February 21, 2007


Hope you had a good Shivaratri, that is whoever celebrated last Friday! :)

What's ShivRatri?
Maha Shivaratri is one of the most important religious festivals for Shaivas, (Shiva's followers) which was celebrated this year on Friday,the 16th of Feb. ShivaRatri literally means the "Night of the great Lord Shiva",this festival brings around the best time to express our devotion and prayers to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.Devotees of Lord Shiva observe a fast or Upavasa (didn't happen in my house nor did we spend the night awake reading the "book"!!) during this day and recant stories (Shiva Purana) of Shiva the whole night ,called Jagarane!

Ahem!! However,when they break the fasting and gone through all the stories the whole sleepless night,they are ready to feast the next day!! AHA!!! Now we are talkin'!!:D Here is the feast we had, sans fasting and sleepless night but we DID say a little prayer to Shiva before we ate! Good enough,don't you think?!

Here's a beautiful and majestic picure of Lord Shiva taken by Mahek at Murudeshwara Temple, barrowed from Mahek's blog with her permission of course.Thanks friend!:)

Well..these dishes are very traditional Karnataka festival food as they make in my Grandparents' home.Of course,being a big family and with the help of cooks, they make it more elaborate than mine of course! We are just four people in my family,so I had to cut down many of them and chose a few which we like most.These dishes are familiar to many South Indians,nothing special but these are my versions!:))

All vegetarian Shiva Ratri feast:

Menu: Bajjis/Fritters,Raita,Beans stir-fry,Carrot-Moong dal salad, Bisi Bele Bhath/rice,Mosaranna/Yogurt rice, Chiroti with Badami milk/Almond milk.Here are the recipes for all of these.

Let me start with the appetizers:

From right to left: Green Bell Pepper,Onion rings,top;Plaintain/Balekai Bajji,bottom;Cabbage and Tortilla Bondas, Cubanos Peppers Bajji.

How to:

Batter for Bajjis:
1 cup Besan/Chickpea flour, 2 tbsp Rice flour,1 tbsp Corn-starch,chilli pd,salt,1/4 tsp baking soda,(my secret ingredients but not any more!),ground 1 tsp cumin seeds,2 cloves,1/2" cinnamon,1/4 tsp Ajwain,1/2 tsp Fennel seeds,1 tsp coriander seeds to coarse pd,2 tsp finely chopped cilantro,turmeric.Mix all these with 1 tbsp hot oil first and then enough water to make a thick enough batter to just cling onto the veggies.

Don't make it too thin,if it is add some Besan to thicken.Adjust the salt and spice.Heat oil to deep fry at 375F or medium hot.Now take each of bell pepper,Cubano Pepper,Plantain,peeled and sliced halfway first then across to 4-6 long slices as shown in the picture,slice 1 onion in to thick round slices.Sprinkle some salt and lemon juice on everything.

Dip each and deep fry until golden and drain on the paper towels.If any leftover batter,add chopped onion,cabbage,Tortilla pieces, jalapeno, cilantro or any veg. in the fridge and drop blobs of batter and fry.These Bondas were tastier than the Bajjis!:D

Now on to a very popular Karnataka Entree` Mysore Bisi Bele Bhath.This is my grandmother's recipe!
Bisi Bele Bhath literally means "hot Dal-Rice" in Kannada and is a classic Karnataka dish.I make the gravy a day before unlike my grandmother ,so all good spices and vegetables get seeped and marinated overnight.I add the cooked and cooled rice few hrs before serving and really cook down the gravy in the microwave to make it thicker.This dish tastes even better on the third day!

You Need:
2 cups Sona Massori rice cooked separately, 1 cup Tuar dal, tamarind juice, jaggery,2 red ripe tomatoes,3 cups mixed vegs. like Green beans,Carrots,Green peas,cooked separately.No fleshy or soft vegs like cabbage,Potatoes or Cauliflowers!!

Roast and grind:

BBB powder:

8 tbsp coriander seeds, 4 dry red chillis, 1 tsp pepper corns, 1 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2 tbsp chana dal, 8 cloves, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1" cinnamon (dalchini), 2 tsp poppy seeds, 10 curry leaves, 3 tbsp dry coconut,roast all this until reddish and powder with 1/2 tsp turmeric.

Note: I have given the above amount to make BBB Pd about a cup and also to store for future use as well. Use only as much powder as you need to make this recipe BBB, you won't need the whole amount. Use the rest for Sambhar/bele saaru.

Season: 2 tbsp ghee, 1 tsp mustard seeds, few curry leaves, 2 red chillis, 2 tbsp peanuts, 2 tbsp cashew nuts, 2 big onions sliced.

How To:
Cook Tuar dal until soft.Heat ghee in a huge dish and add all the seasoning ingredients with onions and fry until onions are soft and reddish.Add cooked dal with at least ten cups of water, tamarind juice, salt, jaggery, all the cooked veggies, tomatoes and ground masala powder.

Boil until you see the oil specks on top, add more water if necessary to make it thin. Keep it overnight in the fridge. Next day,boil the gravy again.Cook 2 cups rice and cool in a wide pan nad add to the gravy,simmer until thickish. Adjust the Salt.It's ready to serve.Cut down the amount to half since this serves 8 people!I love leftover BBB! ;D

Mosaranna/Yogurt Rice:
Since Bisi Bele Bhath is quite spicy,I always serve with Yogurt rice and Yogurt Raita.

Click here for the recipe which is already in my post.

Next are two delicious Salads and a stir-fry:

A cooling yogurt,cucumber and Tomato Raita/salad, a classic Mysorean tangy Carrot and Moong dal Kosumbari/salad and my personal favorite Green Beans Stir-fry!YUM!

Here is how to make them one by one:

Carrot and Moong dal Kosumbari/Salad:

Soak 2 tbsp Moong dal in water for 2hrs and drain(raw,no cooking).Add to 2 cups of grated Carrots and mix with 1 tsp lemon juice,salt,few cilantro.Heat a tsp oil,add a 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,2 curry leaves,1 chopped Green chlli.Add to Kosumbari and mix well.

Green Beans Stir-Fry:

Chop Green Beans about 2 cups,microwave it with salt and water until little soft(not soggy but should still crunchy) and drain.Heat 2 tsp oil,add 1 tsp each chana dal,Urad dal,1/2 tsp each mustard and cumin seeds,curry leaves,2 red chillies broken.Add 1/2 finely minced onion,fry until reddish.Add cooked beans and fry for a second,mix in 1 tbsp dry coconut,salt and mix well to serve.

Yogurt-Cucumber-Tomato Raita:

Mix 1 cup each Yogurt,cubed Cucumber and cubed Tomatoes with salt,1/2 tsp cumin seeds pd,cilantro and chill until it is ready to be served.

