October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween to all of you!:)
Wish I could say "beautiful Fall" too like last year but our lake has dried up 35%! We have been living here in this town for almost 9yrs, never seen weather like this before. It's been a real nightmare! It did rain for 3 days last week but it's just a drop in the Ocean! I don't see much Fall colors here either so far! But good thing is it's lot cooler now!:)
They found the last book of Nostradamus!!
Btw, I loved the episode about the last book of Nostradamus they showed on 'The History channel' last Sunday at 9pm. Did you watch that? Although I watch this with interest,I don't believe he wrote about our future! Interesting thing in his last book, which was recently found in an Italian library, was the exact date of Apocalypse or Doom's day for us all Earthlings, a belief which is supported by Mayan culture and by an American Psychic Edgar Casey as well!! Of course, we Hindus know that the end of KaliYuga is coming soon too, right?
Still I am a little surprised to learn the exact date and year (of how soon it will be upon us!) as they are revealed by these prophecies but I am not going to tell you here! Even though it's not believable, don't want to scare you too much now even on the Halloween day, do I?! I guess you can Google for it if you want to know. Boo!!!!

Anyway, have fun dressing up and trick or treating, eat lots of good candies and enjoy some of the Halloween jokes I found at this fun site. Oh! Don't forget to listen to the music on my sidebar!!! ;D

Wanna meet a witch?
It was said that to meet a witch you have to put your clothes on wrong side out and you have to walk backwards on Halloween night. Then at midnight you would see a witch!

What is a vampire's favorite sport?

I love this time of the year, just for all those marathon horror movies they show on the TV! Most "horror" movies are funny rather than scary to me, funniest being the "Exorcist" girl puking green stuff, all that "Ketchup" everywhere and another hilarious scene is when they walk around in the dark all bugeyed, very scared and always call out "Hello, anybody there?" whenever they hear the noise!! Hahaha!!
My favorite scary movies are "SAW, 1,2,3", LOVE them all and 4th one just released. They are really good!!! Latest movie I watched is "Turistas" which is not bad at all, plenty of almost realistic blood and gore! Best movie is "The Omen"!;D

What is a vampire's favorite mode of transportation?
A blood vessel!

What is a vampire's favorite holiday?

Have you seen my last year's Halloween post?! Have a very scary Halloween and have fun tonight!:)

(Photo from wikimedia commons)

Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist?
To improve his bite!:D

Are ya talkin' to me??
NO!! I did not carve this Pumpkin, too much work! I posted these funny scary vegetables last year too from a book I have.

This Pumpkin photo is from a book "PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD" by Joost Elffers, a beautiful book with various carved vegetables!

What type of dog do vampire's like the best?

What is a ghoul's favorite flavor?

Spooky Scary Devil Salad with bloody, wormy beverage!

This salad is to make. Just tear some iceberg lettuce, put a dollop of sour cream. For eyes,place two slice black olives. For eye brows and tongue, slice a red bell pepper to shapes and add them. Stick two spicy Doritos for horns and serve with salad dressing, grated cheese, red onion slices, chili etc. Salad tastes delicious!
For Bloody drink, pour in some V8 vegetables juice and drop in some candy worms!! You can drop in some whole black Olives to scare some more!!:)

Why do witches use brooms to fly on?
Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy!

How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
With scare spray!

Witch's Hand reaching for you! RUN!!:D
A fun creation with cheese sticks and Almonds, kids enjoy eating these! Try it.

First take a small shallow bowl,fill it with flavored cream cheese to stick in the fingers. To make Witch's hand, buy 5 Mozzarella sticks, cut them shorter for pinky fingers and Thumb. Place a small blob of cream cheese on the top end of the fingers and stick slivered Almond slices. Stick them upright in the cream cheese bow, place some bugs and that's it!

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat the fingers separately!

"Scream" Spiced Pumpkin Pie bars and cake:
Usually, I bake Pumpkin Pie for every Halloween. This year, I thought I would bake a good and tasty "no butter" Pumpkin bars or cake. These smell and taste excellent with added Pumpkin Pie spice which I love. Pumpkin Puree makes it very moist and scrumptious to eat. My kids loved it. Hope you try! This recipe is adapted from "Taste of Home" magazine.

You can either bake two round cakes and layer it with icing or bake one Rectangle and a round cake with different frosting or bake one big rectangle in a sheet pan, or cut the recipe into half and just bake one cake.frost and cut into bars to serve with whipped cream!
You need:
1 1/2 cups or 1 15oz can Pumpkin puree,
1 1/2 cups sugar,
1 cup oil,
4 Eggs, (or 8 tbsp of Apple sauce for vegetarians, doesn't rise well though!)
1 tsp Vanilla essence,
2 cups Plain flour,
2 tsp baking pd,
1 tsp baking soda,
1/2 tsp salt,
1 tsp Cinnamon pd,
1 tbsp Pumpkin pie spice, (if you don't have Pie spice, you can use these instead; 1 tsp ground sweet cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp ground cloves)

1/2 finely chopped Walnuts or any nuts you like.

For frosting: 1 16oz can of cream cheese or Vanilla icing, Orange and black food color.

To bake the bars or cakes, preheat the oven to 350F. Spray the two pans or one 15" by 10" baking pan and keep them ready.

How to bake:
1. Mix all the dry ingredients except nuts first and keep aside.
2. In a bowl or KitchenAid, beat the Pumpkin puree, sugar, oil, Eggs, Vanilla.
3. Gradually add dry mix and beat well until well incorporated. Stir in nuts.
4. Pour into two pans or one big pan and bake for 20-30mins or until ot done.
5. Take out the cake carefully and cool on the rack.
Icing: Heat the icing can for 10 secs in the microwave and save some white icing for black frosting. Add few drops of Orange color to Vanilla and mix well. Add a black food color to the rest and mix.
When cake is cool, apply Orange on the whole cake and chill until firm. Then use black icing to pipe in whatever scary shapes you like!

What kind of streets do zombies like the best?
Dead ends!

