October 06, 2006


Remember the Idli fair I posted few months ago!!:)) You could say I am on to soup fair today!!:) These days I am posting so many vegetarian dishes,my own kids and 'a blog kid' started complaining and suggesting that I should cook some non-veg for a change!!They are right!! Why not make both veg and non-veg soups!!Hope you are all going to like them too!! Yup!! I cooked all these for one dinner,but in small quantities! There will be no leftovers, guaranteed!!:D:D

My kids went to school yesterday grinning from ear to ear knowing that they are going to have soups for dinner!!I typed as fast as I could to put this up for the weekend for you!! Hope you make one of these soups this weekend! Below are 'Peas, Potato-sour cream Soup', 'Broccoli-cheddar soup''Chunky Chicken-Rice soup' and 'Taco Soup with Tortilla Chips'and one more soup 'Veg Chili soup with Jalapeno Corn bread'!Vegetarians, scroll down for veg.soups! These recipes are from 'Big Soups'and 'Taste of Home' books with my own additions ofcourse!!:)


I decided to make some veg and some non-veg dishes to keep every one happy!As you can see I made four soups and added one from my old post 'Veg Chili soup', so people who have missed it, can take a look again!! Vegetarians can skip meat and make all these soups and non-vegs can add any meat they like into these soups!! Isn't that a neat idea?! And they are all super easy too, one pot cooking!!Serve with some sandwiches and salads!!

I have not taken step by step pics this time since I am posting somany in a single post!!But follow the instruction I have given with your own twists to make these wonderful ,nutritious soups! As always, change or adjust the spices to your taste, add even more or different vegs or meat!!Cooking is not an precise art and tweakable unless you are baking!! Baking on the other hand,needs some skills I don't have and you have to use exact instructions for baking perfect breads or cakes!!Have fun!:)

Chunky Chicken-Rice Soup:


1. Heat 1 tbsp butter,saute`1/2 onion or leeks and Zucchini pieces until soft.Add 3 cups cubed chicken and 3 tbsp easy-cook rice,stir till chicken is white.
2. Add 2-3 cups of low-sodium chicken stock or water,depending on how thin you want your soup to be, and add 1 cup stewed tomatoes,.Cover and simmer for 15-20 mins.
3. Add 1 tbsp dry parsley ,few mint leaves,salt if needed,few chilli flakes or pepper and any herbs you like (Oregano,Thyme,Italian seasoning etc.,even 1/2 tsp BBQ rub mix!) to your taste,simmer. Splash a little hot sauce if you like!:)
4. Serve with garlic croutons or a big chunk of crusty bread. That's it!!

NOTE:For Indian variation of this soup, follow the same except skip all the herbs above and add 1tsp cumin seeds pd,1 tsp onion pd,1/2tsp garlic pd,pepper pd,some cilantro and mint leaves. Donot add any other spices like garam masala,cloves etc. Splash some hot sauce over it before serving if you like!

Taco Soup With Tortilla Chips:


1. Heat 1 tbsp butter,add 2 tsp plain flour,1/2 onion, 3 tbsp grated carrots,3 tbsp miced green pepper,1 Jalapeno minced,1 garlic,minced,soften.Add in 2-3 cups chicken, cubed or meat balls or 1 cup of ground beef,if you prefer,stir until white.
2. Add 1/2 to 1 cup tomato sauce and 1 cup water,1/2 cup canned kidney beans or pinto beans,1 tsp cumin powder,1/2 tsp cayenne or paprika for color,1 chicken or beef bouillon(optional)crumbled,cover and cook for 10-15mins.Take off the heat,add 1/2 tsp dry oregano,3 tbsp any mexican cheese like Monterey Jack!!
3. Garnish with cilantro,spring onion,Avocado , sour cream and serve with Tortilla chips ,or fried flour tortilla strips or Nacho Cheese Doritos.This soup very flavorful and spice lovers would love it!!Add more Texas Pete if you like!!

Chunky Potato-Sour Cream Soup:

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1. Make Roux: Heat 1 tbsp butter, sprinkle 1 tbsp plain flour,stir.When golden,add 1/2 cup onion minced,1 cup milk , 1 cup water or veg. stock and whisk it to avoid lumps.You could add 1/4 cup frozen spinach,red chard or any greens at this time!!
2. Add 2-3 cups cooked or canned diced potatoes,1/2 cup frozen peas,1/2 tsp garlic powder,1 tbsp dry parsley,1 tbsp chives,salt and pepper to taste.cover and simmer on low heat until it starts to thicken.
3. Take out some hot milk broth in a bowl,add 3-4 tbsp sour cream and mix well to temper it and add this to the soup,simmer very gently on low heat.If the soup is thin, mix in some corn starch with water and add to the soup.
4. To serve,garnish with some fresh chives and some cheddar cheese on top!!Don't be fooled by the white color, this soup is YUM!!:))

