October 03, 2007


We will start with the spectacular "MOTHER OF ALL" round ups of Regional Cuisine of India for Karnataka with appetizers, snacks, light breakfasts, Kosambaris, Uslis, Chutneys, masalas, shall we?!!:)

Thanks again Lakshmi for RCI and to all of you who sent your entries! Readers, if any link doesn't work or if I left out any entry(wait until after the 4th post), leave a comment with URL so I can correct it immediately. I am a mere Earth bound woman, can surely make mistakes!! Hahaha!!

Before I start on the food, Bhrathy of "Spicy Chilly" shared few photos with us of Coorg or Madikeri where she vacationed recently, a little paradise on Earth in Karnataka. Enjoy the beauty of Abbey Falls, located right in the heart of a coffee plantation before the feast! Her pictures made me nostalgic and sniffle for a while for sure!! Thank you Bharathy!:))

That would be me sitting drenched in the mist, in front of the same Abbey Falls when my parents used to live in Madikeri in 1987, few months after I got married! Can you recognize the same rippled spot of the Falls from the above photo taken in 2007? Nature never gets old, only humans do!!:D


Now, the appetizers and snacks, Karnataka style!

Kodubale`, from Latha N of "The Yum Blog"

Mangalooru Bajji/Goli Baje, from Swapna of "susarlas-kitchen":

Khara Mandakki with Rave Kodubale`, from Lakshmi of "Taste of Mysore":

Mangalore Bajji, from Musical of "musical's kitchen":

Goli Baje, from Archana of "Archana cooks":

Erulli Pakoda, from me:

Masala Puri, from Shilpa of "Aayi's Recipes":

Tumbida Menasinakayi Bajji, from me:

Mangalore Aloo Bonda, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Nippattu, from Srivalli of "cooking4allseasons":

Uddina Vade and Maavinakai Chitranna, from Ramya of "Ramya's cuisine":

Bajjis, from Siri of "Siri's Corner":

Baked Cashews(Gerubeeja)Pakoda, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Goli Baje, from Dee of "Limenlemony":

Huli Avalakki, from Aswin and Mandira of "Ahaar":

Jeegujje Podi, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Mosaru Vade/Dahi vada, from Mona of "Monaafzal":

Goli Baje, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Divkadgye/Bread Fruit Phodiyo, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Badanekai Bajji, from Kanchana of "Married to Desi":

Chakli and Somashe, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Maddur Vade, from Latha N of "The YUM blog":

Ambode, from Siri of "Bendekayi karimb"

Tomato slice Churmuri, from Latha of "Masala Magic":

Nippattu, from Mamatha of "Karnataka recipes":

Cauliflower Phodiyo, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Uddina Vade, from Kribha of "Veetu Samayal":

Maddur vade, from Roopa of "Recipe of choice":

Kodubale`, from Vidya of "Foodie Confidential":

Ammavara vade`, from Roopa of "Recipe of choice":

Green Pepper Phodiyo, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Aloogedde Bonda, from Bharathy of "Spicy Chilly":

Maddur Vade, made by me with Latha of Masala Magic's recipe:

Spinach Pakodas, from me:

Kadelebele Vade, from me:

Chakli, from me:

Kodubale`, from me:


Kosumbaris(salad) and Uslis((stir-fry):

Carrot Kosumbari, from Kribha of "Veetu Samayal":

Beans Upkari, from Raaga of "Chefatwork":

Chori Beans Usili, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Green beans Usli, from Anusha of "Talimpu":

Potato Raita, from Anusha of "Talimpu":

Carrot Kosumbari, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Cabbage Usli, from Siri of "Siri's Corner":

Moong Usli, Pachadi, Kosumbari and Chilli-Garlic chutney, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Mooga Dali Usli, from Vani of "Mysoorean":

Cucumber Kosambari, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Cucumber Kosumbari, from Kribha of "Veetu Samayal":

Dantina Soppu with Coconut Usili, from Priya of "Priya's Kitchen":

Carrot Kosumbari, from Raaga of "Chef at Work":

