January 31, 2007


As I promised last week,no deep frying involved at all this week! These recipes are from my Mysore grandmother as she makes them in her kitchen.Most of south Indians are probably familiar with it but some of you may not.Try some of my favorite dishes anyway.You can also serve plate Idlis with chicken or any non-veg curries.If you don't have plate Idli stand or Dhokla stand as they call it,you can get it here.

Some of you still can't get access to my blog,sorry about that.I thought it was because my new Template but it's the browser problem,Mozilla,Netscape and Firefox works as I heard from other bloggers.I reported this to Google but recieved a std reply.There are 4 comments 'stuck' in my Dashboard as well,don't know how to get those published either!Hmm..!!Anybody?! Help!!:))

Menu this week:
Chayote Gravy,
Beetroot Palya,
Yard long Beans-Potato Kootu,
and Plate(Thatte) Idlis.

Chayote or Chow Chow:

Both the fruit and the seed are rich in amino acids and vitamin C. The tuberous part of the root is starchy and is both eaten by humans and used as cattle fodder.The leaves and fruit have diuretic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory properties, and a tea made from the leaves has been used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and to dissolve kidney stones.(WIKI)

Chayote or Chow Chow Gravy:

You Need:
Peel,wash and chop 3 Chayotes into cubes and cook in 1 cup water in the microwave until soft but not mushy..Chop 1 tomato chopped,cilantro,1small onion minced,1/2" ginger grated,1 tsp Ghee.

How To:

1/4 cup coconut,1 garlic,2 dry red chillies, 1/2 onion,1 tbsp coriander seeds,4-6 pepper corns,1" cinnamon,2 cloves,1/4 tsp Fennel seeds,turmeric,few curry leaves with little water until smooth.Keep aside.

Heat 1 tbsp oil,add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,onion and ginger,1 red chilli,fry until reddish.Add tomato,fry until soft.Put in Chayote with it's water and ground masala,simmer until little oil shows on top and gravy thickens.Sprinkle cilatro and add 1 tsp ghee.That's it.Tastes better next day.Microwave until you get thickish sauce.


The various table beets contain significant amounts of vitamin C in the roots, and the tops are an excellent source of vitamin A. They are also high in folate, as well as soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and several antioxidants.Beetroot is among the sweetest of vegetables, containing more sugar even than carrots or sweet corn. The content of sugar in beetroot is no more than 10%. (WIKI)

Beetroot Palya(as we call it in Kannada):
This recipe is from my grandmother,which is our favorite way to cook Beets.It goes well with all the rice dishes and even with Chapatis and parathas as well.Tastes better next day as the spices blend into the beets.

How To:

Peel and chop 3 Beets into small cubes with it's leaves and cook until soft with some water.Keep aside.Toast and powder the masala,keep it ready.Heat 1 tbsp oil,add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,1 red chilli,2 tbsp Chana dal,when reddish add 1 chopped onion and turmeric.Fry until soft and add cooked beet with leaves and simmer.

Spice powder:
Toast 2tbsp Coriander seeds,2 tsp cumin seeds,2-4 red chillies,4-6 pepper corns,1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds,2 tsp each chana dal and urad dal,1" cinnamon,2 cloves,pinch of hing and powder.Add to the boiling beet mix along 1 tbsp tamarind juice,salt,let it simmer.

To Grind:
1/4 cup coconut fresh or dry,1tbsp poppy seeds,1 tbsp yellow roasted chana dal,few cilantro and curry leaves,1/4 onion,1 garlic to a smooth paste with little water.Take it out.Turn down the heat to low,add masala to the beets on the stove and mix well,simmer.

Must do this on the low heat to prevent curdling of Coconut.Adjust the salt,chilli and tamarind,simmer until oil comes up.You are done.Keep it in the fridge overnight and microwave until thick and hot next day.

Yardlong Beans:

They are a good source of protein, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, and potassium, and a very good source for vitamin C, folate, magnesium, and manganese.For a serving of 100 grams,there are 47 calories,0 grams of total fat,0 mg cholesterol,4 mg sodium ,8 grams of total carbohydrates (2% daily value), and 3 grams of protein (5% daily value). There is also 17% DV vitamin A, 2% DV iron, 31% DV vitamin C, and 5% DV calcium.(WIKI)

Yardlong Beans-Potato Besan Kootu:
(I forgot to take the photo of this dish separately!)

How To:
1. Wash,cut 1 bunch of yard long beans(about 3 cups) to 1" pieces and cook with 1 cubed potato in the Microwave or pressure cooker until done.Keep aside.
2. Heat 1tbsp oil,add 1/2 mustard seeds,2 tsp Urad dal,1 medium minced onion,2 minced garlic until reddish.
3. Add 1tbsp coriander seeds powder,2 tsp cumin seeds pd,1/2tsp chilli pd, 2tbsp Besan(Chickpeas flour),stir-fry for 2 mins until raw smell from Besan disappears.Add 1/4 cup sour cream or yoghurt mixed with 1/2 cup water,simmer stirring all the while.
4. Add cooked beans with it's water,salt,and cilantro,simmer for 5mins.If it's too thick add little water but it's supposed to be semi-dry,not too much gravy.
5, This dish tastes great with Chapatis too.

