April 11, 2007


No! No! My mom's not here to cook all these! Mother's day is around the corner,thought I would cook some of my mom's recipes! I know it's a little early!:D

Beautiful Tulips for mummy as I call her! I prefer the flowers to stay where they belong instead of a Vase!

Come to think of it,I am much better cook than my mother is! It's true!:p But she does have some very tasty recipes which I am going to post here and in my future posts which are my favorites.Since she was married very young (at 16!) and had to learn cooking basics from her Mysorean mother-in-law, her recipes are the combination of Mysore and Hassan (coffee plantation/Coorgi style)where she is from.She always had helpers in the kitchen unlike me,so it took her a long time to learn to really cook well but she did it in the end!:))

So here we go with some of her authentic Karnataka dishes:

Tomato Chutney,
Aloogedde Palya,(Potato Gravy),
Kodubale`,(Flour ring snack),
Kesari Bhaat.(Saffron Semolina dessert)

Chitranna:(Turmeric/Yellow/Lemon rice)
Chitranna is a simple Karnataka dish to make and serve in a hurry.Tangy and very flavorful lemon rice, it can be served with crisps and yogurt.

How to make it:
1. Cook 2 cups of rice,long grain or Basmati,spread in a wide pan and cool.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil,add in 1 tsp each mustard seeds,cumin seeds and curry leaves.When they splutter,add 2tsp each chana dal,Urad dal and Moong dal,stir until reddish.
3. Add in 3-4 fresh red or green chillies split,2 large onions sliced thin,1/2 tsp turmeric,little salt,fry until onions onions are transculent and not reddish.
4. Squeeze 1/2 tsp lime/lemon juice,mix and set aside.In a separate pan,saute 2tbsp peanuts and Cashew nuts until they are crisp and keep aside.
5. Squeeze juice 1 lemon or more to the cooled rice along with enough salt,onion mix and fried nuts.Mix all these well,adjust the salt and lime/lemon juice.
6. Serve the delicious Chitranna with plain yogurt or raita.
Instead of Lemon/lime juice,you can saute 3 plum Tomatoes sliced with onions as well for a different taste. You can also add some fresh grated coconut to mix with rice to serve or replace the peanuts with Cashews.

Tomato Chutney:
A very tasty and easy to make Tomato chutney which goes well with Chapatis,Dosas or as a condiment for rice dishes.

How to make it:
1. Chop 6 Plum Tomatoes and Keep aside.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil,add 1/2 each tsp mustard seeds,cumin seeds,few Curry leaves and 2 red dry chillies..When they splutter,add 1 tbsp Chana dal 2tsp Urad dal, fry.
3. Add 1 small onion chopped,3 garlic minced,fry until just soft.Add tomatoes and cook on high heat until thick and all the water has evaporated.
4. Put in 2tsp coriander seeds powder,salt,1/2 tsp chill pd and turn down the heat,reduce the chutney until it's shiny on the surface.Adjust the spices and store in a bottle in the fridge when cooled.

Aloogedde Palya:(Red Potato Gravy)
This is my favorite Mirchi Aloo of all times and my mom's recipe which goes fabulously with Chapatis,parathas etc,.Hope you do try this dish.

Make masala powder first:
Dry toast 2 tbsp Chana dal(split red gram),2 dry red chillies,2 tsp Cumin seeds,1 tsp Fenugreek seeds,2" cinnamon(Dalchini),2 tbsp dry dessicated coconut until reddish,cool and powder in a blender with little Turmeric.
How to make it:
1. Heat 1 tbsp oil/butter,add 1tsp Mustard seeds,1 small onion minced and fry until red on the edges.Add 1/2 cup water mixed with 1 tsp (marble sized and soaked)tamarind juice,simmer.
2. Add in all the ground masala powder,salt,1/4 cup cilantro,simmer until oil shows on top.Add 1 more cup water to thin it and add 3 medium Red potatoes ,cooked and cubed to the sauce,salt and simmer until the sauce is thickish.It does thicker as it cools.Adjust the spices to your taste.
3. This tastes great after a day, enjoy.

Here is my favorite snack I used to eat a lot in Mysore from a bakery just outside huge Mysore vegetable market.It's a simple but delicious recipe."Kodu" in Kannada means horn and "Bale" means bangles.In essence,Kodubales look like round bangles with the ends curve and turned up like horns of an animal!:D
Anyway,you don't have to be that perfect when making them.Just make sure your dough is stiff, not soft like Chapati dough!You can make these into bigger circles as well and not fuss about making horns.Hope you try!:))

You need:
3 cups plain flour,1 cup Rice flour,1/4 cup hot oil to mix,salt and 1-2 tsp chilli flakes(optional) or crushed pepper corns,enough water to knead.
To make it:
1. Heat enough oil to 375F.Heat 1/4 cup oil separately to mix with the flour.
2. Mix all the above with hot oil,adjust the salt and spices,knead well with just enough water to make a thick dough.Do not make it too soft.
3. Take a lump of dough,roll into 1/2" thick rope,break off 4" pieces and roll each around your index fingers to make circles.If you want to make bigger circles with longer ropes,it's fine too.Repeat with repeat of the all the dough.
4. Deep fry until done,don't over fry.You will know when you taste one batch whether to fry less or more.If you have added chill pd,it will be reddish when fried,without it they look lighter or golden.Cool before you store.Enjoy!:))

Kesari Bhaat: (Saffron Semolina/Cream of Wheat)
Finally, a eternal favorite dessert of all Kannadigas,this Bhaat is can be made in a jiffy.You can add any nuts or fruits you want like Bananas,Pineapple etc.It tastes wonderful.You can this thinner by adding more milk or water or thick like this.

To Make this:
1. Heat 3 tbsp ghee or butter in a non-stick deep pan,saute 1 tbsp Cashews and Raisins until raisins plump up.
2. Add 1/2 cup Rava/semolina/Cream of wheat and stir-fry until it is slightly reddish and add 3/4 cup or (more or less) sugar,mix well.
3. Meanwhile,heat 1 cup milk and 1/4 cup water and add 1/4tsp saffron and add to the cooking semolina and keep stirring to prevent lumps.
4. As it thickens ,add in 1 tsp Cardamom powder and mix well.When it becomes semi-solid, pour into a dish.
5. You can serve this warm or chilled.You can also add some fruits like pineapple,Banana when it's cooking if you like.Enjoy the traditional Kannadiga dessert!:)

Delicious dishes I tried and loved from other bloggers:

Latha's(Masala Magic) delicious south Indian Aloo Methi

Suma Gandlur's Eggplant curry

That's it for this week.I do have some more mom's dishes to post,I will post next month.Enjoy these and see you all in Tamil Nadu next week!;D

Smile and be happy!:)


Sia said...

i saw kodubale in ur menu and staright away went to check that...boy!!! ashakka...plz send me some... bayalli neeru barta ide...

