May 09, 2007


Hope you are all doing well now that Spring is here.Lot of bloggers seems to be either on a break or in India these days!Enjoy Mother's day wherever you are!:))

Here are some of my favorite quotes on Mothers:

A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done. ~Author Unknown (Thank you Unknown!)

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. ~Oprah Winfrey (I absolutely agree Ms.Winfrey!)

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb ( Irish people rock!)

Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother. ~Moorish Proverb (HeHe!!So true!!)

The phrase "working mother" is redundant. ~Jane Sellman(Well said!)

All mothers are working mothers. ~Author Unknown(Thanks again Unknown)!)

She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along. ~Margaret Culkin Banning (How true!)

(Pictures:fotosearch) Have fun Mommies,it's your Sunday!!:))

Now some healthy dishes for moms and family!!

Olive Rye Bread with Feta cheese-Spinach spread:
I thought of baking a cake but thinking of all the sugar and frosting put me off,so here is a healthy tasty Olive(or Raisins) Rye bread for you instead!I made it with Bread Machine with medium dark crust but this recipe I am giving you is for making by hand in either a loaf pan or a round pan for a country style bread.Hope you make this and enjoy it for breakfast.(Recipe:Beatrice Ojakangas)

You need: For 1 1/2 lb loaf:

1 cup warm water (heat between 105F to 115F), 1 cup black olives (chopped), 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp olive oil or canola oil or melted butter, 1 cup dark or light rye flour, 2 cups bread flour, 1 1/2 tsp rapid rising or active dry yeast.

To Mix the dough by hand:

Heat the water until warm, pour into a large bowl and add the yeast.Stand for 5 minutes until the yeast begins to bubble,stirring olives,salt,oil,rye flour and half of the bread flour.Beat until dough forms. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface.Knead, adding little by little the remaining bread flour as necessary until you get a smooth dough.Place the dough back into the bowl,brush with oil, cover and let it rise until doubled, about 1 hour.

To Bake It:

Lightly oil a baking sheet or line it with a parchment paper or spray the 2lb loaf pan,keep it ready.Turn the dough out onto the lightly floured surface.Punch the dough down and shape it to a round or a rectangular shaped loaf.Place the loaf with the smooth side up onto the baking sheet or in the loaf pan. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled (about 1hr).

Preheat the oven to 350F. Bake 25-40 minutes OR until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped and a skewer inserted into the loaf comes out clean and dry.Remove from the pan and cool on a wire rack. Wait until it is cooled to slice the bread. Serve with your favorite savory spread.

NOTE: For a sweetish rye bread,replace 1 cup of olives with 1 cup dark raisins and serve with sweet spreads like honey walnut cream cheese,tastes wonderful with Orange Marmalade too.

Feta cheese-Spinach Spread:

Mix 1 cup soft Feta Cheese,1/2 cup spinach(chopped,cooked and squeezed dry of any liquid),coarse pepper pd and 1 tsp any fresh or dry herb you like, well in a bowl until smooth by a whisk or spatula and keep it in the fridge for not more than 5-7days.

Honey-Walnut Cream Cheese Spread: Mix softened 1/2 block or 1 cup Cream cheese,2 tbsp or more Honey,1/4 cup finely chopped Walnuts or any nuts you like,a pinch of salt well and keep in the fridge to use with Raisin-Rye bread.

Nutritious,crispy Brown rice-multi dal Adai(Pancakes/Dosas) with Green beans Kootu and no-coconut Chutney:

Here is a no-ferment dosas I have been cooking for a long time except this time I used Brown rice instead of white rice.They taste so good,I decided to post these healthy combo for you.Green beans Kootu is mildly spiced and wonderful with dosa and with Chana dalia chutney,it makes a light and fabulous meal. Enjoy:)

You need: 1 cup brown rice,1/2 cup Tuar dal,1/4 cup Chana dal,2 tbsp Urad dal,2 tsp Cumin seeds,2 dry red chillies,salt and 1/4 tsp Turmeric.

To make the dosa:Soak rice and all 3 dals with cumin and red chillies for 3 hrs.Drain the water and grind this to a coarse(Semolina/Cream of wheat like) batter using enough water just to make it to a pouring consistency.Add salt and turmeric and mix well.Heat a Griddle/Tawa to 300F and pour a ladleful of batter and spread to a thin circle.Drizzle some oil around and on top of the dosa ,cook until golden.Flip and cook the other side and serve immediately.Your crispy dosas are ready to serve!

Green Beans Kootu:

Cook 3 cups thinly cut Green beans with 2 cups water and little salt.Heat a pan with 2 tbsp oil/ghee,add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,1 tbsp each Chana dal,Urad dal,1 dry red chilly,few curry leaves.When reddish,add 1 small onion chopped,1 garlic minced.Fry until soft,add 1 tomato chopped,beans with water,ground masala,cilantro,salt simmer on low heat until little oil shows up on top.It should be thick with a little gravy.Masala:Grind 1/4 cup coconut,2-3 red chillies,1 tbsp Cumin seeds,1 tsp raw uncooked rice,a little piece Tamarind coarsely,not very smooth.No pre-roasting required.

Hurikadale(Chana dalia) Chutney:

Heat a pan,add 1 cup Chana dalia(chutney dal),stir fry for a min just to make them crisp not red,take it out and add few green chillies and fry.Add these to a blender with salt,cilantro,curry leaves,1" fresh ginger minced,mint leaves if you like it,and blend dry first.Then add 1/4 cup plain yogurt to it,grind to smooth paste,adjust the salt and chillies.Take out in a bowl.Heat 2 tsp oil,add 1 tsp mustard seeds and curry leaves and when they splutter,add to chutney,mix.Your healthy chutney without any coconut is ready!!

Quick and delicious Mango dal:

I love this dal made with semi-ripe Mangoes which adds a sweet and slightly tangy flavor to the regular dal.I don't get raw green ones here,so I used a semi-ripe Mango and loved it.Hope you try too.
To make Mango dal:

Cut 1 semi-ripe Mango in cubes.Cook 1 cup Tuar dal with 3 cups water.Heat a pan with 1 tbsp oil/ghee mix,add 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds,1 tsp Urad dal,1 red dry chilly,few curry leaves,add cooked Tuar dal with it's water,mango pieces, salt and simmer until mangoes are almost cooked.Add 1/2 tsp Chilli pd,2 tsp each Coriander pd and Cumin seeds pd,1/ tsp Turmeric,1 tbsp fresh or dry coconut,1/4 tsp Cinnamon pd(optional)simmer for 5 mins.Delicious Mango dal is ready.Serve with plain cooked rice and crispy Papads.

Two Gujarati dishes I chose to try and taste from other blog last week:

I tried Trupti's easy and delicious Spicy Poori with Potato-Tomato gravy.YUM!(I added one small onion,chopped) Thanks T,loved it!:)

Have fun this weekend mommies. I can't wait for Sunday! We will go to our favorite restaurant for brunch and kids usually pool their allowance to buy me something! I will see you next week with Andhra Cuisine.


Prema Sundar said...

