August 20, 2006


I love any kind of chaat! Since other chaats are tedious to prepare, this instant bhelpuri is my favorite pick-me-up and can be whipped up in 5 mins using whatever you have in your pantry!! Don't you just love fast food? :)

My preference would be any savory chaat any day to any dessert out there! People look at me bug-eyed when I tell them that I do not like Chocolate and say "WHAT??!!" ..LOL.. But If I am famished and nothing else is available ,I would have a piece of Belgian Dark Chocolate which is 60% Cocoa. May be it's not the Chocolate but the sugar I don't like!!

Below is how to make my quick Bhel:

2 Cups Any brand Rice Crispies Cereal
2 tbsp Spicy Split Peanuts you get in the stores
1/4 Cup Khara Boondi
1/4 Cup Thin Sev and Thick Sev
1 tbsp Cashews, crushed
1 tbsp Cilantro minced
1 tbsp Carrots grated finely
Hot and sweet bottled sauces,
Toasted Tortilla rounds like crisp poori,crushed (not seen in the photo)

2-3 tbsp Hot Chunky Salsa


Mix everything above and just before serving, add salsa just enough to keep it moist but never soggy.Adjust the salt and serve immedietely.

Hope you give it a try !!


Prema Sundar said...

Salsa bhel sounds interesting . would love to make it as the reipe is easy . thanks for sharing the recipe

FH said...

You are welcome, Prema. Very easy, quick recipe indeed !!

onewithbooks said...

I have heard about this dish before and when I saw your recipie I thought, I can make that. I am unsure of two ingredients though. They are: 1/4 Cup Khara Boondi
1/4 Cup Thin Sev and Thick Sev. I have never heard of them and so I am unsure as to where I could find them.


FH said...

LeAnn, Bhelpuri is a much loved street cart snack in India, enjoy!:)

Khara/spicy Boondi and Khara sev, both are crunchy Indian snack made of chick flour and fried until crisp, available in Indian stores.Few asian stores have them too.
You can skip those and fry some flour Tortilla wedges, sprinkle some chill pd on them, crush them lightly to add to the rice crispies Tt gives a similar taste and crunch to the Bhel. Boondi and Sev are better, if you can get them.Hope you try. Thanks for visiting.

FH said...

Oh, forgot to tell you. Boondis are small round yellow things you see on the plate and stick like things are called Sev.You get thinner Sev and thicker Sev too in the stores. Same taste with different texture.Thinner Sev is better for Bhel!:))