Finally,the big Finale! Dessert!! What is it?! One more classic Karnataka dessert!

Chiroti with Badami Halu/Almond milk!!
No Kannadiga weddings are complete without Chirotis soaked in sweet aromatic Almond milk! Chirotis are Tortilla like circles or layered into shapes made of flour and semolina and deep fried in to delicious flaky dessert served with sweetened Almond milk!It's most delicious dessert and can be made simple to complicated ways.Some of you have posted Chirotis in your blogs,try mine as well!:)

Simple one is just rolled out into circles and fried,sprinkled with cardamom flavored powdered sugar.
Second way is to fold into shapes like I have done and served with Almond Milk.
Third and a elaborate way is to make several circles,stack 5-6 on top of each other with butter in between,rolled like a tube,cut into little circles again,rolled out and fried and served with Payasa/sweet porridge.Phew!!This one was tiring just to write.Okay,let's do second one with my short cut way,shall we?:)

How To: Makes about 6-8

Take 1/2 cup Plain flour,1/2 cup Chiroti rava(Fine grained Semolina),1/4 tsp Salt,2 tbsp powdered sugar,Clove powder 1/4 tsp,Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp,2 tbsp Ghee or butter,mix all these with enough water to make firm pliable dough,keep aside.Heat oil to deep fry.

Divide the dough to 6-8 portions,roll out each into thin circle,cut into a square by cutting the edges and join all four pointy edges in the middle lightly and stick a tooth prick thru' four corners to hold the shape in oil.Repeat with the others and deep fry until golden and drain on paper towel.Take out the tooth picks.

Quick Almond Milk:
Pour 1 12oz can unsweetened Evaporated milk in a bowl.Soak the 1/4 cup Almonds in hot water for half an hour.Peel the skin as much as you can to get a white milk and grind into smooth paste,add to milk with 2-3 tbsp powdered sugar,1/2 tsp Cardamom pd,pinch of Saffron,heat until thick.That's it!Or boil 2-3 cups of Fat-Free half and half milk until reduced to half and make it in the same way.

To serve: Place a Chiroti and pour the Almond Milk and sprinkle some toasted, crushed Almonds on top.
Chirotis taste best when they are crisp and serve as soon as they are fried rather than keeping them for half a day!My kids who don't like anything with cardamoms but love Vanilla flavor usually,LOVED this dessert and had second helpings!:)

Well...That was about it for me this time around! Hope you try some of these and enjoy.As far as I am concerned,I am done with all these festivals until next Deepavali!PHEW!! See you all next week with JIHVA Potato!!:)


Pavani said...

Happy Shiva Rathri to you too Asha. Those goodies look delicious. Never tried the dessert before, will try this one soon. Thanks for the recipes.

Sia said...

abbabba:) so many items for shivratri!!! i guess u did ur "jagarane" with cooking;)
i love all of them. bisi bele baath and mosaranna is my all time fav. i usually make them extra coz i love to eat them next day and ever day after that;)
chiroti in badami haalu... slurrrrrp... khandita nimge hotte novu baratte;) they look absoulutely divine. i have to try this soon or else i won't be able to sleep properly at night:)
ah!!! u r amazing ashakka:) hugs to u:)

FH said...

USHA said...

Hmmmm.....All the item for Shivaratri was wonderful...wow!chiroti with almondmilk is excellent...

I was fasting ,then did pooja in evening prepared Green peas sundal and Vermicelli Payasam....on that day..

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Lovely recipes for Shivratri:) I make Bisebele bhath but your method is more authentic:) Next time I will try your recipe:)I liked the idea of making the gravy first. It must be saving time too.Even the carrot with mung dal salad is good. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

sra said...

your chiroti sounds interesting, never have eaten it. is it labour-intensive?

Bong Mom said...

Thanks for the Bisi bele Bhath. I saw it in quite a few blogs and am dying to try out

My Ma does Shivratri too, she fasts the whole day and eats only after visiting the mandir in the evening. Last time she was here I did it with her, but gave it a miss this time

FH said...

You are welcome Pavani and hope you try some of them.Thank you!:)

HeHe!I ate BBB for 3 days for lunch and damn thing tastes better and better.My grandmother doesn't eat any leftovers,gives it away to servants!Ella khali agide eega,hotte novu baro chance illa!;D Chiroti chennagittu evaporated milk jote.Saves lot of time too.Thank you Sia,hugs!

Usha,thanks.Sorry you still can't get in this blog but I am glad that you are taking time leave a comment on the other blog.I appreciate it!No fasting for us but ate well!:)

Hi Archana,thank you!:)) Both BBB and Carrot-Moong dal salad is traditional Mysorean Grandmother's recipes.I always make some changes and improvise on them which probably make my ajji unhappy!;D Hope you try recipes.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Shivarathri Asha. That was a true feast! Bissi bella huli anna seems to be a must try. I make a different version and this seems more authentic. Chiroti with badami halu is very new to me. Thanks for the recipe
Know what? I cant help but notice how all the 'p'words in Tamil are 'h' words in Kannada. poo is hoo, puli is huli and now palu is halu:)

Nee said...

WOW! Ashamma, a very Happy Shivaratri to you too! I love how you go all out for festivals! Your enthusiasm is always just a little extra...!
Loved this post...


Vini K said...

Hi Asha,wow..bisibele bhath!mmmmmmmmmmm my fav.I can live on it practically all my life(I almost did when I was pregnant!:D)
Looks mouth-wateringly delicious.Wish I could grab the whole plate!BTW,plate itself is beautiful too.Mosaranna is my fav too,except that I can't eat yogurt made with diary milk as it gives me migraines:(looks great!

about the chiroti,recently one of my marathi friends here taught me how to do it,and she used the third method you mentioned.looks like I have to try out your version soon or my tummy won;t let me sleep tonight!:))

Did you fast for Shivaratri?I couldn't because of my migraine,have been advised not to fast.

Mishmash ! said...

Hi Asha(ji) :) Felt nice to read about ur Shivaratri celebs. Its really remarkable the way you try to balance ur root culture and traditions at the same time,when u re all game, enjoying a super bowl party with a mexican and ameican flavour :) Chiroti is interesting; I will save the recipe and try it sometime later.


Chickoo said...


Thats it! Innu nange illiroke agolla, I am driving down to your house now! I am soooo famished! Modale hasivu, thindi bere thindilla, neevu istu ruchi ruchiyada adige hakidre nanganthu kelsadalli dhyanane illa :)

Nimma recipes thumba thumba chennagive

FH said...

rp,glad you got that blog.He does write very humorous posts!:)

Hi sra,Chiroti can be labor intensive if you make it the traditional way but mine is short cut if you get Evaporated milk there.You can make it within an hour.It tastes great when they are crispy.Hope you try!:)

Hema,you are right.Although Tamil and Kannada script is totally different,most spoken words are very similar!You say Pennu,we say Hennu for a girl!;D
Telugu and Kannada script are very similar,I can read Telugu but I cannot understand spoken Telugu words at all!Isn't that fascinating? Enjoy the recipes.

