October 13, 2007


Finally, take a deep breath!! First some Spice powders and Pickles and then Sihigalu(Desserts), Badami Halu , a Kashaya (medicinal drink) and Bisi bisi Mysore coffee to end the meal, Karnataka style!!:)

Masale Pudigalu:

BisiBele bhath Masale pudi, from Namratha of "Finger licking Food":

Sarina Pudi, from Nagu of "For the cook in me":

Puliyogare pudi, from Madhavi of "My Veggie World":

Bisibele Bhath Pudi, from Madhavi of "My Veggie World":

Saaru/Sambhar Powder, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Chutney pudi, from Easy craft of "simple Indian food":

Rasam/Thili saaru powder, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Saarina Pudi, from Siri of "Siri's Corner":

Huli powder, from Priya of "Food and laughter":

Photo not available.



Bamboo Shoot Pickle, from me!!:)

Amla(Nellikai) Pickle, from Shilpa of "Aayi's recipes":

Bettada Nellikai Uppinkai(Gooseberry Pickle), from Vijaya of "Daily meals":

Maavinkai Uppinkai, from Kamini of "Bubbling-Cauldron":

Nimbekai Uppinkai, from me:

Budukumabalakai(Bottle Gourd) Sandige, from Shilpa of "Aayi's recipes":



Ragi Halbai, from Smita of "Smita serves you right":

Chiroti, from Tee of "Bhaatukli":

Hayagreeva, from Mythreyee of "Try this recipe":

Balehannu Dose, from Roopa of "Recipe of choice":

Pineapple Kesari Bhath, for Rina of "Rina's recipes":

Balehannu Appa, from Seema of "Recipe Junction":

Kadalehittina Unde, from me:

Kesari Bhath, from Sharmi of "Neivedyam":

Balehannu Rasayana, from Supriya of "Monsoon spice":

Mysore Kajjaya, from me:

Rava Kesari Bhath, from Prajusha of "I cook I post":

Halasina Hannu Appa, from Smita of "smita serves you right":

Aantu Unde(Dry Fruit Laddoo), from Latha N of "The YUM blog":

Patholi, from Vee of "keep trying":

Mysore Pak, from Aarti of "aarti's corner":

Rava Laddoo, from Bee of "Jugalbandi":

Besan Unde, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Dumrote, from Lakshmi of "The yum blog":

Kesari Bhath, from Srivalli of "Cooking4allseasons":

SaKKare Kichidi, from Anu of "Kitchen Queen":

Sihi Kadubu/Karjikai, from Manasi of "a cook at Heart":

Huranada Holige/Obbattu, from Ujwala of "Cuisine Point":

Kobbari Mithai, from Madhuli of "Food court":

Rava Kesari, from Madhavi of "Madhu's vantalu":

Avalakki Manohara , from Roopa of "recipe of choice":

Mysore Pak, from Vijaya of "Daily meals":

Kesari Bhaat, from Kribha of "Veetu samayal":

Sweet and tangy/Takka Idlis, from Manjula of "Dalitoy":

Sihi Avalakki, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Rave Unde, from Mamatha of "Karnataka recipes":

Shenga Holige, from Latha N of "The yum blog":

Shavige payasa, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Kesari Bhath, from me:

Balehannu Idli, from SMN of "cook spot":

Halasina Hannu dose, from me:

Kayi Bellada Dose, from me:

Kayi Gasagase Payasa, from me:

Kobbari Unde(Laddoo), from Sobila of "Tamil Menu":

Chiroti-Badami Halu, from me:

Benne Biscuits, from me:

Badami Poori, from Suma of "Veggie Platter":

Madgane(Kadalebele Payasa), from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Mysoor Pak, from Latha N of "The YUM blog":

Pineapple Kesari Bhath, from Rajitha of "Hunger pangs":

Chiroti, from GV of "add flavour":

Sihi Shavige, from Latha of "masala magic":

Avarekalu Sweet, from Lakshmi of "Taste of Mysore":

Geena Sundan/Ginnu, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Kadlekai Mithai/Chikki, from Siri of "Bendekayi karimb":

Hesarubele-Kayi Payasa, Mysore style from me:

Dumrote, from Priya of "Food and laughter":

Photo not available.


