September 26, 2007


I would like to thank each and every one of you my dearest foodies, who participated in RCI Karnataka, cooked and took time to send me various and delicious Karnataka dishes from Mangalore, Mysore, Dharwad, Iyengar style, Havyaka, Madhwa, Bangalore style and a Coorgi dish(YAY!) to this event to make it a spectacular success!
Please know that I appreciate each one of you and your entries although I cannot list all of you here. You know who you are!:)
I am proud to have hosted my first ever and the LAST event for my state of Karnataka.I have more than 350 entries from you and I have added few of my own authentic dishes of Karnataka to the round up, so when people stop by for Karnataka cuisine here, (there will be 4 jampacked posts!) they will get ALMOST everything in one place. THE BUCK SURELY STOPS HERE at Foodie's Hope for Karnataka cuisine!!:D
I appreciate all your enthusiasm and I specially thank few brand new bloggers who sent me their entries and Arun Shanbhag, who is not a foodie like us but allowed me to take beautiful photos of Dharwad style Thali served on a traditional Banana leaf etc from his great blog, Raaga, Namratha, Suma who cooked many dishes for me and Latha N and Lakshmi from "The yum blog" who made sure to cook just for me as I "demanded" few dishes from them even though Latha was getting ready to leave for a trip! Thank you all!:)

Now, I will be happy to hand over "Regional Cuisine India" to Viji of "VCuisine", and off we go to state of Tamil Nadu again for some "Tamil Festival food" this time!! Let's have some festival fun!:)


These are my entries or just one of these if she likes one single entry, for JFI-Banana, being guest hosted by Mandira of "Ahaar" this month, an event started by Indira of "Mahanandi". Thanks to both of you!:))


Green Plantains are cooked like Potatoes(and they are NOT green Bananas), are used as starchy vegetable rather than eaten like fruit and used for cooking unlike Bananas.They are highly nutritious, good source of potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin A,and vitamin C and high in carbohydrates, a energy booster. Most popular snack in India are made with these are salty golden delicious Plantain chips!

Balekai Bajji (Plantain fritters):
I made these Bajjis with one Plantain and saved one plantain for Pakodas and two for Koddel. Bajjis are served with chutney while Pakodas can be eaten on their own. Enjoy.

To make these: 1. Pound 2 cloves, 1/2" cinnamon, 1 tsp each coriander seeds,cumin seeds, fennel seeds, 1/4 tsp ajwain(Carrom) seeds to a fine powder and keep aside. Heat 2 tbsp oil until smoking.Take off the heat.
2. In a bowl, add 1 cup Besan/Chickpea flour, 1 tbsp Cornstarch, 1 tbsp Semolina/Rava(optional), salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp chilli pd, mix well.Add 2 tbsp HOT oil, all the powdered spices, minced cilantro and 1/2 cup water to make a thick batter like Idli batter, thick enough to coat the plantain slices.
3. Adjust salt,keep aside for 10 mins. Meanwhile, heat oil to deep fry to 350F. Peel 1-2 Plantains, cut it half and slice the half into several thin slices to 1/8"-1/4" thick lengthwise.Keep them immersed in water to prevent browning.
4. When oil is hot,take out 4 plantain slices,shake off the water or pat dry,dip in the batter until thickly coated and gently drop in the oil.Fry both sides until golden.Drain on paper towel.
5. Serve with spicy thin coconut chutney for dipping.

Balekai(Plantain) Pakoda:
Sometimes when Plantain slices are over and you are left with the above batter, you can quickly add additional veggies to make these crispy Pakodas!

1. Slice up some onion to small pieces, 2-3 chopped green chillies, few curry leaves, grated 1/2 tsp ginger and finely cubed 1 Plantain to mix with the batter to make it thick sticky dough,taste for seasoning.Add more Besan/Chickpea flour if too thin.
2. In the same hot oil, drop small balls of batter and fry until golden, drain on paper towel and serve.
3. These Pakodas are crispy and delicious to as a side dish with rice and Sambhar or Kichadi too.

Mangalooru Balekai Koddel for Chapatis:
Koddel is a Managalore dish made with various vegetables thinnish like sambhar to be eaten with rice and I made it thicker with cubed Plantains for my Chapatis. Tastes fabulous!

You need: Two Plantains, peeled, cubed and soaked in water, 1 tbsp tamarind juice, salt, 1 tsp jaggery, 1/2 tsp Turmeric, cilantro to garnish.
To grind the masala:
1/2 cup coconut, 2-3 red chillies, 2 tbsp coriander seeds, 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 1 garlic, small piece of onion, few curry leaves.
1/2 tbsp oil, 1/2 tbsp ghee, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, few curry leaves, 1/4 tsp red chilli powder, 1 red chili, 2 garlic, chopped, 1 small chopped onion.
To make Koddel:
1. Cook plantains with 2 cups water in a pressure cooker until soft. Add turmeric, salt, tamarind juice and jaggery.
2. Heat oil in a big pan, add all the seasoning ingredients, fry until onion is reddish. Add cooked plantain mix, let it cook for 10 minutes. Turn down the heat.
3. Add coconut paste, adjust the salt, simmer for for 10 mins uncovered.
4. When the sauce becomes thickish, garnish with cilantro and serve.Tastes great next day with Thatte Dosa, akki rottis or Chapatis.


Bananas are fruits to be eaten as they are and used in various desserts. They are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese, and a very good source of Vitamin B6. They also have large portion of the calories which mainly come from sugars. So watch out if you are Diabetic!!

Spiced Banana and Coconut Raita for Poories!
Here is an excellent spicy raita, easy to make and tastes great as a side dish for Poories or Parathas. Makes refreshing snack when chilled too.

