May 02, 2007


Look what I have here for you this week!!! A unique and a delicious plate of authentic Punjabi food Aloo Bhature with Lahori Choley! Lahori Choley(new to me!) is originated in Lahore, Pakistan and is a Punjabi Choley with a twist!!:D

I found this "Lahori Choley" recipe in one my Indian Punjabi cookbooks.I have never heard of this before and I thought what's Lahori Choley?! Is she writing about Pindi Channa or Choley which is from Rawalpindi,Pakistan?! But no,it was Lahori Choley,with a recipe slightly different from the usual Pindi channa.I googled "Lahori Choley" to learn more about it.I couldn't find any info for quite sometime and then to my delight ,I found "Chikkar Choley" from Lahore,Pakistan. Aha!!Very interesting!!!

I learned that Chikkar or Chikkad means "muddy" in Punjabi and Chikkar choley is named so because some Chickpeas are mashed in the sauce to make the dish look like little pebbles sunken in the mud ie reddish sauce.Reminds me of "Mud pie" I know!;D

To make the authentic Lahori choley sauce look more brownish,add a teabag while cooking the chickpeas and discard the tea bag and the water and add Anardana pd(dry Pomegranate pd)and don't add tomatoes to the sauce.

I have already posted a Aloo chole with Bhatura and Lassi and I wanted to make something different ie mess around with the good old Bhature to make Aloo Bhatura by adding Potato and a potato with Lahori Choley too and for non-vegetarians,I made a delicious and easy Narial Murgh (using coconut milk with chicken) to dip the Aloo bhaturas in, if that's what you like.Hope you didn't doze off reading all this.Now WAKE UP and start cooking err..enjoy looking!:)

Lahori(Chikkar) Choley:
(Chickpeas swimming in the creamy sauce; dish from Lahore,Pakistan)

You Need:
1 lb Can of Chick Peas or Garbanzo beans,1 Small Potato(optional),3 Plum Tomatoes ground or 1/2 cup Tomato sauce,2 large Onions,minced,1" Ginger,2 small Garlic minced,1 tsp Chilli Powder,1/4 tsp turmeric,1/2 tsp paprika,1 tsp fennel seeds pd,1/4 tsp cardamom pd,1 tbsp Coriander pd,2 tsp cumin pd,1 tsp Garam Masala,2 tsp Amchoor( Mango Powder) or Anardana pd if you have it,Cilantro,lemon slices for Garnish.

How to make Lahori Choley:
1. Heat 2 tsp oil and 1 tbsp butter ,fry 2 minced onions until soft. Add ginger-garlic paste,stir for a minute.Add in chilli pd,1/4 tsp turmeric,paprika, salt ,ground tomatoes or sauce,saute until oil shows on top on medium heat.
2. Add 1 cubed and cooked potato(optional),chick peas and 1 cup water. Pressure cook on very heat or just cover and cook until chick peas are tender.Mash some of the chickpeas into the sauce to make it thick and creamy.
3. Add Amchur or Anardana ,fennel pd,cardamom pd and garam masala,mix well.Simmer for 5 mins.Add cilantro to garnish and serve with a slice of lemon with Aloo Bhatura.

(Potato-Plain flour fried bread; from India)

You Need:
2 Cups Plain Flour,1 cup Potato flakes or 1 large Potato cooked and mashed,1 tbsp Cream Of Wheat(Semolina),2 tbsp Plain Yogurt,1/4 cup (more or less) hot water to mix,
1 tsp salt,1/2 tsp Baking Powder.

How to make it:
1. Mix potato flakes(if you are using it)with enough hot water to make a stiff lump and mix that with flour etc or mix all the above ingredients with cooked and mashed potato first and add 1/4 cup hot water little by little to make a fairly stiff dough and knead. Apply some oil on the dough and cover. Let it rest for 1-2 hrs.
2. Divide the dough into 6-8 pieces and roll them out to about 6" circles 1/8" thickness.
3. Heat enough oil in a wide pan to 350F, fry each Bhatura until it is very slightly golden and drain on the paper towels.
4. They should be little soft and still creamish in color after frying,do not over fry.
5. Serve hot with Lahori Choley ,onion slices,lemon slices and with a glass of lassi(salty or sweet Yogurt drink) to have an authentic Punjabi meal! Enjoy:))

Note:Potato makes these thicker and softer to scoop up the beans.Aloo bhaturas are best eaten right after frying,it becomes little chewy after it's cooled.Fry just until they are golden and don't worry if they don't puff up like regular Bhaturas or pooris.They feel like yeast bread in texture.

A meal for you with Aloo-Bhature and Lahori chikkar Choley:

Narial Murgh:
(Chicken cooked with Coconut milk; my own style!)

You Need:
2 lb Chicken breast and thigh meat mixed,cut into bite sized pieces,1 tbsp each oil and butter.
Grind all these to paste:2 medium Onion chopped and fried,1" ginger,2 garlic,3-4 plum tomatoes or any kind you have,1 1/2 tbsp coriander seeds,1 tsp Cumin seeds,2 tsp fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp pepper,1" cinnamon(dalchini),3 cloves,1/4 tsp cardamom seeds,a little piece of Mace and Nutmeg,1/4 tsp turmeric,2-3 red chillies or 1 tsp Chill pd,little paprika or Annatto pd for color,salt.
1/2 can of coconut milk,1/4 tsp garam masala,cilantro.

