April 25, 2007


Dal Saag (Beet Greens with Chana dal) and Missi rotis are my entries to both JFI "Greens" and WBB #10 this month.The JFI event's creator Indira from 'Mahanandi', who is hosting this month's JFI, also hosting Nandita from 'Saffron Trail' blog's WBB #10 event as well.Thank you Indira!:)

Dal Saag aur Missi Roti:
When I heard about JFI and WBB theme is Greens,I immediately thought of Makki di roti and Sarson ka saag and then I thought somebody will cook those and changed my plan to cook Missi Roti and Dal saag with beet greens and Spinach instead.Now I see one of you smart girls (aka coffee!), made Missi rotis too even before I publish this post but I see nobody made dal Saag with Beet greens!!!;D
In addition to delicious Dal Saag and rotis,I am also posting my Mysore grandma's authentic Spinach Sambhar,which is called Soppina saaru in Kannada to be served with rice and papad if you like.Enjoy!!

Beet Greens:

Beet greens are used as just as you would use spinach and equally nutritious.Fresh beet greens will have dark-green colored leaves with rich red veins and fairly long, upright stalks.Avoid if the leaves that are wilted, yellowing or have dark green patches on them.

Dal Saag:
(Mashed Chana dal-Beet greens)Beet Greens are a wonderful choice for making dal Saag,which gives it a slightly reddish color and tastes great as well as you can see.It cooks down just like Spinach,may be needs to cook few mins longer than the Spinach.Do not add salt and any tomato,tamarind ,mango pd etc while cooking with Chana dal,you can add those later if you like while cooking.

You Need:
Beet greens from 3-4 beets,one cup chopped Spinach,1/2 cup Chana dal(split red gram)soaked in water for 2 hrs, 2 garlic minced, 1" piece ginger minced, 1 green chili, 2 tsp coriander seeds powder, 1/2 tsp Garam masala(optional),salt to taste,1 tsp of jaggery or sugar,2 tbsp corn flour or corn meal(Makki ka atta).
For seasoning: 2 tbsp ghee and oil, 1 tsp cumin deeds,2 green chilies, cut into rounds,1" ginger, cut into long thin strips, 1/2 tsp Kashmiri chili powder or paprika.

How to make it:
1. Wash,de-vein and chop the leaves and tender stems,cook with drained dal in 1 cup of fresh water, ginger, garlic and green chili in a pressure cooker on medium heat for few mins or in a pan covered and cook for 20 minutes.Open the lid.
2. Mash a little, add coriander pd,corn flour,sugar,garam masala,and salt,simmer on a low heat until it thickens,keep stirring to prevent sticking.It should not be thin or very thick like a big lump.
4. Heat ghee, saute cumin seeds, ginger strips, green chilies rounds until it changes color slightly, remove from the heat and add chili powder.
5. Add this seasoning to Dal saag and mix well.

Missi Rotis:
(Rotis made with wheat flour and Besan(Chickpea flour))Makes about 10
Missi rotis are made from a mix of wheat flour and Besan(chickpea flour) with little spices to give them a zing! They are tasty ,aromatic and healthful and great to scoop up thickish dal saag and relish the meal.Enjoy!:))

You need:
1 cup besan (Chickpea flour), 2 cups atta (wheat flour), 2 tbsp oil or melted ghee, enough salt, 1/2 tsp chill pd, 1/4 tsp turmeric,1 tsp ajwain(carom seeds), 1 tsp mango pd and 1 tsp minced ginger+ enough warm water to mix the above ingredients to a firm, smooth dough.

How to make them:

1. Mix both flours first. Add all other ingredients, knead to a smooth dough but not very soft dough.Leave it to rest covered for 30mins.
2. Shape into 10 balls. Roll out each ball to a slightly thicker than chapatis, 4-5" discs.Cover while the Tawa or griddle is heated.
3. Cook it on hot tawa on both sides until you see the specks of brown.Brush some melted butter or ghee on the hot roti and serve warm.

A plate of Dal-Saag and Missi Roti,the ultimate comfort food!:))

To serve: Serve with little butter,lemon slices,raw onion rings,fresh green chillies if you are brave enough and freshly made Missi rotis and a big glass of cold sweet or savory Lassi!!!Are you drooling yet?!:D

Grandma's Soppina Saaru:
(A traditional Karnataka Spinach Sambhar,Soppu means any greens in Kannada and saaru is gravy,a simple but delicious bonus recipe for you to enjoy!!
There are many variations of making this Soppina saaru of course.This is the way my Mysore grandmother makes it.It tastes great with a cup of rice or as a healthy soup if you use less chill pd in it.My ajji(dad's mom) used a lot coconut everyday in her cooking since their coconut farm is down the road with a never ending supply of those!!:D I do cut down the coconut to 1/4 cup or less without losing the same taste. Enjoy!:))

You Need:
1/2 cup Tuar dal(split red gram),3-4 cups fresh or a pound of frozen spinach,turmeric,2 Tomatoes sliced,salt,1 tbsp tamarind juice,little piece of jaggery,cilantro.
Masala paste: Dry roast 2 tbsp coriander seeds,1 tsp pepper corns,1 tsp Mustard seeds,2-3 dry red chillies,1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds ,1 tsp Poppy seeds,1 tsp uncooked rice grains,1" cinnamon(dalchini) and grind these with 1/4 cup fresh or 3 tbsp dry coconut,1 tsp chana dalia(yellow roasted gram/chutney dal) )few pieces of onion,1 small garlic,few stems of cilantro and few curry leaves to a smooth paste with enough water in the grinder.Keep aside.
For seasoning: 2 tbsp oil and ghee,i small onion chopped,1 tsp cumin seeds,1 red dry chilly,2-3 garlic sliced,curry leaves.

