February 07, 2007


Hope you all had a great Super Bowl Sunday and ate lot of food!:D
It was great game this year unlike last year,so much twists and turns and surprises!!We loved it!I cooked some easy Mexican food and enjoyed the game as well.I didn't want cook too much and be too tired to watch the game like I did last year!

I chose to make Enchiladas for lunch on Sunday and for the game before 6pm,I made few Taquitos,Empanadas, Guacamole,Cheese dip(Con Queso on Fondue pot!:D)and hot salsa
for Tostitos,and with some soft drinks for me(Beer is not something I like)and kids and Beers for the big guy to wash it all down! We clear all the furnitures and crash right infront of the TV on the carpet to watch and pig out!:D

I didn't cook too many dishes this week but some random recipes, a MeMe and some photos!! Arvind was toying with the camera while we were watching the game and took some pics of the game on TV,I thought I put one of those up too!

Here is the picture of our NFL grub!

Black Bean Enchiladas: Serves 4

You Need:
7-8 8" flour tortillas,3 cups Red chile sauce or store bought Enchilada Sauce,1 cup shredded cheddar cheese,2 Green Onions for garnish,1 small sweet onion,minced.
You also need Black bean filling ingredients as listed below.You can add Kidney beans,cooked Chicken or browned ground beef if you like but this time it's just vegetarian Enchiladas here!:))

How To:

Take 2 cups Black Beans Canned,1/2 cup Spinach cooked,1 cup shredded Monterey Jack Cheese,2-3 tbsp Hot Salsa,3 chopped green onions,2 garlic, 1 tbsp Cumin powder,2 tbsp chopped cilantro,salt,2 tsp lemon juice or sour Cream ,mash all these into a coarse paste.

Take a 13x9" baking dish,pour 1 cup sauce into the bottom.Keep 2 cups of sauce in a wide pan.Take a 8" Flour Tortilla,dip the whole thing in sauce and lay on a plate.Place 3 tbsp of bean filling and fold both sides over it.Gently lift and place it seam side down in the baking pan.

Make 3 more to cover the bottom,sprinkle sweet onions,1/2 cup Cheddar cheese on top.Make 4 more Enchiladas, layer on top and Pour all the remaining sauce over the Enchiladas.Repeat with cheese and onion,garnish with spring onion rounds.

You can add Pimientos,Jalapenos if you like Pre-heat the oven at 350F and bake the Enchiladas for 20mins or until cheese is bubbly on top.I know the filling doesn't look that attractive but it is very flavorful and nutritious!!Hope you will try!:)

Red Chile Enchilada Sauce:
If you don't have store bought Enchilada sauce at hand ,here is an easy recipe how to make it at home.You can use this with all the Mexican dishes like Burritos,Huevos Rancheros,chili etc.What kind and how many red chillies you use here is up to you.

Boil few red chillies,1 medium onion chopped, 2 garlic in a pan until soft and drain.Add to a blender along with 2 tbsp plain flour,grind smooth.Add to a pan with 2 cups of water,salt,1 tsp Oregano,1 tsp Mexican or regular Cumin pd,1/2 tsp Paprika,1 cup Tomato sauce,stir and heat until fairly pourable, but not very thick though.Cool,add water if it's very thick and heat again.

That's it!! That was one delicious Sunday lunch for us!:)

Tomato Penne Bake:
Here is an easy but delicious dish with Penne pasta smothered in Tomato and cheese and also full of bone building calcium which is good for the whole family.Tastes wonderful just out of the oven. Serve with a salad for healthy balanced meal.

No! I didn't make this Italian dish for NFL but it was in there in my draft for a long time,thought I would add it here!Enjoy!:)

To make it vegetarian, add 2 cups of mixed veg,Soy granules to replace meat.If you don't have canned Basil tomatoes, add diced tomatoes with 1 tsp garlic pd, 1/2 each tsp dry Basil and Oregano.If you would like cut down the amount of cheese to just 8oz,that should be okay too.

You Need:
12 oz. penne pasta ( 3 cups), or any other kind,uncooked,1 lb. lean ground beef or Soya Granules or Italian Sausage,Ground Chicken or Turkey,1/2 cup grated mixed veg,2 cans (145 oz. each) Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic and Oregano, undrained,1 can (15 oz.) Tomato sauce,2 packages (8 oz each ) Shredded Mozzarella or Bistro blend Cheese, divided,(Reserve half for topping; stir remaining cheese into pasta mixture)1/4 cup Parmesan cheese,No-Stick Cooking spray or Olive oil.

How To: Serves 6

Cook pasta ,drain and keep it aside. Preheat oven to 350F.Heat 2 tsp butter, saute` grated vegetables like onion, Green bell peper,carrots ,celery etc in a large saucepan over medium-high heat.Add in ground meat ,brown.

Stir in tomatoes and tomato sauce, bring to boil. Reduce heat; simmer uncovered for 6-8 minutes. Add salt and pepper.Add cooked pasta to meat mixture or veg.Toss well. Add half of the of the cheese; mix again.

Spray a 13 by 9 inch baking dish with cooking spray,or any deep dish unlike me!:)Pour pasta mixture into dish; top with remaining cheese.Place it in the oven.Bake for 20 minutes or until bubbly and cheese is melted.Take it out of the oven.Serve with salad. (Recipe: courtesy of Hunt's and Sargento.com with my variations of course!)

Another MeMe:
"Five things about me which the world does not know!!"

I am tagged by Supriya of 'Sias Corner' blog who took great delight and immensely enjoyed tagging me! Thank you Sups! This MeMe is short(?) and sweet,so I will let you live!!!:))
I am also tagged by beautiful Shirley of "melting Wok" for the same MeMe!!:)) Thank you sweetie for thinking of me.Reading my rather long MeMe, hope you both don't regret tagging me!! ;D

What the World doesn't know about me? Hmm..!!!

1. I NEVER EVER cooked(I did bake some cakes though!) a single dish until I was married and then I don't remember being scared of that fact that I couldn't cook! Because once I started cooking real food for others by following the cookbooks barely 2 weeks after my wedding, it was as if I had always cooked and it was in me somewhere hidden.I didn't even watch my mom cook or helped her growing up as we always had a cook at home. Am I born with it? I think some of us just are!:)

2. I consider myself "mostly vegetarian", if there is such a thing!:D
I grew up in a 100% vegetarian family,never touched or tasted any meat until I was about 17! I remember throwing up for 3 days when I first tasted the Chicken!! Then I got used to it. Even today,I cook veggies 5 days a week but weekends are always kids' choice for their Sunday lunch and you can guess what they always choose to eat! If I had a choice when we are out and about,I always choose vegetarian!I could easily give up meat,not miss it at all and become pure vegetarian anytime happily if I had to!I said "if I had to"!!!