This is how you make the spicy and sweet Raita:
1. In a bowl, add 1/2 cup plain Yogurt,salt,1/2 tsp sugar, beat well until smooth. Chop 2 ripe Bananas into thickish circles, add to yogurt, mix gently.
2. Place this on a serving plate, sprinkle chopped cilantro, 1/8 tsp each chilli pd, cumin pd, Chaat pd, 1/2 Garam masala and 2 tbsp of plain or toasted grated coconut on top.
3. Serve immediately or keep it in the fridge. Tastes great with Poories or on it's own chilled too.

Baked Banana with Toffee sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream:
Why eat a Banana as it is! Boring, right? Bake, dress it up and serve with Vanilla Ice Cream!! Believe me, it tastes Heavenly!!:)
Recipe adapted from Four Ingredient cooking by Joanna Farrow.

Here is how to make the dessert:
1. Preheat the oven to 350F. Put 2 unpeeled bananas on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes until the skins are dark.Take them out,let it cool.
2. Meanwhile, heat 1/4 cup light brown sugar in a pan with 3 tbsp of water, and boil until the sugar dissolves.
3. Turn down the heat and add 2-3 tbsp of heavy cream and cook until you get thick toffee colored sauce. Remove from the heat.
4. Transfer the baked bananas in their skin and split them lengthwise, each into two with a serrated knife.
5. place them on a plate, pour some of the toffee sauce over the bananas.
6. Serve with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. You can sprinkle some toasted walnuts on top as well. To eat, scoop the cooked Banana with a spoon along with some sauce and Ice cream and enjoy!:))

See you all next Wednesday with the RCI K first post of the round up. Let me work on creating all the 4 posts in next 15 days. Have a fun weekend buddies, Fall is here at last but if only it rains here too!:D


Padma said...

Cant wait to see the round-up for RCI
All your bananarama recipes are incredibly unique, I must say with a special note on the baked banana dessert and banana-coconut raita.

Your blog is like a one-stop-hop for recipes on every genre!

Raaga said...

Thanks Ashakka... loved participating :-)

And these are lovely recipes :-)

Anonymous said...

Balekai Pakoda and Baked Banan are awesome - yummy.

Ashakka ;), thanks to this event, I have made quite a few recipes part of my breakfast menu :) - not to mention new found interest to cook sweets. Dumroot Halwa is the first ever (Indian) sweet I have made in the last one year of cooking.

Shivapriya said...

Even I do the same with leftover bajji batter..:)
My fav way to enjoy plantain bajji's are stuffed with onion masala and with a cup of garam chai!!
Balekai Koddel is something new to me. Looks yummy, I will try it sometime. I don't get good plantains here, when ever I go to NY to visit my uncle I buy from Patel:).
Yummy desert.

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Wondnerful plaintain recipes and banana too...yesterday for dinner i tried your bisibella bath, it has come out excellent....but really sorry i didn't find tiem to take snap..surely next time i'l do it and post..

As my sister and niece leaving today to their home town after 1 week stay.....suddenly kid got i was worried and inthat hurry didn't take snap too.

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
Nice to see your great post as usual, and i know you are mush busy with round up too :) . I just cnat wait to see the round up.
So next is Viji, hmmmm. thanks for acknowledging that too :) .

your pakoda and bajji looks so crispy and tempting , perfect for winter evenings...:)).
thanks for accepting my entry ,as i dont wanted to miss participating ,atleast i get to post it on 25th :D.
take care of your eyes too dear, See you at the round up :)

Finla said...

Well you don't believe in doing things small do you :-)) So many entry for Banana event? Mandira is going to be thrilles.
Woudn't mind to have the dessert with the tofee sauce :-)
After the dessert i would take a bite of the bhaji then back to the dessert :-))))

Sreelu said...

Asha, I am almost done with my entry hope I can send it today.let me know

Pooja V said...

A Wonderful spread as always...wht do u eat for all the strength? I actually knw i hv read all ur posts..:).

Kribha said...

Nice dishes as usual. Specially liked the Balekai Koddel.Wish to do it soon but the problem is the plantains I get here are mostly ripe.Anyway, Got to try this some time.
Can't wait for the roundup. You said it right Asha. Your blog will be the one stop for karnataka dishes. I'm so happy for you.:))

Sig said...

More than 200 entries.... :D WOW, can't wait to see the round ups Asha..

Love the baked banana with ice cream... and the spicy pakoras... But banana raita?? hm... guess I just have to try it before passing my judgement. ;)

TBC said...

200 entries?!!.. wow! You know many of us did it just for YOU.:-)I don't think anyone would have not participated in your event. Good luck putting everything together and don't strain your eyes:-)
I never made a gojju before but now thanks to you, I have made at least 3 different kinds in the last few weeks. Earlier, any vegetable I could lay my hands on, would become a thoran. Now, it's gojju-time for me:-)

Your fritters look so good...and that baked banana dessert- wow!
Banana coconut raita is something I would never have thought of. You are very innovative:-)

bee said...

wow. you have some work organising those entries. toffee sauce? yum yum yum. and i love all those plantain preparations.

Daily Meals said...

Wow Asha! I liked the recipes, especially bajjis and desert.

Namratha said...

It was a pleasure all along submitting so many entries for RCI :) Eagerly waiting for the round-up...4 my I'm surely gonna be very busy in the kitchen there after..hehe!

Balekai bajji, I knew that one was coming from you:) Balekai pakoda is something new to me..and I'm sure I haven't eaten Banana raitha, so that's another on the "to try" list:) Dessert looks glorious!

Anonymous said...

each and every dish made with bananas are looking delicious.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha,
Glad to see your eyes are healing well.
The 'Mangalooru Balekai Koddel for Chapatis' looked and sounded delicious, it all did! Should have eaten something before I popped by to read your post.

FH said...

Thank you Padma. That dessert is really delicious. Hope you try!:))

Thank you Raaga, you need a whole post for your entries!:D
Glad you did, enjoy!:))

Lakshmi, glad you tried it and enjoyed it too.That's the idea of RCI ,I would never have cooked Oriyan food ever without Oriya RCI!:D

Padmaja, I get Spanish Plantains here too, not as tasty as Indian but okay.Koddel made thin can be eaten with rice too,try it!:))

FH said...

