April 18, 2007


Vanakkam!!(Hello or Namaste in Tamil) Hope you all had a great Vishu celebration and welcomed the New year with joy!!:)

I am so happy to participate in this 'Regional Cuisines of India' event, Lakshmi K from 'Veggie Cuisine's brain child, which showcases each state of India and her cuisine.We are beginning with Tamil Nadu this month.Rumba nandri Lakshmi K!:))

Here we go....

Situated in the southernmost part of India, Tamil Nadu is referred to as the 'cradle of the Dravidian culture', the ancient Indian culture distinguished for its unique languages, customs and architecture. The culturally rich temples with their towering gopurams (gateways), intricate stone carvings, evocative music, classical dances, Tirukkural(oldest book of wisdom!) and, of course, the cuisine! Tamil Nadu provides us a wide variety of delicacies, both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian,though most food in Tamil Nadu consists of grains, lentils, rice and vegetables.Spices are added to give a distinctive taste to this cuisine.(info:Wikipedia)

I chose most of these recipes from this book which is written by Ranee Kuttaiah,a Coorgi,who is a short story writer,Culinary adviser for a group of 5 star hotels in India, who lived in Tamil Nadu for many years.These recipes are quite authentic,and are delicious as you can see.So, let's cook some of them....

(Spiral flour snacks)

My all time favorite snack,which is also called Chaklis in Karnataka.They are made of rice and dal flour and lightly spiced and fried,makes a great crunch munch with Coffee or Tea!
You need:2 cups of rice flour,1/4 cup Urad dal, 2 tbsp softened butter,salt,2 tsp Cumin seeds,2 tsp Sesame seeds,1 tsp dry red chilli flakes.Chakli or Murukku apparatus like this or a cookie press.
To make them:
1. Roast Urad dal until reddish,cool and powder.Heat oil to deep fry at 375F.
2. Add Urad dal powder to all the other ingredients,mix well.Add enough water to make a stiff dough.It should be thick enough to roll into a tube to insert into chakli mold.Do not make it soft or your chakli will not be crisp.
3. Using a star plate,stuff the dough in the mold and squeeze out round wheel shape on a plastic.When the oil is hot enough,carefully drop chaklis in to the oil and fry until crisp.
4. Drain on paper towels and cool before you store.I used the same dough with just round holes to make the other kind.Enjoy with coffee or tea.

Poosanikai Mor kozhambu:
(White Pumpkin/Lauki/Bottle gourd in Yogurt sauce)
One of my favorite gravies,this sauce made with yogurt,Pumpkin and spices makes a fabulous lunch with rice and papads.This recipe is similar to what we call Majjige saaru in Karnataka.I use fat free sour cream for this which makes it creamy and tangy without adding the additional fat!

You Need:
3 cups of white pumpkin(Ash Gourd),cut into cubes and boiled with turmeric powder and salt till soft, 1 1/2 cups of sour yogurt or fat-free sour cream, well beaten.
To grind: 1/4 cup grated fresh coconut, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 2-3 green chillies, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp uncooked rice grains, 2 tsp yellow roasted gram (pottu kadalai).
For tempering:
1 tbsp oil and ghee, 1/4 tsp each mustard and Fenugreek seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, 1-2 broken dry red chillies,few curry leaves and I like to add few garlic ,peeled and chopped as well.
How to make it:
1. Grind coconut, cumin seeds, chillies ,yellow gram and raw rice. Keep aside.
2. Mix the well beaten sour cream in 1 1/2 cups of water and add the ground masala.
3. Heat the oil in a pan and put the mustard,fenugreek seeds along with the rest of the seasoning into the hot oil.When they are reddish,add 1/4 cup water and turn down the heat to low.
4. Add the yogurt mixture with the cooked pumpkin, and let it to simmer for 1/2 an hr or more.
NOTE: NEVER boil as curd and water will separate or will curdle. In case this happens, immediately add 1/2 cup of cold milk. It may just save this dish.(advice from the author!)

Madurai Kozhi Khozhambu:
(Madurai Chicken Curry)
Madurai,a beautiful town which has the most magnificent Hindu Temples you could ever see, also brings the most delicious regional cuisine.This is one of them,enjoy!:)

You Need:
2 lbs chicken breasts, cleaned and cut into small pieces,1/4 tsp turmeric powder,salt to taste.
To grind: 1/4 grated coconut, 1 tsp aniseeds (saunf), 1 tsp peppercorns, 2 dry red chillies,1/2 tsp paprika, 1" piece of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp roasted gram (pottu kadalai), 1/4 tsp turmeric powder,2 plum tomatoes and 2 tsp coriander seeds.
For seasoning: 2tbsp oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp bengal gram dal(chana dal), 1 onion, finely chopped, few curry leaves,1-2 dry red chillies.
How to make it:
1. Rub 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and salt on the chicken pieces and keep aside.
2. Heat the oil/ghee in the pressure pan,put in mustard seeds and chana dal.When reddish,then add the onions,curry leaves, chillies , chicken pieces ,stir-fry and add the ground masala.
5. Fry on a low heat for a while. Then fry on a high heat by adding a little water from time to time to prevent scorching the bottom (I know what you are thinking now!;p) of the PAN!
6. When the masala turns a rich shade of red, turn down the heat,add a cup wateror more to make the gravy,mix and pressure cook for 3 minutes or so.Adjust the salt and add the cilantro.
7. The gravy should be medium thick to serve with rice or Idiyappam.

(Steamed Rice noodles)
I had made this easy soft and white rice noodles once,thought I would make it again which goes fabulously with any spicy gravy.I must say I was little confused about whether Idiyappam is a Kerala dish or Tamilian! I googled many times and found that both states make Idiyappam!Please don't blame me if it's not Tamilian!!:D

How to make it:
1. Boil 1 cup water with 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp oil.Turn down the heat to low and add about 3/4-1 cup rice flour or as much as it takes to make a stiff dough.
2. Mix well and cover with a lid,leave it on heat for 3 mins.Turn off the heat,cool.
3. Make a thick roll of rice flour ,stuff into the Chakli press like above for Murukku but with a plate with several small round holes.Squeeze out the noodles on to idli plate ready to be steamed.
4. Heat the pressure cooker with water,place the plate inside the cooker and steam on high heat for 10-12 mins like you do for Idlies without the weight on the lid.
5. Open the cooker,take the plate out.Transfer the cooked noodles on to a serving plate and garnish with cilantro,coconut gratings,salt and pepper if needed.
6. Serve with any veg or non-veg Kozhambu or gravy.Enjoy!:)

