January 17, 2007


Hello everybody, we have a warm winter going on in here in North Carolina Piedmont but cold is moving in!:D Oh well! here are some winter munchies to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts anyway.Some veg Sankranti dishes and some are non-Indian(HUH! broke my promise already!:D) non-vegetarian! Go ahead, pick your choice,smile and enjoy.Life is too short to be sad,worried and deathly skinny folks!!:D

This week's Menu:
Sankranti Goodies:Coconut-Carrot Burfi,Savory Pongal, Kanda Pakode with Raita.
Mediterranean/Middle East Falafel in Pita,(akin to Indian Dal vada)
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade Sauce.
And,Susan's Fettuccine Alfredo and Linda's Sixteen Bean Soup and others at 'Aroma'!

Some dishes I made for Sankranti last Sunday:
Sankrathi is also celebrated as a beginning of Harvest season.My both grandparents' celebrate it grandly as they are land owners.We didn't with as much enthusiasm at my parents' home though.My grandfather always teased my father who was a District Judge as "he gets his harvest every month anyway,so he doesn't have to celebrate Sankranthi!":D Only if he knew how hard my father worked for that "monthly harvest!" Here in US,Diwali and Shiv Ratri are the only two festivals we are really interested!:)

Coconut-Carrot Burfi:

How To:Add 1 cup grated Carrots,2 cups Coconut,2 cups milk,boil until milk reduces to half.Add in 1 cup or more sugar,boil until thick.Drizzle in 2-3 tbsp Ghee as it leaves the sides of the pan and looks lumpy.Add 1 tsp Cardamom pd,mix and put into a greased plate and flatten. Sprinkle and press toasted Almond slivers on top and cut into 10-12 squares.

Savory Pongal/Ven Pongal:

Heat 1/2 tbsp each oil and ghee,add 1 bay leaf,1 red chilli, pounded masala,saute for a min.Add 1/2 cup Masoor(Red Lentils) or Moong dal saute until it's reddish.Add 1 cup long grain rice saute for a min and add about 3cups of water,1 chopped Tomato,turmeric,boil for 5mins and reduce heat to simmer.Cover and cook until done,or you can microwave all.Add salt,cilantro,toasted Cashew nuts and mix well.
Masala:Toast 1" cinnamon(Dalchini),2 dry red chillies,4-6 Peppercorns,4 cloves,2 tsp Cumin seeds,1/2 tsp Mustard seeds lightly and pound coarsely.

Serve: with Yogurt-cucumber-carrot raita and Onion Pakoras.

Note:I used Masoor dal (instead of Moong dal which is traditional dal to use in Pongal),it gives the dish a nice pinkish color.You can also cook rice and dal seperately in the microwave and then season it and mix well.Cooking both together sometimes makes it mushy similar to Rissotto.It's up to you.

Erulli(Onion)Pakodas (Kanda Pakode):

Cut 2 big Vidalia onions into thick slices.Sprinkle 1/2 tsp salt and let it sit for 20mins.Squeeze the onion slices,discard water and put it in a bowl.Sprinkle 1 cup Besan(Chickpea Flour),1 tbsp rice flour,1 tbsp cornstarch,chilli flakes or 2 green chillies,cilantro,1 tsp cumin seeds,1 tsp pounded coriander seeds,1/2 Ajwain seeds,1/2 tsp baking soda to the onion and mix well squeezing the onions to release the water,adjust the salt.Don't add water unless it's too dry.If it's too wet,add little more besan just enough to cling to the Onion slices.Less water you use,crisper the Pakoras will be!

To Fry:Heat oil to 375F, take a fork and drop onion slices in clumps into the oil and deep fry until crisp and golden.
(Took the photo under the artificial light,excuse me for not so good pic!;D)

Falafel served in Pita bread stuffed with salad and Tahini sauce:
A very popular Middle Eastern snack,Falafel is also a national street dish of Israel as I have heard like our own Vada Pav! A snack full of beans,spiced,ground and fried and served with different fillings depending on the country you are serving these,very tasty on a cold day!:)

Recipe sounds very much like Indian Chanadal Masala Vada with a Fava and Chole beans twist,doesn't it?!:)) Tastes great too,make them when you have time and enjoy!!

You Need:

1 cup dried fava beans or Baby Lima,1/2 cup dried chickpeas(canned or frozen will do fine too and quicker but dried and soaked taste better),soak overnight,peel the skin,1 small onion minced,2 tbsp each cilantro and parsley,1 tsp garlic powder,1 tbsp cracked wheat and Corn meal,1/2 tsp cooking soda,1/4 tsp Baking powder,salt,1 tsp cumin pd,1 tsp or more dry red chilli flakes,1 tbsp or more corn starch,2 tbsp or less water or milk only if needed.

Tahini Sauce:
Toast 1/4 cup Sesame seeds,and grind with salt,hot sauce and some olive or Canola oil to a smooth pourable paste like ketchup.

Salad:Shredded Lettuce,sliced Tomatoes,Cucumber,sliced red sweet onions,lemon juice or sour cream or anything you like to fill.