Happy Mother's day Asha..As I was reading the quotes on mothers my mind was saying'very true, very true'.Mothers work all thru the day..
olive Rye bread with feta cheese spread looks perfect.
OOOhhh ur family photo looks cute Asha. U really look tall, slim and cute, and the kids look lovely. thanks for sharing ur memories and photos with us.
Adais look crispy.. I make adai a bit thick..and my mom makes this chutney for my dad often.Puris have puffed up well Asha.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice spread Asha. Happy mothers day to you too. You have a beautiful family :).

TNL said...

I loved that family picture of yours...Happy Mother's day in advance to you! Have fun at brunch and just enjoy it!
That mango daal is something I am going to try...I have some at home...and so glad you liked the Gujju dishes!

Just read your comment on the Spiderman "Venom" Cake. hahahha......Sahil is so into this!

hugs all the way,

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha

Wish you a very happy mother's day.Loved the wonderful quotes & the beautiful family photos.Your kids are cute.The food is amazing as usual.Perfect slice of bread with cheese spread & the crispy wafer thin dosas with chutney & beans kootu,& perfect globe puris, wow......I am drooling here.Enjoy mother's day!


sra said...

Asha, enjoyed the pix and the quotes at the beginning of the post. Am mailing you about something!

Suma Gandlur said...

Happy Mother's day to you Asha in advance.
Delicious array of food.Somehow
We never tried rye bread so far. Your's looks delicious.
Inspite of brown rice and red chillies, do you still get those beautiful colored dosas?
Have to try your beans kootu.
Sometimes even green mangoes we get here are not that sour. I use tamarind to make it little sour.
Great pictures. You still look the same in your recent pictures.

DEEPA said...

Wow!!!!Asha ji ...Happy mother's day in advance..Too good ..You have made adai like dosa style ..Must have a try of the chutney ...I have some mangoes today at home ..will surely try your mango dhal today....Thks for sharing asha ji ..Your kids are so blessed to have a mother like you ...

bee said...

"A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb"

don't know why, that doesn't sound right. the guy should never leave his mommy's home and find a life partner.

the rye bread looks fabulous. and so do you in those pics. happy mother's day to you, ash. hugs.

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

You look very cute ,,Oh my god...Very slim too..wish i should become like that...(i was till my wedding,after delivery i have put weight).

Kids looks wonderful,i think they should have felt happy to seetheir snaps now.

Recipes are good..i liked the picture with balance(oneside with bag and other side with kids)...most.

From Supriya blog i came to knwo you enjoyed on Saturaday Spidermen movie,,same pinch...even we both went on same day for the movie..

FH said...

Hi Prema,moms work never end and we don't get appreciated for all that we do most of the time.
Thanks,it was an old photo.I am of average(5'4") ht but always walk and sit taller!!;D

Thank you Shilpa.Good to hear that!:)) Call your mom on Sunday:))

Hi Trupti,boys always like the "bad" things ,don't they?;D
Tushar laughed and laughed at bad Spidey's antics.
Loved the yummy Gujju combo,yum!Thanks T! You too enjoy on Sunday!Hugs and kisses:)

Richa said...

happy mother's day to you as well, asha!
the bread looks awesome, raisin-walnut cream cheese is my fav :) liked ur dosa as well as the chutney, now only if someone could make it for me heh!heh!
cute pics :)
keep smiling....

FH said...

Thank you Kate!:)) I love the Adais,so healthy with so many great things in there.I don't know whether you kids but have a fun Sunday,call your mom,enjoy:)

sra,thanks girl,I appreciate it:)
Will check my mail later,it's early morning now.Have a great Sunday:))

Suma,I got the idea of brown rice from you!Thanks.Yes,with Tuar and Chana,it will get a great color and tastes good with Kootu as well.
I still look the same but little plumper now than that, it's been more than 9yrs after the photo.Time happens!!:D Enjoy Suma.

Coffee said...

Happy mothers day to you too Asha!!!! What a proud mom you would be !!!! :D

The rye bread is fab!!!!! I havent baked a bread in a while..... I guess its a good excuse ;)

The mango dal made me say OH!!!!! MANGO DAL!!!!! hahahaha I must try that out. :)

Bharathy said...

Happy mothers Day for a Perfect MOM!!!
Love ur updated posts..
Really feeling so happy to see your family snap...
Nice pic..You and kids look cute!!

Beccy said...

Hey Asha, happy mother's day, it sounds funny to me because we celebrate Mothering Sunday in March. I hope you have a lovely day and that your family spoil you and cook wonderful dishes for you.

Sumitha said...

Ashakka wishing you a wonderful Mothers day.On this ocassion i am not even looking at the food you have made but only those lovely quotes and the beautiful,beautiful family picture.
Your posts always exudes positivity and I am sure you take that extra effort to make your posts pleasurable to your readers.You are the most empathetic and friendliest of bloggers we have.Love you:)

Roopa said...

happy mothers day to you Asha.
i loved the rhye bread. photos are very cute. yeah you domiss the kids innocence right? i too feel my dear son growing up so fast i going to miss all this once he is grown.

You look so different in this photo :) hmm
ok bye have a fun filled Sunday :)

Sia said...

happy mother's day in advance ashakka:) thats a cute pictures of u and ur family. tushar and trisha look so cute there:) he he he...r u still crying it loud WHY kids grow up so fast? even my amma used to say the same but i guess now she is enjoying her life w/o much headaches we used to give her;)
loved tomato chuteny and mango dal... got some raw mangoes from indian stored on weekend. so will try my hand at making that dal pretty soon:) so hw was spiderman movie? u really seems to have enjoyed it. i had very boring weekend coz of my ankles...grrr...only thing which made me happy was the weather coz it was gloomier than my mood;) and most of the people had to sit back at home coz of that;) he he he...

Viji said...

Happy mother's day Asha. Wonderful post and loved the recipes you posted. Family photo is a sweet rememberance. Very cute kids. As usual enjoyed reading your post. I always admire your personality Asha. Have a good day. Viji

Seema said...

Wishing a lovely person.... A HAPPY MOTHER's DAY !!!

Heyyy ur pics are chooo cute n the lill ones are even cuter !!!

A happy family i must sincere wishes to u n yr family !

Take care...

FH said...

Thank you Deepa:) I like crispy dosas ,my Adais turned out like dosa!;D But I do love the taste though.Hope you have a great Sunday too:)

Bee,Irish,Indian, Italian and Arab guys are like that I guess.No matter how good we treat them,it's always the mom who wins!!
But hey,my tables have turned!I want my son to love me the longest as long as he is out of house by his 25th B'day!;D
Thanks Bee,call your mom on Sunday:))

Usha,that photo was taken sometime ago,I am plump now too!;D
Time doesn't help us women either,right?Don't worry:)
"Bad" Spidey was little weird ,wasn't he?He was almost funny than scary!!I was wishing he would go back to his red suit quickly!!
Enjoy on Sunday Usha:))

Thank you Richa:))
I wish somebody else make all those for me too!If I was living in India,it would have been possible!;D Have fun on Sunday.

Sneha said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I was thinking of cooking something for my mom this Sunday but there's just SO much that I'm all confused. PLUS, i REALLY don't want to mess up the kitchen. Any suggestions? There're sooooooooo many yummy+easy recipes out here that I'm lost!! How ironic :D:D Btw, my mom reacts in a very similar way while seeing our baby pictures. I think it's common with all the moms!! Now she's very worried about becoming an empty-nester after S and I are gone (which will be very soon)!! The baby photos of your kids you've put up are veryyyyy adorable!

