for the round up :)

Tee said...

you are my hero.. this is so easy. You know how I love mysore masala dosas ;)I will make it and let you know how it turned out.

FH said...

Thank you, thank you!! It is not only easy Tamanna, it tastes wonderful!! Note my version of Potato filling, it's diff. from usual!! Dosa batter, you can use any, Rava although easy,little hard to spread thinner for beginners!! Let me know!!Good luck!!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Its a great blog you have here.I am recently married and my hubby is from mysore...I am from Coorg and our way of veggie cooking is little diff.So its nice to see many mysorean dishes on your site:)Tried your Rava Masala Dosa..It was yummy! Any tips for speading the dosa thinly on the tava ..i found it difficult to spread it like a usual dosa batter.Thanks for the gr8 recipes:)

FH said...

Hi Anon,thank you and I am glad to hear that you tried and liked this recipe.Rava dosa is indeed a little tricky to spread.
Make the batter thin,on medium hot tava,pour the batter from outside in circles to inside to fill the space without trying to spread and turn up te heat to roast well.I do this way with plain Rave dose,comes out well.
You can also regular Urad dal batter or use my other Rava dosa batter too.You can find them in my recipe index (Rice breads)on my sidebar.Hope it helps.
I also have Coorgi Akki rotti and Paputtu there as well.My motther is from coffee estates.
Thanks and next time leave your first name,any q's don't hesttate to ask!:))

Ritu said...

Thanks Asha for the lovely dosa recipe! I can eat dosa everyday!

FH said...

You are welcome Ritu, glad you tried and liked it. I could Masala dosas everyday too! ;D

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha i have tried many of yr recipes and the bisiblebath which i tried was really great (my hubby thought i used some ready mix pd)
asha i would like to have the recipe of masala dosa which we get in restaurants here in bangalore mine does not turn brown nor it is crispy like the hotel ones it would be very kind of u if u could post this recipe once again thanks & bye

FH said...

Thanks anon. Yes, this dosa batter is lot different from the traditional urad batter I use for crisp masala dosa. I will post my mom's masala dose batter recipe one day for you, give me some time and keep checking the blog! :))