September 05, 2007


A note: I know some of you are waiting for the details of my experience of the LASIK eye surgery.Here is the LASIK post I promised you.Hope reading about my experience helps you in anyway to decide whether you should have one too!:)


About Karnataka state:
(formerly known as "Mysore state" (NOT Prince! HaHa!!)

Below, a carved envelope opener made of Mysore Sandalwood in Mysore, ornate Horse and an Elephant made in India.

Karnataka, used to be called as Karu-nadu (a geographically elevated land or the land of the fragrant black soil)) in ancient times,also called as Kannada Nadu (Land of the Kannadigas). Situated in the South of India,one of the four southern Indian states, Karnataka's history and culture takes us back to pre-historic times. The earliest find of the stone age period in India was a hand axe at Lingasugur in Raichur district. The Ashoka's rock edicts found in the state indicate that major parts of Northern Karnataka were under the Maurya dynasty.
Kannada is the principal language of Karnataka. The earliest known classic literature is "Kaviraja Marga", which dates from the 9th century.Pampa, Ponna and Ranna - the three gems of Kannada literature, developed a mixed form of poetry and prose in their writings in the 10th to the 12th century.Krishna Deva Raya,the King (ruled from 1509-29 AD), himself was a poet and wrote in Sanskrit.
Dance and Music, is expressed through the popular song, dance and entertainment form called "Doddata" and "Yakshagana" in South Karnataka, open air folk theater or "Bayalaata" in other parts.
Art: Chalukya, Vijayanagara, Hoysala Dynasties made a great contribution to the enrichment of Karnataka in the form of development of architectural wonders building magnificent Temples and the Muslim influence on Karnataka's art and architecture is no less.

A majestic 58 feet digambara statue of "Gommateshwara"(Jain's Lord Bahubali) in Shravana Belagola ("Monk of the White pond") built in 980 AD, World's second largest dome the "Gol Gumbaz", fort at Gulbarga, Madrasah at Bidar,to name a few.Not to forget our own "Tiger of Mysore" Tipu Sultan, a muslim king, who fought for us against the British! After the decline of Tipu Sultan, a Hindu princely family took over Mysore state, they re Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore. Mysore is also famous intricate wood carving and intricate Ornaments sold all over the World!

Bengalooru, also called a "Garden city" which has green land of Cubbon Park and the enchanting botanical gardens with Glass-House of Lalbagh in the capital,is the capital of Karnataka. A fast growing software industry now it's been nicknamed as "India's Silicon Valley"!

Karnataka has a rich and distinctive variety of wildlife with Bannerghatta National Park. Famous wildlife sanctuaries are Bandipur, Nagarahole and Dandeli and the Ranganathittu Bird's Sanctuary and also a place for trees like Sandal(Sandalwood),Jalari which are exclusively grown in Karanataka.All these info obtained from various sites as a result of searching on the internet as I have linked. Karnataka cuisine, of course, I have talked about it in my previous post!:)

Now few of my own Karnataka dishes!

Crispy, crunchy and delicious Pakodas:
My maternal grandmother's plantation (Malnaadu) style Pakodas, not only they are excellent to eat fresh of the fryer with chutney, you can also store these for 3-4 days in glass jar to snack on later! Enjoy :)

1. In a wide pan, mix 1 cup EACH of Rice flour, plain flour and Besan/gram/Chickpea flour, salt, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp crushed coriander seeds, 14 tsp crushed Fennel seeds,and 1/2 tsp of baking soda well.
2. Heat 3 tbsp of oil in a little pan until very hot and pour this on flour mix.Rub in until it resembles bread crumbs.
3. Chop 1 onion very finely, 2-3 green chillies finely chopped, 2 tbsp Cilantro, few curry leaves,add to the flour and mix well.
4. Add a tbsp pf water at a time to make a very stiff dough(must not be soft and watery),just wet enough to make about 2" balls.
5. Heat oil, drop the small balls and deep fry until golden.drain on paper towels. Serve with coconut-mint chutney.

Kayi Masale` Chitranna:
This is one of favorite rice dish which I make sometimes on Sundays for lunch, my mother's recipe for coconut masala chitranna, which makes a ordinary Chitranna all dressed up and ready to parrtayy!!;p

You need:
2 cups rice, cooked and cooled in a pan, 1 cup frozen Greenpeas, 1 large Lime cut in to half, salt to taste.
To Grind until slightly coarse paste with very little water:
1 cup coconut, 3 garlic, 1" ginger, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 3 or more green chillies, few curry , mint leaves and coriander leaves/ cilantro, 4 cloves and 1" cinnamon.
Season: 3 tbsp oil, 2 large onions, thinly sliced.
To make it:
1. Heat oil, fry onions until the edges are slightly golden. Turn down the heat, squeeze in half the lime or Lemon juice, ground masala, green peas, salt.Mix well.
2. Let it simmer for 3 mins until you get a mass.DO NOT cook too much.
3. Add to cooled rice by ladlefuls and toss.Adjust the salt and lemon juice.
3. Serve with yogurt Raita and crisps.

Channige or Kadalebele Huli:
This my favorite huli/side dish of all to be devoured with hot Dosas! A wonderful tasty recipe is from my Mysore paternal grandmother's (actually they live in a (coconut and Sugarcane) farm around the town called Chamarajanagara, which is the birth place of our Mysore Maharaja Late.JayaChamarajendra Wodeyar)home, where dosas,Idlis are staple and coconut, poppy seeds masala is ground every single day to add to MOST side dishes with gravy!:D

you need:
3 cups Sorekai or any gourd or veg you like chopped,1/2 cup Channa dal(Kadalebele in kannada),cooked together but not too soft,dal should be still whole but cooked.Cook Chana dal separately if you can't keep the grains intact in the microwave.
To roast with little oil:
1 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds,1/2 tsp Methi seeds/fenugreek seeds, 2-3 red dry chillies,1" cinnamon stick,2 cloves, until reddish,add to coconut masala and grind.
To grind to a smooth paste with little water:
1/4 cup fresh coconut, roasted spices, 2 tsp Poppy seeds (Gasagase) a slice of onion, 1 garlic, 1 tbsp roasted gram(Hurikadale), few sprigs of curry and coriander leaves,1 tsp tamarind juice.(A standard masala for Saaru or any other gravy dishes in my Mysore ajji's kitchen along with some Saaru powder!)
Season: 1 tbsp oil, 1/2 tbsp ghee, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 2 dry red chillies,1-2 broken dry red chillies,1/2 small onion,few curry leaves. 1-2 Tomatoes (optional)
To Make it;
1. Heat oil and ghee,add seasoning ingredients, when reddish,add cooked veggies and Chana dal,salt,tomatoes. Simmer until oil shows on top slightly.Turn down the heat.
2. Add ground masala, and simmer on low heat for 10 mins until you get a good aroma.
3. Adjust the salt,heat and tanginess of tamarind and garnish with Cilantro.
4. Serve with rice or Dosas.