Yogurt-Cucumber Raita, from Namratha of "Finger licking food":

Kosumbari, from Kamini of "Bubbling Cauldron":

Sprouted Moong Usili, from Viji of "VCuisine":

Mandakki Usili, from Timepass of "Simple Indian Cooking":

Hacchida Avalakki, from Anu of "Foodie Memoirs":

Cabbage Usili/dry Palya, from me:

Sapseege soppu(Dill)-beans Usili, from me:

Tomato Salad, from me:

Sihi Kumbalakai(Butternut Squash) stir-fry, from me:

Green beans Usili, from me:

Green beans Palya, from Musical of "Musical's kitchen":

Carrot Kosumbari, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Kadalebele Kosumbari, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Beans Palya, from Smita of "smita serves you right":

KadaleKalu Usli, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Chow Chow, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Hesarukalu (Moong) Usili, from me:

Hesarabele kosambari and Aradbele Usali, from Anu of "Foodie Memoirs":



Menthe Chutney, from Supriya of "Spice corner":

Coriander leaves Chutney, from Jyotsna of "Curry Bazaar":

Green Tomato-Spring Onion Chutney, from Lakshmi of "The Yum Blog":

Kadalebele Chutney, from Madhu of Ruchii":

Cumin and Coriander seeds chutney, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Tamarind-Date-Raisin Chutney, from Mansi of "Fun and Food":

Ginger-Chilli chutney, SMN of "cook spot":

Hurikadale-Coconut Chutney, from Namratha of "Finger licking food":

Sutta Badanekai Bajji/chutney, from me:

Heerekai(Ridge gourd) Chutney, from me:

Khara (green chillies) Chutney, from me:

Mango Pachadi, from GV of "add flavour":

Tomato Chutney, from me:

Haagalkai Dhoddak, from Shilpa of "Aayi's Recipes":

Badanekai Masala, Sobila of "Tamilmenu":

Tambli, from GV of "add flavour":


Breakfast and Brunch:

Southekai Avalakki, form Grihini of "Grihini":

Pathrode, from GV of "add flavour":

Khara Akki Shavige, from Latha of "Masala magic":

Khara Bhath-Chutney, from Musical of "musical's kitchen":

Gojju Avalakki, for Grihini of "Grihini":

Udda Mooga Pole, from Ashwini of "food-for-thought":

Neer Dosa, from GV of "add flavour":

Rava Idly, from Jyoti of "World Wide Cooking Videos":

Mysore Masala Dosa, form Pooja of "creative Pooja":

Breakfast and Brunch continue in the next post.....

I am taking a break from commenting from today to 13th so I can work on the next 3 posts. 2nd round up post will be out in 3 days. Enjoy your entries, see you all in your blogs in about a week or so!:))


Raaga said...

I love this... great round up Ashakka... am waiting for the rest too... this will be one event to remember... am all set to make nippat and maddur vade now.

Raaga said...

and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... today I was the first to post :-)

Mythreyee said...

Wow! Asha, super. So many dishes from our Karnataka. Great! A Must Bookmark Post. Thanks.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Fabulous round up asha dear!:)) I will need a few days to go through only the snacks and dips!:)) Take your time to post the next! :)) I know your comments are precious to all bloggers, but do take care of your fingers!:))

Roopa said...

wow what a excellent round of dishes Asha! waiting eagerly for the next set too :).i will link to all these posts too !

Bubbalili said...

hooray..thats just appetizers and salads...keep it rolling Ashaji, gr8 work

sra said...

aha, you have your work cut out for you - go easy on the round-ups, our posts won't be the same without your comments ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice round up Asha. Well those pictures of falls made me nostalgic :(. I wish I could go to India NOWW....Will be waiting for next rounds :).

FH said...

Raaga, hugs!! You made it first this time!!;D

Myth, Latha, Roopa, Babablili and sra, thanks and enjoy!:))

I will be back as soon as possible, need to work furiously on round ups from today!:))

FH said...