Here is a thinner plate Idlis(batter filled 1/3rd of the plate) with Beans and Chayote side dishes:

Plate Idlis: Tutorial!! :)
These steps are only for new cooks who are still trying to cook, with my tried and tested proportions of rice and dal which works for me. Thatte Idlis or Plate Idlis are the staple around Hassan and Mysore in Karnataka in southern India.In Mysore,my grandmother uses a wicker or bamboo baskets,lines them with muslin cloth and pours the batter and steams them.You cannot get those baskets and make those delicious fluffy Idlis here in US!I use a stainless steel plate Idli stand which will do job for me nicely! Here is how to I make Plate Idlis!:))

How To:

Soak 1 1/2 cups Long grain rice,1/2 cup Converted rice(half/par-boiled rice) in a bowl with lots of water.In another bowl,soak 3/4 cup Urad dal,1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds with water over night or atleast for 6hrs.Wash rice,drain and grind coarsely like semolina with very little water and put in a bowl.

Now,wash,drain and grind Urad dal,fenugreek seeds with enough water to a smooth paste.Add to the bowl with ground rice and mix both thoroughly.Make sure batter is thick and sprinkle the top with 1 tsp salt.Cover and let it ferment over night in the oven with the pilot light on in winter.

In summer,you can keep it outside to ferment.Do not mix it until morning.When fermented well you will see the batter risen to double the volume with little sour smell.Don't let it ferment too long until you get a very strong sour smell!Mix the batter well adding salt if needed and 1/2 tsp Baking soda.Take out all the plates out of the stand,spray lightly with oil,pour 2 ladleful of batter,not more than 1/3rd of the plate,repeat with all the plates.Stack them on the stand and lock.

Add about 2" of water in the pressure cooker and let it boil on medium hot heat.Lower the stand into the cooker and cover with lid and lock.Do not put cooker weight on top.

Wait until you get a steady stream of steam comes from the cooker nozzle on top like in the photo below.(Did you see that? Look closely on the black background on the stove!:D)

As soon as you see the steady steam,turn on the timer for 10 mins and go do something else.Do not try to peek and put your face your in the steam.You get a real very bad facial if you do!STAY AWAY!!:D When the timer goes off,turn off the heat.DO NOT try to open immediately.Wait till the steam disappears and cooker goes silent.

Open the lid,take out the stand carefully with a kitchen towel.Unlock,take out the plates and with a dinner knife slowly loosen the sides of the Idlis like you do for cakes.Pick up the Idli and put it on the cooling rack.Repeat with others.When cools,store in a Tortilla warmer.You can reheat in Microwave covered with two plates when you are ready to serve.

Note:If you want thicker Idlis,fill the batter halfway up to the plate.We prefer thinner plate idlis at home, with plates 1/3rd filled with batter.Either way,tastes great.Soft Idlis is all in the fermenting process.Let the batter double in amount overnight.Leftover batter makes excellent Paniyarms,Masala Thatte Idlis and Uttappams.

Here are the regular Idlis in it's regular Idli stand using the same Thatte Idli batter and the same method as above, ready to be steamed:

Another great combo of Dry Aloo Bhaji and Chana Dal Chutney and thicker Plate(batter filled halfway in the plate) Idlis!

That's it!! Enjoy the Idlis with all those or any one of the side dishes above!:))

Here's a delicious dish I tried with Idlis:
Deepa of deepa-cook's delectable Brinjal-Potato in Tamarind Gravy :

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl! Usually,Super Bowl is a Mexican night for us with Taquitos,Seven layer taco salad with Guacamole, Quesadillas etc which are all in my blog already! I have no idea what I will be cooking for next week. So have fun,see ya later!!:D


Anonymous said...

PHEW!!!!! finally the link is working!!!! I couldnt comment on IE. Then when I came to mozilla I can!!! :D

plate idli's look cool!!!!! Looks like moon sitting on the plate.... LOL!!!!! I am gonna try them for sure.... without the facial ;)

I loved the beet side dish!!!! Rich in nutrients!!!! Not a fan of choyote :( though :)

Priya said...

Asha: Even my first comemnt didn't go thru'.

It reminds me of my mom who used to make idli in a plate with small holes. She later used white clotha nd sprinkle water and pout the idli batter.

God one and nice beet dish ther. Just mailed you morning.

Sai said...

Finally the link is working!!!! Last time I had to post through Mozilla.

Yummy...plate idlis and I love potato brinjal. I am inviting myself to your lovely home....now that I know where you live ;-)

TNL said...

Plate idlis really got my attention, never had those before! really a healthy menu here! As for the superbowl weekend, I liked your Mexican themed idea..K wanted me to make something "chatpata" for him anyway...quesadillas and 7 layer dip sound good!
Have fun this weekend..who are you rooting for?


jacob said...

i'm going to try those plate idlis. they look great. and your kitchen makes me green with envy:)

FH said...

Thank God Coffee!Lot ppl complain to me last time.Thank you and hope you give it try!

