May 16, 2007


"Regional Cuisines of India" event is founded by LakshmiK from 'Veggie Cuisine'.This month we are showcasing the state of Andhra Pradesh which is hosted by Latha from 'Masala Magic' blog. Thanks to both of you!:))

Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state in India and largest state in Southern India by area and population.Andhra Pradesh leads in the production of rice(paddy)and is called "India's Rice Bowl". The official state language is Telugu. Andhra Pradesh can be broadly divided into three regions, namely Kosta (Coastal Andhra),Telangana and Rayalaseema. Andhra Pradesh is famous for its spicy cuisine along with its rich cultural,Musical and literary heritage. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh includes both the original Andhra cuisine and the Hyderabadi cuisine with a Mughal(Muslim rulers)influence.The kebabs and the Biryanis are the most popular.Home made pickles,papads and dry chutney powders are the famous culinary traditions of this region.(Info: WIKI)

Most of the recipes here are chosen by this book by 'Bilkees I Latif' who is a resident of Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh. Her book contains both popular Hyderabadi Hindu and Muslim dishes.

I was thrilled to find this recipe in another Andhra book by the author Karuna.My grandmother used to make these but I never had the recipe and I didn't know it's from Andhra!!.These are not crispy like Chaklis or not very soft like M'lorean Goli Bajes but somewhere in between.Tastes great just to eat on it's own.

You Need:
1 cup plain flour,1/3 cup plain yogurt,1/4 tsp Baking soda,Salt,1" grated Ginger, 4-5 Green chillies minced,1 tsp Cumin seeds,1/4 chilli flakes.

How to make it:

1. Mix everything to a stiff dough using little water only if you need it and adjust the salt,cover and rest for 2 mins.
2. Heat oil to deep fry to 350F.Meanwhile divide the dough in to 4 parts,roll one piece to a long rope of 1/2" thickness,cut the rope into 1" pieces.
3. Roll those 1" pieces to a round balls,deep fry them until golden swirling the oil to make then fry equally on all sides.
4. Drain them paper towels and serve these with thin coconut chutney as a dip.YUM!!

AratiKaya Koora:
A delicious blend of soft cooked Plantain cubes and ground coconut masala makes this a wonderful side dish for Chapatis or Parathas or even rice.

You Need:

2-3 Plantains(green cooking Bananas),1 tbsp oil/ghee,1/2 tsp mustard,curry leaves,Salt,1 tbsp Tamarind juice,Cilantro.

To dry roast and grind: 1 1/2 tbsp Coriander seeds,1 tsp cumin seeds,1 tbsp Chana dal (red split peas or Bengal gram dal), 2-3 dry red chillies,8 Peppercorns and grind these with 1/4 cup fresh or dry coconut,1/4 tsp turmeric to a smooth paste.

How to make it:

1. Peel,cube and wash Plantains and cook with water until soft.Keep aside.
2. Heat a pan with oil,add mustard and curry leaves.Add cooked plantains,tamarind and salt and bring to boil and turn down the heat.
3. Add the ground masala,adjust the salt and simmer until oil shows up a little and add cilantro .Serve with Dosa,rice or Chapatis.

Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani with Boorani:
How can I not cook a classic Muslim dish of Hyderabad when we are talking about Andhra?!Here is that wonderful dish layered with highly fragrant Chicken gravy and spiced Basamati rice,garnished with nuts and golden Raisins.It is traditionally served with Mirchi Ka Salan(I didn't make it,but saved some gravy instead) and Boorani,a slightly different salad/raita.I made this with my easy way instead of elaborate traditional way,cooked both separately and then layered in a cast iron dish to bake in the oven for a while. Enjoy:)

Layered Biryani ready to go in the oven:

To Marinate Chicken: Add 2lb Chicken pieces,2 tsp Cinnamon pd,1 tsp Cardamom pd,1.2 tsp clove pd, 1 tsp Fennel pd,2 tsp cumin seeds pd,2 tbsp Coriander pd,1/4 tsp Nutmeg pd,1/2 tbsp each Ginger pd and Garlic pd,1/4 cup sour cream or Yogurt,1/ tsp salt,1/2 tsp chilli pd,mix well and chill for 2hrs covered in a glass bowl.

Prepare Basmati rice:Cook 2 cups Basmati,cool.Slice and fry 3 onions with little salt in enough oil until red and crisp.Save half of the onions for layering.Heat 1 tbsp oil/ghee in a pan,add 3 cloves,2 whole Cardamoms,1" cinnamon,2 tbsp Almonds,2 tbsp Golden Raisins,add this to rice with half the crisp onions and mix all very well,adjust the salt.The rice looks reddish brown.Keep it aside.

Make the Gravy:Heat 1 tbsp oil,add 1 minced onion,fry until soft.Add 2 tsp each of Ginger and Garlic paste,fry.Add 1/4 tsp turmeric,chilli pd,2 sliced green chillies,1 tsp garam masala. Now add the chicken with marinated liquid,stir fry, add 1/4 cup sour cream,little by little,keep stirring until sauce is thick and oil shows a little.Add salt,1cup of stock or water,2 tbsp each Mint and cilantro,cover and cook on low heat until chicken is done and sauce is thick again.

Layer the Rice and Gravy:Heat the oven at 200F.Take a big enough dish,later 1/3rd of rice,half of saved fried onion,half the chicken with some gravy drizzled on the rice,add another 1/3rd of rice,onions and chicken with some gravy and end with 1/3rd of rice again.Mix 1/4 cup warm milk with 1/2 tsp crushed Saffron and pour on the rice,cover and put in the oven for an hour.

To serve: Heat and serve the gravy in the gravy boat on the side along with Biryani ,crisps and Boorani.

Mix 1/2 cup plain yogurt,1/2 big red onion chopped,1-2 large Cucumber peeled,chopped,1 large Tomato chopped,1/2 tsp each of Ginger and Garlic paste,cilantro,few mint leaves,salt and pepper or chopped Green chillies and chill.

A plate for you with Biryani and Boorani:

Dessert anyone?!:))

Pala Khova:Makes about 6 pieces.
A milk fudge made of milk and sugar,makes a wonderful dessert to end the meal.It needs quite a bit of time to make it but it's worth it in the end.This dessert is common to many states and in Karnataka ,it's called Halu Khova!

You Need:1 tbsp Butter, 3 cups 2% or full cream milk,3/4 to 1 cup sugar,4 strands of Saffron(optional),1/2 tbsp Arrowroot pd or cornstarch(optional)and 1 tbsp fine Semolina(Cream of Wheat,also optional).