How to make it:
1. Pressure cook dal ,turmeric and spinach with 2-3 cups of water until soft.Cool and take off the lid.
2. In a pan,heat oil/ghee,and add all the seasoning.When onions are reddish,add the dal spinach mix and tomatoes etc as given above with dal and heat.
3. When it boils for 5 mins and the tomatoes are soft,turn down the heat,add the ground masala paste and simmer gently for 5 mins or so.
4. If it's too thick,you can add some water,it should of pouring consistency.

Tasty soppina saaru is ready to eat with rice,papad and sandige(sun dried and fried wafers).Tastes even better the next day.You could add a little hing(asafoetida) if you like to the seasoning but my ajji never used it but I do!:))

Wheat Flour Kodubales:
NO!! This is nothing to do with the "greens" but a variation of the Karnataka snack Kodubale I posted 3 weeks ago.My teenager reader Sneha tried the Kodubale(a bangle shaped snack with horns)with Wheat flour or atta bcos she didn't have the flour at hand.That got me curious and made Kodubales with atta instead of plain flour with bigger circles with the same recipe. Not only they look good and it tasted great too.Thanks Sneha for a great idea!:)

I wanted you to see what I meant by Kodubale ie bangle shaped with horns! Look at the top Kodubale with round shape and see the horns on top,that's the way they are all supposed to be made.I just made one just to show you,too much work to do all of them!!;D

A new bird house in our backyard!
This little bird house looks amazingly similar to our house except for one level(we have two levels),thought I post this photo!!:D

Alrighty then, that's it for this week.Have a great weekend and I will see what I can bring you next week!Don't forget to smile,life is too short to be unhappy.You never know, right?!:))


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I am turning green with envy seeing your healthy & yummy green dishes. The missi roti looks so soft.Love the kodubale with horns. I am planning to try your madurai kozhi kuzhambu this weekend.What's the menu for next week?


karmic said...

Oh nice and mouth watering!!! I saw wanna come down to the Carolina's and invite myself over ;)

Priya said...

Nice one asha the spinach and roti together.

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,
Delicious menu served in the most attractive serving ware..Wonderful photos ..birdhouse really cute.loved your fence too.green grass, red birdhouse, white fence..lucky bird :))

FH said...

Hi Kate,thanks:))
Dal saag and roti are wonderful together.Enjoy the chicken curry.Next week? I have no no idea,but something Punjabi may be.I am not sure:))

You are welcome to NC Sanjay!:))Thanks,these make a great weekend lunch for you and A!!Enjoy.

Hi Priya,thanks girl.They are Beet greens mainly ,spinach is added to give it creamy texture.Hope you try:)

Hi Vinita,lucky birds indeed!! Spent about $20 for providing food and water for the birds!!!!;D
We usually get Red and blue Jay Carolina birds,just a joy to see them.

Coffee said...

Hahahaha..... smart people think alike, eh? ;)

Liked your beet greens!!!!! And the spinach sambhar is great!!!!! And what do I say about those wheat rings!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! Need I say once again how good your post is?? :)

FH said...

No need to say anymore Ms.Coffee,you said it all!!;D
Missi rotis look so similar just like yours,I thought "oh no" when I saw them in your blog!!!!:D
Thanks,take care R,hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS! Simple, elegant and of course healthy dals. The kodubale with horns certainly stands out. Love the birdhouse. How about a picture with the red and blue birds? The red cardinals are so pretty here in FL.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so fantastic! I still haven't worked myself up to try the new Indian food cookbook I have. You make it look so easy, but I'd wager it's not!

(Baking and Books)

mommyof2 said...

First one sound different & yum. Do you get seperate leaves or they sell it with beet roots only? And no haldi?

starry said...

Asha as always beautiful pics to accompany these wonderful recipes.can I come over for lunch one day. all these mouth watering recipes:)

FH said...

Hi Hema,thanks.I will get red Cardinals and blue Jays one day.It's so hot here,I don't even dare go out when they feed in the afternoon!:)

Hello Ari,these are very easy,specially the beet dal saag.ope you try,I bet you will love it all!:))

Hi G! Haldi is not necessary if you use Beet saag which gives you a reddish sauce.Beet greens are attached to the beet roots.You can use chopped beet roots for this dish too or you can just make a stir fry with beets for chapatis and use just the saag to make dal saag.Try it:)

Hi Lalitha,good to see you. Yes,you can,bring your own bed and pillows!!:D
Hope your sister is doing well,take care Starry:)

RML said...

Hi Asha,

Beet greens and roti are wonderful combo.I was wondering whether the beetgreens u get separately or with the beetroots???This is new to me and wd like to give it a try.
And the snack we call chegonilu in andhra.I love them tooooooooo.
Yummy dishes for the weekend.
Thanku for sharing and have a nice weekend.


Richa said...

hi asha, the saag & missi roti look so good together! It is not even lunch time but I'm pining for that plate, yum!!

Ayesha Seerin said...

Never heard of Missi Roti!!.. Planning to try it today

Sneha said...

I LOVE all sorts of dal saag, especially palak in moong dal. That's my all time dal fav and I don't need any side dish with this-rice-saag-dal combo. works perfectly well!! Ooh yes, i must add that another of my fav daals is Dal Pakhtuni (or Makhani, i'm not quite sure what it's called, but it sounds something like that! It's really famous up north i think. they have it malai-maar-ke!) Thanks so much for mentioning me!! I had made some simplified chole today but forgot to take a picture!! My mom is supremely happy with me!!!

