October 06, 2007


Breakfasts, Brunch dishes like Dosas, idlis ,appes, Uppittu, Poori and Rottis and side dishes like Gojju, Palya, Huli, Saagus, Chutney etc for all these!:))

We will begin with scrumptious Dosa plates as they say in the Karnataka restaurants!:)

Mysore Masala Dosai, from Sheela of "delectable-victuals":

Bhath Masala Dosa, from Namratha of "Finger licking food":

Set dosey, from Tee of "Bhaatukli":

Mysore Masala dose, from Madhu of "Ruchi":

Set Dosa-Saagu, from Sailaja of "Sailu's food":

Neer Dosa-Spicy fire roasted Tomato Chutney, from Shivapriya of "Veggie cookbook":

Rulaama Doddak, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Dal Masale dose, from me:

Bili savory holige with palya, chutney, from Lakshmi of "Taste of Mysore":

Mysore Masale Dose, from me:

Set Dosa and Sagu, from Madhu of "Ruchi":

Ragi Dose, from Lakshmi of "The YUM blog":

Idly-Sambhar-Uttappa, from Shweta of "fresh flavors":

Davanagere Benne Dosa, from easy crafts of "simple Indian food":

MTR inspired breakfast plate, from Sreelu of "sreelu's":

Neer Dose, from Roopa of "recipe of choice":

Bele dose, Beans Playa, chutney from me:

Chawli Uttappa-Chutney, from Mahek of "Love4cooking":

Uddinabele dose-Squash palya-chutney, from me:

Set dose, from Jyotsna of "Curry Bazaar":

Avalakki dose with chutney pudi, from me:

Vegetable Uttappa, from me:


Restaurant style Rave dose,  from Aroma:  


Tappale Dose, from Ujwala of "Cuisine point":

Rave dose, from me:


Whole lotta Idlies!!

Bele Idli, from Madhu of "Ruchii":

Roast Idly, from SMN form "Cookspot":

Appes with Jeera chutney, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Thatte Idly, Nucchina Unde and Mint-Onion chutney, from Babbalili of "Babbalili":

Idlees, Sambhar and chutney, from Sheela of "Delectable-Victuals":

Idli Sambhar, from Namratha of "Finger licking food":

Vegetable masale Thatte idly-Kayi Chutney, from me:

Bele Idli-Chutney, from me:

Rave Idly-Coconut cilantro chutney, from Prema of "Prema's cookbook":

Thatte Idli,Alugedde palya and chutney, from me:

Rave Idli, Kadalebele chutney, from Madhu of "Ruchi":

Mallige Idli, chutney, from Suman of "Crispy Wine":

Masale Idli, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Mallige Idly, from Madhavi of "My veggie World":

Idli Fair; Cocktail Idlis,masale Idlis, stuffed idlis, from me:

Pathrodo, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Coorgi Dill Paptttu, from me:

Rave idli, from Lakshmi of "The YUM blog":

Idli-Vegetable saagu, from me:

Unde, from Seema of "recipe junction":

Coffee estate style Benne Kadubu, from me:

Spicy NucchinUnde, from Roopa of "Kitchen Aromas":

Rice Rava and Rava Idly, from Jayashree of "Love good food":

Microwave Thatte idly,Kumbalakayi palya,kai Chutney, from Aroma!




Rottis, Karanataka style:

Most adorable, heartwarming photo of making authentic puffy Jolada rotti by Dharwad residents, courtesy of Arun Shanbhag of "Arunshanbhag". Please visit him to read the articles in his great blog! Wait until you see his Dharwad Thali!:)

Akki Masale Rotti, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

Avarekalu Rotti, from Lakshmi of "Taste of Mysore":

Jolada rotti, from Sia of "Spice corner":

Akki Masale Rotti, from MT of "Menu Today":

Mysore masale Ragi Rotti-Khara chutney, from me:

Akki Rotti, from Ujwala of "Cuisine Point":

Jolada rotti-Uchellu chutney, form Latha N of "The YUM blog":