How to make it:
1. Fry onion in 1/2 tbsp oil until reddish.Add to the blender along with all the other ingredients except coconut milk,GM and cilantro and grind to a smooth paste.
2. In a pressure pan,add the rest of the oil and butter.When hot,add the ground sauce,keep stirring and cook until thick and it leaves the side of the pan.
3. Put in the chicken pieces,stir fry until they turn white.Add 1 cup of water,cover and cook on low heat for 10 mins in a pressure pan or until tender in the pan.Make sure heat is on low to prevent burning the bottom of the pan.
4. Take the lid off,mix well.Still on low heat,add coconut milk and mix gently.Simmer for 10 mins,stirring often.
5. Adjust the salt and chilli pd,add garam Masala,cilantro and serve with Aloo Bhaturas,Parathas or even rice.
6. If you want the sauce thicker,add 1 tbsp of potato flakes and mix with hot sauce.

That's about it this week!!

A DMC reminder to all moms!
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Well..hope you try some of these and enjoy the new tastes,that is if these are new to you as well.Have a great weekend!:))


Coffee said...

Aloo bhatura looks gorgeous!!!! I have never heard of that!!!!! I make my chole the same way..... brown it with tea bags and then all annardana...... very authentic!!!!! Thanks for reminding me....... havent made this combo in a while now!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I had no idea that you post only on wed. until one of your readers mentioned it.I had a pakistani neighbor once and she would make lahori chane with that tea bag etc.. gives a unique flavor and a brownish color. Adding potato flakes to the bhatura is a novel idea.. As always catalog style pictures and a great write up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is the first time in ages that I'm commenting early! :)
Love the twists to the good ol' Chhole Bhature. All dishes look delish, Ashamma!

DEEPA said...

wow asha ji...too favt choley and aloo bhatura...i am veg person,not sure abt the chicken , but looks very pretty

Unknown said...

Nice combo Asha, the thing about using potato mashed in a bhature mix is quite unique here. Lahori Chole sounds lovely, but does it taste too different from regular chole? I notice that the chana masala powder has amchoor too.

Bong Mom said...

Asha you make me so hungry while I munch at my sole Breakfast Bar :(

That Bhatura and Chole is to die for...
The murg looks so yumm, somehow "Murg" adds a diff dimension to a recipe rather than just "Chicken"

indosungod said...

Lahori Choley looks colorful and tasty swimming/sitting in all that gravy. Aloo Bhatura looks so fluffy tasty. Narial Murgh the recipe is similar to how I make chicken too minus the mace and nutmeg.

Is the family getting ready to cook you a Mother's Day Lunch?

FH said...

Coffee,you made it first!!!!!YAY!!!!:)
Oh good! Aloo Bhatura is new for you too.I thought N.Indians might know this already!Enjoy.

Hi Vinita,yes,every Wednesday here,twice a week at Aroma!:)) I didn't use Tea bags for this,I will next time,never tried it before!:))

Hello Vaniamma,good to see you early!:D Got a little break this week? I made these last week and I am dying to make them again!:))Aloo Bhatura was so soft,almost like Yeast bread!

Deepa, thanks girl.You knew about Aloo Bhatura ,did you? Some do,I didn't!;D Chichen gravy ,you can use vegetables,tastes great too.

Sia said...

wow...u know what? i made chole bhature again on weekend;) and now u have given me another recipe to try. lahori chole has almost same ingredients as of chole apart addition of fennel seeds and little mashed chickpeas. loved the idea of potale bhatures... yummmm....

FH said...

Hi Nandita,good to see you friend!:))
It's almost taste like the regular choley except they use just Anardana and tea bag and no tomato to make brownish sauce which looks like mud!I didn't have Anardana and didn't use teabag,and added Tomato since I love the red color!:))

Breakfast bar!!Aw..!! Wish I could send some Omelette!!:)
Murgh always sounds better like Kabuli Channa instead of Garbanzo!;D

Hi Indo,it's a regular simple Chicken curry,great with rice too.
Hope you try Aloo Bhatura though,it was great to dip in the gravy:)

We always go to a local Steak House for Mother's Day,kids love that restaurant here! Can't wait!;D

sra said...

Liked your way of declaring 'Nariyal Murgh; My Own Style' LOL!

FH said...

Hi Sia,you remembered me early this week!;D
Real recipe for L.Choley is made with anardana,tea bags and no tomato.I don't like Choley without tomatoes,didn't have anardana!!:))Make it this way,might taste diff. from the regular.I will have get some Anardana pd.Enjoy the Aloo Bhatura:)

HeHe! Sra, I just open my spice box and start throwing spices in to the bender,no rhyme or reason needed!:D
It's better that way than following a recipe,taste great too.Enjoy.

Sia said...

tea bag? nahhhhh... i cant stand the smell of tea:) yeah...its true... and chole w/o tomatoes!!! cant even imagine:)

Viji said...

A different one as you said and mouth watering. Aloo bhatura is really nice. You always come up with a new idea Asha. Viji

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,

What a balle balle spread! I would love to eat this & do a bhangara to celebrate the good food. Got to try the aloo bhatura,choley & the chicken too.If I end up gaining extra pounds,you are surely one of the reasons.


FH said...

Sia,I thought that too about tea,doesn't that make it bitter?I like tea to drink but in the dish!! Of course you have to drain all the tea water after cooking but still!Got to try once.I love the creamy tomato gravy in everything too:))

Thanks Viji.I do experiment a lot,look for new recipes.Most of them turn out well and some don't! You have to try it to know that,right? Enjoy the Aloo Bhatura.