Sweet Pongal:
(Sweet delicacy of rice and dal)
Time for dessert!!:) When I think of Tamil Nadu ,I think of "Pongal"!!Here it is, a delicious blend of Moong dal,rice,sweetened with Jaggery,flavored with cardamom,saffron and clove and garnished with Almonds and Raisins!:))

You Need:
1 cup rice,1/2 cup Moong dal,1/2 cup or more Jaggery or sugar,1 tsp Cardamom pd, 2 cloves,powdered, 1tbsp Raisins,1 tbsp Almonds or Cashews,2 cups or more milk with pinch of Saffron.2 tbsp ghee or butter.
How to make it:
1. Heat Ghee or butter in a pressure pan,add raisins and Almonds,fry until they puff up,take them out and keep them aside.
2. Add moong dal and fry until golden.Add milk with Saffron,sugar or Jaggery and bring it to boil,turned down the heat.Add rice and pressure cook on low heat.
3. Open and add all the flavorings and cook the pongal down until thick and shiny on top.Add fries raisins and Almonds.Serve warm or chilled.
Easy Microwave way:
Cook rice first and cool.Microwave all the others including fried Moong dal until dal is soft,add cooked rice,MW again to reduce it to thick mixture.Add fries Raisins and Almonds and mix well!!

Thank you for all these delectable dishes Tamil Nadu and for your beautiful Temples and Tirukkural, a book of Wisdom, the oldest text of India!!:))

Tirukkural: the great poetic work by saint Tiru Valluvar, embodies values that are ever relevant and unchanging. The greatest classic of the Tamil language, it dates back anywhere between 2 BC and 8 AD. It comprises two parts, 'Tiru' and 'Kural': 'Tiru' can mean sacred, as well as beautiful, and 'Kural' means concise.More here.

About wealth, he says:

"He is poor though a millionaire
Who neither gives nor spends." ~ Kural: 1005

Wasn't that delightful to be in Tamil Nadu this month?! Now watch out for JFI Greens next week. Until then my dear folks,be good!!:)

My veggie patch!
Watch this veggie patch we created in my backyard in a sunny spot, 1 1/2 ft feet above the ground and about 8x4 ft. wide, filled with rich soil and organic manure.I did get some early red radishes already but will begin to plant Tomato etc from next week.As they grow ,I will update late in the Summer in one single post!:)


Sia said...

vanakam ashakka:) as usual lovely pics, lovely collection of recipes:) idiyappam is made in karnataka also. so i guess its not confined to just one state. so don't worry, no one will blame u coz its authentic dish in mangalore also:) u have got creamy chakkulis. i guess i saw same colour in prema's blog also. mine is always golden brown in colour. wonder how u manged to get this colour as i too use same ingredients. well, in the end what ever is the colour i love it:) can munch these anytime, anywhere;)
and guess what? our veg patch is also (almost) ready. thanks to K who cleaned up all the weeds(forest) and leveled it.

Coffee said...

Am I first???!!!!

Muruku and idiyappam..... my favourite!!!! I wil always have iddiyappam when i go to komalas over here!!!!! Thats an easy way to make :) Thanks dear :)

Mor kozumbu..... saw that somewhere else also rcently.... sons nice too!!!! Nice pics asha!!!! Grea going :)

Sneha said...

Lovely! Chaklis are my all time favourite too. You can totally binge on those without realising how many of them you've gobbled down!
Will y'all be doing something on Oriya Cuisine? It would be most fun(for me, since I'm Oriya) to read (and see pics of course)!
My Aunt has her own veggi patch and they hardly ever buy veggies from the market because almost every veggie grows out there! AND, they are assured that they are free of artificial colours. They taste much better than the normal market bought ones too! Whenever they come over, we get 2-week's supply of the 'exotic' veggies :D:D

Margie said...

Hi Dear Asha
I was just checking my blog before heading to work, and I see you stopped on by for a visit.....thank you so much.
I have not been here in a while and have missed you and all your wonderful posts.
How have you been?
More wonderful recipes here!
They all look sooooo good!
I love chicken curry and will have to try your recipe, as well as the

As you saw, I'm taking an extended break from blogging, but I will be back here soon!
Hope your veggie patch grows well.
See you Asha!
Take care, be happy, and I send hugs back to you!


sra said...

Way to go, Asha, those chaklis look very good!

Anonymous said...

Vanakkam Asha,

Excellent tamilian recipes. Being a tamil ponnu I really enjoyed it.The murukkus look crispy & I loved the kozhi kuzhambu too.Great job as usual.


Freya said...

Your articles are always so interesting! Your feast looks absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
All Recipes are lovely.Chakli ella vande size and shape ide nanadu each different shape agirute. How did u powdered urad dal.Can we do it using mixie?

Mamatha :))

FH said...

Sia,we make Idiyappam in K too,didn't know that!I am relieved now!I didn't make it until two days ago bcos I was not sure!:))
Rice and Urad chaklis are always remain white or golden when fried.You also get white Khara which is white pepper I think which keeps it white.If you add chill pd or Besan ,they look reddish.I added little pepper and Chilli flakes to keep them white,I love them too:)
Take a photo of the patch ,so you can record the progress,it would be fun to see at the end summer.

Coffee,Sia made it before you this week too!:D
Idiyappam is easy,just takes a little time to cook and then steam but worth it. Enjoy both! Mor Kolambu is popular recipe in Tamil Nadu I guess.We have a similar dish in Karanataka too which is already in one of my posts!I love it:))

Hi Sneha,you are a muncher like me!:D Guess what? Somebody has asked us to do Oriya recipes as well, but I have no clue about Oriya cuisine.You have got to help me when the time comes,I will e mail you then:))
Going organic is a trend now here, but most Indians grew our veggies in the backyard like that,didn't we?My parents and grand parents did too!:D

Hi Margie,thank you.Hope you make Pongal,it's almost like rice pudding with Indian flavors.Have a great break and enjoy.Hope my veggies grow well too!:))

Thank you sra.Nothing new for you here,you know all of them.Guess what's for next month? Telugu cuisine,you know those too!:D

Mishmash ! said...

Hmm...wednesday buffet :) hey ur murukku's look quite professional, ahh..i forgot u re a professional when it comes to cooking :)) And beautiful pics too.


Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
What a spread, aha !!! That Chicken dish looks awesome and also the Murukkus. Thanks for the info too. Never knew Kuzhambu until started blogging and then I thought its only for veggies

I am itching to prepare my veggie patch too but the weather being terrible don't know when

bee said...

mor kuzhanbu looks gorgeous. ash, happy gardening to you.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
I'm a tamil girl too. Loved all the recipes. Will try madurai kozhi kolambu sometime. I used to make murukkus before my son was born. After we shifted to a home I lost that recipe.Thanks for posting this.

