October 16, 2006


Caruso, a Gin cocktail I am making today for all of you is my contribution to Meeta's (of WFLH!) 'Mixology Monday' 'Exotic drinks' party!! Thanks for the invitation, Meeta!!:))

One of my books called 'COCKTAILS' says this:

"Gin was originally produced in Holland in the 16th century from a distillation of juniper berries, and used as a medicine.In the 18th century it acquired a reputation as a rather vulgar drink, but today it is once more considered respectable!!"

Oh Well!! here is my "then vulgar,now respectable" CARUSO!!:D

So, my favorite and respectable people, make this Gin cocktail Caruso and have a blast!! Don't forget to eat , have fun and laugh silly!!You will anyway after two of these!!!:))

1 Measure or 'Jigger'(45ml or 1 1/2fl oz) London Dry Gin
1 Measure Dry Vermouth
1 Measure Green Creme de Menthe
Or 2 Measures Green Sour Apple cocktail Mix

Lime or Apple slice or Mint sprigs
Few Spanish Olives with Pimientos
A cocktail straw

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Add all the above liquids into a cocktail mixer with 1/2 cup of ice cubes and shake well.Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a apple or lime slice or sprig of Mint. Stick and drop an Olive with a straw. Serve with a dish of Spanish Olives stuffed with Pimientos!

Grenadine Martini:

1 Measure or 'Jigger'(45ml or 1 1/2fl oz) London Dry Gin
1 Measure Dry Vermouth
1/2 Measure of Grenadine
1 tbsp or more Lemon Juice

How to Make it:
Add all the above liquids into a cocktail mixer with 1/2 cup of ice cubes and shake well.Strain into a cocktail glass.


1 Measure or 'Jigger'(45ml or 1 1/2fl oz) Vodka
3 Measure Orange Juice
1 Tsp Lemon Juice

How to Make it:
Add all the above liquids into a cocktail mixer with 1/2 cup of ice cubes and stir well.Strain into a cocktail glass.


You need:
1 Jigger ie 1 1/2 0zs or 3 tbsp Citron Vodka,
1/4 cup Cranberry juice,
1/2 tbsp Lime juice,
1/2 tbsp Triple sec (sweet orange liqueur)

Add these and shake in cocktail shaker and serve.

Japanese Ginko Sake:

Here are some more Cocktails for you:

APPLETINIS: Mix 1 measure Sour Apple mix and 1 measure Vodka with ice,shake and strain into a Martini glass.

CRANAPPLETINI:Mix 1 measure each of Sour Apple Mix,Cranberry Juice and Vodka with ice and strain into a Martini glass.

SOUP APPLE TWIST MARTINI:Mix 1 measure each of Sour Apple mix ,Orange juice and Vodka.

RUM PUNCH: Serves 4

Mix 3oz pineapple juice,3oz orange juice,3 oz lime juice,8 dashes Angostura® bitters
6 oz rum, and 2 oz Grenadine with ice cubes and serve in tall glasses.


Mix 1 1/2oz Dry Gin, 3/4oz Orange Juice,1/4oz Sugar powder and shake well with ice cubes.


Mix 2oz Dry Gin,1tbsp or more Lemon Juice,1tsp Sugar pd,Carbonated water or club soda and ice a much as you need for one glass and stir well to serve in a tall glass.


Shake and serve all these. 1 1/2oz Dry Gin,3/4oz Creme De Menthe or Sour Apple Mix,1tbsp Lemon Juice.

I am a MADD mom!!
(Mothers Against Drunk Driving!)

Thank you and that's a wrap!! Now it's time to Parrrtay!!



Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I loved your Rajma-Chawal and the Parathas too.
Not much of a cocktail drinker, occasional wine is all I have, but I will definitely float it among my friends.
Another thing I wanted to ask, Can I put a link of your blog on mine ?

Keshi said...

ok I've tried many cocktails in my life but not Caruso. How interesting. Looks like a great cocktail and next time I go out, I'll ask for Caruso n think of ya :)

ty and I didnt know ur a cocktail maker too WOW! btw I usually like guys to make my cocktail...I watch them as they make it lol!


Anonymous said...

Positively glowing color, Asha! I imagine, if you have one or two of these, you will really get a laugh at the first pic on the pasty recipe page ;)

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha - Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love the drinks you have here! They look so good!

FH said...

Hi Sandeepa! Welcome and ofcourse you can link me!! Like you, I am a occasional wine drinker too!Meeta's MM event is every 6-8 weeks, so I made this!It's good though!!:)Thank you!