Hahaha!! Kate,that's true about all the fried food but they taste so darn good,don't they?
Once or twice a month,frying is okay,shouldn't deprive ourselves too much!!;D
Hope you try them,hugs to you:))

bee said...

asha, wonderful recipes and pics. you make such elaborate food. i'm ashamed to be so lazy.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Aloo bhatura...mouth watering! that tea bag thing was interesting....who would've thought....some of yoru readers seem to know abt it..not me, so thanks!

Happy mother's day in advance!

Mishmash ! said...

Aloo Bhaturas, I had to read it twice to believe it...:)) as i ve never tasted or heard of it and was wondering whether the lady got it wrong for aloo parathas :)) and your plate is quite inviting...wish, I could get one :)


Ayesha Seerin said...

Phew !! at last i dont have to be worried while making channa .. I usually do it the grinding raw onions way ...
I once made dhal poori , but it drank to much oil and did not puff up :-( ...

FH said...

Thank you Bee.I don't think you are lazy in any way at all.
I have a bigger family than you with kids etc.Every Sunday for lunch, I make something really good so we can all sit together and eat,enjoy one meal per week at least!:))

Hi Orchid,some add tea bags and baking soda to cook chickpeas to make it brown and plump.We south Indians do not about that much.Good to learn though!:))
Mom's day is on 13th,so there will be one more post before that.Happy Mother's day to you too,hope you have a great time!

Hi shn,Aloo Bhaturas are a real thing! I have seen it in other cookbooks too, but Lahori Choley was new to me.Almost like Indian choley with a interesting story about Chikker!!:D

Sreelu said...


Choley looks so authentic I bet this tastes great as well. Bhatura's look so good love the color

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Aloo bhatura looks perfect with lohori choley ..

I'm also a kinda person who wishes to have changes in dishes,menu, stylecomapre to our routine..

I think whole family would be happy to enjoy the newly tried recipes.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Asha! I love choley bhatura and have really been having a craving for this - I wish I could reach out and just try a bite! I guess I'll have to give it a go myself. As always extraordinary dishes!

TNL said...


wow, wow....I don't care what the name, or origin, anything with the word "chhole" and I'm there.....and those potato bhaturas, they must be so soft....ah yes, I can imagine. :)

wait till Musical sees this...she'll blow a hundred kisses your way!!
Murgh is not for me....Kartik will be interested though. I hope you're doing well....Happy Mother's day hug for you in advance.


Richa said...

hey asha, this post of yours brought a smile to my face. Yes chikar or kichad is muddy mix in punjabi. Anytime you mash either potato or some chole or some dal and create a sort of mix it is called kichad, I've one more version will post soon. love those bhature as well, evryone in my family loves it.
thanks dear, very nice reading it :)

FH said...

Sreelu,if you skip the tomato in it ,it would be really authentic.Tastes almost like our own Choley!

Ayesha,you can mince onions in food processor too,less work!
I have been thinking about Dal poori too,haven't made it before.I guess it doesn't puff bcos of dal in it and makes it heavy and porous.I will try sometimes and post it.

Hi Usha,I know, we get used to certain way and taste and are scared to follow the other's recipes 100% unless you are baking!:D
Yes,we did enjoy and didn't have any leftovers for dinner!:)

FH said...

Thank you.I wish I could send you some Meeta!I guess you have try in one of the weekend when you are free!:))
Hope you got my entry to your MM event,sent you 2 weeks ago.Just making sure:)

Trupti,Choley is from Punjab whether it's in India or Pakistan,it's almost the same anyway,right? Same ppl ,different country!:))
Tastes divine.I am waiting for Musical too!;D
Happy Mother's day to you,hope your sons are starting to draw some special pics for you!:D
Hugs,have a great week.

Hello Richa.OMG!!! You know this!!!
I am so happy to hear that.I always hesitate to write something I don't really know.Thank God for you.I knew Kheechad in Hindi is muddy but never hread of Chikkar though,must be Punjabi.
I loved learning that from you Richa,now post something chikar soon,can't wait!!;D

starry said...

Asha I just finished breakfast but am ready for lunch.I had never heard of lahori choley before and thanks for the information.learned something new today.As always the pics are beautiful and the recipes tempting.

Little Miss Muffet said...

nice dishes as usual :)..about the lahori choley, do u just put the tea bags in and then remove after cooking? wouldn't it make the taste weird? am tempted to try it out but i love tomatoes :(..i guess i will compromise and make it ur way :)

archana said...

Lahori Choley is new to me too.Fennel seeds must be giving that Lahori touch to the recipe I guess :)Lahori choley is one more addition to the list of diff. types of choley recipes I have collected.Thanks.
Chikkar in Punjabi and Chikkhal in Marathi means same. Words origin must be Sanskrit.
The golden bhaturas and the choley combination is delicious.My fav. menu.

FH said...

Haha!!Lalitha,Chole Bhatura combo is always so tempting! It takes half a day to make them,I make it just once a month or so.Enjoy.Aloo Bhatura are soft,try it:)

Hi M! Tea bag is not added to the sauce but cook with chickpeas!
You have to cook chickpeas first separately to add to the prepared sauce,right?.
Traditional method of cooking chickpeas is to add water,a tea bag and a pinch of soda to Chickpeas,cook until soft and drain all the water,discard tea bag.That makes chick peas soft,plump and brown!!Then make sauce,add chickpeas!Sounds good but I haven't tried it this way,I will soon!:))

Archana,I will look it up in Sanskrit,I have a book.Interesting that Chikkhal is a Marathi word too:)I don't know lot of things!:D
I bought "Lakhnowi Fennel seeds" which are smaller and greener,have intense flavor than normal Fennel seeds.I love it.I think it's same Choley we make with a different name since it is from over there!:)) Enjoy.