FH said...

Kate,so great to hear that.I am approved by pukka Tamil girl!!:)))
I was hoping Tamilians would tell me that,thanks girl.Hugs!
Anbudan is bye?!:))

Thank you Freya.These are from my neighboring state in India, and I enjoyed cooking all these!:)

Mamatha,I kept the circles to about 3-4 rounds for each so they look uniform.Yes,you can do it in the Chutney or dry grinder attachment or coffee grinder.Has to be like powder,not coarse pd,sieve and grind again until you get a smooth pd.Sometimes,you get ready made Urad pd in the stores too:))

Hi shn,thank you!:)) I don't know about professional but I like uniformity and if any chakli is not right,I will squish the dough and make it again!! Little crazy, hah?!:p

Sandeepa, Kolambu or Kozhambu is just another name for gravy or curry in Tamil.Glad you learned something new!Andhra next month,Yippee!:))
My veggie patch is ready to go.Plants are available now but I am waiting for little more heat than now,may be 75F and then I will start planting!:))

Sangeeta said...

Asha, you outdid yourself this time girl. All these recipes are on my "Favorites" list. Infact Murruku is an everyday snack in my house - I used to but it before and now I can make it thanks to you :) K loved the Idiappam and chicken curry recipes and for a change said he will make it :)
Your veggie patch is wonderful - waiting to see the bounty you get from there.

Have a great weekend :)

karmic said...

Another amazing post!!!
I love Chaklis, my one weakness. I might give the chicken dish a spin one of these days.
Also the concise sayings were neat. I continue to be amazed at the diversity of cuisine in India.
As always I learnt so much from you.

Little Miss Muffet said...

hi Asha,
Remembered it was Wednesday and immediately checked ur blog :) I'm tempted to try out the chicken and pongal soon. Unfortunately i cannot make the chaklis coz i don't have the apparatus my mom uses..i guess that's next on the list when someone comes to visit..i had a q about the chicken..u have mentioned one of the ingredients as roasted gram..what would that be? can u give me a hindi equivalent so i can google it out? i'm always confused about the english names :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for that delightful spread from Tamilnadu! Everything looks soo deelish, more so the murukkus - they're mouthwatering! Nice intro. too!

Anonymous said...

Anbudan means with love.

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Hi Asha, Vanakam. You have covered almost all varieties of tamil cuisine, snacks, tiffin, side dish, curry and dessert. Wow!!! Perfect for RCI. Also, i am so happy that you have mentioned about My home town, Madurai. Thanks for the recipes.

Bharathy said...

Great Spread!...Well Done.!Thanx for visiting my blog sooooo promptly,Asha.Making me more enthusiastic!!.
BTW,Me too sending(didn't publish yet) Morkuzhambu for RCI.Ok?HUH??

Chickoo said...

wow murukkum idiyappam, pongal, abbabba estu aduge madiddeera!! We call idiyappam as otthu shavige, my mom makes a spicy and sweet version of that. I have the mould at home but try madilla.

Anonymous said...

vanakam asha:))
that kozhi kozhumbhu is going straight into my cookbook!looks yum!infact everything on your blog looks good but that kozhi kozhumbhu is the best:)Madurai kozhi kozhumbhuvai addhichikka mudiyuma?;))rombha nandri kozhi kozhumbhu recipekku;)

Beccy said...

I love the little history lesson you give us Asha along with fabulous looking food...again.

FH said...

Hello Bee,I can't wait until the temp comes up to 75F so I can plant some!!I loved cooking Tamil dishes.YUM!!:))

Hi Kribha,this Murukku is the easiest compared to others.Thanks for approving the Tamil dishes:))

K is making those!!WOW!! Hope he likes both sangeeta!:))I will post the pics as the plant grow and make one post in Summer.

Sanjay,hope you try some of these,they are easy.I have Tirukkural book by Penguin and I love it although most of sayings about how a wife should behave are out of date!!;D
I love this RCI event,many many states to come including Maharashtra!!:)

Hi M! Glad you liked dishes,I enjoyed cooking them.Yellow roasted gram dal is pretty hard explain in Hindi,I can't think of the name but I will look in the books and let you know.Let me see,it's yellow,looks like Chana dal but roasted,we use it for making coconut chutney.I will let you know later,I promise:)

Thanks Sneha, Murukkus are everybody's favorite!!:))They are so good on a rainy day.Hope you try some of these.Thanks:))

mommyof2 said...

hubby's favirite chaklis:-)I might try this next week:-)

FH said...

Love to you too Kate!Thanks:))

Hi AV,you are from Madurai!:) I have seen it on TV,such beautiful temples.May be one day I will visit them all.Thank for telling me that AV,made me smile!

Hi Bharathy,glad to visit you always!:) Many of us cooking the same Mor Kolambu as well,so don't worry.More recipes, the better!;D

Deepa,now I remember,Ottu shavige!!I thought we don't make Idiyappam but it's the same with different name.Aha!!I learn a lot from you,thank you.Maneli mould idre madoodalva,tumba sulabha!:)

Paati,vanakkaam!!You got another non-veg dish!!:D Enjoy.
The first Tamil sentence went over my head but I think you are saying "Do you know Madhurai KK something? Thank you for posting Madurai KK" but "Addichikka" got me!:))
My grandfather's coconut farm is on the border to Koyambattur,so I do understand some Tamil!

Beccy,Tamil Nadu has lot of history and a great cuisine.Watch out for more states to come.By the time we are done with RCI,you will know most of India and it's cuisine too!:))

Shivapriya said...

Yummy. Your tempting me Asha. I going to make murukulu in the weekend. I have chess class today so I cannot.
I don't mind TO-Go from u:D. heheheh

Li'l Lite said...

u r really inspire me with ur cooking asha didi!!do try idiyappam/appam with sweetened coconut milk as side dish, tastes yummy!!!and i die for chaklis!

Manjula said...

vaNakkam..Chakkuli looks good, nice light brown color.
Idiyappam is called semige in Mangalore served with sambar. Guess all south Indians do it. I have a little complicated way of doing it.. the konkani way.
What veggies are you planning to grow? I tried growing Methi, but realized I don't have a green thumb :(

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
Oh Ashaji i feel littlebit shame too now...you are always great..You covered all the special of tamil recipes and the great gift for the world "Thirukural".That really touched me alot...