3. I am not a very religious,do not believe in rituals but I am spiritual.I enjoy reading Philosophy and love cooking for festivals just for the fun of cooking rather than religious reasons!;D
Since I am a born Veera Shaiva(Warriors of Shiva), I choose to believe who else but in the "Big Man" as I call HIM or rather use HIM to scare my kids to behave! I threaten them with HIS "list of bad things you do in life" he keeps and the consequences!(you know like "he deep fries you up there like chicken on Skewers in oil if you are not good to others" etc!):D
In US schools,kids are taught Shiva is a Hindu GOD who is a "destroyer" and do not try to explain any further,so that helps too to scare the kids! (He is a destroyer of our sins,the old order and cycle of birth for Hindus, so we can be free of re-birth and be one with HIM,which is good kinda "destroying", if that is really how it works!)

4. I am not a very emotional person.I have NEVER EVER cried in the movies no matter how tragic the stories are!It's true!If it's real life story,then I will feel empathy and sympathy but never cry.
I used to be short tempered but not anymore.The only very strong feeling I feel is rage when somebody hurts my kids and they come home crying real tears!(not those 'Oh mom, I fell and got hurt" kind)But when adults and kids are mean to them for no reason,racist and prejudiced remarks etc.I see red and I will go to their doorsteps to deal with it.Hope I don't get shot one day,I am in the South remember!:D
(NO!! Carolinians are not that bad except one nalayak(good for nothing) neighbor,who is a grown up guy but lives off of his old parents, told my kids that he will shoot our little Bichon bcos the dog did the doody one day in his yard when my kids were walking him, Which scared the heck out of my kids! Yup! we went there to "his" house, threatened to call the police on him! He never apologized, but his old father apologized to us for him! Why couldn't the macho man talk to us instead of scaring the little kids?!)

5. I pretend to be a Nanny/baby sitter and I am a real Beautician!
When the Jehovah's witnesses or pesky sales people come to my door,they always ask me "can I speak to lady of the house?"!!At first,I used to be polite,smile and say "I am the lady",used to put up with their long talks and goodbyes! But after sometimes I got so fed up,now I say "sorry,she is not home,I am just the nanny" and take the booklets,their cards and promise them I would give them to the "lady"! They believe it without murmur and go away in a jiffy. YAY!!!(Hope they don't come back at 8pm to see the same "nanny" hanging around!);D

After I graduated in Psychology,I had enrolled in Law school,didn't like it and dropped out after a year,got married instead! Arvind went to UK, while I was left behind in India for few months.To kill time,I joined "Shaman college of Beauty" owned by Ms.Shirin,an Iranian Indian in Commercial street ,B'lore.Susheela Vaswani visited us often if you know who she is!I have Diplomas in Electrolysis,Facial,Hair Styles ,Bridal Make up and Henna Art! Of course,didn't use any of those skills as I moved to UK shortly after. But I am the official hairstylist at home for kids and Arvind!:) (I was a Tomboy growing up,never was a "girlie girl",never behaved like a female for a long time! My grandfather always said I should have been a boy and I am in the wrong body!:D And to think that I have these Diplomas in "Beauty Therapy" and became a good cook as well!!Whoa!!Hope grandpa is watching me from up there now!):D

There they are,my can of worms for you! Sia is right when she says I have many Avatars, in other words,multiple personalities!! Any "shrinks" amongst you my blog friends,I do need help!!:D

Here it is the photo Arvind took while watching the game. We bought this 50" Plasma last year just before NFL game.Yeah! Arvind couldn't wait until the price went down a little!!

Have a fun weekend and see Y'all on V day!!


Sia said...

am i the 1st to comment??????????? yippyyyyyyyyyyyy...
u know what? we had fajitas and salsas with chips in weekend:) so it was mexian for us too:)
loved reading ur MEME:) boy!!! some more avtaars now, Nanny, beautician!!! ha ha ha... i started laughing when i read that and my boss has been staring at me ever since(well..its not the 1st time he has seen me like this;) when it comes to u ashakka its "jack of all and master of all".
hats off to u:)

karmic said...

Loved the food as always. I know where to go when I have mental blog re: cooking.

You shed no tears? I have to learn something from you.
More power to you for confronting that idiotic neighbor of yours.

As for the Jehovah's witnesses. If they ever came to my place, I might confront them with nothing on. That will make sure they never come by again.
No I am not saying you should try this. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! Wednesday already uh? Looks like you did have a blast on sunday. Enchilladas look great and I am so happy they are vegetarian. Will try sometime. Penne looks good too! Love your nanny trick. I pretend to be 'Hema's friend' who cannot make decisions for all the marketing calls that come by:)Now I know what to do when a person actually shows up at the doorstep! Thanks!

Nee said...

Hey hey hey! Am able to see your blog this week and make my regular Wednesday stop! :-)

LOVED the post Ashamma - your Meme was really cool (beauty school? Aha, admit it, underneath all that tom-boyishness there was a girlie-girl just dying to get out!)
Plus, you know I love Mexican food, so the enchiladas shall be given a try. Only don't know when - life is really busy nowadays, am barely cooking!


FH said...

Sia,you are !!YIPPEEE!! :D
Sia,I told you not to log on when in the office!!One of these days ,he will kick you out girl.Wait until you go home!Well..I got tagged for another MeMe and guess who I am tagging first!!HUH!!! ;D

Hi Sanjay,there you are !You miised my Idil post!!:D Nope!Tears don't help you at all.got to be tough to deal with life!
HAHAHA!! Yeah!!That will scare those JW's forever or NOT!They are tough to deal with!

Hema,that was good too.But nanny works better!!:D Sometimes they get Arvind and he gets all arrogant and pissed at them.I told him just pretend to be someone else and he says 'why should I?They are in my property!!'Diplomacy,where are you?Get into his brain!:))

Good to see you Nee!Last week was a mess for all of us,couldn't get in many blogs.It's easier this week.
I love any art and love learning new things,So Beauty school was good for me but didn't use those skills though.
Take it easy,you are probably VERY homesick!!I understand,don't worry!:))Love ya and hugs!

sra said...