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

Sia said...

err....where is my comment? :(

Mishmash ! said...

Pretty looking bread and i have an eye on ur butter knife :P

This time, buffet is fabulous :)

And finally cozy family pics and Madame Asha, you left me wondering how this smart looking mom , looks NOW !!! why do you want to break my head, why cant you show us those know NOW & THEN types :)))


Seena said...

Happy Mothers day, Asha!
Loved your post and pictures..You look nice ! No wonder how you doubled,making(read eating)all these tasty dishes made you so..

FH said...

Coffee!! Thanks girl:))
I love MANGO DAL too!:D Time to bake some healthy yummy bread,great slices for breakfast.
Kids are excited for Sunday,me too!:))

Bharathy,I am not perfect at all but thank you for saying that though!;D
Kids are grown up tall and big now,can't believe how time flies.I was looking at all their pics and remembering it all!Enjoy your kids if you have them,have fun:)

I know Beccy,Sally told me it's right after Easter for you all.In US,they have selected 2nd Sunday of May!!:D Oh well..might as well enjoy the day!No cooking,eating out!!Thanks Beccy:)

Sumitha,that was sooo nice of you to say that!!:)))Thank you sweetie.
Yeah! Mothering is the hardest job in the World,many do not understand that.So I made an extra effort to gather info and cook something healthy for everyone:))
Hugs to you,have fun Sumitha.I am lucky and glad to know you too and all these wonderful bloggers:)

FH said...

Roopa,enjoy your son and take lot of photos.They do grow up and will soon be very odd looking teenagers!!:D
After I had Tushar,I had lost lot of wt bcos I was the only one who had to care of two kids with no help.Arvind was very busy as usual.I am lot healthier now and like it.It's not good to be that thin!:))
Have fun on Sunday,hugs.

Hi Sia,and kids look sooo different now,deftly not innocent anymore!!;D Yeah,I did miss that stage so much after reading all those Quotes!But in a way,I am glad they are grown,lot less responsibility.I bet your mom is enjoying her freedom now!I still have to have to for 8 more yrs until Tushar goes to college.
Hope you feet is better now.I sprained my neck today bcos of those darn pillows!:D
Spidey 3 iwas great,specially the bad Spidey with a fringe/bangs on his forehead! Eww!!!

Thanks Viji!:)) Just enjoying some or the other event going on,what else is there,eh?:D
I love your quotes to in your posts too,always maes me smile and be positive.Glad to know you too V,enjoy Mother's day!:))

Hi Seema,thank you so much.They were cute! Where are they now!!;D
I went thru all the albums in half a day,made me very nostalgic!
Enjoy and call your mom to say hi!:))

Anonymous said...

Loved your post, beautiful quotes! Happy Mother's Day to u! Enjoy maadi! Cheers!

archana said...

Oh this time I am early :)
Wish you a Happy Mothers Day Asha :)I liked the quotes .
Mothers roles never end. I feel she is the backbone of a family .Always there for everyone at all times.
So many lovely recipes. The rye bread looks different. Mango dal looks nice .Thanks for sharing such lovely recipes.

FH said...

Hi Sneha,you both are moving out soon!Aww...!!!Your mom must be worried so much.But then after sometime,she might even begin to enjoy the extra space too!;D
I don't know what your mom likes.Select a easy appetizer,Main meal,a beverage and a dessert.Depending on what you mom loves,choose one dish meal so you don't have to work too much and get exhausted by lunch time!
Good luck and enjoy the day.More than food,what we need is a card with appreciation!!Hugs Sneha.

Sia,it's there.I just moderate 5 comments at a time so I can hello to everybody,don't miss out any!;D

shn,keep your head together in one piece buddy!!:D
Before you start blogging or before you knew me, I had put up my latest photos!! It's in the "Me Me Only me" post(recipe Index) and in my "Our 20th" post at the bottom as well which was taken last year.
Thanks girl,I appreciate all of your wishes.Have fun on Sunday:))

Hi Seena,HeHe!! You are right,too many temptations,specially bread to make me plump!!;D
Also as years go by kids grow taller and we become wider!!What can you do? I like it though,it's life and I accept gladly and gracefully!(there is no choice,is there?):p
Thanks for visiting,have a great weekend and enjoy:))

Julie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well.
I have to tell you I was very drawn to that Olive Rye Bread recipe with the feta cheese spread. I am definitely going to make this.

Thank you

Sig said...

Happy Mother's day to you Asha.... You have an adorable family, and it is so good to finally put a face to the name :)... you look beautiful! I know it is an older picture, but this is going to be the picture in my head next time I think of Asha :-), I know it can't be that different now..

Vini K said...

Asha,I just loved all the quotes you have put in your post.Every one of them is soo true!and I agree,why do the kids have to grow up?!Your kids look so cute..can't believe they have grown up so much!Happy Mothers Day,dear!

The olive and rye bread looks great.I bake bread too but never used rye flour before,got to try it now.I first came across adai when one of my friends here made it.then ofcourse,they moved and I forgot about it..until now ,that is!have bookmarked your recipe to make for breakfast tomorrow.

indosungod said...

Happy Mother's Day Asha. Mom quotes were all precious.

Mango Dal looks delicious. Adai dosa looks mouth watering (whats with me, though we eat dosai practically every other day, the sight of dosa still makes my mouth water)

Enjoy the weekend.

TheCooker said...

Happy Mother's Day in advance, Da Mama!
Nice spread!
I agree with you, now that we are on the other side of the fence, we want the sons to love their mothers the longest!!

Sneha said...

thanks! true true. card and the customary mom's-day-saree (which has become a ritual in my family now!) is certainly there :) food is the extra jazz :D

Santhi said...

Hi...Happy mother's day to you too....the pic looks real cute..and both your children are lovely...
yeah, and about men loving their mothers longer, i am not surprised that they havent figured it out themselves yet !

FH said...

Sneha,thank you so much.You too have a great day sweetie,hugs:)

Archana,yes you are early this time!:))Thanks for visiting.Rye bread is very healthy,some may not like the color but tastes great, try once:)

Hi Julie,thank you:)
Hope you do try the Rye bread,it tastes so good for breakfast with Orange Marmalade.Have a great day.

Hi Sig,thank you so much darling.Just don't forget to imagine 20 more lbs on me!;D Actually,I did post a latest photo in the "Me Me only Me" post.
Calling your mom on Sunday,are you? Enjoy:))

FH said...

Hi Vini,good to see you back:))
I know,why do they grow up?!:))
There are 2 kinds of Rye flour,light and dark Rye,use light one if you can and also throw in some Wheat germ to make it nutty Pumpernickel bread.Good luck and enjoy Mother's day:)

HeHe!! Indo,I love Dosas too, any time!:))Thanks buddy,have a great Mother's day,I am sure your girls have big plans for you!:))Enjoy.

Hi TC! You know it's true!Haha!
But let's also make sure they are independent first and then love us the longest,eh? I don't want them hanging around in the basement when they are 30!;D Have fun on Sunday.

Ooh!! Mom gets a special Mom's day Saree every year!That's so nice of you gals.Dishes are 'icing on the cake' then!Good for you. Enjoy:))

Hahaha!!Santhi,they will eventually!!!It's takes a loooong time for boys to realize really!;D
Thanks.Happy mother's day to you:)

Sreelu said...


