October 17, 2007


Happy Dasara/Navratri to all of you. Have a great time. I will be cooking a feast this Sunday and can you guess what's coming next Wednesday for JFI and RCI?!:D

I cooked few dishes and yummy Pav Bhaji for us in the last two or weekends weekends while I was taking a "break". I am still getting plum tomatoes, Okra and Eggplants from my veggie patch, thought Paneer Makhani dish would be perfect to use those Tomatoes.

Bee of Jugalbandi mentioned about a Mexican cheese product called "Queso Blanco" (White cheese), which is similar to Indian Paneer in her blog. I couldn't find Queso Blanco but did buy big hunk of "Queso Fresco"(Fresh Cheese) instead, loved the flavor. I found a smaller pack of Queso Blanco a week later. Queso Fresco is lot better tasting and creamier than store bought Indian Paneer. Just add the Fresco cheese chunks (no frying) to hot Makhani just before serving, absolutely delicious!
I cooked some Palak Paneer too with this cheese. Did I tell you my daughter is a cheese freak?!:D Thanks for the Queso info Bee!:)

Menu this week:
Paneer Makhani (Cheese in Buttery, creamy Tomato Sauce)
Quick rise Naans,
Tandoori Chicken to serve with Naan or Kesar Pulao,
Saffron(Kesar) Pulao,
Flavorful Kashmiri Yakhni Ande (Eggs).

Paneer Makhani:
Paneer is Indian cheese which is similar to block of cottage cheese which is replaced here with Mexican fresh cheese. Makhani in Hindi literally means Buttery sauce.

You need: 3 cups Tomato sauce, canned or home made, 1 tbsp oil, 1 onion, ground separately to paste, 1" fresh ginger and 2 garlic, ground to paste with 2 tbsp Melon or Pumpkin seeds or walnuts or Almonds or Cashews and 2 green chillies, 2 tsp Coriander seeds pd, 1 tsp fennel seeds pd, little turmeric, paprika or chilli pd , 1 tsp Garam Masala, 1/4 tsp Cardamom pd and 1/8 tsp Nutmeg pd and 1 tsp Kasoori(dry) methi leaves(both of these are optional).
2 tbsp sweet butter, 1/4 cup Heavy Cream, salt, and minced Cilantro.
To make Makhani:
1. Heat oil in non-stick pan,add and fry ground onion until softened, lightly reddish. Add in ground ginger and nut paste,stir for a minute or two. Turn down the heat.
2. Now, add all the dry spices,stir until thickish, don't burn it. Pour in Tomato sauce, add 1/2 cup or more water.mix well and simmer for 15 mins until thickish.
3. Add in butter, and cream,simmer very gently, adjust salt and heat. Add minced cilantro. Cool slightly. Put it in a bowl and heat in the microwave with 50% for 10mins to get butter glaze up..
4. Just before serving,heat up the sauce and add cubes of cheese.Serve with lemon slice and Pulao or Naan.

Paneer Makhani with quick rising butter Naans:
I have made 3 types of Naans so far here at FH(refer to Bread on the sidebar menu). Here is another quick rise Yeast Naan recipe I made. Try and see if you like these.

You need: 3 1/2 cups of plain flour, 2 packages of Red Star quick-rise highly active yeast,1/2 tsp Baking pd, 1 cup warm water, 1 tsp Salt,1 tbsp oil, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp crushed Fennel seeds, 1 tbsp plain Yogurt. 2 tbsp melted Butter + 1 tsp Garlic pd to brush on top.
To make Naans:
1. Warm water and oil in a bowl for 40 secs in the microwave until temp is between 115F-125F,(very imp!) add yeast and sugar. Let it foam for 5-10mins.
2. Sift the flour, salt, Baking pd. Rub in the yogurt , Fennel seeds and then add yeast mix and knead well until soft dough like for Chapati or knead in the KitchenAid with a dough hook. Add more water only if needed.
3. Brush some oil on the dough, cover and rest for an hour until doubled in a warm place or in the oven with pilot light on. I preheat the oven to warm(170F),turn it off and put the covered bowl with dough in there in colder weather. Punch down the dough.
3. Divide the dough into 6-8 or more balls, press one portion with your palm into 5"-6" circle 1/2" thick on a greased foil and pull one side to make a tear shape.Place it on a sheet. Repeat. Cover them with a clean towel and let them rise for few mins or until the oven heats up to 450F.
4. Preheat the oven to 450F, slide the cookie sheet with 3 Naans at a time, bake for 5-7 mins until they are golden on top. Repeat with others.
5. Take them out, brush with Garlic butter immediately and cool on the rack or serve immediately or cover with foil until you are ready.

Oven baked Tandoori Chicken:
This is the usual basic marinade for all the Tandoori chicken I make.You can add any other spices of your choice and grill in the broiler for a caramelized crust on top. I baked this time for a softer meat, grill it after you cooked if you like.

