January 24, 2007


Remember last week I told you we are having a warm winter,in high 60F here in NC Piedmont area. A big oops!! I spoke a little too soon! GOD smacked me on the head and said "Don't gloat too much woman, take that!":D:D

But snow didn't stick around for long though!Blue Ridge mountains on the West and North protects the central NC from any severe weather.We just got some rain,may be about 1" snow and little icy rain on Sunday!That's all,back to 50F again!

Picture taken on last Wednesday afternoon:

Look what happened on Thursday morning's "BIG" storm!!:D

Just wanted to share these photos with you! Yeah! All that Snow disappeared next day and back to the first photo now!!

Anyway,lets get on with the business,shall we? Would you like some veg Rissoles with a tasty tangy ginger Chutney and a non-veg comfort food, full of Protein and Carb ? If yes, you are in the right place!Come on in and enjoy!:)

What's cooking this week?!
JFI-"GINGER"-Veg Rissoles with Ginger-Peanut chutney,
A British dish- Shepherd's Pie,
A MeMe: "10 things to define me!"

I will start with my contribution to JFI-Ginger for Feb hosted by Rosie of "whatstherecipetodayjim". Thank you for hosting Rosie.To learn more about Ginger click here! I have made veg Rissoles including lots of ginger.You can't go more "Gingery" than this dish!:D !

Rissoles are basically burgers or patties usually made of ground beef or lamb and rolled in bread crumbs,pan-fried served with condiments and a salad.I have made it vegetarian which turned out be delicious as you can see! The rissole is also a popular fried snack in Southern-Ireland, especially in the county of Wexford, where the potato is boiled, mashed, mixed with local herbs and paprika, battered and served with chips(French-fries), and/or chicken or battered-sausages.(Info:WIKI)

Plantains-Potato-Splitpeas(Chana Dal) Ginger Rissoles with Peanut-Ginger Chutney topped with more Crisp Ginger!:D

I have used Plantains,potato and lentils to make pure vegetarian Rissoles with lots of minced ginger which gives you a wonderful flavour to this crispy shallow fried patties to serve with Ginger-Peanut chutney. Try it and I am sure you will love the flavors.

How To:

Peel,cube,wash and cook 1 Plaintain,1 medium red Potato in water until soft.Drain and keep it aside.Now cook 1/4 cup Chana dal(split peas) until soft and drain.In a big bowl,add all the cooked plantain,Potato and dal(lentil),salt. Add all the ingredients given below to this.

Add 1 minced onion,3 or more chopped red or green chillies or chilli flakes,2 minced garlic,1 1/2" minced fresh Ginger,Cilantro,2 tsp Cumin powder,1 tsp Coriander powder,1 tsp Garam Masala,1 tbsp Corn starch,2tbsp plain bread crumbs,and mash all these to a smooth paste.

Or put it through blender without water.Do not process too much orelse it gets stringy.I used my new KitchenAid food grinder gadget and it works beautifully as you can see. I love it!:))

Meanwhile, take 3" long ginger,julienne(cut thin long strips) and fry in oil until very crisp and golden.Drain on paper and keep in a seperate plate to garnish later.
Take out the ground or mashed Rissole dough and knead it gently.

Divide the dough into 6-8 balls, flatten and shape into ovals. If the dough is too soft you could add more bread crumbs or soaked,squeezed bread slices.If it's too crumbly,add little milk to make it easier to roll ovals.

Keep them covered in the fridge to chill for 30mins.Heat about 2" of oil in a pan to 375F or on medium high and slowly slide in 3 at Rissoles at a time and fry until golden.

Flip carefully and repeat the same on the other side.Make sure oil is hot to prevent oily Rissoles!Take them out and drain on the paper towels spread on a cooling rack so they don't soggy underneath.Now, prepare some chutney!!:)

Peanut-Ginger Chutney:
Roast 1/2 cup Peanuts,3-4 dry red chillies or chilli flakes,2 tsp Coriander seeds,1 tsp cumin seeds, in 1tsp oil.Grind all these in a blender with 1/2" fresh ginger,1/4 tsp sugar,2tsp tamarind or 1 tsp lemon juice,cilantro,salt to a smooth paste.Adjust the salt and lemon juice and serve topped with crisp-fried julienned ginger.