I am surprised, Keshi!! I thought u r going to say 'oh,yeah! I had this'!:D May be it's a old fashioned drink, who knows! I don't usually have cocktails but wine!Try and tell me!!
Don't the clubs or bars have women bartenders there! We got plenty here!!Well! good for you, looking at all those Aussie hunks!:D:D

FH said...

Thank you, Anali! and welcome!! They are easy to make and taste good too with all the apple sour there!:))

Linda!!You have the Pasty recipe!! Hurray!! I will be there ASAP!!
I have NEVER photographed a cocktail before!It's very hard, to my surprise!!All the lightings have to be perfect! I didn't like my pics here much but next time it will be better,hopefully!:D:D
But it tasted good !!Thank you , Linda!!

Harmonia said...

What a neat idea!

sounds neat...LOVE the color of this drink! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!Asha, this looks stunningly green, looking forward to your Diwali treat...Wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali :)

Susan in Italy said...

Your photos are so gorgeous! How do you do it? I suppose the lovely green of the cocktail also helps.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I haven't tried Caruso before but after reading the recipe wud definately try soon.

Seems sensational; and somehow the name is quite catchy

Anonymous said...

The cocktail looks gr8.. We don’t drink alcoholic beverages but caruso is tempting !!!!!!!!!!!!!he.he

Shionge said...

You Go Girl....how clever Asha! I'm impressed :D I hope I'll get to drink that ya?

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -
I actually liked the way the picture turned out, like an oasis in the desert :), caruso looks delish!

Nee said...

Aha, cocktails now? You never cease to amaze!

Anonymous said...

I don't drink cocktail but I love the color of the drink and the cocktail glass.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and good info' about cocktail. Hmmmm gotto try at home...

Brilynn said...

Love the pics! Very nice glasses too, this sounds like something I'll have to try.

FH said...

Thanks Harmonia!! Magic of sour apple mix!!:))

AF!!;D Yup !! One Vulgar with olives coming straight up!!:))

Lera! Thanks , are you going to try making it?! Have fun,sweets!!

Susan!Yes, green helps! But I could take better pics though!
Hey! btw, I made Mysore Pak for Diwali with butter instead of ghee like you said in ur blog! Came out excellent!!Susan in Italy taught a Mysore girl how to make Mysore Pak!!Imagine that!!:D:D
Thanks, check out on Thursday!!

Maneka! green comes from Sour apple mix, no alcohol in there at all but skip gin and vermouth!!Have fun!!:)

FH said...

Thanks Kulpreet! Hope you will try!One more addition to ur Food and Wine blog!! Many people donot abt this cocktail! Old and rare ,I guess!!Enjoy!!

Shinoge`!! Okay!! come on over! Let's have a girls' only party!!:)

Aww..Thanks Monisha! You are kind to me!! I didn't know snapping cocktails pics could be soo hard! Arvind had to hold a flash light in all diff. angles and I still not happy abt it!!:D:D Hope you will try Caruso!!

Nee!! :D:D Thank you ,M'am!! I try!! Do you have occasional wine etc. at all?!No alcohol?!
Are you cooking anything special for Diwali for The Boy?!Did you buy gold?! Too many q's!!:))

FH said...

Welcome South Paw!! Glad you like food and cooking!! I am it for that!!Hope you will be back for Diwali Feast!!Thanks!!Happy Diwali!!:))

Thanks Indo!!I like that glass too! Pretty , isn't it? That color is from either mint or sour apple mix easy to get,no alcohol!!

Hey Brilynn!Let me know how did it go when you do! Love feedbacks and suggestions!!:))

Hey Pria!! Hope you will!! Skip the Vermouth if you like, just Gin and apple mix!! Divine!!

sra said...

Hi, Asha of the emerald cocktail! I can bank on you to comment on my posts. Nope, not cooking for Diwali, am not an innovative cook and the usual sweets bore me - unless I'm seized by an unusual desire to make one of those myself.
Do you have an e-mail ID somewhere on your blog? I couldn't find it. If you let me know, I will try and send you a link to brown rice if I find one. But will do that tomorrow, it's 1 a.m. here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!
What's going on here? Perfect pics!
The color is amazing...umm!

FH said...

Hi just for fun!! Thanks !! Whole lot of Sour Apple mix going on there!!:D:D Like the color? Happy Diwali!!

sra!!I know , same old boring sweets! I am sending a grandma's sweet which is old and usual Mysorean stuff ! I like cooking,so I don't mind!!:))
Where are you at 1am, anyway?Lucky to have a job which takes you around the world!:)
When you get info,just leave the link or ur e mail at my comment and tell me not publish.Then I will e mail you from there. I could have left my e-mail in ur blog if you had moderation but it goes up directly!I don't want any spams from anybody,so I didn't make it public,you know what I mean!:D Thanks sra!!