This is how you make it:
1. Wash, poke few holes with a knife in 4-6 Chicken Drumsticks or legs, keep them aside.
2. Grind 1 onion, 1" fresh ginger, 2 Garlic to a paste, add to a big oven proof dish.
3. To this, add 1 tbsp butter, 1 tsp Paprika or chilli pd, 2 tsp Garam masala, 1 tbsp Tandoori masala (or 1 tsp cumin pd and a drop each of Orange and red food color), salt, 1/2 cup Yogurt, 1 tsp Lemon juice, mix well.
4. Add chicken to the this mix, coat well, cover and keep in the fridge overnight or for at least 6hrs, occasionally turning the chicken to marinate well.
5. Next day or after 6hrs, heat the oven to 375F. Keep the whole bowl in the oven and bake for 35-45 mins or until cooked well, basting the gravy over the chicken now and then to keep them moist.
6. Once cooked, take the chicken out of the liquid. You can grill the top for few mins if you want the grilled look. Serve with sliced onion rings and Lemon slices along with Naan or Pulao.
7. I reduce the liquid by cooking it in the Microwave to serve in the gravy boat or you can discard the liquid.

Kesar(Saffron) Pulao:
Make Saffron flavored and seasoned rice to serve with chicken dish or any other gravy. Lightly fragrant and colorful (not to mention the expensive spice,Saffron!:D), a great dish to serve with meat and veg gravy.

To make Kesar Pulao:
1. Heat 1/2 tbsp butter, add 4 cloves, 1 bay Leaf, few peppercorns, 1/2" Cinnamon,1 whole crushed Cardamom for 1/2 a minute.
2. Add this seasoning to a big enough microwavable bowl with 2 cups of long grain rice, 1/8 tsp salt, 3 1/2 cups of water, 1 tsp Lemon juice and 1/4 tsp Saffron strands or 1/8 tsp Saffron powder and cook uncovered on high for 13 mins.
3. Add 1 cup frozen Greenpeas, cover the bowl with a plate and cook for 6 more mins at 50% power or cook the rice as you do usually.
4. Let it rest for 2 mins and with a fork, mix and fluff the rice.

Yakhni Eggs with Kesar Pulao:

To make Yakhni Ande:
1. Hard boil 4 Eggs, peel, slice halfway and keep them aside.
2. Make 2 portions that is double the quantity of Kashmiri Yakhni (Sauce) as shown in the linked post.
3. If you want the sauce a little thicker, add 1 tbsp toasted and ground Almonds, 2 tsp roasted Chickpea flour, mix with sauce and simmer until little thicker. Add Eggs and serve with Kesar Pulao.
4. Kashmiri Yakhni sauce is usually thin but very flavorful, fragrant gravy. Any meat or Koftas can be added to the sauce too instead of Eggs.

Well...Enjoy the meal. See you all next week with RCI Festival food!:)


sallywrites said...

Have a fabulous festival Asha!

Swaruchy said...

wow Asha....all the dishes look awesome dear.....Paneer Makhani is very tempting....look at the rich color....yummm...would like to have a naan with it :-))
Happy Navratri di :-)

Seena said...

What nice dishes, lovely color for Paneer makhani, Yummy chicken, eggs plus pulao....................let me breathe...

Padmaja said...

Asha!! I am one of the very first few today, love all your dishes!! they are look absolutely delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

this is so unfair - you get that awesome colour in all your gravies. i made paneer today with lots of veggies in a semi dray gravy that has peanuts and curds.

waiting for the navrathri feast. we posted eggs today - of a different kind. :)

Siri said...

Wow.. all the dishes.. esp Paneer Makhani looks mouth watery Ashaji ( me too a cheese-freak - American, Cheddar, Paneer.. u name it I can have it hehhehe)... Loved the Yakhini Eggs too.. will try them soon..:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Dishes Ashakka. Wish you and your family a very happy Dasara. Miss that jamboo savari of Mysore ..

EC said...

Paneer makhani and naan look very tempting...i love anything in paneer...

FH said...

Thank you Sally!:))

You too Sirisha. These I made last week, tasted great!:))

HeHe!! Seena, dish for everybody this time before ONLY vegetarian meal comes next!:D

Thank you Padmaja. Feels great to blog my own after all those round up posts!:))

FH said...

I saw the chick too and your brother as well Lakshmi.Great shot, far better than any other.That chick is soo cute!:))
Peanuts makes all the dishes gray! Skip it and add Kashmiri chilli pd for color. We have Plum tomatoes and Paprika here for great color:))

Siri, my daughter literally drools at the sight of cheese!:D
Enjoy. Yakhni is very thin, add nuts or roasted Besan to make it little thicker.Enjoy!:))

Lakshmi, I had forgotten the words Jamboo savari until now!:))
I remember the Raja too! We used to go to Mysore just to see the procession when I was a kid!