Mysore Maduve` Kajjaya!:D
Maduve is wedding in Kannada. When I was a young girl,I remember eating these yummy (homemade by women in the family kitchen for the crowd!) Kajjayas at every wedding we went to around Mysore villages like my older uncle's wedding. These days,I don't see these anymore but wedding sweets are usually Boondi Laddus ,often made by hired cooks outside under the huge canopy!! Sad, but true that these Kajjayas like many traditional sweets are almost extinct now.I tried to recreate these to the best of my abilities without knowing the exact proportions!

In fact, real Kajjayas are darker, larger and thicker circles than you see here in the picture, may be because of the dark colored homemade jaggery they used. I used golden Jaggery with makes these into Red heads than olden day brunettes!! Hahaha! They taste yummy though like real Kajjayas nevertheless with different look!:)
you Need:
1 cup Rice flour, 1/2 cup Wheat flour, 1/3 cup Jaggery powder ,1/3 cup dry or fresh grated Coconut, 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder,1/8 tsp baking soda, 3 tbsp Poppy seeds (Gasagase), 1 tbsp hot ghee, fresh oil to fry.

To make it:

1. Mix rice and wheat flour, add coconut, cardamoms pd, hot ghee, jaggery powder and mix well.
2. Add tbsp water at a time to make very thick batter like you do for Pakodas.Let it rest for 15mins. Heat the oil to fry to 350F. or moderately hot too fry Kajjayas slowly.
3. Take a mustard bottles with top sliced of to make bigger hole or a icing funnel without attachment.Fill in the thick batter.
4. Squeeze out circles into the oil with a big hole inside,fry until golden red both sides.DO NOT let it burn.
5. Drain and store. Very tasty to eat, almost like sweet Kodubales but should lot plumper!
Anybody knows the real authentic recipe for Kajjayas, please let me know! For darker Kajjayas ,you can add some dark molasses too. I forgot that I had it in the pantry!!;P

There they are, as authentic as I can get about Mysore and Malenadu dishes. I will post my summer Garden post for GBP next week. Have a great weekend while I cool my corneas!! ;D


sra said...

Hi Asha, glad to know you are getting better. Get better faster! Never knew Karnataka came from Karu-nadu!

Sia said...

wow ashakka...good to know u r recovery very well from ur lasik. and hugs to tushar for typing this post for u. he is such a darling:)
just came here to get link to RCI and i am glad to be welcomed with so many kannadiga recipes:) i felt i was in my amma's kicten for one moment:) thank u for that. kajjaya and kai chitranna are awesome, my fav ones too. i am posting my first RCI entry today once i go bk home:)
u take care lady. hope u r not straining ur eyes:) sending u get well soon wishes and tight hugs:)

indosungod said...

Asha, glad and happy to hear the surgery went well and your eyes are slowly but surely getting used to seeing without the glasses. Don't overwork them give them a good rest.

You are diligent blogger for sure, I hereby confer upon you the "Diligent Blogger Award".

Kayi Masale` Chitranna goes into my immediate make list. Mysore Maduve` Kajjaya is another dish to try soon.

Bong Mom said...

Good to know you are doing good Asha. You are such a dedicated blogger, I am more & more impressed :)

I didn't know much about exclusive Kannadiga food. You know except for Kerala , I thought all the other 3 Southern states share same food. I will look for something specific to Karnataka to make

Suganya said...

Hi Asha....
Awesome snacks.... Lovely pictures....Take care girl....

Swaruchy said...

Asha....Nice post dear.....Thanks for the recipes...Loved the Chitranna.....It has a wonderful color.
My mom-in law's side flaunt they are from karnataka and are the best cooks in the world...Now I can flaunt...will make these native dishes and surprise them :-)
So,How are u feeling now surgery..? Wishing you a speedy recovery :-) Take Care :-)

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, I was delighted to see your comment on my blog. I was more happier when I felt at home with so many K dishes. Glad that you are recovering faster. Get well soon. Rest your eyes.

Kayi Chitranna is awesome Kajjaya is my fav,kadlebele huli ooooo now I want to become himesh reshamiyya now and sing a song for you. :))).

Prajusha said...

hi asha,
happy to hear that u r doing good.thanks for the yummy recipes.
Take care.

Viji said...

Nice to see you back with lots of recipes Asha. All are unique Karnataka recipes. Lovely. Viji

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Asha. Happy to know surgery went smooth.Take a lot of rest and get well soon :).

I loved all these Kannada dishes. As I had told many times, I love your traditional dishes, these dishes are hard to find. I am going to bookmark all these.

kalpana said...

Hii asha, I am very glad u r doing fine after the surgery!I hope u become perfectly fine soon!Take good care of yourself.

woww! what u collection of kannadiga recipes u have here!it's mouth watering :)

swapna susarla said...

Hi Ashaji
glad that u are doing better after the surgery.So lucky to have a son like tushar!!Hope u will be better soon!!!
The info about Karnatka is wonderful!I have been to banneragatta wild was worth watching.(the tigers ).as u know i love bangoloore.bought a house also there :-DDD

Coming to the recipes ...they are always!!:-)We also make kajjayalu.we call them as ARiselu.we make them flat just like pooran poli and fry them.I have tasted them in karnataka i know their name in of my kannadiga friend prepared them for diwali.she also made them falt only.I don't know this variety.looking simply delicious.

Shammi said...

Congrats on your successful surgery! :) Your channige huli recipe sounds lovely - going to make that sometime this week!

FH said...

sra,so they say,was interesting for me too:)

sia,Tushar is darling boy.Trisha is in her last year of HS,very busy:)

Indo, thanks for the award!:D
I am taking it easy atleast for a week form today.

Sandeepa, choose any Kannadiga bloggers recipe like Sia,Madhu,Seema etc , a easy one.I know it's a little confusing:))

Sreelu said...

Hey Asha, Glad to see you back in full swing.Hope you get better soon. I did miss you on my blog.
Todays recipes are so mouth watering, seems like I am in B'lore. I am working on my entries,will be your way pretty soon.
Hey regarding forests around B'lore another great place in BR Hills, these days they have eco tourism where in you can stay in the wild and if lucky can get to see a tigers cool hah :)

FH said...

Thank you Sukanya, enjoy girl:))

Sirisha,LOL! I don't think Kannadigas have that many yummy recipes but whatever few we have are tasty! Enjoy.

LOL! My dear Lakshmi, you are such a sweetie.Thanks.
I keep my laptop time limited,so I don't get in trouble,it's getting better though!:))

Thank you Prajusha, I will! Enjoy:))

FH said...

Thank you Viji,I thought hard for traditional these recipes,simple and delicious:)

Shilpa, Kajjaya was so unique,I didn't even have the recipe!:D
But it tasted so great,just like I remembered, but didn't look like the real one.Enjoy:))

Thank you Kalpana. enjoy the recipes.I hope I will be 100% in few weeks:))

Swapna,Kajjaya as I remember was almost black, slightly flat with hole in the middle like Uddin vada.I will look for Ariselu recipe,probably the same too!:)
You are moving to B'lore.Great,I can visit you when I am there:))

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Asha WB to blogging! I am glad your operation went well on your eyes :) These recipes look delicious I could just eat them of the pics! :)

Padma said...