Deepz said...

Hey Asha,
this drink looks very refreshing and the green color is very tempting. Will be surely making it at the next party that I throw.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures..amazing color...though i am not a drinker, this makes me to try one..:))

Sai said...

Hi Asha:

I am not certain if my previous comment reached you. Please don't mind my writing again.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I love your blog! I will definitely check it out on Thursday.

Thanks a lot for sharing the cocktail recipe! I love martini. I haven't had caruso but will certainly try it. I have tried the above with peach schnapps, which is a lot sweeter of course.

Keshi said...

no there r women too. But I always like it when a guy makes it for me ;-) thank God that proves I aint a les LOL!


Anonymous said...

you are very smart!!!

got to try that someday !!!


starry said...

Thanks for sharing . I needed this drink.Never had a caruso before. love a cosmopoliton.

Anonymous said...

dats decidedly a ladies' drink ! have u tried gin-toddy ?

4 me its stout with ginseng ( only from Carlsberg )

cheers from KL !

Anonymous said...

Marvellous photos ! I don't drink though !

sra said...

Asha, I know what you mean, I enabled comment moderation just now, before visiting your site, some pest has been posting news reports and 'earn more money' ads in my comments.
I would like to write more in response to your other points, but for the same concerns as yours, am not saying more about myself. Will do when I get the opportunity - but rest assured, I don't have a globe-trotting job, that was a one-off!

vasilisa said...

This looks like a party! Too bad I can't have any till the baby pops out :-(

But seriously, some alcohol in this weather, can really chase the blues away...

Anonymous said...

Diwali with "high spirits", eh? Anyway, enjoy the festival.

Nee said...

Hey Asha,
I do have the occasional drink - more of a group/social drinker than anything!
No, haven't bought gold! I am very tempted, but another part of me is like, I don't even wear the stuff I have! Have you bought any?
I am planning to make one sweet and one savory item for Diwali - sweet for sweet me, savory for The Boy :-)


FH said...

Deepz!! Use Grenadine for red color instead of apple sour green!! Have fun!!:))

NOO! Maheshwari, just enjoy looking at it!!:D:D:D

Sai! Got both of your comments, thanks!! Peach schnapps sounds good! I will try next time!!

Thanks Deepsat!! I try to do my best!I am not encouraging you to try though!!:))Enjoy!

Cyber Kitty!! Good for you, girl!! Stay that way please!!Just enjoy the photos!!:))

Vani said...

I've not been able to visit any blog since I started work on Monday. It suddenly feels like I have no time for anything, even though I'm currently working only part time!
Never tried this drink before. It looks good! Love the glass!

FH said...

Keshi!!No, you dfntly aint,M'am!!:D
After all that drooling going on in there for Aussie hunks, I KNOW you ain't!!:D:D

Starry! Hope you will try Caruso and see how you like it! I never tried Cosmopolitan,heard a lot abt it!Will next time!:))

Hi Toni!! Gin-Toddy!Hmmm...don't think I have...Man drink I guess!:D Ginseng!! WOW!! All you brainy people!:)) Sounds good,Have fun !!

NOOO! Lisa!! Put that down and step awayyyy!!!:D:D:D
Wait until few more months!! Then you can have all you want!! Take care,dress warm, Lisa!! you are almost there!!:)) *Hugs*

FH said...

sra! Thanks for understanding!:)
I will leave my e mail in ur blog,testing it first!!I hate spams,pests indeed!I will be there ASAP!!

Kishore!!That's a good one!!:D:D
In high spirits BEFORE Diwali and then veg and non-alcoholic feast on D day!! Clever, hah?..
Happy Diwali to you and familiy!!

Nee! My wedding gold are in India!!Here, only teeny ones I buy in Atlanta sometime.Except to wear them and have a occasional cocktail at Medical Gatherings, no use really as you say,I agree!
I did buy a bracelet,not necessarily for Diwali,but bcos we were there!I will put it up!!
The Boy doesn't like any sweet things ,does he? Except you ofcourse!!:D:D
Good for you, relax and enjoy Diwali!!But for the kids, Arvind and I wouldn't bother with all this,not religious at all!!:)
Did you see "Spamalot"?! I just saw a snippet in BBC W news,it's hilarious!!:))

Anna (Morsels and Musings) said...

what a brilliant green colour it turns out.

that glass looks pretty damn funky too.

Anonymous said...

perfect! some snacks and I'm ready too party!

Nee said...