Sia said...

eshtondu tindi tinisugalu:) this is the millionth time i am wishing we were staying some where close:) i would have self invited to ur place;) helped u in kitchen if not for cooking atleast in taking pictures:) he he he...
lovely flowers. i love those clourful tulips. it always cheers me. weather is getting better here. we r supossed to have around 18 deg centigrade over the weekend:) so fingers crossed:)

TNL said...

Ashaji....those flowers are beautiful, I too like to admire them in their own surroundings. Such lovely recipes from your Mom....even if you are the better cook!!! ;)
The Kesari Bhath is something I am so interested in....I love such sweets for Prasad.and those salty spicy delights! perfect for me to dip it in chai. Thanks for that recipe..had never seen it before.

Love the new additions to your blog!


Anonymous said...

OMG !! asha,
all are my favourites,
somehow my kodubale was not coming good,I am eager to try yours today itself,let you know.
Even I used eat puffs benne biscuit and kodubale from the bakery next to "dodda market". It is still there and also famous guru sweets(for mysore pak). By the way do you have recipe for benne biscuit. Thanks Asha,
Hugs :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I came at 8am to check your post.But the 1 hour wait was truly worthwhile.Your mom's recipes look awesome.Kesari baath & kodubale are made for each other.Your garden is a riot of beautiful colours.Excellent tribute to your mom for mother's day.

Warm Regards,

Shionge said...

Is Kodubale spicy or is it something like wadi? Looks yummy indeed likewise with all the wonderufl dishes Mom Asha :D

Mandira said...

Asha- you have a lovely garden. Spring is definitely at your doorstep :) love the rice presentation... will try that soon.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice spread Asha. Happy mother's day to u :). I love those kodbales :). It looked like what my friend Poornima would post for Mother's day. She is from Kollegal and she specializes in the Kannada cuisine. I am still learning a lot from her. Nice to see this spread here which I used to love eating from Poornima's lunchbox :D.

Bong Mom said...

beautiful flowers.
Loved all your Mom's dishes. Didn't know lemon Rice is called Chitrana -- is it a kannada thing ?

The Kesari Bhath I used to love

FH said...

HAHA! I knew all the Kannadigas flip for Kodubale.That was a last minute addition,I had 4 and I thought this is so easy,I will add that too.You can make it in a jiffy,tastes really good Sia.Try it.
Tulips just coming out now.It suddenly got cold here,2os in the mornings!Fortunately,warmth is coming back next week:))

Hi Trupti,you know my mom never invited people to dinner at home!Somehow she thinks she is not good enough at cooking!She would never experiment with any other unfamiliar dishes either!:D
Hope you try Kodubales,they are yummy.I love when Tulips close their petals in the night and then open up again in the mornings!!:)

Mamatha,you are right.Benne biscuits are my fav too.Mysore Pak ,yum!!Ella marethu hogittu neenu helo tanaka!!Das Prakashnalli Akshaya hotel,oh!What a nice feeling to go there again.Memories!
My parents left Mysore and moved in with my brother in B'lore recently.
My friend Banashankari gave me a Benne Biscuit recipe,I will try that and if it's comes right,I will post it next month!:)

sra said...

Best wishes to your Mom, Asha! Did you change your blog look again? Definitely the sidebar, right?

J said...

Lemon rice is something my mom makes very well too!! And everything you have here in someway connceted to the same things my mom and grandma make back at home although a bit differently! So much for nostalgia :)Now I want some rava kesari!!

bee said...

asha, your pics are so great. that potato curry has been bookmarked.

hopelessbliss said...

Hi Asha,
I am a new reader of ur beautiful blog (I found it while searching for Karnatak cuisine). Though Ive been born and brought up in Mahrashtra, our roots are Kannadiga and so is my husband. Im so happy to have found this blog, I really am flipping over the kodubale recipe. And Im sure my husband will too, when I surprise him :)

Anonymous said...

Asha, thanks for bringing our traditional/everyday festive food treat. chitranna maadi thumba dina ayithu, photo noodi thinnabaaku antha anisutha ide.
Kodibale Iyengar bakery tharaha idde, definately try madduthene.
Thx Asha, as ever u r superb.

FH said...

Hi Kate,I think you are from Karnataka,if you can say Kodubale and Kesari bhath with such ease!;D
Great combo,isn't it? Enjoy.

Hi Shi.Yes it is a savory like Wadi,you can make it spicy or skip the chilli pd.Tastes very good.Hope you try.Thank you:)

Mandira,it's raining today,so Spring got even better!:))I keep taking pics of flowers,still there are so many!I love it.Enjoy Chitranna:)

Shilpa,thank you sweetie:)
you are right.Kodubales are very special for us,grand mothers specialty!I still have two more types of Kodubales,I will post sometimes.This is the easiest,not many spices at all like Kai Kodubale but taste so good.Try it.
Does Poornima have blog?!If so,PLEASE let me know.I would die for some more authentic K recipes:)

Hi Sandeepa,yes Chitranna is Kannada word, it means Colorful rice, probably for the addition Turmeric in it.It's a classic and quick dish we make if there is a leftover rice or unexpected guests.There are variations of of this ,from simple Tadka rice to glamorized one like here!;D

FH said...

sra,thank you:))
I added some visible Recipe Index logo bcos some keep asking me "where is the recipe Index?It's so hard to look for the dishes I want" without even looking at the side bar!So I put up a BIG sign,they can't miss it now!;D

Hi J!I thought you are on a break girl!:))Thanks for taking time.
These are south Indian dishes,so most who grew up there would relate to them.Every dish is unique in every home although they are called the same.That's why I love to look at the blogs even if it's a ordinary dish:))Rava Kesari and Kesari Bhaat!!See what I mean!Enjoy.

Great choice Bee! I am sure you will love it,it's my fav with parathas or chpatis.Thanks.Enjoy!:))

Hi Smitha,nice to meet you too.We don't have many Kanadiga bloggers around here,although you are Mumbaiwali and still Kannadiga!:)
Surprise him,let me know.I will check out your blog today:)

Thanks Aruna.Naanu Chitranna yavaagalu madalla,postge anta madide!:) Kodubale madta irteeni agaaga.Naanu Kharada pudi hakde idakke,adakke kempagide.Without chilli pd ,it will look very light brown.Try.I will bring more like these,once a month or so.Enjoy:)

Chickoo said...

Ashakka! Wow onde sarthee istondu aduge madi thorisidre nan thaane enu madli :(
Modale hasivu plus lunch time, nim aduge nodtha idre hotte innu churuguttha ide. Sups helida hage nanu nachige bittu nimm manege bandu oota madkondu hogtha idde :)

Foodlovers said...

hey Asha...
I love Kodubale...my mom makes them for me whenever i visit India..or sends me when somebody is coming from there...
As Sia said.. nanagu beku aa Kodubale yakendre bayali neeru barta ide..
i have tried making them.. didn't come the way my mom makes.. so will try this time with ur recipe...
Thanks dear


Beccy said...