1. If you don't have Fava beans,you can add any beans like Lima,Navy etc.I used dry baby Lima beans,since I don't know how Fava beans look like!:D When googled,they do look similar to baby Lima beans but I am not sure they are the same as Lima beans.
2. Also addition of corn meal and cracked wheat to Falafel are optional.It gives that extra crunch but not absolutely necessary! You can also wrap these in warm tortillas too,sounds really good!I will do that next time I make Falafel for my family!:)

How To:

Drain both the beans and put them in a blender. Add all the ingredients above except milk,blend until you get a coarse paste.Add a little water or milk if needed, mix until you get a thick dough.Take it out into a bowl.Adjust the salt and spices.

Make medium sized balls and press a little to flatten and deep fry in hot 375F oil until reddish and crisp both sides, Drain on paper towels.Cool.Do not fry too much,it gets very crispy if you do.Softer Falafel is better fill in the Pita.

To Serve: Take a warm Pita,layer with lettuce and others,place one or two Falafel in the middle and drizzle with Tahini Sauce or any other chutney you like as well.To warm Pita,cover them with foil and heat in the oven for 15-20mins at 350F.Use thicker and deep pocket Pita to use for Falafel.

That's one tasty meal in itself rather than a snack. Enjoy!!

We as a family usually like very few sea food dishes because of the fishy smell but these crab cakes with spicy sauce tastes so good,it's our favorite!You don't get that fishy smell if you use premium crab meat.We always order Crab cakes in the restaurant for appetizers and love it.I wanted to try and make these at home,so here they are. They taste great!!

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes:

How To:

Mix 1/2 lb Jumbo lump Crab meat,1 egg,1 tbsp Dijon mustard or brown grainy mustard,2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise,2 tbsp minced onion,1 tsp garlic pd,few dashes hot sauce,2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce,1 tbsp dry or fresh chopped parsley,2-4 tbsp bread crumbs,3 tbsp minced red bell pepper,salt and pepper gently just until combined.

Sprinkle 2tbsp or more corn starch if is not binding well and you will get a cohesive lump.Divide into four portions and roll gently into balle and press to flatten.Chill covered in the fridge for about 1hr.Take them out and shallow fry in hot 375F oil both sides until golden.Serve with spicy Remoulade sauce.

For my version of spicy Remoulade Sauce:
mix 1/4 cup Hellman's mayonnaise,1 tbsp sour cream,hot sauce as much as you want,salt and pepper,1/2tsp garlic pd,1/2 tsp mustard pd,minced chives and parsley to taste.Mix well and chill until needed.Do not keep it outside if you add raw egg yolk.

(Optional additions: minced onion,Anchovies,1 egg yolk,minced scallions.I didn't add all these to my sauce but you could if you like!)

Fettucine Alfredo With Chicken and Broccoli:
Sixteen Bean Soup:
Susan in Italy of "Porcini Chronicles" has posted a Alfredo sauce and Linda of "out of the garden" has a 16 Bean soup, both of which I have re-produced adding some additional ingredients.You can also see Southern style Banana Pudding and Elvis's fav. sandwiches,Spicy Chana,16 Bean masala at 'Aroma'!:)

Since the start of new year,many of my blog buddies have launched their own monthly blog events which makes me very happy and eager to contribute. So I decided to open "Aroma!", a separate blog just to post dishes for these events so I can contribute more frequently than my "weekly" post at FH. I will link those dishes here too so you can click on them to go to "Aroma!" and take a look if you like!:))

In addition, you might also enjoy these very Indian winter munchies from my previous posts!




See you all next week with JFI-GINGER dish my friends!:)


Nee said...

I LOVE falafels! Used to make them in the US with the mix that I used to get.
Ashamma, you keep adding to my list of recipes! And here I am trying to lose some weight too!

Bong Mom said...

Asha, do you have a week long party at your place ? I am moving to NC, I am going to show D all these pics today evening and I am sure he will agree. So we both look on Monster and move soon :)

All your dishes look soooo beautiful, kis kis ko dekhoo(n) ?

Sia said...

whoa...... marathon of winter munchies... how u manage ur time asha to cook so many dishes!!! i am amazed... they(veggie stuff as i am a veggie) look fab... i am throughing my weighing machine to garbage bin and enjoy with all kur-kure;) nanna so called dieting mugda haage :)

sra said...

That's another unholy dish - pongal with red chilli and masoor dal and a pinkish tinge to boot! Or is it a Kannadiga speciality? A first for me, anyhow! Way to go, Asha!

Beccy said...

I sooo love crab cakes and always order them if they are on the menu. Unfortunately no one else in the family likes them so I've never made them. They look very good.

I used to eat alot of falafel in pitta as a student but since I gave up being a vegetarian I haven't been near, this is just the reminder I need to eat it again!

Thanks Asha.

Margie said...

Happy Wednesday to you Asha
What a great post!
My family loves crab, so I know I will be making the crab cakes!
I will probably make them on Friday...a very special treat!
So many other great recipes here too...they all look so good!

And, I so agree with you that life is too short to be sad, worried and deathly skinny!
Very good Ash!

Well, thanks once again for all the wonderful recipes!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Take care!

P.S Oh, I love the sound of chandra for the moon...sounds so romantic...thanks for sharing that with me!