Nee,thank you.I am done with all these festivals darling!;p
It is so exhausting to make all those alone.Arvind and kids are not interested in any festival at all.I just keep on doing something for the kids so they will remember when they grow up!Thank God I LIKE cooking,or else there would be no feast here at all!:))

TNL said...

oh my, were you busy.....Loved the whole spread...tortilla bondas are new to me,it sounds like something I would like.
That dessert, oh lord...I have got to try that, I have been missing out!
Thanks for the detailed recipe...will make it for K.

Sai said...

My Dear Dear Asha:

First of all "Om namah Shivaya." Thanks for letting me know the day. I ate veggie food as well.

Second of all I LOVE bisi bele bhath and LOVE chiroti with almond milk!!!! THanks for sharing both the recipes.

My mom has Kannadiga neighbors when she was growing up. My mom used to make bisi bele bhath for us. BTW my mom could speak Kannada, don't know now because of years of not speaking it.

Nidhi said...

Hello Asha ji,
I have been trying and trying and trying to post a comment on your blog since Valentine day but your comment link doesn't work somehow, thanks God it finally opened today...
So, Shivratri Food or should I say feast :D its really looking like feast and you very rightly said that people feast after fast. This is exactly how it is. Even I believe in Lord Shiva a lot and I did keep the fast as well and my younger brother was also born on this day...so its really a special day for me. The dishes that you have made are new to me since its the south Indian version.. may be. But Almond milk is my all time favourite, thanks a lot sharing these recipes with us.
In your V'day's post you posted the recipe of butter chicken and amlai kofta, which are again my favourites. The platters are looking beautiful. Hope you had a good one.

FH said...

Hi Sandeepa,thanks.BBB is a classic Karnataka dish.Hope you give it a try.We NEVER fasted in our lives!:D
I don't think it's necessary to that here but in India it would be fun to join others when they are fasting and to listen to stories etc.Hope you give BBB a try.

Hi Vini,BBB tastes better after 2 days and Mosaranna is a classic combo to cool you down!:D
No,I never fasted ever but just cooked for ShivaRatri.Hope you try the easy Chiroti,it's yummy.

Thank you shn!I have to do something to get the kids to remember the traditions even though it tires me out.I make them read some Amar Chitra Katha Shiva stories which they enjoy thankfully because of the colorful pics!:)) Enjoy the Chiroti.

Deepa,thindi thinnade yake kelasa madokke hogodappa!Olledalla.Naanu kelavu sala madteeni hage,tale novu banda mele thindi tindilla anta gottagutte!:D
Drive down but I have to make something else because they are gone!:p I wish you would post some authentic dishes too sometimes,amma ,ajjidu.Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family had a great Time celebrating shivarathri ,do you do jagarane on that day..?Yummmy festive dishes ,liked chiroti made in your style,It was too tempting!Been a long time since I had chiroti, Thanks dear for sharing :) Have a great day .

starry said...

Asha..I am coming to your house next year for Shivrathri dinner. wow you sure went all out with that spread. Bise bele Bath is my husbands favorite.I have to try out your recipe.thanks.Happy ShivRathri to you and your family.

FH said...

Hi T! I just added some Tortilla pieces on a whim for the leftover batter,it was surprisingly good.Hope you try that.Chiroti is K'taka classic,but I improvised.Enjoy.
I am making Trisha cook this weekend for you!;D

Hi Sai,thank you for your wish in Sanskrit! I made a wooden Mantap with wooden letters we get at craft store with those words.Something for kids to look at everyday!Can't let them forget the roots!:)
You know,I looked and looked for Kalakand recipe,couldn't find it in the internet and then I found one in my own old cookbook!I will make it some day,may not be authentic but will see.
Kannada is easy to learn as a language and very easy to pick up too if you live in K'taka for a while.I am sure your mom haven't forgotten,it's like learning to bike.It will back to you!:))

Hi Nidhi,some have trouble opening the blog,don't why but thanks for trying again!:)) Yes,these are all very traditional Karanatakite recipes,bet you haven't tried these.Hope you try Chiroti with Almond milk too.Enjoy.
A fast,Feast and a Birthday too,that is some celebration in your house Nidhi! So good to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

You have done it again.You have excelled yourself once again. The shivarathri spread is amazing with yummy dishes.Got to try out your chiroti with badam milk & BBB.

I tried your butter chicken recipe & it was very tasty & rich.Thanks a lot.

Warm Regards,

Manasi said...
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Manasi said...

Aaahhhhh! What a feast!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE BBB and Mosuranna! I am a sweet addict so I was salivating all over the chiroti and almond milk! Why don't you stay somewhere near .. like my next door neighbor!!??!! Too Good! Too good!!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Hello, hello. Had to take a raincheck on Shivrathri (psst, psst..don't want to give too much info about why, if y'know what I mean).
But vow....i noticed all your nice ceramic dishes too (ceramic, aren't they)....love the all-white collection.
And can I send hubby and A over...y'know abt my blog marathon right? Will definitely try chiroti....then I would've attianed cooking nirvana, thanks to you :)

Susan in Italy said...

Happy Shiva Rathri, Asha! I'm once agains very impressed by all the delicious-looking foods you make. I don't know how you do it. I got a chuckle when you said your family back home makes their meal even more elaborate and elegant! It's hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

I have tried bisebella bath only with store bought masala. Now I must try this traditional recipe. Thanks Asha.

FH said...

Linda Said:

Now I have just come back from FH. Thank goodness for Aroma or I'd have nowhere to comment! "E" is for everything you made looks fantabulous! My favs: the bise bele bhath, photos and story about the festival (great photo from Mahek!) and chiroti in almond milk... yogurt rice looks so pretty with the purple onion, and all the little side dishes -- everything's very colorful! I would never have thought to put grated carrots with that moong dal salad. And I see now how your bajji batter comes out crispy. Would love a plateful of everything, dear -- what a feast! :)

FH said...

Suma Gandlur said...

your shivarathri dishes are just wonderful. But as soon as I saw the word chiroti, I quickly went to it's recipe. My mother have no clue how to make it. So, we associated this with weddings, the only time we got to eat it. I would prefer the difficult way you mentioned. Does the easy way you mentioned would be flaky? I wanted to know.

FH said...

Linda and Suma,thank you both for leaving the comments at Aroma.Sorry you couldn't get in here.