How to make it:

1. Add butter and milk in a deep non-stick pan and boil on medium heat until it reduces to half of the amount while stirring often.
2. If you get too many brown scorched milk from the bottom,strain through a sieve and reduce the heat ,put it back and simmer again with cream of wheat,and sugar.
3. Add Saffron if you are using, and cook until it leaves the sides of the pan.You could add cornstarch to speed up the process,it's up to you.
4. Brush some butter on a plate, and slide the Khova on to the plate and pat lightly.
5. Cool and cut or shape into squares.Store in air tight box for a day or two in room temp.

More interesting facts about Andhra Pradesh:

Tirupati is the abode for the world famous Hindu temple of Lord Venkateswara. It is the richest Hindu religious institution and second richest in the world after the Vatican. It records an annual income of about 100 Billion Rupees (2.5 Billion US Dollars), mostly from offerings by the devotees.

Srisailam: Abode for Lord Siva worshipped with the name of Mallikarjuna and Goddess Parvathi, worshipped with the name of Bhramaramba and also a birth place of Veera Shaivism.

Nannayya,Tikkana,Yerrapragada form the trinity who translated the great epic Mahabharatha into Telugu.

Lot of you asked me how was my Mother's day? kids made me heart shaped Pancakes,Hash Brown for breakfast and gave me a card.So instead of going out for Brunch,we went out for lunch! All restaurants were overcrowded with grown up kids with their moms with gifts etc.Then we went shopping for a quite a while and came home exhausted.Tushar gave me a mini Guitar concert,Trisha made me a Origami card and Arvind was extraordinarily nice to me!;D Greatest thing was I didn't cook at all that day!!!YAY!:))

Look what I got for Mother's day!:) My kids usually buy me Jewelry with "mom" in it every year with their allowance but this time I asked them to buy me a Ice cream maker,saved them some money and we all can enjoy this in Summer too.I love the red color.What's my first ice Cream? Pista Kulfi here I come,fingers crossed!!;D

Hope you enjoyed Andhra cuisine!Have a great weekend and enjoy the Sun shine,will be back with JFI!:))


Gattina Cheung said...

Me too, love the bright red color of your ice-cream maker! Look forward to more new creations from you Asha!

indosungod said...

Hyderbad, Andhra, Biryani cannot be far behind. Looks super tasty.
Palkova is savored no matter what, one of my favorite sweets.
You got an ice cream maker. WOW now you can enjoy the summer heat.

Sneha said...

Ooo. Somehow, the desert appealed the most to me. They reminded me of Sandesh, which is totally love! And oh yea, you can't have andhra cuisine without hyderabadi biryani! yum yum yum!

Anonymous said...

What a feast! Did you make all these in a day? Buskalu is new to me and it definitely looks tasty. In Tamilnadu pala khova is called palgova or tharatippal. I ususally make it in the microwave with condensed milk and a bit of curd. 15 minutes...snap and its done. But the traditional way always tastes better. Great entries to Andhra cuisine BigS!

Kribha said...

Am I first? Good info about AP. Buskalu looks great. First time when I saw it I thought it was a dessert like badhushah. After reading through the recipe I found that it's an appetizer. This is certainly a quick fix for unexpected guests. Layered Biryani looks yummy. Never tried this way before. I'm a sucker for Hyderabadi biryani.AratiKaya Koora is a new curry for me. I have used plantains in avial and dry curries. Will try this soon. As for pal khova....oh Asha, I would eat it 24/7 for all 365 days. Looks so good.
That's so sweet of your kids to cook breakfast and give you such a nice gift. Awaiting your ice cream pics.Thanks for sharing such nice recipes.

DEEPA said...

Asha ji ....too goog....Briyani and ur style ...I wish i could have ur PISTA Kulfi .......great gift...summer must be a blast at ur place ....

bee said...

woohoo! what a spread. ash, i'm gonna buy that ice cream maker - same brand. didn't know there was a red one. i will get the red one.

Anonymous said...

Oooooohh! That spread looks delicious!! Everything looks so good, Ash! That layered biryani had me drooling! And though I'm not a big fan of sweets, your paal khova looks too good not to comment on. And seems not too hard to make too!
I so look forward to w'days Ash, so I can take a peek into your dishes for the week!

Roopa said...

will come back later

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! Loved your Andhra cuisine showcase -- everything looks superb as usual :) One of these days I am going to tackle a biryani. Happy to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day with no cooking -- and an IC maker to boot! Looks gorgeous in that shiny red coat. You'll have some fun with that :)

Coffee said...

ICE CREAM!!!! get it up soon!!!!

Looking at all the food of andhra cuisine..... I think I was only bragging about south indians!!!! This all is absolutely new to me!!! Great spread as usual!! :)

That milk dessert is awesome!

Coffee said...

btw..... I was just waiting for you to publish your post so that I can comment and then go to sleep :P
Have a nice day and good night to me. :)

FH said...

Thanks Gattina:))Waiting for Summer so I can try it but might do a Mango one now!;D

Hi Indo,Biryani aroma filled the whole house and beyond,it felt like I was in a restaurant.That's a great recipe:))

Sneha,similar to Sandesh but lot heavier than that.I have to try Sandesh too!;D

Hema,no,it took a week or more,just saved the photos.Man,it took a loong time make Halkova even though I used just a cup or so of milk!I was cursing myself to have chosen that!;D But end product was so great,Trisha even took it to school which is rare!:))

HeHe! Kribha ,you do have a sweet tooth!!Buskalu was great fresh although it becomes little chewy after sometime but very tasty,specially Pal Kova on the side!:D
Aratikaya koora was from that book,it tastes great.

TNL said...

oh wow....what a great gift!!! I would love to see your cool treats for the summer now!
That Pala-Kova is a nice one! of course, I'll notice the sweet stuff first!!
Biryani looks awesome....will make it with veggies and chickpeas or some other beans.

My teachers use to call me "Tirupati" all the time when I was younger. :(

Roopa said...

wonderfull treat oh i love the ice cream maker!
the buskalu ingredients looks similar to goli bajji. kura looks perfect and yummy! biryani and pal kova to go with great! oh what a lovely present.

Sumitha said...

Boorani what a lovely name for a raita!An ice cream maker,wow!I am waiting for the kulfi recipe.Thank goodness you got what you needed as a gift.Biryani a must try:)

Sia said...

another feast ashakka... buskalu looks like goli baje and has got same ingredients also. read that its not as soft as goli baje... i got to try this and see the differentce... its been ages since i cooked plaintains and ur aratikaya koora looks like a winner. by the way what is Arrowroot?
red icecream maker? cant wait to see what u gonna churn now:) pista kulfi??? my favvvvvvvv and saffron kulfi is also my fav:) so u have got 2 options here;)

FH said...