Serve crunchy Rissoles with a salad,(Dinner rolls if you like) with chutney sprinkled with crisp-fried ginger.You have a whole meal with Protein,carb and lot of ginger flavor!!YUM!!

Shepherd's Pie!
Shepherd's pie is a traditional British dish. It is made with a bottom layer of ground beef or lamb in gravy covered with mashed potato and a layer of cheese(Optional). When we lived in England,this was regular our Sunday dinner.It is still our favorite dish although I don't make it every Sunday anymore!

It is a great comfort food with meat and potatoes all in one dish! I always add some veggies too.Vegetarians can skip the meat and make it in the same way with lots of veggies or Soy grains.Hope you do,it's delicious! Don't forget to serve with a salad!:)

How To:

Heat 1tbsp butter,saute 1 minced onoin,1 garlic minced,1/4 cup grated carrots,1/4 cup of green bell pepper,1 tsp flour.When reddish add 1lb ground beef and saute until brown.Add 1tbsp Ketchup,1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce,salt and pepper,1/4 cup beef broth or stock and simmer until thickish gravy left on the bottom not too runny.

Add 1 tbsp parsley,some paprika,mix and keep aside.To make mashed Potatoes:Follow mashed potato pack instruction to make about 3 cups of mashed Potatoes or Cook 3 big potatoes until soft,peel and mash with 1 tbsp butte,1tsp garlic pd ,1/2 cup fat-free Half and Half ,some Chives and salt to a smooth thickish paste.

Layer ground beef in a casserole dish.Top with mashed Potatoes in big lumps on top and smoothen to cover the beef or do like I did,put it in a icing bag and pipe on the top of of Beef.Heat the oven to 375F. Now, sprinkle 1/4 cup Parmesan or Cheddar cheese on top of the Potato layer,and some coarse pepper.

Put it in the oven and bake for 25-35mins or until the top is golden.
Note: Do not burn the top.Take it out and serve with a salad.There you go,a beautiful looking tasty Shepherd's Pie is ready to serve!!Make it veg or non-veg!

A MeMe!!!"Ten things that define my style!"
I am tagged by beautiful Starry Nights !!
Here are some more about me as if you don't know my style already?! Too much sharing going on here people.Okay, I will make it REAL short,I promise!:D

1. I love my home and Family.
I define myself as a good wife and a mother.I am proud of my home and whatever we have.I have two good kids who work hard for their grades and honest.My husband is a workoholic and enjoys what he does.I am proud to be part of all of these people.
2. I am not ambitious.
Some people ask me "where do you want to be in 5yrs?" and I tell them wherever life takes me,I will be there!:D I don't crave for achievement or recognition or accolades.I do have a sense of duty which I carry out honestly and give my 100%.
3. I am a simple and low maintenance woman!
I have never desired for anything designer ever in my life!I don't care for designer clothes,cars,homes ,shoes or Prep schools for my kids.But I do like good well-cut clothes though no matter what labels they come with and little things like Gadgets makes me very happy the whole day!:D
4. I love reading and a little bit of music too.
Any book of any kind on this planet will do for me.I love them all although I am suffering the consequences of all that reading by having to wear a thick Myopic glasses!:D I am the kind who reads Graffitis on the dirty walls and read whatever they have written in the public restrooms with glee!!
I like soothing music like Jazz or old Hindi songs,not into Mettallic rock or Hip Hop!I like to hear the HipHop beats and rhythm but I don't understand what the heck they are singing about really.I need my kids for translatation!:D
5. I am positive and happy most of the time.
I think I have inherited my dad's positive thinking and coping skills.When tough situation arise I am the one who rises up to take charge.Yeah,sometimes little things in life or mean people get me down but I have recovered quickly in the past and will in future.I love life and the Sun shine on my face!:))
6. I love all shades Blue and Red.
I love colors and I enjoy colorful dishes,cloths and nature.I particularly love Blue and Red.Vibrant and soothing colors!:))
7. I don't idolize people:
It's one thing to "like" the leaders and those filmy heroes and heroines but whole another thing to go all crazy over them and try emulate these people!They all look great on screens and as leaders but I think only their immediate family know them who they really are.No!! I don't think anybody deserves my hero worship, I rather like what they do publicly to some extent!That where it ends.
8. I love nature.
Any season for that matter, I love them all.If I have to choose,I prefer Spring and Fall!Colors ,flowers and birds ,they all come back to me.Heaven on Earth!!I love anything or anywhere peaceful, I don't like too much noise or loud people either.My home is so very quiet most of the time,neighbors think we were away on vacaton!!:))
9. I have a dream too!:))
You know it!! Yes!! One day I would love to buy a little home by the water and die there in peace!Not a huge one but just small enough for two people!!:D Hope that day will come soon but if it doesn't ,that's okay too!:)
10. Finally, what do I hope?!
I hope my kids' hopes and dreams come true too and they lead a happy and peaceful life with or without their life partners.I hope they find their true loves and desires fulfilled and they are a source of joy for us parents!That's all we want out of them!:))