Thanks Lera.No,didn't do any Jagarane at all but ate!;)Go find a wedding Lera, and crash in.You get to eat plenty of Chirotis without all thw work!:D

Hi Jas,chuck the store-bought one's and make this powder and keep it.It's my grandmother's recipe and we never use any other powder for BBB.Hope you try.

Try it Starry,you will love it I am sure.Tastes better after two days,so make it plenty.You can freeze too for quick BBB!

Kavitha said...

Oh Wow!!! You never cease to amaze me. How can one person do all that? Tell me the truth.... you have like a staff of people to help out, right?

FH said...

Thanks Kate,hope you try those.I am happt to know you tried the Butter chicken and liked it.It is rich,don't make it often but occassionally it would be okay!:)

Manasi,happy to know that you are familiar with these dishes.You know they taste great!:) Thanks girl.

Hey Orchid,bummer! I can guess what that was!:))That's okay,ShivaRatri is everyday when are ready,right? Marathon is going very well for you and I am running with you too!Have fun and don't forget to cook!;D

Hi Susan,good to see you here!:))
It's true Susan! When you have a HUGE family,it takes about 24hrs to cook by many women and feast is always very varied and elaborate.Mine is like 10% of all that.This festival is like Christmas for Shaivas except it's not a B'day but lot of praying the whole night!:) Hope you make some Chirotis and try.Thanks.

Li'l Lite said...

Hey Asha,
I love this post of yours..it has brought a lot of nostalgia..my maternal grandma used to make great chirotis for us and but these days we eat them only in weddings, bcos my mom doesnt know how to make them..thanks for this recipe..i will pass it to my mom and let u know how it came abt :)
..even i love eating BBB the next day even though my folks think it is weird and tease me ;)
Thanks for the visual treat :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

hi asha,

The first thing i thought when i saw the bisibele bhaath recipe was - oh no! Now The Better Half is definitely going to pester me till I make this! :) actually he's been doing that since i told him my mom makes it...and now u too! well, i don't mind..i like it too :)..dahi rice is his fav too..will definitely make that and the koshimbir..thanks!

Seema Bhat said...

Abbabbabba. Hingiro recipes hakidre nimge hotte bene baratte kanri. Oh lord, besibelebath looks soo soo authentic. I loved the fact that you cook rice and dal seperately and then mix and cook them again. Loved the bondas too and chiroti god I miss ooru. Yakri nanna invite madlilla shirvrathrige? Loved them all

swapna susarla said...

We enjoyed Shivaratri.Hope u also enjoyed it by making so many dishes.
I love BBB(bisebillebath)as i stayed in bangoloore.i too make this sometimes.and the curry's also i tasted.chirote is new to me.will try sometime.almond milk is mouthwatering.

Beccy said...

More tempting recipes, they look so good.

I made your penne pasta last week, delicious and the crab cakes recently just for me!

FH said...

Wish I had staff around to help me Spice Lover!Not in US,just me the owner,manager and the servant!;D It was tiring although I took two days to make them all.

Hi dr,your mom will love this version if she can get Evaporated milk,can make in a jiffy without boiling down all that milk for hrs!I ate BBB for three days,tell that to your family!;D

Hi Miss M! Make some and please your hubby after all that he did for you on V'day girl!:) He deserves ot all and more.They are not that hard if you prepare the pd and the gravy day before.Hope you do!

Manjula said...

I thought Shivaratri means "Upavasa".
Just kidding..Bisibelebaath, masaranna, fried fritters, chiroti ..slurrrp..

Couple of Q's in BBB.
1. Did you forget to mention when to add vegetables in the BBB?
2. Why do you refrigerate the cooked dal before mixing in the rice?
3. Should the dal be hard cooked or ok if it is mashed totally?

FH said...

Seema,ninna haage Sianu nange hotte novu barutte anta heliddale.Oushadi ready aagi ittuko bekagutte naanu ashte!Car hatti barodalva illige!;D
I know,I miss ooru too whenever these festivals come around.First of all I don't cook there,then get to sit down and eat all that.Now,no chance.Got to cook and serve!

Hi Swapna,thanks girl.Glad to know you have tasted BBB before.Chiroti is easy,not hard to make those.Hope you try!:))

Hi Beccy, happy to know you tried and liked Penne Pasta.Your mum baked that too,looked wonderful in her post.
Kids and hubby don't like Crabs I guess.Sometimes,moms just have to cook for ourseleves and enjoy it,right?:D I do that too sometimes.Meal for one!Thanks for visiting Beccy.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Shaiva cuisine :)

The food looks great.. won't mind staying up all night for that kind of food :D

Margie said...

Hi Asha
I love coming here each week to check out your great post and wonderful recipes.
Gosh, the dessert looks so yummy!
I am going to have to make it!
I know my famiy will love it!
you must have one happy family ...
All the wonderful dishes you make!
Happy Shrivaratri to you and your family!
And, thank you for all the wonderful recipes!

Oh, it is the most beautiful day here in Colorado, but we are supposed to get snow on the weekend!
I am wanting spring so badly!
It will be here soon!
I love spring so much!
Take care!
Sending some hugs and smiles
across the miles!

P.S Did you see Keshi's last post?
It is so special!

Anonymous said...

I cant see the photos!!me too love BBB!would love to try out that chiroti recipe:) btw saw your latest cookbook addition & want your review on that book pls:),for if good i would like to get a copy too:)After reading your comment about too much non veg food on my blog, went & bought a vegetarian cookbook 2day!!he!he!he!( your comment was the perfect excuse to offer myself another cookbook!;))

NewZulfi said...

I gonna try some of ur menus..I will write feedback in my blog soon
see my blog..

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy, Vegetarian post !! First time I tried BBB was when I had a stop over at B'lore and stayed with a friend- her sister made it for dinner and was it yummmm or what ! I loved it! And I have been making it once in a while with that MTR masala. Wish someone could grind all that masala for me and I would love to make it the traditional way !!

FH said...

Hi Manjula,after Upavasa and Jagarane,it's time to eat and sleep!:D
Add (cooked seperately) veggies when you are boiling the dal,Carrots gets mashed if you pressure cook it with dal.Dal must cooked soft and will get mashed anyway.I make dal day before with all spices,veggies etc and keep it in the fridge,so it gets a good flavor overnight.Next day,I boil again and add cooked rice,reduce until thick.Any more q's,come back!:)

Hi TD!HeHe!! There is no exclusively Shaiva Cuisine,is there?It is surprising.I am willing to do the Upavasa and Jagarane DNA,if only somebody else cooks for me!!;)

Hi Margie,thanks and hope you try.I am waiting for spring too!:) We do have around 60F today,not bad at all for Feb!
I saw that slide and saw you and all others too. I made it there with my husband!!:D It was nice of her,must have taken ages!