Wonderful and meaning ful Book,which one has to read in our life time which covers all phrases of our life situations.It is not related to any religion or any community.A General Guide For Human's Life.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

wow..thats lot of yummy food:)

Anonymous said...

Idiyappam is kerala's own property!!! LOL
If you roll your eyes at me, I would say murukku is ours too.. :)

musical said...


what a spread!

i just love murrakku for munching on during tea time :-D.

Idiyappams look good.....just had them a cpl. of day ago at a friends place.

and not so long ago, mor kozhambu/majjige huli was one of the only three-four ways in which i consumed ash-gourd :)).

Thanks Akka, for the delicious spread.

swapna susarla said...

vanakkam ashaji..

is murukku a tamilian recipe?I don't know that..i am thinking that it is from Andhra pradesh only...hee heeee..:-D
OOOOOhhhhhh i love sweet pongal..when ever i am feeling to eat a sweet my fisrt concern goes to it..looks lovely!!

FH said...

Hi MO2!! crunchy munchies,try those,I am sure he will love it:))

Hi P!! Chess and Chakli don't mix at all lady.Have some Eggs and go for Chess playing!;D
Or you can make them after you come back from Chess.

Don't die dr, make some this weekend!:)) I will try Idiyappam with sugar and coconut,sounds great already.

Manjula,I didn't remember until Deepa told me,Shavige,shamige,suttu
shavige,yeah,we do it In K'taka too!:)) I am going to grow Tomato,Cayanne pepper,Eggplants,ashgord etc. definitely some methi!:))

Usha,I do have that book and I enjoyed reading it.Some advice for women are outdated but we can take it!:)) I just thought as it is the oldest book,I will put it there.I don't think many ppl do not know about this book.Good that you do!:)

Richa said...

vanakkam! aepdi irrake?
Feasts galore everywhere! great, get to learn lots of dishes!
this white pumpkin, is it dudhi/lauki?
sweet pongal is a fav!
thanks for the visual treat!!

FH said...

Hi Priya,thanks girl.Good to see you back to blogging and commenting!:))
Gald you liked them.

rp,Idiyappam may be your's but do not touch our K'taka Chaklis!!;D
We all call them in different names but they are all the same dishes.I just found out we make Idiyappam too but call it Shavige in K'taka!!:)

WOW!! Musical,you are in touch with the world cuisine,aren't you?:))Lucky girl.I have to make all these to eat them which is not very fun.Enjoy!:))

Swapna,rp just told me Murukku is from Kerala and you say it's from Andhra!!!HAHA!
Murukku in Tamil,Chaklis in K'taka,Chakri in Gujarat and Chekkulu in Andhra and all these for the same stuff!! We all own it,what do say?;D
I love Pongal too.That's 100% Tamil,right?!:)

ChrisB said...

Asha you make so many delicious looking dishes. I like the look of the murukku snacks- very moreish! Will enjoy hearing more about your veggie patch later in the season. We have just planted tomato plants.

Seema Bhat said...

I loved all your dishes but just am not able to take my eyes away from those chakkulis urf muruku. Henge madthira neevu ishtella. The other day I showed your website to my hubby and he was so surprised. "Eshtondu madthale nin friend Asha ..Avra mane illena...naanu friend madkolthini so we get invited to her place sometime" was his comment. Hee hee . Iga ee chaklu semige(idiappam) yella thorsidre innen comment baratto nodbeku.

FH said...

Richa,nalla irakke!:D Hope that's right:)
White pumpkin I think is Lauki,I am not sure.Ash gourd is another name for it,of which we make Halwa.I love pongal too:)

Hi Chris,Murukkus are like those cheese Spritzes we make for Xmas!:))
Did you plant Tomatoes already?!I will wait for one more week,just in case it snows again!It's exciting,isn't it? can't wait:D

Hahaha!! Seema,he is a very clever guy!!:))
Neene ashtondu chennagi adige madteeya,illige baro avashyakathene illa!!Chakli nanagoo tumba ista,yagalalu madolla,idakke anta madide.
Shamige madteevi ooralli anta marete hogittu nange,Deepa helida mele nenapaayitu!:))
I have been away for India for too long!!Enjoy the recipes.Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi asha,
Wonderful to see the picture of your veggie patch. what do you do to prepare the soil and do you get those wooden planks at home depot and just sort of make a boundary or dig deep and aerate the soil as well? Your recipes and postings are excellent but more than that I love to see which plates or serving ware you are going to use. You seem to have a big collection.And all of them are so pretty.

Sreelu said...


Muruku are so perfect, and I bet they tasted yummy too. Mor Kozumbu is my favorite too my Tamilan friend would make it with sweet mango

indosungod said...

Asha, Happy Tamil New Year! The Murukku look fantastic, I want a few. They almost look weightless.
Idiyappam (we call it sandhavai) and the Madurai Kozhi Kuzhambu would go well together.

Sig said...

Asha........... What a Spread!!!!!!!!!!! Those murukkus look amazing.... a great picture, so crisp and clear, feel like reaching out and tasting one...

Idiyappam is from Kerala...though Siv will say it is from Tamil Nadu... :) Actually I have no idea, but I think it might be from Sri Lanka actually, all Sri Lankan restaurants have the string hoppers in their menu... Idiyappam and chicken curry is a great combo!!!

Yummy spread Asha... Romba nallarukku..(in my broken Tamil mixed with malayalam)

RML said...

Hi Asha,
I love all the recipes u posted here and came to know a lot abt Tamilnadu cuisine.I havent tasted Idiyappam anytime it looks soooooo mouth watering.I want to try these recipes for sure.Hope i wont screw them up.I am only familiar with Chekkali the other two are new to me.
Thanku for sharing such wonderful recipes.
Have a nice day!

Roopa said...

Asha, wow i was waiting for this post,
nan ankondhage ayithu ondu salagi sweetu, khara, pongal yellanu wish i was nearby your place. nan cousinu nimahage adige madthare so visit her every once a month easy alva ha ha :). wow maneli madida shavige thindu estu varsha ayithu.

AS coffee mentioned here we can find iddiyapam very easily that too fresh. Belage balege one old man used to come nearby mrt station selling so cool i used to have second round of breakfast seeing those iddiyapam. hehe

Adre manelli nave madu ruchine bere alva? loved those murukku the most. namanelli deepavali mathra chaouthige matra madodu

i am jealous to see your veg patch here no place for all that, but have still planted some chilli plants he he nama maneyavru nange huchu anthare he he :)

Keshi said...