Suganya said...

Beautiful photos!!

Arts said...

Chole Bhature look marvellous.. had never heard of Aalo Bhatura.. Another addition to my "try out" list :)

FH said...

Thank you Suganya.Hope you make them sometime!:))

Hi aarti,good that Aloo Bhatura is new to you.Some of them do know about it,I didn't!:D
Give it a try this weekend,I bet you will love it:)

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS! I have made bhatura with aloo once (Tarla dalal's recipe) and it flopped big time). I have to try your version. Seems perfect. I do the tea bags too (again madam tarla's idea). Lohori chole goes into my to-do list. Thanks!

DEEPA said...

thks u asha ji ...i will surely try ur version of chole soon...bhatura ..i do not make that much at home . but i make puris with chole .will try this version soon asha ji ..

FH said...

Hi Hema,I love Tarla Dalal's great Gujarati recipes but not from other states she has.My book is an old Pritam Oberoi's,it has great Punjabi recipes!
Don't use more than one potato,there should more atta than aloo.These came out well,try with Mashed Potato flakes,easier.Enjoy.
Never tried the tea bag though!!:D

musical said...

Chikkad chhole :)). i love these chhole with aloos. and that name, really its true, no kidding, neither the name, nor the meaning. and yes, like Richa said we call any masked daal with aloo as chikkad :)). Though i have to say the name chikkad is very region specific. Go to Malwa or Doaba regions of Punjab and hardly anyone knows it by this name. and Trupti got me so right, not hundred but a thousand hugs and kisses your way, Akka. its really good to see such gems from Punju street food.

TheCooker said...

No matter what the name... choleys are for me!
Aloo-Bhatura, new to me. Must try them.
Choley-Bhature, sounds just perfect for the lousy weather we are having in N. Calif.
Did the aloo make the bhature cripsier?

Anonymous said...

those r sure yummy
u are making me hungry :)
my aunt does aloo batura same way
great work

Beccy said...

Very tempting, I think I shall try the Narial Murgh, looks delicious.

FH said...

Deepa,thanks.Try the bhatura next time instead of Poori,it's almost the just thicker and softer:)

Musical,I am trying to catch all thousands of hugs and kisses you sent,phew!I am tired now!;D
Thank you so much little sister.
You need to post all these yummies as a Punjabi you know,so we can learn and enjoy them.Poor me has to research all these and let the World know without ever heard of Chikkad!:D
That is nice to know about Chikkad! The author Pritam Oberoi has really authentic Punjabi goodies in her book,I had ignored all these yrs!!Well..hope you bring us more like these M,I would love it:))

FH said...

Hi TC,thank you:))
Aloo makes it softer and thicker which is great to scoop the beans.It is best eaten right after frying,it becomes little chewy after it's cooled.Also you shouldn't fry too long,just until light golden.

Hi Anusha,thanks girl.Hope you make them now that you got the recipe:))

FH said...

Thanks,you have made a great choice Beccy!:))
Give it a try this weekend and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Asha, Perfect combo. Aloo-Poori and chole is the best. I won't ask for anything more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
This is first time i am commenting on ur blog.I think ur recipies r fabulos.This aloo batura and choley they r amazing.i will try these for sure.i simply love choley and ur version is good and easy.

Keshi said...

I havent tried Punjabi food all that much. Looks so delicious!

Asha u have so much skill n patience when it comes to cooking. I wonder if my kids will starve someday LOL!

Mums Day is comin up oyeah! I gotta get something for mum...I dunno what to get..cos I have basically given every kind of pressie to her so far :(


Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Wow................................My favorite dish is here.
I can’t wait....................
Sorry without permeation I taste your dish.:)
Your Aloo-bhature and lahori chikkar choley looks delicious.
Great job.:)

Anonymous said...

Those lahori Choley looks very yummy and very simple. I dont like potatoes in my choley, so I will skip that when I make them, otherwise such a simple and mouthwatering recipe !

And Aloo bhature is pretty new to, never heard of them. Will try it out soon - I was thinking of making some chole-bhature this weekend, guess I will try aloo bhature and Lahiri choley !

archana said...

Those Lakhnawi fennel seeds, are supposed to be eaten after meals with mishri(rock sugar,I don't know the exact name).They are not used in cooking thats what people have told me here.
The bigger variety Moti saunf is used in cooking.Even my knowledge is poor. I just go by what friends or books say :)The bigger variety has a subtle flavour.
I will certainly try your choley recipe .

Maneka Nirmal said...

narial murgh ........hmmm ..looks sooooo good...
ashaji.. how do u manage to take care of everything from kids to husband to home and blog..i don't know where u get all this energy from!

Roopa said...

The chole looks nice with the aloo bhatura, the chole my mum would prepare the same way with she would use tamarind paste instead of tomatoes would taste great but somehow i never thought of doing it similarly!even boil it with a muslin cloth tied with tea powder. The taste of tea never comes to the beans. I am too lazy so i never to that.

S said...

hi ur blog is excellent!wow many number of recipes ..nearly it took 3 to 4 hrs to go through ur goodness!!!!u r so nice recipes and nice site..

Bharathy said...

Great posts! all my favourites..chick peas,Bhattura chiken in coconut milk...:).Thanx lot for sharing..