Sri said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I want them all Asha, each and every dish that you have here today is delicious and making my mouth water. Starting with coconut burfi oh my fav, then those savory pongal will need some more...those crispy onion pakora ooooh! Falafel looks super...and last but not the least those crab cakes ....just perfectly drowned can't wait to sink my teeth into those cakes....oh you made me hungry!!!

FH said...

Hi Nee! You are first!:D
I know,you ate all that mom's food and now I am feeding you again!:)This is first time I made Falafel,I liked it.Can't make often since it is fried.Enjoy.Did you check out 'Aroma'?

Hi Sandeepa.I will be here girl whenever you want to move!:D:D

Sia,I don't make all these in one week but save the photos when I make them and post in one week.Fried snacks are okay if you make them once in 15 days or so!:)Ondu dina eradu vaarakke ondusala fry madidre enoo tondare illa diet madokke!:D:D

Acually,Pongal is not a Kannada dish at all.But I made once, liked it.Moong dal tastes good but smells odd when cooking,so I used Masoor!Love it,simple dish and tasty too.Thank you sra!:)

Thank Beccy.Love the Crab cakes.Easy to make at home,of course it tastes better in restaurants bcos somebody else makes it for you!:))Enjoy.

wheresmymind said...

Goodness...everything looks delish! This is a post where I'd like one of everything :D

Anonymous said...

You're right...it wouldn't kill me! :)

How do you do it, Asha - post so many good things in one post! My mouth is watering thankfully it is past dinner, and I have no inclination of rushing into the kitchen and starting a new project...but those vads look delicious...maybe I should, you think!?

Sneha said...

hey!! winter's almost gone over here :( and :)

:( because i will no longer get to sleep under comfy blankets for ages

:) because i'll now be less lazy and more active!

all those goodies look (and must really be) heavenly! we call the kanda pakodas 'piyaji' in oriya since 'piyaj' is onion in oriya :))

enjoy the rest of the winter!! take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha
Wow, ur stuffed mirchi bajji's looks delicious!! did u make all these dishes in one day?????

Brilynn said...

Everything you make looks delicious! I want to be invited over for dinner at your house!

FH said...

Hi Brilynn.Come on over and we can have a good time eating!:)) Thank you.

Hi Padma,NO!!:)) I didn't make them in one day but over many weeks.I just post together.Enjoy!:)

Hi Sneha,Pyaj in Hindi right? We call it Erulli in Kannada.So many names for a simple onion!:)It's cold here today but not that bad!Enjoy the warmth in Mumbai!:))

No No!!Anita,get some sleep and tomorrow you can do some cooking!:))Hey! Thanks for visiting me,didn't kill ya either!:D Thank you and enjoy!

Unknown said...

Yummy spread of munchies..I have always wanted to try crab cakes at home, but never did.Now 'coz of you will try for sure.Long list to try....

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,

From where do you get all this energy to cook so many varieties...They all look fabulous. I have been to Israel and you are right, falafel is their street food, available at every other corner...I feel like eating all of them :-) .

Also, all the best for your new blog Aroma.

Have fun - Sushma

FH said...

Hi Margie,thank you.Hope your family enjoys the crab cakes!:))
Most Sanskrit words are beautiful, but now a days we are all into fancy words and forget our roots unfortunately! Hey! I am happy about Keshi,don't you?;D

Hi Sri.WOW!! You have read the whole post in a jiffy,didn't you?:D
By saying all that you are making me hungry!Thanks girl,have a great weekend!:))

Hi Jeff.Thank you and you are welcome to all of them!Have fun!:))

Hello Mahaswari!:)I made Crab cakes for the first time too,came out very well.Lot cheaper to make at home!Hope you do.Enjoy one at a time on the weekends!:)

Mr. J said...

Howdy do cutiepie Ashamma!! :D

Seema Bhat said...

Asha, you the best as I always mention. And I love you dear. Was waiting for your munchies recipes from a week now:). Hugs to you. My mouth and my hungry stomach are craving for these now, all thanks to you dear. Loved every recipe. Your pongal is very different from the way i make , gottu try your way. Why do you add baking soda for pakoras? and lovely Falafel. My hubby and I love Falafel. Thank you so much dear for posting all these yummy dishes.

Hugs loads of them

Lakshmik said...


There you go again with your bag of recipes. I think I am simply going to save the recipes and take my time to go through them. Amazing!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Pakodas!! Yum! We've had bitterly cold weather in CO and nothing can beat pakodas for lifting up your spirits on such cold days! Too bad www doesn't offer a scratch and sniff or scratch and taste ability, I would have reached out for some! ;) Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipes!
- Roopa

Priya said...

Asha: Thaz a new pongal recipe never tried before. Hmm falafel is just awesome and will chekcout your recipe when I am gonna try it. Warm weather?/ Youa re right and we hardly had a big snow balst here.

TNL said...


What a delicious post!! I love Falafels....they're so good and healthy..and that coconut-carrot burfi looks grand!!!!! Love that..well, then again, I love everyone of your posts..
Oh,and please add another blog event to your list- called "Little Chefs in the Kitchen" more details on that coming soon from my end..!


ChrisB said...