Broccoli-Cheddar Cheese Soup:


1. ROUX: Heat 1 tbsp butter, sprinkle 1 tbsp flour.when golden,add 1 cup milk, 2 cups of water with 2 bouillon cubes of veg.stock,whisk and heat until dissolved.
2. Add 10oz or more bag of frozen chopped broccoli flowerettes,salt if needed, pepper,pinch of nutmeg pd(optional),1/2 tsp garlic pd,2 tsp dry parsley,1/2 tsp Thyme and let it simmer until soft.Add 2 tbsp sour cream if you like after whisking it with hot broth to avoid splitting in the soup.
3. Now,you can cool this soup a little and blend to a smooth or coarse liquid at this stage if you donot like the chunky texture of broccoli before adding the cheese or you can go ahead with the recipe if you like big pieces of Broccoli in your soup.
4. After blending, pour into a pan again,simmer for 5 mins.Take off the heat.
5. Stir in 1 to 1 1/2 cups of finely shredded cheddar cheese,mix gently until it melts. Make sure soup is not very hot, cheese will become lumpy!!

Valveeta is usable too here,easy to mix without splitting but flavor will be very different!!It will taste like Tortilla Con Queso they serve in the restaurants!:)

Chunky Vegetable Chili:

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For people who have not seen this soup when I posted few months ago, Please click here !!You can add meat balls or chicken to this soup to make it tastier and nutritious!!

NOTE: Adjust the consistency of the soup by adding or decreasing the liquid in all the soups.It's easier to add than to take out the liquids!
Use plain flour or corn starch mixed with water,add and simmer,to thicken the soup it's too thin!
When you add stock or Bouillon cubes, remember it has salt already! Add salt if required only at the end of cooking to make sure you don't spoil the soup with too much salt. If using just water instead of stock, you don't need to worry!!
Add any herbs or spices or cheeses you like to personalize!:))

Thank you for visiting me today ! Enjoy your families and my recipes !! Have a great soupy weekend!!:))


Latha said...

Yummy Soups Asha. My kids love soups. Actually we all di. I dont know how to make any non-veg soups (since I am veg). But my family would love it. I am going to give u're soups a try. Will let u know when I do.
Oh and lovely pictures! I like the 4 piece dish in the first picture. It looks very cute.

Kavitha said...

Wow!!! I cant believe you made so many soups in one day. Your family is really lucky.
Tortilla soup and brocoli-cheddar are my favorite. will def try one of them this weekend if the weather stays this way...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ! Four different, yummy soups in one night ! You're truly the soup diva !!

Nee said...

Ooh ooh ooh, yummy yummy! I've actually been looking for soup recipes - I'm going to try one of the veggie ones next week (we're going away this weekend, so have to wait until next week), will let you know how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

oh wow!That is a lot of soup. I hope your family loves soup, I am sure they will for a cold night. By any chance do you know how to make Indian style chicken soup?

Brilynn said...

What a great presentation of soups! They all look very tasty.

Unknown said...

wow 4 soups in a single post.it's truly a soup fair..thank you..this is a must try....nice presentation..delicious.

FH said...

Thanks Latha! That 4 piece dish is available in Target,very cute indeed! Try soups and let me know!!:)

Spice lover! You know ur soups!! Taco and Broccoli are my fav's too! Hope you try them,gloomy, rainy or not!!:D

Thanks Monisha! Diva, I think not but a humble woman!!:D
Love your new blog site,hope to see lot of delish food soon!!:))

FH said...

Nee! have a fun weekend!! I recommend both veg soup,delicious!!:))Come back refreshed!!

Thanks Brilynn and welcome to my blog!! Hope you will try some of them!!:)

Shankari, next time I make soup I will try Indian chicken soup and will post it for you,I promise!My kids love them all!!

Thanks Maheshwari!! They were all easy enough to make!! Try them sometime!!:)

Mahek said...

i would love to do the chunky chicken soup but pls can you see if you can change it a bit to make place for indian ingredients in it i.e some of the ingredients may not be readily available.
thanks for visiting my blog regularly
you write your blog well too

Nee said...

Asha! I got home and said, why wait until next week to try one of these. Can't make this over the weekend, but hey, we're home tonite! So I tried the potato-sour cream soup! Totally delish! I didn't have chives, but the flavor still came out fantastic. The Boy sends his thanks too!! Can't wait to try the others soon!

Meena Kandlakuti said...


soup fair is excellent....this proved your talent and patience once again..iam sure your children might love thease all..thanks for sharing

Deepz said...

hey asha,
u r rocking. 4 soups in one day im amazed. also thanks for adding the post before the weekend so that we can try the recipes over the weekend.