Shilpa, me too! Let's get on the plane girl!:D
Yeah, her post made me so happy and sad at the same time!:)

Sreelu said...

Asha excellent round up, can't wait to try the recipes

Shivapriya said...

Lovely round up Asha... waiting for the remaining:).

Raks said...

Wow!Looks interesting!somany dishes at one stop!! Great!! Really appreciating your work....:))

Kribha said...

Dear Asha,
wow...excellent round-up. Can't wait for the rest. Still, take care of your fingers. Many of us will miss your comments. So, please come back soon.

Laavanya said...

What an amazing array of Karnataka dishes Asha. Great job there. It's a massive job you have there ... do remember to get some rest while you are working on te round-up.

Swaruchy said...

Nice roundup Asha....Loved every dish :-)

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha, great round-up! No comments from you....we will miss you...

Padma said...

NIce round-up Asha! great job

Sia said...

i am speechless ashakka:) 4 posts filled with kannadiga dishes??? mother of all round-ups indeed:) u asked for more entries and u got them ;)
wait for another 2 months, i will send u more snaps from coorg and make u more nostalgic;) he he he....

Richa said...

Yummy fried goodies :)
lovely round up, Asha!
3 more to go........ ;)

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! great roundup. Waiting for rest too. Small request and a mistake too .... I send my Rava Idly recipe from "World Wide Cooking Videos" blog, not from "Andhraspicy". Please make it correct. Thanks in advance and waiting for others too...


Anonymous said...

i think if i save up this & the next three post, i will have a complete karnataka e-cookbook free!!:)) waiting eagerly for the non veg karnataka recipes!

Namratha said...

Woweeeeee..fabulous round up Asha dear! Two eyes are surely not enough to see all those Karnataka dishes, great to see so many of them!! Looking forward to all the other posts..

Kajal said...

Oh my dear.....you really work very nice and take your time for round up. Take care of your finger my dear. Appreciating your work....!!!

Great super excellent...round up:-)

Mishmash ! said...

This is indeed a mother of all round ups..how many entries in total?? Hope u re not giving too much stress for ur eyes...

Anonymous said...

I can't believ eit with so many delicious items drooling before my eyes. Will check this recipes for get together ones.

Grihini said...

Hurray......!! fabulous round up Asha. I can only imagine how bad your fingers would be hurting. ;)

Looking forward to the next posts.

Manasi said...

What a round up!!!! so much choice!!!!
Kepp 'em coming!!!! Too good!

musical said...

Yeah, Ashakka! What a fantastic roundup and there's more to come! All the posts are going to be bookmarked! Many thanks! Take care of your fingers :). and lovely Abbey fall pictures!

Much love and hugs,

FH said...

Sreelu, Shivapriya, Raks, Kribha and Laavanya , thanks girls.I will be back in your blogs before you know it!:))

Ashwini said...

Great round up Asha...good luck with the remaining entries and thanks for all the hard work

FH said...

Sirisha, Vijaya, Padma , Richa, thank you for making these!:))

Sia, are you going to India in 2 mnts? Hurray. Can't wait to see the photos!:))))))))

FH said...

Jyoti, I will correct it right away.I think link is the same as you sent, just have to change the blog name!:))

Paati, very very few non-veg entries girl but good ones!

Namratha, Kajal, shn (more 250, and I added few more of mine too!:D), enjoy!:))

FH said...

Thank you Pria, Grihini, Manasi, Musie and Ashwini, I appreciate your entries too.
I am more than happy to get all these , I absolutely don't mind working hard at all. I LOVE IT. Have fun!:))

Beccy said...

What a round up Asha, you've made me feel very, very hungry.

Siri said...

Dear Ashaji, Indeed this RCI is mother of all events.. 250+ entries is a huge number... and its a treat to eyes to see so many recipes at one place..:D..

P.S: Ashaji, its to bring to ur notice that there is no link for my entry "Cabbage Usili" (Siri's Corner) in the post..:)

- Siri

Bharathy said...



Seena said...

Ash,its really interesting to go through all wonderful pictures..great round up, take care..