Asha, I've never heard of Kodubale but they look good so I must give them a go.

Beccy said...

Meant to say I love your tulips and I prefer them in the garden as well.

Richa said...

hey asha,
the spread looks great!
i've tasted this chitranna with & without onion, i personally like it with onion. I guess there are lots of variations, right?thanks for this recipe.
Also good to know the meaning of the word kodubale, looks so yummy, i want some now ;-)

Sangeeta said...

Asha, I just have one thing to say about this spread ... Yummylicious :)At this rate girl, I really will have to leave CA and move to NC :)
The flowers are beautiful - you have a wonderful garden.

Anonymous said...

tomato chutney is so yummy
and those potatoes are heavenly asha :)

FH said...

Deepa,I made these in a weeks time.If you come here today,you get Chapatis and cabbage palya!:D
Idella mamoolu adige taane,mundina tingalu chennagirodu madteene:)

Hi Foodlover,eshtondu jana kannadigarannu nodi kushi agtide ivattu!:)This Kodubale is easy,try it.We can not reproduce it as our mom's and grannies but we can try and learn.Hope you do.

Beccy,all these are very homely dishes from my state in India.You probably get the snack in Indian stores in UK.I used to get them from Leicester(spelling?)often.
I love Tulips,they are very pleasing to the eye!:))

Richa,you are right.Sometimes,you just add Tadka without any of the nuts,turmeric.Boringg!!:D
I like it with onions,green chillies and less lemon juice!YUM.Kodubales rock:))

Sangeeta,thank you:))
At this rate, NC population will swell and somebody has to pay me for making that happen!HAHAHA!
It's raining here today,all the lawns are so green,it's a delight just to look at them.Pollen is down too,hurray!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh! wonderful tulips. I too love the ring snack very much. thanks for this recipe. I have to try this :)

Mythreyee said...

happa eshtu thindigalu. amazing. You are really great asha. keep up this enthu. its real inspiration for me.

All the dishes are superb and you do have wonderful pictures to display the authentic karnataka dishes.

The Tulips are awesome.

Pooja said...

now this is naother wondeerful post from you ! good to remember mom by this way ! i love all the dishes around here, some are very new for me.may be i can cook some of it for RCI. is it pure tamil cuisine?
i love the pictures of tulips, i love flowers on their palnts only , and hate it so much when some one pluck it . i feel like the man must be very cruel ,while plucking it . ( though i feel the same whwn isee someone eating non-veg item... :P ) .
i liked all recipes this time, and your kodubale is attarcting me to grab some, in which dabba you stored it... huh ? :))
just like Sia, i am also much open to help you out in kitchen there ;) , call me anytime :)) .atleast i will find that dabba/jar in which you are storing kodubale :D.thanks for sharing . although my tomato chutney was made much different way, it looked very much like yours, nad i love that too.
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Am I slow or what? Only now did I realise that Aroma and foodie are both by you!!

Those kodubole looks gorgeous!! I am not a kannadiga but the karnataka side of me is shouting out for those deep-fried goodies...

Unknown said...

Wow..delcious spread asha..hmm..better cook than mom huh..:D.This spread proves it again.That's true, we don't have "helpers" in the kitchen as moms and MILs had.Hoping to see what u come up for RCI.

I loved the color of lemon rice and loved that dessert...

Anonymous said...

hi asha,
kodubale looks yummy.i have tried this many a times but it does not come out good.will try again .
see u after 2 months.


Lisa Johnson said...

Hey Asha! I'm loving the flowers you are showing here! I guess I'd better start thinking about Mother's Day too!

The Kodubale looks really good, but I've never used rice flour before. This is the second time in the past couple of days, that I've seen it mentioned in a recipe, so maybe I need to get some!

FH said...

Thank you Anusha,hope you try both.Enjoy the recipes:)

You are welcome Jas:)Kodubales are really good.Try them and enjoy.

Hi Myth,glad you liked them.These are just basic recipes,I will bring you more next month:)

Pooja,RCI is pure Tamil Nadu recipes this time,all these are Kannadiga!:)
Google Tamil Nadu recipes and you will get plenty and cook for RCI before 25th and JFI is greens before 30th.
There are none left for you grab from anywhere Pooja!;D I made small amount,all gone now.
Oh you pure vegetarians!!:D:D
Try some of these,and let me know Pooja.Hugs:)

Priya said...

Each and every recipe is awesome asha and lemon rice is my favorite;))

Tulips look beautiful...

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Wow...wish I could stay near your place...I like Kodubale snack...though the name is new to me...nice pictures:)

Shivapriya said...

Yummy dishes, Next time when I drive thru NC i'm going to know ur door:D.

Best gift I got for mothers day was my LIL one, He was born on mothers day:).

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I like all these dishes which your mother prepares.Kadubale is also kadboli in Marathi.But your version is nice and simple.Ours need lot of preparation :)
The flowers are looking so pretty. Its the first time I have seen Tulip plant (photo).
It is a treat to go through your posts Asha.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Asha, that tomato chutney struck out straight at me. It looks incredible. Just need a spoon to taste. Got one for me?

Li'l Lite said...

i love Kodubale!!!my mouth's watering now!!!
even i m against plucking flowers from plants :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

your tulips are ohmigosh so gorgeous! and i love kodubole..i wonder if i can make my mom send me some with my inlaws..thanks for the idea :)am far too lazy to make it on my own :D ...yummy dishes as usual..will try and let u know how they turned out..

FH said...

HAHAHA!! Vee kay,that was hilaroius.But I have never seen you there or here until now! Do I smell a ghost reader!;D Hope you try some of these easy Karanataka dishes,will bring you more.Thanks:)

Hi Mahesh,she never tried any other cuisines you know!Stuck to what she knew best!:D For that bright yellow color,I used root turmeric ,smells so good.Wish I had some help in the kitchen but then I wouldn't be so motivated to cook more!
I have a Tamil Nadu cookbook,will use that to cook something.I always get confused betn.Tamil and Kerala cooking!:))

Shalini,two months!!That's a long vacation.India? Have fun and enjoy the free time.Try Kodubale while you are on break!;D

Anali,Tulips are wonderful to look at.Something in their shape and the colors attracts me so much.I always think of Holland!!
Rice flour is used a lot in Indian kitchens to make rotis,snacks and steamed cakes etc.Try ,you will love it:)

Hi Priya,did you change your profile.Looks bright and nice!:))
Lemon rice is so easy,isn't it? Tastes great too.
It's raining today,flowers are even more beautiful:))

FH said...

Hi Priya,good to se you.Hope you little free now to blog more:))Try the Kodubale,you will love it:)

Padmaja,what a great day and a gift to have on mother's day?! Birthday and a mother's day.Your hubby got to buy two presents!;D Enjoy.

Thank you Archana.Kodubales have different recipes,one with coconut needs a prep time:))Never seen Tulips?Now you know,they are beautiful indeed.