Happy mothers day to you too !!.Pictures look great, you have a very cute family. I cannot imagine how it is going to be when my kids get their wings and fly away. I dread that thought.I try to enjoy every moment with then as much as I can now. Boy do they grow up fast.

Sharing a quote which I thought was funny and nice

The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found --Calvin Trillin

Anonymous said...

Happy MOTHER'S DAY Asha.perfect family and u look so nice.the recipies r good and those poori look awsome.once again

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Very insightful quotes! I especially liked the one about all mothers being 'working mothers!! Just finished drooling over all your delecious dishes! The brown rice adai and the chutney is a must-try for me! Also all of you look so cosy and happy in the photos. Anyway Happy Mother's day to you!

Li'l Lite said...

didi u look so beautiful :) the fotos are lovely and cute!!

Mythreyee said...

Thanks and happy mothers day to you too. Loved Loved Loved your post and all the dishes and healthy alternatives. The family photos are wonderful. I sometimes look at my daughter's baby pictures and wonder why they have to grow. Atleast, I have a satisfaction to the fullest that I have been with her every single day caring, and being proud of her milestones and her speech. Still enjoying every moment with her. Of course there are tom and jerry episodes at home. I am tom and she is jerry. She is in Terrible Three Phase and I seem to enjoy even her tantrums. She is 3 years and 4 months now.

Coming to your recipes, you have given me beautiful ideas for weekend celebration. Also, we are having a family get together this Saturday. I will try these spreads and the dosas. Thanks and once again Happy Mother's day.

Little Miss Muffet said...

the dosa sounds interesting! i've never made that type before so will try it :) and also defi the mango dal...ur pics look really nice :) ya, i always think kids are the best when they are young, when they are so innocent and unaware of the big bad world, when they are free of all the bad influences, the hate, and every other unfortunate thing that accompanies growing up..unfortunately, there is no escape ..sigh!

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Mother's Day Asha..The family pictures look so look very beautiful in that picture ..All happy enjoying with family..

The Dosas look did you get that perfect color..I am coming to your home ..I love them but mine never come out so perfect..

and the mango dal is just awesome to tantalize our taste buds.. Is there a food blog event for nominating you for the best Food in the World..I am gonna vote for you..

All the recipes I have tried from your blog, have loved it so much.


I said...

Am not a mommmy or even anywhere near to it..but..

Loved ur recipes.. awesome..

And that dosa..Wow.. Perfection personified.. !

Nee said...

Aw, how sweet!
Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day in advance, Ashamma! Am sure TnT will make it very special for their Mom.

I haven't made the Bhaturas yet, The Boy will be back only next week.


Suganya said...

Beautiful photos.. Particularly the dosa..hmmm...

FH said...

LOL! Sreelu,that quote was a gem!! In my family,my lunch everyday is leftover!Sometimes rest of them get it too!Thanks for that;D
Yes,part of life is to deal with the empty nest when it comes to it.Sometimes I think of that too,scary!:)

Thank you Ramya.I don't know whether you have kids yet but make sure call your mom if you can on Sunday:))

Nalini,thanks girl.Hope you try Adai,very crispy and tasty.
Yeah,we are usually easy going family,do not worry about things too much!Have fun on Sunday:))

Thank you dr!That was 10yrs ago but yeah,looks like we are having fun:))Have a great weekend and enjoy.Hugs:))

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day ben...great post...great kids...great have a lovely family must be very proud as I am sure they are proud of you..great dishes too...thanks for a great post

FH said...

LOL @ Tom and Jerry!Seems like lot of fun Myth!:) It's wonderful to read how you are enjoying motherhood.Why don't you write about it DMC,a momz club? Have a great get together,eat,laugh and enjoy.That's all there is to it in life.Hugs:)

M! Don't worry now girl.Enjoy the freedom to the fullest!!
When we don't have kids,you want them.When they are here,sometimes you think "what the heck was I thinking having these"!Then they grow up and leave the house and you just want to follow them and go with them!!Life..!!!:D
Enjoy the Adai,they are great.Thanks.

Hi Sush,thank you buddy!:))
For perfect color,you need to but a electric pancake griddle and heat it up to 280F and you will get golden dosas.Try it.
All of your comments and wishes are my best award!!No other awards are necessary.I really mean it:))
Have a great Sunday.

FH said...

Hi Bharath,thanks!You have a mom,don't you? Celebrate her!:))
For perfect dosas,three words.Electric Pancake Griddle!Enjoy the recipes and welcome to FH:)

Oh man!! Nee,One more week!!That's a long trip. safe and read or keep yourself occupied somehow!Besides your dad is just around the corner to bug you every day anyway!;D
Thank you,I can't wait for Sunday:)) Try Adai,no fermenting!

Thank you Suganya.Enjoy and have a great Sunday.Hope your son and his dad has something special for you:))

Dilipbhai,thank you so much!I am very proud of my kids indeed.They have good head over their shoulder:)
Hope your kids are near enough to pamper their mom!!Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

All recipes are yummy. I will try to do this weekend. I liked quotes about mothers very much.
You have a very beautiful family.

"Happy Mothers Day" :)

musical said...

Happy Mother's day, Ashakka :). That picture looks so lovely. Am sure even today you are just as gorgeous. I am drooling over the beans kootu and adai, please send me some. Will also try your rye bread recipe. and the mango daal :). Ah! you give so many choices, Akka :).

Enjoy the brunch,

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, oh I love all the quotes!!! I just read them over and over again and have a little smile in my heart :)
That healthy no-ferment dosa sounds wonderful. And your black olive rye bread is already in my to-try list!
You was so skinny that time, I can imagine a curvy and sexy Asha for now :D

S said...

happy mothers day Ashaji....quotes on mother r really excellent...ur pics r good...the mango dal is so mouth watering...the dosas r too good...what not..everthing is perfect in ur blog...the bread came out well...ur spoon dipped in the cheese is so cute..

FH said...

Heoolo Mamatha,thank you.Goo dto see you.Try the Adai,it's tasty.Happy Mother's day to you too.Enjoy the weekend:))

Hi Musical! Thank you.Well..I guess I am still looking ok!HeHe!!Age catches up you know!:))
I wish I could send you some girl.I will enjoy on Sunday.Hope you do too.

Gattina,you are right!Sexy and curvy sounds great!Hahaha!!Thanks girl.You made me laugh.
Try the Adai,you will love it.Have a great Mother's day and enjoy.Hugs:)

Thank you Shanti,you covered it all girl!:)) Hope you try some of these.
I don't know whether you have kids but have a great weekend and enjoy.

Bong Mom said...

Wow Asha..that's a lovely pic. But you look almost the same even 11 years later (I had seen one of your recent pics and you looked almost same still slim).

Lovely always

Have a great mother's day on Sunday

Lata said...

Hey Asha,

All the recipes look great. And the photographs are terrific. You look great. Where do you live in NC? I live in Raleigh and thanks for stopping by my site.

FH said...

Thanks Sandeepa!:)
After I had Tushar,I became very skinny(not good) bcos of the stress, of caring for 2 kids alone and the home.I like myself better now when I look in the mirror,little bit of meat on me is great!:D
You too have fun,can't wait for Sunday:)

Lata,thanks girl.You do have a great site,I love the Ragi pudding cups you have there!:))
I can't tell you here where I live girl,privacy!;D But I am about 125 miles from Raleigh!Thanks for visiting,have a great weekend:)

Alapana said...