I am glad to see you post today despite of the surgery and your recovery time. And Get well soon! coz we all miss your kind comments..I love recipes of Karnataka and your collections is an added golden line to the bunch. I am eagerly looking fwd for your lingayats recipe's...Kajaya looks great I think we call chegodilu in telugu

Take care and a big hugs (((((hugs))))

FH said...

Hi Shyam, good to see you.Thanks, hope I will get clean bill next eye appointment.Enjoy the Chennige:))

Sreelu, BR hills are new I guess.I haven't been to India in a long time.Sounds great to camp in the forest!!
I will check the blogs just few hrs in a day,so I don't make my eyes worse!:)

Anonymous said...

Loved all the Karnataka goodies and the informative history too, Asha. Huli would be the one for me to try first. Glad to hear you're feeling better... keep on resting up and take good care of you! :)

Foodlovers said...

Hi Asha,
Nice see ur post about our Karnataka.... And also to hear about ur recovery....
I love to visit ur blog everyday... u surprise me all the time with something new...
My good wishes to u & will see u soon... & good wishes to ur Son who helped u with this blog

Mishmash ! said...

SOOO nice to hear from you , y'day I was wondering whether you will be coming up with your wed post! Even dropped a comment on Aroma when the 'Asha mark' was missing from blogworld :) So nice to see u back and great to know that u re doing well.

Is that your handicrafts collection? Anyway good choice and great to see authentic karnataka cuisine...learning more and more :) You take care and dont strain your eyes too much :)


Srivalli said...

wow asha...its so good to have you back!...hope everything went well and thanks for the nice comments!

J said...

Hey Asha! I did expect you to post today when I saw your pawprints on my blog yday :) Good to hear our healing fast but do take more rest dear! Mailed you yday. nice recipes, though it's difficult to choose which ones I'll make from the Kannadiga blogs... aren't there a whole lot of them! I love that letter opener, so pretty!:)

bee said...

ash, sending you hugs and wishing you a full and speedy recovery. all through our vacation, i was wondering how you were. glad to know you are well.

i made something for your event. will post it in a day or two.

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! very happy to know that very soon, you are getting better. Yummy karnataka dishes. Just love them. Never tasted them. But for your event, I am going to prepare a karnataka dish. I will post it very soon.


Laavanya said...

So glad to hear that you are doing fine and recovering well. Am sure your corneas will cool soon so you can see short distances.

What a lovely kannadiga spread - mouth watering indeed. The crunchy pakoras, nice twist on the chitranna. One more yummy gourd dish and those fried beauties served at weddings! Thanks Asha for such authentic recipes.

Take lots of care and rest well.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Happy to hear that you are doing good. Take good rest and recover fast. You made my jaw drop when I saw your karnataka post. You are one dedicated blogger. You have something in store always. Nice dishes. All new to me. Hey, one doubt. Is puliyodhara (tamarind rice) a karnataka dish too?

Tee said...

good to hear about your speedy recovery, Asha.
Lovely spread of authentic dishes...especially loved the Kayi Masale Chitranna! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Yay!! Great to hear that you are doing well after your lasik surgery. As I mentioned earlier, it is amazing to see how well planned and dedicated you are to food blogging. It was kinda different not to see your encouraging comments to other bloggers. I think a lot of fellow bloggers and non-bloggers missed your presence the past week in the food blogging world. Anyway, good luck and best wishes for a complete recovery.


TBC said...

Dear Asha,
It is so nice to see your post today in spite of the fact that you just had surgery last week. I am very glad to hear that the surgery went well & you are recovering well:-). But please take rest & do not strain your eyes. Thank you so much for visiting my blog even at a time like this. You are the B-E-S-T & u R-O-C-K!!!

All your recipes today look good & are real traditional treasures.

Sending loads of love, hugs & good wishes your way:-)

archana said...

Hi Asha,
I am soooooooo thrilled to see your post and am happy that you are recovering fast :)Just don't over strain your self. I will be posting my RCI entry shortly.
Your Karnataka recipes are looking fabulous, pictures superb.
Just take care.

Namratha said...

Asha dear, I'm glad you are recovering and thank God everything went well for you :) Awesome post for RCI, love the kajjaya looks so mouth watering! Am looking forward to your next one as well ..get well soon honey!

Pooja V said...

Glad to know u r doing better. I hope u get better v v soon. As sual ur post is excellent n recipes are really nice. I just loved kajjaya.

Latha said...

Dear Asha,
So good to see u back in action! So good to also hear about how your vision is so much better and getting better! U are one strong woman! Have admired that in you.
Wonderful dishes and a superb post! The essence of Karnataka. I am also getting ready to make some authentic dishes. My parents are in Las vegas this week with my camera! So cannot take any pics.
:-) saving the dishes for next week. Loved the masale chitranna! want to try that soon.
Hugs and get better soon!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Hi A! Good to see you back. Wish you a speedy rest of recoery!
I'll be posting my authentic Karnataka recipe this week!
Take care!

Pravs said...

Happy to see your posts and to read you are recovering really well.
The two dishes looks simply delicious. I think i can try the sweet dish.. i have the ingredients with me now. Love sweets with jaggery.

Seena said...

Great post Asha..nice pictures..Loved reading your post.take care.

starry said...

Asha glad to know that your surgery is over and you are recovering well.Thanks for sharing all that info about karnataka, did not know so much even though I am from learn new things everyday. take care and warm hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to you from across the miles.

Manasi said...

I will say this again! U superwoman, u!!! Very happy to know that ur lasik surgery went smoothly! Take care and please don't strain urself!
Lovely entries!
~hugs~ to u!!

Unknown said...

Hi Asha,
Drooling over your bisi bisi kajjaya...never made kdalebele huli to this day, its always togaribele. Will definetly try. we have the same sandle-wood paper cutter at our house, the smell always reminds me of home. Take care...

sallywrites said...

Hi Asha!!

So glad it went so well. i ahve been lucky and never had to need glasses, but recently I have become a bit long sighted... Age! Can they correct it the other way too?


DesiGirl said...

Hi Asha,
Learnt about your Lasik surgery just now - I hope you are doing well now. It won't do for our favourite foodie to be away from her comp and her blog for too long now, would it? :))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha, I am trying to get oldest recipes from some ajjis known to me. One will be anttu unnde. Though I know the ingredients, I am waiting for the proportions.
Your kajjaya is good. I heard it is made from rice soaked and dried in shade , and ground.
Do leave some recipes for others also!

Suganya said...

Glad to know u r doing well Asha. Take it slow. Blogging can always wait.

bha said...