EC, thank you. I love North Indian gravies, always make Paneer at home fro them. I don't like store bought Paneer much. This Mexican cheese works very well too, kids loved it!:))

Shivapriya said...

LOvely paneer makhani. I will look for Queso Blanco/ fresco... naans looks soft and fluffy. Can I grill the naan's instead of oven?

Happy Dushera to you and your family Asha

Kribha said...

I love any dish with paneer, especially paneer makhani. That color looks so inviting. I can imagine how it must have tasted with the golden colored naans. Tandoori and eggs are my all time favs. I've had my eye on that yakhni sauce before. will try it soon.

Sia said...

how do u manage to get that bright red coloured gravy ashakka? must be ur home grown tomatoes:)
wishing u n ur family a very happy dasara:)

Padma said...

Nice and gigantic meal for me, Asha. I loved the chicken tandoori and of course that egg curry.

Happy Navaratri to u and ur family, enjoy!

Raaga said...

lovely... happy Navaratri Ashakka... I love dishes with egg and paneer... they come in handy when you're in a big hurry :-)

Sreelu said...

Asha what a feast, I will be try out your nan recipe. Happy navratri to you too

Rohini's kitchen said...

Ooh paneer makhani and naan looks yummy..I'm in a diet control mode for the past two weeks and this makhani and naan is very tempting..

Finla said...

Asha Happy Navarathri
You too have been really busy. The makani sauce looks so good.
And the tandoori is excelent.
And the egg yummy. I have never seen the Kashmiri Yakhini Sauce, but if i see them in the shop next time when i go i am going to buy them for making your egg dish.
Love the pulao

Priyanka said...

Asha the paneer makhani looks very tempting. and the naans have turned out quite beautiful. Lovely meal.

Viji said...

Kesari Puluv and paneer makani are awesome Asha. Viji

FH said...

Yes you can Shivapriya. Grilling works fine too. I always bake for 5 mins on 450F. Try grilling!:)

Kribha, enjoy the recipes.Naans are always taste best right out of oven brushed with butter!:))

Hi Sia, good to see you. Don't see you anywhere much these days!:))
Yeah, vine ripe red Roma tomatoes and little Hungarian paprika will do the magic! Happy Dasara. Hugs!:))

To you as well Padma. Dasara feast would be pure vegetarian, thought I would post some non veg now!!:D

FH said...

Raaga, you can add Eggs to Paneer Makhani too, protein and calcium!!
Happy Navratri to both of you!:)

Thanks Sreelu. Enjoy the meal. I had plenty of time between the round up posts,this is what happens!:D

Oops! Rohini, cream and Makhan is a "no no" when you are dieting!! Shucks!! May be later!:D

FH said...

Hi F, thanks girl. Yeah, Yakhni powder might be available too, great idea to use it for a quick meal. Making Yakhni takes a little time. Try it and enjoy.
Got to cook something special every Sunday for us, only day we all sit together and eat!:)

Thank you Priyanka. I used two packs of yeast, so they do turn out well in the HOT oven. Try it!:))

Kesar Pulao is really fragrant and beautiful to look at Viji, goes well with any North Indian gravy dish. Happy Dasara to you!:))

Sia said...

so thats the secret:)
yeah, work is getting hectic as the days r approching for our pilot testing and i am not able to take break in bet even if i want to:( this is gonna continue for another 3-4 months.... i need a break very badly and looking forward to my big holidays in dec...

Lisa Johnson said...

Congratulations on your fundraising! What a wonderful thing to do! And thanks for the these great recipes. I'm printing them out now. My end of the year resolution is to make Naan before, well the end of the year. ; )

sunita said...

The paneer substitute sounds and looks nice...will watch out for it...thanks.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I really want to try making an egg dish like this and will definitely try your naan recipe. I've only made naan once before and it wasn't a patch on the naan I've had made by other people. Thank you Asha!

Priya said...

Have a great Navrathri festival and nice dishes Asha.

FH said...

OMG!! Sia, 3-4 months like this!! That is so hard for you sweetie. Atleast you will get some break in Dec. Exciting, huh? Going to India after a year or so! Look forward to that and somehow go thru' it until then. Hugs to you!:))

Haha!! Good luck with Naans Anali. They are easy to make once you get the hang of it, just any bread.Enjoy and thank you. Got to help the less fortunates as much as we can!:))

Sunita, that cheese is really is tasty. Only thing we cannot do with it unlike Paneer is fry or pan fry it.It will melt!:)

FH said...

You are welcome Amanda! I do have 3 more Naan recipes, search in the google in the side bar or "bread" in menu list.
Yeast Naan is the best, without it Naans become little chewy and tough. Try it and enjoy the Egg curry too!:))

Thank you Priya. You too enjoy with your family! Hugs:))

Beccy said...