Hi Priya,sounds like your G'ma had it right,those idlis are just so white and fluffy.I can't match them.Thank you for your help Priya,I will check my e mail later.Hope it helps me unlock those comments!:))

Hi Sai,Brinjal goes well too.Enjoy and glad you could comment this time.Google probably worked on it!:))

Hi T!! Mexican night it is then at your house!:))I probably take picure and put it up,recipes are already there.Enjoy.
Panthers are not playing, so I don't care who wins!!;D

Hi Jacob thank you.I love my Kitchen too!Love cooking in there.Give it try and let me know bhai!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, This is funny. But I saw you and your blog in my dream early morning today and I was rushing to be the first to look at what you post this wednesday. Nice recipes. We call the yard-long beans 'karamani'. The thattu idlis are perfect. I have never made them this way and I sure am going to try. Thanks again!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

I have the regular idli apparatus..dont have the plate idli one...maybe i should get that as well. Oh, guess what's cooking in our house today? The chayote gravy!!...yes, for once I have what is needed :)
BTW I forgot to say nice things about your template last time :)...no, no I am not just saying it, I think the peach is yummy..just like all your recipes.
Have fun at the super bowl!

Beccy said...

Lovely dishes, enjoy the superbowl and the mexican, I've promised Mollie Mexican this weekend!

Mr. J said...

The solution to the problem would be declare war on Google. Anyways, i'm on IE and everything works fine. Guess it must've been a temporary problem.

swapna susarla said...

hi ashaji
every thing is looking different..and tasty too..the idli is looking nice.potato brinjal is one of my favourite dishes too..

Priya said...

Asha; Where do you get these plates??

FH said...

Hi Hema! Wednesday's dreams should always be about me,it's great!:D Did you really!!Thanks for commenting,glad you didn't have problem accessing here orelse you just have to comment in your dreams about Idlis too!;D

Hi Orchid,Chayote it is for you then tonight!I have a link where you can buy Dhokla Stand,I fixed it,wasn't working before.
Peachy is LOT better than that Pink blog I had!:D Thanks.You too have a great time at SB!!

Hi Beccy,enjoy the Mexican dishes.I have some in my Recipe Index too if you like to check it out.Enjoy the Super Bowl!:))

Swapna,thanks girl.I appreciate it.Hope you give it try,they are quite easy!:))

Johnny,get Mr.Prez quickly and let's go on war on Google!:D
I don't think it's temp. problem, some ppl can't get in at all since last week and they can go easily in my other blog Aroma but not here!!I am trying to get it fixed,let's see.Thanks bhai!:)

FH said...

Priya,there is a link at the end of first paragraph which will take straight to it.It's working now hopefully or you can go to Hotdishes.com and look for 'Dhokla Stand'!Hope they are still in stock.

ChrisB said...

Like Beccy I am a fan of Mexican food, we used to have a very good local mexican restuarant that has now closed. Home made would be much more dilicious wish I was in Beccy's house this weekend!! maybe she'll do a repeat when I visit next.

brute said...

yummmy!!!!!!!!!! idlis shape is so cute.....(see again i started feeling hungry..:P)

can u send a parcel to me :P.....

u r indeed a foodie's hope...:D

Seema Bhat said...

Thank god, finally I am able to comment here Asha. Lovlely looking dishes. I liked the way you make beetrot palya. I make it in a different way. Ninthara maadbeku next time. I also loved the plate idlis. Amma used to make them in plates. They look adorable. Chayote recipe also is interesting. I have never cooked chayote till date. Will get them next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -- as usual, everything looks wonderful! Will be trying all those great veggies I'm sure. Idlis on big plates! Have never seen that -- I have a little idli stand and have only made them once. I guess it's time to get it out and try again :) Thanks for the great step by step :)

FH said...

Hi Chris,don't worry about spellings!:) We love Mexican too,they are easy to make at home.May be you should fly to Beccy's for a fiesta!Ole`!!;D

Hi Brute,eat first and then come here on Wednesdays!:D Look for a package next week!!Thanks man.

Seema,beet palya ajjidu recipe,try it.Tastes great a day after.Chayote is Seeme Badanekai,did you know that?!In the estates,we call it Tale Odakinakai too bcos of the split head on the top!:D Hope you try,enjoy.Glad you could get in too at FH, phew!!

Linda,am I glad to see you here!At last,you could get here.Such a relief,I was trying hard to know the reason.Small Idli batter is the same as this but steamed in the plates.Try and may be in few weeks,I will post small Idli,Rasam and Sambhar too.I have some good recipes.Have fun on Sunday Linda!:))

Chickoo said...

Nim recipes anthu nodidre nange hasivu agutte :))
Finally nanu blog create madiddeeni, adre idu aduge blog alla, but nanna nenapugala putagalu antha helabahudu. I will add a cooking blog sooon, I know, I know you have requested me many times :))

Take care

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Plate Idlis are interesting. I have the normal idly plates with me ...but haven't tasted plate idlis. This time when i went to India i saw these idli plates in shops ... I was wondering how it would be making idlis in these plates. Aha ..now i got the idea and these idlis look good..
both the side dishes are new combinations of idly and i bet it was yummy!!!

indosungod said...

Asha that is what those are? Plate Idlis! I saw a colleague eating this for lunch it looked too white for oothappam but I assumed they were. This is the first time I have seen or heard of Plate Idlis. YardLong beans curry looks tasty and Beetroot Palya is new I have a few dishes with beets and thats what I end up most of the time, so next time Palya it will be.

IE allows comments sometimes and other times can't click on any link. Firefox works.

starry said...

Asha..Love the new look and all these recipes.Have not had chow chow for a long time. The beet dish is delicious.Did you buy the plate idli stand in India.hav e never seen one before.