Asha,i remember coming to your blog on your wedding anniversary and today i am back on mothers day and i did tell you that i made your egg masala for my husband and he enjoyed it alot:)
And i changed my name to my real one,Neelu from Alapana {thats my blog name}
I am waiting for your andhra cuisine and the pictures are beautiful,you have got a wonderful family,god bless the kids.

Meera's Blog said...

what and excellent bread/cake!!if i can find rye flour,will def make it! its sooo sooo yummy looking!! thanks for sharing the pics of your family:)babies are cuteeeee:)never mind they are 16,and 12:)babies are babies always:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day Asha. As usual no words to describe the mouth-watering spread !! Lovely pictures look great.

Anonymous said...

Asha, Happy Mothers Day!!
In the pic earlier posted of ur marriage seems like u had long hair. U look amazing in this pic, Thx for sharing it!!

Once again u brought a feast in here !! looks delicious.

I also have prepared Trupthi's Batatanu shaak almost twice now, loved it.

Kribha said...

Dear Asha,
Happy Mother's day to you .Such a nice post.Absolutely loved all the quotes. More than the food I loved your family pics.Perfect family.Kids are so cute. My god, you are so thin and tall. I really envy you.Rye bread is so good. I liked the spread more. Can you suggest more dishes to go with it?
Mango and dal,two of my fav things. will try it soon. Thanks Asha for everything.
I agree with Sia. You are such a positive influence on everybody. Love you so much. Warm hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day to you. Your beautiful family is just precious!

I love those true!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I love the bread. What machine do you have? I bought a WestBend and it was a colossal waste of money. I'm looking for a good one. Would like to know which one you think is better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot, Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of all of you together! So beautiful! You were thin as a reed too! And the kids, I could just eat 'em! :)

I've never seen a crispier adai! Will try your recipe sometime. I must try your hurugadale chutney too. Everything looks good, Ash!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Shionge said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and thank you so much for sharing your family photos with us. Yes, time flies and the kids just grow up so fast.

I missed those times when they were babies - huddle & huddle :)

Lovely yummy food once again you much :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Have a wonderful mother's day Asha! The picture of you and your family is so beautiful!

I love all the quotes and the rye bread and cheese spread looks awesome! Another recipe being printed out for my stack!

Keshi said...

Happy mums day for this weekend my dear! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along. ~Margaret Culkin Banning

thats my fav quote.

And all the other quotes were very true too.

Ur pic with the babies is sooooo sweet! So very special and u look lovely in it.

Love ur kids...they r gorgeous!

I love Puri...when I go to my Indian friend's place, I always look forward to eating Puri...they make it so nice.

Rye Bread with Feta cheese...thats another great snack. Wonderful recipes darl!

Hope u have loads of fun with ur kids n hubby this weekend Asha!


Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Mother's Day to you Ashaji - lovely family pic of you all :-)

While reading your post, I decided to make those multi-daal dosa for dinner tonight as I was thinking of making something different. I know that it must be a breakfast combo but I just went and soaked the daals and rice before I forget the proportions. Will make them and let you know tomorrow :-) I used basmati rice as I didnt have any brown rice.

Have fun at the mother's day brunch :-)

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Mothers day to u! You look so good, keep up. Nice rye bread, I like feta cheese too. I bet it tastes good with that. Have a wondeful weekend.


deepsat said...

Nice spread!! Lovely as always!

Happy mother's day to you Asha, I know you are also a wonderful mother.

Beautiful pic!


Manasi said...

Happy Mother's day to u, u super Mommy!!
Thanx for sharing the precious snaps!! ur kids are sweet!!
love all ur always!!!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Oyi! Ur Rye bread makes me slurp! I dont hv a baking oven :( and v hv no space to buy one... :( but i am going to this shop today and buy sum cake for myself :) ..ur blog makes me damn hungweee :( and i always happen to visit ur blog wen i am @ work.. meaning i cant go and hv a bite :| and what is the reason behind u posting on wed only? Cheers! HB!
P.S. its 43degrees here... who all r in india?

Reeta Skeeter said...

And yesh! Happy Mothers Day aapko!

Anonymous said...

asha, that family portrait is so beautiful. how fast they grow :(:( mine is only 3. happy mother's day dear!! and thanks for showing us the face behind that beautiful screen name.

those pluffy pooris are truely amazing. you always have a surprise for us :)

ChrisB said...

Asha it's lovely to see your family photos. I agree children and grandchildren grow up far too quickly but we are left with wonderful memories to treasure.

I like the sound of Mango dal.

Jaya M said...

Asha,wishing you happy Mothers day ..well this thing is still new here in India ,but we all know how dear our Mothers are ...
loved the Dosa and Mango Mong Dal ,Simple yet so tasty ..
hugs and smiles

mommyof2 said...

Happy mothers day to you too:-) Loved your pictures. so cute:-)You should've post one recent family pic too:-)

recipes are yummy as usual:-)

FH said...

Alpana/Neelu,I remember you!:))
Thanks girl,happy mother's day to you too.Enjoy.I am still cooking for Andhra!:)

Meera,bread is really healthy.Rye flour is stored right next to wheat folur etc in the supermarkets.Hope you make it.Yeah,babies are babies in mother's eyes!;D Thanks.

Veggiedelight,thank you:)Glad you liked it.Have a great weekend.

Aruna,I had to grow my hair to attach the false hair for the wedding!!;D I always had short hair.There is another newer photo of me in the 'MeMe" (sidebar) if you like to look!Thanks and enjoy:)

Hi Kribha,thank you so much.You are all so supportive and wonderful bloggers.I am proud to know you too:))
You can make many cream cheese spreads,there are some in can mix chopped veggies,JalapeƱos,green onions,carrots,green peppers,any thing you as long as they are sauteed a little first to take the moisture out.They don't keep long even in the fridge,make small quantities and finish within 2 days.Have fun on Sunday,hugs:)

FH said...

Thank you Kristen:)
Babies grow up so fast ,don't they?Time flies when you are having fun!Have a great weekend and have fun.

Hi Anasuya,thank you,you have fun too:))
I have 4yr old Toastmaster 'Bread box', which works well so far.Cuisinart is another which is good,but expensive.I would go for bread machine which is not very cheap or very expensive.Mine is running well,paid about $120 I think.Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy anything,helps a lot:)

Hahaha!!Vani,I was more like Anorexic woman than a reed!!Don't want to be that thin,eeks!:D
Tushar was little older than M in there.Man! can't imagine how fast they grow!
Hurigadale chutney is very tasty,ginger and green chillies give a yummy taste,try with Adai.Have a great weekend,hugs to you:))

You know it Shionge!You kids are growing up so fast too:))Don't you miss those darling chubby faces? Man! Making me go and look at the album agian;D Have a great great Sunday,happy mother's day:))

sallywrites said...

Love the photos. Aren't you glam!!

You little kids are cute.........but each year brings with it new cuteness and different things!

Like the olinve and rye bread recipe. I'll give that a go in our breadmaker!

Happy Mother's Day Asha!!

FH said...

