September 12, 2007


Happy Gowri and Ganesha Festival to all Indians!! Can you tell we all feed this "little" Guy a bit too much every year?!;D

Once a year around this time, little Ganesha visits Earth to get his mom Parvati, who is visiting her parents, back to Mount Kailash to his dad Lord Shiva! Indians celebrate to welcome him,feed him until he can't walk and then bid him and his mom goodbye!!That's our family's version of the story anyway!:)
Worshiping Ganesha supposed to bring us good luck and if you please him (he likes to eat a LOT!:D), he will make sure whatever obstacles you face in life are eased and make you successful. Ganesha is every Indian kid's favorite God to pray, specially before the academic exams!;D

Now, let me feed him a dessert first like last year just in case! Need his blessings to remove all our obstacles this year too you know!!;D
Badam Burfi (Almond Squares) for Ganesha:

To make easy Microwaved Badam Burfis:
1. Toast 1 cup peeled white Almonds slightly,cool and powder. Put it in a glass bowl,add 3/4 cup powdered white sugar,2 tsp melted Ghee or butter, 1/2 tsp cardamom pd,2 tbsp cream,few strands of Saffron,mix well.
2. Heat the bowl in the Microwave for 1 min on high,stir the mixture and heat again for another minute,stir. Now it's bubbly and thick enough to pat into shapes.If not,heat for 20 to 30 secs,repeat until thickish,DO NOT let it burn! Mixture too dry to shape? Add a tsp of cream and mix, can never go wrong with this sweet!
3. Drop the lump onto greased plate,pat into a square with a spatula,and cut into shapes. Enjoy!:))

This is my entry to "Ganesha Chaturthi special" which is being hosted by Latha from "The YUM blog". Thanks Latha!:)

My Summer 2007 Garden:
Every year I make one post about my summer harvest and post a dish or two made with the veggies I grew.You can see my last year's "2006 Summer garden" post here. I must say that this year is ALMOST a fabulous success story with two failures(Ridge Gourd and Snake Gourd, totally my fault!!).It was indeed a very HOT Summer to say the least to help the process!

This post also goes to Deepz from "Letz Cook" blog who is hosting 2007 Summer event called Green Blog Project or "GBP", which is a brain child of Inji Pennu from "Ginger and Mango" blog.Thanks to both of you!:)

Enjoy my garden, click on any image to make it larger and have fun. I certainly did growing them!!

How it all started in the Spring of 2007!
From a empty patch of above ground veggie patch and in some pots, the beginning of Spring,they grew and took over my backyard. Plum Tomatoes, Okra, Eggplants and Peppers to begin with.

Red and White Radishes, early Spring harvest:

I threw some Radish seeds between the above plants.Radishes love slightly cold weather than hot Summer heat.I got my first little veggies of the year in the early Spring.

This year's special order of Indian Greens seeds from the Internet website, Purple,Stripy and Green Amaranth,glorious success!!

Bottle or Bird nest Gourd plant,do I need to say more? Don't hit me!! Hahaha!!

Peppers and more Peppers!! Hot Banana chillies, dark green Poblanos,red Cayenne and green Capsicums (Bell peppers)!!
Absolutely delicious!!

Eggplants Galore!! Green, White and Purple eggplants along with Seedless Cucumbers, Okra and Green beans:

No problems here. in fact, Okras and Tomatoes are thriving in intense August heat although everything has died it's natural death!

Tilwali Milijuli Subzi:

Mixed vegetables in spicy sesame seeds gravy,that's exactly what that means, don't get scared now!:D

Adapted from Nita Mehta's book with some of my own changes as always!

You need these ingredients:

4 tbsp sesame seeds,dry toasted until golden,1 tbsp Channa dal,toasted until reddish, 2 tbsp grated dry coconut and 4 tbsp yogurt to grind.

4 cups mixed vegetables,cubed (I used Eggplants, Banana peppers and green Capsicums you see above on the plants),1-2 Tomatoes.

1 tbsp oil plus 1/2 tbsp butter, 1 tsp cumin seeds, , 2 fresh chillies (optional) finely chopped, salt, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1 large onion, finely chopped.

How to make it:

1. Grind coconut and sesame seeds with yogurt to a fine paste.Keep aside.

2. Heat oil and butter, add cumin seeds, then onions, and fry till golden.

3. Add turmeric, salt, chilli powder,green chilies if are using,,Tomatoes, stir for a minute, add ground coconut-til masala,fry until oil shows on top. Add all the vegetables, and fry for 3 minutes until wilted.

4. Add 1 cup or more water and sugar and cook on medium heat until veggies are soft,cooked and left with thick gravy.

5. Garnish with cilantro and serve with parathas ot any rotis.

Of course my Tomatoes plants! You must be tired of looking at these and the gourds in my blog by now; Plum, Pear and Cherry Tomatoes!:D

Tomato Kadhi:

Same as Yogurt Kadhi you make but replace the Yogurt with Tomato sauce (canned is okay too),that's all.You can add Pakodis or Teekha Sev Ganthia (spicy thick sev) to it or as it is with rice.

You need these:
4 cups tomato sauce (I used Plum Tomatoes,blanched,peeled and ground to puree), 3 tbsp chick pea flour or besan, 1/4 tsp turmeric, salt.

Roast and powder These:

1/2" cinnamon, 2 cloves,2 dry red chillies, 1/2tsp fennel seeds, 2tsp coriander seeds.


1 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2tsp grated ginger.

To Make Tomato Kadhi:

1. Heat the oil in a pan, add all the seasoning ingredients, and fry till golden.Sprinkle 3 tbsp Besan,stir fry for 2 mins with chill pd to cook the flour.

2. Whisk tomato sauce, turmeric, salt with 1/2 cup of water and add to the pan,whisk again to mix well, simmer on low heat for 6-8 mins until the raw smell of tomatoes disappear, must heat on low to avoid splitting the tomato sauce.

3. Add powdered spices into the sauce and simmer for 10 more minutes. Then, add seasoning and mix well.
4. Serve with rice. You can make pakodas or Sev Ganthia and add to the kadhi just before serving.

Luxurious Balm Lemon (first from your left),Mustard leaves (Sarson da Saag!),Fenugreek leaves(Methi), Mint, Chives,fruitless Ridge gourd and Snake Gourd plants!!