My mum's Tamil so I have eaten most of the goodies u mentioned here. They r so yummy! And I love South Indian cuisine...so spicy and healthy!


deepsat said...

muruku and idiyappam - yummy!! thanks asha!! that lil veg patch looks nice! do send a pic when its blooming with vegies!!

take care!!


Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Murruku looks perfect.
Morkulambu with idiyappam perfect combination.
I am coming to your place Asha:-))

sunita said...

Asha, what can I say...you never stop amazing me...what an amazing array of dishes you've got there...loved the dessert...I've got a really sweet tooth...

FH said...

Hi Vinita,that exactly what we did!Planks are about 2' wide and we buried half of that and secured with metal pins and filled it up.Works well for veggies.Thanks Vinita,I do collect nick nacks!:))

Sreelu,Murukkus are my fav. too.Don't add more butter than what's given,that makes it very crumbly:)

Happy Vishu to you too!*Sandhavai* Indo why didn't you tell me before?!:D Idiyappam is a Kerala term for the same I think.Thanks for telling me that.I love the Chicken curry too:)

Sig,that what I heard since yesterday!From Kerala,from Tamil nadu and now it's Sri Lanka!!:D
It tastes great though wherever it is from:))

Hi Madhoo,these are very easy ,it's hard go wrong.Hope you give them a try))Idiyappam is great too with any gravy,takes a little time but it's worth it.

FH said...

Roopa,naanu chakli Deepavalige madteeni,idakke anta madide ashte.Idiyappam martara alli!Lucky:))Naanu menasinakai hakteeni,innu chali ide illi,swalpa bisilu bandre sari.Thanks Roopa:)

Keshi,I was waiting for you!:))
Tamil and Sri Lankan both have some of these dishes as I heard and you are both too!:)I loved cooking these.Next month is Telugu food!!!

Hi Satheesh,glad you know about these.It was hard to choose Tamil dishes,there are so many!:)I will start planting veggies next week,will update!:)

Ok MT! I will keep the lights on and door open for you!:D
Glad you approve,good to hear that.You know all these dishes better than me anyway! Thank you:)

Sunita,Pongal is your dish then!:D
You got pudding at Aroma and now Pongal here.You must be in Heaven!!Thanks girl:))

Suma Gandlur said...

Asha, You made a beautiful Platter. :-) Hugs. Infact, some of your dishes were my husband's suggestions for my RCI entry.
In south, we make most of the dishes in all states under different names. It is some times hard for me to think that a particular recipe belongs to one state.

Unknown said...

hi asha, ur murukku looks good, i have been wanting to make these for long time and whenever I try, it always turns up dark and brittle. I liked your tip abt not making it a soft dough, ....if u dont mind, and if you can, could you explain a bit more about the consistency of the dough please? I love murukku and I have always wanted to prepare some successfully. I have always ended up throwing away the remaining dough after frying just a batch unsuccessfully :(

FH said...

I know Suma!!:)) I had hard time thinking Murukku or our beloved Chaklis as Tamilian bcos my great grand parents making those for every Deepavali for ages!:D
Idiayappams were really confusing for me,then found out we make suttu shavige at home too!I think most south Indian cuisine are the same but we call it in diff. names!Enjoy.

rv,sorry to hear that about Chaklis.They can be tricky to make depending on the flour you use.With rice flour and urad dal chaklis,you have to careful not to add to much water or butter more than 2 tbsp.

Mix all the flours and spices first, and start adding water by tbsp at time and mix just until you get firm dough like say Poori dough but not soft like chapati dough.It it crumbles,add more water.Then make chaklis on a plastic or foil,see if you can get rounds and fry one or two to test for salt etc.It takes practice rv, you will learn by mistakes,I am not perfect either!:))

Try half of amount in the recipe here and experiment this weekend,let me know.Instead of urad dal,you can add Besan too which is easier to make.Hope it helps.

Pravs said...

Love Idiappam and sweet pongal. Murukku looks professional. Nice tamil recipes.

DEEPA said...

Hey Asha ...

All your dishes are excellent.Too good .Murukku i love them ....Great going ....

Ayesha Seerin said...

Making idiyapam is difficult and requires quiet some energy to press the dough... I was never able to press the dough :-( ....
I was planning to have just cornflakes for lunch ... You have made me hungry .. lemme go cook :-(

Priya said...

Asha: I have already booked my tent for all these yummy food in advance!!!

Murukku and Idiappakm hmmmmm I am hungry now. I do make them at home.

Mythreyee said...

Asha! Vanakkam. Nalla post. I mean good post. Chakli / mullu murukku romba nallaa irukku. I hope you understand tamil. I will be posting my entry for Tamil Nadu dish soon.

When I saw those Kural Lines, I wanted to share my fav. kural with you. Its, "Kuzhal Inidhu, Yaazh Inidhu Enbaar Makkal, Mazhalai sol kelaadhavar" means, He who says Flute is melodious, Harp is melodious, have not heard little children talk. I have tried my best to translate. The depth is more in the poem than my lines.

Mandira said...

what a spread asha, truly a feast!!! I'm going to start planning a trip to NC... just to visit you for food ;)

FH said...

Thank you Pravs,good to hear that.Pongal was tasty.Enjoy:))

Thanks Deepa:) Murukkus are my fav too although I don't make it often.

Ayesha,corn flakes for lunch.Girl!!When you cook something ,make double amount and freeze half for days like these when you don't feel like cooking.Works well for me:)

Hahaha! Priya, you got to pay in advance for the tent and food too!;D Idiyappams are easy to make and tastes good all the gravies too.
I have a chakli press which looks like a gun,look at the picture,so easy to press with that and also I spray some no-stick oil inside the tube before I stuff the dough which makes it even easier to press.Try it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, wonderful spread of tamil dishes. I too have post a murukku. Srilanka was with india before their independence. So they too have the same dishes as tamilnadu. Because lot of tamil people lived there and now too. Everybody saying murukku as theirs, whatever it may be, it is a very good snack to enjoy :)

FH said...

Myth, my Thatha's farm is Koyambattur border.We have many Tamilians living around us in this side of the border.I can understand most filmy Tamil but not when real Tamilian speak!!Filmy Tamil seems easy to me to understand:))
I have TiruKural book in English,I will look up that phrase.May be he meant "until you hear children speak,other music seems melodious" which is wonderful:))
You have best of both worlds,ie Kannada and Tamil.

HeHe! Mandira, I am planning to hire a jet to pick many of you who wants to visit me!;D
Thanks girl.Hugs:))

FH said...