Deepa,thank you.I choose appetizer,Entree veg and non-veg and a dessert.Works well hah?:))

Bee,you don't get red one in the stores usually,I bought that from Amazon and made the kids pay!:))
I haven't tried it yet,you need to freeze that bowl inside and my both freezers are jam packed!!;P

Vani,Biryani smelled like in Andhra restaurant,it is a damn good recipe,try it.Halkhova has easy ingredients but takes a long time even with evaporate milk!I am happier with Biryani:))

Hi Linda.We had fun Sunday indeed:))
I will have to start with the Mango Pistachios IC first.Freezing the bowl first is a problem for me but will manage somehow:))

sra said...

Asha, buskalu the word is new to me, but I think it's something similar to what we call pongadalu or punugulu - often old dosa/idli batter is deep-fried freehand. Those are soft and squashy, though.

Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha
Yoy had a swell Mothers Day. I love that Ice Cream Maker.
That Biryani and the Boorani is so so good. I am already hungry and its only 10 in the morning :(

Anonymous said...

Wow! All recipes looks yummy. Nanna favourite halukava. Today I will definetly try and let you know.and I love plantain very much than aloo. U know the plantain we get in american stores are bit hard even after boiling. So usually I buy it indian stores.


Vini K said...

Asha,I am getting jealous of yu day by day:) you lucky lady!what a great gift for mothers day for you!enjoy the summer!Love dad used to buy only palakhova whenever we went out.we loved it as kids and even today!Never heard of the name Buskalu though my MIL makes something very similar,she calls it mysore bajji..Biryani looks great.

mommyof2 said...

Biryani looks so yummy:-) And I loved ur gift.. Its for you or for the kids;-)very smart :-)

FH said...

Nighty night Coffee! It's night there,poor thing!Go to sleep now,you don't have to catch me on Wednesdays you know,take your time!!:D
Even I am surprised at the variety of dishes I didn't know.RCI is great:))

LOL @ Tirupati!!!WOW!! It's Tushy for Tushar!!;D T,I am going to everybody put on weight including me!!:D
You can add Koftas instead of chicken and don't forget to fry marinate first,it's THE essence of Biryani,I really hope you will make it.smells so great,I loved it.

Roopa, you are back!!:))
It is like Goli Baje,but little harder though.Tastes great with chutney.Enjoy.

Sumitha,adding a little ginger-garlic to Raita makes it Boorani,as they call it!!:D Tastes great though.That book is rocks.
I was getting little tired of Jewelry every year,so I caught them early before they bought another gold piece!;D Now we all enjoy Summer and get fatter with creamy IC!..sigh..:p

Sia,Buskalu was a dough,rolled to ropes and made into small balls to fry.It tasted better than Goli Baje though.It's different,little chewy.
Goli Bajes are soft batter and we drop rounds in the oil directly as I remember,don't we? Hope you make some Goli bajes and post,I haven't made in a long time:)
Arrowroot is Casava root pd like Sabudana, but you can add Cornstarch's similar,a thickening agent.
I can add Saffron to Pista Kulfi to please you woman!!;P Thinking of Mango IC too.Exciting and fattening,Woo..Hoo..!

Seema said... drooling over that looks so yummmyyyy Asha !
That was one sexy coloured ice cream maker...i love icecreams ...can simply survive on icrecreams :)))))

Kavitha said...

Great spread Asha!!!! Biryani looks awesome. I love biryani. I have another recipe for Hyd biryani which ha always turned out great. But since I live in Hyderabad and biryanis are just a stone's throw away, I never had a chance to make it at home. But I enjoy home-made more...
Happy Mothers day!!!

Padmaja said...

great recipes and well written, Hope u enjoyed cooking those wonderful dishes!!!

Sia said...

i have posted the goli baje recipe long back ashakka...may be before we "met";) oh woman, u r gonna kill me with so many tempations:) for us it feels like heavy monsoon back in india...rains in the morning, afternoon sunshine(i long to go out n sunbathe instead of sitting in a/c room) and evening breezy...donno what season it is.
just saw ur comment about adding koftas in place of chicken for layered i am gonna see how i can do that:) any idea as which kofta will suit?

Aruna said...

Asha, U have cooked up a great feast for RCI!! Very Tempting!! As usual U r Great!!!
Biryani is my all time fav & will surely give it a try!!!

Richa said...

wow! what a spread, i was so looking forward to ur wednesday post and you came up with this beauty!! that buskalu looks soooo good and looks pretty simple to make. you picked such a vibrant color for the ice cream maker, love it :)

Meera's Blog said...

wow ashaaaaaa:)awsome recipes!!
an icecream maker??thats wonderful and 'sweet':)

FH said...

sra,I found Buskalu in another Andhra cookbook by Karuna, which was a surprise to me too!I know the idli batter snack which I love,this was almost like M'lore snack we make.Loved it though.May be it's her grandma's secret recipe!:D

Sandeepa,we did have fun:))Man,it's confusing about time lines in different countries!Coffee just went to bed and you are at the office and I just had a quick shower so I can start my chores!:D
Biryani is great,try:))

Mamatha,I probably have eaten tons of Halkhova as a child which was square and almost like Biscuits!Try it,I added arrowroot to make it quick,got tired of standing for so long,you can skip it:)
I pressure cook Balekai and it's still like firm potatoes.I will try and get it in the Indian store next time,didn't know that.Thanks.

Vini,Halkhova brings back lot of memories to me too.Nobody is heard of Buskalu!Where did that author (not Bilkees but Karuna)woman got the recipe?;D Mysore bajji is the same as M'lore Goli Baje,love it:)

LOL!!! G, you are right! I have got to ask them! Tushar already ordered me to make Chocolate IC with Chocolate chips in it!!;D
Make the Biryani,you will love it:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Layered hyderabadi biryani looks awesome with its accompaniment.I love arattikaya koora but your version is little different.Have to try it.Palkova is so yummy.

Looking forward to icy cool treats from your new icecream maker.Wonderful gift from your kids.

Love & Regards,

sallywrites said...

Great mother's day gifts, and I love the look of the AratiKaya Koora!!

FH said...