For the first time in many yrs,I bought Snake and Ridge gourd seeds,planted them in shallow pots(last 3 pics) and put them on the deck! How stupid does that sound?! Although they grew very well and flowered,they didn't have enough space or the ground to spread their roots! I take the blame and next year,they will be growing on the ground with fence to climb on like my monstrous Bottle gourd did on the deck!:D

Mint, Chives , Methi and Balm Lemon Parathas with Nimbu(Lemon) masala!

Yellowish green Balm Lemon leaves are very aromatic and has this mixed flavor of Lemon and mint,great to chop and mix with dough to make Parathas,soups, smells divine! Serve the Parathas with tangy, spicy Nimbu masala.(Lemon cooked with thick gravy!)

To make them:

Mix 1 cup of Wheat flour, 1/2 cup of Plain flour, finely chopped 1/2 onion,3 tbsp each of Balm Lemon,Chives,Methi (Fenugreek leaves),2 tsp mint leaves,1 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp chill pd, salt,1/2 tsp garam Masala,with little water to a stiff dough.Cover and let it rest for 30 mins.Divide in to balls, roll out to 1/4" thick big circles,cut with 4" cookie cutter and bake on a griddle both sides with little oil brushed on top.Serve with Nimbu Masala or with any Pickle!!

Am I sad this year to see all the vegetable plants die and 2007 Summer end?! NOT A BIT!! I am little sick of Gourds, Tomatoes and the unbearable heat now!!Looking forward to a cool weather and winter veggies!;D
See you all next week with non-veg and veg dishes form Karnataka, keep sending those entries, masala powders are a great idea to send too!!

Have a fun weekend!


sra said...

I can't resist saying it - what a show-off post! And I'm jealous, I, who don't even have a balcony to plant a few things - have a couple of pots in the common area I can look down upon from my window!

Kribha said...

Wow Asha ....what a harvest? Guess you can start your own market. Badam burfi looks super delicious and I liked the simplicity of the recipe. Will surely make this. Other dishes look good too. The color of the tomato soup looks superb.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I am jealous of all the wonderful produce to make fresh, tasty meals. In the condo I no longer have the rewards of a garden so rely heavily upon the local farmer's markets. A garden is hard work and you have certainly reaped the benefits!!

Shammi said...

Oh WOW, Asha... I dont think I'll be able to grow ALL the lovely veggies you've grown this year - I'm not a very lucky gardener plus there isnt that much space.

But I think I'll make a start next year - I plan to grow 3-4 types of chillies, two kinds of tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, (okra if I can get seeds) and more herbs. Wish me luck :)

PS. Your harvest is FANTASTIC! :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

What a lovely garden!Cooking with fresh vegetables is such a pleasure!
I am taking the badam burfi for my festival event! There sure is some telepathy!I just posted the event announcement!

Anonymous said...

you have make me go awfully green :( - but i love the way you tend your garden. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh thats too many veggie plants for 1 year Asha. I have a tiny balcony and planted one tomato and one pepper plant in small pots. The plants came out well, but all they gave was 1 tomato and 1 pepper :(. Now the only beauty thats still surviving and growing nicely is Malbar spinach. Then my dad threw some red chili seeds in a pot and there are many plants in that pot now. Not sure if they will grow and give any chilies....I am feeling J now...
Btw..hows your eye now? hope you have recovered completely

Padma said...

What a harvest it is indeed... satisfying a gardener's heart. I love gardening so much and back in India I had 3 balconies full of plants n here in NJ no balcony :(

Loved all the big images of your snaps and what a platter of food straight from your garden harvest, I liked the Methi-chives-blemon parathas the most...Amazing! what an energy level you have....I hope your eyes are doing good and more focusive!

TBC said...

What a beautiful garden! You have so many veggies & u use it well too.You can start your local" Asha's Market";-)
Your badam burfis look so perfect against the dark background of the dish.I like the sound of the tilwali milijuli sabzi.I have a big bottle of sesame seeds & I don't use it often enough.

J said...

Now you make me wish we were neighbours!! On a lighter note, you can start your own sabzi market!!! :) Asha, are you fit and fine now to blog?

FH said...

HeHe!! Thank you sra, but I promise you, that's it!:D

Thank you Kribha.Tomato Kadhi is really tasty with rice!:)

Valli,it's true gardening takes a lot of time.We had a good summer harvest this year!:))

Good luck Shyam!:)
I eagerly wait for April-May every year.Now I am little sick of Tomatoes though,everything else is gone already!:))

Latha, go ahead and take it!:))
I made little something for Ganesha,kids call him Elephant head kid!!:D

Srivalli said...

hahha..Jyothsna is so true!...asha that is erally awfully so much! really tell us the truth did you do it all yourself or have a gardener?

Lisa Johnson said...

Happy Gowri and Ganesha Festival! I hope you enjoyed it! The pictures of your harvest are wonderful! And I'd like a taste of the Badam Burfi. ; )

FH said...

Thank you Lakshmi! Last year,I was so sad to see them die but this year I got so many veggies,I glad they are almost gone!!:P

Shilpa,I got "healing well" signal from the doc last week!:))
Tomatoes and chillies are the easiest,so keep tending.Use a little bit of Miracle grow compost if they are in the pot since nutrients do not come from ground.Last year,I got one single Gourd and this yr 16 of them!!:D
I have some Malabar Spinach left too!:))

LOL @ Blemon! Good word! Doc gave me a temp. reading glass until it heals completely in next few months. In India, you can practically grow everything,such a joy!:))

Tbc,yup! "Asha's market online" is next!:D
Til Subzi is perfect to use those Sesame.Don't keep Til too long,they go rancid!! Use and replace with new supply.Enjoy the Burfis too!:)

Hi J, yeah! My reading vision is improving everyday.I should wear my reading glasses right now but will get better eventually!:)
Enjoy the recipes and the photos.

Anonymous said...

that's a wonderful garden. Deer ate all my tomato plants. got plenty of capsicums and some bottle gourds. lots of gongura is growing. don't know what to do with it.
What are you planting for fall? any ideas? I live in Triangle, closer to you :)

TBC said...

I just sent you my entry for RCI. Please check you spam folder:-)

Arts said...

came back early from college today and remembered its wednesday and the one site i "must" not stay away frm till weekend :D
u have a lovely harvest.. the almond burfi looks yum.. tomato kadhi is bookmarked.. lovely recipes.. and all vegeterian.. lucky me!! :D
Looks like you have totally recovered from the eye surgery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
badam burfi looks delicious and it is easy to prepare.and a garden full of veggie looks beautiful.