Manjula said...

ummmmmm...I am all set for the lunch. tatte idli reminds me of my college canteen..

Ashwini said...

Thats a lovely combination Asha..idlis and curry. I have gotta have some now ;-)

Unknown said...

Habba....finally..reached here..whewwwww.As per your advice used firefox now.Plate idlies..never seen or heard before.Looks delicious with all the side dishes.I love chayote..and i liked brinjal-potato combo...let me stop here now..'coz i am still not sure this comment will go thru..fingers crossed...

FH said...

Hi Deepa,ninna blog nodide,tumba chennagi bareyutteeyamma!Food blog madidamele elarannu odisuttene allige!:))Welcome to blogging!

Prema,next time you see that plate stand buy it.Tastes like idlis but just big rounds.Thanks!:)

Indo,now you know!:)In Hassan,we make a lot those those plate idlis,sometimes you get them in B'lore restaurants too.Try next time with beets,it's yummy.

Hi Starry,I bought them in UK,in London.But it's also available here called 'Dhokla stand' at www.hotdishes.com. click on the link above if it works!Enjoy!:)

Manjula,you are right.You get in canteens with thin chutney!:))Yummy,isn't it?Wish I could have some of those with Hurikadale chutney right now.Man!!Thanks for nostalgia!:)

FH said...

Hi Ashwini,thank you.Any kind of gravy dishes go very well with these Idlis.Hope you try and have fun on Sunday!:))

Hi Mahesh!Finally!:D I got you and Linda here,I am so happy.Thank God,there is a way to come here at last.Thanks for trying.
I am surprised to know that many South Indians don't know about plate idlis!I thought we all in 4 states knew it.I learn new things everyday.Enjoy and make it with Chicken curry too.Enjoy the Super Bowl first!:))

mommyof2 said...

nice recipes:-) chana dal chutney link doesn't work. I will try again later.

Shionge said...

Hey Asha....I saw that you prepared idlis - is it similar like naan or chapati? This looks a bit thicker.

We do eat roti-prata (pan fried) but the Indian stall fried with alot of oil/ghee which is too oily and not too healthy ;(

This is the first time I come across Chayote, very interesting indeed. I'll see if I can find them at our Indian market here :D Thank you for the information, it is so educational and I've learned so much from you :D

Priya said...

Asha: Thank you for the information.

Bong Mom said...

Trying since morning..finally...
Every wednesday morning my first job when I get to work is check you site :) (my boss shouldn't see this) and boy I tried to comment so many times :(

Haven't tried chayote, should try it next. And the plate idlis are something hadn't seen before

Keshi said...

u know Idli is one of my fav SOuth Indian foods...just luv em!


Anonymous said...

Asha,ooh! authentic karnataka breakfast platter, Thatte Idli has never been so tempting ! Beautiful presentation :)great pictures with lovely Tutorials ,beets and bean gravy too looks delish ,can't resist them.

Anonymous said...

I also cooked chayote today. Well, I never ever heard of plate idlis.. they look very good... I definitely would give your grandma's recipe of beetroot curry a try soon.Thanxs for sharing

Deepa said...

Thumbane channagide.. photos ellam neeve thegitheera..yeen clarity..yaavathu camera ..yaavathu photo-editing software.. use maduteeraantha helutheera?

Pooja said...

hi Asha,
Love all your recipes. and this is nice and new idea for me to make plate idli. Just loved it. Hope that When i migrate to USA , i sould be somehwere around you , so I can have all these lovely dishes to taste atleast :)) .
thanks for sharing this . pics looks great , and the picture of process of making plate idli will be helpful to people like me .
thanks for sharing dear .

Pooja said...

oops...! i forget to add this, i just posted one comment on aroma , but it didnt show any mesage after that, did I lost it?

Sia said...

ashakka... i am using IE and its working!!! isn't it world's 8th wonder?;)
i love plate idlis. have u tried eating it with kai haalu, hunase hannina gojju or balehannu rasayana? it tastes divine... my mom makes idlis in banana leaves also. ohhhh...
i have to try ur recipe of beet palya... have got some cooked beets in fridge... will try it for tonight's dinner and let u know:)

Kavitha said...

Hi Asha
Love the idea of plate idlis. Have never seen them before. I need to get the plates first. I will try with the regular idli batter that I make and let you know. almost like uttapams without the crust/browning.
Enjoy superbowl. oooo mexican. am still trying to find a good mexican restaurant around here.
No chicken wings??? How bout some 4-5 kinds of wings.... knowing you i wont be surprised if you actually did it. how bout some 4-5 kinds of dips too while u're at it? and maybe an invitation to come watch :)

FH said...

Hi MO2,some browser are not allowing the links but it's easy to go to Recipe Index and look under Chutneys to find that.Try!:)

You are welcome Priya!

Hi Shionge,thanks.These are not Roti at all which are made of Wheat flour and cooked on the pan with little oil.These are made of Rice and dal like Dosa,Idli and steamed,absolutely no frying except some spray oil to make them not stick to the plates.Very healthy Rice cakes.Try!:)

Hi Keshi,Idlis and Dosas are the eternal favs of all South Indians and some North Indians.Healthy and satisfying!:)

Oh Lera,thank GOD for you!I thought all S.Indians knew these but I am wrong!I guess it is authentic K'taka dish after all!I am learning everyday.I love these too,best with Beetroot palya.Enjoy!:)

FH said...