You done beauteeshian courseaa? very nice, very nice! tomato penne looks luscious. (i'm repeating my comment, don't think the other one went through)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Happy to be among the early birds.I was looking forward to Wednesday & your recipes from yesterday itself. Great Mexican spread(Oops!Italian too with the pasta) to enjoy the big game.Nice to know more about u.


karmic said...

Tears don't help you at all.got to be tough to deal with life!

lol.. you just called me a wimp! ;)

FH said...

Sra,nope, first one didn't go through I guess!I am glad this one did!I miss you guys and gals if I don't see your names and profiles here.It has become a habit!:)) YUP!!I am one! Need any help with your facial hair!! ;D

Hi Kate,thanks girl.That Penne pasta was in the draft for a long time,so I just added it,didn't make that for NFL!:D Enjoy the recipes.

Sanjay,I just left a looong comment in your blog!
I wouldn't call you wimp at all.Sometimes tears release your pain and stress.People deal with situations diff.ly and I am unique!!:D I did cry when my BIL and G'father passed away,but not much.Sometimes death is a release from what they were going through.
My son cries every day for something or the other and my girl doesn't,can kick anybody's backside in a sec!!See,that's the difference!;D

J said...

You love mexican, isn't it? I must try mexican sometime. Enjoyed reading your meme :) nanny??!!! beautician!!! how many other "avatars" do you have! :)

Isha said...

i saw the food, the tag n the nfl grub as you called it... but lemme just say ..

MAN wHAT AN ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM .. holy f**kin ell! Please please lemme come live with u .. (since u adopted me n all) :(

Anonymous said...

OK.... the mexican feast you made is amazing. Those enchiladas... yum!!

Sri said...

Ashaji super. Everything that you posted today is awesome. I have penne pasta in my pantry and for rest of the ingredient I just now called up my hubby ang gave the list to buy while coming back home....so i guess today for dinner it's your tomato penne baked. Loved to read your Meme...today I also posted my meme.Unlike you Ashaji...you can tears rolling down my checks while watching any emotional movies.

I commented earlier but I am not sure if it went through so am commenting again...you could delete this one if the first one went through.

Manasi said...

Hi... nice fare for the superbowl! Enchiladas look messy... but the taste is too good!
Ur meMe is very funny... luv'd the Nanny part and wanted to slap ur 'nalayak' neighbor too.. imagine scaring kids... ask him to take on someone his size and age... bet he'd run miles b4 he faced the angry Mom!!

Latha said...

Hi Asha,

So nice to read your posts! I'm sure you've heard this many times, but I have to tell you all the same. Your posts are so interesting and fun! I loved your meme! Everytime I read your meme's I just wish we were closer, I think we would have hit it off as good friends!
And boy, can you cook! More than anything I am lazy! I get tired by the time I cook one dish, cannot imagine how you make so many!
And that is a cool looking Plasma TV. Tell Arvind that!

Mishmash ! said...

U re saying u dint want to cook to much and so u cooked only "few Taquitos,Empanadas, Guacamole,Cheese dip(Con Queso on Fondue pot!:D)and hot salsa for Tostitos,and with some soft drinks for me" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats enough for me to take a week off from the kitchen ;)) Enjoyed reading ur meme. I could beat u in one area ! I started cooking on the 8th day of our marriage and that was my first time in the kitchen :)) But I really wish I spent some time with my mother in the kitchen, so I could be a better cook now with all the trick and tips of the trade !!!

Anonymous said...

Asha You are such a good cook.I think it is a talent and not all of us can be good cooks.I know I am not. I like the way you deal with the Jehovah witnesses.Never thought of saying that. And I forgot you are a beautician too.so many talents.

FH said...

Hi Jyothsna,thanks gorl.I don't know how many more avatars but scratching my head and thinking!!:D We do love South of the border cuisine,try!

Isha,how did I know you would say that?!;D You want that ,don't you?! Come on ,move in with us.Your mum won't happy though!:)
You know what,in a few years,you would be able to buy a bigger one than this ,so hold on!Hugs.

Hi Kristen,thank you.Mexican food just so satisfying and tasty,I can't help trying all those whenever I can.Enjoy!:))

Thank you for trying again Sri.This one got through,atleast you can hear this week,that's great!:)Enjoy the dinner,I will check your MeMe too,these are fun to do,aren't they? It's okay to cry Sri,I am just diff. and sorry to say to this but when ppl start sobbing around me at the movies,I start giggling!I know!Somebody help me! ;D

Pooja said...

wow Asha,
you cook everything I love. I think I just need to be around you to cook all my favorite dishes.
Enchiladas looks great . I really loves it. Gonna make it as soon as I have oven wiht me. :)
its fun readin your Meme. I am identical to you in the 3rd point of yours. Just belive it ,and do cooking for festival just for fun and change .
It gave me a laughing brust to read your last point in Meme, was nice fun though .
thanks fo sharing .

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji,
You are so talented , trying different cuisines, beauty course, courageous mom, I am proud of you and wanna be like you.

TNL said...

Ashaji....wow, what a meme! loved reading it..and you're indeed a lady of many roles and avatars...but that just shows how well you adapt to anyone and everyone!
Glad you had a good time during the superbowl, I just made Samosa Puffs..nothing major....and thanks for the Chile Sauce recipe..gotta try that one.


FH said...

Hi Manasi,yeah,the dipping part is messy a little but it's worth inthe end!Got to have paper towels to clean up all that red sauce later!
That guy avoids us now,but I am still angry at him for talking about gun and all to the kids.He is an idiot,literally!:)

Hi Latha,you are not lazy, but just very busy mom with full time job.If worked outside too,it will be jars and canned food for us ,I am sure!:D I will pass on message,he will be happy.He is a electronic geek,loves all the gadgets etc!:))
Have a great weekend.I am cooking something from your post and I will let you know when it's up!