Good to see you Asha, we really missed you here. Great post for the RCI...blogging, you can take it a little slower forthe time being

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!
glad that you are recovering . plz take care of your eyes .
All the recipes yopu posted today are new to me except kajjaya.Shape and name are different but i think there is some sweet like that even in andhra.Iam not much into,I don't know well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well and that your eyes are getting better by the day. You are so brave to go through Lasik! I've thought about doing it too, but even if I wasn't such a sissy my doc tells me my eyesight is so bad surgery wouldn't give me 20/20. Alas!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha

Glad to know that u are recovering well from your surgery. My parents are from a village closer to gundelpet so the kadlebele huli makes it appearance on our menu quite frequently..... the kajjaya reminded me of the talks I had with my mom when she visited us recently.... there is another sweet dish called sikkinunde that she said would be made and sent with the girl when she went back after visiting her parents. The one thing I always miss is the kadlehuli ( kadle kaalu and baale kai ) and the boondi and akki payasa that was always made at ALL weddings in our village. Oh gosh I miss those days..... I tried to make it at home but I cant seem to satisfy my tongue with the stuff that I tried to recreate.

I have to try the benne biscuit recipe and I just hope and wish that somebody somewhere has the honeycake recipe.... I have tried googling it and cant seem to find the recipe for that.... I cant seem to wait for the RCI to end to see all the wonderful karnataka recipes that people have tried.....

Good luck....

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you are recovering well from the surgery. But really, please, give them some more rest and your self, too. I find that the first week after a hospital stay, you find your self very rejuvenated. It is after the week's high that the low come sin. So please, take it easy.

To the recipes, I love the kajjayas. I like the red-head version than the brunette, too. :D On my to do list. Get well soon!

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
i was just trying to add a picture to my profile.for that reason i posted the strawberries picture..he hee heeee:-DDD

ChrisB said...

Asha you are amazing to be recovering so quickly. I loved reading all the history and seeing all the photos from your links :)

FH said...

Thanks Jeena,go ahead and help yourself!:D

Padma,this is the Lingayat post since they are mom's and Ajjis recipes,they don't eat any meat!:)
I will check for Chegodilu too,exciting:)

I will Linda, enjoy the Huli.Checking blogs just for few hrs a day,then rest my eyes:))

Aw, thank you foodlovers!:)) Yeah, my son is very helpful,he will do it for me even if doesn't like it!:D

shn, I go Pier One looking for made in India stuff except that Sandalwood paper cutter.That is from Mysore,it smells so good,takes me home in an instant!:))
Thanks sweetie, hugs.

Manjula said...

Nice to hear your surgery went well.
wow..these recipes are so authentic! I have so much to learn about Karnataka recipes!! So many recipes here

musical said...

Dear Ashakka,

Soooooooo good to see you back :). I am glad it went off well. You must reat a bit, we insist :). So sweet of Tushar to have helped you. Its such a yummy spread akka! I espcially love the chitranna! HAVE to make it soon :). and lovely information too. also on my list is the kadlabele huli. excellent dishes, all of them. I am still scratching my head on what to make (there are far too many things i love!).

once more, take lots of rest :).

lots of hugs,

FH said...

Thank you Sri. I am checking the blogs slowly for few hrs and then rest!:)

J, Arvind didn't let me go on the Laptop for 5 days and then yesterday,I tried commenting on few blogs,not all,got tired.But feels great to see the blogs though:)
I haven't checked the mail at all, I will this weekend.Thanks.

Thanks Bee! Looking forward to your entry too!:)
I knew you were on vacation,looking forward to hear all about that too.Love all the pics you post!:)

Thank you Jyoti.I know Karnataka recipes aren't many out there,so I am encouraging all of you to cook at least one for round up.It would be great to check in one place!:)

FH said...

Laavanya,I hope so too.I don't want to trade one specs to another reading glass!!:D Enjoy:))

Kribha, we call Puliyadarai "Hulianna"! Boring name but almost the same with less spices, make it!:))

Thanks Tee, go ahead and try.My fave too:))

Sudha,I am overwhelmed by all your affection and well wishes.I was only away for 5 days,it feels like forever though for me too!But I am glad I had This Lasik,feels so good,takes a little time to adjust but not bad at all:))

FH said...

tbc, thank you. Even I am surprised that it didn't hurt that much except little discomfort.Glad I did it:))

Archana,I will rest.Just few hrs a day and then Laptop shuts. Enjoy the recipes:))

Namratha, thank you. Next week is just just my garden and more pics,my yearly post I do.Would be fun fun too:))

Pooja, I loved the taste of Kajjaya too, just like old days but it doesn't LOOK like my ajji's homemade Kajjayas for some reason!:D

FH said...

Latha, you gave up your camera to Las Vegas? Blasphemy!!;D
Las Vegas is wonderful,I am sure they enjoy it and the bring lot of photos too. Looking forward to your entries next week,plenty of time. Thanks:))

Roopa, thank you. Authentic recipes!I am rubbing my hands with delight!:)

Pravs,Jaggery makes everything so aromatic, just feels like we are in India. My grandfather used to grow Sugarcanes and make Jaggery in the farm to sell.I can still smell the aroma of cooking Molasses!:)

Seena, thanks girl. Enjoy:))

Lalitha, I missed you,haven't been in all the blogs so far,need to rest.Hope I didn't miss much:)
Thanks. Every state has so much to learn , it amazes too!

FH said...

LOL! Manasi, thanks.Superwoman with almost clear sight too! YAY!:)

Madhu, my Mysore ajji call it "kalle uli"! Hahaha! Try it, it's really tasty,you can any veg like Green beans.
Kasigondu Kajjaya!The best sweet but wish I knew the exact recipe to make it dark,may they add Raagi flour,I don't know but tastes like Kajjaya I used to eat!:)

Sally, you are lucky! My whole family in India do not have Myopia except me!! Glad I went thru' this.
After 40, reading gets harder naturally,so I don't think they fix that because my Surgeon told although he is fixing the Myopia,I may still have to use reading glasses as I get older.Wish they could laser that too but I don't they will unfortunately!

LOL! Desi girl, it took all 5 days for me to get on the PC again while I should be resting!! Obsessive compulsive behavior is not for us bloggers!:D

FH said...

Latha, looking forward to Antuu Unde.My maternal ajji used to make it,don't know the recipe.It was big , sticky I think with lots of Bella and soft too.I am drooling here!:D
Ajjis always do the stuff old fashioned,soaking,drying on the cloth in the shape and then making into powder.It's exhausting,I just use Mexican Rice flour we get here!Hahaha!

Suganya, thanks girl.I am trying not to be on PC too much too:))

Bha, thanks. I will. I will shut this as soon as I reply here.Hugs:))

Madhavi,somebody said it's called Ariselu in Telugu,interesting how my Mysore village people got that too!:D

FH said...