I see beccy has already commented about the crab cakes, I also like crab cakes and yours look much more appetizing than the ones I have eaten in restaurants. I've also learned something else about my daughter that she likes Falafel!

FH said...

Hi Sushma.You have been to Israel!WOW!!:))Glad you confirmed about the street food,I had just heard of it.I bet it tastes great there.I couldn't find Fava beans though.Thanks Sushma!:)

Hi Seema.Thank you so much for all that!:))It's almost like Kichadi,tastes great.I add soda for crisp and light Pakodas!If I don't ,Pakoras will be little harder to bite.Try next time.Enjoy!:))

Good idea Lakshmi!:D Save them and make one at a time on the weekends!No hurry!:) Thank you.

Hello Johnny Walker!
Man! I got two of you calling me Amma and two others call me Akka!!OYY!!!:))
How are you doing? You seem happy,I can tell.Did the Crab cakes impress you or what?:D Waiting to hear your good news bhai!!:))

Nidhi said...

Hey Asha, Pakoras, Pen cakes, Vadas... What else do you need to enjoy winters with a hot cup of Tea. Isn't it??? Nice post and very nice presentation, specially the pita bread one.

Thanks, Nidhi.

FH said...

Hi Roopa,are you in CO? Bummer!It is a beautful state,I have been there but right now with all that snow!Pakoras are so good in there right now indeed with hot masala Chai.Heaven!:))Wish I could send you some girl!

Hi Priya,we are lucky!:))But don't say too much,we might get hit by the snow.It's not over yet.You never know!Try my new pink Pongal,you will like it.Thanks:)

YAY!! Another event from my dear girl!No problem!Did you check my Aroma!:)It's all fun now.I can't wait for details,will add when I get the URL from your post.Enjoy and hugs to you.Have a great weekend Trupti!:))

Hi Chris.Yes! Beccy made it before you this time!:D
Kids are like that Chris.We always know what they ate ,did and like from others rather than they telling us themselves!! Now you know:) Try the Crab cakes at home,lot cheaper and you always know what goes in there as well unlike in the restaurants!:)Enjoy.

Hyderabadi's said...

I am a snack lover, this thing fits my appetitie...

Mandira said...

Crab cakes, mirchi bhajjis and spinach pakoras... bring 'em on asha...

Anonymous said...

Asha..could not get over that wonderful spread to help you with the winter blues.I love falafil and actually had some this weekend.J loves crabcakes..can't wait to make some for him,he actually would have loved to be at your home to sample all of the snacks. I am so hungry after looking at all these pics.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Warm winter???? not for us!! and today we are holed in and your recipes will come in handy. What I really want to make is the sago fritters but I don't have sago and instead will settle for the Khanda bajji's....dunno whether to love you or hate you, just kidding! Thanks again and please don't apologize for the pictures or for anything else...you are doing a fine job!

FH said...

Hello Nidhi,thank you.Itry to make something new on the weekends.Gets boring to eat the same things.Enjoy all with Chai!:))

Hey!You are my kind of girl Hyderabadi!:))I love snacks too although I don't make them often.Enjoy sweetie.

Hi Mandira,yeah baby,fry away!
NO! don't do too much frying but once in a while!:))Thanks and have a great weekend.

Hi Lalitha,you know I have never eaten Falafel outside!I have to find some info where to get it here.Crab Cakes are easy,try it for your hubby.You have got a great guy there,helps you so much.Why not make these for him! Enjoy.

It was in high 60s all three days until last night!Now we are feeling a bit,but not much.Make that Sago Vada when you get sago,it's delicious.Tastes like Uttappa!Thanks for saying hello!:))

Manjula said...

ummm..Delicious..your family must be having a great time munching on Pakoras, Bajjis & crab cakes..

Its getting cold here in California, I might fry some of these today.

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Asha, I just liked ur coconut-carrot burfi.Iam sure my son will love this.Iam going to try this soon.Thank you dear.Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashaben...I think I will turn from veg to non veg...~grin~...only kidding...I love Falafel but never made it at home....you have now prompted me...okay gotta go in search for them Fava beans...~grin~...and you have stuffed chillies....just for me...~soft smile~...I am droooling at your post...~slurp slurp~...take care ben....keep smiling...

Keshi said...

they all look so yummy Asha OMG!!!


FH said...

Hi Keshi.Thank you.Hope you have a GREAT weekend!;))

Dilip,I had forgotten!You Love Mirchas!What a perfect dish Stuffed Mirchi Bajji is for you.That's your weekend project now bhai,make some.It's delicious!:))

Hi Meena,thanks.I bet he will love it.It's almost like Carrot halwa,deicious.Try and make it for your kid!:)

Hi Manjula,I saw CA flooded with Ice!!OMG!! It's little scary girl!Can you imagine how the summer is going to be!OY! Well,fab time to fry some Pakoras and Chai!:))Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

How did you know I was searching for falafel???!!!!! ;)
Lovely post as usual!!! (I will have to think of saying somehting else next time :P)
Thanks for making the change :) BTW I just mailed you a while ago.

indosungod said...

Asha, what a array of mouthwatering dishes. And few of my very favs too, falafel, stuffed mirch bhajjis. We are feeling the cold here...

Pavani said...

