August 16, 2006


This is a Malaysian bread called Roti Jala, a very simple, tasty lacy pancake to go with any Dal or Meat gravy dishes. You need a special mould or funnel with 4-5 spouts to make this roti. But I didn't have one, so I improvised with a empty plastic bottle with a small hole and poured into circles :) Works well!!

2 Cups Plain Flour
1 Cup Milk
1 egg (optional)
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Turmeric
1/2 tbsp Oil

One Plastic Mustard Bottle :)

METHOD:1. Mix all the above and keep aside for about 5-10 mins.Heat a non-stick tava.
2. Pour the batter into the bottle, close the cap,squeeze the batter onto the tava in an irregular circles.
3. Drizzle some ghee if needed.Flip and cook the other side.
4. Serve with Kari Ayam or any Dal dish.

Two Ways to fold Roti Jala:



Unknown said...

Roti jala is also called lac pancake in english. This goes superbly well with chicken curry. Itz my fav but unfortunately my dgtr has broken my roti jala mould.

FH said...

Do as I did, use a plastic mustard bottle easily available and inexpensive!! I am going to google for the mould today,see If it's sold here.

Thanks for visiting!!

Vineela said...

HI asha ,
looks beautiful.
THANKS FOR sharing.

Krithika said...

This looks beautiful. I will look for the mould too or check with my friend.

Vaishali said...

You made these with a simple plastic bottle? Are you talented or what!

FH said...

Thank you Vineela, Krithika, Vaishali for your compliments!

I try my best to use whatever I have on hand, Vaishali :)...LOL...
It did work clean and simple!!

Anonymous said...

how come i have missed this recipe! when did you post this???surely not on a wednesday?!!will surely try out this one & if it turns out beautifully like yours, i will put it on my blog,ofcourse with full credit to you;)) you know something,i had seen this on one of the asian blog & was drooling over it( for i felt that it would taste very good with some chicken curry!) & now i have got a tried & tested recipe from you! thanks so much for the recipe asha:)

FH said...

Paati,hello again!An Old post,updated today!!:)
Roti Jala tastes best with Kari Ayam.Try them together.They have a mould to pour the batter but use any Ketchup bottle to make patterns.Enjoy:))