Sandeepa,somebody told me if you try to log on from the work place,it doesn't work properly bcos of restrictions they have.Wait until you go home,will ya?!:D Thanks.

Pooja,thank you.Yeah,move to NC and we will have a grand time eating eachother's food!;D Try these and I am sure you will love it!I will publish Aroma comments after thiese comments,i am sure it is there!

Sia,ajji makes sweet Thatte Idlis too with Banana leaves and Kai idlis.Hunise Gojju recipe you have to give it to me as I don't like sweet dishes much anyway!

Sushma,thanks sweetie!:))Hope you try and savor the new K'taka tastes.Enjoy the recipes.

Deepa,nimage e mail maadi ella infonu kodutteeni.Ella photos naane tegeyodu.Light chennagidre photo chennagi barutte!:))Thank you.

Hi Spicelover,thanks.Hope you try,these are lot thicker than Uttapams and very soft if you get the perfect fermentation.
My kids love Mexican food on Super Bowl.It has become a tradition!They don't want anything although I would love some Wings!:)May be I will get some from the Pizza place!
Enjoy,we have some snow today but will be clear on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Great dishes as usual.What a variety of kannada dishes.I would like to try the plate idlis.So will try to buy the plates asap.


Krithika said...

Channagide Asha :-)
Plate idlis ? never heard of those. they look so soft ...
Thanks for sharing these traditional recipes

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!
Ah, finally I can comment. Most of the times none of the hyperlinks work and I have to try again later and hope for the best. But looks like others are having this prob too. Is it because of the new template? It looks good though. :)
The beetroot palya we make is dry. Will try your way sometime. Good post, as always, A! It amazes me that you can provide so much info in one post! :)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

ooh Thatte Idlies! {Mane gnapka barathe :)} My mom makes this very often and I am yet to buy the idly plates. Now that you have tempted me with those awesome looking idlies, I will have to go buy the plates now!
Chayote..! Hmm, brings back so many childhood memories. This wonderful vegetable grew like wild weed in my grandma's house and my grandmother used this in everything..actually she still does! She even makes upma with this. So, my cousins and I would climb up walls and compounds to harvest this vegetable from the creepers! :) Too bad I've never found this here in CO. Thank you for bringing back all those memories :)
- Roopa

FH said...

Hi Kate.You know they are K'taka dishes,that's great!:)) Hope you give them a try and enjoy.

Hi Krithika,thanks girl.Some times it's just comforting to go back to our roots.Feels so wonderful in a foreign land,doesn't it?Try maadi weekendalli!:))

Vani,at first I thought it's my template too but it's the browser problems and blogger too, like today.It went off several times,I can't access Mandira and Meena bcos of a Bug!!
Anyway,thank for trying.I am trying to get some help for links.It is working for some and I can click and go there too.But for some it's not working,go to Recipe Index if you need anything,easy to find there than here.
Hope you try the beets palya!:)

Roopa,Seeme Badanekai antare alvamma Chayoyege!!Ella kadenoo beleyutte Mysore,B'lore alli.Illi matra gold idda haage!:D
Hope you get it sometimes,keep an eye on the produce isle.Good to read your compound climbing adventuer!:D
Thanks for telling me all that,felt like I was in India for a while!Hugs..Enjoy.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

Keeping my fingers crossed my comment will go through! I was so pleased to see a recipe for beetroot palya. I LOVE beetroot but have been unable to get my family to generate an interest in it. Perhaps this recipe will do the trick! My hubby loves Yard long beans, so I am excited to have one more dish to add to my repertoire. I am going to take print-outs of the recipe right away! BTW, I've never eaten Chayote - must try it!

Thanks again, Asha, you make choosing my weekly food menu so much with your countless ideas, recipes and suggestions!

Anusha said...

oh, I was looking for yardlong beans recipe only this past weekend!! actually I thought they were called string beans :) I ended up making them like a regular sabji- in tomato gravy. Have to try your version with besan and all...thanks!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Asha,
all the veg's recipes are very good. Some are familer and some Iam not.Like chayyote!.thanks for making me aware of it.There are some vege's I have not tried yet and which are not avaiable in India. But here I can.I will collect al such recipes to give a try after I come back.Thanks for sharing tem.I just loved the idli's:-)

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Finally been able to access the Comments link.
Great recipes and definitely on my "Have to make" list. The Plate idlis looked so good, I was ready to eat them off the Blog :D :)

FH said...

Hi Lotus,Chayote is very flavorful,not many use them!Try it.Beet is our fav veg ,goes well with Chapatis too.Thank God you got in,lot of blogger problems today.Have fun on Sunday!:)

Hi @,yes,they are called string beans in India.Here they are Yard long beans!:D We also call it Mangaluru beans in B'lore too.Tastes great whaetever we call it!Try it besan ,goes well with chapatis too.

Hi Meena,am I glad to see you here!I saw your new post H'bad Biryani but tried to open the link to comment so many times,couldn't!It shows a number which says "report the bug!!"
Biryani looks wonderful,thanks for giving us a traditional dish.I will try again to open,may be I could get in.Try the Chayote,it's always great to try new veg!:)) Enjoy.