Thank you Anali.I bet your mom has a very special day to look forward to!:))
Have a great weekend and have fun.Rye bread is yummy,great for breakfast,enjoy:)

Keshi,thank you so much!:)) Kids were cute and now they are taller and bigger than me!!;D
Did you decide what to give to your mom?Have fun sweetie,I am sure whatever it is she will be very happy to receive it.You are such a wonderful daughter!Love you and hugs:))

Hi Abha,any rice will do,doesn't matter.I like it a lot bcos it's just takes about 2-3 hrs to make!;D Enjoy.Have a great mother's day Abha,have fun.Hugs:)

Hi Rajani,thanks girl.Hope you try Rye bread,it's great.Have a fun weekend:))

Hi Satheesh,thanks man!You made my day! There is nothing more precious to hear than a "you are good mother' for a mommy:) Lot of us don't get to hear those words much.Hope you call your mom and say the same words to her,she has raised you well too:))Have fun.

Hi Manasi,thank you darling!:))
I know you don't have kids yet but have fun on Sunday chatting with mom and your wonderful MIL!!You are a lucky girl:))

FH said...

Hi Reeta,Wednesday is the middle of the week and most boring day for us here!So I try and make it a little brighter!;D
43C?! OMG!!!Hope you are all taking it easy there my peeps! We have come up to 70F now,lot better Spring days.Hope you get Rye bread there,cheese spread you can make at home.Have fun Sunday Skeeter,hug your momma.Shukriyaji!:))

Reena,thanks girl:)
Enjoy your kid's every moment.Before you know they spend most of day locked up in their rooms,come out only for food,bathroom and money!!;D
Have a great Sunday,hugs.

Hi Chris,you are right! We don't even realize it until some day like this and you look at the old photos and say "WHAT?! HOW?" :D
I know you don't have Mother's day now like us but have a great weekend Chris:))

Hi Jaya,thank you.I hope Mother's day and Father's day catches up in India than Valentine's day!!:D
Make sure you hug your mom there,have fun:)

Hi Mo2,thank you.Make it great fun day on Sunday for you,I know your kids are young still,but daddy should take care of it!;D
I already posted newer photos in my "Me Me only Me" post few month's ago,take a look if you like:)
Have a great weekend G,hugs!!

HeHe!! Thank you so much Sally!Yeah,as they get older,they turn into opposite of cute!;D
Enjoy the Rye bread.I know you don't have Mother's day now in there,have a great weekend with hubby and kids Sally:)

Arts said...

Happy Mothers Day to such a terrific mom! :)
cute pics of ur kids n family!!
loved the mango dal!
have a rocking Mothers day on Sunday!

Arts said...

Oops.. forgot to appreciate the awesome quotes!

FH said...

Hi Aarti,thank you so much!:))
I don't know whether you have kids,make sure to say hi to your mom but have a great weekend.

Arts said...

Nah.. its our first anniversary next month :)
have planned sumthin for special for mom's day.. do chk my blog on weekend :D

MR said...

Happy Mothers day to u too.
hope u have a great day at the restuarant with ur family.

FH said...

Arts,you are newly wed!!:)) Aw..!!! So sweet,have a wonderful time and yes,of course I will check your blog!Hugs to you and your mom darling:))

Hi Mallu girl,thank you so much.You too have a great mother's day and have a great great weekend:))

Shivapriya said...

Happy Mothers day Asha!
Rye bread and Feta chesse spread looks delicious.
Prefect family pic. Kids are adoreable. Thanks for sharing.
I'm going to try ur Adai. Will be prefect for weekend breakfast/brunch.

starry said...

Happy Mothers day Asha.You have a beautiful family.Thanks for sharing those delicious recipes.I like the non fermented dosa.have a fun filled day.Loved the quotes too.

RML said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Mother's day to u and enjoy a wonderful brunch with ur family.
Aren't the quotes really thoughtful?Loved your family pics and the kids are sooooo cute.
My in laws have come to visit us from India last week.So kind of busy,and havent been on the net but today thought shd catch up with blog buddies and ur post on Mother's day was awesome and the recipes are mouth watering... so couldn't stop leaving a comment .Oops I think I am writing a story here.
Well take care and have a nice weekeand and MOTHER's Day.

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day Asha :)
Wonderful spread of dishes, crispy adai looks nice. Beautiful family photo :)

Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day BigS! You have a lovely family. They are big and responsible before you know it...arent they? (read my post). I sometimes wish Ananya stays just the way she is now and sometimes I want to see her grow up and teach me things. Oh well...
Nice recipes...esp your bread and the mango dal.

FH said...

Hi Padmaja,thnaks.I agree!Perfect for brunch,will be ready in about 2-3 hrs:)Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Hi Lalitha,hope you are doing well:)Thank you .Have a great Mother's day,I am sure kids are ready to shower you with love:))

Madhuri,make it a great day for MIL!:))Thank you for taking time to comment,you are busy with in laws I see!Have a great weekend and enjoy.Take it easy, and blog when you can,Hugs.

Hi Jas,thanks girl:)) I don't think you have kids yet,do you? Enjoy the weekend and try Adai my way,they are very crispy:))

Hi Lil sis,how are you? Busy bee,I know!;D
We wish them to grow up and then we miss their baby faces.We can't have it both ways I know!!:))Enjoy where Ananya is now,can't hold then back after they are grown up anyway.
I will check your new post!:))
Have a great Sunday and enjoy motherhood,hugs.

J said...

Hey Asha! Thats such a nice family pic... Never thought you were tall...Now, I'd love to see a pic of you now :) Well, your image is going to be stuck in my head!

Nice rye bread and lovely colour of the dosas!

FH said...

Hi J,good to see you.Thank you:))
Latest photo is in the "Me Me" on the sidebar,just posted two more so everybody stop asking me!!D:D
Try the dosa,it's crispy.
Have a great weekend:)

J said...

Hey Asha, saw those pics too...:) Charming you! Well, now I can see whom I'm talking to virtually:)

FH said...

HeHe! You saw good old me now!I would love to see all of you too,but most of them are little afraid to post the photo I know.

Dee said...

Happy happy happy.... mothers day asha. Have a wonderful day! Mothers are the best in the whole wide world. we planned something to celebrate mothers day. Will post soon abt that!

Raji said...

Happy mothers day to u too :)
never tried any kinda bread, but urs look awesome...dosas n chutney are yum
kisses to ur kids :o

FH said...

Thank you Dee! I can't wait to see your post.I bet there will be lot of goodies!!:))
Have a great Sunday.

Raji,thank you.I will pass on the kisses to my teenagers!;D
Enjoy the recipes.Bread baking takes a little bit of experience,but you can do it.Enjoy the recipes:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Asha, look at that little Tr. with her legs crossed like mom and arm around little brother... what a sweet pic! Loved to see your kids as little ones... mine are getting big too :)

All these dishes look grand, and I think the one I better not make is that feta spread!! I'd eat the whole thing myself! No-ferment dosa is great too; these past few days I could probably ferment the regular kind on the counter -- it's going to cool off again this weekend.

Have a wonderful mother's day!!

FH said...

Hi Linda,yeah,they were darn cute!;D Fortunately,they are still close to each other,so it's all good.
Adai is easy,can make within few hrs.It's getting hot here too but Ms.Andrea is hitting the coast on the weekend,so more rain for us which I like!:))
Have a great Mother's day Linda,enjoy.I am sure kids got something special for you!:))

Shobana senthilkumar said...

i am visiting ur blog the first time,i dont know which one 2 see and which one to miss.ur blog is wonderful.keep it up.
when i was reading the quotes abt mom ,i was thinking abr my mom.These words r 100 percent true.
i have become great fan of ur blog.