BTW..what did you say??not even 4000 views in 9 months in F.H...?? can i correct you?
1.may be you meant to 4000 in your recent 9 recipe posts..
2.or..not even 4000 in the recent last 9 days!!!
Stop being so humble..OK??You are every ones favourite here..coz you find time to visit evry one here and cheer each one of them individually...:)
All the best and happy blogging:)

amna said...


I am thinking of starting a new portal to host simple and easy-to-prepare recipes. This is mainly for bachelors/bachelorettes who may not have the time and the necessary utensils to prepare anything elaborate.

Please do contribute. For more details, I have made a post on this at:

Err.. does this comment look like spam? :O It really is not! Also, tell me what you think about the idea and better ideas of how I can go about this, if any.

FH said...

Hi Reena,you are right.Everybody seems to to like these combo!Enjoy:)

Welcome to FH Ramya and thanks. Glad at last you are here Kannada girl!:))
Enjoy all the recipes,takes a long time to browse,checking recipe index would be better.Have fun.

Keshi,in India we grow up eating every state's cuisine,so we kinda used to cook all of them!:D
You know what moms want Keshi?A great handwritten note or a card telling her how much you love and respect her!Presents are not really necessary,may be a big bunch of flowers, a card and lota hugs:)
I love when my kids draw pics and write something just for me:)

Thank you Kajal.Go ahead and taste it!;D Enjoy the recipes.

FH said...

Abha,thanks.I love these too.Most of the time I don't add Aloo to Choley but sometimes I do when I have too many aloo lying around!:D Have a great weekend nz and enjoy:))

Archana,you are right! They do taste like the one we get in the restaurant at the end of the meal.
I used it in Choley,it gives a wonderful flavor than the thick ones.I loved it.That makes this choley taste little different but regular fennel is good too,I used the regular kind for the Chicken dish:) Enjoy.

Maneka,I have to work,it's my job and ,there is no choice!:D
It's better to smile and get on with business than frown and do all these half heartedly.
I just watched in CNN that stay at home moms should earn $138000/year if they do all these for others!!!

Roopa,tamarind is a great idea to make it brown!Thanks for that:))
I guess tea just colors the beans and doesn't make it bitter,got to try your mom's way sometime.
Hope your son doing better now.Hugs to you:))

Surya Hith said...

Nice dishes Ashaji.Beautiful pictures and great write up.Aloo bhatura is so tempting!!I have to try it out.

FH said...

Hello Shanti,welcome to FH:))
I know it's overwhelming for the new comers to look at my blog and get exhausted!;D
Take your time and go to recipe Index to find a specific recipe.I would like you to come back to comment and thank you for visiting today:))
Oh! Before I forget,my name was Asha Bhanu before I changed to Asha Arvind!!!!!:D

Bharathy,oops! I meant to type 14000 but typed 4000!:D
But I am still surprised though how many ppl prowl just as Ghost readers and hardly say 'hello and thank you' at least once in a while!!I see many wonderful blogs with great recipes and articles but I see few comments!Bad!!!
Happy blogging to you too,have fun:))

Hi N,it did look like spam!;D
I did look at the site,you do have good recipes there.Collecting easy dishes for singles is not a bad idea.
I could send my links for easy recipes I have.I don't want to commit to regular contribution bcos I already have three blogs of my own but will be glad to send you the link if you like:))
Thanks for commenting today,hope you come back.Good luck with your venture.

Thank you Surya ,I appreciate it.Hope you try some this weekend:))

amna said...

hey asha.. thanks a ton for your prompt reply! i am a hardcore non veggie too :D

so send away :)

looking forward to a list of simple recipes try and test :)

Sig said...

Asha, Narial Murgh Asha-Style looks awesome :)... It is slightly different from my style, so I'm definitely going to try ur variation sometime.

Priya said...

Chicken curry with coconut milk looks delicious Asha:))

FH said...

Hi N! I will send them whenever I can,may be later today.Thanks girl:)

Hello Sig,thank God for non-veggies!;D Very slight difference than regular curry,give it a try.Thanks girl,have a great weekend:)

Hi Priya,coconut in anything tastes great,isn't it? Hope you try:))

Shivapriya said...

Chole and Bhatura looks delicious. I always bhatura using aloo, it turns out to be much softer than the fermented bhatura.

sunita said...

Hey, I add the tea bags too...loved the aloo bhatura and the chicken...the latter looks absolutely gorgeous and mouthwatering...

FH said...

You are so right Shivapriya.They are soft and plump,taste better than the regular ones.You know it:))

Sunita,I have to try the teabag next time.Many use it and tell me it's good.Chicken curry and Bhatura are little unusual combo but tastes great.Try:))

Suma Gandlur said...

Lovely pics and delicious food.
I was planning to make potato pooris for Nupur's 'P' entry. Now let me see what can I do. :)

mommyof2 said...

I don't understand if we use same ingrind. how can we get different tasting stuff in different recipes;-)

Btw thanks for the email. I thought I will get bread flour as I tried with pizza dough in the past and they didn't poof.

FH said...

Suma,I am making a Poori for P too:))
Try this ,you will love it.I think lot of thinking of us Pooris for P as well!:D

M02,Aloo bhatura is different from regular Bhatura and choley is choley whether it is Pakistani or Indian!!:D
Lahori Choley not supposed to have Tomato,and should have Anardana instead of Mango pd to make the sauce brown,I didn't have it.If you read the authentic Lahori Choley recipe I wrote there and follow it ,you will have slightly diff. taste than regular Choley but mostly it's the same good old Choley from Punjab(Pakistani and Indian!:)

Mythreyee said...