Usha, sorry to hear that about your child.Everybody has cold and fever these days.Take care,never mind about snaps etc.Hope kid gets better soon!:))

Hi Pooja, so good to see you.I was surprised to see your entry,thought yu are not blogging for a while.Glad you did.
Yup, lot of work,I will take break next week. It was supposed to be Bihar, but Sangeeta is doing it next month.Lot of Navratri sweets for Viji!:))

LOL! F, I like the way you are going about the platter!
Deesrt is simple and tastes great. Try it!:))

Sreelu, post it.I will add all the last day entries to last post.It's okay, take your time!:))

Apple said...

200 entries..:o...'m sure it's gonna be a Mega round-up...but please don't strain your eyes too much...take care n post the entries at your convinience..

Loved your series of Bananarama....fritters n raitha especially

FH said...

Pooja, I have one week to cook for every post. So I will cook once or twice for blog and kids love to eat all the non-spicy stuff too!:)

Kribha, I cook the Plantains the same day I buy them, orelse they get ripe too. Make it when you get green ones.Got lot of uploading to do next week!:))

Sig, Raita was surprisingly good, I made it for the first time too. Hot and sweet and chilled too.Try it!:)
4 posts with almost 93 photos each,hope blogger doesn't crash me!:P

tbc, you are all wonderful friends,wish I could list each one you to thank you! But you will be surprised to see some missed too!:))
Glad Gojju is a part of you too now along with Thoran,that is the beauty of RCI!:))

FH said...

Bee, Plantains are integral part of Kerala, isn't it? We do make few dishes in K'taka. Can't wait for Kerala RCI!:)
Yeah, lot of work but I will take my time next week,happy to do it!:))
Try the dessert.

Thank you Vijaya!:)
Bajjis and Pakodas we all know, dessert is new for Indians. Enjoy.

Namratha, thanks girl.There are too many Chitrannas,Kesari Bhaths and Kosumbaris but some are really unique dishes,you will see!:))
Try the dessert,very easy too.

Thank you Shalini. Try the raita,unusual and tasty.Desert is great as well:))
Check out round up next week.

Richa said...

good luck putting together the entries, it does take a lot of time & effort!! take ur time...
baked banana with skin is so unique, have had caramelised banana but never with skin on, will try it :)
plaintain bajji tastes yum :)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Amanda, that's true,should have eaten! Koddel is delicious with Parathas, hope you try. Make sure you use green Plantains , not ripe ones.Enjoy!:))

Apple, I will take a break next week.It does take a lot of time to upload and link each one.I don't know how they do it every week and every month, brave girls our bloggers!:))
Enjoy the dessert.

Richa, now I know cooking for events is just a small part of the whole process, the easiest part!Hosting is tough girl!:D
Enjoy the recipes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event. Look forward to seeing all the entries. Can't wait for next wednesday to come!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Lovely plaintain and banana recipes! I don't understand what the confusion is about1 I always thought vazhakkai is plantain and pazham is banana!
You need all those bananas to gain strength to put together the RCI roundup!:D
Thanks for the special mention of our names! I like these events as they help us to learn new recipes.:)) Throughly enjoyed cooking and eating the authentic karnataka recipes.

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Those fried plantain goodies look absolutely delicious! A little unconventional but I like to eat the balekai bajji sprinkled with chaat masala (drool)!

200 entries is mind blowing! Can't wait for the round up!

Manasi said...

That is gonna be one MEGA round up!!! All the best!
Lovely banana/ plantain recipes!

Laavanya said...

What a whole load of lovely recipes.. Your bajji looks so perfect and golden. The Koddel sounds interesting. Baked bananas with toffee and ice-cream.. sounds yummy.
Can't wait for the karnatka round-up.

TheCooker said...

200 entries? You sure have your work cut out for you.
The toffee sauce looks interesting.

FH said...

Thank you Mekhala,loved your entry too. I am excited as well but got to take a break to prepare those.See you next Wednesday girl!:))

Latha, lot of people think plantains are raw Bananas!!Plantains tastes very different from Bananas. Yeah, I need a bunch to eat those for round ups.Posting almost 350 photos since I categorized each!!AHH!!:D
Thank you, enjoy Magalu, aliya's visit!:))

Roopa, I eat Bajjis ith spicy coconut chutney, I am drooling now!:D
YUP, LOT of entries, actually more than 200 now, yesterday they sent me 25 more! See you next week with the first post!:)

Super Duper posts Manasi!:))
I thought may be I will get 150, but it was a avalanche!:D
Enjoy the recipes, see you later.

Anonymous said...

waiting for the roundup. All banana recipes.never tried pakoda should try.and banana dessert i was searching for a spoon to scoop it out :)

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! really authentic banana recipes. Looks awesome. Eagerly waiting for rci-karnataka roundup. Really mouthwatering recipes. Thanks for sharing.

sra said...

Take care of your eyes, Asha, the 200 can dazzle, and boggle! Your toffee banana photo looks nice!

MR said...

wow !!!
u have taken the banana world by storm!!
nice variations ...
will try some

FH said...

Thank you Laavanya. Try the dessert girl!:))

Got some more in the last 2 days, so it's gone 250 now TC!:D
Enjoy the weekend.

I understand Ramya, I would look for a spoon too!:D
Try the Pakodas, it almost taste like Potatoes in there!:)

FH said...

Thank you Jyoti, dessert is easy and tastes great, try it. Next Wednesday would be the D day!:))

sra, it is hard work girl, I didn't realize how much work goes into hosting! Phew!:D
You are hosting AFAM too right? You will know!:)
I will take a break for 10days,don't want to risk my eyeballs pop out!Hahaha!!

Hi MR, try the Koddel, it's really tasty with Chapatis, another K'taka dish for ya!:))

Bong Mom said...

Ahhh the Raita looks fabulous Asha and the baked banana...more yumm

Manju said...

the bajji is my all time fav snack!!!!