Hi shn.HAHA!! I know.I organize and execute, so for me it takes few hrs to cook and get it over with.I don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen unlike my mom who hangs around in there whole day even with a cook around!:D
You will learn,I did very quickly.I am a quick learner,so it was easy for me.But you will get there.Specially if you have kids,you have got to cook,like it or not!:)

Lalitha,thanks girl.I know some of my aunts despite cooking for few years ,still struggle with it.It is something inside us I guess.Even my g'mas are surprised at my cooking and diff spices I collect!:D
Beauty Therapy went to waste though.Except Lipstick and face pd,I don't use any make up!!Short hair and just earrings for Jewelry and always in pants,I am not a good candidate to be a beautician!What a waste of time and money!!;D

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Great recipes. It was fun reading your meme. When I have JW people or salesman - my standard line "No speak English". :)
Thanks - ur posts make every wednesday morning pleasant ... here is to many more :)

swapna susarla said...

hi ashaji
as always some really new things and very interesting..
me me is really inspiring..i am inspired by ur words"never ever cried for anything.."i appreciate it..my case ...i am very sensitive person..want to be stubborn in so many things..will sure try..

Li'l Lite said...

Hi Asha,
I am back as i promised..Believe me you are such a wonderful cook that will give any 5 star hotel chef a complex!
...and and the MeMe absolutely loved it :)

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Hi Asha...visiting your blog after a month or so I guess....your blog looks really good with the new templet.. looks like you guys enjoyed the super bowl..I have never tried making enchilladas at home...now I have some enthu to try it..... loved reading your meme:)

brute said...

woohoo !!!! another yummy post....fortunately this time i read you post having paneer puff :P
so didnt feel hungry reading your post :D

Seema Bhat said...

I wish I was at your place for NFL Asha. I don't follow the football anyways , atleast I would have enjoyed the food ;-).Loved the hot sauce recipe and Enchilada is one of my favs too.
Loved reading yoru Meme asha. I am with you on the point of not being very religious but being spiritual. And as everyone else I am LMAO on the nanny part.

Beccy said...

More delicious recipes for me to try. Loved reading the meme that's a good one pretending to be the nanny. My husband has a different problem, he looks so young that callers ask him if his mum is home, he says yes and calls me!!!!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! Great post! All the food looks amazing as usual. I guess you are a natural born cook! I would have thought you have been cooking forever.

That makes me so angry about the neighbor who scared your kids! What is wrong with people!! And people coming to the door asking for the lady of the house??!! That really bothers me too! Okay, gotta calm down. : )

And I was a psychology major in undergrad too!

FH said...

Hi Pooja,I am answering you this time!!:))Thank you and hope you try.Shiv Ratri is coming,although we don't fast or anything,I am plannonig nice dishes.Nanny becomes a cook and chase all the pesky ones with a big ladle!:D I am still thinking what I am going to cook for your V day event!Still have some time though.

Hi T! I knew you would like Enchilada.You are like me,love to learn and experiment.Good for you.Samosa puffs sounds wonderful!:))Enjoy the recipes.Can't wait for your next Guj. recipe!Hugs to you too.

HAHAHA!! Sangeeta,you know what! I tried that once and they sent Spanish JWs!!They send women and kids,old ppl anybody you like and they want to come inside and read the good book with you.Baby sitter works best for me,hope they don't read this,fingers crossed!!:D

Mythreyee said...

To be frank, I thought, Do I have to read these lengthy paragraphs? But, I swear, I could not stop reading until I finished it. Very good writeup. I enjoyed reading it. I too stepped into the kitchen only after I got married. I've been cooking only for the past 5 years in my life.

FH said...

Swapna,sometimes life teaches some tough things!If I cry,I am always thought of as a weak person and they take advantage of that.Being tough works for me,but not for everybody.Arvind panics in some situations,I take over and solve it.Somebody has to do it,it's always me it seems!:D

Hi Dr,great to see you.Thank you but I don't know if I am THAT good!:D I try my best to bring some fun things and some traditional.I appreciate all your comments!:))

Hi PriyaB! Good to see you.Lot of bloggers have stopped blogging since you been gone but here I am!:D I got tired of Pink and took a breath and changed it.Glad you are free to blog now,looking forward to see the yummy recipes from your mom!:))

FH said...

Hi Brute,Paneer puffs?! Are you talking about Empanadas?They have meat and Cheddar cheese! Now are you hungry?!!:D Thanks man.

Hi Seema, wish I had you around too.It took some time to understand the game but now we enjoy it.This time it was really good!MeMe was fun!:)

Ahh...!!! HAHAHA!! Beccy ,that was hilarious!OMG!He does that ?How dare he? ;D Few yrs from now,you are going to be his G'ma or what?!Hope you told that story to Chris!Thanks for telling me,you made my day.I will pass that on to my hubby!:)

Anali,you and I have Psycholgy and little bit of my Law in common!:)
I am married for 20yrs,that's forever to learn to cook!:)
Oh,that idiot avoids us now but still around,kids don't go infront his house anymore.
Sales ppl are amazed to think that I, a brown woman, live in that house and in that neighborhood.One even asked me "how did you make it here?" I lived in a bigger house in India but they automatically think we are all poor back in India unfortunately!Lot of ingnorance.They are ready to accept me as a nanny though!!:D

Hi Mythrayee.Thanks for being honest! ;D I love that and I had fun writing it too, although at first thought there was nothing more to tell bcos I blab so much all the time!:))Just 5yrs!! You will learn and you will be an expert by the time it's 20yrs like me!:)

Sri said...

Oh yeah...my husband does so ....everytime he see's me cryin watching tv ...he start making fun of me!!! but i wasn't like this before I never use weep watching tv but don't know lately I have.

Priya said...

Asha: Loved that meme and now I se the beauty in your recipes how you organize things. Perfecto!!

I am little opposite and do cry and become emotional. I think I started to become this way after I lost my mom few years. When I am in NC, I can do my new haristyle thou with your recipes on my side to taste a little bit.

Manjula said...

Hi Asha,
Nice appetizers & dishes you made for the game...Love reading all your Meme's..
Pretending Nanny is a cool idea. I might use that in future :)

FH said...

You are just sensitive and soft hearted Sri! That is not so bad.I feel the same way when I see the kids suffering in real life but not in the movies.Hugs.

Sure Priya ,why not?! ;D Get pampered while having a snack,that sounds good!HeHe!
Sorry about your mother.I know that makes you remember and makes you emotional.That's okay,as long as you have somebody to comfort you.Take care sweetie.

Hi Manjula.Thanks girl.
Isn't that a great idea? They will accept it easily bcos they can believe easily that we cannot be the "ladies of the house",but just baby sitters!;D Try it next time,you will see what I mean!

Anonymous said...

PHEW!!!!! I could click the link today morn!!!! Tried last night, went to all possible servers like mozilla and netscape and all but the link would just click!!!!!