Jas,isn't that puzzling to make the same dish in many states and call it the in different names?!:D
I think Murukku is the best snack when you can make real crunchy ones.I can't wait to see your's,you do have the best recipes!:))

Manasi said...

WAY TO GO!! Cookathon as usual!! I've always wanted to taste iddiyappam .. pl send some over!! an d the murrukus as well!

FH said...

Okey dokey Manasi,I will throw them all to you and you catch them!:))

Thanks.I hope Spring has arrived there where you are.We are getting sunshine fro next week,veggie planting time!!

Mythreyee said...

"Kuzhal inidhu yaazh inidhu enbatham makkaL
mazhalai sol keLaadhavar"

Speaking of the sound of flute and the harp as sweet tones are people, who havent heard their little children’s prattle or lisping.

I found this on the net.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful spread Asha! Crunchy Murukku and a cup of hot chai and I'd be content! But then I'd crave your sweet pongal and idiyappam, guess there is no easy cure after all ;)! Lovely entry for RCI.

Keshi said...

yep. But the Sri Lankan sinhalese food is different to the Sri Lankan Tamil food :) I have been blessed with both kinds cos my mum is Tamil and dad is Sinhalese.


Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, may I ask you what type of rice flour you use for your rice noodles? The type I bought from Chinese store feel/look alike powder sugar, which hardly to form a dough.

Nee said...

Vanakkam Ashamma!
Going Tamilian on me, are ya? :-)
I love murukkus - they are one of my Ma's specialties, she makes then usually by hand, instead of the dough-press (known as kai-murukku I think, do you know the type?)

Anyway, "Putthandu vazhthukkal" (Happy New Year) to you, A and TnT. Sorry for the late wishes!


sallywrites said...

That's a great blog Ahsa! It's really intersting for me to learn about cooking in different parts of India!

FH said...

Myth,that's beautiful.
I tried to find it yesterday ,poems too large to find but each one has a number like 1001 etc.,got to find it.Thanks myth:)

Oh Monisha,Tea and Chaklis are so prefect together! You are making me crave for some now,STOP IT!!;D
Thanks.Have a great weekend,hugs:))

Keshi,Jas told me that yesterday that there are Tamil and Sinhalese cuisine in Sri Lanka.I have a Sri Lankan cookbook ,may be one day!;D
Have a great weekend.

TNL said...

Ashaji, that's one good looking Tamil fest. I do love the Chakris, and yes, it is also my fav. thing to have with tea. You did a great job...so many wonderful entries. :)
thanks for your comment on my blog..I'm doing better, will be posting soon!


FH said...

that's what's needed,a powdery rice flour to make these.It doesn't have gluten to bind itself,so we use 1/4 cup roasted Urad dal powder or 1/2 cup Besan(chickpea flour) to mix with rice flour and make Chaklis.Rice flour alone can't be used for this except to make rotis.Hope you try:))

Vanakkam Nee,good to see you:))
You have been very busy these days.Thanks for your wishes.We have Ugadi in K'taka for new year.
I know about Kai Murukku,saw in MT's blog.You twist the rope and fry them YUM!Happy new year to you and The boy too.Enjoy the weekend.Hugs:))

Sally,thanks.More states are coming your way.Even I am surprised to learn so much about my own country!It's like revelation:))

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Vanakkan to you too!...serioulsy can I just plan my vacation to NC this year ??? i don't have the muruku machinery :) just an excuse...but i have to make it...the boys will love it, right now we setlle for the store bought one.

loved your veggie patch...you must enjoy gardening , no??

FH said...

Thank God you saw that comment T! I just wanted to say take care!:))
Good to see you,rest and have lot of warm soup or Rasam!!Tushar has cold too,will be alright after this weekend.
Thanks for visiting T.Chakris are from Gujarat too,see that's what I told some,it belongs to all of us!:D
Have a great weekend and I will see you later to look at your entry for Monisha.I made pudding in puff pastry for her:))

Orchid,you get a chakli press which looks like a gun now online which is very easy compared to what our grandmothers had ie metal and wooden ones which gives you a special muscle if you use too much!;D
I love gardening,veggie plants almost become like my children until fall!:))

Pavani said...

Delicious Tamil spread you have there Asha. Nice pics.. loved the murukus picture, perfect circels.. good job there. Mor kozhumbu is similar to Majjiga pulusu we Andhraiites make. Nice to see the similarities between all the different cuisines.

Anonymous said...

Murukku and idiyappam! Lovely recipe, Asha. Man, every post of yours is a burst of energy :)

Keep going.

Lotus Reads said...

Vanakkam, Asha!

Rambo nandri for taking us through Tamil Nadu on a culinary tour...I am definitely going to try making that yummy-looking chicken curry and who can resist that lovely sweet pongal.

Chettinad food is also a part of the Tamil Nadu cuisine, isn't it? We have a new Chettinad restaurant which has just opened in Toronto...I can't wait to go try some food...I remember they are famous for their spicy egg curry!

FH said...

Pavani,good to see you girl,hope you are doing well.Thanks:))
We call it Majjige Saaru in K'taka too and Chakli for Murukkus!:D We south Indians have the same dishes but call it in different names.They all taste fabulous though,isn't it?:)

Thank you Mythili,I will do my best!Good to hear the all the appreciations well!Have a great weekend:))

Oh yes Lotus,Chettinadu is part of Tamilnadu famous for it's spicy cuisine.How lucky to have that nearby! We have about 4 same old "Tajmahal" Indian restaurants here,boring.We don't even go there anymore.Enjoy Lotus.
Anbudan (love)to you:))
(new Tamil word I learnt!;D)

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, thanks for your reply! Now I am all clear, going to try as tomorrow (eventually... thanks goodness!) will go to the enthical food store which I think has the best stock.
Have a great weekend!!!

Maneka Nirmal said...

those murukku look so crispy...ashaji..i luv murukku so much..y don't u send some acorss??
like the veggie patch ...i am sure u gonna have a lot of tomatos later this summer..

Prema Sundar said...

Vanakkam Asha,
Lovely write up about Tamilnadu and Tamil cuisine, especially about thirukural and temples. Yes Tirukkural is a great book and Tamilnadu is famous for its temples.
Just yesterday my MIL made murukkus again.urs look very good especially the mullu type.
Chicken kuzhambu, pongal and Idiyappam all look great.
I see a lot of tamil dishes on blogs and thanks to Lakshmi for doing this.. now we can have a collection.
BTW Asha did u check the tamil cuisine site in my blog.. check it ..u will love it.
Would surely love to see ur growing veggie patch pictures.