Mandira said...

banana raita and baked banana look yum.. am deciding if I should eat bajjis before or just dive into the dessert :) delicious, thanks for your entry!

Suganya said...

Is there any veggies not to be used in koddel? I wanna try this.

musical said...

What a lovely post, Ashakka. I will have to make the koddel now! Super delicious! and you got into frying bajjis too :). The raita and baked bananas look great too! I am eagerly awaiting RCI roundup! That must be quite a lot of work you have to do.....many thanks to you for hosting this lovely event! and thanks for being really generous :).


FH said...

Sandeepa, you know it girl.Raita really is yum,sweet and hot all in one!:))

Try the Pakodas, you will love it SC!:)

Mandira, you can take one each from there sistah!:D
I just sent you one photo but you can take all five if you like! Have fun rounding up!:))

Suganya, there are no restrictions with veggies.It's all in the masala. Best is with Bottle gourd as a thinner Sambhar with rice,taste so good!:))

Saju said...

Asha, as usual you have surpassed yourself. I can't decide which recipe to try first! Thank you very much(how are your eyes?).

Priya said...

Unbelievable recipes from banana Asha. Never knew ther is so much to do from this. Will definitely checkout some recipes soon.

starry said...

Love the bananas and tofee .so many recipes I don't know where to begin.

FH said...

Musie, thank you for cooking for me. I know how busy you are all are, to take time for events is a big thing!:))
Koddel is great recipe,try it woth Parathas,tastes better next day. Bajjis I made last week, just posted today!:D
I am cacing for Goli Bajes too but will hold on until next weekend. I will take 10 days off from Wednesday next week to work on RCI. I also have to cook for Viji too!:))

Saju, I have to save my eyes from RCI attack now!;D
I am doing well so far. Enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend.Koddel and dessert are yummy, try it!:))

Priya, there are thousand recipes you can do Bananas, I chose the easy ones. Try them, you will the dessert!:))

Hi L, thanks. How are you? Hope you are doing well!:))
Try the Koddel and dessert, rest are we all know. Have a fun weekend!:))

ChrisB said...

Asha you have me drooling here all those dishes look wonderful :)

FH said...

Thank you Chris!:)
They are all easy, specially the dessert,hope you try this weekend.
They are saying it's going to rain tomorrow,fingers crossed!

Anh said...

Asha, you are the queen in the kitchen. You always whip up so many delicious dishes in just one post! Excellent!

Tee said...

Whoa! 200 posts...awesome!!! Lot of work for you though...can't wait for the round up. :)
All the plantain and banana dishes are fabulous! I love banana raita. Thanks for reminding of this dish, had almost forgotten about it. :)

Sharmi said...

man!! why dont you start a restaurant??? so many entries for one event???? amazing you super woman!

Unknown said...

Hi Asha,
Balekkayi bajji,pakoda and dessert with icecream ...... I am drooling.

Mishmash ! said... were in a deep frying zone:) I liked Spiced Banana and Coconut Raita...I have never tasted that but sounds interesting and want to try ...also interested in the baked banana with toffee sauce :)


Nabeela said...

Oh yum! Toffee sauce with baked bananas...sounds just like my kinda dish :)

Cynthia said...

Love this post. Plantains are a must have for me and all the other people that live here in the Caribbean.

I find your plantain fritters, interesting and love the banana dessert.

My column is week is on plantains too. :)

Pragyan said...

Waiting for RCI round-up..baked banana with toffee sounds delicious.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Over 200 entries. What a great turnout!!! I will look forward to reading them all!!Plantain has never worked out for me in the past, but a secret that came from a fellow blogger Jenn the Leftover Queen, mentioned I have to cook them twice. I will have to try them!!!

Roopa said...

wow Asha thats a wonderfull spread love the bajjis, raita yum :) so next wednesday there a blast waiting eagerly for it :)

Chandrika said...

Asha, I can't wait to see the roundup! Wow! 200 entries..That's a record... Sorry I couldn't participate in RCI - h/w problems.

Neelam said...

Wow 200 entries...Waiting see them all!
As a child I always loved those Pakodas and the raita my mom made!

Prema Sundar said...

All the recipes look great... when do u have time to cook all these Asha!!!!

deepsat said...

great spread asha!!

delicious looking dishes!!

have a nice weekend!!!


So So Simple said...

I have been a bit slack catching up with my friends blogs as we have been on vacation. So much to read on yours Asha. It's been a great afternoon reading all of your latest experiences.
Glad the surgery went well. I had cataract sugery last year and about to embark on the other eye this year. It's really worth all this work isn't it.
Can't wait to see the round up I had better put aside another afternoon.

Seena said...

Hey, wonderful recipes for JFI! love all the spicy plantain recipes here...Me too waiting for the round up..

Keshi said...

WOW I love Bananas...and the sweets that r made of em. Absolutely delicious!

Ur Kesel (Sinhalese for banana) recipes sound like a must-TASTE!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMZ! :)


Viji said...

They are so nice and crispy Asha. the deserts are tempting. So many goodies. Waiting for the round up. So this one will be the last one to host :) Could understand from 200 entries. Have a good day. Viji

Srivalli said...

wow..excellent dishes Asha..and can't wait for the round up...great job!

Prajusha said...

wow..200 entries..eagerly waiting for the round up.
wonderful banana recipes.

Rajitha said...

u know..i love ur enthu for things..many people would be damn it it is 200 entries..u are woohoo 200! y'all....and please those bajjis are looking soo good! why are you doing this??

FH said...

Thanks Anh. I have to cook 14 meals a week for the family,you are lucky I am not posting all 14 of them!;D

Tee, thanks to all you I enjoyed being the host!:))
Raita is fabulous,isn't it? I tried it for the first time!

Thank you Sharmi.I chose the easy ones, came out well!:))

Madhu, try the dessert, easy and delicious.Bet your child loves it!:))

shn, I resisted frying as much as possible until I start looking at the Goli Bajes they fried for RCI.Then I had to fry something!;D
Enjoy the raita and dessert.