FH said...

Thanks Beccy, I do have great bunch of blogger friends!:))

Siri, so sorry. I have linked it now.I checked hundred times before publishing, don't know how I missed that!:))

I thought it was amazing too Bharathy.I thought "hey, I have a similar photo" and started getting out all old ones.I found it and showed it to Arvind and he said "post that too"!:))

Thank you Seena. All in one snack post!:))

Sharmi said...

woah Asha, totally how many entries did you recieve? the first part itself is so amazing.

Bong Mom said...

Excellent round up...did you get my mail...I don't want my "Ode to Bangaluru" to be missed out :)

J said...

I'm hungry!!! Gimme more, gimme more.....:D

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Awesome work A! Thank you and looking forward to the next 3 posts :)

Anonymous said...

Asha thank you s0 much for your hard work. This is so huge, so many entries of pakodas and vadas...Beautiful done.

FH said...

Thank you all, Sharmi(stopped counting after 230!:D), Sandeepa, Jyotsna(more coming, hold on!) , Madhu and Roopa!:))

Sandeepa, I got your entry of Uppittu post, replied to you too and it's coming next in breakfast!:))

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooooohh...so many recipes!!! :D don't know where to start :))

Sig said...

WOW! This is mother of all round-ups indeed... I guess you have enough entries to start a third blog ;-)... Will miss your comments, but u need a break girl... ;)

Apple said...

Wonnderful round up Asha...I can't turn off my sight away from the snacks...:O...when do I complete checking all the Pics :(

FH said...

Take a deep breath LMM, more coming your way!:))

Sig, thank girl.I am very happy that I received so many entries, don't mind working like a donkey for these at all. I am proud a mama to all of ya!:D

I will start commenting as soon as I finish the 4th post, might take a week or before if you know me!;p

Anonymous said...

great round up.I can get all the recipes of kanataka here.what a huge round up.

remya said...

WoW!!! nice roundup ashaji....really fabulous!!!...so many dishes..great.eagerly waiting for the next roundup.

Revathi said...

Wow Asha
Sad I missed the event - Makes my mouth water looking at the posts.....Kudos to u for doing the roundup !!!

Pooja V said...

I loved this round up. hats off to you babe.

ChrisB said...

Those falls look spectacular.
Seeing all these wonderful dishes is making me feel decidedly hungry as I haven't had my dinner yet :)

FH said...

Apple, this is just the first round girl!:)

Ramya and Remya, I thought it's a duplicate comment and almost deleted one of you until I saw the a and e!:D
Thanks girls.

FH said...

Revathi, I got an entry today as well, so you are never late for me if you have one.Enjoy the round ups, 3 more coming up!:))

Pooja V, thanks sweetie. I am lucky to have you all as fellow bloggers, you made me very proud!:))

Chris, to reach that Falls you have walk thru' a privately owned coffee plantation which is in it's natural state with no paths to walk.It is rugged and beautiful!:))
Enjoy looking at the goodies, more coming in 3 days!

Pravs said...

beautiful and yummy enteries. good work Asha. Waiting to see other enteries.. Starting is great.

Seema Bhat said...

Beautiful and mouthwatering roundup...appetizers alone had so many entries oh boy!!!! you indeed must have and must be doing a lot of work putting them all together alwa. I didn't know that I could send in all Karnataka dishes from even previously posted entries. My bad luck or I guess I didn't read the post well. Anyways luvs and hugs to you loads of them for the second and third roundups.

Chandrika said...

That must have been a lot of work, Asha! Great round up...

FH said...

Thanks Pravs, enjoy!:))

Seema, you did send two of the dishes, thank you for that.I know how busy you are,caught up there! Hugs.All the desserts are in the last post, so you gotta wait!
Kelasane, adre ishondu jana kashta pattu madi kalisaddaralva antha santosha!:))

It is Chandrika.I admire the bloggers who does this weekly and monthly events now!:))
But I am happy that I had a chance to showcase my state, little hard work doesn't bother me!:)

RML said...