Sig said...

You show off... :) You can have your own backyard farmer's market now :D The karantaka feast looks delicious Asha!

Seena said...

What a lovely veggie garden u have Asha! lucky to cook vegetables from own garden.As usual recipes are attractive.I bought some soil and seeds, but all plants lost due to the hot climate.Will plant again in winter..

musical said...

Ashakka, you have so many vegetables there! including Amaranth! which i haven't had in years! send some over (and those poblano peppers, eggplants etc etc etc.). but i know having too much of the same vegetable can drive one crazy! I will definitely try your version of tomato kadhi and tilwali sabzi. Like Sra, i don't have even a balcony where i can grow something!

and Happy Gowri Ganesha festival to you too.

How about an Ashakka Framer's Market-i'll be there to buy stuff :-D.

Hope you are still giving your eyes enough rest.


Mishmash ! said...

making us all green, huh? :)

Really, I just loved your veggie pics and garden photos...Some of us (thats me:P)show off with a single basil or a mint plant and you show off with such a great harvest!!!! :))))

FH said...

Sri,I do have a gardener! In fact, I like his work so much that I married him 20yrs ago! :D

Anali,thank you.Badam Burfi is so easy ,you can make it within 30mins.Try it!:))

Avany, we have Rabbits here which are a menace for veggie plants! I am planning to plant some Radish for a starter,after that let's see what can I get in the store. We do have longer summer in NC anyway to grow some more!:)

tbc,thanks I will.I found one there yesterday too!:D

Arts,you will not be so lucky next week but may be 50% lucky!:D
Takes 3 months to completely heal but I am doing very well considering it's been only 2weeks!:))

Lotus Reads said...

HI, Asha!

Microwaved badam barfi? My, that looks so easy, I am going to have to try it, thanks, Asha!!!

I never get tired of seeing pictures from your vegetable garden, actually they are an inspiration to me and I now have plans to start my own veggie patch in the spring! When I get there I just might bug you with a few questions, hope you won't mind!

FH said...

Thanks Shalini.Burfis keeps well too in the fridge,don't get stiff like others.Try!:)

LOL! Sig, you keep saying that and I keep posting them!:)
This is my once a year post,done with Summer garden.We ate Gourds like crazy this year!!:D

Seena, when you plant the seeds,they do need special attention initially.Once they start growing,you can relax.Good luck with Winter veggies.We have water restrictions right now,let's see what I can plant for winter!:)

Musee, this is first time I bought Amaranth seeds online and planted them and they grew very well in pots.I still have them!:)
YUP! Market and the cookbook next,get in line NOW!:P
I am doing well,vision is changing everyday!

LOL! Shn,I used to live in a apartment many yrs ago, never grew any veggies at all although I had colorful indoor plants!
It's not easy maintaining these but a joy to look at.But I am glad it's almost over!:))

Richa said...

lovely pics of ur garden :)
but i do not remember u posting any recipe using cucumbers, did u just have it as a salad (that is what i did anyway) or did u make any dosa out of it?
the burfi sounds delicious :)

Suganya said...

I cannot imagine how you manage to do ALLLLLLL this, Asha! Hats off to you! You make us all look like lazy bums.

Garden Dreamer said...

Hello Asha,

You have lovely blogs - pleasure to view, read and try out your recipes. I had a question, do you bring these vegetable plants (like tomatoes and peppers) indoors before the October frost? Thanks. said...


Love your garden. It is really spectacular. I'm going to try having one when I get my own home and a backyard. You are such an inspiration!


Manjula said...

Envy your vegetable garden..this post is like visiting the farmers market!!
It must be a lot of hard work to grow such wonderful veggies with planning ahead of the season.
Microwave burfi is brilliant.

Happy Gowri Ganesh Habba and Thanks for sharing the significance.

Pooja V said...

Wow...this is a real harvest. All the fressh veggies frm the garden ..uff. I am in awe of u !! U Rock gurl !

Anonymous said...

wow look at those veggies u r growing. i know it should have taken a lot of hardworkand dedication.badam burfi is supurb. i will also make it for this chaturthi and the ganesh puja story is a different in our part. we get to hear somewhat different story.whatever at the end we do the same pooja and offerings...:)

FH said...

Lotus,not at all. Ask away, if I can help I will!:))
Almond Peda is very tasty. I added less sugar,adjust if you need more.Enjoy the festival!:)

Richa, what a timing?! cucumber dish is coming next Wednesday,! That's what I was uploading right now when I read your comment!::)

HeHe, thanks!! Suganya, I have no clue how I do all this either.I just don't tired until may be around 8pm!:D

Sapna, nope! Once Fall starts and temp goes down below 60F in the night,they don't flower anymore.Then we pull out everything and wait for the next Spring.
See the first photo with empty patch,that's how it looks like in few weeks until next Spring.Tomatoes are still thriving,last plant to pull!:)

Sreelu said...

Asha, How are your eyes doing, hope you are feeling better .

Boy what a beautiful garden an eye candy for sure.
Could not agree more on worshiping Ganesh before the board exams :)

FH said...

Thanks Kanchana. We started gardening when we moved to this house 9yrs ago too. Before that we were in rented house,didn't do much!:)

Manjula,once the plants root well,there is not much work other than watering and maintaining a bit.
Have a great Gowri,Ganeshana habba!:)

Thank you Pooja. It's pleasure growing them although we get tired of eating them in the end.Gave a lot to neighbors too!:))

Ramya,that story is a popular Lingayat version!;D
I don't do any rituals except cooking but it's just fun for kids to read the story and eat!
How are you there? Bet you are getting ready to have a great feast!:)

Sreelu, my aunts would visit every Ganesha statue out there to touch it before the exams! It's just a belief, better study hard yourself!:D

ChrisB said...

Asha you had such a good harvest from your garden. Radishes grow so quickly, ours were slightly mis- shaped. I think we didn't sufficiently water them. I grew my peppers in pots and had quite a few off two plants but my tomatoes have been very poor this year. I love seeing what everyone else grows :)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

That's almost like Ina Garten's garden! Your harvest is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Its always good to have home made produce Asha. Well its all about space but still many manage to dow ith pots a lot.

You too have a great Chaturthi festival.