ChrisB said...

Asha I love the pictures of the flowers. Cut flowers last no time at all so I agree with you much better to see them growing naturally. I enjoyed seeing your mother's recipes, and both my daughters are better cooks than me. I can't imagine being married at 16.

FH said...

Go ahead Meeta, take a spoon and scoop!!:D It's really good with Parathas or just on a sandwich,very easy to prepare as well.Hope you try:))

Hi dr,everybody is liking the Kodubales!:))I almost didn't put that this week and yesterday I thought,might as add it since I have to some more later anyway.Good thing,huh?:D Try this weekend.

M! Let them ASAP to bring you some.Iyengar bakeries make most wonderful and tasty Kodubales and chaklis.Call then today girl.Lucky you!:) Let your MIL make it for you, err...for her son!;D
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

tch.. Check your jfi-diwali entry and check your 25th anniversary post. Ashaji aap hamne bhool gaye?
[Very, very, hurt...] :(

But, yes after that guilty as charged , I come over, I enjoy the deloghts , tried otu a few recipes too. My family loved the kadhi I made using your recipe.

swapna susarla said...

hi ahsji

i love the kesari bath..lovely recipes of karnataka.beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

kodubale. thats what they are called! My dad used to get packaged koduboles from nilgiris bakery whenever he went to blore on a tour. Used to love these. The potato curry looks yumm. Mother's day around the corner? I never realized.

FH said...

Hi Chris,I agree.A bouquet of cut flowers just lose their personality!:))
You must have been busy with your work at that time Chris.Home makers like us have more time to think and cook something.
At that time,getting married at 16 was normal.If you are 20 and unmarried ,the fathers would have had a heart attack!;D Now times have changed,Girls are getting master's and professional degrees and they take their time!:)

Oops! I know a Vee and I know a Kay!! and you are Vee Kay!!:D
Sorry about that.After DEc. at least you were reader!!HAHAHA!!!
Don't worry,you are always welcome here to brows,I won't forget you now!:))Enjoy the recipes.Hugs.

Hi Swapna,thank you.Make some Kesari Bhaat this weekend:))

YUP! Hema,they are ones.You get yummy Kodubales in Iyengar bakeries every where in Karantaka.I love them,the one we buy here are very expensive!!Better make it at home to save some moolah!:)
Mother's day is next month.I did it little early so I can fit all the other posts on time for events.I am sure mom's don't mind!;D

musical said...

Akka, i want some kodubale!!

i second Sia :)

and i hear about Benne biscuits too and then Mysore Pak.....

Please post the benne bisuits recipe :)

Anonymous said...

KODUBALE!!my favourite!thank you so much asha for this tried & tested recipe!will try it out this weekend & let you know:) Was searching for this recipe, tried out one from the net but the end product was horrible!miss the iyengar bakery's masala bread & eggless cakes! Love reading not only your post but also those comments thereby brushing up my rusty kannada!:)& thank you for those lovely comments on my blog:)

FH said...

Hi Musical,wish I could send you some! Oh wait!I don't have them anymore!:D
I di have Benne biscuit recipe from a friend.I will try first and then post it next month if I like it:))

Paati,you know so many languages girl!:)) French,Kannada and what not.Good for you.
Try the Kodubale ,let me know.I like this,a simple recipe for Kodubale.Two otheres I have are little work.
Don;t remind me of Iyengar bakeries,I can't take it!;D

Sig said...

Asha, Kesari Bath is my favorite Kannada dish, I used to have it for breakfast regularly at a "Something"Sagar restaurant next to my flat in Bangalore when I lived there for 2 years!! Surprizingly I was at least 20lbs lighter then, no idea how :).I had completely forgotten about this dish, thanks for reminding me, and thanks for the recipe, definitely trying this one. Do I have to use Saffron? I have all the other ingredients right now.

Cynthia said...

Asha, I love you - not just because you are a wonderful human being but because you feed me so well, you fill me up. Thank you :))

Roopa said...

Asha avare yenu habba na manelli? estondu sallagi madthira hege time sigothe? madodaldde photos tegedu post madodu .. hmm hats off nimage...
hmm i am going to try your kodbole we do it different way navu swalpa coconut, keribevu, hing, menasu grind madi hakthivi.

see you time ayithu kalasake rush madbeku bye :)

Roopa said...

asha forgot to mention, tried the carrot cake weekend i added banana for replacing eggs mathe raisins reducing sugar to half, it was a hit kanri
thanks for the recipe

Manjula said...

Chitranna, Kesari bhaat and KodubaLe...all traditional recipes..Those kodubaLe are soo cute..
Lovely flowers of spring

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Asha,
you have really done a wonderful job.Nice round up of famous south indian dishes.

Keshi said...

ur a very special mum...ur kids r so lucky.

Lovely tulips there..reminded me of the Spring festival in Canberra.

YUMMMMMMMMMMMY! I want all of those Karnataka goodies.


Anonymous said...

Ohh dear Im again a late commer..Ohh that kodubale is looking so yummy...Happy Mothers day!!

deepsat said...

I love your recipes!! thank you so much!! The flowers are so beautiful!!


Little Miss Muffet said...

I made your tomato chicken today..Guess what The Better Half said after he tasted it and i told him I got it from you? That he's going to complain about ur recipes making him overweight... heheh..loved the chicken..am so happy i have a variety of styles to prepare...I used your tandoori recipe to make the chicken during my friend A's visit too..my marination before was simpler..no grinding involved..but ur recipe made it taste quite different...and yes, I am definitely going to tell my mom to make kodubole for me now :)i loveeeeeeeee it :D

By Deepa and Supriya said...

You are abetter cook than your mom!?!....that must be the first time I have heard anyone say that....but in your case I can believe it :)

Mane nenepaithu..ee post nodi :)

Coffee said...

hmmm..... what should I say????? I am like falling short of words!!!!

Forget it..... I am not saying anything this time........

Sneha said...

the kodubale look ultra yum and shockingly easy! i am SOOO trying them out this evening!
your flowers are just out of this world! how lucky! well, i suppose you must be having to take a lot of time gardening but it all pays off so well.. awesome.. it's always nice to have real flowers around you- which i don't. but worry not, i'm SO going to have a garden when i have my own place :D hee

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
When I make lime rice next time I will add moong dal for tempering like you.
Tomato chutney with coriander powder looks bright and nice.
Kodubale without adding water really interesting.
For september I am going to pick some dish from your blog.
Thanks for sharing all the great recipes.

Anonymous said...

There you go lady Tempting me with yummmmy food once again;)Liked them all.