Hi Sangeeta,YAY!! Good to see you,thanks for trying.I know it's frusrating!Hope you try to make those or I could send you some!;D

Dalicia said...

chow chow :) it looks like an apple. but i just stir fry it with dried shrimp. i didn't know beets is in the indian recipe....looks good!

mommyof2 said...

made it:-)

I didn't put paprika & tamarind.
tamarind pulp was too much work at that time so I will do it later & add in the cutney.. Still came out great:-) thanks:-)

FH said...

Hi Dalicia,thanks for visiting.Beets are very popular veg for us Indians,cook many dishes with it.Try the Indian way!:))

Hello M! YAY!! You got the recipe and made it too,I am glad.I fixed that link,there was letter missing..Enjoy the Super Bowl!:)

Anonymous said...

Chayote! Every time I see those in the market they remind me of puckered lips. :D

Ari (Baking and Books)

Lakshmik said...

Hi Asha

I love the plate idlis. Never seen them before. Thanks for all the lovely recipes.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Plate idlis and all curries looks delicious. Thanks for sharing

Deepak Gopi said...

I am seeing idilis resemble dosa for the first time.
Up to this day I ate only rounded flying sauccer stuff only .
good day

sra said...

The beetroot looks awesome!

Sia said...

hi asha:)
guess what? i made beet palya yesterday for dinner and it tasted really good. got same for lunch too:) thanks for the recipe. its a keeper for sure:)

Anonymous said...

Those plate idlis are gorgeous and I am going to try beetroot palya this week now that I have the recipe, thanks to you..:)

FH said...

Hi Ari,I know,right?:D We also callthem split heads too!:)They taste great,although little watery like Cucumbers!

Thank you sra,enjoy!:))

Thanks MT! Hope you try

Hi Deepak,these are bigger flying saucers!!:D You can put quite a few ppl on them and send them to Mars!

FH said...

Thank you LakshmiK! Hope you will try plate idlis and enjoy.Have a great weekend!:))

Hi Sailaja,glad to see you here! I will try your Chicken recipe shortly for my kids,they would love it ,I am sure!Thank you and have fun on Sunday sweetie!:)

Sia,really! You already made it too.WOW!! Ajji recipe,can't go wrong!I bet it tastes even better for next day's lunch! Thanks for letting me know and Enjoy the Super Bowl!:)

Mishmash ! said...

HI Ashaji :) (See I've stopped calling u Ma'm ;) the plate idlis are new to me, I've never seen them or heard before..looks nice and always wondered what ppl do with chow-chow, I've never used it (Now u know for sure that I got loooots to explore :)) Ever since I started bloghopping, my list of "To Try" list is getting longer day by day :)


FH said...

Hi Shn! Thank GOD for not calling me Madam!!:D Thank you.Chayote is great for just stir frying as it is little watery veg.Try it.Also I am very surprised to know that many southies don't know about the Plate idlis.I guess they are just K'taka special!:))Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Mandira said...

Asha- this looks delicious. I recently bought chayote, haven't tried it before. Will try it with your recipe. Thanks.

FH said...

Hi Mandira,good to see you here.Chayote curry is delicious,do try.Have a great weekend!:))

Anonymous said...

Asha - Your posts and your blog never ever fails to impress me. You are a cooking goddess!

Reeta Skeeter said...

hmm.. well i found out that my mommy has a plate idlis stand... :) some wooden one.. donno if its bamboo though.. m surely gonna try that and get bk to u Asha! love u!

J said...

Hi Asha,
Great recipes! I loved the thatte idlis....hmmm, interesting way of presenting the same old idlis!:)
I liked the beet recipe too. :):)

Reeta Skeeter said...

oh yeah can u pls tell me the relevance of putting methi seeds in the idlis?

Melting Wok said...

Asha !!!!! Your chayote is great !! Very saucy, and good with bread wraps of all sorts :) Now, I've to try beets, not really a big fan, but I know its healthy. Woww..you got a idlis plate stand thingy, is that expensive there ? I hope you're enjoying your superbowl weekend with your idlis and not quesadilla *lol* By the way, I HAVE TAGGED YOU in my recent post, check it out, cheers !:)

Gattina Cheung said...

that gadget making idlis is amasing, learn something new from you everyday!
And I truely love your (or your grandma's) beetroot recipe! I always want to try this beautiful veg, but most western recipes don't make me feel interested (shhhh... don't tell them ;p). Asha, I definitely give yours a go!

Al Nims Media said...

Have you tasted Mallige idli and fish curry of Kundapur?? tastes divine...also, we have the Kodava version of Thatte idli..its called "Thaliya Puttu", and it goes well with Chicken curry..

FH said...

Hi Kristen,thank you!:D I don't know I desreve THAT much of praise but I will take it!:)Have a great Sunday!

Oh wow Skeeter!!:) I am so happy! How did she get those,probably got wooden ones from her mom? Talk to her and try the old world way,bet it tastes great and don't lose them.Heirlooms,aren't they?I would like to see those,if could get your hands on those and take a photo.
Methi seeds are medicinal,family always soaked a tsp or two in Idli and Dosa batter, it helps to ferment and adds to the taste I guess.

HI J!Good to see you here.I always thought most southies knew about it but I was wrong!!:D It is K'taka dish and glad I posted them.Hope you try it,good to know the new ways!:))

FH said...