A delicious slice for you with whipped cream:
Look at the texture and color of that bar inside! I am very pleased with this recipe. Glad I deviated from my usual Pumpkin Pie! Kids were fighting for the last piece too! Yup,Pumpkin bars are all gone already!:))
This yummy slice of cake is going to Hima's "What's your favorite Dessert?" event. Thanks for hosting Hima!:)

What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
"Do you believe in people?"

What does the papa ghost say to his family when driving?
Fasten your sheet belts!

Graveyard Cake with Headstones!
But I still have this cake left, had to hide it from the husband and kids for the next day! This cake batter is the same as above, just baked 1/3 of the recipe in a round pan and frosted with Chocolate icing for my kids who love chocolate! Vanilla-Orange is the one for me!:)

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

Why don't skeletons ever go out on the town?
Because they don't have any body to go out with!!

Chocolate Cupcakes with brain frosting anyone?
Recipe for Chocolate Cupcakes is adapted from Family Fun! Idea for brain frosting came from various Google search images, the idea for blood is all mine!:p

Preheat the oven to 350F and line your muffin pan with 12 cupcake foil or paper liners.
For Chocolate Cupcakes, you need:
1/2 cup butter, softened,3/4 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 2tsp vanilla extract, 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1/2tsp baking powder,1/4 tsp salt,1/2 cup Chocolate chips, and 2/3 cup milk.
To bake:
1. Sift or mix all the dry ingredients well in a bowl, keep aside.
2. Cream butter and sugar first, add eggs,one at a time, mix well. Add Vanilla and half the milk.
3. Add in flour mix, mix. Then rest of the milk, chocolate chips and mix well. Add to 12 cupcake paper cups and bake for 18-20 mins or until they are baked. Cool and frost.
For brain icing:
Mix 1 cup vanilla Cream icing with two drops of red and a drop of green food coloring to get the gray brain color.Mix well, pipe in swirls on the cupcakes.
For blood, Mix 2 drops red food color and 1 tbsp water and with a spoon,drizzle the blood on the brain and peel the paper, open your mouth wide and gobble up!:D

What's a vampire's favorite fast food?
A guy with very high blood pressure!

Go ahead and grab one. I dare ya!!:D
I was supposed to use round tip for icing the brain. I couldn't find it as usual in my overloaded pantry, so I used a Zigzag icing tip, didn't look exactly like brain! Oh well.. so what if my brain is not perfect, tasted delicious to eat!:D

Why did the Vampire subscribe to the Wall Street Journal?
He heard it had great circulation!!

Some of you haven't seen these Spooky Eggspressions I posted at Aroma!:))

Just need few hard boiled Eggs, Ketchup and Olives to create these! Thank you all who voted for me on the last Click event! I appreciate it!!:)

Here is my son, a Ninja warrior this time!:D
My daughter thinks she is "too old" to go out for candies, so she will not be going for trick or treating anymore! Hurray for me, One less costume to buy!:D

That's it for this Halloween, I know this year's post is creepier than the last year! YESSS!! Have fun Trick or Treating tonight with your kids and be safe!:))


indosungod said...

Happy Halloween Asha, though it is not one of my favorite holidays, have to participate all the same because of the kiddies :)
I can still remember the goodies you baked up for Halloween last year, can't believe a year has flown by.

Love the colorful Pumpkin Cake you baked up. Looks awesome.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Happy Halloween to you and the kids. As always your creations are simply awesome!

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! Happy Halloween you too. I don't know much about this halloween festival. But I got so much information from your post. Some of the dishes looks scary but all the dishes looks yum and awesome. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha ! I just googled up and read about the predicted doom's day, am i'm v frightened !! Yeah, I'm frightened and surprised too..
Nice Halloween dishes, A Happy Halloween to you and your family..

Shivapriya said...

WOW, really spooky... somehow halloween freaks me out. Eveything looks great and lil scary;).
Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Boooooo - I am actually quite scary. Ask Nirmala and Srivalli :D . Witch's hand looks cool!!!

EC said...

Super decorations and post...very difficult to choose the best one in this post

Rajitha said...

yum! the pumpkin bars look awesome...Happy Halloween Asha :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Big S! Trisha really is all grown up! Before you know it you will be geeting ready for the wedding. The treats are awesome. Loved the modest pumpkin bar. I probably would not eat the brain:) When searching for ideas on google, I saw a brain cake with a huge slaughter knife dug right into it with 'strawberry sauce' blood all over it. That put me off and I am not making anything:)Ninja warrior looks great! My kiddo's a barbie in the morning and a fairy in the evening. She can actually say 'tlick or tleats' this year. Happy halloween!

Sia said...

yickkkkkk... all ur hallowean gooes r sacry especially the cheese hand ;)
so when exactly is the doom's day? ;) by looking at the way this world is going crazy i wouldn't mind if it is tom ;) LOL... kidding... i want to live for another 30 yrs at the most :)
have a gr8 halloween ashakka. that reminds me i got to buy few candies before i go home today.

Swaruchy said...

Great Post Ashadi......Loved every creation of urs......The effort u behind every creation is indeed commendable..Thanks for such a nice post...the pumpkin pie looks aMaZiNg :-)
A very happy Halloween to u and ur family :-))

Raks said...

Happy Halloween to you and your son asha!!
The only movie I know in your horror movie list is The Omen...Other than that I hardly know any other movies you hav mentioned,anyway I have noted and if i find chance to see I will surely see and enjoy...:))
Being born and boughtup in TN,and living in singapore,I dont know much about halloween celebrations..You wont belive...only in movies I have seen,other than that I dont know..i have seen in movie"the charlie's chocolate factory"..a scene...thats all ...But preparing dishes for halloween and buying clothes for your children...you are such a wonderful mother..:))
I liked the icecream with cheese fingers and almonds....

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Asha.all the dishes are looking delicious and I just loved the salad creation.


TBC said...

Everything looks spooky...esp the witch's hand. The cake seems like something I would make but I don't know if I would like the taste of pumpkin:-(

Happy Halloween to u and the family!

Kribha said...