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, you sure have green thrumb! Look at your gorgeous tulnips!!! My jaw has locked!
All your/your mom recipe look quite easy to do, can't wait to try out some!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, a lovely collection of goodies as usual! Lemon rice is the perfect color for spring! They all look great. I'd like to try that kesari bhaat especially -- long time ago I made a sweetish sooji dish but I didn't have a recipe then ;)

Thanks for sharing your mom's specialties! :)

Sneha said...

hey asha, is there any substitute for the flour in kodubale? will atta do?(er..it'll taste supremely weird i suppose!) i can't find any maida in my house. this is so upsetting :( i must knead and fry when i'm in the mood for it!!

FH said...

Hi Sig,a famous Sagar is "Sukh Sagar" in B'lore.I remember the taste!They even add a pinch Camphor which smells divine!! Yes,you can skip the Saffron,you can add orange food color if you like.We all put on weight as we age no matter what we eat,that's quite okay if you ask me!:))

You are welcome,love you too Cynthia!:)
Hope you make some of these,not just enjoy looking at them!;D

Roopa,that's different Kodubale,we call it Mysore kai kodubale!I will post some other time!:)
Idella onde sala madalla.Yavaga madtheeno aaga photo tagedu itkoteeni,amele ella type madi ondu post madteeni!:D
Banana! Sounds good,glad you enjoyed it.I will see you later:)

Hi Manjula,it feels good to bring out something from Karanataka which many ppl do not know much about.Enjoy and flowers are everywhere now:))

FH said...

Hi Sowmya,thank you.We should post more Karanataka dishes girl!:))
It's surprising how many traditional dishes don't get their due.

Hi Keshi.You are a sweet girl.Thank you.I did mother's day a little early!;D
I have to find out where the flower festival going on here,I would love look at them.Enjoy.Hugs.

Dhanya,you are not late!:)
Hope you try some of these.Thank you so much,Happy Mother's to you too!:))

Hi Sathesh,how are doing? Thank you,glad you liked them.Are you a cook or somebody makes it for you?Hope you try these:))

Hi M! UH OH!:D
But you can down all the fat in the recipes and still enjoy.Tell him he is welcome!:)
Tandoori has many variations of making it,you can adapt as you like using the ingredients.Glad you liked it.Now both of you go jogging for a while!:D

FH said...

I know Orchid!Lot ppl say "What?!" but it is true.When my dad invited somebody for dinner,she would either "uninvite" them or ask dad to take them to the restaurant!!She asks me to send her recipes!!:D:D
She is not a bad cook,but she does okay,not a very confident cook!I learnt more from my grandmas!:D
Enjoy the recipes,I will you bring more next month.

Coffee??? Short of words?????? OMG!!!! That's first!!!!!!!!HAHAHA!!!Thank you,I will take it!:))Hugs.

Hello sweet Sneha,glad you are to blog now:))Let me know how it turned out.Most plants I have is maintenance free bulbs,they come on their own on time!Wish you the best and may you get that house with a garden ASAP!! Hugs:)

MT,you have to add water to knead!!That's understood but I better add it there!!:D
Moong dal was my MIL's idea,adds to the taste:))I love the Tomato chutney.Enjoy all the recipes.Thanks MT:)

FH said...

You are welcome.You know all these dishes,right?Typical K recipes.I will bring more next month.

Tulips are easy to grow Gattina.You plant once and fertilize once a year,they come every spring!:))
These are easy ones,great for beginners in trying something unfamiliar,try it!:))

You are welcome Linda.Glad I thought of these for mother's day!:))
Kesari Bhaat and Uppittu(Upma) are classic Karnataka breakfast in India on weekends!:))Sweet and savory Sooji,yum!Hope you try.

HI Sneha,they do make Kodubales with Atta.Try it,I think it will be better tasting if you ask me!:)
I have never tried with atta but I think it works fine.Let me know,I will try that next time if it's good:)

Sneha said...

hey. i made them with atta. they came out pretty well! yes, i couldn't get the shapes properly :S my kodubales look famished lol! they're pretty thin, oddly shaped type bangles heehee
anyway, they tasted good! i'll put up the pictures of these on my blog soon :D:D

Shilpa said...

Those kodubale look too cute to be true!! :) You know, it's funny no-one's ever taught me to spread out the cooked rice to cool, and I had to learn it here! Thanks for the tip! *slaps forehead* :) That's a whole lot of food!

FH said...

Hi Sneha,good to hear that Thanks for the feedback:))
The dough must have been little soft to get the shape,use less next time.And also ropes should be about 1/2" thick to get a good bite.Next time remember that,and you will do better.I will try with atta this weekend,must taste great!:))

Shilpa,you are talking about Chitranna,right? Yes,cook it and cool it and then mix with the onion mixture to get that separated rice look.If add add hot rice,you will get lumps of rice and onions get cooked and soft in the steam!

Try Kodubales this weekend,I just learnt that you can use atta too instead of Plain flour from a teenager!Isn't that great?:))
I made these dishes in diff times and saved the photos!;D

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Of course no one can beat Mom's cooking. My everyday cooking is based on mom's. I learnt almost everything in cooking from her. That's a lovely way of remembering and making mom's dishes for mother's day. Photos are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the rich color of the tomato chutney, can't wait for summer and the tomato-fest that follows. I'm sure your mom would be proud of the delectable dishes that are created in your kitchen! For a dessert aficionado like me, I'm all over the Kesar Bhaat.

mommyof2 said...

Everytime I come here I feel very very hungry;-) Yummmy recipes as usual:-)

Have a safe & happy journey and come back soon:-)

Surya Hith said...

Ashaji,I tried Kesari bhaat yesterday and it was great.This is the first time I am trying this great dessert.Thanks a lot for the nice recipe.

FH said...

Hi AV! Mom's cooking is comforting.We will always remember that for a long time ,don't we?:))Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Monisha,can't wait for planting veggies in my veg patch!!Hope weather gets warmer quickly.Tomato chutney is fav. on mine,goes well with everything!:)
Hope you try Kesari Bhaat,you must know how to already!;D

Hi G!! Where am I going?! I think you blog hopped girl!:D
Our vacation is not until last week of June,kids have school you see.
Thanks ,hope you try!:))

Aha!!!Now I got it.Tamil Nadu?!No,that's a event this month to cook something from Tamil Nadu.That's what I meant.I am from B'lore,Karnataka,remember!:D

FH said...

Surya,you have made that already!:))
I am happy to know that you liked it.You can milk or water or mix both.Enjoy:))

musical said...

First Kodubale and benne biscuits.....then i hear "Sukh Sagar" being whispered.....what next Kara baath and chow-chow baath :)

We need a Bangalore corner for sure, missing it and every bit nostalgic.....

Anonymous said...

Sharing the recipes of our mom's is such a great idea. I think I may do this too!

FH said...

HAHA!!Musical, you are getting impatient now!:D
Yes,I am planning a Khara bhaat too along with all the rest.Breath girl breath!!;D
Post some of B'lore dishes you know M!We would love to look at it and enjoy:))

Hi Kristen,I can't wait to see your mom's dishes!!!:))
It is a great way to honor moms indeed.Mother's day is still 3 weeks or so away ,you got plenty of time.