Anyways, same pinch on number 3!!!!
No pinch for not crying :( since I can create floods when I watch an emotional movie!!!! definately a bucket full when I see the bidai scenes!!! GOSH!!!!

One more secret from me..... I also trained for the beauticians course just for time pass ;)

Lovely recipes!!!! All my fav!!!! :) Hats off to you dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Enchiladas been, yep can't have them without the chille sauce...and veggie too...great thanks...seems you guys have a great time watching the super bowl..ah well..I have to do with watching England at football and its not fun....~grin~...take care ben...

Anonymous said...

I looove maxican food. But I didn't know how to maker good maxican dishes. Thanks a lot for posting these recipes :).

This time, I kept a alarm to post a comment here. Everytime I read your posts in office, and there I can't put any comments(I pretend like I am doing serious job sometimes and browse :D )

Keshi said...

I love Italian cuisine. It's my fav next to Indian and Chinese.

**.I have NEVER EVER cried in the movies no matter how tragic the stories are

OMG is that true? I mean in that case, u'd neva wanna watch a sappy love story with me LOL!

hahaha thats such a great tip from u on how to handle the door-knockers! TY Asha now Im a baby-sitter too!

WOW u have dips in Beauty Therapy? Mebbe I should book u on my wedding day :)

Nice plasma screen there whoaaaaa!

Hugggggggz sweetie have a good rest of the week!

Praba Ram said...

Hi Asha -

So much fun reading your posts! Your blog will be a great way for many to beat homesickness!

Great food you made hahn for NFL..Did your kids always enjoy all kinds of food - reason I am asking is I have a 4 yr old who is not interested in anything I cook...I am waiting for the day when she will taste my sambhar/rasam. Right now, it's only pappu chaadham...

The meme was fun to read!

Cyberkitty said...

loved ur tomato penne looks real delicious! jw's come here too and they speak hindi english and punjabi !

Anonymous said...

hey, don't be surprised to see me at your Door ;) Thanks for your yummmmy treats !Asha, your delicious Black Bean Enchiladas & Tomato Penne Bake are Show Stoppers !

Anonymous said...

"have NEVER EVER cried in the movies no matter how tragic the stories are!It's true!If it's real life story,then I will feel empathy and sympathy but never cry."

hey, I loved reading your Meme too, I wam glad you've so many qualities that makes you a real strong woman...hats off! Love you sweetie:)

Sia said...

ashakka, my boss is a sweetheart. he knows very well i will finish my job within deadline;) so no prob there:)
and another MEME??? sob...sob...
i guess coz of u we r gonna find many people tuning nanny or housekeepers now;) he he he... again i am reading ur MEME and laughing and as usualy my boss has this puzzled look on his face;)
oh forgot to tell u...its snowing here today... this year's first snow for us.. everywhere it used to snow except here.. atlast snowman did hear me grumbling;)

Anjali Koli said...

Asha Oh yeah I had seen those pictures of your wedding before but din think it was 20 years~~. My and you cook so many things and yet say you din do much!

I think you are a very strong person and the pillar at home. Multifaceted I must say. Some how I think beauticians are natural at psychology but you are the first psychologist and qualified beautician that I know!

Food looks delicious too.

indosungod said...

Asha, love your TV. Hmmm a Mexican Feast for Super Bowl. All dishes look fantastic I have to pick and choose.
You a Veg. when you cook all these fantastic Non. Veg dishes.

FH said...

Hi Coffee, a fellow beautician!Wah Wah!!:D Things we do to pass time in India!!
If blogger doesn't work,relax and try after few hrs.It's the traffic at certain time of the day.
You cry at Bidai too,a bucketful at that!LOL!I guess I am married too long to cry for that!HeHe!!

Hi Dilipbhai,hope you are doing well.Haven't blogged recently after the birthday!:) Enjoy the vegetarian Enchilada!Football hooligans make upset?! ;D

Hi Shilpa,thank you for taking that much trouble to comment here sweetie!!:)Don't do in the office and get in a jam though.Enjoy the Mexican recipe!:)

Hi Keshi girl,nope,I know it's just acting ,so I don't get emotionally involved.I will be there for your wedding,don't worry!;D Have a great weekend Kesh,hugs.

FH said...

Hi Praba,good to see you.I know,you get homesick for few weeks after you get pampered in India.I feel ya!:)My kids like Italian,Mexican etc more than some Indian dishes like Idli bcos of the fermented smell.It's the taste they develop eating in schools,can't help it.I make Indian 3/7 days just to keep them in line!:D

Hi CyberK! WHAT?!JWs are in India too!I had no clue.I always thought it is just here since this is south,they try to bug us. WOW!Punjabi speaking JWs!:D I don't think "baby sitter" story works with Indians either!Bummer!:)

Lera,don't tell me you are a JW too!You are very welcome at my door as long as we don't talk about religion but just as Lera!JWs are sweet ppl with a mission,can't blame them but Evangelists scare me though.They are agressive and rude.Thanks girl and enjoy the recipes!Love you too.

You are a good employee Sia!If the bossman is okay,I am okay too!:D
Nanny galore!Hope the sales ppl don't read this and spill the beans to everybody!:)It's snowing there now?We had second round of snow here.MeMe is sweet and short,one sentence ans,so not a problem!:))

Anjali,you are so right!!Never thought about that but you know ppl talk about all kinda personal things with their beauticians!That's a very good combo to have both of those skills.See,I just learnt new way of thinking from you!Thank you!
Have a great weekend sweets!:)

FH said...

Linda says:
Asha, I'm back here to say what a neat post in FH! Loved to learn a little more about you (we have a few things in common there!) and also, great tip about dipping tortillas in sauce for enchiladas. I always thought they were so dry after baking, but will try that next time. Yum :)

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
your enchiladas looks very nice, I have not tasted it yet, but wish to make one soon .
I like your Meme too . so you call yourself nanny ? he he he ...
you should tell rather that you are the only home minister there. I am proud to get you here.

Gattina Cheung said...

I know you a little more =) Asha, you're so talented (cooking and academic!). I sighed when I read your nanny story... I take it easy too. In a shopping mall you know there are always some sales persons around and stopping the people (selling rip-off stuffs), they stopped me, looked at my face, then "uh", let me go. Hehee, not bad, I'm off their hook ;p
Wonderful enchiladas and penne bake! You did such a good job in presentation and recipe.