Jonna Rotti, from Srivalli of "cooking4allseasons":

Akki Rotti, from Lakshmi of "The yum blog":

Coffee plantation style Akki Rotti with Kanile (Bamboo Shoot) Palya, from me:

Ragi Rotti with Ennegayi, from Madhu of "Ruchi":

Jolada rotti with Kadalebele chutney, from me:

Ragi rotti-Uchchellu chutney, from Latha N of "The YUM blog":

Rave Rotti, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Akki Rotti-Erulli Hoovu (Spring onion) Gojju, from me:



Classic Chow Chow bhath, from Sharmi of "Neivedyam":

Uppittu, from Bhags of "Crazy curry":

Uppittu, from Sandeepa of "bong cookbook":

Avarekalu Uppittu, from red chillies of "Red chillies":

Akki Shavige Uppittu, from Mamatha of "Karnataka recipes":


Poori-Saagu-Palya etc:

Poori-Saagu, from me:

Carrot Palya, from Charitha of "Mane Ruchi":

Greenpeas Saagu-Chapati, from Saju of "Chachi's kitchen":

Poori-Alugedde Batani palya, from me:


Palya, Gojju , Ennegayi to go with Dosas, Idlis, Pooris,Rottis and as a side dish to plain rice and Saaru too!

Pineapple Gojju, from Viji of "VCuisine":

Heralikai Gojju, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Badanekai Ennegai, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Bendekai Gojju, from Madhuli of "Food court":

Rasa Kai, from Swapna of "Swad of India":

Tambli, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Pineapple Menaskai, from Sia of "Spice Corner":

Pineapple Sasam, from Raaga of "Chef at work":

A Coorg style Karie with Hearts of Palm, from Linda of "Out of the Garden":

Avarya Bendi, from Raaga of "chef at work":

Capsicum Gojju, from Namratha of "Finger licking food":

Beans Gojju, from Padma of "Padma's Kitchen":

Bendekayi Gojju, from Priya D of "sizzling Kitchen":

Tomato Gojju for Dosa, from me:

Spring onion-Tomato Gojju, from TBC of "the budding cook":

Nimbehannina Gojju, from Latha of "Masala Magic":

Ennegayi, from Madhu of "Ruchi":

Avarekalu palya, from me:

Beetroot Palya, from Kay of "towards better tomorrow":

Hagalkai Manasakai, from Smita of "smita serves you right":

Haagalkai Gojju, from me:

Badanekai Ennegai, from Nags of "Cooking and me":

Pineapple Gojju, from Namratha of "finger licking food":

Onion Gojju, from MT of "Menu Today":

Bell Pepper Gojju, from me:

Vegetable Saagu, from me:

Vegetable Saagu, from MT of "Menu Today":

Mudhu Palya, from Lissie of "Salt and Spice":

Badanekai Huli, from Ani of "cooking web log":

Ennegayi, from GV of "add Flavour":

Hesarubele Thovve/dal, from Grihini of "Grihini":

Plantation style Ennegayi, from me:

BooduKumbalkai Huli, from Priya of "Food and laughter":

Photo not available.

Main course (Rice dishes etc) next, see Y'all in about 3-4 days!!:))


Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear, What a fabulous round up!:)) I have decided to take a break in november to prepare all recipes from all blogs, especially the karnataka recipes posted in RCI - K!:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

YAY!! I am the first to comment!:)) Whole day I did'nt log in due to head ache! Just visited your site to find Whats up! I have not enabled google reader. See Telepathy is faster than technology!:D

Sharmi said...

waw so many idly and dosa varieties. I think you are full time busy doing the roundup. great job!

Mishmash ! said...

Kudos to u for this wonderful round up and the time and effort you put in:)

FH said...

Latha, yay! Ypu made it. Take care of your headache and rest.Hugs!:)
Deepavali is in November girl, you are taking a break!:))
Desara next, are you going to announce a event for that? I am cooking on 21st. Enjoy the round up.

