October 10, 2007


Most Karnataka people are vegetarians with rice as staple food like the rest of South India.
Here are some main course rice dishes; Bisibele Bhath, Vangi Bhath, Hulianna, Iyengar Puliyogarai, Chitranna, Sasive Anna, Spinach Anna, Sabudana/Sago Chitranna, Akki Shavige along with Saaru, Thili saaru, Thovve, Bassaru to go with plain rice, few non-vegetarian dishes and some All-in-one Thalis including very Mysoorean special Ragi Mudde with Saaru, Karnataka style!!:)

Let's start with signature dish of Karnataka, Bisibele Bhath!!

Bisibele Bhaat, from Saakshi of "Anna,Saaru,Palya":

Avalakki Bisibele Bhath, from The Cooker of "The cooker":

Bisibele Bhath, from Laavanya of "Cookery corner":

Bisibele Bhath, from Pragyan of "Sorisha":

Bisibele Bhath, from Bhawna of "from my palate":

Bisibele Bhath, from GV of "add flavour":

Bisibele Bhath, from Rohini of "Rohini's Kitchen":

Bisibele Bhath, Madhavi from "my veggie World":

Bisibele Huli anna, from Shubha of "Chutkibhar pyaar":

Bisibele Bhath, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

BisiBele Bhath, from PoojaV of "Khana pina":

Bisibele Bhath, from Sri from "cookingfor4seasons":

Bisibele Bhath, from SeeC of "en samayal arai":

Bisibele Bhath, from me:

Bisibele Bhath, from Madhavi of "Madhu's vantalu":

Vangi Bhath, from Jyoti of "Andhra spicy":

Vegetable Bhath, from Aruna of "the mistress of spices":

Avalakki Bisibele Bhath, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Hulianna, from sra of "when my soup came alive":

Vangi Bhaath, from Shubha's Hubby of "Chutkibhar Pyaar":

Hulianna, from Latha N of "The Yum blog":

Sasive Kai anna, from Priya of "priya's kitchen":

Spinach Bhath, from Vani of "Mysoorean":

Chitranna, from Aarti of "Aarti's corner":

Chitranna, for Jyotsna of "Curry bazaar":

Chitranna, from Remya of "Spice n flavors":

Tomato Chitranna, from me:

Dapmenasinakayi Chitranna, from Charitha of "Mane Ruchi":

Nimbehannina Chitranna, from me:

Maavinakai Chitranna, from Priya of "food and laughter":

Kayi-masale Chitranna, from me:

Sago/Sabudana Chitranna, from Viji of "VCuisine":

Vangi Bhaat, from Kribha of "veetusamayal":

Puliyogare, from Bharathy of "spicy chilly":

Vegetable Bhath, from me:

Puliyogarai, from me:

Hulianna/Puliyogarai, from Cinnamon of "Cinnamon Trail":

Mosaranna with Grapes, from Madhavi of "My veggie world":

Mosaranna, from me:

Mosaranna, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Mosaravalakki, from Suma of "veggie platter":

Mosaranna-Bendekai Gojju, from Shweta of "fresh flavors":


Karnataka style simple comfort food thali to elaborate Thalis:

North Karnataka style traditional Thali served on Banana leaf, from Arun Shanbhag of "arunshanbhag":

Dodda Menasinakayi Anna, from me:

Togari Nuchchina Unde-Hasi Gojju, from Vani of "Mysoorean":

Tomato Thili Saru-Rice, from Suma of "Ruchi":

Chitranna- Pineapple Gojju-Raita Thali, from Manasi of "A cook at heart":

Bele Undi, from Kumudha of "Vegan-fare":

Akki Shavige, Menthe chutney,Rasayana, from Supriya of "Monsoon Spice":

Vangi Bhath, from me:

Karnataka style Thali, from Viji of "VCuisine":

Balekai palya with Chapatis and chutney, from Kajal of "kajal dreams":

Thali for Ganesha, from Raaga of "chef at work":


Varamahalakshmi Festive thali, from Paru of "Brindavan":

Anna-Bele Saaru-Ennegayi, from Nags of "cooking and me":

Beans-Dill(sappseege soppu) Bassaru Thali, from me:

Majjige saaru-Beans palya-Rice, from Musical of "Musical's kitchen":

Jolada Oota, from Sia of "Monsoon Spice":