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Fine and hope so the same...nice to hear that you are getting well after Lasik....

Hmmm...i'm feeling jealous as others...what a fresh veggies.....its really greatto make recipes out of our own goodies...

My trip was good....still feeling little homesick and jetlag too...hope it will be alright in a day or two...

Rajitha said... at those goodies from the garden....also the milijule veg and the paranthas look soo yummy...

btw..can u chk ur hotmail acc..i emailed u :)

swapna susarla said...

The harvest looks simply awesoome!!!

looking forward for more kannada dishes!!

Cynthia said...

I'm insanely jealous of your green thumb.

FH said...

My radishes were weird looking too Chris. They need a cooler temp than we are having right now.I plan to plant again in few weeks.It is a pleasure to fresh and juicy homegrown veggies!:))

Roopa, you watch that too! I do too.Now she is a real cook, eats what she cooks unlike some other skinny cooks on Food TV!:D

Pria, you do need space,I run out of ground sometimes and Arvind refuses to make me one more veggie patch!:D

Usha, you are back! Rest for few days,then do the unpacking slowly. It's hard to adjust for few days.Thanks for saying hello Usha!:))

Hi Rajitha,I will check e mail later today!:)
Yes, homegrown veggies are so tasty,you can't match those with store bought!

Thank you Swapna, more K dishes are coming until you all starts cursing me!!:D

LOL! Cynthia,I bet you have enough Sunshine there where you are to grow these all year around! We get only 3-4 mnts in a year,that's it. We will have to hurry thru' it!!:))

Laavanya said...

That's quite a beautiful garden that you grew in just a year and what a bounty of vegetables you've been blessed with. Love the badam burfi.

Prema Sundar said...

Thats a great harvest and Iam sure u are proud of it and I really feel happy for u. Iam not very much interested in gardening and seeing the pics of ur summer harvest I have decided to plant some veggies next year.. did u use seeds for these??(iam very poor in gardening)

Meena Raj said...

Ohmigod Ashakka.. Such an amazing veggie garden. I had one too.. didn't turn out to be much successful except for lots of tomatoes, a couple of eggplants and a bunch of green chilles. Yours looks very lush.

Microwavable badam burfi looks very appetizing and sounds easy to make. Will sure give it a try.

Akka.. I have a huge favor to ask from you. Would like to do it over mail. Can you send me your mail address to Thanks a lot !

Pragyan said...

I am jealous..wonder when I can have a kitchen garden like that! Badam Barfi sounds great...

Namratha said...

Oh wow Asha, this is surely a feast to the eyes!! Your veggie garden is unbelievable..too good! :)I so wish I lived close to you now..would have shared your garden..hehe

Gowri-Ganesha habbada hardhika shubhashayagalu...hope you have a wonderful prosperous year ahead :)

All dishes look great,I'm definitely bookmarking them to try some day.

Anh said...

*Drool* *Drool again*. Fabulous!

Saju said...

now that's what I call a HARVEST! wow!
Great recipes, I love the tomato soup / kadhi recipe.

Chef Jeena said...

Great post Asha I loved looing at all your veggies. :) Lovely recipes I enjoyed this post thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

How are you?Have u recovered from your Lasik surgery?It seems to me that you are back in your element as u r back with a bang. What a bountiful harvest & wonderful food from fresh veggies. Ganesha would be very pleased with your badam burfis.

Love & Regards,

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, inspired by you, I started my little kitchen garden too - please check the post 'spring is in the air'. Since then I have put some pumpkin, tomato, beans, green chillies and capsicum seeds but cant see any of them germinating yet. I need some tips :-) please.

And that burfi is soo easy that I am definitely going to make it on 15th ( Ganesh Chaturthi ) as I still have to go and get a Ganeshji idol for sthapna.

Simply superb post and as always I loved looking at all those home grown veges and fingers crossed for my garden !

Pravs said...

Wow.. i envy you now...what a harvest you had and the pleasure of growing such beautiful veggies.
Love badam burfi...what a easy way to make it. Even i have make burfi in the microwave.

Bong Mom said...

Wow Asha, Ganesha Ji is sure happy with you, who can resist such yummybarfis, he is mighty pleased ;-)

And your garden thrived so well, Ganesha's Kripa you see:)

bee said...

what a gorgeous garden, ash. really heart-warming.

Roopa said...

what a wonderfull post Asha!Ganesha habbada shubasheyagalu :)! i am still not so good at trying burfis in microwave still used to the old method. will try next time :)

Prajusha said...

hia hsa,
wow..wht a beautiful garden u have with diff. variety of veggies.u r so lucky to prepare dishes from ur own garden.appreciate ur hardwork:)
here in my flat no space to have such a garden.:(
Microwaved Badam Burfi looks easy to make and delicious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Looking at the bounty from your veggie garden makes me so happy -what variety and colors!

I love the idea of microwave Badam Burfi - will have to try it soon.


KRISHNA said...

Hope You are doing fine,
I am not finding any words to praise you,
Even after surgery you are finding time to cook all these wonderful
Dishes, inspiring others, taking care of family and organized
Where you will get time asha ?
Just explain what your routine is?

Gowri mattu ganesha Habbada shubhashagala.

take care and Hugs:)

deepsat said...

Hi Asha... Wish you a blessed Ganesha Chaturthi!!! Your garden looks so heavenly!!! its all your love and care for them!!!

take care!!


Viji said...

Asha, saw your potanical garden. Thank for sharing. Lovely greens to watch. The dishes are as usual yummy. Chadurthi sweet is tempting Asha. Take care. Viji

Little Miss Muffet said...

hey the badam burfi looks so simple to make..anyway i'm sure whatever i make for diwali will be from your blog :D...i make tomato kadhi same way and it tastes really nice...and oh i have to tell you, i made your mirchi ka salan and everyone loved it! i will definitely repeat this dish often...ur veggie pics are so good...btw, that's the first time i saw pear tomatoes..i didn't even know they existed!!

Anu said...

Hi Asha,
Good to hear about tht thumbs up :)What lovely actually tempted to think about doing some gardening in my balcony ;) What a lovely spread of dishes..Tomato kadhi is very interesting..have only made yogurt till now..and i love the badam burfi

Raaga said...