Hi Shirley,Chayotes are watery veg,crusty bread will be great to mop up!:)Try Beet,I know there aren't many recipes around with those,I love that veg.Oh NO!! Another tag!!:D Okay,I will take a look and do it if I can.Plate idli stand or Dhokla maker is $20 with three plates.Click on the link or www.hotdishes.com/dhoklamaker to have a look.Thanks.No Idlis left,my kids dont like'em anyway.Mexican it is!!;D

Hi Gattina.Asia is full of surprises,isn't it? even I don't know many of these beautiful gadgets we have like Puttu maker from Kerala!!It is amazing.Try the Beet and let me know.Tastes great after a day! I know western ppl do vinegary or sugary dishes with Beets as salad which doesn't interest me either!:D
Have a great weekend Gattina!:)

Kishore,Kundapurakke hogilla naanu,Mysoralli Malge idli madtare sanna hotelgalalli.Tastes so good and very light and soft.Puttu sounds like Kerala dish,Coorgis make those too?!Akki nucchhu use Maadtheera enu?Ajji madthare haagene,I don't know if it's the same as Puttu.On dina Kadambatoo madi post madtheeni Koli saaru jote`!!:D

Life said...

hello ashaji!!!

this time is my fav dish idlli.

as i was born and bought up in southindia in a state called ANDHRAPRADESH and city called GUNTUR....Idilli in guntur..i think its one of best in all over world....when iwas in guntur my daily morning breakfast was idlli,with karampodi and sambhar and yeh second round was of different types of dosas....

even today i visit to my born n city when ever i feel like eatings the dishes...i never eat idilli except guntur.........

ah ashaji now my mouth is watering while i write this

Take Care

Li'l Lite said...

Hi Asha,
Wonderful blog!I m here for the first time..but from now on count me as a regular :).Your recipes look really yummy.Great work indeed!

FH said...

Hi Vikas,how are you doing there?:)I have heard of Guntur and I love Andhra cuisine too although I have never been to Andhra at all.Idli for first round and then Dosa for second round!!WOW! You are good eater!:D Great to here that and enjoy loking at them and then order some from the restaurant!:))

Hi DR! Welcome to my blog home and thank you.Glad you found me.Hope you keep your word and keep coming back here!!:)) Have a great weekend.

Me said...

Oh my, that looks wonderful, as per usual :)

FH said...

Hi Orhan,thanks man!I know I haven't been in your blog for a while now.I have some blogger problems,been dealing with those!:)

Anonymous said...

Ashaben....great idea to have idlis cooked on a plate....great stuff as always....thanks lot for sharing....hey I have been busy recently....missed your company. you know...take care ben....keep smiling...

Seema said...

heyyy that beetroot dish looks so colourful n temptinggg...am sure it is !!!
Can I come for this yummmyyy meal????heheee
With your way of explanation n specially pictures of ingredients etc. one cant just go wrong...
Way to go...
Am still drooling over that beetroot one...

FH said...

Hi Seema,you are the first one I think who told me you like Beet!!I love that veg.Hope you try one day not just drool!!:))Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

Never knew about the plate idlis, I always saw the small round ones or the very small button idlis. Would love to try the plate ones, except that I don't have the plate shaped steamers.

And loved how you give the nutritional info about the veges you are cooking. Will have to try that beet curry too :-)

Krithika said...

Where did my comment disappear ?
This is the first time I am seeing plate idlis. they look so soft.. sponge like.

Anonymous said...

I love plate idlis but i prefer to eat them with minced lamb...:)

deepsat said...

nice dishes asha!!

quick question - the other day i was experimenting with ginger tea. whenever i make it the milk keeps breaking - the whole tea becomes curdy!!

what am i doing wrong??

lemme know

Cyberkitty said...

Idlis are something I just don't eat, but I liked your pics of them - they looked really soft!

You are tagged !

sallywrites said...

Lovely blog as always Asha.

With the comments that are stuck on your dashboard, you could possibly cut and paste them in yourself. it's a pain, but it might be the only way if your browser is playing up.


Sally :))

Vaishali said...

Loved your step-by-step instructions on 'Plate Idlis', Asha. Btw, I have been adventurous only with the Chutneys that I serve with Idlis. You seem to have served it with a variety of other dishes. Will try doing that some time, Buddy. Thanks for the ideas. :)

Melting Wok said...

Asha, that's not too expensive at all, thanks for the link. By the way, I've finally made some winter munchies for the super bowl hahaha vada-like & Malaysian famous cucur udang, did I pass the test ? *grins*
Cheers !

FH said...

Hi NZ.I am surprised to know that plate Idlis are of K'taka too.I thought all southies knew!:D Try and you will love it gravies.

Hi Krithika,blogger!!Lot of trouble last week,this week it's working reasonbly.Thanks for commenting again and try the Idlis,little diff than the usual!:)

Hi Southpaw!Thanks for visiting and yeah,non-veg gravies are wonderful with those!:))

Hi Deepsat.Thanks man.
I make masala chai almost everyday but never had a problem.The only reason the milk curdles is when it is mixed with acidity of lemon.Ginger doesn't cause milk to curdle.Milk itself is the problem probably or try boiling the milk first and then add crushed ginger in the end and take of the heat.See if that works!:)

FH said...