Aaloo Bhatura must be very filling I guess. Chole looks very very delicious. Great combo indeed.

FH said...

Yes it is Myth!You can not eat more than two max even for a guy like Arvind!:)
Hope you try.Loved the Gojju you have!I will try.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,
We added your blog to our recipe category on
Here are your blog posts arranged by date.

Please add a link back to
Best regards

Pavani said...

New twist on old chole and bhatura dish.. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing..

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, thank you so much for correcting my post (about puri). I've learnt it from a Singapore food forum, although the ingredients are the same as bhature but they called it puri. I'm glad to learn it from you Asha, and am going to correct my post.
Did I hear 'swimming in cream sauce'? My taste buds start to sing now... I think I will dream about your lahoric choley :D
Have a great weekend Asha!

deepsat said...

indeed hope here is always positive!! great recipes asha!! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

wonderful feast...I love this sort of food...have to try the bhatura recipe...I can't wait...thanks for sharing ben

Cynthia said...

I'll definitely be trying these Asha, they look simple enough to make and sounds like they pack some good flavour. As always, your presentations are artful.

FH said...

Sudeshna,you have added my blog without asking my permission first in your Enews!!You need to ask bloggers first whether they are willing to share their personal blogs first and then list them.I will talk to enews administrator later and then decide what to do.Thanks for your interest in my blog.

You are welcome Pavani.Hope you try and enjoy,change is good!!:))

Hi Gattina.Oh!You don't have to change the article,I just compared that to Bhature than Poori.Most ppl do not know about Bhatura anyway!Don't worry about it:))
Choley is great ,goes well with your Ricotta fried bread too.Enjoy and have a fun weekend.Hugs.

FH said...

You are welcome Satheesh.It's better th smile than frown,isn't it? Have a great weekend:))

Hello Dilipbhai,thank you.Hope you are a bit free now,don't work too hard!:)) Try this weekend and enjoy.

Thank you so much Cynthia,I appreciate it:)) Hope you try and enjoy the new flavors.Have a great weekend.

TNL said...


thanks for the heads up on the Enewss, I was looking at my other mail, the coordinator of the site did send me a brief message about linking my blog feed there, so i guess its ok. You might get a mail on this by someone named Sri on this, of course, it is entirely up to you to have your blog on their feeds. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lotus Reads said...

Oh, Asha, you have warmed this Punjabi Kudi's heart with your choice of recipes this week! :)

I make chole in a variety of styles and am always happy to add something new to the repertoire..thanks very much for sharing. Thanks also for the teabag tip, very interesting!

Thanks also for your coconut chicken recipe...I will try it but I will use dark meat..I find it so much tastier than breast...but ofcourse, white meat is leaner and healthier.

Thanks for the recipes, Asha!

FH said...

Hi T,I don't have my email listed,may be that's why I didn't know about it.But she did "inform" me about this after linking my posts.I guess I have to talk to them.Thanks T,have fun:))

Hi Lotus,you are Panju too!:)) Then you know these already,enjoy.
I usually mix white and dark meat for a great taste,my kids prefer white meat!;P
Thanks,have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Ohh thats a perfect brunch for weekend... you remind me of childhood when my mom cooked chole bhature for the weekend..

Ashaaaaaa my mouth is already watering... pass me some :-)

FH said...

Sushmaaaa! I wish I could send you some girl!:D
Mom's food is always great,isn't it?Bring back the memories.Make some and enjoy Sush,hugs:))

Anonymous said...

That looks so good. I just ate but am now hungry again for your delicious meal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha, First time here.. wonderful and I simply love it!!!!! Great Blog!

Prajakta said...

Asha, what a great twist to the usual chana bhatura! What an amazing collection of recipes you have got between your two blogs!!
This dish is a must try...

FH said...

Hi Kristen thanks buddy:)) This is a perfect weekend meal as you have eat Bhaturas as soon as they come out of fryer,tastes great.Hope you try.

Hi Dee,welcome to to FH.Thank you so much,glad you enjoyed it.Come back again,I post every Wednesday:))

Prajakta,thank you.Welcome to FH and Aroma! Have fun and hope I will see you again:)

Anonymous said...

Lahori chole looks very delicious.
I know aloo poori but not bhatura. everything looks fabulous.

FH said...

Hi Jas,thank you:)
Bhatures have little yogurt, this and that than pooris,almost the same anyway,right? Try this,you will love it when it's fresh out of the fryer:))Have a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Aloo Bhatura looks so fantastic that I want to reach out into my monitor and taste it. Never heard of Lahori Choley; it looks spicy and tasty too! Thanks,

FH said...

You are most welcome Nalini:))
Hope you try both.This Choley is not that spicy(kids!)but you can adjust the chilli pd as you want.Enjoy.

MR said...

chole bhature looks yummy!!!
I used to make bhatura from frozen
dinner rolls, now I will try this out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I just almost every recipe that you post. Its an excellent website.

I have a question though - can we subsitute baking powder with baking soda while cooking - its a general questions though not pertained to this recipe alone. If u cud enlighten me on this that will be great.

- Karthika

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -- finally I'm catching up -- why is it that I can take one week away and need three weeks to get back on track!? ;)

I love the different version of chole! Bhaturas look so delicious too... haven't tried making those. Also, beet greens in dal saag is *genius*!! Thanks for sharing these lovely dishes :)

Seena said...

When I saw your comment in my blog, didn't think you are an experienced blogger! Thank you for visiting there..Have to learn much from you..have tried this recipe before, will blog my versoion later..