Anonymous said...

wow! You always overwhelm me! And to think you never cooked before getting married!! Who would believe!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hi asha,
skipped straight to the meme this time...after all the nausea and lack of apetite of the strep infection..don't feel like cooking much, nice excuse eh?
Nicely done meme, you are one interesting person...vow! so if you come to your house someday I'll get yummy food as well as some personalized beauty treatment?? Remember Asha, I am your friend :)

FH said...

Hi Indo,yeah ,it was all Mexican for us!!:D Thanks girl.I do have lot of cook book which I refer to although I don't exactly reproduce the non-veg dishes.My kids are self-proclaimed 'Carnivores',so I had to try and learn for the last 15 yrs!Works well!:)

Thanks Linda.Sorry you couldn't log in here but I did paste your comment from Aroma to here!:))

Thanks Kajal.Home minister it is from next time although that doesn't work better than Nanny!:))

FH said...

Gattina,I don't think there is anything more left of me to say bcos of these MeMes!Oh wait!I am tagged again by Cyber Kitty!;D
LOL at the mall!They always think I am Spanish and I don't speak English!!They might think you don't eirher which works well for us but it's a little prejudiced,don't you think? Some ppl are so ingnorant!Oh well,let's have some care free fun!!:))

Anita,it's true!But then most of us Indian girls so pampered and cooks are so easy employ,we just don't care to learn until hunger gets and you have ppl to feed!Most of us manage well, and learn quickly fortunately!:))

Orchid,glad you are recovered from the bout.Of course,you are a friend but I will still charge you!!!HeHe!
Take it easy and rest a lot.Strep can get serious if it is not taken care of completely.Have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Chandrika said...

Asha, the food is awesome and the meme is great! Your family is really lucky!! :-)

And with regard to your question about pictures..I upload my photos onto Flickr and use the link in my posts...If we use blogger alone for the pics, we can't get past those 500 pixles... Hope this helps..

mommyof2 said...

hey same #2 & #5:-)I cried when I came here and was forced to eat meat..

I pretend to be the baysitter even on the phone and tell them to call back in the evening;-)

yummy recipes:-)

FH said...

Hi Chandrika,thank you so much for Flickr info! That is very clever to bypass these blogger guys!:D I will try and open one there and see how it works.I appreciate you telling me,thanks again for visiting.

Hi MO2!! More similarities!!:) Phone one is good too,just don't ask them to call back,they might do it!!
It is hard to remain a vegetarian once you move to the west,I think it is easier in India bcos of so many choices there.
Got any special plans for V day?I know,he will not remember like mine!;D

Unknown said...

Asha..that's a nice spread for NFL.
Enchilada looks delicious and perfect.I made just pineapple salsa and some store brought wings for the game.

I keep missing your foodieshope blog 'coz of the browser.Though i read your meme and this post the day you posted , couldn't comment on it thru' IE.Now using firefox for commenting.

Reading your meme was fun and interesting..can't believe you were a tomboy...so i guess marrying A totally changed you.
About shedding tears while watching movies, i am totally the opposite.even before i realize my eyes will be filled with tears :D.
Beautician ..huh..?..would love hear some beauty tips every now and then..

Mandira said...

wow, what a spread for the super bowl, bet everyone was busy eating rather than watching the game :) Loved reading your Meme. So you are the nanny, beautician and lord of the Manor all rolled into one! you go, girl :D

FH said...

Hi Mahaeshwari,great to see you here.I changed to Firefox and it's much faster.Glad you could atleast get in,Linda still can't.
Thanks and yeah,beauty tips are the only thing it seems I don't blog.May I should,I still have the book! and yesss! marriage wrecked me!!!:D

Mandira,lady of the house here.Don't believe me?!HUH!! ;D Thanks girl,life takes you a lot of ways.Enjoy every moment!:))

Anonymous said...

As usual a wonderful spread and a very nice meme! I enjoyed reading your write up!!Thanks,

Sai said...

Loved the recipes....loved the meme!

You went to beauty school....how cool is that????

By the way I share two things with you....I never learnt to cook but yet I am pretty good and also during my architecture school I did a short course in a beauty school during the summer!

Lotus Reads said...

I always love reading your posts, Asha - besides the wonderful recipes you share with us, you are such an interesting person and there is always so much to learn about you.

A beautician is such a handy qualification to have - you can put your skills to use anytime and anywhere.

Loved the Mexican spread you put together for the super bowl -I'll bet it made the game so much more fun and enjoyable.

That's a great TV too, Asha!

Yes, can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for us on Valentine's Day! See you then! :)

FH said...

Hi Nalini,you are welcome.Enjoy the recipes and have a great weekend!:))

Hey now!! Sai,you are full of surprises like me!! Those Beauty courses are short and worth going,aren't they?It's not Rocket science but still you will learn something about the secrets of skin care etc.I loved it.Thanks for visiting Sai.

Hi Lotus,thank you.Coming to your blog is visiting the library with great reviews too.You do a wonderful job as well.Enjoy the recipes and read a lot this weekend!:) Hugs.

Anonymous said...

A delicious sunday lunch indeed!!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Unknown said...

Asha..i made a logo for AFAM as you suggested..thanks for this..Check it out in my blog..

wheresmymind said...

I want that TV!!

Kavitha said...

The enchiladas look soooooo yummy.
Loved reading your meme.
hmm no tears huh. my husband says i have a reservoir in my eyes.
abt jehovas witness or any telemarketers, etc i thing the one that works best is the nanny. i once told them i'm hindu and would love to come to your house and tell you about our gods? they just stared at me.

Jaya M said...

Dear Asha,
Coming to your wonderful blog after a long Time, It looks more attractive..I missed coming to you a lot..
tomato penne dish looks yummmm, I know everybody enjoyed it at superbowl...
I simply loved everything about your meme...You are one such versatile and talented person , I am glad I came to know you thro Internet ...Wish we could meet personally ...
enjoy the life as always you do ..
hugs and smiles

FH said...

Hi Ari,thank you.We enjoyed the Super Bowl this yesr!:)

Mahesh,great!!:))That is exciting,I will take it and add to that dessert.I am so glad to hear that!:)

Jeff,good to see you.I KNOW you would want that!:))

Spicelover,you are one smart girl! I bet they stared at you and then said "we will go first!";D They are relentless that way.Thank you and have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Hi Jaya,thank you.That's okay,we all need a break now and then.Go to my recipe Index to make it on you to find something since I post multiple dishes in one post!:))Hugs to you too.Enjoy.