Badami Halu:

Badami Halu, from Suma of "Veggie platter":

Badami Halu, from Tee of "Bhaatukli":

Squash Badami Halu, from Viji of "VCuisine":

A Kashaya, from GV of "add flavour":


And the grand finale`! What a glorious way to end these hearty meals with desserts with a hot cup of filter coffee to wind down and say goodbye to Regional Cuisine of India and to state of Karnataka, Mysore style!!:))

Bisi Bisi Mysore Coffee in steel lota and cup as they serve in Mysore, from Namratha of truly "finger licking food" blog! Thank you Namratha!:))

Tumba dhanyavadagalu ellarigu, Namaskara. Matte sigona, alli tanaka arogya nodikolli nanna preethiya gelathiyare! Hahaha!!!
(Thank you very much and bye to everybody. We will meet again, until then take care my beloved friends!)

Here are my own Karnataka cuisine posts. Check here and here. I have used 369 photos in total for all 4 RCI Karnataka round up posts!! Now I need to sleep for a week, whaddaya say?! ;D
See Y'all on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!:))


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I am happy to be the first to have a dessert party in the last round up of the fabulous Karnataka cuisine.You did a wonderful job of organising everything.So we already have a reference book ready for Karnataka cuisine.U deserve a big round of applause & of course as u said a good rest.

Lots of love,

Daily Meals said...

Asha! Thank you for posting my recipes. You did an amazing job rounding up so many recipes. I think you need loads of rest. Take care...


Anonymous said...

what a round up asha, thanks a lot for everything and taking so much of trouble to give such a wonderful recipes to all of us

Finla said...

Wow this is the BEST. I like the dessert round up.
I think next time when i give a dinner party i should do Karnataka Cuisine :-)))
Now you can sit back and enjoy life.

sra said...

Namaskara, in one shot, you've become a veteran of events. Sweet dreams, sleep tight.

FH said...

Kate, so glad you made it first. We were about to out this morning, thought I would reply this busy morning!:)
Thanks you and hugs. It was my pleasure to host and bring you all these.Over and out!:D

I do Vijaya, I am panning a relaxing fun weekend, shopping and eating in Indian stores and restaurants today!:))
See you on Wednesday!

You are very welcome Anon. I am very proud of my girls. I am like a mother hen, clucking happily! HeeHee!:))

Thanks F! I will today, feeling very happy that I achieved what I set out to do.Great success, thanks to all of you my dear sisters,love you all! Enjoy:))

sra, it's Saturday morning here, and we are off to have some fun today. Just waiting for the husband to get ready. Yeah, it's reversal role in my house!Hahaha!!
Have a great weekend sweetie pie, hugs and namaskara nimagu!:))

TBC said...

366 pics!!
I can only imagine how much work that was for you.
Great job , Asha! Thank you so much for doing this.You R-O-C-K!!:-)

Beccy said...

Yum, my favourite course.

Sreelu said...

Asha, what a round up, I am hungry now.This sure is a mother of all events.thumba chengide. !!

Srivalli said...

Thats really wonderful Asha...this is great work

Siri said...

:Loud Clapping:
Indeed an awesome event Ashaji, a great job in all the three roundups. Posting a whooping 366 recipes with such love and care is commendable.. RCI:Karnatka event set a new record for all the events happening..:) still I am drooling over all the desserts :Slurp: :Slurp:
Now its rest time..:)

Cyberkitty said...

lovely pics...so yummy !

EC said...

Super job.....you surely need a lot of rest dear...take care

Rina said...

Hi Asha, I fasting today and this round up is really tempting me. Thanks for the beautiful round up.

Cynthia said...

Asha, the RCI event is really a treasure trove or recipes. You all should consider compiling a book. Seriously.

Seena said...

This is mouthwatering, especially moving through that pickles...mmmmmmmmm soooooooooo yummmmyy..
Have told my Kannada friends to visit here..
thank you...

Mishmash ! said...

yes, u enjoy two days sleep.....meanwhile let us enjoy ur roundup:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Wow ! final round and you are the winner. Great Job rounding up all those wonderful entries..Pamper those fingers , sit back and relax. Your hard work has made it easy for us to find Karnataka recipes ....THANK YOU


musical said...


You are the best! You even got us some coffee with all the b'fast items :). Now go and take some well deserved rest :). Now the cookbook is ready, yay!!!!!!!! What an effort!

hugs to you, dear.

Suma Gandlur said...

A fabulous job, literally. I noticed how all the images got a beautiful make over in your hands. I see a few dishes which are new to me. Will again have to see these posts leisurely. :)
I have been away and so could not see your earlier round ups.

Saju said...

Wow Asha, what a super collection of recipes. Wouldn't it make a great book of Karntaka Cuisine? Better than anything available now.

sunita said...

Wow, what a sweet ending to an equally sweet event.Three cheers for you!!!Now put your feet up and take a breather...you do deserve it .

Anonymous said...