We always order pulao rice with our Indian takeaway but you've inspired me to try and make it.

Namratha said...

Hmmm delicious! Loved the Yakhni eggs and Kesar Pulao, definitely gonna try them!:)

USHA said...

Wow!!!what a delicious items....hmmm...i bet whole family would have enjoyed the recipes alot.....oven bakend chicken...makhani colour...hmmm yummy spicy eggs...i couldn't restrict myself....gr8.

Bharathy said...

I thought you might be resting after the fabulous round up!...and here you are with the array!!!

I love allllll the ones in this post..as always!!

Hats offfff!!!!:O

Saju said...

Asha, what a lovely spread! I don't which one is better than the other, they are look fantastic. Enjoy the Navratri, do you have gharba? My hindu friend here have a lot of fun at this festival

FH said...

Beccy, this is easiest Pulao recipe you can get. As long as you have few of these spices, you can make it at home in a jiffy. Try it!:)

Enjoy both Namratha. They both are easy for a cook like you!Happy Dasara to you and family!:))

Usha, we did enjoy all these. Makes a great meal on Sundays!:))

FH said...

Bharathy, no such luck as "rest" here gorl. We don't get servants or any kind relatives to help out either! I just have to get up and work, whether I like it or not!:))
Glad you liked them, enjoy Vijayadasami.

Thank you Saju, enjoy!:))
No, we don't have Garba, only Gujaratis do have that dance I think.
But there are some clubs who organize Garba in New York, New Jersey and Chicago, wherever "little India" exists!:))

musical said...

Very gorgeous looking dishes, Ashakka! I'll try those naans. Paneer looks really hot ;). Totally colorful stuff, dear-you threw a virtual party for us :).

Happy Navaratri and Dussehra to you too :). Have a really fun filled time :).

hugs and love,

Bindiya said...

out of the world Asha, what a feast for the eyes and for the soul, will try everything for sure.

bee said...

ash, i've found that they use queso blanco/queso fresco/queso para frier and panela interchangeably. theya re just like each other in taste and texture. i agree, they taste way better than store bought paneer. we're making paneer today at home after a looong time.

Mona said...

Your Nans look just fabulous!

& the tandoori chicken is so appetizing! Asha! How do you manage to keep off those dishes!

Laavanya said...

Asha... this is just too good. Where do I begin. The colour of the paneer gravy is just lovely. Must've been perfect with those fluffy naans. The saffron pulao seems so fragrant and delicate and I'm all eyes for the yakhni eggs. Hope to try it real soon.

Bong Mom said...

Every week you have a party or what ? Such lovely Fall colors in all your food

sra said...

The saffron palav looks lovely. Must try the yakhni eggs.

Anonymous said...

WOW ASHA!!! What can I say?? I am speechless and drooling to say anything more :-)))


Swaroopa said...

wow Asha! gr8 menu. every dish looks delicious.

FH said...

Thanks Musie. You too have a great time , eat and be happy with your's!:))

Thanks Bindiya, enjoy the recipes:))

Bee,you gave two more options! Thanks.Kids loved the Queso, I think I will stick with the Quesos for now. Post your Paneer too, may be I will improve my homemade Paneer too.Thanks:))

Mona, who told you I keep off of those dishes!;D
No madam, we eat everything in small portions.Like four Chicken drumsticks for people with Pulao. Perfect!:))
Wish you had a food blog girl.I would have gotten few authentic dishes from ya!:)

Suganya said...

Hmmm..ok.. Someday, I will be a better (if not great) cook..like you.. till then..hmmm..

FH said...

Laavanya, thanks. Enjoy all the dishes this weekend. They do go together, don't they?:)

Haha! Sandeepa, we just have one party every Sunday. Rest of the week, the usual boring food! Have a great Durga Pooja!:))

sra, they both are so fragrant and colorful, makes a great brunch for two girl.Try on Sunday and make it special, unless it's vegetarian only for Dasara!:)

Don't have to drool anymore, get cooking Sudha! Happy Dasara!:))

FH said...

Thank you Swaroopa. Looks like a romantic meal for two, eh?:))

Oh come one Suganya! You are a great cook yourself. I am sure you can whip up way better than me. It took 20yrs for me to learn!!:D
Enjoy Dasara this Sunday!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Dasara. I really liked your paneer makhani. I am not sure why though, but I can never make north Indian dishes. I will try your recipe after the festival and keep you posted.

ChrisB said...

Hope you have a lovely time on Sunday. I just know your feast will be full of wonderful dishes, just as these are today.

starry said...

Asha..delicious dishes as ususal.I had never heard of Queso blanco or fresco.I am sure it is available here and I am going to try it.It will be easier than making paneer .The tandoori chicken looks easy enough. thanks.