Harmonia said...

WOW! What a post! Amazing! I wish you could come to our veggie potlucks! :) Amazing stuff here and wonderful pics! Miss you and your visits!

Happy Weekend!

Sri said...

Hi Asha dropped by to tell you that i tried your penne was perfect.

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,enjoyed reading your meme!and I envy you for the 50 inch plasma tv!I hope you get to watch your share of TV!hmm.being a tomboy!I must admit,I never thought of you that way until I saw your photo.But you are one strong and forthright woman,dear.I admire you.

The recipes are great.will have to try your enchiladas soon..looks so tempting.

FH said...

Hi Harmonia,good to see you here.I wish I could crash in too!:)) I didn't know you are back.I will visit you.Hope to see you back here!:)

Sri,thank you for the feedback girl.Glad you enjoyed it.we did too!:))

Hi Vini,thank you.You will have that TV too,takes some time to save and enjoy the fruits of our labor!
I know ppl always imagine me somewhat traditional.I am wayyy far awayy from that image!:))
I get to watch mejority of the time since I am home.When he comes home ,he is soo tired,he sleeps infront of it!!:D:D Enjoy the recipes.

Susan in Italy said...

Asha, you're a gem making all that great-looking Mexican food for the Superbowl. Thanks for the meme too, it was really informative.

ChrisB said...

More lovely food, I like the penne pasta recipe it would make a change from spag. bolognese so will be trying that one soon.

Also loved finding out abit more about you from your 'meme' beautician as well as cook what other hidden talents do you have.

I shall use your idea as we get lots of Jehovah visitors here I think I'll be the home help (well that is my current job or that's how it feels since I retired from paid employment!!). I'm off to Dublin next Weds but will look forward to catching up on your posts when I get back.

FH said...

Hi Susan! Great to see you here.After your vacation,you got very busy.Thank you and thanks for visiting me!:))

Hi Chris!!Yeah,I am full of surprises!:D Enjoy the Penne Pasta and enjoy the visit to Dublin!Have a great time there and I will see you when you are back!:)

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Enchiladas and Baked penne looks wonderful.. I haven't tried cooking many mexican dishes and now looking at those pictures Iam sitting here with my mouth watering!!!
Loved ur meme too. Arvind and kids are lucky i would say...
What u never cry for anything.. Iam just opposite.. Whenever there are emotional scenes in movies ,especially in Indian movies u can see me watching with tears in my eyes.. u know my 5 yr old lil one teases me.oh! I should change this..But Otherwise I never cry easily in front of others..
Nice to know more abt u Asha.

Anonymous said...

Me loves Mexican food too :-) Got to try the Penne pasta with vegetables - looks very nutritious. I have never tried adding veges to pasta.
Your meme was very enjoyable - now I know you a little more. I pretend I am a babysitter too :-) but I cry a lot while watching an emotional flick, sometimes even when reading ! For me, not just tragedies but smallest of the good things/gestures can also trigger a bucket full of tears.

FH said...

Hi Prema,we love Mexican food.Ingredients are almost like Indian,so it does tastes good.Hope you start cooking some.You cry too!If a 5yr old makes fun of you,then it's time for a break!!:D:D

Hi Abha,everybody cries except me!!!WOW!! I am unique!!:D
Thanks girl,hope you make that Penne bake.You can add any veggies,works well.Try and see.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
I always loved your blog and even the write ups here.This was really touching .Its really good to read your meme.So you are multi talented i believe.Good entries agiain

FH said...

Hi Sowmya,good to see you here.Hope you are doing well.Thank you,I try and do my best to bring something interesting and glad you liked it!:))Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Perfect game night food - the spread looks absolutely delicious! I loved your response to the MeMe, not long at all, I wouldn't have minded reading some more about you :)! Have a great weekend hon, and if the neighbor gives you any more trouble let's grab some fellow carolinians and give him a piece of our mind.

sallywrites said...

You are a polymath Asha - which is a good thing. No help needed at all!
Love the way you deal with Jehovah's Witnesses. I'll take some lessons!!!


FH said...

Hi Monisha,great to see here.Thanks you.Yeah! next time that nalayak bothers us,I will give you a call and you get your gang,and get over here!;D No,he doesn't bother us anymore!:))But Evagelists are coming,builing one within 2 blocks!!AHHHH...!!!:))

Sally,thank you.Polymath..I will look it up!;D Nanny is working so far with JW but Evangelists,I doubt it will work them and they are just around the corner!:))

vasilisa said...

Hi Asha! Your comments section just doesn't like me :-(

I can't believe I'm not the only one using the "babysitter" excuse. Anytime I get those annoying phonecalls, I say "sorry, I'm just a babysitter here... " Works like a charm :-)

But I cry like a baby at the movies... Quite pathetic actually...

FH said...

Hi Lisa,for me too at your site.I commented and got deleted so many times,I gave up!I changed me browser to Firefox,it's faster than the IE,so I will try again.Also your blog cancot get inti my blog roll,says I am not allowed!
Nanny was great trick to chase them away,hope they dont read this!:D Everybody seems to cry except me,Lisa.I am weird one ,don't worry!;D
Rest well,be happy and you are almost there!!Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow! 8-10 tries over 4 days to be able to comment finally! Perseverence pays, huh? :) Hey can you send me your email address so I can just email you my comment? My email is ginnymeow at gmail dot com. I don't want to not comment! :)
No crying huh? Exact opposite of me. I cry at the drop of a hat! N teases me all the time about watching movies and sniffling away! :) Good tip about being the nanny and getting rid of people. I do that with telemarketers saying i'm just a guest and will pass on msg to owners if they'd like!
Nice spread for SUperbowl, Ashamma! Nice TV too. Nothing like watching Football on Hi Def and on so big a screen! Nice post, overall! :)
I've gotta stop. This is turning into a post! :)

Anonymous said...

It's always fun reading your Meme's, Asha..:) And those Black bean enchiladas & Tomato penne look mouth-watering.

Yes, no one dare treat our kids with disrespect like your neighbour and you are an awesome mother! Way to go, Mama!!-:)

FH said...