FH said...

You are welcome Gattina.1/2 cup of besan instead of urad dal d with rice flour with give you a tasty chaklis as well.You can use cookie press as well.Dough should be stiff not soft.Enjoy:)

Hi Maneka,more than tomatoes,I love Eggplants and my kids hate it!;D
Thanks,enjoyed cooking Tamil dishes:)

Hi Prema,I will go your blog and take a look right away!I love the Tamil cuisine and glad to have more authentic recipes to cook for my family.I really enjoyed posting Tamil dishes.I think Tamilians have lot of heart and wisdom and nicest people to have around too.Hugs:))

Latha said...

Lovely post Ashu! Your posts have such a great touch of personality and warmth!
Lovely dishes! Iddiyappam is very much Tamilian! Very much Southern tamil nadu that is! In tutukody (tuticorin) they sell hot iddyappam in baskets covered with a warm wet cloth! How do i know this? I have a dear friend who's from tutukody and she makes the best iddiyappam.. in fact, after eating her iddiyappam.. i went and had Isha! I had a huge craving for that dish and isha would'nt come out until i had eaten it :-)
your murukkus look so yummy! MY kids would really crave some if i show them the post :-)
And Tirukkural! Amazing that u wrote about soemthing that is the soul and pride of Tamil Nadu! Did I tell u that my mom is Tamilian?? I am half tamilian and you touched that chord in me :-)
Hugs LAtha

FH said...

Hi Latha,thank you so much!!
I enjoyed creating this post.Showcasing a state is not just about some dishes but to show greatness of each state.I have Tirukural book,so I wanted to say smething about it here.
Good to know Idiyappam is from Tamil Nadu and spread out to other states,I was hesitant at first!:)
You are half Tamilian?! I thought your knew some Telugu,don't know how I thought that!:)
I heard that in Singapore,they sell Idiyappams in the mornings in baskets!!How cool is that?:D
Hugs,have a great weekend Latha.

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! The food all looks wonderful as usual. The murukku is especially beautiful. It must taste yummy too!

And the veggie patch!! I cannot wait to see how this grows!

Santhi said...

WOW...I need to say that once more..WOW...so many tamilian recipes and that too, so many amazing ones...must tell you, I'm hugely impressed...
Idiyappam is made in Kerala too...but am not sure whether it's the tamilians out there who brought it there or not...whichever way, I love idiyappams and your look so lovely...must make them one of these days..:-)..and thanks for all these great recipes....:-)

Anonymous said...

Vanakam Asha !!! Murkku are my husband favourite and we always buy them from store..yours look so fresh and Perfect !! I should definitely try my hand on that.

Idiyappam is something new for me ...I learn so much from your website Asha..

Lovely spread of Tamil cuisine


FH said...

Hi Anali,thanks girl:)) It is a wonderful feeling to show case most states of India this way.Feels like home!:))
I got many plants today,will plant tomorrow,can't wait to see those grow up:)

Santhi,thanks.I know,every state has their own version of Murukkus and Appams!:)) Let's enjoy the food wherever it comes from.I really enjoyed making Tamil food now,on to Andhra next month!

Sushma,hope you try some of these yummy Tamil food!:) I can't wait until I go to Punjab and Gujarat!!*rubbing my hand with delight*!!:D
Enjoy the recipes.It's always great to learn about others way of life and food,isn't it?

Shilpa said...

Good luck on your veggie patch! I love red radhises, so I can't wait to see how yours turn out! :) Crunchy and juicy, I hope! Seeing your murukku makes me very frustrated, because with brittle teeth like mine, those things can warrant a trip to the dentist! grrr.. thanks for commenting on my blog, heh heh! Have been so busy all week!

FH said...

Hi Sheela,good to see you.Weekends are busier for me ,I saw your post and thought I will break my own rule and comment!:D
Actually,I have already plucked some red radishes and made Radish kadhi,it's at Aroma,my first harvest of the spring 2007!;D
Have a great weekend Shilpa and skip the Murukkus:))

Anonymous said...

asha, you are amazing. one will never be disappointed after coming here. what a tamilian spread!!!!murukku looks so professional, mor kuzhambu everything. btw i think idiappam is to kerala, what dosa is to tamilnadu. but everyone makes it so it is everyone's dish:).

FH said...

Hi Reena,thanks girl.That makes me happy.
Yeah,my last minute addition of Idiyappam created quite stir here! But Appam does sound like Kearlite dish just like Murukku sounds like Tamilian and we in K'taka make both of the and call them in different names!!;D
It tastes great though with chicken curry etc.I had made it once before but that was long time ago.Glad you enjoyed the post,can't wait for Kerala cuisine!:))

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love those idiyappam. I don't care which cuisine they belong to. Konkani cuisine also has them and we call them shevayi. I love love love them :). A nice list of Tamil dishes Asha.

Maddy said...

ooo everywhere I go today seems to have tempting food and recipes - just my luck.
There again, perhaps it's my brain that's leading me to look at sites with all this temptation.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Wonderful as always. Those spiral little snacks look so good!

Dalicia said...

hi asha, thank you for sharing more about tamil cuisine. living in singapore, some of my indian friends are tamil descendant.

my favorite is the muruku :)
such memories

FH said...

I agree with you 100% Shilpa,who cares where they come from,as long as you make and enjoy them!!We make Shavige too:))
It's great that you attached a Aayi's recipes to your profile.I get confused with other Shilpa sometimes.
Thanks Shilpa,I am hosting Karnataka Cuisine in Sept,hope you send some to me!!:))

Thank you mcewen!:))
We do have a great bunch of Indian foodies and others in the blogosphere,it's a culinary feast for the eyes and for the belly if you try them in your kitchen!Enjoy:)

FH said...

Hi Kristen,thank you:))
They are very crispy and tasty just like Cheese spritz cookies,can use cookie press as well!Enjoy.

Hi Dalicia,you are welcome:)
Of course,there are loads of Tamilians there where you are.You must have tasted some of these,I am sure!I love Murukkus,enjoy.Happy Monday:)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot asha for the info abt the chakli dough :) ...we r moving to connecticut, so busy with the moving process, so will be trying it out once we settle out there, but definitly want to make good chakli's atleast once for sure:)

FH said...

Hi Roopa,moving? That's a busy time and hard work too.Settle down first and then make it.It's okay.You can also add 1/2 cup Besan instead of Urad dal which is lot easier.
Take it easy:))

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
this is nice with twist.something different.Nice one again

Shionge said...