FH said...

Hi Ramya,good to see you here.Take your time to browse,I know it's a lot!:))
I only post once a week here on every Wednesday,so I post more than dish.Enjoy abd say hi to your mom on Sunday.Thanks Ramya,have a great weekend:))

Cynthia said...

My Dearest Asha, a very happy MOTHERS day to you. I hope that your day is filled with lots of love and laughter.

Just look at your children and you will see what a remarkable job you've done (yeah, yeah, I know the Darling Dear helped too) :)

Lots of hugs.

FH said...

Hello darling Cynthia,thank you so much,I appreciate it! Yeah,hubby helped whenever he could!;D
Have a great weekend.Hug your mom and make Sunday special:)

Pavani said...

Delicious spread as usual. Happy Mothers Day Asha. Nice to see ur family pic.

Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day Asha

Keshi said...

I so dunno wut to get her this time cos I've prolly given everything thats called a GIFT lol!

I'll think of something unique this time..Im going shopping tomorrow morning.

Have fun Asha!

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, just came back to let you know that the 'adai' was a hit with kids !! I made it only with chutney.

thanks for the recipe - it was easy peasy too :-)

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

And a very happy mother's day to you too ! Lovely quotes, great pictures. Me is coming back for more..
Thanks for dropping by, from your blog I see I have a long way to go before I get an creative as you...

Great inspiration !

Priya said...

Happy Mothers day Asha:)) Damn cute kids..

Life said...

Hello Asha ji :)

Happy Mother's day.Beautiful and very true qoutes.As i was reading them i was doing only one thing.yes yes yes.I feel because of you mothers kids grow up easily with good care and warm..

Wowwwwwww you family photos are really cute and u look vert cute are very sweet ...

Dosa looks mouthwatering..i want to have them..this sure asha when ever iam in US iam gona come to your place and meet you and to have good dishes prepared by you.You will prepare for me na ashaji ???
Will wait for that andhra dish.

Have fun and enjoy.

TAke CAre

FH said...

Thank you Pavani,I bet you have plans for Sunday!;D Enjoy:)

Thank you Madhavi:)) You are a new mom,aren't you? Have a great Sunday and have fun:)

Hi Keshi,I can understand!:)My kids keep buying necklaces with "MOM" in it every year!:p
Think of something,good luck.

YAY!! Abha,kids loved it too!! That is great news,it's healthy too with so many dals.Enjoy,I am glad you tried it:))
Thanks for the feedback.Have fun.

FH said...

Hi Poppins,good to see you girl.I am so glad to meet a B'lore resident.You can do it too,it just takes a little time and effort,that's all.
Me want you to come back too!Have a great Sunday!;D

Priya,thank you so much!Call your mom on Sunday.Have a great weekend:))

Hello Vikas,thank you.You are right,kids who grow loved by parents always turn out good:))
You are in India man,you can have any dish you like at arm's length there!We have to cook at home to eat them all!:D
Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to talk to your mom on Sunday:))

Pooja said...

Am I the last one this time too :(( ? not being on blogs regularly ... lovely post. just like a trubite to mothers. i trule agree with the thoughts you shared here about moms.
nic posrt indeed. :) , and your recipes usual mouth watering. bread is looking too good, adai is somthing i wanted tried aleays , dont know why i havent made it :)). havent tried my hand on baking yet(another excuse ???), will try it sometime once i start baking. i think someone should choose safely moments for baking... that way i will have all the precautions with me b4 i start vreating hazards in kitchen :)) ...
and dear you look so cute, really , kids looks cute too , but i find you even more cute than them. :) . looks like south indian actress "Revathi" :), and if i am not wrong you are little prettier in complexion and skin than her. love watching your pic with family. a real happy family you are. :), and of course the base of that happiness is YOU - a mother !
Happy mother's day in advance :) .

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Happy Mommy's day to you as well. Loved the pics :)
Since I making dosas over the weekend i will steal your green beans kootu recipe :)

btw, you left a comment on my blog askign me what I am planning for MIL on sunday...MIL??...she's not here :)

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Mother's day special recipes looks delicious. And BTW your family looks so nice. Your kids are so cute!!!

FH said...

Pooja,thank you so much,you are such a sweet heart!:))Hope you are spending your time learning all your mom's cooking.You need it when you move to NJ!;D
I am not familiar with Revathi,haven't watched any south Indian movies in yrs,mostly few Bollywood movies on B4U.I can google now that you told me!Have a great weekend,thanks for visiting,doesn't matter if youare first or last as long as you remember me!:D

Orchid,I saw Miss Muffet's blog update(her MIL is here) and came to your site, and I got confused betn the two of you:)
Kootu is all your's ,enjoy and have a great weekend Orchid ,sans MIL this time!!;D

Hi AV,thanks for taking time say hi!:))Yeah,they were cute,now they are kinda different cute!!
Enjoy the recipes and enjoy the weekend:)

Dalicia said...

happy mother's day to you!! thank you for sharing your picture of your family. your kids are soooo cute :)

since my mum is faraway i got her a gift.

FH said...

Thank you Dalicia:)
Good for you,a card with loving words to your mom is great gift too,just to say Thank you.That's all mommies want!:)
One day I am sure you will be a great mom too.Hugs:))

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Asha!


Anonymous said...

Hi asha,
Wishing u a happy mothers day.


FH said...

Mamatha,thank you girl.You too enjoy the Sunday:))

Shalini,happy Mom's day to you too.Have fun:)

Praba Ram said...

hi asha -

a very happy mother's day to you! what a cute picture of yours with your family! I used to have really short hair like yours until recently..:-)

Lovely quotes and lovly adai...crispy ones - so yummy!

bye! ho[e u had a nice brunch!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you A very Happy Mothers day Asha...have great fun with kids

Lotus Reads said...

And a Happy Mothers' Day to you, too, Asha!

Mango Dal? Yes! Yes! Yes! I cannot wait to try it!

Also thanks for the headsup on Trupti's recipe...I will have to make that too!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you very much :P Same to you :)

Isha said...

hey asha, :) have a good mothers day...

FH said...

Hi Praba,thanks.Yes,I did have a great time.Hope you did too.My hair is grown up to the shoulder now,need hair cut too:))

Sushma,thanks girl.Hope you a fun weeekend too:)

Lotus,I bet you had a great Mother's day.Mango dal was so good with semi-ripe Mangoes ,enjoy both:)

Hello TDNA,hope you called your mom and had a great time with your baby's momma too!!;D

Thank you darling Isha.Most other countries have Mother's day right after Easter.Only in America as they say!;D

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I already posted my comment,it did not appear, My Belated wishes. I like your family photo. I agree with you kids grow very fast.Lovely spread. Thanks

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Belated Mother's day wishes, Asha!!! Hope you had a wonderful day... Mango Dal looks very good!!!

karmic said...

Asha.. Liked those quotes, wish mothers were more appreciated no?
Loved your food preparations too!

FH said...