TBC said...

Everything looks great but I love the paneer makhani & naan. Absolutely gorgeous, Asha!

Vineela said...

Hi Asha,
love your paneer makhani,
its really tempting.
Thanks for your comments on my blog.My lil one keeps me always busy so that made me to stop bloging.I missed all of your posts.
happy dasara to you and your hubby and to your daughters...

Rajitha said...

wanted to comment hours and hours before...but my computer is acting funny :(...those nans look so good and easy too...and the paneer makhani...yum!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
the naan and paneer makhani looks delicious.will try out the naan first.


FH said...

Hi Meera, great to see you. I think it must be the color which attracted you. I like colorful dishes!Try it:)

Thank you Chris. Festival food is always full of vegetarian dishes. Kids like these lot better!:D

You are welcome Lalitha. Yeah, Queso Fresco is easy to find.They usually keep in the cream cheese section where they keep Mexican cheese too.They are tasty and creamy in hot sauce.Happy Dasara:))

Thank you tbc. Hope ypu try this weekend unless you are making special lunch for Dasara!:))

FH said...

Vineela, great to see you girl.I did miss your posts. So glad you have some time. know it's tough having young kids and keep up with all these too. My daughter and son are lot older,so I do get some time.
Have a great Dasara celebration, hugs to you. Thank you for visiting!:))

Rajitha, pains of blogging girl!:D
I write long comments and when they disappear, I tear my hair out! But glad you made it.Sometimes you just have to go away for few hrs and come back to try again, works for me!:))
Enjoy the dishes and Dasara.

Hi Shalini. Try the Naan and enjoy. Happy Dasara to you and your family!:))

Richa said...

what a fantastic menu, asha!!!
why o' why was i not invited???????
that makhani looks HOT, can just slurrp it off the screen, u r teasing me with all these fab dishes ;) loved it !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow everything is my favourite.Looks like u had a big feast this week.paneer makhani is so tempting.

Rina said...

Luv everything you made. Great work.

Roopa said...

wow the paneer gravy looks yum:) AS sia mentioned its a great color.
happy dasara to all of you too

Neelam said...

I like the tandoori chicken the most! All recipes are lovely.

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Navarathri to you! The naans and paneer makhani look delicious...

Sig said...

Wowowow, what do we have here! Tandoori chicken looks delicious Asha... I never baked it along with the marinade, that must have made it so moist! Will try that! Happy Navrathri to you!

Anh said...

Asha, these are so wonderful! I will be trying out one by one! ;)

deepsat said...

yummy spread Asha!!!

Wish you too a happy Dussera!! Have a nice time & take care!!!


Anonymous said...

oh paprika i have started using instead of chilli powder in all dishes (esp tomato gravy ones) ever since you told me once on a tomato soup post on yours. yep, paprika gives the red effect, and i love smoky sweet karam taste :) - its yummy.

even i like those pics of baby bird - cho chweet. if you come down to india sometime, you should pay us a visit just to play with these tinies. when they are just hatched they are hardly the size of a pea, and all pink in colour.

you're so right when you say we participate to have fun - that's our major goal in life. :D

FH said...

Wish I could invite you Richa!:)
Make it at home this weekend. Happy Navratri!

Yeah, we enjoy Sunday lunches Ramya.Wish I had some to help to cook all these but nope! Got to do t alone!:D

Thank you Rina, enjoy the dishes!:))

Roopa, you too have good Sunday. We don't get to see any procession here but we can eat, can't we? :D

FH said...

Neelam, if you want the typical grilled look on the Tandoori, put it under the grill for few mins after it's baked.Enjoy:))

Thank you Vijaya. You too have a great time on Sunday!:))

Sig, I used Turkey basting technique here, kept basting with the sauce on the bottom. That's why they look so plump!!:D
Tasted soft and great with Naan. Try it. Happy Navratri!:))

FH said...

Have fun Anh. All these are typical North Indian fare. Most you get in the Indian restaurant. Hope you do try!:))

Hi Satheesh, thank you. Have a great Dassera with your family. Enjoy!))

Lakshmi, glad you got Paprika there, it adds color without the heat which my kids like. Kashmiri Deghi mirchi works the same but it has little heat.
I will definitely visit Latha and the chicks too, love to meet both. Usually we will stay in B'lore for a 4-6 days or so!:))
That's my feeling. When I donate or participate in events, I don't expect anything in return. Win or lose doesn't matter to me!! Do I sound like a sanyasin now? Hahaha!!!
Have a great Dasara with your family, hugs.

indosungod said...

Asha, the Paneer Makhani looks delicious and colorful, let me go hunt for some Queso Blancos too.

Love your naans, this one is all puffed up too.

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

awesome spread, Asha..love the colour of Paneer Makhani....just feels so jealous at all the baked buns and breads around here!!..hopefully, one day..me too will bake!!..touchwood!

karmic said...