Ranjani said...

OMG ! what mouth watering pics & recipes! u made all this in one day ??!!

sallywrites said...

I wonder why your Mother's day is at a different time to ours? Ours is related to Easter. I think it's always 3 Sundays before Easter.

sallywrites said...

p.s. great blog as always Asha!

vasilisa said...

Asha, you're an amazingly good cook. I'm so jealous (in a good way :-) ) I'm learning lots and lots of tips from you.

And this post I really love the potato gravy. It's the kind of thickness I love, with new spices to try!

Seema Bhat said...

Those tulips look so beautiful. Lucky you!!! Illi yava gadde sprout age illa innu. Your mom's recipes look wonderful. Your style of chitranna is so much different from what we make. Navu kai+ mustard+ red chilies + lemon juice + bella kadudu hakodu chitrannakke. Will try out your way soon.

Latha said...

You know what Asha... starting 15 more days I am going to be posting Mom's cooking.. not mom's recipes but mom's cooking .. :-) My parents are visiting and i am so excited!
I love traditional dishes. You know me by now :-)
Chitranna my all time favorite.
The tomato chutney.. we call it irrulli tomato gojju at home. We just add sambar pudi and bella instead. Will try your recipe next time.
Potato palya.. puri or chapathi... super combination!
And kesari bhaat .. my kids favorite :-)
And that is wonderful of you to try my aloo methi :-) ummmmwaaa!
Lovely post superwoman! I am hungry now :-(

Latha said...

oh forgot to mention. kodbale... my favorite munchies too! its been ages since i ate them.. (Well not really just ate them when i went to india 3 months back). But unlike u ash, i am not upto making all this! I dont have u're kind of energy lady!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Excellent post honouring mom.all the recipes are authenic and wonderful...

I loved flowers alot...as Pooja and Supriya wishes i even mentioned lot of times,,,to be your neighbour..so would have tasted all varieties along with kids...:)))

ServesYouRight said...

Chitranna looks GREAT!!

I love kodubale too :-)

Thank you for sharing!


Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Such a nice picture of Tulips………….
I love your Karnataka dish.
I love lemon rice but I made with ready made lemon rice paste but as your post I try it.
Picture of tomato chutney say that I can’t wait.
Good bunch of recipe.
You post are nice as you are.
Oh.................................I say comment how to made Kesari Bhaat and here is recipe.
Good recipe such a nice day for me as I see your blog. I try it first.
Thanks for sharing.
Good day.:)))))))))))

Anonymous said...

Now i love those kodubale . perfect tea time snack I suppose...what a wonderful array of your mom's recipes you have here ...just awesome..

and those Tulips looks just beautful..

Maneka Nirmal said...

those tulips looks so fresh and inviting.. i do have some in my front yard too..
ashaji.. liked all ur recipes ..and as usual i am sad that i am not in north carolina!!

Anonymous said...

Asha, Those tulips are so beautiful and so many mouth watering dishes. Are you going on vacation? kesari bhaat is my favorite.

Life said...

hello ashaji :)

how ru??? iam fine

hmm lemon rice and tomato chutney..My fav dishes....tomato chutney and hot rice...mmmmmmmmmmm
its mouth watering...iam freaky of southindia dishes :))))

Happy mothers day ashaji..

Take Care

Seema said...

Heyyyyy lovely colours of flowers...Beautiful Tulips !!!
Your spirits n eyes are gonnaa have a feast with beauty around there !

That tomato chutney is soooo tempting n the rice too !!!

Wannaaa eat all of now...its lunch time for me :)))

Reeta Skeeter said...

U might call ur blog a kind blog.. but i think of it as a happy blog.. loved the finger snack in this post... dilli ki garmi is getting on to me.. so i donno weder will try it out or not...lets c.. will kp u posted... hv u seen my otehr blog? cheers! happy weekend!

indosungod said...

Asha Mom inspired cooking spread looks delicious. Kodubale the perfect snack for this stubborn winter that never seems to be moving out. Kesari Bhaath yes a dish for all occasions.

FH said...

No Ranjani,when I make them,I take photos and post it together in one post.Glad you liked them:)

In US,everything is different from the World Sally!Even Mother's day is heavily commercialized here!;D
In India ,we don't have Mother's day at all!Everyday is mom's day there I guess:)

Lisa,thanks girl! Potato gravy is my fav. too,try it.Aroma has lot of short recipes as well.Browse there if you can.I am glad you are thinking of cooking now:)

Hi Seema,nela warm agoveragu yava geddegalu horage baralla.Mundina tingalu ella mele barutte!:)
Chitranna has many variations.I add coconut too sometimes.This is a glamorized version of Chitranna.I don't add cashews always,just sometimes:)Enjoy.

Hi Latha,you have covered everything in two comments girl!:D
Mom is coming Ooh!I can't wait to read all that now.I am excited!:)
Your aloo methi tasted like Sagu,very yummy,loved it.Thanks for that.Have a wonderful time with parents,and cook a lot and post them!;D

Usha,thank you so much.I will hire a jet to collect all of you,feed you and send you back home again!!:D Sounds great,isn't it? Wish I was that rich!:))
Enjoy the recipes.

FH said...

Hi Smitha,thank you.Kodubale is my fav snack.I will bring some more next month.Meanwhile Enjoy these:)

Hi Kajal,make Kesari Bhaat and Upma for breakfast,a classic in Karanataka combo!Thank you.Have a great weekend,hugs:)

Hi Sush,came back from a break?Good to see you.Hope you got my entry for your event,made it just in time:))Enjoy the recipes.

HI Maneka,don't be sad!I am right in front of you as near as your Lappy!;D
Thanks friend.I do my best.Whenever I post traditional dishes,there will be a flood of Desis,I guess we all miss India and homely food:)
Tulips will be out as soon as the ground warms up.

Hi Anon,leave your first name so I know who you are!:) Thanks but no I am not going anywhere.It's a event ,we are supposed to cook Tamil dishes,so I said that.It's confusing many readers now!:D
Make some Kesari bhaat,i's easy:))

FH said...

Hi Vikas,good to see you man:))
Hot rice and Tomato chutney,I like the sound of it too.Enjoy.Hope you cook sometimes too or is mom does the cooking for you?Have a great weekend.

Hi Seema,you are as beautiful as a Tulip I think.The way you write poems is itself is a beauty.Yeah,flowers,colors makes me happy indeed.It's a short life so enjoy everyday and not let some take away that happiness,right?:))

Hi Skeeter,good to see you:))Is it very hot there already?!I am not looking forward to Summer heat here either except I can grow my veggies.
I will checkout your other one too,that's why you are not posting in the old one these days.I was wondering:)
Happy blog,thank you.I will happily take that!:D Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Indo,kodubales are fabulous snacks with tea or coffee.Hope you try.I know North has hard time with snow this winter!:(
We had a warm winter here mostly,that means very HOT summer,eeks!Not looking forward to it,but have to cope with it somehow.Have a great weekend Indo.