Seema,sexy is right!:D It really is!!I call it Candy Apple red(I had car in that color too!) and I didn't want any other color they had!! I really am glad I tried that Biryani,it's smelled divine like I was in the Mughal court or something:)

Thank you SL!! You don't know how lucky you are to get the Biryani whenever you want it in H'bad!!The one we get here in the restaurants are no way match the real deal.This was really great though.I would love have your Biryani recipe too,post it please!:))

Hi P!Thanks. I did have fun cooking and we enjoyed it a lot.Hope you got my entry to your WBB event as I didn't see any reply:))

Sups,England weather is really freaky girl,don't know how I survived 5yrs there!:))It's 85F here today,sitting in cozy at 75F!!
I will check Goli Baje today,yay:))
Koftas; Mix all the veggies you like with Besan and few spices,shallow fry or bake,add to the Biryani after baking the Biryani.Make sure you grind the marination ingredients I add to the chicken and fry in the gravy as I have written there instead of meat.You can layer all the gravy with rice instead of saving like I did.Kids like it the gravy on the side.You will love the smell,really fragrant.

Aruna,you are welcome:)) Hope you do try Biryani,I loved it.Enjoy all the recipes.

Sangeeta said...

Asha, your ice cream maker is so cute :) Love the red color.
And that was a delightful Andhra spread - Mmm Mmm good :)
A belated Happy Mother's day and have a great weekend

FH said...

Hi Richa,love this RCI event ,don't you? Makes you feel so proud to know so many things we don't know otherwise about India!What a history! I can't wait for Punjab!!HeeHee!*rubbing my hands with glee*

Thanks Meera!:)) Lot better than a piece of gold I don't even wear everyday!I am sure we will enjoy that:)

Thanks Kate.I wonder whether Ice Cream maker is for me or to kids themselves!!;D
Biryani was so good,thanks for that book:))Waiting for temp to go up and then I will start that machine!

Thanks Sally.I can't wait to use that Machine:))
Hope you know about Plantains(green cooking Bananas) Sally,it tastes like Potatoes when cooked.You can substitute with Potatoes too.

Thank you Sangeeta.I enjoyed cooking Andhra cuisine.You too have a great weekend sweetie:))

Raji said...

i did check ur post
but too lz to comment lol
i like the aratikaya kura
luv the color esp.
i dont eat nv. so donno about biryani
n smt that surprised me is using arrow root powder in pala kova
how does it taste like?
just to thicken?

my grandma just reduces milk until you can make a ball out of it.
i never had anything that beats it

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi asha,
yesterday only i bought plantain,i will surely try this out and briyani looks hubby fave

Latha said...

Hey Ashu,
Cool post! I have never had Buskalu sounds yummy and interesting... Nice recipes you have chosen.. the spread looks so good :-)
And that is so sweet of the kids. Looks like you had a good mother's day! We just chilled out at home for the most part. Mom made some special food.
Nice netry and have a great week ahead

bee said...

freeze the bowl? that sucks. my freezer is full and small.

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,
I have been a frequent reader of your blog and you have wonderful recipes on it.
I dont know u,but you come across as a extremely kind spirt i see you always have encouraging words to say on many blogs and admire you for that.You must be real busy with 2 kids but u always take the time to appreciate your readers too.
Your kids are lucky to have you as a mom . A very belated happy mothers day to you!!

S said...

hi nice andhra dishes...nice icecream maker..i too love the color red.palkova is so mouth watering...the texture is so attractive...nice layered birayani...nice dishes ...baskalu is very new to i have to try it...u r an awesome and No1 cook in the world according to me ashaji...nice recipes..plz help me how to participate in events as i'm new to web blogs.

FH said...

Raji,you can not be lazy to comment ,you bad blogger!!;D
Arrawroot is just for thickening,I got tired of standing there for an hr stirring.Pal Khova is just milk,sugar and cardamom,it is the best:))

Hi P,perfect!!:)) Give it a try,adjust the spices acc to your taste,it's great..Enjoy.

Latha,moms should not cooking on that day girl:))I know Indians don't have that tradition,should be so we can get a break at least for a day.I will send the Biryani with photo to you later,busy morning today:))

Foodie said...

Buskalu is something new to me. I will definitely try it.
And the biryani pictures look yum.
Pala khova definitely is worth giving a try.
Your kids made Mother's day so special with all that breakfast and yes the Icecream maker. Look forward to one of your creation with the icecream maker.

FH said...

Bee, yup! Bowl is about 8" in diameter,filled with water in between layered metal wall.That's why I haven't tried so far,no space.I heard that there is a 1-2 cups capacity Ice Cream makers too.Try to find that in Amazon.

Nina,thank you so much,I do appreciate your comment.You made my day!:))
Life is too short to be uncaring about others you know.I try my best to be happy and try to keep others that way too! Have a great weekend,come back again and enjoy the recipes.

Shanti,thank you dear girl:)
Nobody seems to know the Buskalu!Must be an old grandma recipe:)) Enjoy the Biryani,it was yummy.
About events; Can you see the events list on my sidebar? Click on them and go to the blogs to read the rules and deadlines and cook accordingly to post.Then send the links to the hosts by e mail.If you need any more help ,let me know:))

Anonymous said...

Great to know tht u had a wonderful mothers day , Great andhra cuisine, reminds me of home :(. Ashakka great job!

Shivapriya said...

yummy!! my dad's and fil's fav is pala kova. minus chicken is my version of layer biryini:).

Aritikayya koora looks delicious.

Sreelu said...


Like the way you put all the facts about AP very well said
Pala kova is my foavorite ever, I can go on without stopping. Did you know that vijayanagaram in AP has the pala kova.

Love your mother's present, can't wait to see some yummy icecream recipes

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Asha , your Buskalu looks wonderful I might give that recipe a try :) Your Biryani looks so delicious too :)

J said...

Wow, Asha!! I think I shd fly to N. Carolina instead of Mumbai!! With all those treats you make every week, I'm hoping you'll adopt me or something......:) Couldn't view all the pics, but great to know you had a nice Mom's day!! :) See ya!!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Excellent post which contains the informations connected to Andhra.Though i'm tamilian basically, as i was brona and brought from there.i felt really very interesting to read about each and every line..

Hurry!!!i'm proud to be from rayalaseema region, having Tirupathi in our distirct(Chittoor).

Authenic recipes and perfect entry for the event.Kids gift looks gr8...Ice-cream eargerly waiting for colourful and delicious scoops of icecream:))
I think you did a good job by getting this instead of ususal gift(jewel set).Hope whole family enjoy this summer with home made icecream.....

FH said...