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Chole recipe looks very authentic!!!
Potato Bhattura is very new to me.Will try it for sure.
Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Mallugirl,thanks for visiting!Bhaturas from frozen dinner rolls?!I have to try that while you try mine!:)

Karthika,welcome to FH,glad you liked this site.Please come back to comment,that's what bloggers like me keep going!:)
Baking soda is an instant rise agent which we use to add to snacks to make it crispy and baking pd makes cakes etc puff up to make it soft.If you add soda to cake batter,it will not rise unless you also add baking pd.There is difference betn the two.Hope it helps and you are always welcome to ask questions!:)

FH said...

Linda,once you stop blogging for a while,you begin to like the change and relax.It's hard to get to blogging and commenting routine!;D
I am gald you are back.Bhaturas are oily like fried food,so once in a while ,it's ok.These are classic Punjabi combo,hope you try cutting the amount to half.Enjoy and thank you:)

Hi Seena,you haven't heard of me before!!!HUH!!:D
Just kidding,I know it's huge blogging world.Glad to see you here too and waiting for your version.Thanks man:)

MT, you are welcome girl as always:)) Hope you try the new taste.Thank you.Have a great weekend.

Nee said...

Hi there Ashamma,
I did stop by earlier and left a comment - but I don't see it in the myriad comments on this page. Do you think I would miss out on Aloo-Bhatura when married to The Boy? He just went out of town for a few days, I just might make this to welcome him back!
Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I tried out the Missi Roti last week. Came out very well! Thanks for the recipe!


Nee said...

PS - Enjoy Spidey.


FH said...

Hi Nee,sorry the hungry monster blogger ate your last comment!

Glad you tried the Missi rotis,very easy aren't they? The boy is out and you are alone?No wonder you are bored!!!Hope weather is good there at least,it suddenly turned cold and wet here.Great day to go to a movie though!:D
Trish is in AP World History prep class today,will pick her up from school at 12pm and go to the movie.Review is not that good,but kids got to see that!! Oh well..!:)
Have a great weekend,hope he will back home soon.Hugs!:))

Cyberkitty said...

yumm, the food looks simply delicious. We make chole with a pouch of tea leaves !

FH said...

Hi CK, I heard that about tea leaves.I have got try next time.Hope you are a relaxing weekend:)
We just came back from Spiderman 3 and it was great,not as good as the first but not bad at all.

Unknown said...

aloo bhatura sound great! cholle bhature is my first choice for change in normal menu , as i find it easy toc ook always :)). now its my turn to try aloo bhature. :) :|- for non veg dish :D . , just kidding.
hope you are doing good there.
comign to NJ soon. will email you about that.
can i also share somethign on desi mom'z clib? or its just fro mom's of kids.
Hug for you , missed you much while was not on blog ...

FH said...

Missing you too Pooja:))
So good to hear to hear from you.Yes,you can send your DMC article to Sandeepa and she will post it for you or you can become a member and post yourself.Do it,we would love to read it:)
Yes,Aloo bhatura-Choley is comfort food when you are in the frying mood minus the chicken of course for you!;D
In NJ soon? Yay!It's almost like mini India anyway,except your family won't be there.Enjoy India while you can.See you later.
Hugs to you too:)

Anonymous said...

Asha, what a heavenly combo, the chana looks mouth watering. Thx.
Please chk out my blog
please do leave a trace whenever u visit. Thx.

FH said...

Hi Aruna,thanks girl,hope you try:))
I will check your blog,welcome to blogging world.

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! I'm so predictable. I always find myself gravitating towards the carbs!! The Aloo-Bhature looks so good! I hope you had a great weekend! : )

Keshi said...

Asha ty sweetie. Last year I gave my mum a hand-written short story was abt her life. She was so very surprised and happy.


Seema said...

Heyyy the blog looks rocking and sumptious with the new pics....those dishes look like they're just gonna come off the screen on to my table for lunch time...i am set for a lunch with this version of chole bhature...

Hope you had a great weekend and looking forward to the Mother's day Special !

FH said...

Hi Anali,had a great fun weekend!We went to see Spidey 3 and enjoyed it too:))
Aloo-Bhaturas are great tasting.Since it's fried,I will make these once a month or so.Enjoy:)

Keshi,that was soo nice of you to do that!:))))
Sounds great,I bet she cried too!You are a great daughter Keshi,I am sure you will come up with better idea than this,although it's tough to match that now.Think haaaard!!;D Hugs.

Thank you Seema.Good to see you girl.Hope you had a great weekend:))
You will love it if you like fried food!;D Hope you try:)
After all these frying,I think I will make something healthy this Wednesday!:))

J said...

Hi Asha,
I thought something was wrong with the title.....!! Great idea...aloo bhatura!! I too made chole-puri today....Yumm!!

FH said...

Hahaha!! J,good to see you.Hope you got some free time to enjoy in between all that study!:))
Hope you try Aloo-Bhatura,it's so soft!I just sent a "Safety Moment" article for you to Meeta:)
Good luck,looking forward for you to come back soon.

Anonymous said...

The aloo bhatura& cholé combo looks good,Asha!i too make a similar version of bhaturas with potatoes & also one version with bread slices ,your post is tempting me to cook some!:)

Anonymous said...

forgot to add that i have posted the link for the swiss roll:)

FH said...

Hi Paati,sometimes I add 2 bread slices soaked and squeezed!You know the yeast in the acts as rising agent and makes the Bhaturas puff!Clever huh?We should be proud to be good cooks.
Thanks for the link Paati,I will check it out.Now I have two desserts to make for MBP,yay!:))
Hope you had great weekend,we went to see Spiderman 3:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new recipe Asha, looks absolutely delicious! Chole and Bhatura has got to be one of my favorite dishes, the combination is to die for!