Hi Cyber Kitty,thank you but WHAT??!! Don't eat Idlis!! ;D
Thanks for tagging me!:)

Thank you Sally.Stuck comments cannot be seen but only says '2 comments to be moderated' and when you click on it says'no comments to be moderated'!! :D Google is weird!

Hi Vaishali,great to see you here.My ajjis always served Idlis,even the smaller ones with veg. gravies and chutney.I do have many recipes of gravies and I didn't realize idlis were served just chutneys until I read all your comments.Btw,no-coconut chutney goes fabulously with these!Hope you try,thanks!:))

Hi Shirley my new blog kid! ;D I would love to take a look at your Malay Vadas,love munchies!More new recipes for me!YAY!:))

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. Beet recipes are so rare to come across too.

FH said...

Thank you Pearl! We Indians know many recipes with Beets.Did you check my other blog Aroma?There is a Beet Halwa(pudding!)Enjoy!

g said...

Cool post. I think that both you and I like to do one long post rather than 4 smaller ones :)

Mallika said...

Hi Asha, I´m sitting in Peru and salivating at the sight of your lovely idlis.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and looking forward to this week´s recipes.

FH said...

Hi G!! Good to see you here!:)) Yeah,isn't that easy to post one than 4-5 though?I like it,I get some time too cook and type in.I love recipes,I will see you later!:)

Mallika,hello! I know you are in Peru.How lucky!!:))Enjoy all the food and sights there.Thanks and just some random recipes this week,didn't cook much!:))

Priya said...

Happy birthday asha. I am not sure of the dates but knew from neers post u r an aquarian.

FH said...

Shhhh!!! Priya,I don't make a deal of our B'days anymore!!;D Arvind had his B'day too this month,I made his fav. dishes and that's about it.
We do have parties for both Kids' B'days though which are next month! Thanks Priya.Hugs!!:)

Anonymous said...

Phew... i finally managed to get to the end of comments to post a new one;) i'm not a new visitor to both aroma and foodie's hope. but i've been drooling so much and there is such an abundance of recipes and useful tips, it's indeed difficult to decide the starting point:) so with week-end not far away what else can be more inviting than idli (and with such interesting sides).

okay i'm one soul who can't seem to start anything without atleast one small doubt... what is converted rice? is it the same as idli rice we get in indian groceries ( i live in germany). does the proportion of long-grain and par-boiled rice hold the same if i use idli rice? please help this miserable southie....

thanks, Asha!

FH said...

Hi Latha,glad you decided to say hi at last!;D Good to see you.
Now,converted rice in US is half boiled rice.If you don't get it,skip that and use 2 cups regular long grain rice. Idli Rava already has this proportion I think,so just add Urad dal paste to it.
If you want to make your own by scratch,I soak 1 1/2 cup regular rice,1/2 cup half-boiled rice and 3/4 cup Urad dal + 2 tsp Methi seeds separately and grind as given above.
I think I covered all your q's but if you still have some doubts,ask me!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! I did, I did, I did, finally.... well, I didn't follow asha's proportions for the idli but I must say, you inspired me to give a try again:) I had the par-boiled rice meant for idli that i got from India. So I thought of giving it a shot without long-grain rice. I finally understood who must be pleased.. the wild yeast! So i soaked up the rice a little longer than over-night and it did work without the oven too (no the weather was not warm on that day!). But next time I do run out of indian idli rice I know where to look for help:) And your saagu was indeed a great combo. Thanks, Asha!

FH said...

Hi Latha.Glad it worked out for you!:))
Yup!! We all have to learn from our learning process and making mistakes.Good that you found your own way.Enjoy the Saagu as well.Fermentation is very imp in making idlis or dosas indeed.Come back if you want to anything:))

Sana said...

hi Asha,

Thanks for dropping by on my blog. I have been just lurking around for a while. I just graduated and started working, so, trying to get adjusted with the new schedules. I havent participated in any events in the blogosphere, but, will see if I can try for RCI Karnataka ;)

FH said...

Hi Sana, good to see you. Congratulations on graduating and a new job! No wonder you are lurking!!:D
That's okay, cook only if you have time.No obligation. Have agreta weekend!:))

Unknown said...

hi there,

today i just went through ur blog.
i am amazed now.
how can anyone be so good.
ur blog is fabulous.

FH said...

Hello Priyanka, thanks girl!:)
Glad you got time to browse thru' all these bcos believe e, my blog even shocks me sometimes! Hahaha!! Enjoy.

Dibs said...

Hello Asha - Waiting to see photos of your new and done up kitchen :-). You have illustrated tattae idlis very nicely here! I didnt know chow-chow was called chayote !

FH said...

Hi Dibs, I will post the photos when it's done but in a private blog.I will send you the invite when I do. Posting openly causing some personal problems here at home(read uninvited local visitors who drop in see it!)! :P
I love thatte idli, reminds me of home.Good of your hubby get you the thatte idly stand.Enjoy.
Yeah, Chayote is Chow chow here which I love to more often, but costs a dollar each though!:D
Hugs,see you when I can.

sharkhind said...

what the great recipe. I like it. chayote is famous in my country but i never know this recipe. thanks.

FH said...

Thanks S, hope you try. Chow Chow or Chayote is a great veg, I love it.