Happy Halloween Dear Asha. This post was really spooky. The background music and talking, info about Nostradamus(too bad I missed it),cute devil salad, bloody beverage, string cheese hands.... Ooo I'm panting. Ok I'm better, the funny + scary jokes scattered around ,pumpkin cake, brain frosting....wow, you are awesome as usual.
Tushar looks good in his Ninja dress. Kavin is a fire fighter this time. Hope you all have a fun filled day.

FH said...

Hi Indo, just one kid for me this year, glad I don't have to walk around the neighborhoods with them either. Hurray!:D
Enjoy while they are young.

Hi Meeta, thanks. So good to see you are back. I bet you had a great time visiting the family!:))
Happy Halloween, can't wait to see Soeren's costume!

Thank you Jyoti. It's just a fun holiday for kids, nothing special really. Some entertainment just before winter hits!:))

Anonymous said...

hey asha , lots of spooky ideas, very creative , njoyed ur post :)

Pooja V said...

Happy halloween !! Loved all the tricks ( decorations) & treats !! I am not a scary movie fan so i am cribbing about the movies they keep playing at this time of the year !

Anonymous said...

Just put on my head phone and came back to see follow up comments - :D - aroma song is scarier though this is kinda funny too.

FH said...

Isn't that disturbing Mona? I thought it's not going to be in our life time but I am so WRONG!!:p
But don't let that get you, it's just something they say!:)

HeHe!! Thanks Shivapriya. It's just fun, don't get scared too much!:))

LOL!! You are!! I don't believe it Lakshmi!!!Kids loved the witch's hand,cheese and dip!!:D

FH said...

EC, Pumpkin bars were so yummy, hope you bake that. Very moist and soft, we loved it!:))

Rajitha, bars are excellent tasting,try it. You too enjoy today!:))

Hema, she got level 2, after 6 mnts level 3. Permanent license is issued only after she is 18! Long process!:)
She doesn't even have a boyfriend yet, wedding is faaar away!;D
I saw that brian and knife too, didn't want to do knife and all, brain is good enoush, may be next year!:))
Barbie and Fairy, cool! Enjoy, little chilly now, wear warm clothes! Have fun!:)

FH said...

Sia, I don't want to say it here to scare the others off of this blog forever(Google it!) but want 30yrs? No chance, sorry!!;D
Cheese and dip was good, cake is even better. Did you start baking yet?:D
Have fun, Tushar is already in the costume since morning!!:)

Thank you Siri. Few more years, my kids leave the nest! Then I don't have anybody to bake for!
Enjoy and be safe if you are going out tonight!:))

Raks, I didn't know much about either until we came to US.It's such a big deal here even with adults!:))
You are my kinda girl, rent SAW films, you will love it!:)

Thank you Shalini. Salad was the easiest of all to make, looks like Kali, doesn't it?:D

FH said...

tbc, you don't really smell the pumpkin because of vanilla and Walnuts but tastes so moist and delicious. Try half the recipe with just one round pan. Enjoy Halloween!:))

LOL! Kribha, looks like you enjoyed everything here. Fire Fighter sounds great, have fun and be safe.
You can Google to read about Nostradamus, but Doom's day might scare you!:)

Thank you Rahin. As long as kids are home, Halloween will be fun!:))
Enjoy girl.

FH said...

LOL!! I understand Pooja. For some who don't like horror movies, TV shows at this time of year is a nightmare!! I love these but 99% of them are just silly screaming!!:D

Lakshmi, song at Aroma is real scary, isn't it? I will add here in few minutes!:D
They are fun, but scares the heck out of scardy cats!:D

Mishmash ! said...

I LOVED all your creative dishes :) What brilliant ideas,especially the devil salad :) I just loved this post and oh yeah, it was spooky, enjoy the spooky night :)


Latha Narasimhan said...

Scary post with scary music!:D Loved reading your post!:)) If the dooms day is nearing what can we do to stop it? Lets enjoy life and be happy till then!:)) let mcheck out all the blogs before the dooms day!:D
Give some rest to your oven and make some indian sweets for diwali!:) Happy diwali to you and your family!:) Hugs Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Your Halloween goodies are just what we have come to expect of you Asha, ever so creative! The spooky music adds a nice touch! Happy Halloween to you and your family!

FH said...

Hi shn, glad you enjoyed the post. It is fun, isn't it? My kids are so scared of all my music, they run away!:D

Latha, that's what I say. Whatever happens, happens anyway! I just want live for today and enjoy the Sunshine!:D
I just came back, haven't even opened the blogroll yet.
Yeah, planning to make Mysore Pak etc from tomorrow. Hope I can make it for next post, I have Zero dishes so far!:))
Hugs to you too, busy day today for me!

USHA said...
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USHA said...

Happy Halloween Ashaji...

Asusual you have made the halloween with your scary recipes...at the same time i have to appreciate your superb creativeness too.. you got lot of patience....

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary(3rd),i remember very well..last time you are the one you wished me first...

Pdk said...

Happy Halloween Asha... Have a nice time trick or Treating

Sig said...

Happy Halloween to you and family Asha... As usual creative creations, now I wish I was throwing a halloween party today, I could've used these ideas :) Hope the Ninja warrior has fun tonite :)

Beccy said...

I love all your Halloween dishes but my favourite has to be the eggs.

Seema said...

Happy Halloween Asha to you & your family!!
That was an amazing post & really i appreciate you for doing so much for your kids!! Your creativity is in full flow as always :-)

ChrisB said...

Asha what a coincidence we used the same jokes. LOL at the music very good. I'm like Beccy and rather liked the eggs. I think this is a great Halloween post. Hope you all have a great time :)

Bindiya said...

What a delightful, spooky post Asha ,loved it!haha!

KayKat said...

Those eggspressions rock!

Such an entertaining post :)

starry said...

Asha with all this good food and treats on your blog who needs to go trick or treating.loved this post colorful as always.happy halloween.love the music.

Mrs. K said...

No fall colors here either! :( Lovely halloween goodies you have here! As always..

