August 16, 2006


I had bought Paniyaram Pan without knowing what to do with it 2 years ago! I thought you will have to make special batter, so I never tried it. Then I saw the recipe and paniyarams in MENU TODAY blog and she said you could use dosa or idli batter. I was soooo glad to see that 'cause I had some leftover dosa batter. I whipped out my Paniyaram pan,oiled and poured the batter.

BOY!..Did I have trouble flipping them!! I threw the first batch, took out the non-stick spray. Lo and Behold! perfect (well, almost) Paniyarams!! My kids loved them,called them "Dumplings". Hey !I don't care what they call as long as they eat them!!
Thank you MT !! Even though they don't look as good as you, not bad for a first timer, eh? Now I know they are called Gundappa or appes in kannada!

You need:

2 cups Sour Dosa or Idli Batter

FOR SPREADING all minced:

1/2 Onion minced
1 Tomato
1 Green chilly or Chilli Flakes(optional)
Curry Leaves

1 Tsp Ghee
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds


1. Heat the pan, pour oil or spray non-stick into the grooves. Pour in tsps of batter 3/4th way up to the top , in a modereate heat to cook the middle part all the way through.
2. Flip after few mins with the edge of a fork and cook the other side until golden.

3. Enjoy with this chutney or any chutney of your choice. YUM!!



Rajesh &Shankari said...

You have a great blog going & the paniyarams look appetizing

Menu Today said...

It came out sooo nice. Thanx a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am also from karnataka, bangalore to be precise. Nice to see another kannadiga blogging:)Really enjoyed your blog.
We call them Guliyappa in kannada.


FH said...

Thank you Shankari, you probably get little bitter taste if really eat them but next time it will be golden like MT's!!

Thanks Anonymous, Nice to meet so many Kannadigas and their feedbacks! I love traditonal recipes, get heart palpitations when see some real ones :)

In Mangalore, if I remember correctly call them 'gundappa'.I was not sure so I didn't mention it up there!

Menu Today! you are a great teacher missy!! Thanks.

I thank all of you for visiting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've recently found and interest in making paniyaram and would like to obtain the required pan. Is it possible to find one in cast iron in the USA? Thanks for any responses you might have and btw, they look delicious!

FH said...

Hi Ray/rd, glad you are interested in making Paniarams and thanks for visiting.
Yes , Paniyaram pans are available in US easily. They cost about $ 17.
Here is where you can get the non-stick, cast-iron pan.

Enjoy Paniyarams!!Use no-stick spray lightly before making every batch. :)

D said...

My name is Deepa and I'm from Karnataka, and these are called PaDDu in many parts of karnataka.
BTW u have a wonderful collection of recipes and mouth watering pics, I was actually thrilled to see akki rotti. My mom is from coorg and haven't seen many people who cook those rottis.

U r doing a great job. Thanx a bunch for sharing the recipes. Keep up the gud work :)

FH said...

Hi Deepa.Nice to meet you!:)) Not many Kannadigas here,so I am glad you came here.I have Papputu with Ennegayi too!:) My parents lived in Madikeri for a while and my mom is from the coffee estates.So I am gald to post these.Come back and check out more!:))

Vaishnava Janako... said...

Hi There

An enhancement to your original recipe, as mom (a tamilian from Bangalore who thinks in Kannda) would prepare, is to add in the tadka or seasoning to the batter :- mustard seeds, curry leaves, urad dal, channa dal, dry red chillies, and some chopped coriander too. It gets a bit crunchy and tastes good too. A healthier version would be to ‘coat’ the paniyaram mounds with oil and not pour oil.

Mom gets too adventurous sometimes and has variations like, she’ll pour in half the mound of batter, then place some stuffing, like maybe leftover sabji of noon or previous nights and again ladle another spoonful to complete the mound. Thats how we got our stuffed or sandwiched paniyaram.

Con the kids with grated carrot and slivers of semi cooked french beans and shredded cabbage. Mom would cook just on side and not flip it over the other side, because she would decorate the top with a face made out of perppercorns / bullseye legume as eyes, thin sliver of tomato as lips, string of beans as eye brows, etc.

Another variation is to boil green moon dal, cook it with garam masala and other regular spices, then coarsely grind it and adding it to the idly batter.

She'd call this dish something like 'gunthu paniyarulu'

FH said...

Hi VJ, thanks!:)

WOW!! I love the variations you make with these. Great tips, thank you so much, I always appreciate it. Yeah, got to sneak in some veggies there for kids too!:D
Hope to see you back with more tips, loved readin g those, I will try. In Kannada, we call them Appes or Gundappa too, love it.

Anonymous said...

I am also a kannadiga, kaushalya. I like your blog.

I make a variation, pour a spoon batter then put green chutney/ idli molaiga podi then put a spoon of batter. it becomes sandwich.standalone dish.

FH said...

Hello Anon, thank you. Nice to know another Kannadiga here, do come back.
Yes, adding green chutney or chutney pudi in the middle to sandwich Paniyarams is a great idea, will try next time! :))

Reshmi said...

hello asha...first visit to ur blog..u have a lovely space here...such a nice presentations n fabulous dishes...paniyarams look so delicious...we called it as erivappam..nice one...

FH said...

Thanks Reshmi, welcome and enjoy my blog. I do my best to keep it up! :)