Hi Paati,why can't you see the pics?!Try later,may be too much traffic here now.Well..good for you to try some veg dishes.
That book has half the recipes we already know(south Indians anyway) like there are 5 rice dishes;Yogurt rice,Mango rice,Pulihora,Vangi Bhath and Bisibele huli anna! It's good for beginners or North Indians,I think.There are some unusual dishes though.Is $30 worth it? Not for me but most ppl might like it.Depends on the individual I guess.

mommyof2 said...

mouthwatering stuff:-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I was waiting for the recipe for Bisi bili bhaath from you ( karnatka speciality right )and here it is..I am gonna cook it tonight....I have never tried it and heard that its tastes very good...thanxs so much for sharing

FH said...

Will check your blog newzulfi!:)) Love the feedback from you and any advice are welcome too.

Abha,skip the coconut and make that powder one day and instant BBB is ready for you dal and rice!Try girl,how long can you live on the MTR guys!:))

Thank you MO2! More for you try!;D

Yes Sushma,Karnataka special indeed. Specially from Mysore!Make it and have it for next day's lunch or dinner.Tastes good after it sits for a day.Hope you do!:)

indosungod said...

Asha you excelled yourself. What a spread, BBB can't postpone any longer have to make it. Chiroti with Badami milk, first time seen it here. Looks absolutely mouth watering.

How about a night long blogging event next Shivaratri? Just kidding...

FH said...

Hi Indo,thank you sweetie.Hope you try some of these this weekend.
Night looong blogging!Not happening in my house,even for Shiva himself!:D:D

Shionge said...

Happy Holiday Asha & Family :D

Hey Asha...the appetizers sure looks like tempura :) and we call it goreng pisang for deep fried bananas.

Very interesting and as usual, very very yummy. I'm amazed by your cooking expertize :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are the most educational blogger I have met. I always learn so much coming to your site!

FH said...

Hi Shionge,thanks girl.I think Tempuras are the same thing except we use Besan(gram Flour) and lot of spices in the batter.Asian cooking is lot similar in a way!

Kristen,that was a nice thing to say sweetie,thank you.I will take it humbly,I try my best to bring something interesting and something to know every week.I appreciate it!:))

Keshi said...

Asha I went for Shivarathri bhajans on Fri nite...came home ard 2am.

Btw those food pics r forcing me to take an early lunch. And if that the kind of 'Shaiva' cuisine I cud make, then I'd fast everyday sweetie :) YUMMMMMMMMY!


FH said...

Keshi,Aus. is cool!! You went to Bajans!WOW! girl,we have to drive miles and miles to a temple here.You are lucky,not that I will stay around until 2am there but it's nice to have a choice!We just ate on ShivaRatri!!:D
Thanks for the beautiful slide you took time to make for us.We love you too.Hugs and kisses!:)

Unknown said...

Asha..wow..no other words to say..i am drolling here after seeing that dessert..have to try it.I have always used store brought masala for bisibellabath.Next time gottu try it from the scratch.So You are done with all festivals huh..?..how come..vishu is there, and then sarasvathi pooja,chathurthi..etc..few more till next deepavali..:D.

FH said...

NO MORE festivals for me Mahesh!!I donot know what Vishu is but for Ganesha,I might do ONE sweet,that's it!:D
Thanks girl.Make the BBB powder one day,and every thing else is easy and quick after that.Enjoy the recipes,pure vegetarian this time and the next post Potato as well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kannadiga spread, Ash! It's amazing how many different ways one can make a dish, na? Love the dish your BBB is in! Kosambari with uddina bele or kadale bele with palya is such a classic habba fare! And not to forget, what I consider the most important part, the fried stuff!! :)

Viji said...

Very nice and so many dishes Asha. The dessert is something totally new for us. Very nice b.bath. All look so yummy. Viji

J said...

I'm almost starting to understand kannada now I think! :) It's so good to see you prepare all this festive feast! And it makes me miss being with my folks on days like these! There is absolutely no whimper of festivity here I must say!
Liked all your items. Must try chiroti. At my mum's place payasam is a must for occassions, but at my MIL's place, they have badam milk!

Anonymous said...

Ree Asha,
Navu saha ee adige galanne habbagalige madodu.Except chiroti, nanage madalu gottiralilla. Ugadi habbakke kanditavagiyu nimma chiroti madutene. Nanu BBB ge swalpa marati moggu hakutene, In US we dont get. Nanu india dinda bandaga tandidde.Got over ammanige post madalu heliddene.
thanks for sharing our kannada recipes,

Anonymous said...

You have been one hellava busy cook, Asha. A lovely festive spread!

Must try your versions of Bisi Bele Bath and Vangi Bath and Chiroti sometime. Maybe soon..:)

FH said...

Hi Vani,I always make BBB for ShivaRatri and there were so many BBB recipes out there,I was hesitating to post.But it's ajji's authentic one,so here it is.How can you not make Bajjis to go with it,eh?;D Chirotis were last minute decision to make.It was good.Thanks girl.

Hi Viji,good to see you!:)BBB is classic K'taka dish of course and Chirotis are embedded in every Kannadiga wedding as well,can't even think of marriage without Chirotis!:D Enjoy.

J! You are right,Payasa is also very traditional dish on festivals in Mysore.This time I thought I will make something special with Chirotis and Badami Halu.Even my kids liked it!:p
I should post one with Kannada words so you all can learn!!:D I think most Tamilian will easily understand it all;halu=Palu etc!

Priya said...

Asha: Chiroti looks hmmmmmmm yummy and delicious.

Gotto try this. Instead of almond milk, what else can be added asha. Any coconut milk shud be fine??

FH said...

Mamatha,Nanna hatranu Marati Moggu illa,Atlantakke hodre bekadashtu sigutte,hogabeku.Chiroti maduvegalalli maduttare,maneli madodu kadimene.Madinodamma,easy!Innu enadru Kannada adige ideagalidre helamma,naanu madi illi post madutteeni.Eshtu varsha aytu India bittu,eshtondella marate hogide!:))

Hi Sailaja,thank you.These are very traditional K'taka recipes,hope you give it a try.Mamatha just told she adds Marati Moggu to BBB as well.Great idea.I should note that too.Enjoy the recipes!:))

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, I have been waiting for this menu with great impatience and I have to tell you, it was worth every second of my waiting! :) I have already copied your version of the Bisi Beli Bath, the carrot-moong salad and Mosaranna, yum!

I have never heard of Chiroti with Badami Halu - I really need to grab an invite to a Kannadiga wedding,lol, it looks so delicious!

Thanks very much for sharing these delightful recipes with us. I can't wait to make the Bisi Beli Bath, it's always been one of my favorite dishes to eat every time we go to Bangalore!

yum said...

Wow, thats a delicious spread! especially the chiroti and the bajjis(the fried ones always get you!!!)