FH said...

Thanks Monisha:))
You are right!I haven't heard anybody say they don't like this combo so far!:D
Hope you had a great weekend.

sallywrites said...

Lovely Asha!! I enjoy coming to your site to maek my mouth water every week!!!!!

FH said...

Thanks Sally:)) I try my best to make every mouth water!!Enjoy ;D said...


This looks fantastic. Its when I see meals like this on the blogs I just wish I could taste it! Your lucky family :)

Awesome, I can't wait to try out aloo bhature.

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, I just quickly wanted to tell you I made your nariyal chicken curry and it turned out delicious, so thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Aloo bhatura is new to me. I have to try this sometime. My chole is almost same as yours. Narial murgh, now that I will definitely love to taste. You know how much I like coconut :).

Sneha said...

hey asha!! these look yum. all time hits. one can never go wrong with aloo bhatura! we always have these during any lunch-dinner type thingies :) waiting to see what you got for tomorrow!!!

FH said...

Hi Kanchana,thanks.Our Sunday lunch is little special than the usual bcos that's only day we all sit together to eat as a family!:))

Lotus,you are welcome!:) Glad you liked it,enjoy.

Hi Shilpa.Yeah,Chole is a common recipe, there aren't too many variation whether it's Pakistani or Indian:)Try the chicken,some have already made it and liked it.

Hi Sneha,hope you are spending your holiday wisely!;D
Chole-Bhature are everybody's fav combo.Tomorrow is Mother's day special,some healthy tasty food.Hope you have got special plans for your mom this Sunday:))

Mallika said...

Hi Asha

That choley looks amazing. I must try it soon - chick peas are so simple yet delicious.

As for the bhatura - I nede some more time. My rotis are only just beginning to swell!!

RML said...

Hi Asha,
Can I have the plate of Aloo bhatura ?yummy and mouth watering dishes as usual.
Someday I will be a surprise guest to your home haaa just kidding.

FH said...

Hi Mallika,unlike roti which is hard to make'em puff,Bhaturas are easy.As soon as it hits the hot oil,they bloat most of the time.Try it:))
Chole dishes are always tasty no matter what!;D

Hi Madhuri,I wish I could give it you!!:)) I guess you have to make them yourself this weekend for Mother's day!!Nice lunch!!Hope you try:)

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
that is fantastic.Aloo bahtura looks lovely.thanks for sharing with us.

FH said...

Hi Swapna,made it at last!:D Thanks girl.Hope you try.Have a great day.

Indo Dreamin' said...

Tea Bags??? I got to try that. I dont cook enough veggies. Are you married ;-) the food looks great.

FH said...

Thanks Indo dreamimg!!HeHe!! Yes,I am married for loooong time!;D
Tea bags are for that brown color some Chole dishes have.try it:)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Reading ur post I was finking that there are sooo many ways to make choley.... the way ma makes 'em, the way i make them, the way in which one of my aunties makes it(zero oil), the way u make make 'em, the way the world makes them.. etc The bottomline being that all turn turn out to be yummilicious!

FH said...

True! True!!
Reeta,there are so many little variations to the same old Choley even the spelling! I used to spell it Chole`,I saw Cholay too!!:D
But you know it's the same bunch of spices we all use,gets boring sometimes.No oil sounds great,got to use non-stick pan for that I guess.

Dalicia said...

the aloo bhatura is simple :) i will try that! thank you for sharing more recipes and i'm learning more about indian food

FH said...

You are welcome Dalicia:))
Aloo Bhatura is easy,hope you try.More yummy food is coming on Wednesday.Have fun.

Foodie said...

Dear Ashaji,

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on my blog.
Happy Mother's day to you. (sorry kinda late)
I loved your olive rye bread, but the thing is I do not have a bread machine so will try to make it in the oven. And the next thing I am gonna make is the mango dal, I just got some raw and ripe mangoes yesterday. And yes long back you had the recipe for Chitrana, was wonderful.The most eye catching thing are your pictures. Just superb. Thanks again for you

Foodie said...

Dear Asha,

This is the first time I am commenting on your blog, ya so lazy of me. But thanks for all your comments on my blog zaayka.
I am glad you like my dishes.
Well at the outset let me wish you a very Happy Mother's day. I know it's kinda a late.
I loved your olive rye bread recipe, I don't have a bread machine so will try in the oven, and also the mango dal. I also loved your recipe for chitrana. And the pictures are amazing always.

FH said...

Thank you Foodie.Enjoy the bread and Mando dal.Good to see you here,hope you come back and say hello:))

Pelicano said...

Hey Asha-
The Lahori (chikkad) chole recipe is quite intriguing- just the fennel, tea, and xtra elaichi must make it taste quite different from the usual chole-batura recipes; have bookmarked it to try. Thanks for sharing it.

FH said...

Hi Pelicano, yes they do make the difference. Muslim or Mughal dishes are always little bit or LOT more fragrant than our regular fare!:))
Try and let me know. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Asha,
I used to have Pritam Oberoi's cookery book, but lost it. I was searching for the book when I came across your blog.
Do you know where can I find that book?
I will try some of your dishes.

FH said...

Hi Amrita, good to see you. I bought that book 22 yrs ago, it's yellowing but still have it!:D

Pritam O's books are probably available in India, I haven't seen them in US anywhere. But Nita Mehta's books are freely available here.Enjoy.