Ari, my eyesight was -7.5 and -9.75, I don't think you are bad ,are you? Surgeon told me the same,"I try my best to fix it but no guarantees" but he did a good a job. Minor problem so far,hope you try.I made a whole post about Lasik at Aroma about that too with details!:))

Suma,Kadlekaau,balekai is a great combo,I might make it for JFI Banana.Sikkinunde and antu unde ,if they are the same,it's coming in the round up here!:)
My grandparents used to make Obbattu,Kadalebele payasa for festivals,so good:))
No luck with Honey cake though.I will try googling for it.

Vee, I am a weird alien! I didn't even have the burning sensation when you get cut so bad on the Cornea and lasered off!!:P
I will rest my eyes,I keep the PC logged off and closed after few hrs. Kajjaya, it tasted the same as I remembered but I do miss the dark one! :D

Hello Strawberry Swapna!:D
I thought you are going to cook something with those!:)

FH said...

Chris, Myspre palace is one of beautiful palaces in India, they still have 22 carat gold Throne in the palace for people to see.Enjoy.
I am getting there to recovery slowly!:)

Manjula,it's true.We have forgoteen so many of our grandmothers cooking.I tried to remember some of these from many yrs as a child.It's great! Wish we had a cookbook on Karnataka cuisine!:)

Hi Musical,I will rest, I promise.After I reply to you, my Laptop will be shut for today!:))
There are still 20 more days for RCI,so don't worry.I will just keep reminding you until you get sick of me,that's all!:D
I am scratching my head for Bihar cuisine in fact, no clue about that either like Oriya!!

Mansi said...

Wow, I love your pakodas and the dish you've served them in!!! your lauki koftas are similar to what I make, I just use besan instead of potatoes:) and your bottle-gourd halwa!! man, I've got to try that!!

Hope you get fit and fine soon!! Don't work too hard is more important!!

Anonymous said...

hi asha
good to know that u r recovering fast.
the dishes r looking delicious.


FH said...

Hi Mansi, I add Besan too sometimes,gourds tend to be watery even with Potatoes! I will rest,I blog for few hrs, that's all these days!Enjoy the Halwa:))

Thank you Shalini. Enjoy. I couldn't miss my own dishes for RCI Karnataka,could I?:D

TheCooker said...

Hey Asha, good to know that everything went off as planned.

FH said...

Thank you TC. I am recovering well!:))

Anonymous said...

good to have you back again ashaji :-) I just love that green coloured chitranna rice and even though it involves some grinding, I know thatI have to cook it - hopefully this weekend !

Rajitha said...

asha... you remind me so much of my aunt, she is a total sweetheart and a nut too ;) those pakodas look to die for...take care of ur eyes and do not increase ur doc's bank balance!!

saakshi said...

Welcome back girl. Glad to know you are feeling better. And again great recipes from a great gal. Can you please walk me thru the steps of posting for RCI KARNATAKA event. This is the first time i'm entering any event. Please........I know it sounds silly:(

Sig said...

welcome back girl... glad to know everything went fine.... I still can't get myself to do it though, I'm happy with contacts :)

deepsat said...

Nice to see you back Asha!! Get well soon!

Much familiar with the karnataka cuisines after being here for quite some time now!!

Take care!!


Anonymous said...

good to know u r fine sis.
glad everything went well. do take rest. dont strain yourself and guess took me a day to finish this post. ufffff poor me
btw whats plain flour? maida?
those pakodas are darlings...luv them
chitrannam got everything....even the color...ufff now ur making me hungry
Kadalebele Huli is good work though
its hard to get the Kajjaya right without proportions....but they look good. u sure did succeed.
we have similar onces too.....need to contact my granny for that ;)
nwyays have a good one.
take care

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooh..the dishes look good..i'm going to try the chitranna and the dosa side- dish..will let you know how it went :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

oh and glad to know that your surgery went well..get well soon :)

amna said...

and u are back :D :D

good recipes as always

Keshi said...

Glad to hera ur ok babez. Take it easy now. HUGGGGGGGGZ!

Karnatak cuisine ha..look very very ineteresting! U r a very talented woman Asha. And ur kids r so very lucky! :)


Anonymous said...

Asha, Good to see ya back and glad you are getting better. Thanks for sharing these woderful Karnataka recipes.

Take rest in between and ejoy what you do.

Roopa said...

Hi Dear Asha, good to see you back! hope you are doing fine now do take rest and what a lovely post. Wow bayalli neeru barutha idde kajaya mathe kayi anna nodi. :)

Raaga said...

mouthwatering as always. It is so good to have you back. But you get well soon and don't strain your eyes too much.

Rachna said...

hi asha, good to nkow that you are recovering... take rest, u will be fine.... lovely karnataka post... my hubby spent most of his life in mysore... will make kajjaya for him...and surprise him :)

FH said...

Abha,Masale Chitranna is really tasty, hope you try:))

Rajitha,that's true.Surgeon got $2500 out of 4 grand for 15 mins work!! Isn't that cool?:D
But he did a really good job.

Saakshi, read my announcement page for detailed info. Basically,cook,post with my logo,so I can know it's for me and send the URL and a photo to the e mail I have provided.That's it!You can send old post too if it's realyy an authentic dish!:))

Sig,it takes literally 15mins. Believe me, you will be lot happier and save lot more money too in the long run.Hope you read the LASIK post at Aroma.If your vision is slightly Myopic,it's even easier:)

FH said...

Thank you Sathish.Karnataka cuisine is simple and delicious, no fancy stuff in our land!:D
Glad I went thru' Lasik,good to get rid of specs at last!

Hahaha!! Anusha sis, just 4 recipes this week girl!!:)
Maida is plain flour in US,Pakodas are excellent but Kajjaya could be little darker like real ones.
Thanks, hugs. Take your time ,don't hurry to leave comment!:))

Hi M, enjoy the recipes. I was only gone for 5 days but feels like 5yrs!!:D
Hope you had great Labor day weekend:)

Nags!!! YUP, risen from the ashes like Phoenix already!!;D

FH said...

Keshiii!!:)) Thanks you baby.I am doing very well,feels great to see the World with my own two eyes!:D
YUP! Simple, humble dishes of Karnataka,just like us!:D

Thank you Pria, I will!:))
It's amazing how fast I recovered, feels great!

Roopa, thanks.Real Kajjaya recipe gottidre post madi, nandu swalpa golden color ide.Chitranna ruciyagirutte. Enjoy.I am doing well here,quick recovery:))

I will rest Raaga.Just few hrs a day,then I will do other things!:) Hope you not working too hard these days too girl!Hugs:))

Rachna,he grew up in Mysore? We are all connected in some ways,it's wonderful!:)
Oh yeah,he will enjoy Kajjaya if he familiar with the sweet.Make it!:))

Beccy said...

Asha, I'm delighted that you are recovering so quickly but make sure you take plenty of rest as well.

FH said...

Thank you Beccy, I will rest my eyes most of the day.For 1-2 hrs I do go on the blogs,too much temptation!:))

Richa said...

YAY! asha is back, what a quick recovery, sweetie! good to know things are well now :)
i see a huge karnataka series coming on... lovely assortment of dishes. i got back from my mini vacation and now need one more vacation to get over it...LOL!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! I'm so glad that the surgery went well and that you are up and about!