Cabbage Pol, Rice and sambhar, from Vani of "Mysoorean":

Chitranna-White, Yellow and Brown with Mor kootu, from Hema of "Veg concoctions":

Thali with Beans, Cauliflower palya and Nuggekai Saaru, from Hima from "Snack-O-Rama":

Akki Undi and Sambhar, from Vani of "Mysoorean":

Ukkarisida Akki rotti-Avarekalu Usli, from Padma of "Padma's kitchen":

Kannadiga Ootada Thali, Sharmi of Neivedyam":

Majjige saaru-Happala-rice, from me:

Ragi Mudde with Moolangi Gojju, from me:

Ragi Mudde with Molake huruli bassaru and huralikalu Usli, from Mamatha of "Karnataka recipes":

Ragi Mudde with Avarekalina Saaru, from Latha N of "The yum blog":


Saaru, Thili Saaru,Thovve, Huli, Bassaru etc., to go with plain rice:

Molake Huruli Saaru, from Suman of "Crispy Wine":

Menasina Saaru, from Mekhala (a guest of Roopa) of "Kitchen aromas":

Hesarubele Thovve, from Siri of "Siri's corner":

Nuggekai Bele Saaru, from Nags of "cooking and me":

Majjige Saaru, from me:

Sambhar/Saaru, from Rohini of "Rohini's kitchen":

Dali Saar, from Raaga of "Chef at Work":

Majjige Huli, from Musical of "musical's kitchen

Mysore Rasam/Thili Saaru, from Suganya of "tasty palettes":

Badanekai Huli, from Seena of "Seena's World":

Tomato Saaru, from Bindiya of "in love with food":

Vatana Ambat, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Udupi Sambhar-Idly, from MT of "Menu Today":

Beans-Dill Bassaru, from me:

Tomato Saaru, from Remya of "spice n flavors":

Soppina Saaru, from me:

Majjige Huli-Alugedde palya, from Keerthi of "cumin hut":

Udupi Sambhar, from Padma of "Padma's kitchen":

Thili saaru with Beets, from me:

Moolangi Gojju for Ragi Mudde or rice, from me:

Plantain Tambuli, from Babbalili of "babbalili":

Udupi Bele Saaru, from Shilpa of "Aayi's recipes":

Molake Kadalekalu saaru, from Aruna of "the mistress of spices":

Togaribele Saaru, from me:

Huruli Bassaru and Hurulikalu Usli, from Latha N from "The YUM blog":

Mysore Thili Saaru, from GV of "add flavour":


Non-vegetarian fare, Karnataka style::))

Mangalore Kori Sukka, from Sig of "sigsiv":

Kundapuri Chicken-Ghee rice, from Sri of "cooking 4 all seasons":

Mangalooru Mutton curry, from Pravs of "simply spicy":

Mysore Kayi Koli Saaru, from me:

Kori Sukka, from Happy Cook of "My Kitchen Treasures":

Motte saaru (Egg curry), from me:

Butter Chicken, from Kalpana of "Spices of Life":

YAY! A fish dish at last!! Thanks K!:))

Meenu Kari, from Kalpana of "Spices of Life":

Akki Kadubu and Coorgi Koli Kari, from me:

Mangalorean Chicken Curry, from Sumitha of "Kitchen wonders":

Are you ready for some dessert? Coming up next, the big finale!:))


USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Wow!!!i was literally surprised to see good count of recipes.....hmmm i think i missed to participate..actually i came in middle of month..to settle ittook week...again my sister visit.,..everything put me in tight schedule....but really i felt very happy to see all the recipes...Hatsoff to you..who has taken pain to present this recipes in such a amazing way..

Padmaja said...

Asha!!! I am gasping for breath now, scrolling down the dishes!! I know why u ahev been quiet for couple of days!! So many entries!! and You did an amazing job as always and good u gave a break for desserts, will get a cuppa and start again!!!

Raks said...

Wow again a perfect and wonderful job Asha!!!!!Good sorting and seeing the pictures itself i can tell one thing that,...........I AM HUNGRY !!!

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, Asha, this is a banquet of a post, the recipes and the pictures are invaluable!!! Thank you so much for your effort!

sallywrites said...

What a feast!!!!!

Sia said...

its a feast for all my senses ashakka... donno what else to say...

Swaruchy said...