Anonymous said...

Asha, They r all yummy and just with pics how can my tummy get filled. You better invite us all for a big feast oneday girl:))

How is your health now?

FH said...

Sharmi, I did work a lot in last 3 days.I am glad I could post it today.Next post will be on Wednesday, got to work on it from Monday, weekends are always busy!:))

Thank you shn, I appreciate it. Lot of work indeed! Have a great weekend dear girl!:))

FH said...

HeHe!! Pria, these are all bloggers' entries, a great treat for me too, enjoy!:))
I am doing well, eyes are healing on time without any complications so far.Thanks. Hugs.

Raks said...

Great round up Asha..!!You have doing great:))Well sorted round up too...!! Dosa,Idly,Saagu,Gojju,upittu..Somany dishes at one stop...Dono which one to see..:))

Sreelu said...

Asha, wow what a tasty roundup, very very welldone. now all you have to do is make it possible to grab from the computer

Beccy said...

Mouth wateringly good...I'm drooling here.

FH said...

Thank you Raks. Sorting out all these into categories helps us to find them quickly. Glad you liked them!:))

LOL! Sreelu, wish I could! I would have grabbed all your food from your blog too!!

Thanks Beccy. Now you have to choose one and start cooking!:D
Have a great weekend.

musical said...

Lovely round-up Ashakka! I am especially loving the rottis on display! and thank you sooooooooooooo much for all the time, effort and above all the enthusiasm and dedication that you have for your craft! These round-ups are going to be my Karnataka cook-book.

Many many hugs and hot cups of chai and coffee with bajjis for you, dear Ashakka.

with lots of love,

TBC said...

Asha, thanks a lot for putting in the time and effort to do this:-)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Great round up A! And my, what a spread of Namma Karnataka Oota and Thindis! :)

Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Apple said...

Wonderful job Asha...Dosa and Idli varieties are too tempting...yummm

Bong Mom said...

Next time I am craving South Indian food I will come to this rounup. Variety of dishes.
Thanks Asha for all the hard work

Tee said...

droolicious! :) Great round up, Asha!
This is making me hungry and its frustrating because I know I can't have any of these right now ;)

Manjula said...

Hi Asha,
Those are some wonderful dishes from Karnataka.
I am little worried..couldn't find my Sweet and Tangy Buttermilk Idlis among the Idlis. Will it be coming in the next post?

Susan from Food Blogga said...

What a stunning feast! When do the tastings start? ;)

Anonymous said...

ASHA HATS OFF TO YOU ! such a lovely roundup... or should i say grand ....n for ur effort putting them all together

so many "want to eat them right now" kinda dishes ......very yummy even if i make one each day i think i am all set for the coming yr :D Thanks dear

Cynthia said...

Everyone should eat these dishes. Lovely round-up, Asha.

FH said...

Musie, every time I read comment, I find myself smiling. Thank you sweet heart.It's a pleasure to work for this event,I will accept the Bajjis too!:))

You are welcome TBC, enjoy!:)

Roopa, hotte kedotanaka tinnabahudu eega!;D

Thank you Apple, enjoy girl.Hope you make some masala dosa now!:D

FH said...

Susan, as soon as you walk in your kitchen with loads of Indian grocery, it starts!:D
Thanks Susan, enjoy!:)

Rahin, you are welcome. It's almost enough for a year if you cook one a day, you are right!!:D

Hi Cynthia, Karnataka feast for the eyes and tummy girl!:D
Enjoy and have fun this weekend!:))

FH said...

This is THE place Sandeepa, you are very welcome!:))

I know Tee, hang on for few more weeks darling! Hugs:))

Manjula, don't worry girl. Since it is sweet and tangy, I added it to the dessert/sweet section which will be coming in the last post!:))
I haven't forgotten anybody's entry so far!:D
Enjoy, hugs!:))

Rajitha said...

asha.......drooling here, i love breakfast food and chutneys..yumm

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
I have bookmarked this page.u have done a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Asha, another wonderful array of Karnataka delights! It amazes me, how a few ingredients can be combined in so many different ways to make all these dosas and idlies etc. Everything looks great! I'd better send another plateful of snacks for the third installment, yes? ;) Don't work too hard... have a lovely long weekend :)

Arun Shanbhag said...