I have posted a picture of your MW masala peanuts on my blog today. You got me addicted to that thing. I have no idea how many times I made it already! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Asha and the kids. Those were funny reads :D
I loved that witches fingres, very realistic

Anonymous said...

good girl, you added the scary music here too. people dont miss out the bit on worms eating eyes, nose and jelly between toes and stomach turning into whipping cream- LOL. so much fun - when i make a trip to the US, i'll make sure im in north carolina during Halloween (who cares if its cold? brrrrrrrrr)

sra said...

Asha, those jokes are nice, esp the "do you believe in people" one - how the tables can turn!

Sreelu said...

Asha, spooktakular creations !! well donno about nostradomus prediction but we experienced earthquake yesterday in san jose and for few seconds it seemed like the end.It was a true halloween scare yesterday for sure :(

Manjula said...

I just cant imagine putting those delicious scorpions and brains in the mouth! Its really spooky.

Lisa Johnson said...

OMG Asha!!!! You have truly outdone yourself with this one! The first song that I heard was the Hearse song, which was totally freaking me out!!! Then I was laughing at all your jokes and looking at the yummy food.

By the way, years ago, I used to work in Salem, which is one of the Halloween capitals of the world. I saw the official witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot. Guess where? In Walmart! Witches have to shop too!

Happy Halloween! ; )

Tee said...

This is poooky all right! ;) Very innovative creations, Asha! i am not into Halloween celebrations yet as there are no kids in the picture...but i do enjoy watching everyone else's costumes and 'spirits' ! ;)

Richa said...

casketball....lol :)
witch fingers....yikes, but secretly i want to make them heh!heh! cake looks pretty good!

Seena said...

Great post Asha,
Thanks for the info abt Nostradamus..will google it..we too have some signs and expecting..:(
It is very interesting ot know about Halloween. I like it. That picture of the lake(link given) is sooo good..thanks dear.

Pooja Na(i)rayan said...

I loved the music. I tried to find this post before couldnt find it. It so good to see vegetables. Have a spooky night today. Happy spootacular halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Sagari said...

Thanks for stopping and posting at my blog asha

FH said...

Glad you liked it Sneha. I love that song, found it yesterday!:D

Usha, have a great 3rd wedding Anniversary darling and wish you many more happy returns. Have fun!:))
Thanks, enjoy.

Thank you Priya. Good to see you.You too have a good fun night today!:))

Thank you Sig. You still can invite somebody and make some quick scary punch and salad!:D
Yeah, Tushar is already wearing his costume since morning! Kids have somuch fun!:))

FH said...

Beccy, creating Eggs was fun!:))
It's so much fun for kids. For us, it's taking them around for trick or treating is a pain, but just once a year doesn't hurt!:D

Thank you Seema. Kids are growing up, might not have to do all this for long!:))

Chris! I found that site two days ago and loved it!:))
Have a great Halloween if you are into it. Once the kids are grown, they will have their party in college I guess!:D

Thank you Bindiya!:))
Got to do the duties of parents when you have kids!

Unknown said...

I was waiting for you halloween post this week..Love to see your creative creations :). Happy Halloween.

Saju said...

great post, I even laughed out loudly! I love the recipe of the pumpkin squares! how yum they look
music is great

FH said...

Thank you Kay, glad you liked it. Tried my best!:))
Happy Halloween.

Lalitha, wasn't that song spooky? I loved it. Hope it doesn't give nightmare to anyone!:D

rp, no colors there too. That's terrible girl. I usually get some great Fall photos this time of the year! Have a fun Halloween tonight !:)
Did you try the same Cashews and Almonds. It's healthy too, enjoy. I will see you later!:))

Thank you Sandeepa. What costume S is wearing tonight? Have a wonderful time and be safe.Hugs to both of you!:))

FH said...

Lakshmi, after I read your comment, I transferred here too. Kids ran away from my Laptop after listening to it!Haha!!
It's not that cold here but little chilly.Compared to 100F we went thru', 60F are a blessing!:))

Sra, I know! Ghosts have much to be scared of us living than anything else these days!:D

Oh dear!! Glad you are all okay Sreelu! Didn't have much time to watch CNN, so I missed this news! Yeah, what a timing?! Be safe there. Hugs!:))

LOL! Manjula, they taste great girl, you would love it!:D
Enjoy, have a fun night.

FH said...

Anali, you saw the Salem witch in Walmart? LOL! Yeah, Human Witch needs to eat and buy some stuff too!
My kids freaked out after listening to that song, so much fun for me to scare them!:D

Tee, it's the same for us. If kids are not around, I don't think we do all these either!!:))

Richa, cheese with dips is yummy. Looks like fingers ,don't they? I got the from a magazine!:))
Cake was yum, I must say we all loved it. Moist and tasty!

Seena, isn't that terrible!Our kids are just growing up, they all need time to enjoy! But what can we do? It's beyond our reach!!
That lake is half dry now Seena, looks so barren. We can see the split ground now!Hope fully, it rains more here!

FH said...

Mocha, sometimes those profiles do not work, that's why I left the URL. Glad to see you here!:))
Yeah, we had a great cropof veggies this year. Waiting for winter now!:)
Enjoy Halloween!

You are welcome Sagari. Have a fun Halloween!:))

Thank you Madhu. I guess it's too cold there for trick or treating in Alaska. Your daughter is too young anyway. Make something fun at home for her. Happy Halloween!:))

YAY!! Saju, good to hear that you enjoyed the post. Always fun to make something for Halloween.
Hope you bake that cake, it was so delicious, not very sweet either. Enjoy!:))

Finla said...

Happy Halloween Asha.
Here in Belgium we don't celebrate it like in USA. But the shops still try to make money. Shyama is gone with her friends for trick a treat ( just to the houses of ppl the kids know) as they don't have that tradition. And she is staying the night with a bunch of friends in a friends house.
Hooraayyyyy We are alone :-)

You were really busy preparing for halloween. I think all the things are spooky :-) except for the chocolalate cake.
Who all drank the wormy drink.
Not to mention the witches hand,they all are so good creations. Excelent.
Once i am going to try your chocolate cup cake the icinglooks great

Suganya said...