Happy Gowri Ganesh Ashakka... this is my first after marriage :-)

Rachna said...

firstly...i beleive this is one my fav post at foddies hope.... from beginning to end!... loved to see all the fresh garden produce...

then i loved the badam looks so easy and equalli yummy...

then i loved tilwali milijuli sabzi... i make milijuli but without sesame...will def try this

and then tomato kadhi made my mouth different and so yummy looking

and then the herb paranthas look awsome too...

wow will try all yur recipes.... just amazing.... thank u asha...hope yur eyes are better now?

FH said...

Thank you Laavanya, enjoy the Burfi!:)

Prema, I use seeds mostly but for Pear Tomato, I bought a plant at Lowe's garden section. Buying a plant is lot easier if you are not inclined to gardening much.They are already hardy, so easy to grow!Good luck:))

Hi Meena, last year my garden was not that good looking like this year.It depends on lot of things!
Yes,I will e mail you later,see if I can help!:))

Pragyan, it takes time to settle in life girl. Don't worry.You will get there one day, a house with big garden and all!:))

FH said...

Namratha, nimagoo ashte,enjoy madi habbada oota!:))
I gave lot of Cherry Tomatoes to my neighbor,those kids loved to eat them!

Thank you Anh! You will feast everywhere next week in Indian blogs!:))

Saju, thanks for taking time girl. Tomato Kadhi is great with rice,try it:))

You are welcome Jeena. I love the Garden post too. I will have to until next year now!:))

FH said...

Hi Kate,good to see you!:)
Thanks, I am doing well, little hard to focus on nearer things but it's getting better.Hugs to you.

Abha, except pumpkin,all the others need more 75F temp.Make sure of that and water the seeds to keep them wet.
Enjoy the Ganesha festival,I will check your post later:)

Pravs, if you don't add too much liquid to sweets,they are all easy to make in MW. Enjoy:))

LOL! Sandeepa, yup! Mr.Obstacle remover has shone the Sun very well here in NC this year it seems.We NEED rain now,got to pray for that!!:D

FH said...

Thanks Bee. Enjoy and have a great Ganesha Chaturthi.Burfi is IT for me,I am done with Ganesha!:D

Roopa, it is so easy to make Burfi in the MW, don't add too much liquid,you will fine.Try with 1/2 cup Almond pd and see if you like it.Enjoy the habba!:)

Prajusha, you could have few pots but some apartment managers won't let us keep them on the balcony. Summer is almost over anyway.Enjoy the Ganesh Chaturthi and Burfi:))

Thanks Mamamtha. Enjoy the Burfi and Gowri and Ganesha festival!:))
Gardening is always a joy!

FH said...

Haha!! Mamatha, living in US,I don't think I have a choice but cook,clean,and do all the chores myself.Arvind is busy,kids have school, I just have to get up and do it all!:))
I don't know how but I don't get tired until may be around 8pm or so,like to keep going,just my personality I guess!:D

It's true Satheesh! You have to like gardening to get something out of it!:))
Enjoy the festival, have fun.

Thank you Viji!:)
I am looking forward to your feast this weekend!Enjoy the festival:))

Hi M! See I told you Salan is wonderful.You can use different veg and non-veg too with the same recipe, enjoy!:)
Not celebrating Gowri-Ganesha much.Deepavali is in Oct-Nov I guess,got to check!:))
Pear Tomatoes; I got lucky this year to get the plant,it's sweet too!

FH said...

Anu, Tomato Kadhi is same as the Yogurt one,but just replace with Tomato,tastes so good!:)
Enjoy Gowri-Ganesha festival, hugs:)

Raaga, your parents must be wanting both of you be there at home with them for the first one!It's exciting!:)
Enjoy sweetie, make it special if you can't be with your parents or in-laws.Hugs.

Rachna, thank you. You must have all year sunny weather there there to grow veggies just like India,huh? Lucky you!:)
They are almost gone now, will wait for the next Spring. Enjoy all the recipes, enjoy the festival too!:))

Anonymous said...

I love your garden.Thanks for giving us great sneak peek into your garden. Your garden reminds me of my home back in India.My father is very fond of gardening and we had twice the space of our house left for gardening alone.and we had all plants and name it and we had it.oh!I miss my family,my house,my garden and everything of my vizag!

indosungod said...

Asha, what a lovely post, your garden is an eye feast and the Badam Burfi is the icing on the cake. We have Ganesha as excuse and fill ourselves to the brim :) don't you think? Not that I am complaining.

But I miss saying goodbye to the garden, I want summer to be around here always.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear! Today I went to a granthike angadi in malleshwaram to get aanntu!I have the hulianna recipe too! Just wait for some more real authentic recipes!
I am busy from friday,21st as I am going on a tour with my sister inlaw. I'll post 1 recipe for the event till 21st!
Thanks a ton for offering to take the URL yourself! I can peacefully concentrate on recipes!:D

Latha Narasimhan said...

I meant 1 recipe per day!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, I'm late, getting over sinus infection and haven't felt like doing a thing! Now what a treat to see all your garden goodies growing so luxuriously! You've got me ready to try cherry tomatoes next year. It's the cool nights now keeping my tomtatoes green on the vine -- before long it'll be time for green tomato pickle! Loved all your dishes from the garden, esp. the sesame subzi. I am almost ready to treat myself to a real grinder!

Glad to hear you're coming along with the eyes too - hugs to you! :)

Beccy said...

Glad to hear that you are healing well from your surgery. How great to see your garden thriving and providing for you.

FH said...

Madhavi, your dad's place sounds like Heaven! Arvind and my mom grew up in the coffee estates, imagine the same as your's. Many exotic fruits and Oranges!! Yeah! We can just dream of those days now!:)

Indo,that's true. That's why I am stopping right at Badam Burfi for us and Gansha! We Indians have a festival every other month anyway, dangerous for health and good for the soul!:))

YAY! Latha,I can't wait for the recipes. Thanks for all the trouble you are taking for me.I will take the URL and photos,don't worry.
Have a great trip with your SIL and enjoy.By the time you come back,I will be ready with the Round up which will take a week to organize!:) Hugs, have fun.

FH said...

Aw!! Linda, hope you are doing well now.Both my kids had cold as soon as they started school.Fortunately, I stayed far away, so I can get my LASIK!I:)
We have unbearable heat here girl, can't take it anymore,it's exhausting.I will post my lawn next week,you will see!Hugs to you.Take care!