Wonderful roundup Asha.....:-)))
A feast of goodies indeed........Thatz some huge array of dishes dear :-))
Waiting for the final course :-)

Shriya said...

Dear Ashaji,

This post is an awesome feast....my eyes literally popped by the variety of dishes..You have a lot of patience and great job ashaji..:D....Lovely post.

TBC said...
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TBC said...

So many different versions of Bisse Bele Bhaath.Who needs recipe books now!

FH said...

That's okay Usha, you were too busy!:))
Thank you. I am so glad I got the chance.

Hi P! Yeah, I have been mostly quiet for many days now!!:D
Take care P and enjoy the cuppa with recipes!:)

Raks, I almost done girl.Phew!!:D

You are welcome Lotus. It is a pleasure to present these for everyone!:))

Anonymous said...

OMG, its raining Bisi Bele Bhaath!!! You know foolish me got very confused mid way through this post - I saw the picture and thought what followed was the recipe link and then after sometime obviously since things din't seem to fit I switched back to reading correctly!!! :D

FH said...

Thank you Sally, enjoy!:))

You said it all Sups, thank you!:)

Sirisha, final course is lot shorter, so will be out in 3 day! Enjoy all these BBB's for now!:))

Shriya, when so many cooked for me, it's a small thing to spend some time for the round up.I am honored!:))

Tbc, there are not many cookbooks on K'taka cuisine anyway, so this is it for us!:D
Thanks girl.

FH said...

Hahaha!! Lakshmi, all that fun you had your blog friends last week is making you hazy!:D
It's so nice to hear all the good things about you by Sri and Nirmala sweetie.Your Amma has done a great job with you! Hugs.Wish you had posted a photo!!:)

Kribha said...

wow...So many varieties of bisebelabaths? I feel so bad for not sending mine. I don't know how I forgot it. Again, it is a great round-up. Donno what else to say. Everyone has said everything. From my part, "SUPERB".

Padma said...

Hi, feeling hungry early in the morning after seeing all those non-veg entries...loved ur beautiful round up.... you have lotsa patience dear!

Latha Narasimhan said...

What agreat roundup!:)) I was busy typing recipes for Tamizh RCI ! Definitely I need one month to properly go through all the recipes posted.:))

Lakshmi says your old recipes are great! Looks like I have to spind a week only reading your blog!;))

Rohini's kitchen said...

Wow Perfect round up Asha. Nice job. I added ur roundup link to my blog to try one by one. If u mind dont mistake me..Tell me I'll remove.

Pravs said...

Amazing ! so many varities in this round up. Very nice presentation. Hats off to you for all the hard work.

J said...

This is a wonderful feast!!! You've done a great job, Asha! Hugs!:)

Bubbalili said...

Amazing job Ashaji...you hav put in lots of efforts for the round up as well fellow bloggers submitting their recipes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I need more than a month just to click on each contribution and read the contents:) Looks like one can make a different version of bisibelebath each day for many many days... awesome RCI!

Anonymous said...

What a treat that was to see! Like I said before, fabulous job on the round-up, Ash! I can't believe how many recipes you got there between 3 posts! That too with pictures. You're amazing, girl!

Daily Meals said...

Wow Asha! Thanks a lot...bisibele bath, vangi bath... yummy, yummy...I want to try your raddish gojju...

Srivalli said...

wow...wow..wonderful!...asha...too much of a work....excellent job and too much work..you need a solid break...

btw you don't want to meet me..boobnoooo...:(((

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! due to my health problems, I am unable to blogging and also visits to all other blogger's sites. Feeling very bad. But today I can't resist myself to visit yours RC - K roundup. Really great roundup. Great work too. Thanks for sharing.

Mishmash ! said...

Sigh! that was a real food parade....waiting for the next :)


Priya said...


We all r hugry everytime we drop here. Do you feel hungry too??

Lovely colelctions from round the corner and its helpful and handy at all causes. Thanks for sharing Asha.

Anonymous said...

Bisibele bhath, vangi bhath, chitranna, hiluanna, mosaranna.... thili saaru, gojju...... ummmm, we have a hotel menu here and with such lovely photographs. Baayalli neeru baruthe!

i think the next post of desserts will be more mouth-watering :))

As again, a great job by u Asha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
hats off to u.you have done a wonderful job.