You're a really innovative cook. Adding tortillas, I never would have thought of it. I love Karnataka cuisine!

Life said...

HAPPY Sihva Ratri ashaji. Me was bit disappeared in this bussy world where its difficult to find oursleves..But i managed to get back :)
So it shows that u had great festival with good foodies...

How ru ashaji..iam fine

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Thats a very nice spread Asha. Looks like you had loads of fun for shivratri.

Your Chiroti looks very different than what I know. I will try it sometime.

I like Murudeshwar temple very much. Its calm and quiet and beautiful. It has changed a lot in last few years. The hotels and other shops have reduced the beauty of it. But still it is one of my favorites.

FH said...

Hi Lotus,thank you for your patience!It took me quite a while to type it all down here,thank God for once a week post!;D Chirotis are wedding classic,try crashing one Kannadiga wedding!Hope you try and enjoy the recipes.

Yum,thanks.We have got to have some fried stuff next to entrees ,right?Always feels good to have some crunchies.Enjoy the recipes.

Priya,you could make Kai Payasa; coconut,jaggery,cardamon,toasted nut crushed or ground.We make with Obbattu,tastes great.Might work with Chirotis too.Give it a try.

FH said...

Hi Vikas,great to see you here man.I am good,thanks.It's a little cold here but weather is getting better and better.Hope you are taking it easy too.More dishes for you to ask around and taste in Mumbai!:)

Hi Shilpa,I know you made the hard way of Chiroti with layers etc.In weddings,they just roll it out and serve with cardamom sugar pd because it's easy for a crowd.I made it a little fancy shapes!:D
I have beem to Udupi Krishna temple and Dharmasthala but not to Murudeshwar.Looks beautiful,tourism always destroys natural beauty,it's sad.I love to visit there one day!:)
Thanks for visiting Shilpa,hope everything is going smoothly for you.

ChrisB said...

my belated best wishes for your Shivaratri celebration. I need you to give me a lesson in food photography your always look so beautiful.

Mythreyee said...

Oh My God! Its heavenly. I should have been in your house for Shiva Rathiri. Every Dish you have made, are my most fav. Bisi bela huli anna, mosuranna, kosambari... olla habbadha adigai. Will try your spice mix for BB huli anna. thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Chris,thank you.You had a great time at Beccy's!:)
Oh,I just have a little camera I use for photos,nothing fancy.Good lighting and some good angles are all you need!

Hi Myth,thanks sweetie.Next time ootakke bandubidi elru!:))Try BBB,it's authentic and enjoy the others too.

Lakshmik said...


So many yummy recipes. Cannot wait to try them all. Thanks for letting out your secret on the bajji recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Man...Your shivarathri food prep is making me so hungry.Missing my mom s habbada adige a lot.I wish I had the stamina to cook so many things in a day ..your kids will definitely remember this when they grow up..just like we all remember our mom's ..I couldn't prepare anything as we were travelling that evening.After seeing your blog I have decided to celebrate all Indian festivals as though I am not in US but in India...even I would want my hubby to remember how his wife celebrates all festivals with habbada adige:)

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Finally been able to access your "comment" link. Great spread -can I please please please have a generous helping of Chirotti. I love all the dishes you made. Visiting your blog every Wed is a pleasure :)
Belatedly, happy maha shivratri :)

FH said...

H Lakshmi,you are welcome.Hope you do make these and enjoy.Bajji secret is out now,have fun!:D

Hi Anon,thank you so much.You can take me out of India,but can't India out of me!!!;D I try my best to keep up with the tradition although it's what it is in India.Hope you do too.Leave your first name next time so I know who you are.

Sangeeta,you can have all you want if you make it at home!:D Thanks girl,I did enjoy cooking all that although it was exhausting.Hope you try atleast some of them when you can.

Sri said...

Happy shivratri to you too Ashaji....wow you had some feast...I wish I stayed nearby you :D. The curd rice is looking so beautiful.

Pooja said...

I am really flat seeing all your vegeterian recipes...this time i think i can try ech one of that...
some of them are new to me,never trie BBB at home, seems like it will be upto my taste, will let you know when i will try it out :) .
thanks for sharing.
i missed commenting on your last post, but as usual i find that intresting too :D .
you are absolutely wonderful with cooking. Hugs to you :) .

Unknown said...

You are truly a tireless one! Bisibele I learnt from Sakshi's annasaarupaalya, its now memorised and i have impressed many a guest with her unfailing recipe..i guess both ur recipes are on similar lines. Besides, the bisi bele expands in quantity like a akshaya paatram, and i can have it for lunch the next day too

I loved the Chiroti, seems like a fun thing to do, especially the layers, rolling and cutting...but only if thats the only thing im making..

Joyce said...

You constantly amaze me and tickle my taste buds. Fabulous post with super images and good instructions.Thanks for all effort you expend.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Nice spread for Shivaratri.
Curd Rice looks different with onion.
Am able to comment now, using firefox.

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, what a glorious spread!! and I see you have a lot of beautiful plates :D
Love that chiroti, I have a soft spot for deep-fried food! And yes, definitely going to do your appetisier as well!

FH said...

Sri,thank you.Hope you give it a try.Have a great weekend sweetie!:))

Pooja,DON'T MISS it again!;D I know you are busy,lot of changes are going on in your life right now,it's okay.Come and see me whenever you can.Try BBB,might like it.

Saakshi err..Sangeeta and I are 100% Kannadigas!!We never use any ready mix to make this,it's in our blood passed from grandmothers'.There are little variations in ingredients in each families,other than that it's basically the same recipe for all of us.
Try Chiroti on it's own some weekend,I bet you will memorize that too!:D Thanks Nandita.

FH said...

Thank you Joyce.Festivals come around once a year,so we put on some extra effort in cooking etc. since we are so far away from India.I appreciate your comment!:))

YAY!! MT, I am always glad to see you here.Happy that Firefox works for you.Thank you and curd rice is different from other ones,you can skip the garlic-ginger juice if you don't like it but tastes great with it.Hope you try!:))

Thank you Gattina.I love collecting plates and bowls.They are all over the place which makes Arvind upset sometimes!:D
Bajjis are like Tempura,aren't they?J ust diff. flour and spices.Hope you try Chiroti and don't forget the Almond milk which is classic combo!Enjoy.

Latha said...

OH my what a fare Ashu! I wish I could come to your house to eat that traditional meal!
We had a big pooja and function in the Temple here for Shivratri! Went on till late in the night. Some of us ladies spent a coupel of hours cooking idli, chutney, sambar, uppit and curds, ksheera for the prasad! It was a grand success and was fun!

Mandira said...

Asha - the shivratri spread looks delicious. Will have to try chiroti. Looks amazing. I've never tried yogurt rice with ginger-garlic. Will have to try this new recipe.