That's my style!! Now,I tag anybody who wants to take it up!It's short and sweet.Go ahead and do it gals,let me know what defines you!!

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week with Plate Idlis with side dishes,absolutely no deep frying involved!:)


Rosie said...

The rissoles and chutney sound absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing them for GFI-Ginger.

sra said...

Asha, nice entry. rissoles and chutney both look nice. enjoyed reading your meme too!

Kajal said...

Hi Asha,
Peanut-Ginger chutney is new idea and is also good for health in winter.I also like plantains-potato-splitpeas.
I am impressed with you home photos too. wow,what a change of atmosphere?

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Do you really read whats written on the dirty walls in public loo!!!! LOL

And the snow!!!!! Enough to make me go green!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oopes!!! Forgot about the food totally!!! I liked the idea of sheperds pie!!!! I think I am going to try the veggie version soon :)

Just one question..... do you eat beef??? I thought Indians don't eat beef. (You can choose not to answere this question :))

Pooja said...

Hey Asha,
here you are with your nice yummy entries.... hmmm....this one is a great post too , with good entry for JFI- ginger. :) . I love it. Even i lov shepherd's pie, though i will try it sometime with lot of veggies :D.
what a great whether change in a day ! God is Great :) .
Nice to read you Meme too !I might take it sometime, even one more is pending fro myour side, but I likethos one too. Anything from your side is accepted with open arms.
thanks dear:). Hugs!

Sneha said...

i have an exam in 3 days and i am at your place to satiate my (now) insatiable appetite! albeit in my mind.. mmm!!
woah.. the pics really DO convey what you want them to! heheh!

next week no deep frying??? :/
well, since i am kind of running on tea, lunch and dinner these days, i fill my stomach on all the fried goodies here!! hehee i know i know, it's strange, but then that's how it is.. :P


ps. btw, am I first???????? i hope i hope!!

Nidhi said...

Thanks God it opened. I was trying to comment on your blog since long, but was not showing the hyperlink to post it. I was thinking how to contact you about that, but finally....

I love your recipe for Ginger Rissoles (perfect for JFI-Ginger), to go with a hot cup of tea in the evening, they are looking very yummy and plaintain is raw banana, right?

New MEME is also very interesting to read. Asha ji....Hats off to u!

Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
Did you just fix the problem ? I was not able to comment here so I left a comment in your other blog "Aroma"

Great stuff Asha, thanks

Anonymous said...

Awesome Pictures, Asha your place with snow looks so picturesque, now coming to the food...OMG! you are a genie with a wand,Shepherd's Pie! is the ultimate indulgence, on a cold and wintery day,I wish I could have a spoonfull of this :))Nice pictures & Interesting Meme .