Asha - Hats off to you girl for so painstakingly organizing this round-up!
You need a standing ovation!

Wonderful recipes and we are already using this to spice up our dinners! Yaay!

and I echo what Latha mentioned - we all need to take a month off to just try these recipes.

And Kudos to all your participants for preparing the delicious foods, in many cases finding the recipes to do it too; and further taking wonderful pics and sharing these with your readers. My heartfelt congratulations to them all too!


Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear, All the festivals will be covered this month in viji's event! Vee has volunteered to host a combined event for dasara and Diwali!so rest for me!

Namratha said...

Yipee! What a fantabulous feast Asha dear:) I'm so happy to see so many authentic Karnataka dishes, now I have a longer list of 'to-try' list! Kudos to you for a wonderful round-up:)

Pravs said...

This looks like a grand breakfast feast. so tempting !

Anonymous said...

Wow all dosa,idli,utappam..........my heart goes....yum.....and u did great job for round up.

Viji said...

That's something Unique Asha. Nice array of dishes. You have done a good job in grouping them. That's noteworthy. Love to try many dishes from this. No need for any cook books I feel. Tks dear. Viji

Grihini said...

Asha..you are such a darling. Hats off to you..for all you efforts.
Do take a break before the 3rd round up. Happy weekend! :)

I have so many brkfst recipes to refer to...

Finla said...

Asha I am not howing this round up to my daughter and hubby, if they see all these dosas they will be in back to make them.
Congrats for all your hard work F

J said...

Phew!!! You are putting in a lot of work!! Great roundup! Bookmarking all this. :)

FH said...

Rajitha, Anonymous, Linda, thanks girl. It is fun organizing all these although it is hard work!:)

Arun, you are right. So many took so much time and effort just to cook for me, specially Latha. I really appreciate all of you. My work is half done, enjoy.Glad to post these to help us all including me!:))

Latha, I saw that at Vee yesterday, great news for you. Rest for a while, I probably take one more week off too, it is exhausting!:))

FH said...

Thank you all Namratha, Pravs, Ramya, Viji and Grihini!:))

Yes, I am relaxing this weekend and tomorrow I have to go to my daughter's school for some meeting, so I will take my time!:))

FH said...

Hello Happy cook and J, how are you girls? Yup, working on the 3rd but will take my time. Don't want to get all tired for my own post, right? :D
Have a great weekend and enjoy all the entries.

Shivapriya said...

Hey Asha,
Wonderful roundup...You are doing a great job. Waiting for next roundup.

FH said...

Hello Shivapriya.Thanks girl, next one will be out on Wednesday hopefully!:))

sunita said...

Asha, you've done such a great job with the round up...and look at the variety of the dishes..simply amazing.

indosungod said...

WOW Asha, I am set for the rest of my days on this earth for breakfast ideas :)

A, mama of twins said...

wow asha i dont read your blog for a few weeks and look what I find! Amazing round-up. I need to send this to my mom for her viewing pleasure. I t will make her happy to see so many Karnataka recipes under one roof!

Swaruchy said...

Great Roundup Ashadi.....Have to bookmark this.......Great Job putting these all together category wise.....
Nice yummy plates of Dosas,Idlis....:-)

Anonymous said...

Asha, I'm amazed at the vast array of B'fast/Brunch recipes. Wonderful round-up and a great effort on your part. Thank you, Asha. Look forward to the next round up.

Saju said...

Amazing variety of food. Thank you for collating all these wonderful recipes.

FH said...

Sunita, Indo and Archana, thanks girls.
Isn't that amazing how many foodies took part in this event?! I am very honored!:))
Enjoy the entries and weekend!:)

FH said...

