August 09, 2006

ALUGEDDE` PALYA (Dry Potato Bhaji)

Potato Palya for masale Dose:

Potatoes, a versatile veg. You can create thousands of dishes out of these in a jiffy! This bhaji recipe is for masala dosa filling. Skip boiling onions and fry instead to serve with chapatis.YUM!!

2 Big Onions
3 Potatoes

1 tbsp Ghee and Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tsp Urad Dal
1/2" Ginger, minced
Green Chillies
Curry Leaves
1 Onion, chopped


1. Boil 2 thick sliced onions with turmeric and salt until semi-soft,still crunchy but not very soft or soggy.Drain the water, cool and mix with 3 potatoes cubed and cooked in the same way.
2. Heat 1tbsp oil and ghee,add 1 tsp Mustard Seeds,1 tsp Urad Dal, grated ginger.
3. Put in 1 chopped onion, green chillies, fry until golden.Add in potato-onion mixture,salt and cilantro.
4. You can serve this with Mysore Masala Dosa or Chapatis.

Here is how you can make Masale dose, Mysore style!



Manjusha Nimbalkar said...

Hi foodiehope,

Excellent Presentation !!
Potato bhaji looks so yummyyyy


FH said...

Thanks Manju for visiting!


Pavani said...

Hi Asha,
Boiling onions... never tried this before.. Your picture looks soooooo tempting.. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Pavani, yes, it is a little unusual to boil onions and mix with potatoes, isn't it? But trust me, it tastes dilicious! Like they serve in B'lore Restaurants..
Add salt,turmeric when boiling onions and keep it little crispy not mushy. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from India and was looking for a recipe for payla. It was one of my favorite dishes there along with dosa. Can't wait to try your recipe out. I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada; where we grow a lot of potatoes. The soil in the south of India was red much like the soil of PEI. Good for crops! Thanks again...Cathy (hooked on India)

Anonymous said...


We just tried your potato bhaji recipe and it came out *Great*!

Thanks a lot!

FH said...

Hi Lobo.I am so happy to know that you liked this recipe.I know it tatses great with dosa.Many people think it's just another recipe but this is a little unusual! Thank you so much for your feedback,I appreciate it:)

Seema Bhat said...

After looking at your alu palya i so much wanna have masala dosa as well hee hee pity my stomach ...and boiling onions is very new for me ...i have to try it this way next time..
Thanks asha

FH said...

Seema,I know! I love and miss MTR Masala dosa so much:))Try this,boil thick slice of onions just until crisp tender and drain well before mixing with Alu!Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

boiling onions is new to me.
how to look the consistency
of onions.
do i need to cut onions as usual and boil ?
kindly clear my doubt.
thanks in advance.

FH said...

Hi SRS, glad you are trying this recipe.It's delicious with dosa. I will assure you will love it.

Take 2-3 big onions,slice them about 1/4" thickness and put in a bowl with water, turmeric and salt.Microwave it for about 5 mins or more.Texture should be soft outside but still little crunchy to bite in the middle just like in the restaurants.Drain and mix with Aloo.Tell me how did you like it or if you need any info!:)Thanks

Joyce said...

Just look at you! I lost everything in my PC and now that I'm back up and running,I find you've streamlined your blog yet again and it looks do the potatoes!

FH said...

Hi Joyce,you got my oldest post!:))
Glad you got your posts back,I always keep a back up just in case,so I don't lose anything.
Thanks, old template was giving lot of trouble.This is working fine!:))
Hope you the Potato dish.

Devi Priya said...

The photos are very colorful and eye catching. Nice post.

FH said...

Very tasty too Devi Priya! I got this recipe from an old cookbook, loved it ever since I first made it! Excellent as Masala dose filling!:))

Sunil said...


I always loved the palya which we get in mysore.I tried this for the first time and i was *GREAT*

Thanks a lot

Sunil Gowda

FH said...

Hi Sunil, this is different from usual palya we all make. Boiled inion gives it a nice crunch and get that restaurant taste. I am so glad you tried it, enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
I just made and had alugedde palya following your recipe. Sakkath sooper aagithu. Thanks!
It was relatively quick and I made enough palya for at least 2 days!! - very desirable for a single guy like me :D .. Awesome!


FH said...

Haha!! Thanks Manohar. Glad you tried it. Most people just don't realize this is a different kind of palya than the usual alugedde palya and don't even try it. This is excellent for masale dose, I love it too. Enjoy! :))

Anonymous said...

Boiling onions was a new trick for me. I tried your recipe and it worked out great. Did not think that it would be that easy, yet that tasty.

Thanks very much for posting it.

- S

FH said...

S, I am happy that you liked it. Some restaurants make the palya this way for Masal dose. YUM! :))