Hapy Navaratri and Dassera and the recipes look great like always.

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
how r u?
hmmmm....yummy dishes.All ur dishes looks gr8 and the presentation is awesome.Chicken drumstick looks tempting and feel like grabig it from the snap:))

FH said...

Indo, try the cheese, it's so tasty.Texture is little different from Paneer of course but tastes lot better. Naan has 2 packs of yeast, it better puff!:D

Thank you Sonu. Yeah, oven is a must have for baking. Hope yu get one too. Baking itself is not that hard!:))
Happy Dasara!

Thank you Sanjay, you too have a great Sunday!:))

Priar, baked Tandoori chicken gets so plump. Hope you try girl. Enjoy and happy Navratri:))

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a platter... lovely spread!!! I just love all the dishes!!! Delicious!!

FH said...

Thank you Cinnamon. Hope you try some of these. Have a Great Sunday!:))

J said...

I'm fasting, so it's a crime to even view all these delicious dishes!! ;) Happy Navaratri/Dussera to you!

Mishmash ! said...

Drooling!! thats the only thing I can say for this post...all are my fav's...why do you do this to me....??? :(


FH said...

UH OH!! Sorry J, you just have to wait until the fast is over!:D
Hugs, have a great Sunday and Navratri:))

Hello shn, hehe!! You too!! Hope you are not fasting! Enjoy the weekend shn, happy Dasara!:))

Richa said...

hey asha, wanted to let you know that u read my meme incorrectly, i was talking @ my grandmom in the past tense & that i don't get to taste her nan-khatai.

Anonymous said...

i bought paneer few days back
vl try makhani
naan is beautifully puffed up
i have to try all ur naan someday
saffron pulao is colorful.
that kashimiri yakhni is awesome
wow for once my comment is small
btw u did fully recover....didnt u?

FH said...

Oops!! I apologize for that Richa. I do read too fast sometimes! Hope I am forgiven! Hugs to you!:))

Yes, I am almost recovered Anusha, about 80% now!:)
Do try the Naan, specially the Garlic Naan I have in my previous post. Enjoy Vijayadashami Anusha, eat a lot!!:)

Sharmi said...

Asha honey , lovely looking mouth watering recipes. I want to have that plate of naan and paneer so badly, wish I could fly to NC. very delicious and lavish recipes. bookmarking the naan.

Grihini said...

ooooooooooo, i just cant stop drooling over those Naan's n Paneer Makhani!!!!! utterly butterly delicious! ;)

Mansi said...

wow, your naans lokk so good Asha!!! I made Mutter-paneer 2 days ago and had with paratha; but next time I'll surely try your naan recipe!

the egg-dish is new, and looks nice:)

FH said...

Thank you Sharmi!:)
Unfortunately, these were made last week, no more left!:D
Enjoy the dishes.

They are buttery G, it's okay once a week to have a good meal, right?:D
Hope you make them and enjoy too!:))

Mansi, I keep trying to experiment with different recipes to get that Dhaba style Naan! So far, it's always yeast Naans which tastes good, got to find that restaurant secret!:D
Enjoy, have a great weekend!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Asha, it is one hearty meal, anyone will love to have... Enjoy your festival. Best wishes. :-)


Prajusha said...

Happy navarathri wishes to u and ur family.
panner makhani looks rich and colorful.Good combo with Naan.no words to say abt pulao and tandoori chicken.:)

Cynthia said...

Navarathri greetings to you and the family.

Cynthia said...

When are you not cooking up a storm? :D

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,

All dishes looks nice. I am waiting for your RCI and JFI Post.

FH said...

Thank you Mona, we will!:))
Too many festivals going on these days!:D

Thanks Prajusha. Enjoy the weekend and have a great time!:))

HeHe!! That's true, Cynthia. Every Sunday is a "cooking up storm" day for us!:))
Thanks, have a great weekend. Hugs.

Hi MT. Thank you girl. YUP! Getting ready to cook for Sunday. You too have a great weekend and cook something special!:))

Mallika said...

Time and time again you have made naan look so easy to make. I am going to try your recipe this weekend and see how it comes out. Any secret tips???

Anonymous said...

nice colours asha..and such a variety...

Anonymous said...

Paneer makhani looks rich and delicious. Wish I could have some right away:( The kesar pulao looks like you have stolen it from some basmati rice advertisement...so perfect. I can almost smell the divine fragrance:) There! I can hear my tummy growl.

FH said...

No secrets Mallika. Just make sure to use fresh dry yeast and let it rise in warm place until it doubles in volumes.That's the only way you can get great naans.Enjoy the Navratri!:))

Thank you Priya!:))
Have a great weekend and Vijayadashami.