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Great entry for JFI. that extra bit of crisp ginger topping takes it to the event, doesnt it:)) Have heard of Shepherd's pie, but never actually bothered to go through the recipe. Thanks for the idea of a vegetarian version. Will check back next wednesday!

FH said...

Thank you Rosie.Hope you try this dish and thanks for hosting!:))

Thank you sra!:))

Hi Kajal,you are right.Ginger gives that little heat for the dishes and tastes great for cold winter!:)Weather is really freaky these days!

Coffee,I do read them!:D It's fun how and what people think!Snow has disarreared completely,I don't mind at all,lots of sun shine today!:)
I grew up Vegetarian,became non-veg when I was a teenager and ate Beef only after moving to UK! But you will be surprised to know lot of Indians(Hindus) eat Beef in India!I certainly was when I learnt about it! You can add loads of veggies and make Shepherd's pie.Enjoy!:)

FH said...

Hi Shilpa,you are busy these days,I am too running back and forth with kids' school and Dentist etc.Thanks and take your time to read and yes,make it veggie!Enjoy.Hugs to you too!:))

Hi Sneha,thanks girl!:) Enough of fried stuff now before people ditch my blog completely!:D Good luck with your exams and EAT girl!:)

Hi Nidhi,thank you.Ginger dishes great for winter.Blogger is very slow these days,too much traffic!Take your time,I will be here until next Tuesday!:)
Raw green(regular eating)banana is not a plantain but Plantains are used for cooking like a veg and tastes like Potato. Enjoy!

No Sandeepa,I didn't change anything,darn blogger!:D Thanks Sandeepa,I appreciate it.I lost two comments since yesterday,don't know what's happening!!

Thanks Lera,do make that Shepherd's pie,yummy stuff.I know lot of Hindus will be making it veggie!:D Enjoy the classic British dish girl!Snow is gone now,short lived pleasure!:)

Hi Hema,ginger is everywhere in this dish!:D Inside and outside chutney and in Rissoles.Ginger overload but tastes great!See you next week!:))

Anonymous said...

The Plantain rissoles look Yummy. Loved the idea of having a ginger chutney...I would definitely give it a try as I am a plantain fan these days....Also, I wish hope your dream about a sweet beautiful home near the beach comes true soon...:-)

Kavitha said...

Hi Asha
What a beautiful blanket of snow. Its like the calm AFTER the storm... makes you forget how rough the weather was a few hours ago. Pity it only lasts a few hours before the dirt piles up all over it. Oh I do miss winter.
The rissoles look yummy. Interesting combination of veggies.

Seema Bhat said...

Hope you are doing well girl. I loved reading your meme and found quite a lot of things common in there like- fav colors being red and blue (I like white too) and not being ambitious ambitious ;-) but just wanna be the best in whatever and take life as it comes, being a nature lover and also your dream is very much similar to mine . Hugs to you XOXOXO.

Veg Rissoles really look gingery gal. Nice entry for JFI Ginger.


Anonymous said...

Ashaben....as always you never fail to enlighten with me with your lovely dishes...ohhh the joy of looking at your creations....and above all learning about the magic you perform in your kitchen...I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to cooking BUT I am bursting to get out and cook new stuff...thanks for the inspiration and the motivation...you rock! as they say these days…~grin~ …ohhh…I did enjoy reading your meme…ohhh yes, it snowed here in London today you know…it get everywhere (apart from Singapore…are you reading this dear ben Coffee….hehehe)…thanks for sharing…take care ben

Anonymous said...

I love your house covered with snow.(nice pic) No snow in california. The rissoles looks delicious. Wonderful me! me!!

Manasi said...

Hi ASha! Wonderful JFI entry! Like the look of the pie, will try with veges.!
The MeMe is very well written, giving a peek into ur thoughts and a glance at the nice and humorous person u are!
BTW, Love the 'new' look of ur blog!

FH said...

Hi Sushma,I know you love Plantains!You have some great recipes with it.Thanks.Hope we will get that beach house too and soon!:)

Hi Spicelover,forget about seeing snow where you live!:) I know,you do miss snow when you don't have it.We have sunshine today and little cold,that's it.Enjoy the Rissoles.