RML said...

Hi asha,
I havent blogged for while.Busy with easter hols and having fun with kid.
Wow so many recipes(all are my favs) and mouth watering. I am drooling here...
Tulips are great and guess what? we had 4 inch snow yesterday.Desperately waiting for warm weather.

have a nice day!

Ayesha Seerin said...

I am curios to know what you served as lunch , dinner...
Letme guess
lunch - lemon rice n tomato chutney
dinner - chappati , potato methi and brinjal
Am i right ??

Kribha said...

Absolutely delicious recipes & pictures. Bookmarked kodubale and tomato chutney. Unable to write all that I feel as I'm a little busy . Thanks you Sooooo much for the recipes. Your flowers are beautiful.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Loved allt he recipes I too make all except kodubale..Looks like a good snack to me. noted down the contents for trying it sometime as my hubby loves these kind of snackies.
colourful tulips look lovely.

Sreelu said...


I have never seen Kodubale made,looks so delicious.Tulips are so beautiful.


FH said...

Good for you Madhoori,have fun with kids,you can blog anytime!:))4" snow!!!You won't see any Tulips any time soon!;D
When the kids go back to school.you can try some of these,what say?:)

NO!!!:D:D Ayesha,I didn't make these in one day,but in a week's time.Yesterday,we had Chapatis with Cabbage curry and today it's idlis with beans gravy!!:))

Thank you Kribha.Take your time and come back.Enjoy the break and these recipes as well:))

Thanks Prema.I love those Tulips,they are just so pretty!:)
Try Kodubale,make sure to make the dough stiff,not soft like Chapati dough.Yesterday,somebody made it too soft and couldn't make the rings!!:D

FH said...

Hi Sreelu,thanks girl.Kodubales are my fav snack.Enjoy the recipes and the Tulips.Have a great weekend:))

Reeta Skeeter said...

yeah summer already! it will touch 40 degrees anyday... wowww!!! u grow ur own vegetables!! cool!!! noooo i dnt ignore DFZ its my jaan :D

FH said...

40C!!!! Eeeks,I don't even want to think about it!!Hope you have AC there Reeta.
I have made a above ground veg, patch where I grow all my veggies.I will start planting next month,I am so excited!:))

Priya said...

I thought u will come up with a recipe for tamil new years day.

FH said...

Aha,that's what Vishu is?!
I saw in many blogs today,never knew about this.We call it Ugadi "Yaga" "aadi",beginning of an year.
Well..guess what? I will be late but next Wednesday would be Tamil Nadu special!!:))
You probably know all the dishes though.I chose about 4,but still have to type them in,will do this weekend.
Happy Vishu Priya!:))

mommyof2 said...

lol! you said see u all in TD and I thought you were really going there;-P didn't realise u were taking all of us there..lol

FH said...

HAHAHA!! *Safe journey* stumped me for a while.I thought "huh?!" and then it just came to me about TN!:D:D

Are you going to post more dishes in the other blog or what?It has been a long time.

I am making Seema's(of Recipe Junction) Mallige Idlis(Jasmine Idli),turned out very well and easy too.Fluffy and white.

They are saying it's going snow here this weekend,not too much I hope!Have a great weekend G.Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha,
Thanks for making me more depressed with those lovely KodubaLe and Kesaribath pics! ;-). I've been meaning to go thru ur entire blog before leaving comments, but, it is sooo exhaustive...phewwww! I can never complete it, and could never comment! Sorry about that. But, first CONGRATULATIONS ON SUCH A WONDERFUL BLOG!!! You are just awesome!!! I am dumbstruck by such a vast repertoire of recipes here! Kudos! Keep them coming! (especially the Karnataka specials!)


Viji said...

This is something special Asha. Nice recipes and love to read your writeup always. The flowers are so beautiful. Tks for sharing. Viji

FH said...

Told ya I will make you more depressed Sneha!;D
Good to know you are from B'lore and also a Tamilian too.Happy Vishu:))
Guess what's coming next Wednesday?!
I know my blog exhaustive!Go to recipe index if you want to find any particular dish,easy that way.Well..I just heard that it's just going to rain here,no snow!Rain is always welcome to keep our lawn green!:)
Matte banni illige.I post every Wednesday at FH and often at Aroma.Have a great weekend,keep warm,hugs:))

Hi Viji,feels great to blog about some "home" recipes:)) I will post more next week,very authentic K dishes.Hope weather is better where you are.We are expecting rain here and snow at some parts of South this weekend.
Have a great weekend:)

starry said...

Asha I love all those delicious recipes you posted.especially would like to try out the kodubale.remember eating it in Bangalore.Thanks for sharing.

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha
Have finally returned from boating and have just spent ages catching up with your wonderful blog.
It is the end of the tomato season here and I am about to drive out to my favourite orchard and get the last outdoor tomatoes to make my last batch of homemade ketchup.
I will definitely get extra and make your chutney and I like the look of the tomato chicken a few blogs back.
Keep it up you are an inspiration to us all.

FH said...

Hi Lalitha,you are welcome.Hope you try kodubale:))
Take care and take it easy.Don't worry about blogging for a while until you are ready.Hugs.

Hi Gilly,good to see you back.You have had a long vacation,now let's get some cooking done, eh? ;D
Our Spring has just started but still feels like winter with all these snow!Hopefully,next month I will plant some veggies here.
Happy cooking!:)

karmic said...

Like they say nothing like mom's cooking ;). Great recipes as always!

Lotus Reads said...

Sweet Asha!

I always have to make sure I have time at my disposal before I come to your blog because it's a given that I will be copying your recipes...I have yet to visit a post of yours that hasn't made me add recipes to my collection.

I love that you are sharing your mom's recipes. I am so grateful because there is nothing like a mom's recipe, honestly!

Some of my favorites to try will be:

The Potato Gravy

The Tomato Chutney and

Kesari Bhaat

I'm so glad to see you don't use too much ghee in your Kesari Bhaat, the place we used to buy it from in Bangalore had it swimming in ghee.

I will also try Latha's "Aloo Methi", I am such a glutton for potatoes.

Thanks Asha, and yes, I would be delighted to see you in Tamil Nadu..I spent a few years in Chennai so I am really fond of the food! :)

Anonymous said...

Classic recpies - chitraanna and kodubale. I did not know that kodu meant horn in Kannada until now! All recipes look delicious, Ash! And the floweres are beautiful! I'm waiting for spring weather to arrive here :)

FH said...