FH said...

Hi Nabeela, good to see you girl!:))
Yeah, easy to do and looks so elegant too. Hope you try!:)

Cynthia, Caribbean and India has so much in common! Plantains are in South India, we love them too!:))
I can't wait to see your Plantain dish. Plantains we get here are from South America,not as tasty as Indian ones but something is better than nothing!:))

I am working furiously on round up too Pragyan!:D
Enjoy the dessert, thanks for your entry too!:))

Valli, your friend is right!! I once cooked in the Microwave and I had to throw out everything! Now I pressure cook on low for a long time.Tastes fabulous and soft like Aloos. Try it!:))

Roopa, first post has 93 entries!! Then there are 3 more posts. I got some more entries on the last days, so there will be more than 250 now!!:))
Enjoy the Banana dessert!:))

Anonymous said...

Yummy banana and plantain recipes, Asha... those pakodas especially look so crunchy!! 200 entries for RCI, you are going to be one busy gal!! Can't wait to see your roundups :)

FH said...

Chandrika, that's okay. This Summer everybody is busier than usual, don't know why. Also cold virus is going around too.Take care, hugs.
I will post next Wednesday, check it out!:))

Neelam, I didn't know about this Raita. I saw it in a cookbook and improvised on it!Tastes so good!:))

Prema, I HAVE to cook everyday girl, we need to eat!:D
I just take a photo as I cook and post. Kids like desserts everyday but I will make just 2-3 times a week!:))

Hi Sathheesh, hope you are doing well!:))
Thank you, enjoy. Have a fun weekend too!

Hi Gilly, you are almost always on holiday, you lucky girl!:))
Take your time. I understand.
My LASIK went extremely well, thank God for that. Good luck with your other eye.Yeah, it is worth having these surgeries.Life gets way better!:))
I will see you later.

FH said...

Thank you Seena. I bet you love the the Koddel if you make it spicy. I always had to cut down the chilli bcos of the kids!:))

Keshi, Dessert is perfect for you girl.So easy and yummy. Try it. Koddel is great too, your mum would love it!:))
Have a good day today Kesh, hugs!:))

Viji, as much as I enjoyed being the host, I don't think I dare host another!Hahaha!!
Lot of work but I am excited about showcasing Karnataka.I don't think we will get another chance like this ever!:))

Thank you Sri, try the dessert! Meanwhile, I work on the round up:))

Hi Prajusha, I can't wait to click on the publish button next week, but got to work on it this weekend!:))
Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Rajitha, I thought I would get about 130-150 entries max but you bloggers are wonderful girls, cooked so many for me!!:)
Hugs to all you, thank you. Now it's my turn to work! Enjoy the recipes.

There are even more entries Linda. Lot of them try to catch up in the last two days!!:D
Yeah, lot of work but I am a very "Type A" person, I would enjoy working non-stop!! Hahaha!!
Have a great weekend, hugs to you.

arundati said...

wow!! 200 entries!! you sure have your work cut out for you!! cant wait for the round up....wish i'd participated too :( .........

Padmaja said...

Hi Asha!!
what an amazing dishes again so well presented as ever!!
lovely dishes!!!
and hey asha u haven't wished me yest?? my blog has completed an year, can you believe it???

indosungod said...

Lovely just lovely Asha, especially those Banana fritters and baked banana with toffee sauce and ice cream :) bliss.

Rohini's kitchen said...

Hi Asha, ur balekai pakoda looks delicious. Cant wait to see the round up. I loved participating. Thanks.

Lisa Johnson said...

I've been noticing plaintains in the store and may try some fritters. And I love the jazz that you have playing here! Have a great end to your week Asha! ; )

FH said...

That's okay Arundati but if you have one,you can send it still!:))
Check out the round up next week!

Padmaja, I just did!:))
I take my time in the morning to comment slowly after I do my chores.Just visited you though.Enjoy blogging, hugs!:))

Indo, hope you try the dessert girl.Takes few mins to make that yummy thing!:))

Thank you Rohini.You are all such wonderful bloggers to support me!:))
I will working on those this weekend! Enjoy the recipes.

Siri said...

Wow Ashaji, with 200+ entries, u must be totally overwhelmed..:D...Can't wait for the round-up..:) and as usual Great post on Plantain with some mouth-watering recipes..

Swaruchy said...

Wow...asha.....They look great........yummm tempting....Oh my God..200 entries.....I bet u will be exhausted putting them all together...:-)

Rachna said...

Hi Asha, my hugest apologies for not participating in RCI, as i dont kno much about karnataka cuisine, hope i can learn from the round up... love the plaintain bhaji... looks yummm

FH said...

Anali, try the Pakodas with Plantain, you will love it. Got to slice them very thin though.
My husband has a great collection of Jazz, love it!:))

Hi Siri, thank you!:))
Yeah, I will work on the first post this weekend.Lot of organizing to do, hope I don't skip any!

Sirisha, I will take time off from blogging next week and work on all posts. Need time surely!:))
Enjoy the recipes.

Rachna, don't worry about it. But you will be in for a treat at the round up next week.You can NEVER say I don't know about K cuisine after that!:D

Cyberkitty said...

I love banana plantain chips. They r my favourite south Indian snack !!

ServesYouRight said...

OMG - you are incredible! So many different ideas - truly unique and truly creative!!


FH said...

CyberKitty, me too.We always buy a big packet of salty Plantain chips here whenever we visit Indian store and bake them a little with chilli pd added! YUM!!:D

Smita, thank you. Try the dessert girl. I am really happy with that recipe!:))

RML said...

Hello Asha,
Awesome recipes and pics with bananas.I cant wait to see the roundup,though I could not participate,curious to see all the wonderful recipes.
Have a nice weekend

Mallika said...

asha - I don't envy you your task of rounding up the entries. Good luck with it dear. Believe it or not, I've never cooked plantains but I love the Koddel recipe you've posted. I will definitely try it soon!