Foodie,thanks.I did have a pampered Sunday!:)) Waiting for the Temp to go climb up a little ,so I can enjoy that machine.Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Dee,thanks.Aw..!!I know.All this facts and recipes makes us nostalgic.But what can you do,right? Our life is here:))

Hi P,thank.Yup, Koftas will be fine with Biryani recipe.Don't skip anything else,it's great:))

Hi Sreelu,thanks.I love Hal khova too,but it takes too long to make it:))

Richa said...

oh! rubbing ur hands with glee :) and i read "GHEE" i was like asha is knee deep into punju cuisine with all that 'gheyo', that's the word for ghee in punju :) bhalle bhalle kudiye, you are so enthusiastic & cute.

FH said...

Hi Jeena,thanks.Hope you try Buskalu,tastes great when it's fresh off the fryer.Enjoy:))

Hi J,thanks:))Hey you can have as much Biryani you want in India,lot better than this I am sure.
Have a great time in India girl,come back with all the goodies and pics:)) Hugs.

Usha,so you do know all these recipes already girl:))
Both Tamil and Telugu upbringing,that is wonderful for you.Yeah,I don;t wear Jewelry much,so this is far better gift.I should make them buy gadgets every year!!;D Have a great weekend Usha.

LOL!! Richa,I imagined myself drowned in 'Gheyo' for a minute!!:D
That's a nice word,never heard of it before.Ghee and Tuppa I know!:))
I have to go check when is Punju cuisine now.Have a great day:)

Mishmash ! said...

Beautiful post ! Andhra Feast ! As usual I keep wondering about your energy level...I always keep thinking of theme dinners like this but it doesnt happen as often as I dream about :)
Also great to see read about how your kids prepared breakfast for and how you enjoyed the waiting to see your ice cream bonanza :D


Lotus Reads said...

That settles it then, I am making your biryani recipe on the weekend, Asha, it looks too good to pass up!

Also, I have to tell you, I have many of the Penguin India cookbooks and they are EXCELLENT! I would like to collect them all if possible!

Thanks for sharing these recipes, Asha!

musical said...

Lovely food, Ashakka. and nice presents too :).

I love khoa!

am glad you enjoyed your weekend.


FH said...

Hi shn,military style organization comes to my mind!;D
I have always been a planner,I know it's not possible for everyone.Waiting for that very hot summer day and then I will post about 4 Ice creams at once!!:D

Lotus,you are welcome.Do try Biryani.I assure you the whole house smells like a restaurant!:)
I prefer little books like these to any glossy cookbooks for authentic recipes.Aroona Reejhsinghani is one author I love,she writes about almost every region of India. Next month is for Maharashtra!! Have fun A:))

Hello Musical,thank you madam.I did have fun Sunday.We call it Hal Khoa it but too much work though.Have a great weekend darling:))

Li'l Lite said...

colorful feast!nice gift and i jus love the green background of the IC maker pic :) lovely and green!!!

Li'l Lite said...

colorful feast!have u tried gonghura ??nice gift and i jus love the backgrnd of the (gift) and lovely :)

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
first of all congrats for the gift from kids.Its not about the gift but the affection and love they show on us that is really important..isn't it?

The dessert part is awesome.of course every other dish has gone their own taste..

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you had a really good day and the ice cream maker - love it! especially the colour.

I have some green mango chutney in my fridge that I made this week and I think it would go lovely with the Buskalu you made.

That fudge recipe is so simple, I'll give it a try sometime.

You have a good weekend too honey. Hugs, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Wow! you are good in all indian cuisines. What a Wonderful spread. Looking forward to see some cool ice creams.

Little Miss Muffet said...

i just saw green plaintains in the grocery store yday and was thinking that i never use i will :) in-laws anniv is on sat and my MIL had requested me to make chicken biryani..and here u are with the recipe..perfect! will let u know how it turned out..and i love the red icecream vibrant :)

FH said...

Hi D! Thanks.Arvind spends too much money on the Lawn,keeping it green I mean:))I have Gongura pickle but never tasted the Gongura leaves though.Enjoy.

Yes,you are right Swapna!:))
They took trouble to get up and make breakfast for me,usually it's me who always does that!It was nice:))Thanks Swapna.

Cynthis,spicy Buskalu is perfect with tangy mango chutney!!YUM!!Enjoy.Milk fudge is very tasty,takes a little time but worth the effort.
Have a great weekend too darling:))

Hi Jas,thanks.I try my best girl!;D
Ice creams will here eventually,waiting for some heat around here:))

Well..Whatddaya know M?!:D
Happy anniversary to In-laws.I am sure they will be happy with this Biryani.Make sure you marinate the chicken,longer the better(overnight or 3-4 hrs atleast)in the fridge.Very flavorful, and don't forget the Boorani! Let me know and have a great time:))

Manasi said...

Look at that spread... did u do all this in one day?
i love th ebuskalu! wot a name!!!
Gr8 ice-cream maker, bright and red! chalo, jaldi se hum sab ke liye ice cream banao!!!

Hyderabadi's said...

I like to way u presented the biryani, great recpies :)

FH said...

Haanji Madam,jaldi se banadaloongi na, Manasi amma!;D
Nah,Biryani and sweet was on the menu Saturday,others last week.Buskalu is a funny name,I don't know how should I say BUS, with U like Boo or A as in Baa!!Dilemma!! But tastes great though.Enjoy:))

Thank you H! Good to see you. Took a long break,hah?:))
Glad you approved Hyderabadi,enjoy.

Pavani said...

You have some yummy dishes up there Asha.. I didnt know abt Buskalu, may be we call it something else (have to ask my mom or MIL for more info). Love the pala kova recipe, especially speeding up the process with corn starch. Everytime I try making khova, 1. it takes forever 2. they never comes together and stays sticky. Will try your recipe this time. Thanks for the spread..

Anonymous said...

great to learn about the region...always a delight to read such posts...Buskalu look great...bring on the Andhra Cuisine i say...~smile~...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

yay, food from my region this time !! Didnt know the other ones except offcourse Biryani, which I looooove ( but the Vegetarian one ).

Love the icecream maker's colour :-)

archana said...

All the items were excellent. each new to me except Biryani. I always wanted authentic Hyderabadi recipe. Now I will substitute the chicken with the vegees :)
No cooking on Mother's Day Lucky !
The ice cream maker is cute. Waiting for the kulfi recipe:)

Meera's Blog said...

hey ,the best cook in the world;)i have a you have the recipe for the chutney(?)powder we get when we order andhra meals?i rembr having that when we were in mix it with rice and pour ghee or any oil on top and eat.i just love that,so does my son.its very spicy too.if you have that recipe,pls post it when you are free:)thanks in advance:)

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Asha,
Never heard of Buskalu. It must be Telangana recipe and what a feast u got for Andhra. Well done...