Anusha said...

we dont celebrate Shiva rathri - but, as usual, your spread is impressive! I am sure the Lord Himself was quite pleased ;)
And your bajji batter - very different ratios from what we use - so I'm going to try yours to taste the secret ingredient ;)
Thanks for presenting a totally southie, veggie feast!!

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Good picture of God Shiv. I like your lots of recipe. But I specially like your Mysore Bisi Bele Bhath. It looks so good I will try it sometime. Thanks for nice recipes.:)

FH said...

Latha,you seem to have had more fun than us girl!:) It must have been fun to be there,that's the advantage of living near little India,than in small towns .Idli chutney sounds good to me.Yum!

Hi Mandira,my ajji always added ginger-garlic to that dish,try once.You might like it.Enjoy the new recipe!:)

Hi@,thank you.I don't know about Shiva but we certainly pleased ourselves!;D Try some of these,Shiva Ratri or not.Bajji batter is indeed different,turns out very crispy Bajjis.

Hi Kajal,you are welcome.Hope you try these and enjoy.I will try to bring more traditional dishes but I get bored with cooking Indian only dishes sometimes!:))

brute said...

me late! but enjoied the virtual feast....... :D

FH said...

Hi Brute! Nah,you are not late at all.Thank you for saying hi and enjoy the feast!:))

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! that is feast for the great Lord Shiva indeed!!!It looks fantastic. They served the first type of chirotis for my wedding...I do not remember the taste but I do remember the great chirotis I used to buy from Bangalore for my mom! The folded is variety is new to me. Great meal as usual. Thanks for sharing!

Prema Sundar said...

WOw.. Nice spread Asha..Kosambari is my favourite. One of my friends used to make it and I started to love it. Chiroti with badam milk is new to me and a must try one I think..thanks for the recipes

Anonymous said...

coming to this place is like home coming ashaji...:)
chiroti with badami halu...i m already slurping...:P

vasilisa said...

Asha! So appetizing! As usual :-)

And I definitely like the Yoghurt-Cucumber-Tomato Raita idea. I make something similar myself during summer, but with sour cream. I never thought about adding spices though, definitely gonna try it next time.

And I must say: you've got some really nice serving plates. I love the one shaped as a leaf. Sets a festive mood right away.

PS: I've installed Firefox, and was finally able to access comments section... Don't know what is going on with Explorer. Microsoft must be up to something again :-)


What a unique way to celebrate Shivratri. We also celebrated Shivratri in a 101 year old temple in my lane, The Shivalinga was made of of ICE.

I have posted the photo on

FH said...

Nalini,you are right,we never remember what we ate at our weddings!:D
in wedding you always get the easy Chiroti just sprinkled with sugar pd bcos of so many ppl they have to serve!:))I made it a little fancier.Hope you try.

Hi Prema,Ilove Kosumbaris too,there are somany of them my grandmother makes.I don't remember half of them.Try the Chiroti with badami halu,I am sure sure you will love it.Thanks.

FH said...

Hi SouthPaw,welcome home brother!:))I wish I could send you some Chiroti over!Hope KCS takes the recipe down and make it for you when you meet her next time.Be safe and God bless you soldier!:))

Hi Lisa,so glad to see you girl.Sorry the I missed some of your posts.I don't use IE anymore,so slow,it started to give me a headache.
Bowls; yeah,I collect them here and there.Arvind gets upset but who cares!;D I like pretty ones,usually they come mostly in white for some reason.
Try the carrot and moong dal salad too,you will love it.Best of luck for your upcoming brand new son!:)Hugs and kisses.

Hi Harekrishnaji,thank you for visiting.Shiva in ice!!!WOW!!!Compared to that,I must say our Shiva Ratri is unique indeed!;D We just do what we can living in a small town here.I haven't been to Shiva Temple in many years.It's about 400 miles from here,got to make a trip sometimes.
I will take a look at your Ice Shiva,can't wait.Thanks again.

Cyberkitty said...

happy shivaratri to you ! i loved the chirotis!

Anonymous said...

wow what a feast....great dishes as always Ashaben...yes Shivaratri is indeed a is very special time...take care ben

FH said...

Thank you Cyber Kitty!:)) WOW!! At last you do eat err.. love something!!;D Hope you make Chirotis,easy enough!

Hello Dilipbhai,good to see you.You have been very busy these days,eh? Take it easy brother.Thanks for visiting.Yeah, got to do something for the kids and for us living away so far from India!:))

KCS said...

Ashaji,i am noting down the recipe of Mysore Bisi Bele Bhath and Chiroti with badami halu :), The mysore bisi bele bhath is certainly looking very delicious.

Jaya M said...

dear asha,
lovely recipes for shivaratri ..
BBbath is a good one ,sure gonn try it soon...
hugs and smiles

Melting Wok said...

Asha, wishing you and your loved ones a happy belated shiva rathri :) Its great to know a lil' story behind it, thx :) While I was going thru all your lovely goodies presented for this celebration, first I had noticed its all vegetarian ? Second, I was thinking of Deevali haha, oo..do I've to wait 8-9 months for your next festive post ? *grins* Cheers, have a wonderful weekend now :)

FH said...

Hi KCS,your hubby likes Chiroti!Make sure you make'em for him when you see him next.Enjoy the BBB and have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Jaya,thanks girl.Please do give it a try and let me know.Enjoy the recipes:)

FH said...

Hi Shirley,good to see you back!You have had a great new year celebration and lots of great food.
Yeah,Hindu festivals feasts are always vegetarian even though we eat non-veg other days!Hypocrites?!HaHa!!

There are few festivals here and there inbetween now and Diwali but I don't think I will do much for those.Thank you and have a great weekend Shirley:)

KCS said...

Definitely,infact he can live on dessert :)
You have a great weekend too ashaji :)

FH said...

Hugs KCS!! Have a great weekend :)

karmic said...

I have to remember not to come here on an empty stomach! All of the dishes are just amazing.
Bisi bele ..rocks.
There is a version of Chiroti amongst Marathi folks too. Have heard *A* and her relatives talk about them.

Lisa Johnson said...

Great post and I'm drooling over the Chiroti! It looks so good! I think I'm hallucinating the smell of it! Yum!

FH said...

Hi Sanjay,thought you are on a little break.Good to see you here!:)

Thanks man,this would be the K'taka version,but love to know A's version of Chirotis too.Wish you would post some of those goodies atleast once a year!;D

I have a Caribbean Salad at Aroma which I really love,take a look and hope you guys give it a try. You don't have to comment there though.

Have a great rest of the weekend.It's raining here and very cloudy but warm,planning to go and get some Banana split Ice cream for all of us.

Keshi said...

tenple is that far away? wow!