FH said...

Hi Madhuri, thank you!:))
Round up will out next week, you can try as many as you want.Have a fun weekend too.

Mallika, hosting a event is really hard work. So much to do and organize.I admire bloggers who do it on a regular basis!:))
Plantains taste exactly like Aloos but lot harder to cook. Got to use the pressure cooker. Enjoy!:)

Chef Jeena said...

Wow Asha yes talk about all banana'd out! So many bananas! Fantastic recipes as usual Asha, it makes me want to go to buy some plantains. I have only tried they once and they were lovely. We don't get them often but next time I do I will be sure to look up this post, thankyou. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, so many ways to eat bananas ! I only knew to peel and eat the riped ones or mash them to make banana muffins.

You are truly amazing !!

FH said...

Jeena, thanks. Time for you to go out and get some Plantains now!:D
Hope you try the dessert.Have a great weekend.

Abha, good to see you girl!
Try the dessert, lot better than eating Banana as it is! Just a change, bet kids would love it!:))

remya said...

All dishes are nice n lovely ashaji...ur blog is amazing..hy i got a doubt,recently i got added to foodblog desam,but my updated post are not shown there why?? cam u plz clear it,when ever ur free..

david mcmahon said...

Interesting question. When I was growing up in India (and a great childhood it was, too) we used both terms.

It was only in my teens that I realised there was a difference ...

Anonymous said...

wow......waiting for roundup
i luv the dish u used for bhaji
n never added that many ing. for fritters. pakoda looks yum
Luv ur Mangalooru Balekai Koddel. i had to try this.
raita is hmmmm spicy sweet
those baked bananas are darlings
tofee sauce n banana is great combo
have fun

Kajal said...

More than 200 entries say that you are very hard work for round up my dear. But I am really waiting for your round up. Bajji looks yummy and I love the pakoda and Vad Paw.........this two dishes are full of oil but I like it!!!! Spicy and sweet combination is also great.........Raita looks nice. If you say then I trust that this baked banana is taste like heaven…but never taste it.

Mona said...

Asha, I love the way you first describe the nutritional value of each main ingredient of your cooking!

I have always wanted to learn how to cook raw bananas! I never knew one could make pakodas with them!

& baked banana looks interesting! Now I will HAVE to make that one because I am so curious!

Anonymous said...

taht is fabulous.both the no of entries as well as your recipes..loved the Bhajjis. don't starin your eyes..take your time!:)

amna said...

such lovely dishes with Asha. Really Asha, I have no idea from where you find the time!

FH said...

Remya, thank you!:))
FBD was updating their site last week for 2 days.E mail them again just to make sure,they will check it out.

David, we all thru' that stage! We all or most of us have such wonderful childhood in India, we don't think much of anything else other than playing outside the whole day!:D
Makes you nostalgic, doesn't it?
Have a great weekend.

Thank you Anusha.Nothing easy in my blog so far except that Dessert!:D
Just 4 ingredients,easy peasy! Try it!:))

Kajal, trust me. Dessert is so good with sweet sauce and Ice Cream!:))
Try this weekend.Hugs to you girl.Wait until next Wednesday, will work as fast as I can for round up!:))

FH said...

Mona, it's nice have some additional nutritional values info for each veggie although we Indians add too much of other things to cook it!:D
You have to pressure cook the Plantains,they are tough to cook any other way.We get Spanish Plantains here, tougher than Indian ones.
Try the Dessert!:))

Thank you Madhuli!:)
More than eyes,my right hand fingers are hurting now!!:D
But I am glad I got the opportunity!Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Nagu, thanks girl!:))
I have one whole week to cook and post. But it's commenting on 50+ posts everyday which takes my time really!;D
Other than that, I can manage. Have a fun weekend, see you later!:))

Lissie said...

i love balekai bajjis! thank you asha for hosting this event! the blogsphere is raining with Karnataka recipes!!!

FH said...

I know Lissie!! Even I was getting tired of looking at my own RCI K logo everywhere!!;D
Now the hard part of rounding up! But happy to do it!:))

Rina said...

Breath taking Asha. Lovely entries and pictures too.

Beccy said...

The plantain fritters look delicious but I'll have to pass on the banana recipes, that's the one fruit I can't stand!

sunita said...

I'll have the baked bananas please :)

Grihini said...

Wow Asha, can't wait for the round-up of RCI-karnataka.

Baalekaayi Bajji's are mouth watering. The pakoda's and baked banana are new to to try them.

Chickoo said...

I am really sorry, I let you down this time too :(.I promise to have my site up soon.


FH said...

Thank you darling Rina! I try my best!:))

I have found some bloggers who don't like Bananas too! Plantains taste like Potatoes, you will love it.Slice them very thin,so they get cooked.Enjoy Beccy!:))

Yes Madam, coming up!!:D
Thanks Sunita. Have a fun weekend.

Hi G!:))
Pakodas tastes great, just like adding alugedde to Pakoda.Try it. Dessert of course is yum if you like Bananas!:))

FH said...

Deepa, STOP THAT! After all that you have thru' past month, I would never dream of asking to cook for an event girl!
Take your time, don't worry about these events.I can always add whenever you are ready if you like to send,there are no hard and fast rules.But take care of yourself first.
Hope you update about everything, like to know how everybody is coping. Hugs to you. Thank you for saying hello!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS!

I have missed quite a lot in the past few weeks! It sure is raining bananas here. Your love for your roots can hardly be questioned seeing your SUV tag and the numerous mouth watering dishes. I didnt know you had a dog! So, it is a home, two teenagers, a dog, that fabulous garden and two blogs you manage or is there anything else too? You must have super-human strength and patience! Looking forward to the round-up!

FH said...

Hello lil sis, thank you..thank you very much!:D
YUP! All that and more! I don't know how I survive it all but I do somehow! May be I will slow down when I am about 70years old!!Hahaha!!
How are you girl? Arvind is on call this weekend,so nothing much going on. May be I will cook for Viji!!:)
Have a fun weekend, hugs.