Keshi said...

OMG I want that Biryani! I just love Biryani.


Anonymous said...

I'm s speechless. Simply awesome! Lovely gifts, Asha, lucky amma.:)

Pal Kova is one of my favorites and all your recipes are winners and make great entry to RCI!

deepsat said...

Thanks for the recipes Asha!

Have a nice weekend.


Seena said...

Biriyani looks tempting..!
will learn to make from here..My parents were in Hyderabad for long,I wonder that made my mom preparing tasty biryanis!

Sig said...

Asha, When I saw that you posted RCI on FH, came here expecting a spread, and wasn't a bit disappointed... Man, you outdo yourself each time :)... Beautiful pictures too.. That Hyd Biryani has been bookmarked to try...

That is an awesome MD present! Waiting to see how the ice cream turned out...

Nee said...

Hyderabadi Biryani. Wow! Too bad I can't eat it :-(
The Aratikaya Koora sounds really interesting, I want to give it a whirl.
Very happy to hear you had a lovely Mother's Day and got a super gift! :-)


FH said...

Pavani,I think you are right about Buskalu,probably call it in a different name.Yesterday I googled it,and got one single recipe for that!!:D Enjoy.

Hi Dilipbhai,good to see your smiling face always:)) Isn't this RCI interesting? We are doing Gujarat too!Right now enjoy Andhra:))

Abha,you are from Andhra,I remember reading you moving in there with kids for a while!:))Didn't know Pala Khova? I think that sweet is common many states as well.Make it one day:)

Archana,you can add veg Koftas to make Biryani with the same spices and method.It's really great tasting:))Hope you try.

FH said...

Hi Meera,that is nice of you to say girl,I am humbled!
I know Chutney few pds but there are so many of them! I will try and post a few sometime later.Hope that's what you are looking for,meanwhile you can google it to find the one you want too if you know the name:)

Rajani,that must it;Telangana recipe!!This book didn't have it,I got that from another Andhra book.I didn't know there are so many variations in the same region.Fascinating,isn't it?:))

Keshi,give this recipe to your mom,it's so flavorful.I really liked it,smells divine:))

HeHe!! Thanks Sailu.Yeah,kids are grown now,so they select the gifts themselves,not their daddy!:)
Glad you liked them,coming from you a genuine Andhrite is great.I love that book too:)

FH said...

You are welcome Satheesh.You too have a fun weekend buddy:))

Seena,of course she learns and makes genuine Biryanis living in Hyderabad.How lucky!You should write down all she knows,moms and grandmas have the best recipes you know!;D

Hi Sig,I am loving this event!!:))
So much research goes on for each one,it's fun to learn about each state too.I am waiting for the temp to go up a little to make IC,it's a little too cold to make it now:))

Nee,DON'T miss out on the Biryani taste girl.Skip chicken,add veg koftas and make the same way with spices and method.Try half the recipe given here for just two,hope you do try.It's great tasting:))
Have a great weekend,hope he is at home now to give you company and your dad is relaxed now!;D

Beccy said...

Asha, lucky you, getting an icecream maker. It's something I fancy but don't have any more room in my kitchen for gadgets!

As for your desserts, you've found my weakness! Thank you.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I am waiting for more ice cream posts..
Baskalu is similar to Tamilian Seedai.
Beautiful Spread!!! Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Beccy,I don't have space to freeze that bowl in my freezer!!:D
Thanks,hope you try the milk fudge.

Aha!! Seedai!! Now somebody knows about this,thank God for you MT!!
Waiting for hot and sweaty day to make that Ice Cream!:))

Jyothi said...

Hi Asha, Really fantastic "Andhra Cuisine". Great Idea. Your biryani looks yummy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipes. Have a great day.

Arts said...

Wow.. nice array of Andhra dishes..
and ur ice cream maker is cool! :)

RP said...

Oh I should have asked for an ice cream maker! ;) That looks too good..nice color even though red wouldn't match my kitchen. Looking forward to hearing your experiments with your new toy. :)

FH said...

Hi Jyoti,you are welcome.Glad you liked my Andhra dishes.Hope you try some Biryani too:))

Thanks Arts! Now waiting for that hot summer day!!:))

Hi rp,it doesn't mine either but I have white,green and blue appliances,red is a rainbow addition now!!;D

Priya said...

Awesome Asha and that biryani looks yummy.
Buskalu is something never heard before.

FH said...

Hi Priya,none of them heard of Buskalu either!!:D
Glad I found a very rare recipe:)) Enjoy.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Very informative post!!! and your dishes look really good!!! Baalekai curry looked really good! Will try it out over the weekend. thanx :)

FH said...

Hello Ramya,how are you? Must be hot there too today.
Thanks.Balekai palya was good,try it:))

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
Now this is one great round up as usual.But again mind blowing.Your family is really lucky to have a great cook like you.

Meera's Blog said...

thanks asha:)but i have no idea what the name is,but will keep on searching:)one day i will get,iam sure:)

FH said...

Thank you Soumya.Good to see you girl.I enjoy cooking,it's therapeutic!!:))
Hope Seema is doing well,I haven't heard from her for a long time.Say hello to her from me.

Hello Meera,I think it's kind of gourd,I have seen it at the groceries but don't what they call it either:))

ChrisB said...

Hi Asha I came back to check out a recipe and previous comment doesn't seem to be here, But I might have missed it. (I came to get the Buskalu recipe). I said before your icecream maker looks fantastic. I tried to get embee to buy me one a couple of years ago but he thought they were a bit expensive as we wouldn't use it enough for just ourselves.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Note to myself: never stop by Asha' blog when I am hungry...look what you did now..i am salivating....this weekend i am going to be spending some time with your blog..i have guests!!
What a lovely moms day gift too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Asha for the info about some wonderful dishes of Andhra. I have myself lived in the city of Hyderabad for over six months in 1995 and then Vizag for about a year in 1998.

The dishes I remember (my mouth is watering as I write this) are Pesarattu (Including MLA Pesrattu) and Basundi ( a kind of pudding that was serving at Kamath's, Hyd) and off course the Biryani ( Alfa nr Hyd rly station and paradise, being the best; though William Dryrample recommends a jiont run by a certain Salim near Charminar in the foreword of his popular book called the 'White Mughals'.