Wow Asha, simply superb. A good reference point for all things Karnataka. Great Job!!! Regards..Angela

indosungod said...

Whistling! that was quiet an accomplishment, mouth wateringly delicious all of them.

Pravs said...

great work Asha ! i was drooling over all the sweets and savouries. Have a great weekend,Asha.

Namratha said...

Hmmmmm Ashaaaaaaaaaaaaa...you had me drooling all the way through this post!! :)Thanks for the grand finale...was a pleasant surprise..loved the round-up...Three cheers to u...hip-hip-hurray! :)

Anonymous said...

Asha, you certainly deserve a week's sleep at least! You did a fantabulous job with all the delicious Karnataka dishes... thank you so much!! And now I am hungry, off to the kitchen ;) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Sig said...

Hey is it wednesday already? :D ... Great job hosting this supersized RCI Asha... But I am glad you are done with the roundups and now we get to see all your wonderful recipes again... :)

Mythreyee said...

Wonderful job! Asha. Appreciated. Apart from the wonderful and mouth watering roundups, I can see a lot of effort that you put into these posts. Now its our turn to try out these awesome delicacies. Thanks!

bee said...

thank you, asha, for this fabulous feast from karnataka. you are the best!!!

Raks said...

Thanx again for these wonderful roundups Asha,Have already added this to favourites..!:))

Apple said...

Fabulous round-up Asha...366 pictures....:o.....Thanks for your efforts dear...

Dhana said...

Unbelievable round up Asha! I am sad to see it end..but now have some GREAT recipes in time for DIWALI!!
Thanks again!

Rajitha said...

asha..thanks for the fantastic round-up..ah! finaly i got to see my dish too...among the other yummies..yep! u do need a ton of sleep!

Sharmi said...

woah!!! 366 posts man you must not be doing anything else other than sitting and doing the round up!! that was one awesome event. real fabulous!
thanks so much. take a long nap:)

Kribha said...

Everybody has said everything. Donno what else to say. You did an awesome job. Take a good rest and come back. Hugs. :))

Swaruchy said...

Excellent roundup.......Congrats to u for hosting such a wonderful event and making it such a successful one....and I also congratulate every participant.....
Loved every bit of ur post Ashadi......:-)))
Great job :-)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Sleep for a week? I think I'd need a holiday!! Well done for such an amazing round up Asha. Amazing!

Neelam said...

Excellent roundup asha! Thanks a lot for all your efforts. now I have so many recipes on my to-do list!

Roopa said...

wonderfull update Asha! i will take sometime to looks throught all the posts one by one :).

Anonymous said...

U had a vast roundup ever i hope.now we can get everything ffrom karnataka here.1 stop for recipes.

Raaga said...

I came, I wrote, I left... I came again... I found my comments not here!!

Lovely round up!

sallywrites said...

And yet more of an amazing feast. and music too!!

Feels like a party!

Viji said...

Take enough rest Asha. Like party time it is. Lovely collection of recipes. Viji

FH said...

TBC, Beccy, Sreelu, Srivalli and Siri, thanks. Yes, I do need rest!!:D

FH said...

Cyberkitty, Easy crafts,Rina, Cynthia and Seena, thanks for all your contributions and comments too!:))

FH said...

Shn, Shobha, Musical, Suma and Saju. thanks girl.
Wouldn't have happened without your help at all. I appreciate it!!:))

FH said...

Manasi, Sunita, Angela, Indo and Pravs, thanks girls!:)

We had a busy weekend indeed. Just opened my laptop, got a busy week ahead too!:)

FH said...

Namratha, Linda Sig, Myth and Bee, thank you so much for all your help too. You are all great bunch of bloggers.Happy to know you all!:))

FH said...

Raks, Apple, Dhana, Rajitha, and Sharmi, thank you.
No such luck for a long nap this weekend, had lot of chores to be done with. Fortunately, it was lot cooler than normal, so went well!:))

FH said...

Kribha, Sirisha, Amanda, Neelam and Roopa, thanks.

Take your looking thru' all the round ups, no hurry. I am just glad I am done with these, so I can get back to my Wednesday posts! Phew!!:D

FH said...

Ramya, Raaga, Sally, and Viji, thank you.

Yeah, it's a party!! Food and Music, what more could you want?! Dancing is missing though! Hahaha!! Enjoy.

Siri said...

Wow... U are in CARY...:D.. I am thrilled to know that u were here ashaji..:).. Can I have ur email id or some source of contact.. have so many things to ask u and tell u.. hehe.. U can give me a test mail at : info.siri@gmail.com.. if thats convinient..:D Chao for now

Siri said...