Vani said...

Lovely pics, Asha! Love the idea of different soups for dinner. They all look appetizing :-)

FH said...

Thanks Vani! They are also easy to make when you start working for a quick dinner!!Start collecting them now!!:))

Deepz!! I try and leave something for weekends for you all whether you make it or not and I don't get not get all antsy until next week!!:))

Thanks Meena! My kids devoured them all and today they are asking for more!! Not happening!! Got some kurma and parathas! This weekend I am making your cashew chicken!!:)) Can't wait!

FH said...

Hi Mahek and thank you for visiting!!
You can make easy changes! Add a little cumin seeds pd, chilli pd,cilantro, pepper pd,ginger-garlic pd or paste, and you will get really tasty Indian Shorba like soup!! Don't add garam masala and strong spices,that's all!Hope this helps,next time I will make some Indian style soup!!:)

Nee! You go girl!! I am so happppyyy!! I told you it's yummy!! It's all in the sour cream-milk and garlic pd!! How quick was it too, rt?!
Try broccoli-cheese next.Other soups you can make it veg and see how you can change the first soup, up in my comment to Mahek.Veggies might not taste good with western herbs.Taco recipe is good as it is without meat!

OOOH!! I am thrilled that The Boy liked it too,tell him I said "you are welcome!":))
Have a fun weekend!

vasilisa said...

The soups are so beautiful... I haven't tried these yet, but I'm sure this post contributed to me deciding to make a soup for myself today :-)

Pavani said...

Great soups.. perfect for chilly days. Will definitely try one of them next week. Great spread..

Anonymous said...

Yetanother Fair from "My Fair Lady" and hey how can anyone ever forget that extravagant "Idli Fair" :) How do u manage to make soome 4 or 5 varieties of soup in one day ???????

Anonymous said...

i just took a break from blogging and spend my time in the hospital!! and when i come back i have a handfull of soup recipes to get rejuvenated...hmmmmm nice timing asha...they looks so apptizing.

FH said...

You are right,Lisa! Think that I made them all for you!:)Hope this weekend you will have soup ready for this gloomy rainy weather!!Enjoy!!

Thanks Pavani!! It is getting darker and colder by the day!:) Warm hearty soups are perfect!!

FH said...

"My Fair Lady"!! :D:D That was funny!You are right! I am thinking what other fairs can I do next?!:)) But they were all so easy,one dish cooking,not much fuss! Thank you ,Priya!!Enjoy!!

Hi Maneka!! Hope you are okay,nothing serious I hope sweetheart?!
I am glad you are back, and yes! soups are perfect for recovering!Wish I could send you some!Take care and try some easy soups if you can!! Thanks!!

Mamatha said...

Whoa!!! That'a mini-compendium of soups there. Will try out one of the recipes soon and let you know. Thanks a bunch!

Mamatha said...

Can you please tell me what brand of tomato sauce you use? I've been disappointed with the ones I've bought - they are all so sour. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yummy spread. I love the look of the taco soup. So u do eat non veg. I thought you were a vegetarian. Wish I could be at your place now slurping.

Anonymous said...

Asha u truly are a good cook. Thanx for the Indian variation; becoz getting some of the items here is a slight problem.
My wife too surfed ur blog today in the morning. Both of us very impressed.
Great going...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Asha, I was really touched that you took the time to add a little note

Anonymous said...

Wow wo wo Soup Parade... something I sure need sitting in this cold weather.I rather walk over to your place than cook now:)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Asha, you have some energy.....4 soups in a day!!! Iam sure I'll be visiting your blog when Iam in the mood for some soup.

Anonymous said...

Asha, those soups look fabulous! Especially must try the chunky potato very soon... yum! Have a great weekend :)

Vidya said...

hey! lovely recipes... and i think i admired your servingware all the more :P these days i really miss all my lovely china that got dumped when i moved :(

Anonymous said...

girly you have somuch energy and patience to do all these.... your kids and husband are lucky -- :)

indosungod said...

that is a lot of soups to digest. I will have to try them one by one.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Wow!!! different variety ..Chunky potato sour cream soup looks soooo good. Thanks Asha, Have a good weekend..

FH said...

Hey Faffer! Thanks for visiting!Let me know how did you like the soup!:)
I always use Hunt's Tomato sauce in all my cooking! I also add some sugar to balance the acidity of the tomatoes!!( 1-2 tsp sugar to 1 small can of Tomato sauce)Try it next time!!:))I add sugar to bottled spagetti sauce too!

Thanks Kulpreet! I am so happy to know that your wife surfed too!Hope my Chole-Bhatura is approved by you guys! Hope you try and let me know!I will thrilled if you do coming from true Punjabis!!:))

FH said...