Thank you Beccy.It is a pleasure gardening but we are waiting for little rain now,would such a relief!:))
How are you? Hope you are feeling better now. I read her post about FM too, was insensitive of her to say that.Hope she learns from it!
have a great weekend, take care.

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! I am too late to see this greatest post. Really I am feeling very jealous about your garden and seeing your fresh vegetables. Great badan burfi. Looks awesome. Remaining all the recipes too looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Lissie said...

thank you asha for visiting my blog! you have a wonderful garden !!! nice to meet someone with the same interest- gardening... i liked the simple and easy badam burfi. will give it a try.

Jayashree said...

My favourite part of this post.....your fabulous harvest, of course. Honestly, the first time I read the post, I just skipped the recipes and kept looking for the next plant from your garden.
I did come back and look at all the recipes, though :-))

FH said...

Jyoti, you are not late, take your time!:))
Thanks girl, I enjoy gardening and fresh veggies too. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to you!

Hi Lissie, you have a garden too. Post it sometimes.It's always a pleasure to look at what others grow!:) Enjoy the Burfi.

Hi Jaya! For this post,I want people to look at the plants and enjoy! Recipes are secondary.I can't wait until I see the round up and look at other's gardens too!:))
Have fun on the 15th!:))

Unknown said...

Asha, I tried your benne biscuit recipe and linked it back to your blog. Must tell you it turned out delicious. Thanks a lot for it! Now should get gng on the rest :)

Latha said...

Lovely garden Asha! Cant get enough of looking at it! Beautiful. Sometimes i wish i had mroe time to do this.. seems like life is just whizzing by! Love the look of u're mili jhuli sabzi! will surely try it soon for chapathis.. except i think i am goign to omit the eggplants (dont like them :-)
very innovative with those parathas! and the kadi looks yumm! I know sindhi's make it with a khichdi or a jeera rice dish. Happy gauri - ganesha to you dear!

Prajusha said...

hey asha,
had sent u a mail reg. RCI. hope u got it.

Sharmi said...

what a huuuugggeeee post:) lot of harvest and great recipes.
I am very much carried away by the burfis. will bookmark and make them sometime.

FH said...

Siri, you are welcome and thanks to my buddy in B'lore for that BB recipe!I love it too, not exactly like Iyenger bakery but not bad, eh?:))

Latha, another Eggplant hater!!:D
You can add any veggies you like really,masala is more imp.Enjoy. Jeera rice sounds great with Kadhi,I add it there,thanks!
Initially,when the plants are young you need to attention,but once they grow hardy,ypu just water and weed them!:)

I will check it today Prajusha. If not, I will take it from your blog,don't worry!Thanks for your entry:))

Sharmi, you should say looong post "as usual"!!;D
Thank you, and Burfi takes 20 mins to make in the MW.Enjoy today!:))

Timepass said...

Dear Asha, I have mailed you an entry for the RCI event. Pls do have a look.

Latha said...

What's the surprise Ash?? Did i miss something???? thought i read through this entire post and even the new one on Aroma....

FH said...

Thanks Timepass, I did check your entry,it's yummy!:))

Latha, Nimbehannu masala/Gojju with the Paratha down there similar to your's girl!:D
I made a similar dish too,just wanted you look at it.Thanks for your entry too!:))

MR said...

excellent yeild!!
which site did u get the indian seeds from?
I want to get some for the next year:)

FH said...

Hi girl, thank you.I got it from this site.Order in the Spring, they send it within 10days,Enjoy:))

Seema Bhat said...

Oh my god Ashakka, yeshtella gardening and cooking madthira wow wow...I have no words buddy. Tomatoes looks so colorful and even the greens. Badam burfi in microwave sounds so very interesting. I have bookmarked this one. I will go thro rest of the recipes soon.
Happy chouthi.

Dalicia said...

happy gauri! :) oh my what a harvest!!! fresh veggies and great food :)

i tried growing strawberries this year. it came out miserably small

MR said...

Thanks for the website & visiting my blog :)
I have bookmarked it for next year!!!

FH said...

Seema, thanks.You too a great time tomorrow.It's raining today after two months of dry spell! Not enough but little rain do us good!:))

Thanks Dalicia!:))
I tried growing fruits too but somehow I don't get those growing well.I will stick with veggies!:D

You are welcome M, enjoy the seeds and Indian veggies next year's Summer.Good luck!:)

Deepa Hari said...

Wow Asha...Great harvest...Veggies r lovely.
Ur post abt. the Lasik was very informative...Thank you for sharing.

Prajusha said...

ok thanks a lot asha.:)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Nice blog! And what vegetables woman! Wah wah... maza aa gaya! visual treat!
Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
The burfi recipe looks simple and takes less time to make. Your garden riminds me of botanic garden where we can see different verieties of same vegetable. The red raddish is looking sooooo beautiful.

Bharathy said...

Nice to note you are healing well asha..:)
The garden harvest is simplyyyy superb!...and you are a super girl asha!!!
Burfi looks soo divine and perfect!!
Tomato soup and those lovely parathas are toooo good!..:)

FH said...

You are very welcome Deepa. I wrote as quickly as possible,will update as necessary!:))
Enjoy the garden.

Thank you Prajusha!:)

Hello Reeta, all is very well this end!:))
Gardening is a pleasure although Summer can be brutal.We just some raing today after solid 2 mnts of dry spell!:))

FH said...

Thank you Vijaya. I love those veggies but now they are all gone except Tomatoes.Enjoy and have a great weekend!:)

Thank you Bharathy!:))
My garden post is done for this year. Let's see what winter veggies I can grow now! Have a great Ganesha festival.Hugs.

Bindiya said...

Dear Asha,
In this huge sea comments ,hope you notice mine,your blog "shines", love the way you write , you make everything sound so much fun,have been going through all your posts since past 2 hrs and i am refreshed.I am sure must be great getting so many awards and hope you get many more.badam burfi looks irrestible!
love and best wishes,

Bharathy said...

Asha,i JUST posted something for RCI...hoping it is kannada!:)..If not pls inform me as soon as possible!!...If it is and if I may have named the ingredients differently pls let me know as soon as possible..My doubt is that what u call for the basic sauce for tamarind rice??
I have named as gojju..Still confused whether Puligogare belogs to Karnataka..:(..Pls visit and reply before I mail you pls!!:(

Movie Mazaa said...

Its such an impressive veg garden that u have there!! am sure ur efforts are well paying off..


Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

great garden , Asha..lucky u..we just dont get this luxury in the Gulf..

FH said...

Hi Bindiya, every reader who come to my blog is equally imp, I never ignore anyone, nobody is less and nobody is more! Thanks for taking time to spend on my blog.I appreciate it!:))
Hope you do try some of them ,feedback is always welcome ,good or bad!:D

Bharathy, it is gojju and I did look at Puliyogare,it's yum! B'lore Iyengars are famous for that dish,so go ahead and send it.Don't worry and thank you!:))Hi MM, garden paid off every second we worked for it BIG time this year.Really enjoyed all the fresh veggies.Last year,it wasn't that much,although it was great too.Thanks!:))

Hi MM, yeah,it paid off every second we spent on the garden!:))
Last year was okay too but this year ,it's a bounty!

Hi Girl, yeah,people have told that there is lack of space in the Gulf apartments.Indians cannot own houses there too.right? Bummer! You could throw in some herb seeds in the pots in the balcony ,I guess!:))

Manju said...

thats a fantabulous harvest that uve got!! :) congrats!!!

FH said...

Thank you SC, we enjoyed it very much too!:))

Arun Shanbhag said...

WoW! Asha! you certainly know how to enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi!
Hope you sated Ganesha's appetite and make him return for a visit every year!
Very creative arrangement with those barfi's

And what a garden! Wonder how you find the time for all this! you must be super efficient in all that you do!


Keshi said...

I luuuurve Indian sweets!

u r such a great herb gardener Asha WOW! Im hopeless with bday, my best friend gave me a Daffodil plant..very pretty n all. It was dead the next weekend LOL!


FH said...

Hi Arun,thank you!:)
I made some some Bisibele Bhath,raita in addtion an that's about for Master Ganesha!:D
Arvind built me a above the ground 12'X9' veggie patch,so we do grow there very well, ground is full of clay.
Hope you enjoyed the festival too!

Haha! Yup, some people don't have it but that's okay. You can't be good at everything!:)
Hope you had a great weekend,you sound happy!!We BBQ this weekend,lot cooler now,thanks God!!See you later:))

Srivalli said...

where is your BBQ pictures..hope you are feeling better now?..thats so nice to see your comment just after I click do you do it asha?? sweet of you...and where is the recent pictures of yours??...would like to see my favorite person...

Manju said...

:) thanks yet to try out the variations of this..will let you know how that comes out to be..

Jayashree said...

Asha, I have a post up at my blog on how to make rava idlis when you're short on rava....can you please check and tell me if i can send it to you for RCI-K??? Thx.

Apple said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for accepting my entries and adding my blog to your blog roll...

You've got a wonderful garden..and the pics are so fresh and colorful...I can see the hardwork you've gone thru to make this happen...

Badaam burfi looks so tempting n easy to make..'ll try it..

FH said...

I will check right away Jaya, Rava idlies are always welcome anyway!Sounds great:))

Thank you for taking time to cook for me Apple!:))
Yeah, gardening takes quite a bit of time in the beginning, then you reap!:D
Hope you had a great weekend.

FH said...

Sri, blame my google reader,it pops put immedietly sometimes and sometimes after 2 days!:))
Took the BBQ photo,may be I will post it this week.
Glad to see your post always.Here is my latest(last year) picture in one of my MeMes.

You are welcome Miss SuperChef! Learning goes on forever, for me too!:))

Anonymous said...

Ganesh Chaturthi greetings to you and your family, Asha-Akka. (I can't just call you Asha, sorry.) That is some produce you have got there! Tilwalli sabzi is interesting, though I am not a Nita Mehta fan. I will try your version.

sunita said...

Wow! What a harvest! You surely have a green the burfis.

FH said...

Okayyy Vee, you can call me Ashakka,you are wayyy too polite!!:D
Yeah, that was one bountiful Summer harvest this year. Got tired of Tomatoes!!:))
Hope you had a great weekend and pleased Ganesha too.

Hi Sunita, thank you.I start the garden the minute it turns 75F in Spring!:)
I enjoyed many veggies this year, a pleasure to cook with those.Enjoy the Burfis.

Shivapriya said...

Hey Asha, Happy Ganesh Chartuthi and hope you are feeling better now... I'm really glad to know that everything went well with the surgery..

Over tooo....I envy ur veggie garden. Especially fresh Amaranth. Last time I had it in India and its been more than 2 yrs.

Tamatar kadhi looks yum yum.

Take care.Hugs<>

FH said...

Hi SP!:)
Just 2 yrs! I haven't had Amaranth dish in 12 yrs until this year! I found a web site which sells seeds and planted some!:D
I am doing well now,still healing,takes about 3 mnts.Enjoy girl,hope you had a great Ganesha festival.

Savithri said...

Hi Asha,

So glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery. Your harvest is gorgeous. I particularly loved the tomatoes! They look so fresh and tasty and they are full of very healthy lycopene:)

Kajal said...

Badam Burfi is looks delicious is nice way to start any religious festival with sweet dish. What I say about your garden….you mange very nicely and lots of work for that. I like your step by step growth of your garden. I don’t say anything about bottle gourd ha ha ha ha...Shape does not matter my dear. I like your all peppers. Seedless cucumber is also grow nicely and your okras is not develop because of effect of atmosphere my dear.You minit, methi, mustard leaves looks very nice and fresh leaves make nice aroma when we cook.

zlamushka said...

I am so jealous about your garden, beautiful veggies. fresh, green home-grown, I love em... And the dishes, I really need to rethink my crappy garden wanna-be next spring :(

FH said...

Savitri,we ate and still eating so many Tomatoes, we have enough nutrition to last until next Summer!:D
Thanks girl!:))

Hi Kajal, thank you sweetie.Okra were great Kajal, it's the Ridge and Snake gourd which I didn't get at all.I will try to grow them next year!:))
I spent lot of time in your blog yesterday looking for something,you will see later at Aroma!;D

LOL! Z, we had lot of heat this Summer,that's why we got a such a bounty. Good luck with your garden next year, just need little planning in advance,that's all!:))

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha my dearest, I'm enjoying your posts and photos I've missed... so much to catch up! I don't have any more backyard/ garden but a tiny balcony, your glorious harvest so comforts me a lot! Oh you had Lasik done, hope you have super-fast healing! Btw, not sure if it's to late to say, Happy Gowri and Ganesha Festival :)

FH said...