We all live like each day is the last, eating as much good food as we can. So Nostradamus doesn't bother me. That brain icing made me gulp!

Finla said...

Asha i just listend to the music. It is as creepy as the dishes :-)))

FH said...

YAY!! F, you got one night for yourself and H! Make sure you Enjoy!;D
Make sure sha listens to the music too tomorrow after she comes back, bet she will love it!
Some people frown upon Halloween as Devil worship but we don't care! It's just fun. Try the cake more than cupcake, we loved it.
Wormy drink is just Vegetable juice, it just looks scary!:D
Have fun Halloween or not. Hugs.

FH said...

Suganya, my sentiments exactly! If we all start worrying everyday for some thing or the other, life will be miserable. So cook, eat and enjoy!:D
Brain is missing a knife thru' it, thought it will be too much to take! Haha!! Have fun tonight!:))

F, I told ya!!;D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, adorable Halloween treats this year, too! Meg is also not going out this year, so I just have a few candies for the little neighbor kids. No more trick-or-treating for me! Tushar looks great in his costume. It sure has been warm, but this year has been one of the more colorful falls in a long time. Last few years were duds.

Have a wonderful spooky day! :)

Rina said...

Lovely creations Ashaji. Have fun with kids.

bee said...

you are crazy, ash. that's why i love ya.

FH said...

Linda, no trick and treating for you too. It's good in a way! Few yrs ago, I would run of candy because of so many kids. Now they are all in HS, very few go out for T or T!
Some parents are so scared, they take their kids only to their friends' house here!:)
Opposite for us! Last year was riot of colors, hardly anything this year.Leaves are falling off already! Freaky weather. Have fun tonight!Hope you bake the Pumpkin bars!:))

Thank you Rina. You too have a great Halloween and Diwali too. That's coming next!:)

LOL! Bee, thank you darling!! Many have told me that before!;D
Hope you listened to the music!!!
Happy Halloween.

Little Miss Muffet said...

Hi Ashaaaaaaaaaa!!! It's so good to be back reading your posts :)) Like the spooky food u made :)I watched SAW 2 and was too psyched to watch the other parts... scaryyyy!! before i forget, i had a sharab and kabab (sorry, tandoori chicken) party at my apartment last weekend...everybody loves your tandoori recipe...i use the one which u posted a few months ago,which has tons of spices...that is one dish i never go wrong with and is a sure fire hit! :)

remya said...

happy halloween ashaji!!! grt post,loved all ur scary dishes,really ur very creative and gud that u put so much effort n time in doin all these things....celebrations are pretty cool isnt? thanku for sharing...

FH said...

Hello M! Good to see you!:)
Hey, Sharaab and Kabab sounds great! I am making one more Kabab for Bihar RCI! Glad you enjoyed it!:))
I watched all 3 SAW but not the latest, got to go! Have a great Halloween fun today, great ideas here for a scary party!!:D

Thank you Ramya, I do my best to bring something fun!:)
My son is 12 now, so he probably would want some fun food for 3 more years and then he will lose interest too! Happy Halloween, enjoy.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Wow Asha! I love all of this. Especially the spooky eggspressions. I used to love horror films when I was younger but they scare me too much now. It's good that you can laugh at them. Loved your post from last year too. Can we come to yours for Halloween next year?
Happy Halloween!

Laavanya said...

Happy Halloween Asha. I loved all your creations - so imaginative and creative of you! :) I will be trying the pumpkin cake/bar soon. Looks lovely.

FH said...

Thank you Amanda. I love those Horror movies. Don't know why but I just don't get scared but makes me squirmy to watch those SAW movies!:D
Have fun tonight and don't throw any Eggs!!Hahaha! Enjoy!:)

Mansi said...

Nice post Asha...did you actually make all those things at home???!!! god, I can't believe it!!! I'm so lazy:) great work...have fun tonight with your kids!

musical said...


This is super-cute! lovely and spooktakular post :-D. i love the questions and answers and the spooky cake :-D. Each idea is brilliant and witty! And that salad was so cute :-D. Hope the Ninja warrior had fun :).

Hugs to you, dear.

Vineela said...

Nice to see your blog with creepy ,scary halloween foods.I posted first time for haaloween .its really thrillin..
Happy Halloween

FH said...

YUP! I am only one who makes all these at home when kids are at school and hubby at work, which I like Mansi!:D
Not hard really, I am used to it. Happy Halloween girl, enjoy!:))

Hi Musie, it's still 5.30pm here, they will start trick or treating at 6.30pm. He is in the costume already!:))
Have fun there too, hugs.

Hi Vineela,you posted one too! YAY! I will check it out.It is fun for kids and adults as well. Just have some fun before the cold Winter sets in!:))
Happy Halloween, enjoy.

Smita said...

Happy Halloween Asha!! Did you dress up this year?? I loved your post....:) Especially the jokes....I dressed up as Athena this year and had a lot of fun...Looking fwd to kids in my neighborhood showing up today evening:)

Anonymous said...

happy halloween sis
this is my first halloween so learning new stuff like trick n treat.....
i thought the first image is pizza...i like the sticking tongue
cheese sticks with almonds uff look real fingers
pumpkin cake looks real yummy n scary
i truly wish i can grab that slice with cream
graveyard cake is lovely too
oops scary too
brain icing is good i wish u found the round tip one
eggspressions are cool
what ninja is he?
hurray i did it the same day
btw luv last years halloween pic

FH said...

Hi Smita err.. Athena!!:))
That's so cool. No, we never dress up but take the kids around the neighborhood! Have fun today too, hugs to you.

Hi Anusha:)
This is your first year. huh? Everything must look fun to you. If you have kids, you enjoy more but for adults, if they have office parties.
Thank you. We loved the cake too, scary and all.
I don't know what kinda Ninja is he!!Haha!! Just buy it and put it on!:P
Enjoy, may be next year, you can mke something scary too!:D

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Asha,and my daughter is too small to go out for chocos as she calls. I wish she will be ready by next yr.Ur cakes are looking good.