Great spread Asha.. Especially your falafel look delicious. My husband and I love eating falafel from this Greek take out place close to our house. Would love to try yours next time, so we can have them at home any time. Thanks for sharing these yummy munchies.

karmic said...

I just had dinner and you made me hungry again! Amazing dishes!

Ash said...

Belated Happy Makar Sankranti!

The coconut carrot burfi looks tempting :-)

Anonymous said...

Asha, it's freezing here, and I'm STARVING looking at all your goodies. Where o where is my deep fryer... just wanna munch! Thanks for sharing :):)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Nice winter munchies, thanks for sharing.
Excellent pic of pita bread.

Anjali Koli said...

Asha not a good thing....I'm on a diet since Mon...its been just three days....Falafel experiment will have to wait;. I'm allowed to dream ain't I?

deepsat said...

i love them all!! i am gonna try the crab cakes!!!

wow!! your blogs are precious.. i am gonna save all of them!!!

thanks so much!!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji.

Wonderful,fabulous munchies you have presented us...so temptingand i get to know new receipes like crab cake ,falafel...hmmm let me try..
By the way i visited Aroma,it got its own uniqueness....Congrats!!!

Viji said...

Asha, very nice and timely post. Falafel is my favorite. I was about to post it. The taste is irresistable. Nice presentation as usual. Have a good day. Viji

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hmm looks soo... good Asha.Wish could have a treat to my tastebuds too..hmm just cant wait to gobble them really great pics as usual

Anonymous said...

WOW! Asha!! Great job!!!!!!! I checked out the winter munchies post and also all the recipes posted on Aroma... they are awesome!! I am always dying to check out your site to see what's cooking. Thank you!!

Lady Amalthea said...

Yum yum! Everything looks delicious!

FH said...

Linda,we have little bit of snow this morning!YAY!!It's not sticking to the ground though.Munchies,here I come again!:))

Thanks Ash,hope you try!:)Have a great weekend.

Hi Sanjay,good that you ate first before checking out my post!:))

You are welcome Pavani.I have to yet eat those Falafel outside and see how they taste like!Got to try sometimes. Thank you sweetie!:))

Hi Indo,cold has step into Piedmont today at last,it's not bad but a little snowing!Enjoy all the dishes!:))

Hi Coffee!:)Thank you.I will check my mail,ususally I open my mail once in 3days!:D Have fun.

FH said...

Hi V! Post your version too,I would have another recipe!:)It almost tastes like Vadas,don't they? Enjoy.

Oh! Thanks Usha!I am happy with Aroma too,a new venue to contribute to blog events!:))Enjoy the recipes.

Anjali,yes, you can look and dream!:D:D That doesn't hurt the diet at all.Actually you can spray some oil and bake in the oven.It's full of protein and all that salad is good for diet.You can skip the Pita.Give it a try!:)

Hi MT.Thank you.You are a sweetheart!:))Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh, Asha! "Sankranthi is not really big for us" and you make Pongal, sweet, fritters and raitha! :)
It was M's first Sankranthi and I had made Pongal and my mil made the other habbada oota.
Your winter munchies look good!

Al Nims Media said...

Falafel sandwich is very popular in this part of the world.

Krithika said...

Perfect for this weather ! Falafel looks fantastic ! Mirchi bajji, sago vada, spinach pakoda ... yum !

FH said...

Hi Deepsat.Thanks man!Hope you try Crab cakes.Have fun!

Thank you Sowmya B!Enjoy the recipes and have fun!:))

You are welcome Sowmya!Try those recipes at Aroma too.They are all easy and delish!:))

Thaks Lady A!Enjoy and have a great weekend!:)

Vani! 'BIG" for me is what I made for Diwali!;D Many dishes done in a grand way.These look puny items to me!:P
Lot of firsts for 'M' this year,make sure you take photos and label them.Great memories!:)Hey!It's snowing here today!Yippee!

Hi Kishore.Oh yeah! A middle east treat of course.Must be great,hah?I have to make them here,got to try outside sometimes!:)

Hi,Krithika,thank girl!:))It is snowing here,got to think of new munchies now!

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooooooo, Asha, a truly mouth-watering menu/post! I have to confess you have me drooling all over my laptop! lol

Spinach Paokoras and Stuffed Mirchi are favorites of mine. Reminds me of teatime in Bombay during the monsoons! What lovely memories you bring back to me everytime I visit your blog!

mommyof2 said...

I gotto make this burfi for 2 coconut freaks in my house;-) let you know the result:-) Do you need fresh or frozen coconut or the dry powder like will do?

Oh & I hate fish smell too and I only eat shrimp that too not so much or so often:-) another similarity:-)

Latha said...

Hi Asha,

Trust you to be the first to check out my post!

You're just such a superwoman! How do u manage to make all this stuff! I get tired just cooking one meal! Especially now, I've gotten even more lazy.

I missed you and drooling at your blog in India. Not much internet time there! Yours and Indira's blogs are two blogs I visit diligently - even more than my blog ;-)

Head u guys ar ehaving a storm out there today. Keep warm and make us some more yumym muchies to drool over.
Happy 2007 to u too.
Love Latha

Kavitha said...

Hi Asha
every one of your dishes look delicious. The burfis look so melt-in-the-mouth. Wonderful post.