And this is a great post! Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents, so it was interesting to learn where it grows.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

What a wonderful recovery (thank goodness!). Thank you for writing a little on the Laser surgery, sounds fascinating. I have prescription glasses (a very low number, as a result I don't wear my glasses often) but I am wondering if I should do this surgery too?

Thank you for the lovely Karanataka feast..there is a place on the way to Mysore, I don't remember what it is called but it's a restaurant styled like a typical North Canara village and they serve a delicious thali.

I really appreciate all the recipes you share with us, especially the ones passed on to you by your mother and grandmother, I feel really honored and lucky to have access to these recipes. Thanks again Asha!

FH said...

Richa, thanks,I am surprised myself how quick my recovery was! YUP! Hate to get back to routine work at home after eating out and having fun! But got to do it!:))

Anali, thanks,I am doing well!:)
Mysore has many Sandalwood trees, some artifacts are exclusively made for Import because these trees are protected by the Indian Govt and big chunks of Sandalwood is illegal to bring out of the country!I love the Aroma too:)

You are welcome Lotus!:))
If you have under -3.0 power,I don't think you need to.As we age it's natural to lose some vision which doesn't call for any surgery.As you can read, mine was wayyy beyond normal!:D
Glad I did it,very nice feeling not to wear specs but still healing,let's see waht happens next week:)
For K'taka, I thought I would really dig in my brain to get some authentic ones!;D
Glad you liked it.

Neelam said...

Hi Asha, glad you r back and recovering so soon!Very nice recipes as always. Also read the Lasik post but will read it again at leisure! Nice post..take care!Get well Soon.

Priyanka said...

Asha..its so heartening to know that u r recovering well from the lasik. And you have managed to cook up quite a meal...loved the CHitranna rice....great entries

FH said...

Thank you Neelam!:))
Thought LASIK post will help people who will want to know how it all goes down and help them to make a decision.Glad you liked it.

Prianka,thanks girl.I made two posts before I went for the surgery,so it was easy.However, I have to start cooking for next posts,now that I am back to normal,almost!!:D
Enjoy the recipes.

Kay said...

Dear Asha, Get well soon. And get all the rest you need though I'll miss you until you come back.

We too have a snack from kongu naadu called 'kachayam' though I've never tried to find an 'actual' recipe for that. :) not a fav. of mine... but your recipe look a lot different with rice and wheat flour.. and what a wonderful idea to use mustard bottle. I'm going to borrow that idea - heheee!

It's been a long time since I participated in food blog events - but this one I will certainly do. There are a few kannadiga food very close to heart. :) Not blogging about them seems like an injustice.

Anonymous said...

hi asha good to know about ur surgery get well soon.we need u more.Great recipes and write up about karnataka.i lived in mysore when i was an infant and had lot of fascination about the state i don't know any thing except masala dosa and bisibelle i know some more after blogging all these days.take care.don't strain ur eyes.

FH said...

Kay,Kachayam from Kongunadu seems to be the one girl!!! Bummer you don't have the recipe.Pester your grandma!
I use Mustard bottle to make Jalebis too, great thing that one,costs 99cents!;D
Looking forward to your entries, 19 days left now!! Thanks Kay:)

Ramya, I was raised in Mysore until I was 10 and went to a boarding school in Mysore before my dad became judge and starting getting transferred all over Karnataka. So I am pretty much grew up all over K! Enjoy the recipes, these are pretty special from my grand mothers!:)

Cynthia said...

You are so organised! I know that you would have prepared stuff for us before you left. That's why you're such a good mother.

Kajal said...

Take care Asha for your eyes.....eyes are very delicate part of our body.......Your Pakoda looks really very crispy........This is nice dish with nice combination of grated coconut, garlic, green chillies and ginger and also nice taste with mint leaves.........thanks for sharing. Mysore Maduve........looks very crispy.:)Take care Asha for your eyes……eyes are very delicate part of our body….Your Pakoda looks really very crispy….This is nice dish with nice combination of grated coconut, garlic, green chillies and ginger and also nice taste with mint leaves......thanks for sharing. Mysore Maduve........looks very crispy.:)

Anonymous said...

Karnataka is one of my favourite states. As I think I mentioned earlier too, I have visted Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, New Mangalore, Dharwad, Karwar etc several times.

But strangely, I didn't find the dishes you have mentioned in your post anywhere, except Pakodas, which are ubiquitous anywhere in India. It is sad to realize that the medu vada type of dish you have mentioned as a must during weddings, has been replaced by boondi laddos. I have nothing against laddoos, but according to me, the individual dishes of each place should be maintained. I feel you are doing a wonderful job towards this end. Just last night I was watching Floyd's India (A proramme about food on the Discovery India channel) and he was concentrating on Indian food. He seemed so fascinated in the whole programme cooking the south Indian dishes, that I as an Indian was indeed overwhelmed. We have a rich heritage, and we must ensure the world gets to see it, as it truly is.

Many thanks Asha.

By the way, is your daughter liking her new car?

FH said...

Thank you Cynthia.It's true that when you are a mom,you always worry what they are going eat while you sick etc although they would happily eat fast food anytime!:D
Good thing is now I relying on the frozen food I made before.Thanks Cynthia:)

Thank you Kajal. I will rest my eyes most of the day,only for few hrs ,I will check blogs etc.Enjoy the recipes.Kajjayas are crisp and soft inside, yum!:))

Hi Kulpreet, thank you!:)
Since I post multiple recipes in 1 post,unless you search for particular recipe in the recipe Index ,it's little hard to find.I do have many traditional Mysore and Sakalehpura(coffee estates) recipes in my blog, but not much of Mangalore dishes.But other Kannadiga bloggers do have those.
These recipes here are really authentic,not available in restaurants.That's why I have to think extra hard to remember old dishes.This Pakoda is different too,try it at home!:)
Trisha is still practicing driving and enjoying her car indeed, still need to get a full driving license to drive to school!:))

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I am very happy to see your post. Take plenty of rest. Soon I will post my RCI (Karnataka).
Take care of your health Asha:-)
Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

MT, thank you, I will.I only check blogs for short time and rest my eyes after that:)
Looking forward to your entry, yummy!

OH, I just checked the Saagu but your comment section has disappeared to leave a comment,hope you will fix it.Thanks for a wonderful entry MT:))

Anonymous said...

Your food looks amazing, and glad to hear your surgery went so well. I am far too chicken to do anything like that with my eyes!

sunita said...

Sooo glad to know that you're take your time until you heal for the dishes, love all of them.

Mandira said...

hi asha, good to know that the surgery went well, good luck with the recovery. So good to see you back in action though :) the kodbole looks delicious, I love them

Kalpana said...

Happy to hear Tushar typed this post for you. Great! Such a lovely kid. Thanks for sharing everything.........

FH said...