Bong Mom said...

That beet saag dal is yumm and have neveer tried missi roti before. Saw them at Coffee's and now at yours

That backyard looks so tempting

Beccy said...

The missi roti looks really good. I love seeing all the photos too.

Anonymous said...

Vanakkam Asha:)
Finally i am able to open your site! I was trying from yesterday to share something with you:) well your madurai kozhi kozhumbhu was SUPER DELICIOUS! tried it ,loved it & over ate during lunch & dinner time ! this one is going to be a regular on my menu from now onwards!THANK YOU so much asha for sharing this wonderful recipe with us all. Even asked kate to try out your mkk recipe!he!he!he! asha pls send this recipe if possible to the tamil recipe index ,so that the whole tamil community can enjoy it.
will be posting it on my blog shortly with link to the recipe on yours! Your soppina saru looks delicious, will try it out alongwith your akki roti & let you know ,my grandmother used to cook these type of sarus !Thanks for all the yummy recipes asha:)Have already uploaded the photo on my flickr account, do have a look when free:)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Missi roti and side dishes look great...Granny's recipes...hmm...looks authenic...

OMG i loved alot that mini bird's house...wish i would slide and play like a kid in Ashaji's play yard:))

FH said...

Hi Madhoo,beet greens come with beet roots,not sold separately.We get about 2-3cups max after cleaning and chopping,that's why I add some palak too.Try it:)

You are welcome Richa.They are not hard t make,would be perfect weekend lunch!:)

Ayesha,Missi rotis are from Rajastan.They use besan often in their dishes,these are available frozen in Indian stores too,but easy to make at home.Enjoy:)

Hi Sneha,I bet your mom's happy!!:D
Good for you,cooking is relaxing.
I have posted a Dal Maharani last month with Naan which is similar to Dal Makhani,with malai too.Check in the recipe index "side dishes Veg".
Dal saag is comfort food,isn't it?I love it with fresh baked Parathas!:))

Sandeepa,missi rotis are yum with besan,nutritious too.Hope you try this weekend.
I know! I had made these,taken photos and then I saw coffee's missi rotis and I screamed!;D
She had made sarson ka saag,so I breathed easy!
Trying to catch some birds feeding in that bird house now!:)

sra said...

I wish I was a bird (a long-distance one, of course), no need for visas, I can travel anywhere I want and sit in birdhouses like the ones in your pix.
As for the horned kodubales, first time I've seen that shape. We make something called 'chegodi' - not sure, but it's made with rice flour, I think.

Anonymous said...

Missi roti is new to me. Should try them!Thanks Ashaji, for sharing the recipe

Sreelu said...


One word can I be your neighbour, oh man so mouth watering. I usually throw away the beet greens cannot belive it, thanks for the recipe I can now make good use of it

Anonymous said...

Your missi rotis look perfectly shaped! I had to crack up about your 'plan' to create a unique entry, girl you are funny :)! The bird house looks adorable, say hello to lil' birdies for me!

Manjula said...

Beet Greens are edible! Thats amazing. I always learn something new here.
Thats a beautiful lush green backyard and a pretty bright red bird house.

musical said...


Hugs for using beet greens. i use them all the time with either daal or like spinach to amke a bhurji. i made similar daal last week.....great minds think alike ;) really, am super ecited to see this here :) i love the pretty red color of the stalks, they are so much packed with nutrition.

and hugs for sharing the Soppina saaru and kodubale recipes. Lovely recipes, Akka.

Thank you sooooooo much :)


FH said...

Thanks Beccy!:) Spring makes everybody happy!!!

Paati,coming from a non veg expert,that is a HUGE compliment.Thank you so much.I will send it to Tamil recipes,I didn't think of that.Glad you enjoyed Paati.I will check out flickr too:)

Hi Usha,spinach is yummy,I love that with rice rotti too.
Come on over,we can swing together!:)

sra,I want to be a bird too if somebody gets me a pretty house with food in it like that!;D
Somebody told me that too*chegodi*.We make that with rice flour as well,probably the same thing.We southies cook the same with different names:))

Hi LA,good to see you after a long break! Hope you enjoyed it!:)
You are welcome, give Missi rotis a try this weekend.

Mythreyee said...

soppin saaru,never heard but may be I can try. I usually do brinjal Saaru and Drumstick saaru, but never tried with greens. Kodubela rocks. None can beat the varieties in Indian snacks. The bird house is colorful and wonderful.

Nee said...

Hey darling,
Missi Roti! Yum! Keep them coming - after next week (when I will just catch up on lots of sleep), I am going to start going through all the recipes that I have stored up from you! Yay! The Boy can't wait ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow Asha,
Everything loos soo good. Soppina Saaru reminds me of Mudde-Soppina Saaru combo! Missi Roti is something I've never tried, your post might be my inspiration to do it! Yummy! Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

FH said...

Sreelu!! You throw away the beet greens!!!What a waste of greens.Now you know!:) you can use them in Sambhar,any dal too.It gives a reddish color to dal,it's so yummy.Try it next time.

Monisha,I think of all these "unique" dishes and somebody posts it before me!;P Then I have to go for plan "B"!!It is funny! HeHe!!
Cardinals and Blue Jays are my favorite.

They are Manjula,looks good too with all the reddish color.Don't throw away next time.Arvind mows and maintains the lawn every weekend religiously!!:D

Yes darling Musical,great minds indeed,you,me and coffee!:D
I love add to Sambhar too,bcos you get only a few cups of beet greens,I add other greens too.Got to cook for 4 people here at home!:))
Enjoy and have a great weekend,hugs.