Bong Mom said...

i was waiting for the Non-Veg dishes :) So Karnataka cuisine has no fish or seafood at all ?

Tee said...

SO MANY RECIPES!!!! This is like a cook's paradise :)

Sig said...

:) Hey cool round up again Ash...good to see some non-veg dishes there... Only after reading Sandeepa's comment that I noticed there are no seafood dishes.... I guess everyone knew about the hostess's dislike for seafood ;)

Manasi said...

WHAT a round up!!! AS usual, u hv doen a wonderful job! U superwoman!!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

These dishes are so beautiful! I wish this was a potluck that I was going to today! My lunch is looking very sad now... : (

Seena said...

Wonderful, Asha, great work!
Rice recipes are really interesting..Hey, give a kannada name for my dish too..:)

Rajitha said...

it is lunch time here and boy! i am hungry looking at this amazing round-up!...so how many more to go..great job :)

Anonymous said...

Wow so many recipes.Nice to see these many karnataka dishes.

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

What, there is more?? :)
Excellent round up Asha. Thank you!

FH said...

Kribha, you sent a few, more than enough!:)) Thank you.

Padma, enjoy.You need a year to try all these!:)

Latha, I know. I have multiple recipes in each post. Better go to my recipe Index to find any!;D
I saw the Tamizh recipes post,yummy!:))

Rohini, you are more than welcome to link them.These round ups are for you to share and enjoy!:))

FH said...

Pravs, Jyotsna, Babbalili, Latha and Vani, thank you girls.
Now you all know why I am not hosting any other event! Hahaha!! Seriously, it was fun, enjoyed it.

Richa said...

how about a separate bbb round up.....LOL!!! just teasing ;)
that is one lovely array of dishes, u sure hv been busy!

FH said...

Vijaya, Radish Gojju is excellent with Ragi mudde. There is a Telugu version of Mudde too mixed with rice.Try with that too!:)

Sri, did I say I don't want to meet you gorl!;D
But I don't come to Madras but will be in B'lore whenever we come to India though! Love to meet you too:))

Jyoti,that's why I don't see you around. Take care of health first sweetie, blogging comes later.I am taking a break too, too much work gets to you!:))
Hugs, get well soon. Thanks for visiting me.

Last one in 3 days shn, Hurray! I am done!!:D
Thanks girl.

FH said...

Priya, after all these listings, I don't feel hungry anymore but need to sleep! Haha!!

Grihini, so many BBB's to try. I would like try Avalakki BBB, I had eaten once but never tried at home. Enjoy!:))

Thanks Shaini:)

Nope! Sandeepa, I left a hint for few who would cook fish etc but nobody sent any!!:D
I would have loved to have some Seafood dishes though, Konkanis do eat lot of Fish dishes in K'taka!:))

bee said...

write a book, ash, about karnataka cuisine. it'll be such an asset. what a great array of dishes you've highlighted here. you have made jai and me into very naughty people. will post about it tomorrow.

FH said...

Tee, cook's paradise and foodie's hope!! Hahaha!

Sig, I would have loved to have some Sea food here to represent K cuisine but nobody sent it though.Any non-veg was more than welcome here.May be I cook Fish one day and add it here!!:D

These round ups are great for vegetarians Manasi. So many to choose from! Have fun:))

Anali, it's true.It is like Potluck, isn't it? Hope you try that one pot dish Bisibele Bhath one day. It's yummy!:))

FH said...

Okay Seena, done!:))
I thought of doing it and then Brinjal curry was okay too.I will change!:))

Rajitha, not counted yet but lot less sweets than these round ups!:))

Thank you Ramya. It helps me too to choose the dish one by one to try, which probably take a year!:D

FH said...

LOL!! Roopa, there is a last one pending and then it's over girl!:))

Richa, there are multiple entries of Kesari Bhaths too next for a separate post like BBBs!!;D

HUH!! WHAT?! Did I? ;D
Can't wait to read it tomorrow Bee! I am VERY curious now!:)
Wish I knew how to write a book and publish, too much hassle I guess which I don't need now. But yeah, not many cookbooks out there on K cuisine!:)

Shivapriya said...

Hey Asha,
Looks like ur (blog) overflowing with all those delicious chitrannam and yummy dishes, send me some;). Hat's of to you.

Sumitha said...