FH said...

Hi Anali,yeah! It was that good!!:))
It takes a little time to make it but it's worth all the effort.A very traditional Karanataka dish(my home state) in India!Thanks girl.I made Hoppin' John yesterday,yum!!It will be at Aroma this week,I will let you know when I post.

Hi Keshi,yup!Nearest (real like India)Temple is in Altanta,Goergia and Shiva Temple is in Nashville,Tennessee and both are more than 300miles away.
I don't like one of those "a home converted into Temple" with photos and few figurines which is nearby but I like to visit the real Temples with Gopur and Gharbhagudi etc.!:)) We do drive there sometime but not often.You are lucky.

sallywrites said...

Asha, when I started to read your blog, I assumed that you were a published cookery writer.

I showed your blog to my hubby the otehr day, and he agreed with me.
You really ought to put all this into a book. Your ideas and recipes are just fabulous!

ServesYouRight said...

OMG Asha - OUTSTANDING!! Bisi bele bath, chiroti and bajjis, and that too home made!!! I am so moving to SC :-D


FH said...

Thank you Sally!:)
I just wanted to put my family's recipes here hoping my kids who are very Americanized, one day might be interested in it!;D
I appreciate it,makes me happy that a respected writer like you approves my little food blog.I do enjoy cooking,may be one day I might get it printed just for my kids though!

Hi Smitha,thanks girl.After a long time,I finally came out with some traditional recipes.Glad you liked them.Btw, I am in North Carolina,you have to drive a few miles to reach me from SC!;D

Praba Ram said...

asha -

I am probably one of the last to leave a comment on your wonderful post on Mahashivratri feast! My My...What a delightful offering - everything looks so appetizing...I have to try them - my list of things to try from your blog is long like Hanuman ji's tail...:-)

I tried your dal palak, and it was awesome! I used Masoor instead because it was the easiest to work with...Rest all was the same as what you had suggested! thank you so much...will post pics and link to your recipe soon...i don't know when I am going to post everything .. i need to do a mahashivratri and work on the blogs like how some of us do durin g our exams..


FH said...

Hi Praba,no,you are not the last at all,still one more day to go before the new post and even you are,I have no problem!:)
Take your time,don't rush.Glad you enjoyed Dal Palak,Moong dal works well too and tastier.Good luck with all the Hanuman tail list of dishes to try.Sounds like my Hanuman Tail long posts!;D

Anonymous said...

Dropped in to say hello ashaji...:)

FH said...

Hi SouthPaw,good to see you!:))
Hope everything is going well for you there.Take care brother.
I hear you could live on Desserts!;D

Anonymous said...

Wow Asha,

Very nice posting! Shiva pic is just beautifull and so is the food. I think u rock in posting so many recipes at one stretch.

I wish i can come and taste them, but little scared to face you bcuse you will be coming behind me for not sharing the goodies from India.:)


FH said...

I TOLD YOU NOT TO CROSS MY PATH!!HAHAHA!! Your pic really made crave for all those snacks.Oh man!

Thank you,I only post once a week now,so dishes come in a bunch.Enjoy the recipes Madhavi and thanks for your pictures too,makes me feel nostalgic which is not bad!:))

Anonymous said...


Loved your web site that I visited for the first time. I would like to use one of your recipes (after acknowledgment) in a publication. Could you get in touch with me please?


FH said...

Hi Prema,glad you liked my blog and the dishes!:))
I have no idea how to get in touch with you,because there is no link to your name or blog.Let me know,then I will see if I can consent.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hear you could live on Desserts!;D****Yeah :D :D :D

Anjali Koli said...

Asha this is soooo traditional. Your chiroti recipe is slightly different but yeah with badam milk and here they also serve a boondi ladoo with it. Your kids are lucky with a Mom like you.

Me said...

I'm sorry to say but this is the hardest site to visit when I'm on a diet :(

The food looks wonderful, as per usual!

FH said...

SouthPaw,good for you!:))

Anjali ,thank you.Boondi Laddoo with Badam milk is interesting!!Thanks for that,I learn new things from you gals,I am so happy.Enjoy.

Young man like you on a diet?!:))
We ladies need some dieting too.Enjoy the pictures and info about our culture,food for the brain!;D
Thank you Orhan.

Anonymous said...

The BBB turnned out delicious, I was so tempted seeing ur beautiful pics, that I had to prepare it. Cooking from blogs is definately making me add pounds :-)
It was yummmm.... Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hi Aruna,I am so happy to hear that sweet girl.Make sure you save the recipe.you never know about these blog,when they are going to make it disappear.
Well...you can always cut down the butter ,cream whatever in the recipes and add fat-free ones to cut down the calories.You could make it rich only on special days!;D
Enjoy and come back again.

Kribha said...

wow...what a big menu? Stunning presentations. Where did you get those serving dishes? Loved your Bisebelabath. Chiroti with almond milk looks delicious. I never heard about it before.

It always happens to me. When I come to your blog I just don't know for how many posts I want to comment. Each and every dish is awesome. Just love your blog.

FH said...

Hi Kribha,thanks.I keep an eye for cute pots and pans everywhere.No particular stores:)
I only post once a week at FH,so multiple dishes at a time.Dishes at Aroma ,other blog,is more frequent.Enjoy and look around when you have time:)

Manjula said...

I am hooked on to your blog. Made your Bisibele bath yesterday. It was awesome. Followed your ingredient list. I fried them in oil and ground to paste. Just used a little less coriander. Followed the rest as is. As you said it tasted more good half a day later.

FH said...

Hi Manjula ,great to hear that this morning:))
Thanks for trying and glad you enjoyed it.It tastes even better after a day,gets thicker and creamier.If you have taken photo,put it up in your blog.Appreciation is always:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!Am Saradha who is new to this site...The Dishes u made are my most favorites...Am going to try them alll...Thanks..

FH said...

Hi Saradha,welcome to my blog home! Glad you liked it all,hope you come back and tell me how did it go for you.Thanks:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I tried your Besi bele bhath recipe and it was out of the world :) and leftover BBB tasted even better the next day! You have a great collection of recipes and I am addicted to your site!


FH said...

Hi Nandini,so good to hear that you enjoyed the BBB! Leftover BBB is the best!:))
Thanks for the feedback and come back to leave comments.

Rohini's kitchen said...

Hi Wish u happy Vinayagar Sathurthu. Thanks for visiting my website. Love all ur recipes. All r new recipes for me.Will try soon. Thanks.

FH said...

Thank you Rohini, enjoy the Ganesha festival!:))

Anonymous said...


I was browsing for some recipes to cook on Shivaratri and found your blog and also the following link,

I think someone copied your recipes.


I thought you should know.

FH said...

Thanks Shruthi, I will check that site out and see if they will respond! :))