Hi Gattina, so good to see you my friend! I missed you and your posts but take your time and settle down first!:))
Yeah, this is great Summer for growing veggies, had lot of fun too.
Thank you, never too late for wishes and blessings!:)
My LASIK went well, I am heeling great too.Takes time to be 100% again but I am not complaining!:D
Have a great week,looking forward to your yummy dishes!:))

amna said...

gosh! i donno how you do the following things.

1. invariably the first person to visit ANY FOOD BLOG in the planet!
2. Post such a long entry and that too without fail every week.
3. Cook, garden, undergo surgery, look after your kids.
4. Host an event like RCI :)

You are the closest I have come to meeting superwoman!!

By the way, thanks for saying I look young in the picture. Err.. how old do you think I am?? :D :D

FH said...

LOL! Nags, you left out my husband and finance and investing for the family! I take care of them too you know!;D
I know you probably are in your 20s but you look like a High school girl sprawled on the bed with a book in hand,reminded me of Trisha!:)
Thank you, blame my Google reader and spare time I get inbetween my chores for super fast comments but only until 6pm, then my lappy shuts for the day!:D

sallywrites said...

Wow - feed him until he is so full that he can barely walk........ now that really is serious hosipitality!

FH said...

Oh Sally, you should be in India during this time.Such fun with all the colors and sweets to eat!They make these giant Ganesha statues and at the end of the festival,they take him with a grand procession and let him go in the Ocean!!:))
Well...we just eat here in US on behalf of him!;D

Swaruchy said...

wow Asha....what a nice garden u have...I am jealous.....The Amaranth looks fresh and tender.....
Lucky you...I have a big balcony in my apartment but unfortunately I have Squirrels squandering all over my balcony making it impossible for me to put any plants :-(
I absolutely loved ur garden...fresh veggies at

FH said...

Sirisha, thanks. I lived in an apartment for sometime, they didn't even let me put plants in there at all! Yeah, nothing beats eating fresh veggies right out of your garden!:))

Kalpana said...

How are you? Wow, a wondeful veggie garden. Loved it.

Sheela said...

oh my goodness, Asha!

What colorful garden pictures!! And wonderful food. I wish I was living next door to you so I can ring your doorbell and sample your wonderful dishes (uninvited!!)

And, thanks for the easy microwave badam burfi recipe - you've made the recipe so easy to follow - I have to make it for Ana!!

Your garden post is an inspiration for me...

Keshi said...

hows u Asha? hope u hv fully recovered now.



FH said...

I am doing great Kalpana, thank you. Enjoy the garden, that's it for this Summer!:))

Thank you Sheela!:))
So far, I haven't tried to grow any fruit like you did, got to plant atleast one and see how it goes next year. I bet Ana LOVES Burfis it's really tasty and healthy, not much fat from the butter. Try it! Thanks for visiting me, nice to see you here!:))

Hello Kash, I got a reading glass from the Doc yesterday. Feels good to read smallest letters without discomfort!:))
See you later, hugs to you!:))

Manasi said...

I am late in my comment, sorry, not that i did not see ur post, but I wanted to take time to rgo thru it and do justice to ur lovely post and to my greediness!
I do envy u ur garden and FRESH veggies! But then, it's ur hard work in tending for them so carefully!
must try the til wali milijuli subzi .. what other veges can go with it?
Will try the barfi too!

FH said...

That's okay Manasi, we get busy these days,end of Summer!:)
You can practically add any veggie really, except may be slimy Okra and Cabbage. Sauce is imp, veggies your choice.
Gardening is hard when you start, got to maintain and then it gets easier! Now, except Tomatoes, don't have any!:))

Anonymous said...

mircowaved badam barfis are finished in a jiffy. looks great btw
thats some garden sis....hats off
wish i can grab those amarnath leaves ;)
tilwali milijuli subzi is looking good....i had to try
tomato kadhi is wow
looking abs. mouthwatering...another must try recipe
good luck with the gourds next time
parathas are colourful....whats balm lemon btw?

FH said...

Hi Anusha, thanks girl!:)
Yes, Badam burfis are quick to go first! Balm Lemon is a plant you can see next to Methi in the photo, it tastes like Lemon and mint together! YUMMY!:)

Dhana said...

wow, those veggies are truly drool worthy! I am jealous of ur very green fingers :) All thats green now is my envious self..hehee! Great post!!

FH said...

Thank you Dhana, good to see you back. Yeah, had a great harvest this year and looking forward to cooler Fall now!:))

SeeC said...

I should try this MW burfi.
I am just drooling over the fresh veggies.
You must be lucky to have such a beautiful garden.

FH said...

We made a above ground veggie patch few yrs ago SeeC. That is serving us well!:))
Enjoy the Burfi,they are easy and tasty!:)

So So Simple said...

How do you get time to have such a wonderful garden and also put together your fabulous blog. You are a bloggers inspiration.
And you kindly find time to visit the rest of us as well.
I appreciate your comments.
Go girl!!!

FH said...

Thank you Gilly.I try my best to do everything and visit you too.It's pleasure to share part of your life too!:))

Purnima said...

Hi Asha,
First time commenting on your blog, a regular reader too..the moment I saw your badam burfi had to make it, having a sweet tooth for them!! I read it in morning, prepared in was del-icious!! why got all over..I will have to keep making it now!!tks a ton for posting such a simple and yummmmmmy burfi recipe..I followed it to the hilt (only i didnt peel the almonds)must try for all those who haven't..I will soon post it.Happy Weekend!!

Purnima said...

Btw Asha, what time you and family go off to sleep??? why..bcoz i will come and rob all those lovely fresh veggies!!Heehee ...Lovely mini farm!!!Take up the idea from other readers -Asha's Fresh Veggies! Readers Envy..Asha's pride!!

Anonymous said...

Asha, you never fail to amaze me!! Gosh! I never knew that it was even possible to grow such a wide variety of fresh veggies at home. I think you should start taking horticulture classes.

FH said...

Thanks Purni! :D
I do love summer gardening. Glad I am able to grow theses in here in the south, great weather to have some fun gardening!:)

Hi Roma, this year I even managed to grow some Indian veggies like Ridge and snake gourd as well. I was so happy when I saw those little gourds showing up. But at the end of Summer, I am ready to pull everything off and relax until next Summer!!;D