Dear Ashaji, totally forgot that I can email to foodieshope gmail id..:) sent u mail just now.. :D

Latha Narasimhan said...

Great roundup dear!:)) I really donot know my own entries to tell you If you missed out anything!:D
We are nearing 1 lakh hits, may be today or tomorrow! I am sure you will take a short break between your sleep to wish us good luck!:))

RML said...

Hello Asha,

Wow! That was a blast of recipe roundup.I was eagerly waiting for this round up and for some reason I could not open your blog from last 2 days.Finally it opened today.Hooray!And now I am drooling here with delicious spread of food.
Thank you ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo much for sharing such wonderful pics.You ROCK!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Big S! I can see your enthusiasm and energy all throught the 4 part roundup. It is probably the biggest roundup in the food blog world and the record will not be beaten until the next time you host! Take a long nap and I will see you back on Wed. Thanks for the lovely roundups and for including my post.

DEEPA said...

Awesome asha ji .....great job done with the round up .Feeling bad could not participate ..but will do so next time ...

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

What a lovely round up!!!!!!!!!!!A Big applause to you.
Btw,Upinkai baluruchi.....
Thanks for posting my photos...Take special care to your eyes and fingers for the effort you put on this RCI roundup.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrrr...where did my comment go? I am telling you, your blog doesn't like me - swallowing my comments. Even the Haloween eggs post, my comment was swallowed.

My husband's refusing to budge out of office :( - so here's an approximation of my earlier comment:

dumroot looks so much better on your blog. awesome round up. sleep well.

FH said...

Siri,you already know my e mail and yes, I got your's too few mins ago! We usually come to Cary once in 3 months, when my Indian spice supplies are dangerously low!:D

100000!! Whoa!!! Congratulations.I am speechless!:))
Well done, keep on going Latha. Yum blog rocks!:))

Thank you Madhuri, I appreciate it.You are all responsible this great event to be successful!:))
Enjoy. Blogger seems to be giving trouble to everybody.I didn't log on last weekend, so I escaped!:D

Anonymous said...

this is my fav round up so far
i was all over those pics..pausing for few seconds on each and every one.
great roundup and yes good sleep ;)

FH said...

Hema, not hosting another again girl!:D
It was fun, great entries to showcase but little too much work though. One event is enough I feel right now!:))
Have fun and thanks for sending me your's too.Hugs!:)

Deepa, don't feel bad. Some bloggers were busy, some were taking a break, that's quite okay!:))
Enjoy the rounds up, hugs to you too.

Hi GV, thank you dear for sending the wonderful recipes. They were all so great. I appreciate it. Yes, I am taking care of my sore fingers! HeHe!!

FH said...

LOL!! Lakshmi, I didn't log in to blogger last weekend,so I think I escaped all that but last week I had the same problem too with many blogs,typed twice many times. Today it's going off at 4pm too.More trouble for us!:))
Thank you, Latha told me you are hitting 1 lakh visitors!! So great to hear that. Are you that in YUM blog? I will be there to wish!:))

Hi Anusha, great to see you girl!:))
Don't they look great! I worked on most photos to brighten and cut them to 400mp, some were quite okay. I enjoyed doing these although I had to endure little pain in my fingers but am so happy that it's was successful.Enjoy sweetie.Thanks for your entries.

Anonymous said...

i did observe that you brigthened images. u did that to aloo raita
then i understood ur pain. i thought of suggesting you how to brighten multiple images at once but then each has its own intensity. so beautiful job sis. have a great week and happy dasara

Rohini's kitchen said...

Great round up Asha! nice job..

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
How r u?
Thanks for ur sweet comments.My in-laws have come .So very busy and not having any time to come to others blog....
Sorry dear.....
Hmmm wat a variety of dessert and being a tamilian all karnataka dishes r new to me....
Thanks a lot for doing this...

Anonymous said...

This must have been tremendous effort for you. How are you Asha, hope your eyes arent sore anymore...:)
RCI Karnataka, seems to be a super duper hit, all praises to you and your hard work.

J said...

Standing ovation for all that effort!! Now I too need to sleep after viewing all those desserts!!:)

Anonymous said...

a big round of applause for you from me n my hubby. A very well done job. Take rest esp your eyes.

FH said...

Anusha,you are right.You can't brighten them at once. Glad it all worked out!:)

Priar, I understand. You can't sit at Laptop when in laws are around! Enjoy the company, blog when you can. Thank you anf huhgs to you!:)

Rohini, thank you sweetie!:))
It was hard work but made it all worthwhile! Enjoy:))

FH said...