Arun Shanbhag said...

Asha: WoW!
I can't wait for your round-up to start.
200 entries! This is testament to your hard work and organizational skills! Kudos to you!

I feel proud and honored that you took the trouble to mention my name on your opener.


J said...

Bananas are so versatile no? Waiting to see the RCI round up!:)

Bharathy said...

Wow nice to see bananas flooding over these recipes!!!
It is always a pleasure to contribute to you asha!:)..
By the way I have some fabulous shots(just returned from my karnataka holiday)of coorg.Shall I send?(He he)

FH said...

Thank YOU Arun. I am glad that you chose to send that post to me.Bet there will be a flood to your blog after the round up!:))
Have a great weekend.

Yes it is J.There are so many dishes you can up with those!Hope you got something too!:))

Bharathy, send one photo.I am serious girl.I will add it too, no recipe necessary.Make a post and send it anytime before next Wednesday!:))
LOVE to see the photos,Coorg is almost home too!

Bharathy said...

Hugs dear girl!!Will post more than one...specially for you!!!God Me first time ever with 3 entries for any event!:)..but Asha,you really deserve.
I am working with the Jfi post now.Will post before wednesday for sure,honey!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear, getting ready with bas saaru and bas pallya! And ofcourse one gojju! It will be posted next week and you can take it for your 4th edition!:))
BTW, Stop blog hopping and concentrate on round up only! This must be quite a strain for your eyes! take care dear!:))

FH said...

Take your time Bharathy, no hurry. There are four posts, I will take time off to prepare all of them anyway!:)

Latha, hurray!! Can't wait!:))
I will take time off from next Wednesday for about 10 days to organize the round up.Right now, they are still sending more entries, so I am slowing a little and waiting to gather everything.
I went to the eye doc yesterday for 1 month check up. I am 60% healed!! Still need to use eye drops for one more month!
Magalu , aliya innoo iddara B'lorenalli? Enjoy madi!:))

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Hey an aside doctors here in British Columbia get paid from the government only until they are 72. When I was in Greece at the cooking school there were a husband and wife team who were both doctors from South Carolina!

Deepa Hari said...

Hi Asha,
Lovely plantain and banana recipes...They look Yum.

FH said...

Only until 72! Docs there better save for their retirement, right? I bet they do!:))
Arvind is in private practice. You can work until you know what, no restrictions but after 70, you need to enjoy whatever left of life!:D
We are in North Carolina but people here do go for interesting vacations! Cooking class in Greece sounds great to me. I wouldn't mind!!:))

FH said...

Thank you Deepa!:))
Try the dessert, and Koddel, you will love it!:))

Bharathy said...

Oh dear!!!..:(..I am sooo sorry if my post made you emotional..I feared you would.... I know you havent been to India for the past 12 years...will surely send more photos..but not now..don't want to spoil your fine mood while doing the round up,honey..

Bharathy said...

By the way....let me wait eaaaagerly for the pleasant surprise you had promised!!...:)

Shionge said...

Very cool Asha...the banana dessert with ice-cream looks yummy & sinful.

Over here the deep fried bananas is call goreng pisang. Pisang is the malay name for banana :D

Happy Weekend to you my dear friend ;)

FH said...

Hi Bharathy!:)
Yeah, made me emotional a little.We haven't been to India in 15yrs now! Got to make a trip shortly!:)
We enjoyed your post very much. Take your time, no problem. Thanks again B for taking time to post. Hugs.

Hi Shinoge, most Asian cultures have so much in common, don't we?!:))
Good to know that. Try the Banana dessert, it's yummy. Have a great Sunday!:))

Anonymous said...

I just came back from my vacation and guess what? the first thing I did was to check RCI-K round up. I am waiting to see all 4 editions. Bananarama series is mouthwatering, I had plenty of them when I was in India. Enjoyed the elakki baalehannu to the brim :).

FH said...

Hi Lakshmi, good to see you back in high spirits!:))
Yeah, we get the best Balekai and Balehannu in India. Here, you just use whatever we can get. Enjoy girl. Hope to see you blogging soon.Hugs!:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear we are in cyber age! Magalu aliyaa came for a business meeting and left the same night! They are coming on a sunday during dasara and I am begging lakshmi to stay for one more day!
This is the way things are these days and we better accept!:))

Btw, I made a variety of bajjis yesterday, to post recipe requested by a visitor! And before taking pictures it got over!:)) I burst out laughing when I read about a photography event in jugalbandi! :D

FH said...

Oh! I thought they are going t stay for a week or so. Yeah, nobody has time for us these days!:D
Dasarakke bandru, onde dina irtaara? Bad Aliyaa, Magalu!;D
Just enjoy whaen they come ,what else can you do? It's like us.Every year,we think we should visit India, and that never happened fpr 15yrs now.Life gets you!:))
Got to do something about the Egg photo today!!:)))

Shilpa said...

hi ashaji, thanks for checking on me! :) wow, i love the look of the baked banana, can imgine slurping it off a spoon! :) cheers!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Hey! The banana toffee looks so amazing... and pls tell me what are Plantains called in hindi ji? I would surely try the fritters when winters r here :D They r almost here! Yipee!

FH said...

Hi Shilpa, great to you see you back buddy!Glad you got some free time to blog!:))
Yeah, that dessert is easy and delicious. Hope you try! Have a great week, hugs.

Hello Skeeterji, how are you? We had a very busy weekend, cleaning and getting ready for Winter.Fall is here but too hot to call is pleasant!
I tried look for a word in Hindi for Plantains,couldn't get it. In Kannada, it's Balekayi.
Try the dessert, great anytime. Have a good Monday!:))

Unknown said...

hi asha, so many nice recipes:) in india now , so not in position to blog as iam busy socialising with my loved ones:) ....hope ur in good health after the operation:) take care..