Now since I have reloacted at New Delhi for the last month or so, I must say 'Andhra Bhavan' canteen which is very close to my office located at India Gate, is a favourite among my office friends.I guess, Andhra food is ceratinly here to stay.

FH said...

Hi Chris,few comments seem to have disappeared this week,blogger was out for few hrs 2 days ago.
Make thin coconut yogurt chutney with Buskalu and eat up while still warm,it tends to be very chewy after it's cold.This IC was just $50 ie around 25Ps for you in UK.Not bad:)

Orchid,thanks girl! ;D Guests!! Good time to surf the blogs.Go to recipe index,easy to find dishes.Good luck:)

Hi Kulpreet,thank you,good to see you here:)) I have never been to AP but love both Hindu and Muslim food.
I have Basundi recipe already and White Mughals book too.I love Andhra food as long as it is not VERY spicy:)
Pesarattu is one dish I haven't tried yet,it's easy though to make at home.Hope you are all having time there and keeping cool.I heard it's very hot there.

Smitha said...

Hi Asha....mouthwatering!! YUMmmm. Pls send some biryani over to Atlanta!

RML said...

Hi Asha,

Nice to hear about my state haaaa
AndhraPradesh and the recipes too.
Your mother's day gift is awesome.
Send me some icecream this summer.
This weekend we are on a trip to Orlando with in laws......
Have a nice weekend.

FH said...

Okie Dokey Smitha, catch!! It's cominggg!!!;D
Make it this weekend,it's not that hard,enjoy:)

Hi Madhoori,okay.Summer it is,I will pack for ya!!:D
Glad you liked the dishes,I tried to keep the dishes as unique as possible.Have a great time in Orlando,must be very hot there now,just like India:)

Anonymous said...

You had a great time Asha..and I am glad you got a break from cooking :-) And what a lovely spread of husband also cooks for himself the chicken biryani almost the way you mentioned.. he says it taste great..

I love plantain and i am gonna try to make it your way...and also the simple dessert.. You are a Genius Asha

FH said...

Hi Sush,thanks buddy:))
Your husband cooks for himself?That's great to hear and you are a vegetarian,hah? At least he is not making you cook non-veg!;D
Yeah,I had a great Sunday,it was fun.Have a great weekend and enjoy:))

Sharmi said...

hey Asha, never get to come to this blog of yours. read in some blog about your biriyani. lovely recipes and great entry. I have to yet think of something.

FH said...

Hi Sharmi,you have trouble logging in to FH too? Some say it's slow to load.Sorry about that,give some time for it to load,it will eventually show!:))
There are plenty of recipes for Andhra,I am sure you will do fine,still got plenty of time.Thanks for taking time to say hello Sharmi,come back again:)

sallywrites said...

Hi Asha

I've never had plantains...... they sound lovely. I might try to get some.

FH said...

Hi Sally,I thought so too.You usually get them in the Indian stores.They are also called Raw cooking Bananas(green),very different from the bananas we eat.Enjoy:))

sunita said...

Great spread as usual...all your dishes look yummy...I've only recently started to bring out the perfection in biryani...with the ice cream maker in hand, perhaps there are going to be quite a few coolers...

FH said...

Hi Sunita,yeah,a perfect Biryani is hard to fine and create.Ice creams are coming as soon as I get some space in my freezer to freeze that bowl:))
Have a great weekend.

Prema Sundar said...

I made goli bhaji looking at the lovely picture in Supriya's blog.. it turned out well and now I got one more bulaska to try it. sounds similar to goli bhaji. Hyderabad is famous for its biriyani and you wont beleive Asha I guessed u would make it.. I was right... and lovely Ice cream maker from ur kids.. plannning to come down there for summer to taste ur ice creams!!! just kidding...

FH said...

Hi Prema,you did!!I thought how cannot make Biryani for Andhra! It was great tasting,loved it.
Buskalu is similar to Goli Baje but little harder like snack than that bcos you make a dough and roll to rounds.That's all,glad you made Goli baje,we love them.
I also came to know thru MT,Buskalu also similar to Seedai in Tamil!!:))
Ice cream will in Summer!Have fun.

Kajal said...

Great entry for RCI-event, lots of information with your recipe and nice photo.
Your dessert Halu khova is very delicious,I like the recipe with use of milk boz I do not like to drink milk so I try to prefer the dish with use of milk. Thanks for sharing.
Nice gift on mother’s day, in this summer you are cool with your ice-cream.......:)

FH said...

Hi Kajal,good to see you here girl:)
Halu Khova is tasty but takes a long time to make! Yup,I scream for Ice Cream in summer!:D

Viji said...

Asha, felt like having a trip to Andhra. Lovely recipes and the presentations are too good as usual. Will visit sometime for home made icecream :) Viji

Life said...

Hello Asha ji :)--YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you borught back my childhood days :) I have spent 20 yrs of my life in ANDHRAPRADESH and that too in city(GUNTUR) which is called as heart of ANDHRAPRADESH!
ahh those bhajis , idli dosa's , hyd biryani, sambhar vada, pickles like gongora chatnie, podam,kharampudi, aavakaya,toamtachutney and endless list!!!!
NATIVE dish "ANDHRA MEALS" i die for it..No matter in any part of the world i am , no dish can take its place..MY DIE HEART FAV DISH !!!
Pala Kova.ahh my mom likes it very much..Our milk man use to bring that special milk and give to mom and mom use to prepare it.....Now life has changed a lot..responsibilites , and worries and tagrets...lost the innocent happiness of those days..Now i am in city which is turned in to concreet jungle...
Thanks a lot u took me too my buddy days memories ..thank u

Ashaji do u know telgu ???"MEKU TELUGU VAACHA"???
and yeh ice cream makers is good ..c ur kids gave u gift which u wished :)

Take Care

FH said...

HI Viji,loved your Pav buns girl,really yummy!
Thankyoi,I selected some recipes for Andhra,came out well.Glad you liked them. Ice creams will be here as soon as Summer is here:)

Hi Vikas,I am drooling just by reading your food list man!!:)) What a great state,isn't it?
No,I don't speak Telugu but do understand most and can read it bcos script is just like Kannada!!!
I LOVE "Shankarabharam" and "Saptapadhi" movies amd CD's,paid lot of money to get those classics.No matter how many times I hear those songs,I still want more.Beautiful:))
I know,living in the cities sucks,noise,rush ,pollution and stress,nothing like home.But got to earn a living somehow.Enjoy where you are.Have a great weekend:))

Nav said...

I should say that's the most beautiful tribute to Andhra Cusine ever. Great work Asha, thanks for all the recipes and reminding me of home.