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Once again a delightful spread. Missi Roti and Dal Saag ... Mmmm Mmmmm good. I love Spinach Sambar - made it last week and today I am going to make it your way.
The birdhouse is sooooo cute :)The yard looks so very pretty :)

Praba Ram said...

Hi Asha -

Lovely, Lovely! I enjoyed both last week's and this week's recipes! Kodubele - love that snack - my aunt used to buy while visiting us in Chennai - porigollu another one! Love the Dal Sag - so healthy! Will definitely try...We love your Malai Maar Ke Rajma - i can't tell you how fond we are of that recipe! It's the best rajma I've had! I am sure your Dal Sag is just as yummy as rajma!

On a compltely different note - do you know how to make bangalore iyengar bakery sandwich? And commercial street - warm gulab jamuns! Lots of fond memories visiting Bangalore and trying all kinds of new, yummy foods...

thank you so much! Tamizh recipes were yum too...

Praba Ram said...

I once tried making a thuvayal/chutney with beet greens! Came out great!

Will post recipe sometime..

FH said...

Hi Myth,soppin saaru is a classic Mysorean dish either with rice and in villages with ragi balls!! Taste great with rice and rice rotis too,try it:)

That is exciting Nee!You get some time for yourself and The boy too.I am happy for you.When you go back to school,you still get sometime to relax now.In June,I might take a break too for a month or so.
Watch out for the next post.I think you will like that too:))

Sneha,that's exactly what I said up there about soppu-ragi combo!:) I love the taste of this saaru.Try missi rotis,very easy.

Hi Sangeeta,enjoy the saaru.Most of the south Indians know about this sambhar with different spices perhaps.Have a great weekend,thanks:)

Hi Praba,this dal saag is great with little different taste the usual.Try it.I love Rajma too,malai maar ke!:D
Iyengar sandwich has sauteesd carrots,green peppers etc,I will make it sometime,haven't made itin a long time.Jamun,I make it with ready made packs,too much work to mak eit from scratch.I will have to try with milk pd and maida sometime,never tried though.
Can't wait for beet greens chutney,I would love to taste it.Soon I hope:)

Anonymous said...

never tried with beet greens
i bought some and they welted
those horns(we call them chegodilu)
looking awesome

Mishmash ! said...

I never knew that beet greens could be used! last time when we bought beets, I threw them into the trash...so this post was deft'ly an eye opened for me !


DEEPA said...

wonderful entry asha .excellent photo's ..really wonder how you take those pics.toooo goood lady !!!Do also give me some tips in taking snaps .....

Seema Bhat said...

This was a healthy roundup Asha. Beet greens could be used with dal wow. I always see them fresh at farmers market but adrinda hinge madakke agatte anthe gothirlilla. You are so very creative Asha. Myosre ajjidu recipe thumba chennagide. Do you have any idea as to why raw rice is used in the masala? Missi roti.. after seeing it in both of my fav blogs I have to give it a shot. Kodubale shabda kelde kaala agittu. Yum yum. Your kids are lucky to have mom like you who makes wonderful snacks almost every week.
Love ya

FH said...

Anusha,next time when you buy the beets clean,chop and freeze beet greens until you are ready to use:)
Make some Chegodilu next time,I would love to see Telugu one too:)

shn,don't throw them away,they are sooo good,can even use tender stems too.Hope you do use them next time:))

Hi Deepa,I have a tiny Sony cyber shot and I use good sun light,not too bright place to take photos.No special tricks needed!
Thanks girl,hugs.

Kribha said...

I have bought fresh beets so many times but has always thrown away the leafy parts.Too bad I did not get this recipe earlier. Missi Rotis look so soft. I've heard of the name before but never knew anything about it. It's so nice of you to share your granny's authentic recipe. As for Kodubales...looks delicious. Wonderful Presentation as usual.

FH said...

Seema,beetgreens can be in any dish just spinach,it's healthy and makes great colorful dish too.You can make stir fry with garlic etc:)
Rice flour makes the gravy little thicker.You know when just dal and spinach,you get thin gravy which is from water content from palak? In Mysore,we like our saarus thick!:D
Adakke Kayi,gasagase,akki ella haki,gatti saaru madtaare.Chenngirutte.Ashte karana,innenu bere illa:))Akki rotti matte ragi mudde jote thinnabahudu.Try missi roti with dal saag this weekend.Hugs:)

Sig said...

Wow Asha, I didn't know beet greens were edible, I used to throw them away!!! Same with radishes too till I read somewhere else the greens are edible. Thanks for letting me know :)

That Soppina saru looks yummy, I think i've had this at a restaurant called Nandini in B'lore, along with their spicy chilli chicken and rice.

FH said...

Kribha,thanks.Most south Indians don't seem to know about Missi rotis,good that I did post these.Hope you try,they are tasty with the besan in it!:))

Sig,don't throw any of them. Mooli saag ,I do use to cook sambhar all the time.These greens are soo nutritious,such a waste to throw them away.Noe you know, use them all:))
In B'lore,there are some small authentic restaurants called "Mess halls",they serve these kinda dishes with Ragi balls and Lilva sambhar etc!! Wonderful tasty food."Modern" ppl do not go there but it's their loss.We sit here in US and would die for those yummies!:D

bee said...

what a great use of beet greens, ash. i love that veggie, but rarely see recipes using it.

FH said...