Sirisha and Sailu, You are very welcome!:)
Wouldn't have happened with all your help!:))

Thank you for participating Saju, enjoy!:)

Mallika said...

Wow! So many recipes, so little time! This must be the most successful RCI of all time! You are a genius for doing the round up...

FH said...

LOL! Mallika, they all cooked for me and I just have work on NOT missing any entry. Thanks girl, enjoy. Hope you are having a great weekend!:))

Dhana said...

Drool, drool and more drooling at my end....so many of my favorite dishes in one place...unbelievable round up!

Raaga said...

wow... amazing... it will take a lifetime for me to try out this stuff :-)

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

ooh muy God!, Asha, even a hotel menu wudnt beat this round up!!,,..honestly Asha, this deadly response just shows how much u are known and liked by each other fellow blogger!

Sia said...

i need not buy any cook books now :)
hugs to u...

FH said...

Thanks Dhana, great collection, huh? Have fun!:))

Raaga, 10% of these are your's ,so just takes 360 days!! Hahaha!! Enjoy.

Hello AK! YUP! Most of them cooked just because I am the host!!:))
Great bunch of bloggers we all have, I am proud! Enjoy.

Hi Sia, there is no need to even write a book on K cuisine now!;D

2 more posts to go girls, I think I am getting a cold virus too.Fingers crossed for Wednesday post!:))

Rohini's kitchen said...

Wow nice collection of Karnataka recipes..U have done a great job.

FH said...

Thanks Rohini.Great collection in one place for all of us!:))

Kribha said...

wow....so many dishes. I just can't choose one dish to try. Awesome roundup. Hope you are not over-working your fingers. Take care.

Chickoo said...

Oh my! Ashakka Bravo!! Clap Clap for making this happen!! Wonderful round-up. I have about 3-4 months of recipes to choose from :).

Shweta said...

Great job Ashaji! RCIK round up is turning out to be some marathon! Hats off to you for the great work :)

FH said...

Got to do it Kribha, pain or not! Have fun cooking these!:))

Deepa, almost a whole year worth of recipes girl.Two more to come!:)

Thank you Shweta. It feels like I am running in one too! Hahaha!:)

Unknown said...

You should get a National award or some such just for generating so much interest in people to make and share so many wonderful recipes. Plus, to have the patience to round them all up!!! Grt gng! Am a fan!

FH said...

AHHH!! A national award, huh? HeHe!!
Thank you Siri. I appreciate these entries as well as your friendship too. I am lucky!:))

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

"Mother of all round ups"! You weren't wrong there! This must have taken you a very long time. Well done for posting the great pics for the entries too.

starry said...

Asha what can I say but WOW! so many varieties of iddli's and dosa. I am so hungry just looking at all these pictures.Thank you takingthe time to round all these recipes up.And thank you to all the bloggers who submitted them.

Neelam said...

Wow asha, So many varieties of Dosas and Idlis really awesome!
Again a great round up!

Kalpana said...

Wow, good round up. Now, craving for all ;). So may ideas at one place. I can slowly start preparing one at a time. :)

Anonymous said...

this is such a (stuck for words) round up - I dont think anyone could have pulled off such good participation - the event management industry has missed a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge resource in you Asha

Post RCI K, Ragi and Jolada Rotti and Dose are regular breakfast items :D. that's what these events do you know - see we even make you cook for all the festivals - lol

Anonymous said...

Oh how did I miss this round up.
Just looking at those pics of ilies dosas and rottis and gojjus makes me happy...Thanks again for the round-up.I know you are still not finished..:)

FH said...

Thanks Amanda. Yeah, it does take time but happy to do it. All in one Karnataka cuisine here, enjoy!:))

Lalitha, isn't it wonderful? I am glad that I hosted for K'taka, the one and the only chance of a life tome!:))

Thanks Neelam. It's great to have a place to come home to and feel at home for us!:))

FH said...