Hi Vaniamma,good to see you.Don't stress out,better late than never.I will e mail you but I have to cut and paste ,it will not in your name but mine.If that's okay, no problem.
Firefox browser works faster and efficient,try that.Thanks girl,it is fun in HD in Plasma.It's so real almost real!:))
Kiss to M and have a great weekend,love you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

I had been so busy at work didnt get much time to blog around and read lovely blogs as yours...Well, atlast I am back :-) . Hmm so you are a beautician also...a good cook, a good mother, a good wife..and now a Good beautician...your points are adding up as we come to know more and more about you.... so where are our herbal beauty tips ???? You should start blogging about it ..what do you say...?

I liked the Tomato Penne Bake recipe...looks delicious.

FH said...

Thank you Sailaja!:))
Hope you give these dishes a try.Yes! when it comes to our kids,we moms are all protective,specially when they unfairly treated!!He deserved what was coming to him.

Hello Sushma,thank you and yeah,after running two blogs simultaneously,I just need to open one more beauty blog and then I will get divorced!!!;p
Take it easy if you are busy,visit and blog only when you can. Blogging should be fun,not something we feel we have to do,right?Have a great weekend and V'day!:)

Shionge said...

Love the food too Asha and love that plasma TV too :D

You certainly do go all out cooking a storm and most admirable when you mentioned you don't cook back then :D

KCS said...

Ashaji, thanks a lot for your wish on our anniversary at hubby's blog :)

FH said...

Hi Shionge,thank you!Most Indian girls don't cook at all when they are growing up but thurst into cooking for many once they are married although we usually have cooks too!!
That's life!You can smile and get on with it or sit and cry!!;D

Hi KCS,glad to wish you well and may you have many more happy ones to come!Wish you both the best!:))
Hugs,love you both.Have a great week and look forward to some V'day love from SP!;D

Little Miss Muffet said...

Hi Asha,
haven't been able to comment at all through IE. finally am using firefox. I used your buttermilk recipe and the field beans one..The Better Half loved both:)your new penne recipe looks delicious..luckily i just bought some penne :)also, u've been tagged!

FH said...

Thank GOD Miss M!! I know Firefox works,I put it up last week in my post and also Firefox is faster than IE too!:))
Glad you enjoyed both,loved to hear that.Penne is good too for a Sunday lunch.
Thank you for tagging me and thinking of me.I have already done that tag 2-3 weeks ago because ppl keep on tagging me for every single MeMe out there!! ;D
Enjoy the V'day!

Anusha said...

I seem to be making your recipes every weekend...I should dedicate a whole blog to pictures of dishes made from Foodie's Hope ;)
Yesterday - I tried your penne bake - with rotini and shredded cheddar instead. lovely recipe. next time I should vary it with some red chili powder...

FH said...

@,thank you!:)) I am so glad you are enjoying all the recipes.You can add any kinda Pasta and cheese of course,and add chilli pd and little sugar to the sauce before you add to the pasta to bake,will be perfect!:))

Anonymous said...

Drooling at the black bean enchilada plate....:D

FH said...

Hi SouthPaw,thanks and you can make it non-veg too.Veg is great for your pretty wife who was here yesterday btw.Hope you have special plans for her for V'day,she is such a sweet girl and brave too,just like you!:))
My best to both of you.

Keshi said...

MWAHH Asha have a lovey dovey day with ur man ;-)


Harmonia said...

Gotta soup/stew posted today...hope you are well...thanks for the visit!

Seema said...

Woaaaaaaaa...that was some tempting Penne...I love it !

The MEME was interesting sweetssss....

I NEVER EVER cooked...Really...unbelievable though...that means i stand a very good chance of being a good cook...for all you know it may be in ME too...(i do cook occassionaly at weekends to give mah dahlin mom a treat;))

I have NEVER EVER cried in the movies no matter how tragic the stories are...ahahaaaaaaaa...u'll never sit next to me n watch a tragic movies cauz i cry endlessly !

And to top all of this envy u have from me...yr a trained beautician tooo...so i've lotsa things on the agenda for our meeting;)heheee

Great one on the pretending thingie / playing nanny ! you rock !

You have a wonderful day with Arvind n the kiddies...n u make up for his not being able to say the L word by saying it and am double sure he's gonna make up with deeds;) lol u take care!

Ash said...

Interesting meme/list!

Happy Valentines Day...

Dalicia said...

ohhh nice to know a few more things about you :) i never open the door anymore for strangers...

beautician..i need tips lady :)

Dalicia said...

happy valentine's day to you!

FH said...

Thank you Keshi!!Lots of love from to you sweetie!:)))
(Haven't heard from Margie,hope she is okay)

Harmonia,I am doing well.I saw your Yogi Tea but couldn't get in the blog,will try later.Thank you for visiting!:)

Thanks Ash.Hope you have a great day today too!:))

Dalicia,you are beautiful as you are!You don't need anybody's help sweetie!Have a great day today!:))

Seema,you know what they say!"Necessity is the mother of all inventions"? When you are hungry,mommy is not around to feed you,you WILL cook,believe me!!;D
Thank you for all that and have a great V'day.Hugs.

Unknown said...

Love the tomato penne bake - it is so simple and yet for the fear of eating too much cheese I don't get to making these baked dishes..your version does seem tempting though, would surely qualify as a 'crowd pleaser'
That meme was interesting and funny too!

FH said...

Hello! Look who is here on a ShivRatri day?! :D Thank you Nandita.Glad you enjoyed the recipes and the MeMe.Eating cheese once a month or so doesn't hurt anybody.French eat cheese everyday!;D
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

foodiemama said...

chicken makhani is one of my favorite dishes ever. thanks for posting it! i can't wait to make it.

FH said...

Our's too!:)) Enjoy FM!!

FH said...

Hi Hollydolly,nice to meet you.Thank you ,I try my best!:)
About JW,I toldd them that I am a Hindu once and they said 'that's okay,can we come in and read the book together?":D Sanjay's plan might work and send them to Therapy for a long long time!!;D

Melting Wok said...

Asha, #1 is so very true, isn't it not ? haha, I rememered mom emailed me a rather simple omelet recipe when I first moved to the states, rather embarrassing haha..back then, instant noodles was my best cooking buddy :) oo..you've got split personalities, you must b a gemini/virgo ? hmm..thanks for your lovely meMes' :)

FH said...

Hi Shirley,I think some of us are born as good cooks,it just takes right time to get that out!Starting with Omelets and Noodles are not bad at all either :))
Thanks and I am Aquarian actually,think ahead of time and believe in things way before anybody else comes out with it which gets me in trouble sometimes!:D