Bee,lot of people seems to be throwing these wonderful greens to my surprise!!Alanna has been posting lot of beet greens recipes if you are interested,check it out.Thanks Bee:)

Pavani said...

Yes.. I was drooling by the time I got your spinach dal.. Will definitely try the missi roti recipe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

The only thing I have been cooking sofar is plain stir-fry with beet greens. This recipe with dal sounds like a great idea, would love to try.

Thanks for participating in JFI-WBB:Greens event with this wonderful entry.

indosungod said...

Asha, Beet Greens are something I discovered only recently and love them, I used to chop and throw them away before and feel horrible about it now, taste almost similar to Swiss Chard. I cook it often with Toor Dal but have never tried with Chana dal.

Kodubales again and look lovely in the new avatar too.

Keshi said...

Life is indeed too short to be unhappy even for a minute. Well-said Asha.

Love Rotis...its one of my favs. One of mum's Indian friends always makes yummy Rotis and shares with us too. It's sooo delicious cos she puts lentil inside the roti.


Viji said...

Asha, nice entries. Beet greens look great too. The bird house is so cute. Kdubale is interesting. So training your daughter too! Nice Post Asha! Enjoy reading your post always. So colourful and informative. You are so positive and enthusiastic personality. Have a good day. Viji

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha....I have never tried using beet greens...what a lovely recipe!thanks will try it soon.Nice post

Roopa said...

As always wonderfull roundup!
I loved those Beet greens, here i don't find it though :( i can find mooli greens if i am in time. Kodbole looks divine.hey methi parotha ittu ankonde? adelli? soppina saaru recipe E week adre try madthini bye

nallege kaytha iddini nan magan cast tegithare.
bye :)N have a great weekend

deepsat said...

simple and nice! that birdie house looks cho chweet!! thanks asha for the recipe!!


Sia said...

what??? when??? why??? how did i forget yesterday was wednesday??? nahi... looks like i am becoming absent minded:(
beautiful pics of healthy recipes. i cetainly liked soppin saaru and kodubale(ofcourse:) wheat kodubale...sounds really interesting and it is much healthier than plain flour(inspite of deep frying, cant help it when it comes to kodubale:)
who am i kidding? i LOVE kodubale...
by the way, how r u ashakka? allergy ella kadime aita alla innu idena? will see u later:) ~hugs~

FH said...

Hi Pavani,thanks girl:) Missi rotis go well with any saag famously.Hope you try.

You are welcome Indira:)
Beet greens can be used just like you use greens,it gives a wonderful pinkish color to the dish.
I heard that you can make chutney with beet greens too like Masial!!Sounds good to me.Thank you for coming up with Greens theme!:)

HeHe! Indo,thanks about Kodubales,couldn't resist making with atta!:)
Beet greens are as nutritious as spinach.Do you know in US they eat Dandelions?! I haven't tried it though.Enjoy the beets.

Keshi,I am so happy to see you so positive these days!!:)
After all what we go through here in US,you better enjoy every single minute!!
Dal stuffed parathas,I love them too,just gave me an idea!;D
Thanks Keshi,have a great weekend.Hugs.

Viji,unfortunately my daughter is not interested in cooking,Sneha is reader from Mumbai.
Thank you,I try to bring few smiles if I can!Enjoy your weekend,hugs to you:))

FH said...

You are welcome Madhuli,hope you don't waste any beet greens now! Enjoy making and eating Dal saag:))

Roopa,that's coming in few weeks.Erdoo recipe hakonaa ankonde illi,amele tumba agutte anta,next timege ittukondiddeni!:))
Cast is coming out? That's great news.At least he can sit and walk comfortably.Take care,hugs.

You are welcome Satheesh:))
I am trying to take pics of Cardinals and Jays feeding there but second I step out,they fly away!!:D

Sia,I think you are going senile!!!;DDD
That's ok.Kodubale were so good,taste better than plain flour ones.Last weekend I spent half a day planting veggies,my allergy flared up but I am alright now.We are expecting a thunderstorm today,that will settle the pollen.Have a great weekend Sia.
(Sajje roti nodide nenne ninna blognalli,matte update enu barallilla!!!)

Sia said...

he he he...howdu really going senile;) moone sajjige rotti post madi swalpa edit madakke ittu. so saved it as draft again n posted today:)

FH said...

See,not only you are absent minded to comment at FH on Wednesdays, you are taking time to scare me with "ghost" Sajjige Rottis too!!You are going maaaaadddd!!!:D:D:D
Ok,I had some laughs now,got to go cook something for us.See you later at Aroma!!

Manasi said...

The Greens look so yummy! I hv never tried beet greens... to tell u the truth , never knew people used them! i love blogging.. teaches u so much!!
And hey, that birdhouse is c-u-t-e!

ChrisB said...

Asha I am looking at your post on my new computer and it downloaded so quickly which is lovely. On my old one it used to take ages to get all the photos and comments to come up. See you soon.
By the way that is a cute little bird house- I don't particularly encourage the birds in my garden they tend to eat the fruit I put out for the tortoises!

Ayesha Seerin said...

I made Missi Rotis yesterday .. I loved the way it breaks and melts in your mouth ... I will be making it often ...
Seeing the small dough balls , my hubby thought i am making ladoos ..
It was all yellow with turmeric ..

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, I LOVE food like this. Seriously, give me dal and bhaji every day of the week and I will relish it...I just loved your choice of recipes, thank you so very much!

FH said...

Thanks Manasi:)) Think of all the yummy beet greens Indians threw out all this time!:D Hope you don't next time.