Hi MT! Thanks.Sorry about the blogger comment trouble but that's okay.Hope you had a great Sunday:))

Hi Ramya,thanks girl.Hope you called your mommy in K'taka!:))
We did have a great time yesterday:)

Hi Sanjay,you are back in US already!!Hope you had a great time time there in Europe:))
Thanks.I had to remind them of Mother's day in the morning but got lot better as the day went by!!;D

Mandira said...

Happy Mother's Day Asha, how do you do it...a feast every time I come to your blog. Your kids look so cute and my gosh, you look AMAZING ;)

Foodie said...

Dear Asha,

A very Happy Mother's Day. I know it's kinda late.
Thanks for posting all the nice comments on my blog. I loved your olive-rye bread recipe. Since I don't have a bread machine I will try that in a regular oven. I am also gonna try the mango dal.
And long back you had recipe for chitrana, oh I loved that so much.
And above all the pictures are just too good.

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, hope your Mother's Day celebration was a great one :D
Just made your Lahori Choley, really really easy, and super-delicious!!! Asha, I'm not joking, I couldn't stopping myself eating and the whole dish was gone! I've blogged about this wonderful recipe of yours, however, I'm not good at writing, hope my little humble words can do the justic :D Thanks again for sharing this recipe *big hug*

Shionge said...

Hey sorry for being late but hope you have a great Mother's Day Asha :D

Keshi said...

Asha hope u had a wonderful Mums Day.


FH said...

Hi Mandira,thanks girl:)
I have about one week to cook something,so I post multiples!;D Hope you had a great Mom's day:)

Foodie,thanks.Wishes are wishes whenever they come:))
Enjoy the recipes.The recipe I gave there is for hand made bread,so try it.

Gattina,I did have a great Sunday:))
I am so glad you tried and liked Choley,I will check out in your site.You are very good at expressing in words girl,who told you you don't?!Hugs to you too.

Shionge,thanks girl.Don't worry ,I am around for 2 more days:))
I can see you had a great Mom's day.Enjoy:))

I did Keshi:)) I am curious what your mum got for mom's day!!!*Biting my nails*;D

Suganya said...

Ur Mother's day feast is very good. Nice family photo. All the recipes are great...

FH said...

Hi Sukanya,thanks girl:))
Hope you had a great Mother's day too.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the comment i posted this weekend?its yet to appear! so i am posting it once again!happy mother's day to you asha & you look beautiful :)

Sai said...

Belated Mother's day wishes to you! Love your photos and of course the yummy feta....have wonderful memories of adai, appam at my Tamilian friends place as a child!

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me smile. And not just a little smile, I'm talking about a toothy grin that warms the heart and lights the spirits. How do you do that?

I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

Ari (Baking and Books)

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha, I have been thinking that we eat far too much bread at lunch, so I bought pita bread today in order to cut down on calories but now I am inspired to make your Olive Rye bread off to buy Rye flour now. Blow the calories.
I have an excellent Cheese and Walnut spread which would be delicious on your bread as well.
Thanks for this idea.
Your kids look so gorgeous

amna said...

Hi Asha,

Thanks for contributing to simple cooking portal. Check out your entry at

I will put in the other recipes in the page as soon as I get some more time :)

FH said...

Hi Paati,thank you.I didn't get the old comment but thanks for trying again:))

Hello Sai,thanks.I love Adai too.Healthy and yummy:))

Ari,Hee Hee!!Thanks girl.I just write non-sense!!;p

Hi Gilly,thnaks.Olive bread is healthier than Pita bread and low in fat too:))Bake it and enjoy.Hope you had a wonderful Mom's day:)

Hi N,great:)) Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I have been really enjoying reading your blog for a while. I searched but did not find any good recipe for Hummus on the web. Could you please give me a recipe of how to make hummus including how to make Tahini too.


Prajusha said...

hi asha,
Belated mother's day wishes.nice recipes and ur kids looks so cute.thanks for sharing the recipes.

FH said...

Hi Sona,thank you.Hope you come back and comment:))
I have Tahini recipe already with Falafel,go to recipe Index in Chutneys to find it.For Hummus;
1 can canned chickpeas,1/3 cup tahini paste(Til paste),2 1/2 tbsp olive oil,2tbsp lemon juice,2 cloves garlic,1 tsp cumin seeds pd,Chilli flakes,Salt and pepper to taste,cilantro or Parsley.Grind all these coarsely.Enjoy:))

Thank you Prajusha.I appreciate your comment.Hope you come back to say hello!:))

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Will definitely try your dosas among lots of the others. Trying to get recipes out of my Indian sister in law's family is not easy as they do everything by sight,touch and smell. If you ask for a recipe they say a bit of this, a bit of that and it never turns out the way they made it. It's nice to look at your blog and see exactly how to do things. Thank you, Amanda

FH said...

Hahaha!! Amanda,that's how they all cook in India!!!If you ask my Aunts and grandmas,they would say the same thing.I have taken my tbsps and cups to measure their "handfuls"!!;D
Measuring is lot better way of cooking bcos you get a similar taste every time we cook.Enjoy:))

So So Simple said...

Asha I made the rye bread gtoday for lunch. I used a light rye was delcious thanks for sharing your recipe.

FH said...

Hi SS,yay!! Glad you made it.I get only one kind Rye flour here,I think it's light too,I am not sure.Enjoy.Thanks for the feedback:))

KF said...

Ashakka ,Your family photo looks so nice.Perfect Family!Kids look lovely..Yes We always want to see their younger ages,their cute face and cute smile and chweet words..
I will comment abt the spread later..

FH said...

Thank you KF:))
I have to drag you in here!!;D Yeah,those baby faces Who could forget,but alas! they grow up!!!Have a great weekend,hugs:))

Seema Bhat said...

I just went thro your blog with my athe and she was so impressed with your work. She is a very good cook too and she had many andhra friends and she does know a lot of recipes which I will be soon learning from her. Thumba chennagide. Nange nin mint puri thumba istha aythu. I am gonna make it soon sometime. Will go thro all the rest of the recipes in leisure.

FH said...

Seema,Atthegu nanan blog torisibitteya!!:D
Pudina Poori tastes and smells great,try it.Learn all the tricks from your MIL and write it in a notebook,great opportunity to improve the skill.Thanks for visiting,take your time to browse.
Hugs to you.Say hello to your MIL from me!:))

Cyberkitty said...

Hope u had a great mothers day. Nice family pic. You look so smart !

FH said...

Thank you Cyber kitty!:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, what do you use to grind the dosai mixture?

FH said...

Hi Bombay girl,good to see you:)
I have a Sumeet 3 Jar mixie I use to grind which does the job very nicely.It's a 550Watts powerful machine.I am posting a photo on Wedneday,check it out with the link to where you can get it too.

Anonymous said...

came here to see your version of bele dosa :D and was pleasantly surprised with the pics.

i used to have short hair like yours you know, now its grown long over the last one year of not going for a trim - you think i should cut it all off??? what say?? give me sime inspiration

FH said...

Hi L, short hair is easy to maintain, specially you work outside home as well, do it! :)

Purnima said...

Asha, you hv amazing recipes..last friday (our wkend) I tried brown rice dals adai..wd u believe this measure, all dosas were relished by hub dear in one sitting, luckily I got two..:D pls mention in ur post, *Double the measure if you too want to taste it!* :D Thanks so much for sharing such wonderous dishes!