Neelam said...

Enjoyed reading ur post Asha....Happy Halloween to you too!
The chocolate cupcakes look yummy!

Dhana said...

What FANTASTIC creepy crawlies for Halloween...

Sana said...

You are amazingly awesome!!

Namratha said...

Fabulous creations, and awesome costume for your son! :)

Tough luck with the rain, Georgia is in drought now, not much fall colours here either:(

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
happy halloween day!!!
Ur presentation for halloween is really amazing.Wat a gr8 work dear...
Ur work is really appreciated...

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you n Tushar! Your post was spooktacular indeed. Loved that slice of pumpkin cake, brainfrost idea was fab.

Kajal said...

Happy Halloween Day to you and your family :)))

Very nice funny photo!!!!
Pumpkin Pie looks absolutely delicious for dessert. I never made any item in my life with use of pumpkin. After see your delicious pie I think miss nice taste.

Chocolate cup cakes with lots of cream if possible then I eat all this dear....Looks very nice with red and green color.

WOW....your sun looks danger in black dress.:))

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Asha, love all your creations as usual. As far as the end of the world is concerned, I saw that program on History Channel too :-) 2012 Dec eh? Just 5 more years, eerie right?

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Happy halloween to you and to your son.
Pumpkin cake looks delicious.
Cheese fingers look very scary.
Very scary halloween post.

A, mama of twins said...

happy halloween asha! i created a similar pumpkin bar on my site too.. check it out.. your artistry is awesome as always.. sppoookkyy!

Keshi said...

LOL such a cute Halloween post Asha...well done!

Loved all the Halloween funnied...especially this one:

***What is a vampire's favorite sport?


Ninja dressup looks hot...awwwww...

ROFL @Graveyard cake with headstones. It looks great but I mite freak out eating it :)

Spooky post indeedz! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

**Halloween funnies

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Ashajeee..deadly jee...deadly , anyways..i was way prepared for these, as u had mentioned.u are gonna scare us.

And dear jee.as u mentioned in my post, of the event for diwali being JFI and JFS, yes..me too thought the same..but i think becoaus its the special edition series or whatever, they call it soo..u see it here..with JFS..


Lissie said...

Happy Halloween, Asha! the pumpkin cke looks really scary!! your kids must have had a fun-filled day.. :))

Rachna said...

aww happy halooween to you.... i loved all your creative haloween food...my mum and hubby both loved yur spooky egspressions on click and voted for that!!

Srivalli said...

Thats a great one...your son looks great as a ninja!

FH said...

Ramya, there were kids as young as 2 yr olds yesterday here for trick or treating! Anything for candies!:D
Yeah, it's fun when they are little older when they can scream "trick or treat"!:)

Thank you Neelam. Hope you make it, doesn't have to be brain on top!;D

Dhana, got to have have some creepies of course!!:D

Thank you Sana darling. Hope you had a good Halloween as well!:))

FH said...

Namratha, thanks girl.Hope you had a great time!:)
Isn't that so sad?! Last year this time, it was so colorful here and so beautiful! I even posted some Fall color photos.I feel bad.We have water restriction already, fine is $200 to $600!!

Oh thank you Priar!:)
My kids enjoy looking at the post too, so I do a little special at this time.They are growing up fast, might not want to do it next year!

Lakshmi, thank you. We had fun last night. Not many kids come these days because they are all grown up except for few young kids in out neighborhood!:))

Haha!! My son enjoyed the outfit Kajal. It was warm outside, so it was good for trick or treating. Make something with Pumpkin,makes a very good dessert!:))

FH said...

Red chilliessss!!You wrote the date and year!!!! Hope nobody gets anxiety attacks after reading it!!;D
Yeah, it's so near!! I was surprised too! But people thought Jan 1st, 2000 was going to be chaos too but nothing happened!! Hope lives!!:)
Hope your son had a great time yesterday!

Thank you MT. I guess you don't have Halloween in Singapore. It's just silly holiday anyway!:D
Glad you enjoyed it, have a great weekend, ugs!:)

You did!! We think of same things, don't we Archana?:)
I will check it out.Doesn't Pumpkin bars taste great, we loved it! Hope you had fun too!:)

Hi Keshi, good to see you. I was busy yesterday taking Trisha to Driving License office to get her a permit, might have missed your post. I will check today.
Cake was yummy inspite of scary thing on top!HeHe!!
Hope you had fun too, hugs.See you later.

FH said...

Sona, thanks girl. Glad you got scared!;D
It's just fun Halloween before the Winter cold starts,hope you had a great time too if you have it there.I don't think no other country celebrates this as much as US anyway!:))
Really!! I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know. It's JFS then this time, little odd to say it.We are so used to saying "JFI"!:D
I might make Diwali post next week, if I am ready!:))

They did Lissie, thank you!:)
Most kids here are grown up now, so they don't come here much but there are some little kids who are more than willing to beg for candies!:D

Thank you Rachna and to your hubby too for voting for Eggs! I appreciate it!!:))
Halloween was fun. Now we are on to Thanksgiving here already! Have a great weekend, hugs.Happy Diwali!:)

Thank you Sri. He got half a bag full of candies, I am sure he gets a stomach ache now eating all those!:D
Have a great weekend, hugs tio you!:)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Thanks alot and really happy to read such a sweet appreciate about me in Viji's blog you have mentioned...

It is really tough to win good ones heart...i'm happy that i did it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think boys of Tushar's age would be offended if we offered them pea sized laddoos? :D

Priya said...


U did scare me off with those fingers "boo" indeed. Happy Halloween to you and ur family ( well its slighty belated now).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick entry asha, the pumpkin walnut bars/cake is looking awesome. Happy halloween to you and your kids. Enjoy.

FH said...

Usha, you are a sweetheart.I am glad to know you too! Hope you are doing something very special for yourself and hubby.Enjoy. Hugs to you!:))

Lakshmi, that is surely bigger than Pea!!Hahaha!! Tushar loves chocolate desserts, not into much of Indian sweets. Trisha likes Jamun, Besan Laddus!:)
Made Musore Pak today. Another disaster story for ya, all my fault!!;P

FH said...