Chris,I am happy you are enjoying the new PC with camera and all!Wonderful:))
You have Tortoises in your backyard!!WOW!!:))

Ayesha,you made them already!Cool! Isn't that soft?Almost like Pakodas!:)))
Glad you loved them,make it more often.Goes well with Non veg too.

Hi Lotus,I love then too.North Indian comfort food for us at home:)) Make them,they are easy enough.Have a great weekend,glad you liked the meal.

Little Miss Muffet said...

missi rotis..simple enough for me to make :) almost made ur butter chicken yday but had to postpone it coz there was so much food left over :( but only postponed till the weekend :)

Suma Gandlur said...

Those rotis and saag look a perfect combo. I had no idea that beet greens could be used. BTW, how does it taste?
We make spinach dal without the masala though. I already decided what I am going to cook with that masala.
Are Wheat flour kodbales crispier?

FH said...

Hi M!! You can freeze the laftovers for another day if you have too much food,just a tip!:))
Enjoy the recipes.

Suma,beet greens doesn't have any flavor on it's own but colorful,nutritious.My ajji always makes that masala for everything,even for palyas!:D
It tastes better than plain flour and crispiness is same as any Kodubale,have to make dough stiff though,not soft.You know that already:))

Shilpa said...

those rotis are doing evil things to me! :) actually anything with besan does that to me, haha!!

beet greens are lovely to look at, but i've only seen young sprouts, none like the ones in your picture

Anonymous said...

asha, your blog reminds me of 'bhagwan jab deta hai chappar phad ke':)):)). one visit here and you see so many wonderful dishes. love it here.

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Great dish and nice entry for JFI.
Makki di roti and sarson ka saag is my favorite but is very nice………..
Dal Saag is very delicious.......I can’t wait to eat.
Dal saag is very tastey with missi roti, I try this roti definitely.
Grandma’s soppina saaru is very yum............
Your picture of bird house is nice with your writing.
Yes life is too short Asha.
Very nice post.:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
My mother make sambar with beet leaves. I have to try your version of saag soon. Missi Roti and saag looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing.

Maneka Nirmal said...

beetgreens in to curry..nice idea asha..

i luv all the recipes especialy dal saag. thanks ashaji.

vasilisa said...

Weird, I use beets all the time, but never thought of using the green part. Talk about thrifty :-)

And how much turmeric do you put in Soppina saaru? I've been looking for a dish with spinach, and this looks like something I'd like to try out :-)

Bharathy said...

hmmmm as usual...what a feast asha...and how many already to taste it??:O...I am going to prepare SINCERELY a good dish when you are going to host RCI karnataka...i really really want to support you dear..
Awesome yummy recipes and pics:)
Cute cute birds house...yes,life is too short to be unhappy..good wordings..

sallywrites said...

You always make me smile Asha!

I love saag!

FH said...

HAHA!! Shilpa,dal roti is so comforting,I love it too just like rice sambhar! Somehow,we have always have beets with big plume of leaves here year round!

HeeHee!Reena,that was a great line!!Thank you so much,I try my best.If I don't like something ,I wouldn't share with you at all.Hugs:))

Kajal,sweetie thankyou.You are always so gracious!:))
Hope you try the dal saag,if don't get beet greens,that's okay,you can use just palak.

Hi MT,at last somebody cooks beet saag like me!!:)) That's good to hear.Dal saag tastes good too with it,try it.Thanks MT,have a great weekend:)

FH said...

You are welcome Maneka::) We learn so many new things fro bloggers,don't we? I have never cooked with Taro root,got to try it!

Hi Lisa,good to see you:)
Beet greens are like any other greens,I use Radish greens too!:D
Turmeric is always 1/4 tsp in any dish just for color.Too much will make any dish bitter.You can skip coconut masala if you like and add 1 potato to make sauce thick.
Hope you try.I see you are feeling better already!:))

Sally,thank you so much!:))
I like to be positive and would like to be around happy people,it's just my choice!I love reading your blog,it's so light hearted and down to earth!
Hope you try saag!Have a great weekend:)

Bharathy,that is so nice of you to say that:))
I am looking forward to hosting Karanataka too in Sept,thank you so much for cooking for me and for your support!There are very few Kannadigas in the blogging world,let's see how many entries will I get.Hugs:)

TheCooker said...

Tried your soppina saru last night. It was wonderful!
Thought I made enough for dinner and my packed lunch today....was I wrong...it was all gone y'day itself. So now off I go to the cafeteria.

FH said...

HAHA!! TheCooker,you should have made double the amount to avoid the cafe!!:D
It does taste better the next day,that's why I make a big pot so I can have it for two day!:))
Glad you liked it,you can make more often now that you have the recipe.Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I see the "kodu" in kodubale! :) Nice post. Soppina Saaru looks yum!

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Hi Asha,
Great recipes. Daal saag and roti looks delicious.

FH said...

Hello Vani,great to see you.Hope everything is going smoothly for you!Thanks for saying hello:))
Yes,I had to show you the Kodus before the bales!;D
Ajjidu soppin saaru, tumba ruchiyada recipe,try madi weekendnalli!:))

Hi AV,thanks girl.Dal roti is comfort food for most.isn't it?Hope you try this weekend.Thanks for visiting,have a great weekend:))

archana said...

Loved your menu Asha, especially using beet greens.Normally I discard them .The snack with horns and the bird house are looking so cute.
Looking forward for your next post :)

Lisa Johnson said...

So nice that you have a recipe from your Grandma! And an endless supply of coconut??!!!! Wow!!!

Gattina Cheung said...