Hello Asha,
Ohoooooooooooooooooooooooo so many delicious recipes.That was an awesome roundup.
I never even knew that we can cook so many deliciuos recipes.Hmm thanks a lot asha for sharing and I need a a month to try all these.haaaaa

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Nice round up.each and every entry looks delicious.i think i need to bookmark this.


Rohini's kitchen said...

Nice round up Asha. Lots of karnataka dishes. Bookmarked this post. Have to try all new items. Thanks.

Manju said...

AMAZING round up.... i sure am gonna try one of these atleast.. :)

TBC said...

Wow! and this is just part-1!!.Thanks for doing this, Asha.
Take rest too:-)

FH said...

Madhoo, this is just the first part girl!:))

Shalini, Rohini, Super Chef and tbc, thanks girls. I am happy that it turned out so good. Enjoy:))

starry said...

OMG unbelievable. so many delicious recipes. Karnataka is an awesome place and people who can cook up some nice food.( I am partial to karnataka cuisine because i am from bangalore).

Mansi said...

great work Asha!! I know its not easy typing whle day for these round-ups and you are doing a fabulous job with 3 long and delicious posts!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Asha, what a lovely start to your never-ending parade of Karnataka dishes! Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this together. I know it's going to be a blast going through all the yummy recipes!

Big hugs to you dear, and don't work too hard now! I am sending you a big plate of all these mixed appetizers to keep you fortified ;)

Neelam said...

Wow what a great roundup this is!
Thank you so much Asha for all your efforts!Waiting eagerly for the next one!

Prajusha said...

hi asha,
wow!!!!!!!!!Wonderful round up with yummy yummy dishes. eagerly waiting for the next set:)

indosungod said...

WOW WOW Asha, what a fantastic roundup. I now know what to do over the weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
This is my first comment on your blog. Wonderful round up and with all your hard work and the effort of all the bloggers looking forward to comprehensive recipe collection from Karnataka.

Also appreciate your enthusiasm you always seem to be so full of energy....a cheer leader for your fellow bloggers.


Nabeela said...

oh wow.....that's a HUGE collection of recipes. It's a one stop shop now for karnatak recipes

Rajitha said...

wow...my head is spinning...but waiting for round-2

Timepass said...

Wow, Asha..This is great.I appreciate your efforts to compile the three posts on this event.I have bookmarked this post as a reference. Thanks for putting in my entry too..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashakka, Lovely....! Roundup. Loved all the dishes contributed by fellow bloggers. Waiting to see the next editions...

Swapna said...

Mera number kab ayega?:)
Lovely first round-up!

Keshi said...

hey Asha HUGGGGGGGGZ! U look different in 1987...an innocent girl ha? awwwww.... :)

those yummy food pics r making me drool! India is rich of culture and all these food items I SHOULD TRY before I DIE lol!

TC..see ya soon!


Srivalli said...

Lovely round Asha...and excellent work...kudos to you.....do take rest but our posts will not be the same if your comments are not there!

EC said...

Lovely round up part 1....i bet this would go on to become the best page on karnataka cuisine...waiting for the other parts too..

Anu said...

Wowie Asha...what a gr8 round-up and sooooooo many goodies to try out :-) Eagerly awaiting the next set

amna said...

wow! that must have taken some time!! and to think there are more to come!! i was puffing and panting thru the 31 entries that i go :D

really awesome job. looking forward to my entries appearing in here too :)

FH said...

Lalitha, Mansi, Linda (:D), Neelam and Prajusha, thank you all!:)

It's a pleasure to showcase all your entries. Enjoy. I will take my time to bring out 3 more out within a week.

FH said...

Indo, Shobha (welcome!), Nabeela, Rajitha and Timepass (4 posts!), thanks girls. I am doing my best. Enjoy!:))

FH said...

Lakshmi, Swapna (got to wait girl!:D), thank you. I am working on the next one today!:))

Keshi, we grow up so protected by parents etc in India, we look like teenagers even though we are in 20s!;D
I was 22 then, I still remember that Abbey Falls.Great times!:))

FH said...