Hello Seema,lot of things are common with you and I!:))Yeah,take life as it comes to you.Why hope for too much and get sad when doesn't happen,right?;D
Enjoy and I am doing well as usual,thanks.

FH said...

Hi Jasu,thank you girl.Snow is gone,sunshine is back now.I saw lot of ice in some parts of CA which is strange to see,very freaky weather these days,little scary too thinking of hot summer and how high temp. might go.Enjoy the Rissoles!:)

Hi Manasi,thanks sweetie.Hope you make that veg and try the pie.It's delicious.Yeah,if you don't laugh and have fun in life,what else is there,right?:)) Have fun.
I am glad I changed the template,lot easier on the eyes now!:)

Hello Dilipbhai!Yeah, except for Coffeeben,it snowed everywhere!:D:D
She wants some now,pack and ship it her bhai!
Thank you and hope you try Rissoles.Traditional recipes are fun,these are more fun!:)Rissoles are Irish Traditional food too,so you are not far away.Have a great weekend and cook some more for us,will ya!:)

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

These recipes are abs great. Love shepherd pie and the rissoles look good enough to eat stright from the blog :) :) eagerly awaiting the next set of recipes from you :)
Hope you all are keeping warm in this ever fluctuating weather. Take care !

swapna susarla said...

hi ashaji

as always u are here with a great post..i don't know about shepherd's pie..but the rissoles are familiar to me..when i visited one of my friend's place in INDIA i have introduced to them..i like them too...now i have seen them here..can try this time..
about the snow ..i also enjoyed it on last sunday..it was really good..
about ur meme..was really cool..i wish all ur hopes for ur kids come true..be happy..
cheers swapna..

Anonymous said...

Loved your me,me and found a few things common too !

The vege Rissoles look very tempting but I will wait for your next post of idlis and side dishes - I love idlis but they never come out fluffy.

The new look is great :-)

starry said...

Asha..I loved your style.I think you are a great mom and a very sensitive and caring human being.Could relate to most of the things you wrote about. Those rissoles look so good , just wanted to help myself to one. Maybe I should get a food grinder instead of a grain grinder attachment for my kitchen aid.looks like it would be more useful.

Suma Gandlur said...

Been trying from the morning to leave a comment. Lovely recipes as usual. Particularly loved your meme.When it comes to reading, I am somewhat similar to you. Back when were in India, even the papers which came as packing material were not spared by me.
I am also going to post a ginger chutney recipe soon. But a different version though.

FH said...

Hi Sangeeta,thanks!:))Hope you give it a try and enjoy.It's not that cold here right now,we are glad abt that:)

Thank you for your wishes Swapna,I hope my kids do well too orelse they will end up in some trailer park in US!:D:D Rissoles are almost like Kababs really.If you serve with Buns,it will be Burgers.Enjoy!

Hi NZ,thanks girl abt the new look.I almost lost EVERYTHING in the procees for 30mins,had a mini heart attack!:D I will post step by step idli method,so it will be easy.It will take time to master the fluffy ones but can be done.

Hi L!Thank you so much.You know,most of the time being sensitive gets you in trouble,people always think you are meek just bcos you don't talk back!:D It took lot of yrs of living life for me stand up and not take anything from people!
Food grinder is cool,it is so easy to make so many dishes like Kababs and burgers!Enjoy the Rissoles!:))Take care.

ChrisB said...

Your house looks pretty in the snow, we have snow forcast for the weekend but they often get it wrong- however the gritting lorries have been out this evening. More lovely recipes and your shepherds pie, with the beautiful piped topping looks good you know it's a favourite of ours.

Anonymous said...

Just loved your meme Asha! I loved that what the snow storm did to your house.

FH said...

Suma,blogger was off several times today for maintenance.I forgot about the Churmuri paper to mention I used to read!:D Love ginger,can't wait for your's too.

Hi Chris,thanks.My kids love Shepherd's pie.Meat and potato,what's not to like,right?;D
Hope you are keeping warm at home.Take care.