FH said...

Thank you Lotus.I try my best!:)It started snowing today and already stopped as well.Great time for munchies!

Hello behan MO2!I know,we are probably seperated at birth too like our husbands!:D
For burfi,use fresh coconut to follow my recipe or use sweetened coconut from the store but cut down the sugar to 1/4 cup.Make sure you cook until you get a almost dry lump before transferring to the plate,and keep it the fridge for 15 mins to firm ,serve at room temp.Have fun.

Hi Latha,I missed you too.Thank you for checking my blog from India.I have to cook everyday anyway,so no big deal!
We had some snow and it's already gone now.Not that cold either.We are good here!:)I enjoyed looking at the photos,made me nostalgic!

Hi Spicelover,thank you.Hope you give it a try.Have a great weekend!:))

swapna susarla said...

hi ashaji

nice winter munchies....parade of goodies...i love sago vada...and mirchi bajji too..but my stomach won't allow me to taste that much of spicy ness..may be i have to do with a less hot chillies...lovely pictures..:-))

Life said...

hello ashaji!!!!

hmmm ...u know that when ever i feel hungry at my office ,i just open ur blog and see the item and call to restaurant and if it is available i just order them...and dream of taste made by ur hands!!!!!

Good one..keep going anapurna

Take Care

Sai said...

I absolutely love crab cakes and sabudana vada (tapioca fritters)with coconut chutney!

jayakarthik said...

ahhhh asha too many wonderful dishes for a day
well regarding my blog i m planning to take a break.
will come back with more wonderful recipe later.
but i will visit my bloggers regularly

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha sweetie, you're just like the bright sun warming up our cold land here! Always enjoy your post..."life is too short to be sad, worried and deathly skinny folks" still makes me giggling :D
For your coconut burfi, you mentioned they're lumpy. How could they form these beauitful squares? Means they'll dry up later? I plan to make it... plus your sinful fried onion, life is too short for going diet :D
Seafood never looks fresh in my area, and so they smell fishy too. I miss seafood, esp the BIG spicy crab (whole!) sold at Indian food stores in Singapore...

FH said...

Hi Swapna,thanks.Use milder chillies like I did.I used two Banana chillies in there,it was too hot for me too!:)

Hello Vikas.How lucky you are!!You order them to and I have to make them to eat!:))By the time I finish cooking,I don't even feel like eating at all. Not so good for Annapurna!:D

Hi Sai,this recipe I got it from a book is absolutely delicious.Hope you give it a try this weekend.Taste great fresh and crunchy like eating Uttappam.YUM!

Hi JayaK!Take a break by all means if need one.Have a great time and I will eagarly wait for your yummy recipes later!:))Hugs!

FH said...

Hi Gattina.I mean it girl.All these new year's resolutions had to be about loosing weight.How about eating healthy and be at a comfortable weight which suits each one of our body type,right?:))

When I said lumpy,I mean the whole mixture becomes semi-moist as you keep on stirring in a non-stick pan and leaves the sides of the pan.Then you put that "lump" on a greased plate and flatten it gently to a rectangle about 1 1/2" thick and let it dry or chill in the fridge covered.Then cut into pieces.It will become firm as it cools and serve at room temp.
Indians usually know the "how to of Burfi",so I didn't give all the detail.Glad you asked!:))

Brilynn said...

I was going to ask you if you knew what had happened to Artizen Flair. I was shocked, to say the least, when I tried to access her site last time...

sallywrites said...

Another lovely post Ahsa. I just love all your mouthwatering photos!

Funny about the warm winter thing. it just goes to show, you should never speak too soon!! :)

Anonymous said...

What an assortment of delicious food, Asha! Awesome post as always..:)

Melting Wok said...

WOW Asha, I love all indian appetizers !! I tried my hands before on vege vada with veges, just like yours here, it turned out great, you just reminded me to dig up my pantry to fry some up *grins* Oh, the pakoras, you did yours so fluffy, unlike those we ate here, the batter was very stiff :( Thanks for sharing, and dropping by with your lovely comment on my Masala Tumeric Squid post, cheers ! :)

FH said...

Hi Brilynn.Unfortunately I don't have her e mail add. to contact her.Somebody has spamed her real bad,I have deleted her blog.Yesterday I tried in your blog,same thing flashed!You better delete that too.Call me prude but it was horrifying for me!
I am concerned about her though,hope she is okay!I don't know what else to do!:(

Sally,that's exactly what I wrote for my next post!:D But it snowed very lightly and is gone completely now.We are expecting one more snow storm Sunday from Canada!Hopefully it will be light too!:) Enjoy the recipes.

Thank you Sailaja.I don't make these in one day but an accumulation of weeks worth!:D Have a great weekend.

Hi melting wok.Thank you for your interest in Indian food.It takes a little time to get used to all the "inside" secrets but once you get used to it,cooking Indian cuisine is very easy.Hope you keep on trying!You are already doing well I must say!:))

Anonymous said...

Everything looks fabulous, but those crab cakes really caught my eye. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Awesome crab cakes. Wonderful collection of recipes. I never tried sago vada.Great Asha!!

FH said...