FH said...

You are welcome Nav!:))
I did work hard to put all together,so thank you for appreciating.Glad you enjoyed it.

Lisa Johnson said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! Your ice cream maker is beautiful! I can't wait for the recipes! ; )

Life said...

hmm ashaji shankarabarnam.classic picture and class acting by KAMAL HASSAN! i even like GITIANJALLI..nagarjuna and revathi..songs are romantic and melodious

Take Care

FH said...

Hi Anali,thanks. Yeah,I did!!:))
Now I am waiting for Summer to use that IC maker!;D

Hi Vikas.NOOOO!! Sankara bharanam has my fav actor late Somayadulu(LOVE him) and Chandramohan etc.! I think you are talking about "Swathi Muthyam",Kamal Hassan dances and all in that.I have that too!;D

Life said...

oh yeh got shankrabarnam GIRANJEVI is also there right?? and kamal hasan one right swati muthyam :)

its long time na so got confused :)

Take Care

Anonymous said...

hey asha..i have blogged about Beet greens on my blog
taking cue from your dal saag recipe.
Thanks again.

Deepak Gopi said...

Andhra cusines uses more chillies & spices than any other place in the earth :)

FH said...

HeHe!! Vikas,I know more than you man!:D Yes,that girl is there too,I love that film.I heard that Somayadulu died few yrs ago.His voice is so powerful:)

Madhuli,you are welcome girl.I will check your blog.I just started the morning routine:))

Deepak,you are right!I bought a Andhra garlic chutney from the Indian store,excepted it to be little spicy but when it touched my tongue I almost started crying!!IT WAS SOOOO HOT!!!I don't think I can handle that much heat man!!;D

starry said...

I love andhra food because it is spicy and hot.Looks like you had a great mothers day.looking forward to those kulfi recipes.I love that red icecream maker.and not forgetting the spread.

Me said...

As always the food looks great, Anne. I'm so happy your children got you the ice cream maker, hope it is treating you well.

Keshi said...

nah I will try n make it myself. I def wanna :) tnxx Asha!


Prajusha said...

hi asha,
ur biriyani looks so yummy. i like andhra taste.will try ur plaintain curry for chappathis.:)

Anonymous said...

You know, being an Andhra guy I never heard about "Buskalu" :) I should ask my mom why she never cooked it :D

FH said...

Lalitha,it's so hot I can't handle it!:)I bought innocent looking Andhra Garlic chutney last weekend.Whoa!! I saw stars when tasted it!:D Enjoy.

Hi Orhan,thanks man.You forgot my name!;D Yeah,Ice creams will be handy in Summer:))

You are welcome Keshi.Have fun:))

FH said...

Hi Prajusha,hope you try Biryani.I have made Biryani before with different recipes but this one is fabulous,smells so great.I high;y recommend it:))

Hello TDNA,you are from Andhra,hah?:))
LOT of Andhrites told me that about Baskalu too!! I googled it and found 2 Baskalu recipes from Andhra,I guess it's probably an old grandma recipe ppl have forgotten:))
Try at home,it's easy enough and very tasty snack.

Suma Gandlur said...

You bowled us with your entries.I prepare golibaje. My husband and I tried hard to figure out what buskalu are. Never heard about them. I never heard even the name boorani for the raita.
Also I see a new variation of aratikaya koora for me to try. I think you posted some entries even andhrites are not aware of. : )

FH said...

Suma,many told me they don't know Baskalu too,but if you google the word,you will get a Andhra recipe!:D
Sanjeev Kappor,the chef has it too.Boorani ia Afghani name for Hyderabadi Muslim raita as well.We learn a lot.don't we?;D
Enjoy the new Andhra.

Raaga said...

S and I bought this book with one of the book shop vouchers we got at our wedding last September. And we made Mammidikaya Pulihaara from that... of course, we had to modify and simplify a great deal.

FH said...

Raaga,this book has great Muslim recipes than Hindu ones.I loved the Biryani recipe,very aromatic and genuine recipe.others are okay!:))
I loved the other book by Karuna too,she has real good veg recipes like Buskalu etc.

Anonymous said...

An excellent collection of recipes The photos are what make the experience great too. I am rarely drawn to a recipe without a photo. Im afraid that both the Baghare Baigain and the Hyderabadi Biryani are not the standard recipe which are cooked im Muslim Hyderabadi homes nor by the cooks. I once ate excellent Andhra Biryani in a resturant in Nalgonda.
I wonder if any one has the recipe for it.

FH said...

Hi Parvez, thank you!:))
I thought that book has genuine Muslim recipes, written by a Muslim too by Ms.Bilkees Latif!I have never been to Hyderabad,so I guess I have to trust you!I liked the taste though even though it might not very authentic recipe.Most bloggers has similar recipes too,you could try googling for it!:))

Purnima said...

HAPPY DIWALI! Why here, I m to make the plantain curry! Ur way. Loved every dish posted here.
(Two things here..chana daal - you hv mentioned as red split peas(is it dalia or normal chana daal)
Mention of 'add salt' in two stages, so salt needs to b divided n used?) Thks for sharing this lovely dish, the pic looks drool worthy, masala is special. I shall make it and post feedback.

FH said...

Hi purni, good to see you. Hope you had a great Deepavali! Although I couldn't make anything special for Deepavali, it's great to see the kitchen coming to shape! :))

Yes, chana dal used here is what we call Kadalebele in K'taka, not the chutney dal(Hurigadale).
Oh, just add enough salt to your taste, don't have to divide or anything. Sometimes, I skip writing salt in the ingredients assuming they will add anyway, and some new cook donot add at all and then tell me "but you didn't write it"!:D

Purnima said...

Haaa..right abt salt Asha! Glad to c u here, knowing that u r busy with renovation, yet you answered...made it yesterday, with chana dal and 'salt' :D came out very well, reminded me mildly of 'Kelya Koddel' a konkani speciality. Thks for sharing --even after a year + its of use to people like me! :) Hv a great weekend!(Btw- the term red split peas for chana is new to me!)

FH said...

Glad you liked it, Purnima, I love it too. I haven't cooked any of these spicy dishes for 3 weeks now, I miss it so much. I am using mostly Microwavable stuff like SWAD packs. I am craving for some good old anna, saaru! :D
Chana dal is also called Bengal gram dal. I still get confused about what to say for Hurigadale. I say yellow split dal or chutney dal or Dalia (which is also crushed wheat!). Hahaha!!
I will post the photo of my kitchen next month!:)