August 01, 2006


Bamboo Shoot as it grows:

This is how a Bamboo shoot looks like. When it's just about one foot, we cut it,peel the outer layers and chop into slices.Soak in water for 24hrs and drain and then use it in our cooking.Fortunately,we don't have to all that.Canned Bamboo shoots slices are available in US.Still the flavor of fresh Bamboo shoots are very different from the canned ones,lot stronger than canned ones.

Some of you mentioned Bamboo Shoots pickle, and when I asked Arvind (my husband), he said "of course we pickle Bamboo shoots in the estates (meaning coffee plantations around Sakeleshpura where he is from) , didn't you know?!" GREAT!! now I HAD TO make this pickle!!:D

I vouch for it, this looks & tastes divine!! How did I miss out all this time!!

How to make Bamboo Shoot Pickle:
I used 2 small cans of sliced Bamboo Shoots or two cups of sliced Bamboo Shoots, 4 tbsp Swad Ready Pickle mix , juice form 2 limes and seasoned it.
Season: Heat 1/4 cup oil,add 6-8 whole peeled Garlic,1tsp mustard seeds, few fresh curry leaves,3-4 dry red chillies.Cool and add to the pickle.

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If you don't have ready pickle mix; grind 4 tbsp mustard seeds,2 tbsp Methi seeds and 10 or more dry red chillies ,salt coarsely and add to Bamboo shoots and season as above.

Another dish made with Bamboo shoot is here.



karmic said...

I am always surprised with the epicurean high that I get here each and every time! You rock girl! ;-)

FH said...

Hi Sanjay! You are such a sweetheart:) As you can see , you are the first one to comment.Thank you friend,I do my best.

karmic said...

You are way too kind buddy!
Here is some Friday silliness..why in the world did the bamboo shoot the pickle and other pickles? Such violence is unbecoming of the benign bamboo ;-)
The title is..

wheresmymind said...

I love bamboo shoots!

Anusha said...

Is this an old post or the latest? got published just now! anyway, they look delicious - and I am going to try this recipe with bunch radish and celery (separately)...will let you know the results..

ps: thanks for the comment, checking on me - since MIL left, I have been soooo busy, as you can imagine :) have tons of recipes to blog about, if only I founnd the time....

Anonymous said...

I don't much care for the taste of bamboo shoots by themselves, but I could try them like this and see if my opinion changes!

Priya said...

Asha you are a quick learner and happy to say I have your recipes to go thru' coz I am little slow chef.

Nice new recipe.

FH said...

Sanjay, HA HA!! Great one liner for a friday:))You know, I didn't think of that when wrote the title.You are so clever my buddy.Does friday make you THAT happy:D:D

Jeff,why did Bamboo shoots other pickles?!:D

@! You are right.I had attached it with other dishes,thought I will create a new post just for pickles:)I am planning to add more pickles to this post as I make them.
MIL left and you have to cook now:) Take it easy and come back when you can.We will be here.

FH said...

Thanks Priya! I knew lot of recipes with Bamboo shoots but never remembered my grandma making it somehow:) Tastes good though.

Hi Deana,I know. Bamboo shoots do smell odd:) You have to like them to enjoy them.Pickling takes away that smell and makes it tangy and spicy.We had it for dinner yesterday with rice and dal.Hope you try.

Deepa Kuber said...

wow, never heard of this pickle.ur recipes are very unique.

FH said...

Hi Anjali, this is a very traditional coffee estate special pickle!:)
Bamboos grows abundantly in the estates for the shade of coffee plants. When they are very small about 5" off the ground, they cut it off and make many dishes with Bamboo shoots. I love it although I have to use canned Bamboo.
Did you see the akki rotti and Bamboo palya? My ajji's recipe!:)

Deepa Kuber said...

AH!!!! really? do v get fresh bamboo shoots in USA? not canned ones..

Deepa Kuber said...

hey asha, i got email from sailaja. den i added my link for aggrtn in feedburner n sent my link(1 which i got from feedburner)to sailaja as a reply to her mail id.. is it done?

FH said...

I think we do get fresh Bamboo shoot in Chinese or Vietnamese store as I have heard but I have never seen one.I should go and ask them next time for it since they probably have different name for Bamboo shoot!Fresh ones are little smellier than canned ones but delicious:)

It might be done Anjali! Next time you post, go there and check if your post shows. Then you will know for sure. I just left a comment with my url there and she did it for me.

Swapna said...

Hi Asha.. thanks for your comments.. you are missing something if u have not tried kappa.. try my recipe if u get hold of a piece.. u wont regret it ..

FH said...

Swapna, wish I could get Kappa here just to try, dish sounds and looks good!:)