Thanks Kristen.Crab cakes came out very well,hope you try that at home!Have a great weekend!:))

Hi Jas!!Thank you.Try crab cakes and sago vadas!I love your recipes as well.I am going to try some this weekend!:))

Anonymous said...

oooh asha!All these treats look lovely and delicious! perfect for the extremely cold weather we are experiencing here in the carolinas.

FH said...

Hi Monisha.You are back! YIPPEE!:))

Here in Piedmont ,it's not that cold,around 50F today.Yesterday was freaky.It snowed and stopped within hrs and Sun came out today,all the snow is gone! But mountains has been hit hard though than us here.
Anyway,hope you had a great break and ready to blog!Thanks for saying hello!:)

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, thanks for the directions, now am enjoying this wonderful sweet with my expresso! I don't know if I can stop at 2 or 3 as they're so good!
Asha, I want to introduce this confectionary of yours to Weekend Herb Blogging (sponsored by Kalyn's Kitchen), esp highlight cardamom and your link. Please let me know if it's ok for you. Thanks a lot sweetie!

FH said...

Gattina,you go girl!!:))
You already made Burfis and enjoying them too!
You are very welcome to send that to Kalyn,absolutely okay by me.
Btw,to make it even easier next time,you can use same amount of Sweetened Coconut and cut down the sugar to 1/4 cup!I forgot to tell you.Enjoy.Hugs..

Vani said...

Hey, A! I took up your tag! Let me know what you think! :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, yet another amazing post! I took a photo of one of the many falafel indulgences I enjoyed in Israel, I have to post it soon. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Pooja said...

Hi Asha ,
I love coconut-carrot burfi, just by picture of itself. :) . though me and hubby dont like much sweets , we always like something different to try :) , so will make it sometime wiht little amount first and then will let you know about it. :)
and about Falafel ......., let em close your blog soon, if Deepak comes to see this , he might ask me to make one today only:) . We had it sometimes in non indian resturants... we love ti too. now its time to make it at home. Specially the way you presented Falafel in the picture here is great ! :)
thanks for sharing .

FH said...

Hello V amma!:D Thank you somuch for taking it up and I will check it out!:)

Hi Ari.Glad you are back!:))
I can't wait to see the REAL Falafel photos!Hope you had many in Israel.Lucky you!:)

Hi Pooja.I don't like sweets much either but my kids do!:)For that amout I showed you get about 10 pieces ,you can cut inti half for you two.Cut the sugar as well if you like.Falafel takes some preparation,it's almost like a meal,so may be for weekend dinner?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji

You are having warm winter and we are having cool summer here! And right now I just want to extend my hands and grab those spinach and onion pakoras and have it with garam garam masal chai !!

Wanted to know the recipe of the mirchi bhajiyas, we love it, but it didn't take me to the link when I clicked on the pic :-(

Great mouthwatering munchies, offcourse the veg ones :-)

Sneha said...

wow! new template! :D:D

Harmonia said...

You sure have been busy! Thanks for sharing!

Vini K said...

Hi Asha,Belated Sankranti wishes to you and your family!I guess I will have to come back again to read your post.Have been busy this week so have not had time to visit any blogs...and to think I missed so much of action!

FH said...

Hi ViniK,taking a break from blogging!:D That's okay,visit when you can.Happy POngal to you too.Have a great weekend!:)

Thanks Harmonia.Glad you are back to blogging!:)

Sneha,I didn't want pink anymore!:D
I almost lost EVERYTHING yesterday in the process of changing Template!!Fortunately,I got it all bach and still have to find a good color for the background!:))

Hi NZ,thanks girl.We are having a cool winter now and will be back to warm next week.I will see to the link.I was changing the templte yesterday,Check again or go to recipe Index.I will fix it!:)

Shah cooks said...

yum collection and i love ur new look. very clean and easy to read.

TNL said...

Oohh...I love the new look...the pictures are clearer..at least I think so!
Came over to get your Spanish Rice recipe that I am going to make tonight! Will post it soon!


FH said...

Thanks Shaheen.I have been trying to get a new color since yesterday.
Hope I can get good one!:)

Hi Trupti.I almost lost all of my post girl for about 30mins!:D After a mini heart attack,I recovered it all and I think I like it too!:) Have fun making Spanish rice.Cheers.

Southpaw unplugged said...

I m surely gonna try the Jumbo lump crab cakes....

Praba Ram said...

Asha -

Amazing, mouth-watering winter treats! Can't wait to see your ginger goodies. I got started on a sort of food blog - with pictures mainly to capture memories of my food adventures for my family - indianthali.blogspot.com - do drop by sometime! I've posted lemon-ginger rasam as my first one...May be I will send that to JFI event! Thanks for mentioning the event!


FH said...

Hi SP! Glad to see you.Hope you do try and enjoy!:))

Hi Praba,good to hear about your blog and I can't wait to see the Rasam.Do send it before Jan ends to JFI.Thanks Praba!:)

Cyberkitty said...

Crabcakes seemed interesting - lovely pics as usual. Stuffed mirchis - now that can warm you up the coldest winters.

sallywrites said...


You have changed your layout on your blog!!

I like it!

FH said...