Would that beet greens (beets) from your garden? Oh Asha, I've tred one of your beet dishes that you posted sometime ago, I love it, thank you so much *hug*
Kodubale with horn or not, I know as long as from your hands they all same good!

FH said...

Archana,thank you.Glad you liked it.I don't know what's for next week,will see!:))

Hi Anali,yeah,endless supply of coconuts,rice,mangoes,Guavas and veggies too!:)) Lucky them to have a farm and live there too.Not for me here,got to pay!:D
Have a great weekend Anali.

No,it's grown by me Gattina,it's too early to grow Beets I think.Local grocery store always have a supply of Beets for some reason,I am happy for that.You tried the beet dish?!That's great!:))
Glad you liked it.Thanks G,hugs to you too.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Delish!! as always...since i make some of these dishes, I can vouch they are truly delish!...hey i really have to come over...you have a slide in your backyard, so Li'l A won't be bored either :)

FH said...

Hi Kate,you already cooked and enjoyed it too!! Great:))
Paati tried it too.Glad you liked it and thank you for the feedback.Hope you are having a great weekend.

Hello,thank you.These are great dishes,glad you make them too.Makes a great lunch for a weekend.
Glad to have you and A over to the backyard swing but better make it soon.Arvind is planning to take that down bcos kids are too old to play there and he wants a cabin to store all his beloved tools etc!!:D:D
Have fun with A.

Life said...

hello Ashaji :)

Iam back......hmmm when ever i feel to eat tasty and spicy i walk towards ur blog...i find tasty food,,and dal is mouth watering

how ru ashaji..iam fine

Take Care

FH said...

Hello Vikas,good to see you.Hope you are keeping cool in that blazing hot summer in India!:))
Dal roti is every day comfort food,isn't it? Thanks for visiting today,have a great weekend Vikas:))

TNL said...

Now that is a comforting meal, Ashaji.....I do love greens in any form. liked that birdhouse picture too! thanks so much for your comments, you're a gem. I missed blogging and blog hopping- I didn't wanna use K's laptop though.... ;)

FH said...

Trupti,good to see you buddy!:))

You were for few days,we already missed you!:D
Thank you,dal roti is unbeatable,better than rice dal for me at least.I am so glad you got all your recipes back intact,I am going to make Teekha poori and aloo!:))
Hope you are having a great weekend,see you on Monday.Hugs to you too.

Anonymous said...

Indeed life is too short to be unhappy!

I never saw a recipe with beet tops before. How wonderful.

I have to try some of these.

Anonymous said...

hi Ashaji - got a busy and missed a couple of your posts. That Daal-roti plate looks so simple and inviting. Never tried beet greens in daal before, but will use them next time I buy a fresh beet.

Will come back again to check out your other post that I missed :-)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Whenever I visit ur blog...one thing that always comes to ma mind is that ur kids r damn lucky! :D Not that my ma doesnt make anything... but still urs r really lucky :P The Kodubale look yummy!
Cheers! Happy Blogging!

FH said...

Hi Pearl,thanks for visiting.It's easy to smile and too hard to be angry!:D
Beet greens are wonderful to stir fry too with just garlic,cumin and pepper.Enjoy.

Abha,that's quite okay.I know you were busy with all those changes going on around you!:))
Enjoy the recipes,take it easy and take care.Hugs:))

Hello skeeter,thank you but do my kids realize that is a million dollar question?!;D
When everything comes easy,they take it for granted until they go to college and realize that their food and clean clothes are not ready waiting for them!:O
Thanks girl,at least you appreciate it!Hugs and keep cool in there.

marriedtoadesi.com said...

Amazing recipes Asha, I am definitely going to try these out. Bookmarked!


FH said...

You are very welcome Kanchana.Good to see you.Hope you try and have great weekend:))

aminah said...

my mum made something like this around 20 years ago..but made the roti with"yellow" flour called makai or something. whats the recipe for that? to this day i still don't know how to make it and my mum can't remember the recipe!?

Shivapriya said...

LOvely combo Asha!! Its been ages since I had missi roti.

FH said...

Hi Aminah,20yrs ago!!! That's when I got married girl and I didn't know cooking then!:D
These rotis are different from Makkai rotis which are made of Makkai ka atta or corn meal or corn flour,hot water and salt.I am planning to make them in about 3 weeks and post them here.
I post every Wednesday,so check back then if you like.It's not that hard to make them.Meanwhile,try missi rotis:))

Hi P! Thank you.It's comfort food ,isn't it? Hope you try them and enjoy.Have a great rest of the weekend:)

Revathi said...

Amazing spread of greens !! I loved the spinach sambar. Must try it sometime.

FH said...

Hi Revathi,greens are everywhere these days ,huh?:D
Hope you try,loved the soya palak,thank you for that:))

Sudha said...

Hi Asha, the food spread looks great..the missi roti looks heavenly..thanks for sharing...

FH said...

Hi Sudha,good to see you here!:))

Thanks,hope you try ,they are delicious.

Anonymous said...

Asha, I looved this spread. I have heard a lot about missi roti and saag. I have to try this sometime.

btw...I was curious to know why you have two blogs. It would have been great to see all your posts at one place. It would have been more convenient. Its just a request, pls ignore if you don't like it.

Ayesha Seerin said...

I need a tip from you ... whenver i make gravy grinding raw onions , it gets a bitterish taste ... At times it comes good at times it gets bitter .. I dont know what the secret is

FH said...