Thanks Ashakka for taking all the pains of compiling these entries.I was waiting for a ragi mudde recipe along with its curry.Now I have so many.

sra said...

Thanks Asha, for all this. How are the eyes doing?

FH said...

Shivapriya, thanks girl.I am almost at the end of these round ups!:))

Thanks Sumitha. Hurulikalu , Moolangi gojju and Avarekalu with Mudde, fabulous! I am happy too, enjoy!:))

Hi sra, thanks sweetie. My eyes are 80% healed.I have a 3rd appointment at this month's end. Hopefully, she will say 100% cured, then I will be very happy!!
I have 20/15 vision now, which is better than a normal 20/20!!:)

remya said...

ohhh sooo many yummy karnataka dishes....good count of variety dishes....u hav done a grtjob...really amazing ..hats off to u ashaji....

musical said...

Great cookbook, i mean round-up, Ashakka :). Its really a huge effort you've pout into all this. Indeed makes it the best online resource for Karnataka food, like a great cook-book. Thanks and much love to you for this.....you are really amazing!

i am spellbound!

FH said...

Remya, thanks you girl.It is a great collection here!:))

Hi Musie. Haha!! It is free cookbook girl. I would have liked to have a bit more non-veg dishes though.
But I am sure it makes most of us happy. Enjoy and have a great weekend!:))

Laavanya said...

The main course round-up made me very hungry and I'm craving bisibelebaath now... :)
Can't wait for the yet another fabulous round-up for desserts and sweets.

TheCooker said...

Another amazing roundup!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a roundup Asha!!!! Great job! It feels like people contributed so many dishes to this RCI event since it was hosted by one of the most popular women in the food blogging world :-)))!!


Neelam said...

Wonderful roundup again asha! what an array of dishes...lovely.

FH said...

Laavanya, if you have MTR BBB pd, some rice , and some frozen veggies, you can make it in the Microwave in a jiffy! Sometimes I do that!:))

Thank you TC, enjoy cooking some of these!:))

I think so too Sudha. They are all so wonderful. Some even cooked what I wanted too when I asked, I am shameless!:D
Enjoy, when you want some dish from K'taka next time, you run here!:))

Hi Neelam, these are some round ups, aren't they? ;D
Enjoy, and come back for dessert, then we are done!:))

Sreelu said...

Kudos to your patience and I must applude your organization skills as well, very well done round up.
seriously who needs a recipe book, you should get this in print form for karnatka cusine

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

You can compile all these fabulous recipes into a book. I am going to bookmark these for future reference.To think we still have desserts to look forward to,wow unbelievable Asha. Great Job as usual!


Keshi said...

All look great YUMMMMMMMM!

Asha d u ever fast? I mean r ya non-veg on some days of the week?


A, mama of twins said...

Asha its so beautiful to see all my comfort foods like besibelebath, saaru, puliogare etc on star display, thank you so much for the effort. My god, i am scared to even think of hosting an event after looking at your lists! you are amazing!

Namratha said...

Fabulous Asha dear, this has gotto be the best event ever! :) YAY Karnataka..:)Awesome round up dear..

amna said...

wow! i can imagine what a herculean task this must have been.. great job, asha :)

Anonymous said...

Ashakka, its raining bisibelebath, and all baths infact. Lovely round up. Btw I have emailed you my avarekaalu recipes for your last post.

Viji said...

Asha, no need to refer any books hereafter. Stright to your blog only. So much varieties! and different versions. It's great. You have done a great job. Viji

Raaga said...

so many bisibelebhats :-) wow... lovely round up :-)

FH said...

That's what Bee told me too Sree!:))
Yeah, got to think about that. Thanks. It was a pleasure to organize these. Enjoy!:)

Dessert section is pretty good Kate. Chiroti and Badam milk, slurp!!:))
I will post in about 3 days.

Keshi, nope. Never fasted even for Shivaratri!!;p
I cook vegetarian food 4 times a week and rest of the day kids can choose what they want, which is always either junk food or non-veg. I prefer veggies, but others like non-veg too!:))
Dessert is coming next.

FH said...

Archana, I agree!! So many entries. Foodies are great friends, cooked and sent just for me, I feel so honored!:))
Enjoy girl, have a great weekend. Hope you are little free now to blog, miss you!Hugs.