Srivalli, Anu, Easy crafts, and Nags, you are welcome!:))

I will be back in your blogs before you know it. Lot of work to do on the 3 more round ups but will do as fast as I can!:)

Anonymous said...

Your idea of a break from commenting is rather unique - you dont take a break :D - lol. I love your sheer energy - I keep telling Satish that people who are in their late 30s and 40s are highly energetic :). you have actually taken the pains to edit some of those photos there for brightness and contrast!!! :clap: :clap: :bow:

Finla said...

Excelent Found up Asha.
So many delicious looking dishes.Now i know where to come for when i need special vegetarin snacks.
Take your time Asha and five you poor fingers a rest F

Sivani said...

What an incredible round-up - and you say this is just the first part?

I came in too late to participate in RCI Karnataka, but I am definitely looking forward to the next RCI!

Thanks for hosting.

Unknown said...

Its so exciting to be a part of this event! Thank you for introducing me to it, Asha! And so many mouthwatering snacks...and I must say everyone's plating (presentation) looks great.

FH said...

I know Lakshmi, thank you!:D
Still on break but a special comment just for you today, because I haven't seen you in a while.Hugs!:))

Thank you happy cook, Sivani (new blogger! Welcome!) and Siri, you are all welcome.
My fingers still work have to work for a week, see you all later in the week!:))

Cynthia said...

This is a mother load of a round up. I am here struggling and fighting the urge not to go make some Bhaji.

MR said...

excellent round up!!!
will have to try out so many new recipes!!!!!WOW

ServesYouRight said...

Lovely round-up!!! Can't wait for the rest - yum!!


Arun Shanbhag said...

Hi Asha:

What a spread! you are no longer human; you have been elevated to the exalted status of
"Karnataka Devi!"

We bow to Thee!

Sorry, I just cannot go through all the posts - I am feeling terribly homesick and hungry (and I just finished dinner)

Keep up the great work!

deepsat said...

Awesome spread asha!!!

This is great!!!


Foodie said...

My dear!! I have been missing so many things on your blog. Visited after a long time. wonderful roundup of RCI Karnataka cuisine. Loved all the entries. Especially the bajji ones. My gosh so much food so many ways to make it. Loved your post about the harvest. you have been growing lot of stuff in the backyard. You sure do have a green thumb must say.

SMN said...

Ashakka, loved the round up.. great entries.. i feel so sad i cudnt send much to this event as i was tied wth the work.. Great effort ...

Shionge said...

Oh my my Asha....too much food for me, I would be able to have leftovers until your return kekekek....

I saw vade which is my favourite and over here we take a bite of vade, another bite of green raw chilli...are you able to buy them over there?

Love all the lovely spread of cuisine and it is not only yummy but colourful too....

Thank you Sister :D

FH said...

LOL! Cynthia, me too!;D

Mallu recipes and Smita, thanks girls:)

Arun, you made my day!:D
Thank you. I do have wonderful bunch of blogger friends who took so much trouble to send me all these! I am the lucky one here!:)

FH said...

Thank you Satheesh. Once in a life time chance for me to showcase my state, loved it!:))

Thanks Pintoo. My veggie patch is almost gone now, looking forward to next Spring. Enjoy all the recipes!:)

smn, no worries.You did your best girl, hugs to you!:))

You are welcome sister Shi!:D
No, we don't get to eat all that yummies like you do there. Either we have to go to the restaurants (expensive!) or make them at home ourselves.You are lucky.Most people here are Meat and Potato kinda people!:))

Anonymous said...

hi..great round up...kudos asha...

FH said...

Thank you Priya. Enjoy, more to come!:))

Lisa Johnson said...

Wow Asha! That is an amazing round up! I cannot imagine all the time that this is taking. I'll have to keep coming back to check out all the recipes. Great job! : )

FH said...