Shilpa,thanks girl.Hope you try Missi rotis,they are so soft.
*2 blogs* When Pooja started the event,I used to post here ,then lot of them started their own events too.I thought to open a blog just for entries,otherwise I will have to post here every single day for different events!:D
Aroma blog has easy recipes,short and sweet!Most of them come here on Wednesdays,so I take it easy and do a long post:)

FH said...

Ayesha,I completely understand your dilemma.I used to have that problem.

Here is the "secret"!;D
Always always fry the onions first,then add ginger-garlic to grind masala.
Another is to fry the onions first until they are soft or reddish,then ginger-garlic,saute not more than 2 mins and add spices.
Try next time and see the difference:)

Cyberkitty said...

Great recipes, I love missi di roti ! I am waiting for more of ur punjabi recipes.

Ayesha Seerin said...

Thanks Asha .. I usually fry the onions for more than 5 minutes
Next time should try to reduce the cooking time

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
Loved the picture of beet greens.Thanks for the recipe..

The tiny bird house looks beautiful!

Li'l Lite said...

wow we call it 'huli soppu' and other recipes are yummy too!must try for me!!!

Anonymous said...

great entry ben...the dal saag looks great...and missi rotis too....lovely combo...thanks for sharing

FH said...

Thanks CK! Of course ,you get plenty of those in Delhi,don't you?:))

Swapna,thanks.Hope you try.Bird house is colorful.isn't it?:)

FH said...

Hi dr, soppu huli and soppu saaru,they are all the same but different names I guess.Hope you do try mine,it's yummy!Thanks girl.

Hi Dilip,how are you?:))
Thanks ,hope you try at home.I bet your wife makes better rotis than this,enjoy.

Prema Sundar said...

Have never cooked with beet greens Asha. Sometimes I but beets with greens but have always wasted it.. Now I know what to do with it..
Missi roti and kodubale looks good as usual Asha. Thanks.

Deepak Gopi said...

I am hearing of Beet greens for the first time.I like the ring shaped Vattal.
Good day :)

sunita said...

Asha, I've never cooked with beetroot greens...a nice idea...loved the rotis as well...

FH said...

Prema,lot of people are throwing away the greens.Now you know,you can use it with the Beets as you cook it.Thanks:)

Hi Deepak,thanks man:)) I love Kodubales too.

Hello Sunita,now you know! Don't throw them anymore!:))

Suganya said...

Am definitely gonna try this. I was waiting for the 'right' recipe :)

FH said...

Hi Suganya,thanks girl.'Right' recipe!! You mean the next one!!It's up Wednesday:))

Nav said...

OMG, you are indeed a superwoman, I bet I say the same thing everytime I comment on your blog. Dal saag looks amazing and Boy! those missi rotis are perfect or what. I have a question though, can the dal saag be made with any other greens ? Will you pls let me know.


FH said...

Thank you Nav,I appreciate it!:))
Yes,saag is greens ,so you can use any single or combination of greens to make it even more nutritious.Try it.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Asha,
Hmm Lovely recipes and temting photo's too.Think your family is very lucky to have such goodie things to eat always.Really i appretaite it.You are a real great cook.

Shah cooks said...

ur dal palak and chicken curry looks so ooooo goood! do u get beet greens by itself or is it the ones attached to a beet?

FH said...

Hi Shaheen,thanks:))
They are always come attached with Beets,not enough to cook on it's own or sold separately.That's why I have to add some Palak too.Try it.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Haan that is there... when they grow up they will realize ur worth :D I also trouble my mom a lot re: food lol! ;) BADMAASH :D

FH said...

Bahut Shukriyaji!!;D
Hey,just have to wait they grow up,eh? Or wait until you have some little pests of your own.What goes around comes around lady!!!Hahaha!

Reeta Skeeter said...

heeee :D my ma says the same wait until u hv some own kind :D

FH said...

She is right,all the "attitude" you show to your mom now comes back to bite ya!!:D

Kalpana said...

Wow, wonderful dishes. I am an Andhra person. You made me feel the presence of AP, since I stay in Chennai. Loved all the dishes. Mouth watering!

FH said...

Hi Kalpana,glad you liked it:))
I researched a little to bring imp points about Andhra.Worked well.Thank you for visiting.Enjoy.

socalgail said...

Hello Asha,
I tried your dal saag and missi roti recipe as posted. The dal saag was tasty and came out great. The missi roti seems to be missing an ingredient like water or some other liquid. I used water since I am not familiar with this cuisine. They came out fine-easy to roll and very tasty. You might want to make a correction for others who might want to make it and never made missi rotis before. Thanks for the inspiration.

FH said...

Hi S, glad you tried both and enjoyed them. Of course, you use water to mix and knead all rotis or dough, so I thought I didn't need to write water there. But I can understand now how it must confuse a new cook! Thanks, I will edit this and will add liquid ingredient to all the future roti recipes too! Hope you try more!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I tried the Daal Saag with beet greeens yesterday.. It was yummy. Thanks for this tasty recipe.. Today I'm going to try the soppina saaru..


FH said...

YAY!! Thanks Shilpa, enjoy. Soppina saaru is my fave. Try Dill,beans and Tuar bassaru too,authentic Mysore style.Enjoy!:))


rachna suprith said...

hii..i tried ur recipe it turned out tooooo goood...yummy:)can i use white radish greens too?pls tell sme recipe with soya chunks,sarson(mustard leaves), bathua(chinopodium),dill leaves

FH said...

Thanks Rachna. Love greens dishes too. I have Dill and Sarson dishes, go to my recipe index to find them. Don't cook with Soya chunks much, Bathua isn't available to me here. Enjoy! :)