Hi Lisa, thank you!:)
I waited for many many yrs too before I made that first phone call for appointment!It's great feeling now without specs!:D

Thank you Sunita. I am doing very well now, not a problem thankfully!:))

Mandira, thank you! I am glad I didn't have any major complications too! Sweet Kodubale, taste great too,try it!:))

He did help Kalpana, great caring kid!:))
Thanks girl, have a great weekend.

Pearl said...

Glad to hear your surgery and recovery are so smooth.

Prajakta said...

Asha, good to know that all went well. Wish you a speedy recovery.

THe chitranna looks great, will be trying soon...

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha, So glad to hear you're doing well. Do stick with what the doctor tells you. It's important.
You're SO organised!! This post is really informative and great recipes too! I'm trying to imagine an Indian Silicon Valley. Difficult as I've never been to the American one...
Take care of yourself.
Amanda x

FH said...

It did go very well Pearl. I am doing well now, thank you!:))

Hi Prajakta, thanks girl.I see better and better everyday!:)

Hi Amanda, thanks. Surgery was like magic! I am so glad I went for it. I have a weekly check up on Monday,I am sure they will give okay me!:)
Oh, LOT of Software companies set up in B'lore and Hyderabad, a great opportunity for all Indian Engineers there,while US Silicon Valley went thru' tough time!
Have a great weekend Amanda:)

Arts said...

Lots of yummy snacks to try for me :) Love it when u share veggie recipes..
good to know abt ur recovery.. take care and rest as well!

FH said...

You are pure vegetarian like my mother and grandmother,aren't you? I like veggies most of the the time too:))
I am resting this weekend, enjoy the recipes.Have a good one AArti:))

satya said...

Hi Asha
Hats off to you.No wonder you have this many well wishers.Your kajjayas recipe sounds interesting.Ariselu do not have as many ingredients.Freshly ground riceflour is added to thick jaggery syrup and pressed into discs like puris.Some til seeds or poppy seeds are sprinkled over them before deep frying.And yes, they are a must for weddings in andhra.
Wishing you speedy recovery.

Bharathy said...

Asha!!!happy to see you back...missed you soo much!!..and still
Get better..ff ff faster!!:)

Lovely post!! usual..dear!

Hugs to Thushar for being so lovely!!

Take care..

timepass said...

Dear Asha, this is my first visit to ur blog. I am a big fan of Kannada cuisine. My best wishes for ur speedy recovery. I will try to participate in the event.

FH said...

Satya, thank you so much!:)
Ariselu does sound way different from Kajjaya we make, which are more like Uddin vada with holes.Thanks for Ariselu recipe too,sounds great too,got to make one day.

Thank you Bharathy. I am remarkably well, couldn't stay from Lappy more than 5 days! Hahaha! Hugs to you girl:))

Hey timepass!:) Timepass is such a typical Kannada word around B'lore,it makes me smile.Thanks for visiting and for your wishes. I am doing well:)

SMN said...

Hey Asha,

amazing.. no words.. even i dont know so much about karnataka being a karnatakian.. :( take care
Chitranna and all the dishes luks nice thnx for sharing.

FH said...

smn, there are lots of K dishes we don't know at all, so don't worry,you are not alone. What we must do is to ask moms and grandmas to treasure their cooking and dishes.They are all so wonderful,little hard to make but delicious.Have a great weekend:))

Arun Shanbhag said...

What a beautiful spread!
we are running out of ideas for Sunday lunch and the chitranna looks delicious.

Glad to hear you are doing well and please recuperate well - there is no rush to reply quickly!


FH said...

Hi Arun, good to see you man! LOVED your entry,I took the first photo,hope that's okay.A recipe with a photo attracts attention and increase the traffic to your blog.Hope you have more like that.
I am doing well, I had to check my mail today,haven't been able to since the 30th! Have a great Sunday,thanks again:))

Jayashree said...

Good to read that you're doing well.
Good, informative post. At the risk of repeating myself, i must say that I appreciate all the effort that you put into your posts.
Nice recipes....especially the pakodas and the kajjaya. Thank you.

FH said...

You are welcome Jaya, enjoy! I appreciate your comment too,makes me happy!:))

accidental diva said...

Hey asha...ive been reading your posts for sometime now..just was too lazy to comment.
hope you are recovering well from your surgery

By the way I'm from karnataka too..n'loved the recipe's you have here.being a newly married girl who had never cooked previously..your blog has been a major help for me. Thanx n keep posting:)

accidental diva said...

oh ya..even though I'm still learning..I will try n post my entry for RCI asap:)

Keshi said...

Hope ur much better today.

TC Asha n TY!

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha,

I have started a new blog and posted a recipe for RCI Karnataka. Please check it once you have recovered.Get well soon:)..


FH said...

Hello lazy bum AD!!;D
Thanks for taking time.I am doing well now,survived without any complications!
It took me quite a few yrs too to learn after I got married,so you will be quite okay.Looking forward to your entry too,post it.Thank you,hugs to newly married!:))

Hope the same from you too Kesh!:))
I took a break this weekend,rested a little,feeling great.Got to see the eue doc today at 2pm,will see.Have a good Monday ,hugs:)

Vijaya, good to hear that, I will check AAP. If you are new blogger,always leave your blog URL,sometimes profiles don't take me there when I click.I will try and see your blog now.I am excited what you got for me!:))

Shivapriya said...

I'm just came back from vacation n look at this......
Its a treat Asha, I'm learning a lot about Karnataka Cuisine from you n sia.
Get well soon dear. Do lemme know if you need anything.

Chickoo said...

I was just reading your Lasik experience, glad to know that you are doing good. Thanks for the words of support, means a lot!


FH said...

Hi ShivaPriya, glad you are back, hope you had great break!:))
I am doing very well now. What do I need from you? Hmm..!! Cook for RCI K! Hahaha!!Enjoy the recipes girl.Thanks.

Deepa, good to see you. Keep communicating with your akka, that's the only thing you can do from here.Rest is up to God you know! Hang in there.We all go thru' something or the other in life,can't help it but to cope with it! Hugs to you, take care:)
I am doing well, just came back,eye doc, said I am healing well.

Smita said...

I tried the gourd curry and it was wonderful. Thanks.

ServesYouRight said...

OMG - you are truly amazing!! When is your booking coming out? I am waiting in line to buy it, autographed edition!!! So glad you're doing well, post-lasik. Good wishes,


Shionge said...

Sorry sweetie I've been late in view of my travel and came round to know about your lasik...hope you are progressing well now my dear.

You are so brave I am still not game for it yet :D

Lissie said...

hi asha,
i am a mallu from bangalore. yours is a very good site. lots of karnataka specialities! will visit you often. please do visit my blog too.

FH said...

You are welcome Smita. I am glad you tried and liked it too!:))

Hello Smita, thanks girl!:))
I loved your entries too, very authentic! You know, somebody needs to write a book a book about K'taka cuisine.With much searching,I found one little book on K cuisine!!
I am doing well,got a clean bill yesterday by eye doc!:))

FH said...