Thanks Anali. Yes, it does take lot of time organizing these and there are plenty more.
But I am happy to do it. Foodie bloggers took time to cook these for this event too. I just have to post them!:)
Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Asha

Nice roundup. I am sure it would have been a lot of work. Wow there are a whole variety of dishes - yummy appetizers. Cannot wait to try them. Keep up the good work!

FH said...

Thank you Lakshmi. It was a blast hosting this event, I still have MANY posts and entries to go, working on it as we speak!:))
Enjoy and thanks for RCI, a fabulous idea. Have a great weekend, hugs:))

Smita said...

wow!~!! What a spread!!!! Shouldn't have seen it just before lunch...Gonna hog too much!!!:D:D

FH said...

Hahaha!! Wait until next post Smita, you will swoon!!;D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Excellent round up & so many contributions from u as usual.U are so committed & do your best everytime.Hats off to u.


Shweta said...

Ashaji! What a lovely round up, and to think this is just a part of the whole deal! Hope you are getting some sleep :) Take care and I'll check back for the rest!

Lissie said...

great job, asha! what a round up!! a really good way to discover the treasures of Karnataka Cuisine..:)

FH said...

Thank you Kate. I am happy I got the chance!:))

I know Shweta, isn't that incredible? Love my blogger friends:))

Lissie, thanks girl. Enjoy all the Karnataka cuisine!:)

Pearl said...

My goodness, what a huge food festival. Good organizing!

FH said...

Thanks Pearl!:))
Takes quite a skill, believe me!;D

Viji said...

A great round up Asha. Like a cook books you know. See everyone's enthusiasm to participate. And all are traditional and authentic ones. A great job. Viji

FH said...

Thanks Viji. Thanks to all of you too to make it a success!:))

Kalpana said...

How did I miss this. Haaaaa........All mouth watering dishes..........Next time, if any, I'll try to post mine too...Hoping so.........:)

FH said...

Kalpana, thanks. If you do have any dessert, send me in, I will gladly add it here. I will not be hosting any other event in future!:))

Foodie said...

What a round up Ashaji! You sure did a heck of job." Awesome". Dosa and Idli paradise. I was just drooling all over post. Gotta make some idlis now, can't wait and Dosa too with the same batter.

sdf said...

Excellent roundup, Asha..Waiting for the rest. Take care.

FH said...

Hi Pintoo, thanks. Enjoy all the recipes. Dosa has smooth batter and idli has little coarse batter, other than that tey are the same!:))

Thank you Ani, next one will be out today!:))

Lotus Reads said...

A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who contributed their cherished recipes for the Karnataka Cuisine extravaganza and the biggest thank you to Asha for so painstakingly collecting and showcasing the recipes with pictures. I don't need a cookbook from Karnataka Asha, I have your blog and it is an invaluable resource for food from this wonderful state, thank you!

FH said...

Thank you so much Lotus. You are a lady!!:))
Sometimes you just have to do your best to contribute something to your country and state, I am happy to do it. These bloggers are so wonderful to me, I am honored!:))

marriedtoadesi.com said...

Asha Akka,

You really are a wonderful lady. It is a testament to you that so many people have sent entries to this.

Great Great Great work!


Anonymous said...

hello asha
my name is deepa from london.i saw ur blog.i wish to join and also invite u to join my blog.i also need information about Google AdSense?.

FH said...

Hi Deepa, enjoy browsing my blog!:)
I don't know much about ad sense, Google and see if you see get some info!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Nimma khara chutney recipe na try madide, namma manelli adu big hit aayithu. Nanna America colleaguegoo kotte, avalu dhina keluthale, matte tandya antha. We loved it. I really admire your energy and enthusiasm, also you really make best use of the time. I have a question, how do I download all the Karnataka recipes, please advise. Is there a way to convert it to PDF document or something?


FH said...

Hi Gauri, glad you tried kahra chutney. It's my fave with Ragi rotti and some tuppa on top. It's very spicy though!:D
As for as PDF file, I don't know how to do that. You might try asking Sia of Monsoon spice who is a software expert, might help you. I wold love to know how to create a PDF too, I might put my whole blog in there! Good luck, hope you can save these in PDF!:))