Hi Bha, no.Eyes are fine but my fingers are definitely sore!:D
Glad you liked these, enjoy.

HeHe!! J, if you read all the 4 round ups, you need to sleep for a month!:D
Have fun.

I will Lakshmi, thank you!:))
2nd and 3rd round were the hardest to work because of the amount of photos but they look great now.I am happy with all of these!:))

Srivalli said...

Asha you are one rocking lady...

You have been tagged. Check out this post. Play along if you like.


FH said...

Thank you Sri!:)
Yup, I checked just now, thanks!I will do it next week at Aroma.

ServesYouRight said...

Amazing round-up and hosting. This is really a great showcase and only you could have done this subject justice. I'm looking forward to your book!!!


FH said...

Haha!! Smita, a book is dream indeed. Right now, this round ups would be it for us!:))
Thanks for your entries too girl, I appreciate it. Hugs to you too!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

What a blast this was Ash! Thank you!

Shionge said...

After your treat it can last me for a year now Asha hahahahha...

I can never tell the difference of spice powders when I walk into a indian store but give me masala chicken any time Asha I love it!

Thank you for your effort though I cannot physically eat them I've enjoyed them *burp*...ooops, excuse me ya!

Have a great week my pal!

FH said...

Thank you Roopa. It was worth the effort and hard work girl. I am very happy how it turned out!:)

Hello Shi!:))
Good to see you girl, hope you are feeling lot better now. I have a very very busy week, lot appointments to keep this week.
Yeah, any good spice pd you like and tried is good enough. I like MDH Kitchen King masala personally.See if you can find it there, goes well woth meat and veggies.
Hugs to you. Have a great week:))

Keshi said...

WOW wut alot of yummy treats! Kesari is one of my fav sweets...and that coffee in steel lota...OMG I WANT IT NOW!


FH said...

HeHe!! You remember that too. Yeah, Mysore coffee with steel lota is very popular in K'taka!:))

Grihini said...

Dhanyavadalu nimage Asha, for hosting this amazing event. :)
And nice way to end the event: bisi bisi coffee!

FH said...

Grihini, isn't that coffee lota cute, just like Mysore "hotel" coffee!
I was so happy when she sent that entry! Glad you liked it, brings back lot of memories for us, don't they?:))

ChrisB said...

Asha that was a brilliant round up, some amazing dishes all beautifully photographed. No wonder you feel tired.

FH said...

Thanks. You bet Chris! My fingers were hurting for a week. I am okay now!:))

Lissie said...

asha, thank you once again for the great effort you have taken! i love pickles and sweets... would like to try some of the recipes.

FH said...

Enjoy the recipes Lissie. You do have a treasure trove here!:))

Anonymous said...

hi Asha,

going through the round up and comments and replies and all, i feel i need another lasik surgery:)
cannot even imagine how you did it all alone. (just a small doubt: is ASHA one person or many???;)

your enthu and energy is rippling all over the round up.




FH said...

LOL!! Sam you made my day!
Just got up and checking my blogs.I can assure you I am just ONE person! Hahaha. Glad you are enjoying both blogs. I try and bring the best, not always perfect but not bad, eh?:))

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am simply breathless at how much has happened while I was out! Let me get some air, and be back soon! Kudos and Cheers to you!

FH said...

Haha!! Sneha, LOT has happened since you have been gone! Check out and take your time, lots to catch up!:)

Rachna said...

wow, ive spent hours and gone through all the round ups...gosh asha... its like youve run a marathon.... well done dear...

FH said...

Thank you dearest Rachna!:))
Yes, it was a marathon, felt like it too. Phew! Glad I made it in the end!Enjoy.

Kay said...

Wooooohooooooooooooo!!!! 366 pictures... which means I can make a kannadiga dish for every day of the year and still have a bonus :)

You did an awesome job, Asha!!! Very inspiring.

FH said...

So good to see you back Kay. I am sure you had a great time!:))
Thank you. In fact, there are more than 366, bcos people still sent me more entries after the deadline!I have to update!;D
Enjoy, it was a great success. Happy Diwali to you.

Archy said...

wow.. Lovely Asha !!
Tumba chennagi ede.. !!
Kannige tumba ne tampayithu :) !!

When i saw these round up.. felt as if I had been to karanataka!! But i miseed it :( !!
Are you conducting this RCI - Karnataka cuisine his yr ??
I vil be waiting :D!!

FH said...

Archy, RCI K is just done once and I took the opportunity to host my state quickly.It will be not coming around again unless somebody else tales it up. If you have any authentic and unique K'taka dish, send it to me and I will add it here!:)