FH said...

Hi rv, enjoy your vacation and enjoy your family girl!:))
Don't worry about blogging. I will be here when you come back. Hugs to you!:))

Mansi said...

wow Asha!!! these posts will have to be printed or bookmarked!!:D take your time and don't stress yourself in trying to post the roundup!!

FH said...

Thanks Mansi. I will take time.I am planning to be off blogging for 10days after the first post to work on the rest!:))

Dalicia said...

i tried the banana dessert recipe! it turned out well :)

i like this friend banana that i had in SE Asia. i even had bbq banana :)

14 meals in a week? gosh, i wonder you have room for one more person :D i hope you had a nice weekend!!!

Kalpana said...

Wow, so many dishes. I love anything with banana. Hey, tell me how it turned out, if you cook, catfish curry? Coz, I never used tamarind paste in it. Just went with lemon juice. 1 more thing, don't marinate with curd, if done, it will become into pieces. If still u like with curd, add it at the end when fish curry is done and cook it for 5 minutes. I liked the taste with curd. Check it out and let me know. Thanks.......

sdf said...


I really wanted to participate in Karnataka cuisine, but I am not from KA and having lived in bangalore for only 1 year, i donot know anything except the bissebellabath. I have a post which I tried to cook for karnataka cuisine, I will send it out to you. I am not sure whether my recipe is the correct one, as it is cooked in Karnataka. I am very sorry. I donot have any kannadiga friends here to talk about cooking :(
So I have to live with what I know.
Kindly let me know if its okay. Thanks.

Gattina Cheung said...

oh mine, Asha, you are truely creative... baked banana! Sound heavenly.
My husband's boss loves plantain, I'm going to try your recipes!

FH said...

Thanks for trying the dessert Dalicia!:))
Yeah, Breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday for atleast for 5-6 days a week for family, HAVE TO cook!;D

Kalpana, I will cook that for my son.Yes, marinating in Curd probably makes it very soft.Thanks for the tips K, I will leave a feedback!:))

Ani, go ahead and send it when you time and don't worry about anything.Most South Indian dishes are very similar,anyway!:)
BBB is very authentic K dish too. Take your time,no hurry.I have 4 posts to work on. Hugs to you.

Gattina, I am sure Boss will be very happy with the dessert!:))
Hope you try, have a great week Gattina.Hugs.

Sia said...

i cant hide my excitement and cant wait for tom ashakka:) u must be quite busy with the round-up:) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.... waiting eagerly for all the installments of RCI-karnataka:)
u made kodhel??? cool...just yest i too made kodhel with kala channa and raw jackfruit:) its a very regular dish @home and i prefer it coz it dont need any dal and ofcourse i am a hard core mangalorean;)
i am book marking ur banana raita... want to try it pretty soon...
oh!!1 before i leave, let me give u a tight hug and good luck with the round-up:) see u tom... tata...

FH said...

Sia, my mom always said "Koddel" and of course she is not from Mangalore! Hahaha. But I love the taste though.
Yeah,halasinakai and kadalekalu is best combo.Post your's too sometimes.I know you are busy but when you can.Love the "mom's" series you are doing these days!:))
Yup, I have been taking lot of time on round up, I will take a break from tomorrow after I post the first one until all 4 of them are published.See you tomorrow! Hugs:))

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha, eagerly looking forward to the round-up....

FH said...

I am almost done with my first post of round up Vijaya. It's hard work girl!:))
See you tomorrow.

Suma Gandlur said...

Waiting for your gigantic RCI round up.
We make bajjis using thinly sliced plantains. And how the heck you think of so many dishes for every event?

FH said...

HeHe!! We already know most of these dishes anyway.Only Raita and dessert may be for some!:))
Thinly sliced cooks faster and tastes better. I tend to break them while dipping in the batter,so I cut them little thicker.
I am ready to post the first round up, waiting for tomorrow!:)

UjjU said...

Hello Asha,

I just noticed on your blog that, your blog takes a long time to load & give access to scroll & browse around. The reason being the drop down menu of the Foodie Blogroll. Edit the HTML code just to display the heading instead of the scoller associated with it. Check after that the speed at which your blog loads. Hope this helps :)

Shall visit RCI morrow to see the round up.


PS:- I've mailed you the code.

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, so sorry I'm so late! It's almost time for your next post and I am only just getting around to this one, but it has been such a busy week, I have barely had time to breathe!

Banana is a favorite fruit, but I try to avoid it because of its starch content, I do love banana fritters though, I can never resist them. Another way I love my bananans: I heat a little honey, mix cut, ripe bananas into it and then coat them with toasted sesame seeds, yum!

Thank you for all your recipes, I especially love the Spiced Banana and Coconut Raita for Poories...I don't think I have ever come across that one before so it's a new one for my repertoire, thanks, Asha!!!

sallywrites said...

We have do many exotic veg available to use now in the UK, but I still not found plantains. I want to try them!!!!!

FH said...

Lotus, I know you are on a break, so don't worry.Take it easy.I will take a break too,I need some time for the next 3 round up posts!:))
Banana with honey and Til sounds great.We make Rasayana like that adding coconut too.
Have a relaxing break Lotus,visit when you can,no problem.Hugs:))

Hi Sally, you might get Plantains where they store African or Caribbean goodies and also in Indian stores as well.They taste like Potatoes but little hard to cook. Try the Banana dessert, it's easy!:))

FH said...

Thanks Ujju. I will check the mail today and see what I can do.I am not very techy though!:))

Pearl said...

Looks delicious. Banana raita is a tantalizing idea.

FH said...

Little unusual even for us too but delicious!:))
Have a great weekend Pearl.

Unknown said...

Hello Asha...those banana recipes are making me drool and hungry....lovely recipes. I have added you on my blog. Thanks again..:)

FH said...

You are welcome Supriya. Glad you liked them. I will see you later!:))

s said...

such interesting recipes..great blog

FH said...

Thanks S, I appreciate it! :)