Priya, thank you girl!:))
We did have a great time yesterday. Don't let hand scare you off!;D

You are welcome Hima. I thought I will bake the cake for you.Got to make Indian sweets for Diwali next week too! Enjoy, hope you had a good one too yesterday!:)

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

Happy Halloween albeit one day late! This is such a fun post I enjoyed the music,recipes, pictures and especially the jokes and the chocolate cupcakes with the brain frosting! lol

Oh god, now you've got me all curious about the day the world is going to end, why didn't you just put us out of our agony and tell us here? :)

We had a quiet-ish Halloween...normally we get quite a few children (last year I counted 50) this year we only got 23. Not sure why that is...can't be the weather, we had really great weather yesterday.

Siri said...

Dear Ashaji, Check ou my blog for some "Halloween Surpise"..:D

Chef Jeena said...

Wow Asha I bet it is a great Halloween round at your house. I love all the decorations with your recipes it all looks fantastic. :)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

music is cool, pictures awesome, recipes have been stored...what else?
its spooktacular indeed!

Priyanka said...

Asha, thats some spooky spread. Love the salad, the brain cupcakes and the cake. Am not a great fan of pumpkin pies though. Tried it once but didnt like it. Hope you had a great halloween.

FH said...

Lotus, same here with kids!! 2 yrs ago there were swarms of kids, now just about dozen kids who are 2 or 3 yrs olds with their parents. I think they scared to go to strangers houses these days because of all the scare about candies etc at least in US. It's not much for us either except for baking a cake etc.
But we did have fun with whatever we had!Thank you ,have a great weekend. Hugs!:))

I will Siri, just got up, will go on blog roll soon!:)

Thank you Jeena!:)
My kids are little older now, not as much fun as few yrs back.But son is willing to enjoy Halloween still.Hope your kids had great time too:)

FH said...

Hi Orchid, good to see you girl. I see you and A enjoyed the Halloween to the T!:))
Yeah, it was great, enjoyed the music more than anything this year, it is spooky!!;D

Priyanka, try Pumpkin bars, it's delicious. You don't have to add as much Pumpkin puree to this than the pie. Yes, we did enjoy.
Happy Diwali, hugs toyou!:)

sallywrites said...

Brilliant Asha. Love the recipes. Very Halloween!

The song is funny too!!


Roopa said...

happy halloween Asha :) one great post as ever!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha, Would you believe, I made laddoos today again to send for lakshmi! Her MIL was visiting them and I decided to send a few things to her.
Don't really worry if your MP is not that great. Sometimes the flour isnt good!:) Sweets are tricky and require lots of practice. May be you kept the flame too low and thats why the honey comb never formed!
How come you wanted see my photo during Halloween? Is it just coincidence or did you plan it that way?!:D

FH said...

Thank you Sally. Got to do something as long as the kids are around! Hope you had a fun time too!:)

Thank you Roopa. Good to see you back.Hope you had a fun Halloween too!:))

LOL! Latha, I just wanted her to post some so I can see all of you too! Halloween is gone now, Deepavali light is all over you!:D
MK tastes great, it's probably the flour. It's very new and sticky.
I have never used 2 cups of ghee before in anything in my life before, first time for me but I did it!!:)
Hope L's in-laws are enjoying all your sweets, bet she says she made them all!!!Hahaha!!

Divya and Chaya said...

U r a creative genius!!!!

FH said...

Aw!! Thank you Dee and Chai, I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed it. Once a year, adults get to be "kids" and be silly too!:D

Grihini said...

Asha, am reading this halloween post and smiling all the way. Nice post and really spooktacclar dishes. :)

Cynthia said...

I love and enjoy your playful sense of humour.

EC said...

Thanks for linking my powerless cooking event in your blog.

Viji said...

Happy Halloween Asha. Viji

Latha Narasimhan said...

Visited nostradamus sites and found them so boring! I just could'nt read all the blah blah!:D

Apple said...

Belated happy Halloween Asha...loved all your creations as always...Pumpkin pie looks amazing

Anonymous said...

Wow..thats an amazing spread Asha. I love those little fingers(hand). I was hoping to make something like that, but was too lazy. May be next year. That pumpkin pie bars and cake is simply amazing. Looks scary :D. I am going to save this post, min future when I have kids, they will be very happy if I made these....Good job :D

Daily Meals said...

Happy Halloween Asha! Nice dishes and nice pictures.

Deepak Gopi said...

I have returned
Happy Halloween

amna said...

that's such a lovely write up! at work, we celebrated halloween and i had a taste of my first pumpkin pie.. i really don't think pumpkin is my veggie :D but ur cake looks so lovely!!!

FH said...

Hi G, I was thinking of you yesterday!!:)
Yeah, Halloween is a fun holiday, even adults can feel like kids for a day!:D

Thank you Cynthia. It's feels good to be creative and come up with new scary goodies and look at all other's creations too. Hope you are having a great Sunday!:))

You are welcome EC. I made something light for you yesterday, will post on Monday if I can!:))

FH said...

Thank you Viji. Hope you are had a great weekend!:))

Latha, most of it is Blah!!;D
I have never read his books or website but they make an episode every year and show it around Halloween to scare us.It's all what people think what he wrote anyway! How's L doing? Busy with in-laws? I didn't open my Laptop whole day yesterday,was busy. See you tomorrow.Have a great Sunday. Hugs to you girl!:)

Thank you Apple. We loved Pumpkin bars, so moist. Hope you try!:))

FH said...

Thank you Shilpa. I was gong to make them scarier but hold it back a little. Make be next year. I loved your Betala cake too, brought a smile! I used to love Vikram and Betala stories!! Enjoy, hugs!:))

Thank you Vijaya. Preparing for Deepavali? So many festivals at the same time, huh? Enjoy:))

Hello Deepak!! So good to see you back. We all missed you! Glad you are back blogging!:))
Happy Deepavali to you!:))

Hi Nags. Pumpkin pie if made well is a fabulous tasting dessert. I make it for every Halloween, this year I made bars instead. You should bake it yourself and see how you like it. Atleast you got to taste it this year which is good!:))
On to Deepavali now, aren't we?:D

Sai said...