LOL! Yeah, I remember seeing something like that on the packs of Basmati! It's easy, try it. Saffron is expensive but now and then, it's good to use and enjoy!:)
Have a great Vijayadashami. Hope you have started cooking!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Wow Tandoori chicken makes my mouth open Asha.
all the dishes are good too.
Just now saw the entries for RCI karnataka... Its mind blowing .. more than 200 entries .. that's a record . Lovely collection which everybody should have..nice work Asha.

Chickoo said...

Hi Ashakka,
Hegiddeera neevu? Recipes as usual helbekage illa sakathagive.


Smita said...

oooooooooooooh!!!! Looks yummy....I have never made naan at home....will try it....

FH said...

Thank you Prema. Final count was 366 photos!! Those are indeed great round ups. Glad you liked it. Try the Tandoori.It's baked,not much work!:))

Hi Deepa, I was thinking of you today. I am doing well. How are you?:))
How is your sis. Hope update with the latest. Hope she is better, it's still early, I know.
Happy Dasara, enjoy madi e Bhanuvara!:))

Thank you Smita. Naans came out great this time,weather was hot for rising the dough!:))
Happy Dasara, enjoy the weekend.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Asha,

I'd never heard of Yakhni Ande, but I'm going to try it.

BY the way, you might want to fly all the way to Australia for my butter chicken and lassi!

Keep smiling


Divya and Chaya said...

You rock girl, with so many amazing recipes!

Dhana said...

Asha, every time I visit your blog, I feel like I am in food heaven! The tandoori chicken looks amazing! Just got a couple of friends hooked on to ur blog as well :D

Amna said...

Lovely recipes , you do put in a lot of tiem and devotion to your website, the results are fabulous ....I just started writing my own blog and have created a link to your blog...

Anonymous said...

hey sis
u linked the jfi event on sidebar to last years post.....is that fine?

FH said...

Hi David, really! I might want to fly there too!:D
Love Butter chicken and Lassi.I have posted both too, wish I could get your recipe!:))
Yakhni sauce is basic Kashmiri sauce,you could add Lamb, chicken etc to it, very fragrant! Have a great weekend!:))

Thank you Dee and Chai. I have been trying to get into your blog,but in vain. Your profile doesn't take me there if I click on it.Please leave your URL here, would you!:))
Love to visit you.Happy Navratri.

FH said...

HeHe!! More traffic for me Dhana! Thank you girl. Enjoy all the recipes, happy to blog them. Have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Welcome to blog World Amna.I will check your blog if your profile works to take me there!:))
I do my best, glad you liked it. Enjoy. See you later n Monday.

Hello lil sister. I checked that JFI link and was horrified!!:D
I did fix it now, thanks for telling me.You are the only one who pays attention to my blog 100%, hugs to you!:))
Enjoy your weekend.

Bharathy said...

hmm "no luck such as rest??".hmm even I can realx only if I get to holiday with V or a short break in mom's place :)..other than that it's same for me too.."do-work-if-you-like-it-or-not" sort (sigh)!!:)

Ah yes coming to your query now.Viji has just added "kindly avoid our regular sambhar and rasams".I had been scrolling up and down where I read it after your queri Ashaji...but could find where!!..may be she has req that way as it's very regular in Tamil menu..:)

FH said...

That's true Bharathy. Our work is never done!People always think housewives just sit around and do nothing. I wonder how do they get hot dinner, clean cloths on time everyday!:D
Aha, that must be it. But I made a Rasam anyway!:P
Hope you had fun today!:))

Smita said...

Happy Dussera to you too:)

Chandrika said...

Happy Navratri Asha! And what can I say about the food? It is delicious as usual..The tandoori chicken is tempting me to start the oven.. :-)

bird's eye view said...

The paneer makhani looks truly awesome. I remember when we were in France, there was no place to get paneer, so my Punj friends would split milk and spend ages pressing it into shape! Queso Fresco sounds good. I've tries using ricotta, esp. in Palak paneer. A funny thing - once our cook mistook a hunk of Feta for Paneer and put that into the palak paneer. If only she hadn;t salted the palak forst!

Raks said...

Wow!!My choice is paneer makhani and quick rising naan...:)
Pulau looks great.!!
Nice photos..:))

FH said...

Hope you had a great Dasara too Smita, we did!:))

Thank you Chandrika. I am sure you enjoyed your Navratri too. We just cook here, nothing else. Enjoy!:))

Hi B, I used to make Paneer at home too since I don't like those spongy bland store bought Paneer. Fresco is great substitute. Only thing is you can't saute or fry them.
Feta!! Oooh, that does not taste good in Makhani or Indian spices but we love it with Spinach and pepper stuffed in Calzone or Filo dough!:)

Thank you Raks. Enjoy the recipes and have a great week. Happy Monday!:))

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

Happy festive season to you!!!!!! I love your menu...I have some paneer in the fridge, you have tempted me to make the Paneer Makhani...like your daughter, my kids are also huge fans of any type of cheese. My younger daughter likes the sharp cheeses as well, quite unusual for a kid her age.