Kalpana, start with Davanagere Benne dose, a classic in K'taka! I have start cooking too once I post the rest!:))

I know Lakshmi! I was already thinking what can I cook for Dasara for The YUM blog even before Viji announced her's!! :D
Wonderful, I love organizing, up my ally perfectly,so I enjoy it all!:))
Jolad rotti in Arun's photo is the perfect rotti although he doesn't have the recipe.Wish I could make rottis that puffy. Hope Latha is doing well. Hugs to both of you.

Madhu, thank you sweetie. Hope you checked the first one too. Great collection here, I am so happy!:D
Enjoy, I will have to make your Masal dose shortly or as soon as I finish posting the rest of them!:))

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Wow!!!all the tiffin varieties are marvellous...iwas wondering whether we have these many varieties...!!!!Thanks alot for you,,the one who got those reciepes to light and presented us in neat way...Thanks once againfor your gr8 job.

Daily Meals said...

Great job Asha! All idlies and dosas are mouth watering...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely round-up! Love all the entries. Amazing how many receipes I knew nothing of, despite being Kannadiga. I'm gonna save your round-up posts for ref. Great job, Asha! It must've taken a lot of time. Thanks for doing this, hon.

Cyberkitty said...

Yes, I am fine now....So much food, makes me really hungry !!

FH said...

Hi Vijaya, thanks. Don't they look great!:))

Vani,you are welcome sweetie!:))
Even I am amazed at how many variations dosas and Idlies we can make! Hope you checked out the snack post. Enjoy, one stop for K cuisine!:D

Great to hear that CK!:))
Wish I could ship you some of these! Hugs, take care!:))

Unknown said...

OMG!!!!!! Incredible roundup. Congratulations Asha akka. Sorry for not participating. The reason is, I have no idea of wat Karnataka food is all about. I see soooo many dosas. I'm a ZERO in making them. Looks like I've got a lot of recipes to try out. Thanx for making this happen.

swapna susarla said...

wow the round up is amazing!!good to see all the recipes at one place.

FH said...

Pushapa, you are welcome.After this round up, you can never say you don't know any K recipes! Hahaha! Enjoy:))

Thanks Swapna. Isn't it great? All you have to do is click on links and you will 100s of recipes from K'taka!! I will post the next one toorrow!:))

Roopa said...

wonderfull roundup :)now there is good collection of karanataka recipes alva! rottigala sallu nodi bayali neeru barutta ide!take care

Manju said...

WOW!! a 100 photos!!! it took me ages to just go thru all these recipes.. mustve been quite some work putting them up together..very neat roundup!! clap clap..

Lissie said...

thank you asha for posting my recipe! please note that it is 'mudhu palya'.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is four in the evening here in New Delhi and I am hungry like mad.
Overwhelmed my the volume of the post. Some of the best pictures I have seen of some of the food I love most.
Many Thanks!

FH said...

Roopa, ondu varshagalige agovashtu recipe ide illi!:D

Thanks girl. Yeah, it is work but I am glad to have hosted this event!:))

You are welcome Lissie. Oops! I will correct it ASAP!:))

Kulpreet, I am honored that so many foodies participated in this event. A great place to visit here now for K'taka cuisine!!:))
Enjoy. Hope guys try some these.

karmic said...

They are all YUM!

FH said...

Thanks Sanjay!:))

Mandira said...

Asha this is indeed "mother of all" roundups. :) Fabulous job and looking forward to the rest of the entries!

FH said...

Thank you Mandira!:))
Three posts are already out, one more to go!! Check them out!

VINI said...

MINDBLOWING...what a feast for the eyes! You are just gr8 Asha. I refer to you as the "blogging Queen" :). Superb as always.

FH said...

Hahaha!! Thanks Vini. Glad you are back blogging again. Enjoy girl!:))

megha praveen said...

Yummy.. Mouth watering receipes....... Very easy to learn.....

FH said...

Thanks Megha,listing these in the blog was fun. I am sure it will help lot of novice cooks. Enjoy! :)