No, haven't seen Spamalot, want to though. You know, it was a HUGE hit in NY and I wanted to see it then, but never did. And by the time we got around to trying to book tickets, the only tickets available were for after our move to the UK!
I haven't even seen the Monty Python movies - The Boy loves them! One of these days I'll get around to those too.


Lady Amalthea said...

Hi, I agree that cocktail pics are really hard to take well, but yours came out so beautiful! I'm really impressed.

Susan in Italy said...

I'm so relieved that your Mysore Pak with butter not ghee worked! I was feeling a bit lazy about not making the ghee. Can't wait to read yoiur recipe. Happy holiday too!

FH said...

Thanks Anna!I like that damn funky glass too!!:D:D

Mandira, palak pakoras are coming up tomorrow with Caruso!!Get ready!!:))

Thanks Lady A!! I was so embarrassed abt the pics ,after I put up the post I hid my face behind the pillow!!:D It is very hard indeed!I appreciate ur comment,a bit relieved now!!:))

Anonymous said...

HI Asha
Thanks for visiting my blog. You are cooking some beautiful food. I've never cooked Indian before but I'm tempted now. I've bookmarked your site to return to and try someof your recipes.

FH said...

Susan! I made Mysore Pak your way, not writing the recipe,but just the photo!Indians usually know the recipe!I will write abt my grandma's traditional dessert though! You don't really need to use ghee,with butter it takes a little longer that's all!! Thank you and I am looking forward to Diwali too!!:)

Hiya Nee!See that's very English greeting,isn't it?:)) New Yorkers are lucky,so are Londoners!! I love Broadways!May be when kids are in college ,Arvind & I could fly to New York and see all those!!
Btw,do you know John speaks 'Pukka Hindi'?! I was Gobsmacked!!Another British slang!:)Check his comment on Rajma!!:D

Hi Barbara! Glad to initiate you to Indian food!! Hope you do!! Thank you!!

Nee said...

Yes it is! And you have to say it in a sing-song manner too...Hai..yaaa:-) Why wait until the kids are off to college, I am sure they will start appreciating these shows soon enough (if they don't yet!) There's just something about a live Broadway production :-)
You know, I kinda assumed that John would speak Hindi - think I remember reading that he grew up in Hyderabad, where a bunch of people do, don't they? And with the amount of moving around he does, I am not surprised!

Anonymous said...

Just wanting to let you know how gorgeous your pictures are. I'm not much of a cocktail drinker myself, but heck, you've convinced me to give caruso a try!

Happy Diwali, btw and, oh, I envy you all that Mysore Pak! What other sweets have you made? I, too thought it was so great for Susan to have attempted Mysore Pak and so successfully, too!

FH said...

NO!! Lotus, let me NOT make you cocktail drinker now, but thank you for looking!!:D:D
I know, right? Susan to make a Mysore Pak which is really hard for some of us to get that exact consistency!!It is really admirable!:)She has made some other Indian sweets too!WOW!!

Hello Anjaan ladki!! welcome and thank you for visiting!!Enjoy looking at the beautiful colors!!Happy Diwali !!:D:D

I didn't know abt H'bad! Hmm...:))
Kids have been to local Broadways but you have no idea to drag the kids to NY and survive that trip!They are biggest whiners!We were in NY for a week last yr,except B'way shows, we visited everything!May be next time,we should just go for B'ways ,then they don't get soo exhausted!We will see!
which county are you in there?

Anonymous said...

Really interesting drink, with the apple, mint, and green olive going on (who would've thought?). Striking in appearance, too.

FH said...

Hi, welcome!! It's either mint cream OR Apple sour mix,Sarah! Adding both would be little too much to bear!:))Thanks!!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

First off, what an awesome blog!! I admire people with a passion, whatever it maybe. I will be definitely be back for recipes, inspiration to cook (which usually wears off by thursday-friday every week) and more! Oh and I am definitely going to fwd this to my hubby who is the resident expert on cocktails, my current favorite is Mojito...will definitely try this one.

FH said...

Aw..thank you Orchid!I don't know about passion but sure am hyper as you can see!:D:D
I am flattered,please do come back and try some of my recipes..and hope I will see some of ur hubby's cocktilas too in ur blog,I would love that..love Mojito too...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome. Apple martini is one of my favorites and they look close in looks. Gotta try this!

FH said...

Thanks Gini! They are similar indeed,taste great too. Hope you will give it try...

Mr. J said...

Ahh, now this is more like my kind of recipe. Do come up with these more often Ash :D

FH said...

Hi Johnny! I know, aren't they cool?!Right up your ally too!:D

I make them occasionally.Specially in winter.May be you could use these recipes for Christmas at home,ie if you are allowed by your folks!Have fun Johnny,I will miss you!:)