You are welcome, Shankari! That's why I am here!!:)To give recipe ideas and get ideas from other bloggers like you!I am glad you asked and I could add the info!:)

Okay Jay!! Start walking,you will be here in NC by next summer!!:D:D

Thanks Jaya! Easy recipes,hope you will try some time!!Potato soup is really good!:)

FH said...

Good choice, Linda!! That soup is really good!Even my daughter approved it, what can I say!!:D:D

Sorry abt ur china, Vidya!! I know,I have moved so many times,broken many things I loved!Thank God,I am in one place now for good,so I get to collect nice things! Thank you noticing my dinnerware,I love them too!!:))

Thank you M'am!!Humble me,I try to be a good wife and mom!! I do get tired but when the family and bloggers like you appriciate the effort, it's all worth it!! Thanks again,Priya B!!

FH said...

Thanks Shaheen! I was born and raised in a veg family!!But along the way in my teenage years with the help of my muslim friends during Bakrid and catholic friends' Christmas ,I got converted!:D::D
Check out my other chicken recipes!I also make one mean chili con corne!!But I don't want to put it up here!;)

Krithika said...

I officially crown you as the Soup Queen :-) Wow !! so many different types !

Kelley said...

Yum...just looking at those pics make me wish that winter would arrive a little faster so I can curl-up on the couch with a nice, big bowl of broccoli cheddar soup!

Thanks for all the recipes; I'm always looking for good new veggie ideas, and you seem to have plenty of them!

FH said...

Hi Kelley! Today is so gloomy here in NC, feels like winter is already upon us!Thanks and hope you try them!!:)

I accept my crown and bless you my subject!!:D:D
Hey!! don't encourage me too much, Krithika!I might come up with another fair to shock ya!!:))

Thanks MT! good chioce,already got 2 feedbacks on that soup with thumbs up!:) Try it!!

Are you in shock too,Indo??!!:D:D
Long winter ahead,soup lady is ready anytime you want some!!Enjoy!!:)

Keshi said...

Soups r so healthy n yummy! Last night I had soup as an appetizer - it was stockpot rather. Was delicious!

ty for these yummy pics and interesting info Foodie!


FH said...

Hi Keshi! Glad you had a nice break!! I love soups too, as you can see!:D:D
*info* abt what I said in your blog? It is very true!!It's terrible in B'lore India,a menace really!!Guys who are really interested in you donot hesitate for a sec to say Hello, believe me! You are better off without 'one of those' gutless ones!!:))Hope I didn't offend you!Ofcourse,you grew up in Aus.,your experiences are probably very diff. from me!! Have fun!!:))

Anonymous said...

Yummy Asha...... looks absolutely yummy..... That reminds me,... I need to go on a soup diet... :P

FH said...

Hi Rooma!! Thank you!!
Yes!! Soups are good for dieting as long as you keep it to the cups not gallons!!:D:D
Your dhoklas are fab!!YUM!!

Anonymous said...

wow! Love all your soups. So many in one shot. You have some talent girl.

FH said...

Thank you Miss Hema!! I appreciate it! Hope you will make some too!!:)

Prema Sundar said...

Wow Asha.. Fabulous!!! You are really patient to cook all these and tp present them wonderfully.
Wish You live nearby , so that I can visit u often and taste these wonderful soups..and the other excellent foods u cook.
Good job Asha .. Keep it up

FH said...

Thank you , Prema!! You comments make all my hard work worth every second!!:)) I wish you lived nearby too, we could have had some fun gorging on all those soups!!:D

FH said...

Thanks AF!! Welcome to my blog and yes,soups are wonderful on a clod day! Both veg soups are excellent,do try!!

Anonymous said...

soups are great for cold weather. Oh and I'm American too so I'll celebrate again in November.

FH said...

Hi Randi! thought you were on vacation! OH NO!! the dreaded LapTop!!:D
Very cool! Two Thanksgivings!!:))
EAT EAT!!Thank you for stopping by!!

Vijay said...

I stumbled on this fantastic blog yesterday while searching for chole-batura recipes. I was instantly in awe of the close up photographs and the presentation of the dishes. I have been going through your blog in great detail and will highly recommend it to my friends here in New York as well as California. I'm going to try the Broccoli cheddar soup recipe [my wife loves that soup]. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.

FH said...

You are very welcome Arun!:))
Cheddar and Broccoli soup is my fav too but I do highly recommend you make Chole Bhature as well.It's easy and tasty recipe.Thank you for visiting,have a wonderful meal!:)

TBC said...

Love ur version too. Yours is so cheesy :-)

FH said...

Hi TBC,thanks.Little more fattier than your soup of course!:D
I love the Broccoli cheese combo,tastes yum.Try it next time:)