Hi Shi, good to see you. Your China is wonderful to read and look at pics,I enjoyed it.You are a lucky girl!:)
I am doing well, it's not bad at all.It's such a joy to see the World so clear and colorful now!:D
Have a great week, hugs.

Hi Lissie, a mallu in B'lore!YAY!! What a great mix of cultures you have.Good to hear that.
I will check your blog too, nice to see you.Enjoy!:))

Sharmi said...

lovely post Asha!! my two eyes are not enough to drool at your post. very beautiful. I yet have to do my home work on the RCI

Smita said...

Was thrilled to receive your comment on my blog:).......let me know how your lasik went....I am thinking of getting it done too.....

Unknown said...

Hello Asha, Its grt to know that you went through and recovered from LASIK surgery from the last time I checked your blog. I am yet to take up the challenge of cooking a Karnataka dish. But I plan to do something for Ganesha Habba this weekend. Maybe can get a grip on some recipe. I love the pics you post and the way you arrange your food! But if I may, the font on ur blog is really too big. Maybe you could reduce it or rearrange the page.

FH said...

Thanks Sharmi. Still have some time before 25th,so take your time.There are plenty of recipes around!:))

Smita, you are welcome.I have made a post at Aroma about LASIK in detail. See the third paragraph in this post, there is a link to go there!:)

Siri, thanks.There is plenty of time to cook for RCI K,Ganesha habba is perfect for that too! Send it after the 15th!:)
Why do you I have made bigger font? So I can see(I was half blind you know!)Hahaha!!
I don't dare to change the font or anything here now because all the small photos get jumbled up. I did that before and it took weeks for me to fix more than 100 posts and the photos too!!:)

Finla said...

Good to know that you are better.
And even hosting a event.
I am no expert on karnatake cuisine, but i'll look around and make something and send it to you.

FH said...

Thank you HC, I am well and healing faster! Looking forward to your entry too, you got until 25th to cook something!:))

Foodie said...

Loved the Karnataka special. Especially the plantation style wadas and chitranna.
Where are you dear? Hope you are feeling better after the surgery.
Loved your posts about bottlegourds, Indonesian rice fritters. (just love those) and other bottle gourd recipes too.
My goodness you are such a passionate cook.
Where do you find the seeds for bottlegourd, seriously, I am planning to grow them next year. I love that vegetable. Please do let me know where do I look for the seeds.
Take care of yourself dear. And miss your comments.

FH said...

Foodie, I am the first one who left a comment in your blog yesterday girl!:D
I am doing well, healing well too.Thank you, hope you try some of these.They are simple dishes.
I bought the seeds in Lowe's store.Every Spring,they sell lot of Gourd seeds, you just the Birdnest Gourd,they don't say Bottle gourd.Try and look for it next Spring.Also you might get them in Garden stores all year around too.Enjoy:)

Prema Sundar said...

Great post as usual .. happy to hear that u are doing well. karnataka dishes have started to pour in the blogosphere already ..

Seema Bhat said...

Glad to know you are doing fine after you surgery Ashakka. These entries are indeed a treat for all of us kannadigas. Ah Volle south indian thali hotel menu thara ide but my version is so very different from yours. I have bookmarked this one to try as well. You are taking more than 75% of my bookmark folder lady hee hee. Love ya.
Happy Chouthi.

FH said...

My recipes are more like Mysore and Malnaadu dishes Seema.I know few dishes from South Canara which I love!:)
Try one by one,no hurry.
You too have a wonderful time tomorrow.Hugs:)

Rohini's kitchen said...

Hi Asha ur pictures r very good..and mouth watering..Nice recipe will try it soon.

remya said...

hi ashaji,i was very happy when i got ur comment.ur blog is superb,lovely pics...really its an inspiration to all fellow bloggers specially for beginners like me.came to know that u recently did lasik...takecre n get well soon

FH said...

Hi Rohini, thank you.Enjoy the recipe.I see you are a new blogger,I will visit you if the profile take me there!:))

Remay,I did thru' LASIK 2 weeks ago,doing very well,thanks!:)
Nice to see the new bloggers always,enjoy blogging.Have a great day today.

SeeC said...

Very useful info.

Do take care of your eyes. Dont strain too much.

You seem to be very dedicated.
Feeling like staying in your site. Sooo good.

FH said...

I do feel obligated if I am comitted to something, so I keep on going!:D
Thanks SeeC, I am doing well, took about 5 days off!:))

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

Tried ur recipe for kayi masale chitranna, tasted heavenly. Made it again for potluck lunch, everybody loved it. Gave link to ur site. Thanks for such wonderful recipes.

FH said...

Aruna, glad you tried it.That's my mom's invention adding this and that one day, I love it every time I make it!:))
Enjoy, thanks for the feedback.

Divya and Chaya said...

koli saaru from the karnataka series is yummy! v want to try it soon and add it to our collection

bird's eye view said...

Hi Asha,

Good to know you're recovering from the LASIK. Take care and don't overstrain! I read your blog in more detail and I love both the pictures and the recipes. Your first RCI Karnataka post on Benne biskattu brought back fond memories of summer holidays in Bangalore. We used to always have those brought by the horde by our relatives, along with animal biscuits - remember those - which we cousins would fight over and those small savoury biscuits shaped like little cashews. The round-up was really interesting and I've got to go around printoing out a host of Karnataka recipes for me to try out.

Raks said...

Dear asha, great work you are doin,Take are your self too....Hope you recoverd completely...:))And you reply everybody...Thats really a manner to give a bow to you!!

FH said...

Thanks Dee and Chai.I clicked on your profile to go to your blog but can't seem to get in there.Leave your url next time, I will add to my reader and visit you. Enjoy the dish!:))

Hi B!:)) Didn't know you are from K'taka too! Good to know. I used to but benne biskattus in Mysore for my nephews, love them!:))
Thank you sweetie, enjoy:))

Thanks Raks. I feel that if somebody comes to your house, I should respect them by saying thank you but I know everybody cannot do that!:))
Hugs to you, have a fun weekend:))

Recipeswap said...

Hey Asha,

For Diwali, I tried the Mysore Kajjaya and the Pineaapple kheer.
Thank you so much for posting such easy methods.....I tried it, luvd it, called everyone back home and gloated abt it :)
Hey and Im from NC too almost forgot to mention that.


FH said...

Neema, so good to ear that you are from NC too, we have few bloggers from here!:))
Glad you enjoyed Kajjaya, I am not sure it's very authentic recipe but tastes great nevertheless. Enjoy!:))

Recipeswap said...

Hey Asha,

Happy Thanksgiving.I hope you and your family had a nice weekend.

I was really inspired by your blog and so I decided to start one,do look at it if possible,Iv posted just abt 3 recipes.
Plz leave suggestions as to how I can improve it or any tips in general.

FH said...

Hi N, thank you, we did have a great TG break! Hope you enjoyed it too. I will check your blog, welcome to blogosphere!:))

FH said...

Thanks Kaylee, I appreciate it, enjoy! :)