Thank you Namratha. You are a part of this success too. I am so grateful to all of you! Have fun cooking all these. I have to start too!:))

Thank you Nagu. Takes quite a while since I had to adjust some photos to 400mp and brighten them too!:))
But when it turns out great, I feel happy. Enjoy!:))

FH said...

Hurray! Lakshmi, I will check my e mail today and will post. Thank you darling. Avarekalu dishes are such K classics, I am very happy you sent it.Thanks and hugs.Have a great weekend!:))

You don't get too many books on K'taka cuisine anyway unfortunately Viji. This is a great idea to collect these.I am so happy!:))
Enjoy, hugs to you.See you later.

Thank you Raaga. I know! Half the post if full BBB' and other Bhaths!:D
We do have so many choices now, it's great. Have a fun weekend and bake some bread for World bread day!:))

Finla said...

How come i am always the last one to leave the comment. I knew you were adding the post yesterday , but i was busy and coudn't get to the computer.
Well you must be very pleased with all the entries you got.
They all look so delicious .
This is a celebration of food.

Bindiya said...

Just out of the World, there should be an award for you,lovely job !

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, this is simply stunning, really... thanks so much for all your efforts putting it together. I could cook for a year from these recipes! :)

Sharmi said...

waw Asha, so many bisibela baths :))
never seen a round up like this. so many entries and wonderful array of recipes. man I think you will need a huge break:))

FH said...

F, it doesn't matter early or late, I would love to have you here anytime!:))
I am enjoying all these indeed. Take care and have a great weekend:)

Your comment is a great award for me Bindiya, have fun looking at these. I enjoy them too!:))

Linda, there are at least 300 recipes here you can try. Almost whole year will be Kannada year for ya!!:D
Enjoy amd have a great weekend. Dessert next, then over and out!:))

Sharmi, no such luck of taking a huge break girl. Got to cook and get on with life as usual!!:))
But I did have fun organizing these. Thank you for your beautiful entry too, look gorgeous up there, doesn't it?:))

starry said...

so many different varieties of dishes that I love.Bisebele bhath my favorite.Thanks again for the round up.

Mrs. K said...

Oh so many bisibelebath!! And bisibelebath is in my must try list for a long time now. Now I am confused of which one to try. :)

And what an array of wonderful karnataka cuisine! There is a lot to learn.

FH said...

Hi Lalitha, thanks girl.You can start cooking now and end next year!:D
Great pleasure to round up these. Enjoy.

rp, thankyou. Start with the first BBB recipe. I am serious. Saakshi has the best recipe here. Have a great weekend!:))

Love the RCI event, can't wait for Kerala!!

saakshi said...

hey, thanks a bunch asha. I was so happy to see my post being the first one. So many wonderful dishes.....thanks a lot.

Arun Shanbhag said...

We now have enough "saaru" recipes to last us a lifetime! What an outstanding collection!

... can't wait for dessert!
... wait ... let me go for a run first!

Great Organization, Asha!

Anonymous said...

Where have I been and when did you get a songspot! Love that smokin' jazz! ;)

Grihini said...

I am hearing Jazz from ur site.. n i like it. Just thght to drop by and say it. :)

Roopa said...

wow excellent roundup. yella nodtha nana bayali neeru barutha ide :)

Keshi said...

oww ur so like me then! :) my mum n sis r so devotional...they do all those fastings...I may look evil to em LOL!

Dezzzzzzzert yum! :)


FH said...

You are welcome Saakshi, I am so glad you sent your BBB too. Hugs!:))

Hahaha!! Arun, you are right! Get some appetite, lose some wt first and then have some dessert, balances out!:D
Thanks, have fun cooking.It is a great collection of Saaru and Palyas for us!:))

Linda, I had some free time yesterday,so I took out the old one and got new. This is much better! I love old world Jazz,I will add more. Enjoy!:))

FH said...

Glad to know you love Jazz too. My husband LOVES those and has a huge collection! Enjoy, I will add more this weekend!:)

Roopa,look all those Saaru recipe.I want to make Molake kalu saaru. Enjoy, loved the round ups, I am sure I will miss it when it's done!:))

Keshi, we are the unconventional Indian family you can ever see!;D
I try to do some traditional cooking atleast, so kids don't become completely out of touch with India but most rituals I have no clue.I have to search in the Internet for info! Arvind is like me too, so it's all good!:))
YUP! dessert is next! Have a great weekend. Hugs!:))

Beccy said...