I remember your Halloween Post from last year....as always this year's is good too.

How are the Diwali preparation coming along?

FH said...

Hi Sai, this year was milder compared to last year!!;D
I made loads of dishes for Dasara this year, so taking it easy for Deepavali. Hope you are a relaxing Sunday!:))

Anonymous said...

Love the presentation of your dishes Asha.


FH said...

Thank you Pearlin, Hope you had a Halloween fun too!:))

Mona said...

What a TREAT! :D

Happy Halloween Asha!

& do you know! Deepak Gopi is back!

What wonderful creations you have for Halloween dinner!!!

FH said...

Hi Mona, yeah! Deepak left a comment here too.Isn't that wonderful? Glad he is feeling well enough to blog!!:)
Hope you had a great weekend, we are just winding up and getting ready for Monday!:)

Kajal@aapplemint said...

Woa Asha ....First of all u have 2 big kids...never though u were a mum of 2 ,
second...139 comments ...woa ...thats the highest i've seen on a blog ,

third ...the most entertaining and fun post of Halloween is yours ..:)
So 3 cheers for u ...Hip Hip Hurray !

Hope your Halloween was gr8.

Anonymous said...

We don't do Halloween here, ,and it all seems rather strange to us :-).

But happy Diwali to you. Aum Sivaya.

FH said...

Hi Kajal, most do think that I am young chica too until I post my kids here!;D
In my wedding anniversary post, I have 204 comments which is the highest in my blog! They all rushed in to wish me for my 20th!! Another shock for ya!:)
Thanks,we enjoy Halloween specially because it's darker and colder after this until next Spring. Might as well enjoy it, right? Have a great week.

Hi Vegeyum. Yes, Halloween is mainly celebrated in US so enthusiastically than in any other country. It's just fun for kids and adults!:))
Happy Diwali to you too, enjoy.

Cyberkitty said...

Belated Happy Halloween to you too! Yes, u did scare me with this post....all about the end of the world etc.

I avoid watching scary movies as much as can - or i end up with awful nightmares.

bird's eye view said...

Hi Asha,

Your halloween food looks awesome. Wish I could taste some without going through the trouble of making it myself:)

J said...

I really dislike the concept of halloween....call me chicken hearted!!! :)

FH said...

CK, don't worry about all that doom's day stuff! That's why I didn't write the date, causes unnecessary anxiety for some!:))
We did enjoy Halloween, on to Diwali now!!

Hahaha!! BEV, isn't that easy? Just to taste a bit of all the dishes blogger's post, I want that kind of Laptop too!:D
Hope you had fun Halloween. Happy Deepavali!:))

FH said...

HeHe!! J, I understand! Lot of people here dislike Halloween too. But it's fun for kids to dress up horribly and get some candies. In about 2 yrs, Tushar might not want it go Trick or treating either!:))
Happy Deepavali.

Shweta said...

That is Spooktacular! I did watch the Nostradamus episode on History and felt just like you :) Edgar Cayce episode was cool though. I had never heard of him before and in spite of everything they said, it was so hard to believe!
All that apart, the pumpkin bars look yummy!! Wish I was your neighbor (a neighbor you liked, that is) :p

FH said...

You are my kinda girl Shweta!:))
I watch it for fun, it doesn't scare me at all. Whatever happens, happens. What else can you do to stop it?
But it is fascinating that they never read these predictions before all these tragedies happen, always tell us after!!:D
Thanks. Pumpkin bars were yum, I usually make Pie but changed the menu this time! Happy Diwali, enjoy!:))

Prema Sundar said...

like last year this time too u have made me 'scream ' looking at ur halloween treats.I must say u are very creative...looks gorgeous!!!

FH said...

Thank you Prema.Most of you remember last year's Halloween, which is great! It's just fun to create this post!:))
Hope you listened to the music!!;D

S said...

u have so much patience to do all these...i like ur background song.u r my all time favorite as usual...

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Ashajee, i have done my meme...atlast..have a read..

FH said...

Thank you Shanthi, good to see you here. Enjoy!:))

Sonu, YAY!! I will see you in amonute!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Loved the piture of your son as a Ninja warriror.

I was distressed to read about the lake near your town. I don't think the world is doing enough to contain the pollution levels. Just by distributing Nobels to the likes of Gore and others won't be enough. I wonder if Gore would have been as much vocal had he been the president.

Lovely recipes. Have a happy Diwali, you and your family.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,

Warm Diwali wishes from Menutoday and Family:-)

FH said...

Kulpreet, we can't believe how bad the water crisis here! A small town here have only 3hrs of water supply per day which is unheard of in USA!
I don't think Gore had time to think of anything else if he was the Prez!! People indulge in too many luxuries to care enough about anything! It's sad. We all have to do something to help even if it's not Nobel worthy!
Have a great Friday!:))

Thank you MT. You too have a great Deepavali celebration.Hugs!:))

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so much fun! Love this post!

FH said...

Thank you Kristen. When you have kids, got to do something and make it fun!:))

Unknown said...

Hi asha, seems like I missed looooooot of goodies in your blog, its like I missed a lot of pages in a book :) , loved those bihari dishes especially the saffron dessert and litti. I used to wonder how bihari dishes wud actually taste? are they towards the sweeter side? I once saw in a TV program on bihari dishes, but they mainly were showing the prasadam dishes from temple.

Anonymous said...

We'd like to invite you to participate in our July berry recipe contest. All competitors will be placed on our blogroll, and the winner will receive a fun prize! Please email me, sophiekiblogger@gmail.com, if you're interested. Feel free to check out our blog for more details. (Click on my name in the message to visit our blog. :)

FH said...

Hi Sophie, thanks for the invite. I am about to go on a blog break shortly, couldn't be able to make it for this Berry contest. Do enjoy!:))