*Burp*...kekekek..oops! Excuse me Asha sweetie :D This is just too yummy yummy yummy good :D

I enjoyed Murukku very much and nothing beats home made by my Indian friends. Thank you for the wonderful Tamil Cuisine Asha.

Keshi said...

yep u'd love to try em out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
the chaklis look delicious.i must try this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I just love your blog & ofcourse the recipes too ;) Tried all of your mom's recipes & enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks a ton.

FH said...

Thanks Sowmya.Glad you liked them:))

You are welcome Shi:)) You are lucky you have friends to make it for you.I have to do all the hard work if I want to eat something here!;D


Anon,hope you do try and let me know!:))

Suma,you did?! Good for you,glad to hear that.Thanks for the feedback!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS! Wonderful spread of dishes from Tamil Nadu. Pooshanikkai morkuzhambu happens to be my favourite. I usually soak and grind the rice for murukkus. This seems to be much simpler. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,
I have been visiting your website on and off and I love it. Not only does it have beautiful illustrations and a wonderful collection of recipes, your writing style infuses the pages with a warm and friendly spirit. So much so that as I read the pages I feel I can almost hear you:). Keep up your good work.

FH said...

Hema,good to see you.Thank you:))
My grandmother does soak,dry and grind the rice for murukkus too.I do the easy way!:))

Hi Anu,you made my day!:))
Thank you so much for that.That's what all the bloggers want to hear when we spend so much time to post something and work hard.I really appreciate it.Hugs:))

Cyberkitty said...

vanakkam to u too and happy new year. Even we call them chaklis - They are real tasty to have at tea time.


vanakam . I like TN cuisine so much. In mumbai there are quite a few restaurants I visit for the same

FH said...

Hello Cyberkitty,chaklis are my fav snack too,thinking of it making me crave for some!:D
I enjoyed writing this post,next month is Andhra!!:))

Namaste Hare Krishnaji,thank you!:))
All Indian cuisines from every state is wonderful.Tamil Nadu's famous Rasam and Sambhars,YUM!!:))

Anonymous said...

ohh Ben...its been awhile since I visited and I see you are going as strong as ever...I have so much to catch up on...as always...a great cluster of recipes you been cooking...insperational...hey have you thought about openning up a cokking school...can I be your first student...~smile~...take care dear ben...keep smiling...

FH said...

Hi Dilipbhai,good to see you.I see you have been very busy:)
Yup,life goes on as usual for me although I am taking whole month of blogging break in June.Kids will be off school and got plan for a week or two vacation somewhere.
Take it easy,don't work too hard!:))

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

I don't know if this is the appropriate spot for this, but I wanted to tell you that I just love your site here.

I was googling for a masala chai recipe and what do I find? a treasure trove of wonderfully tempting dishes all in one place.

There's only one problem, I live in an area that does not have some of the ingredients needed and also I don't know what they even are in order to ask. :(

I am not Indian, so please excuse my ignorance when it comes to the cuisine. I guess I'll have to start searching the larger cities around me with a long list in tow :)

Thank you for making all this information available. This is a wonderful place to spend an hour or three!!

FH said...

Thank you anonymous!:))
Appreciation of any kind is always welcome by me and other bloggers.Glad you liked my site and I hope you will come back.
If you go to a Indian store,you will get everything you need for a masala chai or there are many Indian stores on line who will ship them for you.
They are not expensive and will last for a long time.Cloves and cinnamon are available in the regular US grocery stores.

Hope you get at least some of the spices and try.Thanks again:))

Google Job Fairy said...

Hi Asha,

Tulip here. Wonderful post. Everything looks good.

Guess what, I am from Madurai.

Murukku is my favorite too. I will definitely try this one of these days. It looks so simple when you write it. But I am sure it will be a couple of iterations before I come anywhere close.

The Kozhi Khozhambu looks good too. The ones that my mom and my aunts made were a little darker and more spicy. I think that is another variation that used more cumin and coriander.


FH said...

Hi Tulip,you are from Madurai!!That's so cool.I have heard of Temples but never been there.Lucky you:)
Kids don't eat spicy food ,so I have to cut down.I love spicy food personally.More coriander pd makes it darker,I will try next time.
Enjoy and have a great weekend.
I have Missi roti and dal saag if you like those in my latest post:)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Hey! I thought ive already commented on this post.. neway its never too late! Here I am! DID I TELL U THAT I LOVE THE BUTTER CHAKLIS from MAHARASHTRA? I am missing them after cing the pics of urs :( courier me some will u? :D When do u visit India next?

Sai said...

THere are lot of things common between Karnataka and Maharashtra....kadbole and chaklis for e.g. My mother used to make Missi roti for us. Felt really nice to read this post and the recipes as well.

FH said...

Hi Reeta,I know many states make the same goodies.I love butter chaklis too.Wish I could send you!;D
To India?I have no idea,it has been many years,kids want to see Taj Mahal,got to make a trip sometime soon:))

Thank you Sai.There are many dishes which are common to many southern states,it's amazing! We just call them by diff. names!:))
But for these events,I wouldn't normally cook these snacks.I love them all though,I am great snacker!;P
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Deepak Gopi said...

Idi appam my fav :)best with potato stew :)

FH said...

Hi Deepak,gald you like this dish at least!:D It is tasty indeed.Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I tried the madurai chicken kuzhambu with idiyappam .it tastes awesome!!!Thanks to u

Have a great weekend!

FH said...

Thanks for the feedback Vrinda. Glad you tried and enjoyed it, I love the taste too. Have a great weekend and happy 2008!:))

Dibs said...

Hello Asha - Came to check your more-kozambu and got a LOT "MORE"! Hee Hee :-)
Thanks for the sour cream idea as well!
You really have a treasure trove of recipes here! Idiyappam looks great too..we call it 'sevai', and make it in every flavour possible - tamarind, coconut, lime, tomato, coconut,and of course curds...the list goes on .

FH said...

Hahaha! Dibs, I have plenty of Tamil dishes even though I a m a Kannadiga!
Tomato Sevai sounds good, you know I saw a few Ragi Sevai dishes last week, looks great too.

Check these post for more Tamil dishes!;D



I will be trying your mom's recipes as soon as I come back from the vacation!Enjoy your Sunday!:)

Deepa Kuber said...

hi Asha, i felt so good when i saw your chaklis..i followed a recipe (from some other website) but i am not able to get those crispy ones, they turn out to be hard.i dont know the reason. i added 2 cups of rice flour and 1/2 cup of urad flour. Now wen i saw your recipe, I am tempted to try it out..will let you know. thanks a lot.