Anonymous said...

Warm Vijay dashmi grreting to you and yours, Asha!

Anonymous said...

you'll be posting your feast this wednesday right - as if you complement, i'll post on what i did on vijayadasami - watch out for the post, it's hilarious

Lissie said...

what a fantastic treat! they look soo delicious...

FH said...

Hi Lotus. Kids these days!!:D
This Makhani is relatively easy to make, so enjoy. I don't really celebrate Dasara but cooked for RCI Festival food!:))

Thank you Vee. Hope you had a fun day yesterday too. I cooked a LOT!:))

Yes, I am typing furiously today for that post!I cooked like crazy!
Can't wait for your post.Hilarious? I want to read now!!:D

Thank you Lissie. They are easy too, do try!:))

DEEPA said...

wow!!! asha ji ...you rock as usual ..I love your panner makhani ...i have panner with me ...shall make it sometime this week ...Love the color of it ...

Linda said...

Hi Asha, wow what a lovely collection of recipes this time! I would like some of those eggs and I know where I can get the mexican cheese locally, too -- so though I have never made paneer makhani, I may try now, thanks for that tip. Quick rise naans look great too but am a little afraid of 'highly active yeast' ;)

Everything looks delish!

Dalicia said...

have a wonderful festival! :) the paneer makhani so yummy!

FH said...

Thank you Deepa. Try the Paneer Makhani, it's a simple recipe!:))

Hi Linda! good to see you. You have never made Makhani. I think you like South Indian dishes too much!;D
Yeast; it's okay to use if you use once in a blue moon. I love the bread made of yeast!:P
Have a great week Linda and take care. Everybody seems to be working too hard these days including me!:))

Hi Dalicia!:)
Thank you, we had a great time. Festival food is always vegetarian for us, we had fun. Take care, see you later!

Anonymous said...

Yes we get paprika, but we can't get to have a lovely red barn in our backyard :(

FH said...

We have been going around the town looking for a cabin or a barn. We need some space to stash our lawn mower, my numerous baking pans etc. They are in the garage now.
We saw a red barn like that, but it's high roofed and we need more space on the ground. I will post a photo when we get it! They cost about $1300! We will go again this weekend to look!:))

Mandira said...

Asha- did you say you were on a break ;) the yakni eggs and the pulao looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I went through all of your archives from '06 onwards and organized recipes I want to try neatly. yay, yay.

Loved the tidbits about your Thatha - he must have been such a incredibly cute Thatha.

Your home is fabulous Asha - I was only disappointed with the 21/2 bathrooms - isn't fair enough for the Mansion. What did they do with the 1/2?

Where did you get those many many pumpkin cartoons from? last year's halloween post was so much fun to read.

FH said...

Hahaha!! Mandira, I took a little "break" while compiling the round ups but back on in full force now! Yeah, I can't stay away, can I?:)
Enjoy the recipes.

WOW!! I just saw you in my post!:D
Take it easy, don't want to give you headache!:)
Yeah, Thatha was a strapping 6' and loud mouthed man! He was the Patel in the Panchayat and ruled like a king!:D
He LOVED all his kids and many grandkids and loved by us too.I was the first grand daughter, so we had a special bond.I do miss him.
1/2 bathrooms or powder rooms have just a toilet and a sink with drawers.Full bathrooms are with Bath Tub,shower, Toilet, huge mirrors and double sinks.
Those pumpkins are carved and from a book I linked. Halloween post is next week! It's fun for kids:))

marriedtoadesi.com said...


I always order this in restaurants, and was happy to find that is one of my hubby's favourites when we went to an indian restaurant the other night.

I will make this at home one night, definitely party food!


FH said...

Thank you K! Paneer Makhani is delicious,liked by most indeed. Enjoy. This recipe is so easy too!:))

Rachna said...

i looved the naan and paneer makhni...yummm, me too wanted to try the queso blanco cheese....

FH said...

Rachna, queso is really a good substitute for Paneer. Most Indians might not like it though! Try it!:))

Viji said...

wowww Asha,all dishes very tempting and yummy.you always rock!!!!!!!!!!!

FH said...

Thank you Viji!:))
Hop you try some of these!

Divya and Chaya said...

Happy Diwali, Asha! may God bless you and your family with peace, happiness and prosperity.

Dee and Chai

Shella said...

Asha dear - your menu looks so fulfilling. I love the Paneer Makhani, n I love the naans even better. They look so just out of the tandoor!!! Mmmmmm they would taste to wonderful dipped right into the gravy!!!

Sonu said...

awesome delicious.......running short of words!!!!!!

FH said...

Thanks Dee, Shella and Sonu, enjoy! :)