Today is the first time I had my volume turned on whilst blogging, I love the music.

Whenever I read you it seems to be on a empty stomach and you make me sooo hungry.

FH said...

Thanks Beccy! I keep the volume off most of time in my Laptop, some blogs have such loud music,it startles me!:D
Glad you like Jazz, we love it too. Enjoy!:))
Have a a great weekend Beccy, try one pot dish Bisibele Bhath if you can, it's delicious!:)

Apple said...

So many bisibeli baths....:o:o:o...good that you took a break to post the dessert pics...I no more need to google for kannada recipes...Wonderful post Asha...

Bharathy said...

My fingers are aching scrolling down and down..:)
...donno how many have suggested this..you have to have a separate link for all the RCI karnataka posts in one...It would be an ultimate look up!!:)

Lissie said...

wonderful job, asha! see how many people love you.. waiting for the desserts.

FH said...

Thanks Apple. I couldn't comment, blog and work on the round ups all at the same time, had to have a break!:))
Enjoy, great recipes here.

Great idea Bharathy, I will do that in the sidebar too. I am linking them in my recipe index anyway!:)

Thank you Lissie. We do have great bunch of bloggers here!:))
Have a great weekend girls, have fun.

Kalpana said...

Just had lunch........but, still not able to resist myself.......feeling hungry again....heheheeeeeeee
Hey, is it possible for you to add my butter chicken recipe here?

FH said...

Sure Kalpana, let me know where it is, I will take it myself and add it. What I really wanted was few Seafood dishes here, nobody sent me!!
Enjoy all the recipes!:))

Kalpana said...

Sure asha, you can......even the chicken curry I added along with fish curry.........I'll be honoured........Thanks..........

Kalpana said...

but tell me how that fish curry tasted, if you cook............

The link to butter chicken:

hey, u can even get the list of my recipes from the right side of my recipes link in My Collections Tab.

FH said...

YAY! Got one fish recipe at last!:D
I bought Cod just for your fish recipe girl, will cook and post here with the your link. Trying to find some time to experiment. Now that I will post that here,it will be easy to fine when I want it!:))
Thanks again, I will take them myself.Have a great weekend and check back in few hrs! Hugs to you K!:)

Shweta said...

Lovely roundup once again Ashaji... I wish I could grab some of that stuff for dinner straight out of your blog! I have to say that the roundup has been so well organized that its gonna be a cakewalk next time I want to make any Karnataka delicacy!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Sorry for the late comment. Yesterday only I returned from India. I could not visit so often. Lovely and great roundup!!!!! I am book marking this page for karnataka cuisine.

FH said...

It's true Shweta, it's a cake walk to find anything in the round ups! Glad it worked out well. Hugs, enjoy!:))

Hi MT. Oh yes, you told us that you are visiting India, Hope you had a great time.
No worries! Take your time.It takes quite a while to get back to normal after a trip. Enjoy the ecipes, hugs to you sweetie!:))

Shivapriya said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW, a big one:)... I don't have words to say.

FH said...

Yup! Biggest post so far!:))
Thanks S, enjoy!

Shubha Ravikoti said...

hey thats a lovely roundup.... thanx...

FH said...

You are welcome Shubha, enjoy!:))

Arun said...

Hi Asha Madam,

Amazingly amazing blog. Excellent one. Very structured and well organized. Landed up here on my quest for mudhdhe. :-) But still unable to find it in Singapore.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful collection of recipes. My mom writes a blog on recipes. But since she doesn't know English, she writes it only in Tamil. Please have a look when you are free - http://samaiyalkalai.blogspot.com

FH said...

Hi Arun, enjoy the Mudde and saaru. It was hard to find Raagi flour for me as well here for the first few years, then I found a south Indian store where you get plenty of Raagi! Enjoy!:)
I will check out your mom's blog, unfortunately I don't know Tamil at all.Wish I could translate, might try using Google though. Nice to see you, come back again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my Varamahalakshmi festive Thali Asha..

Amazing contributions..Every post looks special and delicious..


FH said...

I agree Paru! That's why I wanted your thali too. There are 4 posts of K'taka RCI round up. Excellent collection of K'taka cuisine! Thanks for letting me link your's too!:))