Hi CyberKitty,I just a comment on your blog and you are here!:))Thanks and great munchies for winter!

Hi Sally,thank you.I got tired of looking at the pink all the time!It's clean and I love the color and the stretched screen too!:)

Anonymous said...

oooooh! crab cakes,sago vadas look yummmmmmm!!Asha, you are tempting me with so many sinful deep fried indulgences all in one go...may be I'll have to give in this once ,can't resist ,will try sago vada sometime soon. Thanks for sharing & cheers :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, your new Template is bright and hasa nice feel :)

FH said...

Hi Lera.Sinning is okay once in a while!;D Try and enjoy!
Thanks,I worked hard the whole weekend to get a good color for the background!:))

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ashaji, your blog looks great with a light background. I really wonder how do you get time to post so many dishes at a time. Thank you for the recipes!

FH said...

Hi LakshmiA! Thank you.Worked hard last weekend to have this new look!All these dishes are cooked during the week and posted in one go on Wednesdays.Easy for me to post once a week!Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...


You radiate so much energy with this blog of yours. You are like the Glucon-D of blogosphere !!!!

Good one again !!!


Sig said...

Wow, great blog... Been searching on blogger for some foodie blogs, and came across yours. Have to try out some of your recipes.
- A Fello Foodie

FH said...

Hi Mythili,I haven't heard of "Glucon-D" in a looong time!!:D
Good one from you too,thank you.Enjoy the recipes!:)

Hi Sig,welcome to my blog!Glad you found me.Hope you try some of them and give me a feedback!:))
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

How do u do it?I am amazed by your efforts to cook such fabulous foods.Your family is really lucky. What a visual treat you present every time.You have got a die hard fan in me.


FH said...

Hi Kate.Thank you so much.With all your encouragement,I think all the work I do is worthwhile!:)) Glad you like what I cook,I will do my best.Hugs to you!!

Hi Latha,I saw your comment and published.But it's not showing up here.It says Error!!
Anyway,thank you.That's the way to go,look at blogs when you are relaxed and free,don't be stressed.I know you have a full time job,kids and home to care of.I admire you for doing all that work.Have a great week!:)Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

What a spread! love your falafal in pita.
Yesterday I was off work and decided to cook for the week. Made about 4 subzis, 2 sambhars, rasam, kootu and some titbits too. After the marathon cooking I looked at my table and guess whom I was reminded of? I should have taken some pictures and posted an 'Asha post':)

FH said...

WOW!! Hema, I would have loved your 'Asha Post'!:D:D That was funny,I like the name 'Asha Post'! There are some Asha soups and Asha rice too.Add one more!:)
Thanks for visiting Hema.I post every wednesday now,not frequently as I used to do,easier for me.

mommyof2 said...

been thinking of leaving a comment since morning:-)

I tried coconut burfi last night. Hubby got dry (long stems one) coconut instead of frozen(even thought I told him to get the frozen one) still it was good. Actually I didn't taste it as it was my fast yesterday & didn't get chance since morning but 3 of them liked it very much. Because of dry coconut I couldn't bind it in burfi shape stilll it looked fine. I took pics but I don't have ur id;-)

Nect is falafel on my list. So far I always get the readymade mix but this time I will do from scratch:-)

mommyof2 said...

who stole the colors from ur site;-)

FH said...

Hi M! Blogger giving trouble too,it's frustrating!
Great!:) You tried the Burfi.You can also use sweetened coconut ,easy to find but must cut down the sugar to 1/4 cup.I didn't get the perfect square either,tasted good anyway!:)
Give me your id,say DNP,and I will e mail you!You don't have moderator in your blog,I don't want to get spammed like crazy!;D

I got tired of looking at "PINK"!

Melting Wok said...

Asha, I came back for more lurking of your winter munchies, seems like these "killing me softly" delights can be paired with some "drop dead gorgeous crabs" *grins*

Neer said...

ohhh!!! i have to try some of these!!

FH said...

Hi Shirley,there is anouther coming today to "kill you faster"!;D
No girl,I want you to live long and happy life.Just make these once in a while to enjoy!:))Thanks.

Neers,you always catch me when I about to post another!Thank you.:))Cook one at a time and enjoy.

Priya said...

Asha: If you need any help let me know.. I can always be ther to taste your recipe....

FH said...

Thank you Priya,I appreciate your offer and will take it!::))

Prajakta said...

Hey Asha, great falafel recipe. Makes me want to try it as soon as I can...And what a lovely blog you have got!!

Swaruchy said...

Asha...Its a nice blog you have here.......Loved reading ur postings :-))

FH said...

Thanks Prajakta!:)
Hope you try girl.They are really.If you bake them which is not that tasty as the fried,it will be healthy too.

Thank you Sri!Enjoy the dishes.I try my best to bring something interesting for us all!:)

D said...

Hi Asha,
I was going to a friend's place for dinner and wanted to make some dessert and came to ur blog to look up some recipe and I made this coconut-carrot burfi.It turned out very yummy and all my friends just loved it and I even passed on the link !
Thank you sooo very much for sharing the recipes..

FH said...

Deepa, you are welcome. Thanks for the feedback as well. It's easy to make and delicious. Glad you tried it. Enjoy!:))

Crispy Munchies said...