YUP! Mom's tastes always better.For my mom,it took quite a while since she always had a cook around.Poor me had no choice,either cook or eat junk food!!I hate fast food!:D

That's sweet of Lotus,thank you:)
I remember the "hotel" ghee laden Kesari bhath,ayy!!Could do without that much of fat!:D
Aloo methi tastes somewhat like Saagu!This is not N Indian at all,do try,you wil love it.
I always get confused betn Kerala and Tamil cuisine,so I cooking from a book called Tamil Nadu cuisine!:)

Vani!!!You didn't know?! We also call those horns Kombu.In the estates,they are Kodu!!:D
Ettu is ox,you know that.They say ettina kodu or ettina kobu!Next post,there is visual pic of Kodubale as it should be,watch out:)
You know all these dishes any way,nothing new for you.YUP,flowers are out here in full glory and it rained today as well,so green everywhere,pollen down.Happy days!

Anonymous said...

wow, a vegetarian spread and that too with such simple recipe for great tasting dishes !

Loved that lemon rice, I make it the same way too. Didnt know kodubales are so simple and easy to make, I always buy them from this Srilankan shop we have close by - but now I can make it by myself !!

Looking forward to some more of your mom's recipies :-)

FH said...

Hi Abha,good to see you and kids are enjoying the summer there!:))

Traditional recipes are always simple and delicious,aren't they? I enjoyed cooking these too and am planning to bring more next month!:)

Bharathy said...

Hi asha,
I am a new blogger.Love your blog.130 comments...phew..this is the first time I am scrolling down this much longer in a comment box!This proves how efficient you are...Well I added you in my new blog..good photos and illustration...

Me said...

The Kodubale looks very nice!

FH said...

Hi Bharathy,welcome to FH!:))
I am fortunate enough to have so many good friends.Hope you have the time to go thru all these and come back again!I will see you in your's!:))

Hello Orhan,good to see you:))
Thank you and enjoy the recipes or looking at them!;D

sunita said...

Asha,you never stop amazing me...and I say again, wow!!!...you sure are a bundle of energy...

Anjali Koli said...

Asha I'm off to buy kadbole as we call in marathi from my fave bakery. your Mom will be happy with this post. Are you coming to India?

Kalpana said...

Wow...Are you in Tamil Nadu now? I know about Lemon Rice and Tomato chutney. Will try the rest... Thank You for wonderful recipes.

FH said...

Hi Sunita,thank you:)) I try me best to bring something interesting since I post once a week at FH.Enjoy:)

Anjali,you are so lucky you just go out and buy Kodboles!!I have to cook here!!:))
I haven't been to India in a long time,have to plan to visit but don't know when.Enjoy the recipes:)

Kalpana,no I am still here in US but I was talking about RCI event with Tamil Nadu cuisine I am cooking next!Thank you,hope you try the others:))

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,
Wow!!137 comments and still going strong:)) and you make time to answer each and every one of them. So sweet. Your blog is a reflection of what you must be in real life.Serene, calm. aesthetically pleasing and a constant thirst for knowledge and an open heart to welcome the new as well as comfortable enough to follow the traditions. I have never had the courage to start a vegetable patch.. Could you pl post detailed photos and instructions as to how you got the soil ready and how you planted?

FH said...

Hi Vinita,you are making me embarrassed now with all that girl!:))
Thank you,I do my best.I will post the picture of that veggie patch and as I plant and get veggies,I will update.It's not that hard really,you just need a space and some time.

Mallika said...

Hi Asha - your poor mum. Now she has been exposed to a massive blogging community. The tice and mirchi aloo dishes look glorious. And so do the tulips

FH said...

HAHAHA!! and I don't think she minds, Mallika.She asks ME for recipes!!:D
She does cook although it took quite a while.When you have a cook,you don't NEED to learn anyway!:)

Enjoy the flowers and the dishes.I guess it's still cold yet in UK to get Tulips.It's a little cold here too but will get better next week.

Anonymous said...

very nice and interesting blog...just found it through another blog..will go through it leisurly and try out your recipes.
Do you have a recipe for an eggless cake or something which can be used as egg replacer??
Thanks in advance

FH said...

Hello from one Kannadati to another!:))
Thanks and hope you come back and try some recipes.I have never baked without eggs or with replacer but if you google egg less cake,you will find many.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hi Asha,

Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog and leading me to yours!!! your dishes look out of the world! You've presented it very well too... :). And yeah.. naanu kooda kannada davalu!! :)

btw, I see your location as NC... where in NC r u? I live at Salisbury, which is about 30 miles from CLT.

FH said...

Hi Ramya,good to see you Kannada girl!Told ya I have kanndadiga goodies!:))
Thanks for visiting.I don't tell where I am for privacy reasons except I am in Triad!I have heard of Salisbury,will check it out!:))
Hope you come back.

Sai said...

Love Tamilian food....so thanks a lot! Hey my mother used to make Chitranna and I have had semolina with pineapple and cashews at one of my Karwari friends place. I guess it is such a popular Kannadiga dish.

Sumitha said...

Asha its such a plasure to visit your blog,so many recipes and so much of info too,thank you for posting the chitranna recipe also the kodubale.And what lovely Tamil specialities you have posted too.

FH said...

Hi Sai,yes you can bananas and pineapple to Kesari Bhaat and is very popular!:) You have tasted the real deal.

Hi Sumitha,chitranna is classic ,isn,t it?:)) Glad you liked them.Thanks.

sallywrites said...

I like that: Every day as Mum's day!!

FH said...

We wish they make it everyday as mum's day and give us some credit for what we do everywhere Sally!;D

Inji Pennu said...

HaHA you are still alove after saying you are a better cook than your mom.:) My mom would have killed me for that...hehehe :)

FH said...

Hello Inji,good to see you girl!:))

In fact,my mom keeping writing to me for this and that recipe since she wants those written in Kannada!She knows I am a better cook!:D

I had to learn cooking as soon as I left India,but mommy dear always had a cook so she didn't have to work too hard!Lucky her,eh?!:)

Cyberkitty said...

Lovely pics of tulips and the other pink flowers. Wish I could eat atleast one of ur dishes every day !

FH said...

Aw..!CK,I wish I could send you some too!!:))
All the Spring flowers are gone now,it's green and blazing Sun now.Looking forward to some Roses now!:)

Arts said...

Hey Asha,
Tried ur Chitranna recipe today... turned out awesome.. the recipe that I posted for "Elumichampazha Sadam" is very similar except for addition of Onion which makes Chiranna taste better :) Will try other recipes soon


FH said...

Hi Aarti,every state has their own style of Chitranna indeed,glad you liked it.I also add some fresh grated Coconut at the end to mix sometimes.Enjoy and thanks for the feedback:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, Are you planning to write a book with your recipes? I will be the first one in line to buy it--

FH said...

Thank you Anon,I appreciate it!!;D
Nah,I think I will stick with blogging so y'all can get my "free" recipes and enjoy:))
Have a fun weekend.

bird's eye view said...

the kodubale sounds fab and so easy. I tried making them in france when I was homesick for spicy snacks but they were quite disastrous. will try out your recipe soon.

FH said...

Hi Bev, great to see you. This recipe is really easy and tasty, do try. I am on break now doing lot of home improvement at home. Enjoy the Summer, it's almost over. Hugs to you!:))