Hi LakshmiA!Thanks.We enjoyed the snow for a day,it didn't stick around though.It was a little freaky!It just came and went in a day!:))

Vani said...

Your home looks lovely, Ash! Beautiful manicured lawn and brickfront-very pretty! The cutlets look yum and plantain must give it a unique flavour. Nice post, as always! :)

Priya said...

Asha: Whever I see your recipes my tummy grumbles. Sure need a small tent to eat them everyday:-))
White and green makes a greateful sight.

Your tag looks awesome and hey, why talk of death when youw anna lovely home close to water. C'mon girl:-))

FH said...

Hi Vani ,thank you darling!:))
Arvind mows the lawn with his rider and trims it all by himself too.Not much work in winter but in summer he has to do it every week.It grows so fast.I am allergic to grass weeds,so I don't do it.Enjoy the recipe!:))

Hi Priya.Oops!! You are right ,positive thinking always not most of the time!:)Thank you sweetie,enjoy the sights and recipes.Have a great weekend.
I will be hanging around here on this Earth for quite a while,don't worry!:D

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Veggie rissoles and shepherd's pie looks so inviting.. and the pictures of ur house are great. Thanks for the veggie version of shepherd's pie. using soya granules is a wonderful idea. As usual u are great .. thanks

Shionge said...

Asha - it's a picture perfect house :D What a transformation in just two days, love it! What a lovely neighbourhood.

I think I'll give it a try at your dish but I don't know what is a plaintain? Is it like a tofu (beancurd?)

Right on Asha - Positive thinking all the time :D

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

Your blog's got a new look, niceeee!

Love Shepherd's Pie, that's the one dish I can make anytime and the girls will eat it without a fuss.

Love your "10 Things to Define Me" meme because it helped me get to know you better, Asha. I love the hope you have for your kids, so nicely expressed.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how green your grass still is in January.
I'm jealous!

di.di said...

so mouth watering. no wonder im hungry, it's lunch time!

Mona said...

Asha! I was reaaly looking out for the peanut ginger chutney recipie, and here it is on your wonderful blog! WOW! a dream come true.
And all those dishes specially the sheperd's pie look so YUM!
I just loved reading your MeMe. In fact you sound so much like me.

You are a true artist asha because you are creative in a true sense.When you do something and do it with joy, without any consideration of benifit or fame, then you are truly creative.That Fame and benifit might come as a 'side effect' is another matter.Ppl who do it for that are 'technichians' not artists in true sense.
Your dedication towards what you love to do is commendable!
I agree that we should never emulate ppl. If we try to be like others, we will be only carbon copies, not originals. Also, if we try to be someone else, then we might be in trouble too.Emulate, qualities, not ppl.
I love this post.

Anjali Koli said...

Asha enjoyed reading the meme. I'm going to try the veg sheperd pie. Yeah youre right about how much we share in this media. If asked to talk it would be with only our closests. Helps to purge. I have come to think our names actually make us what we are as people. What say?

Beccy said...

What a difference a day makes.

They gritted the roads here last night so I was hopeful of some snow. When I woke this morning I rushed to open the curtains, still the same old drab grey view but at least the wind has died down.

Here in the UK (and Ireland) sheppards pie is made with lamb (hence the reference to sheppards) and cottage pie is made with beef.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures asha!!! love ur blog!!!

Life said...

hello asha ji!

first let me tell u nice snaps..sunny day and again with snow...i like snow very much..but here in mumbai its just dream ...

well again mouthwatering dish :) ah when will have that chance to be at ur place and have all this with u n ur famliy...

so ashaji all n all ur very satisfied with what u have..

Take Care

Al Nims Media said...

Hosa varsha, hosa look....great going!

Cyberkitty said...

Your house looks like a picture postcard in the snow. Read the messages in restrooms - yeah i do too, they are pretty funny !

Isha said...

f'sh, i just luv your house.. it just.. seems so gorgeous..!

FH said...

Hi Prema,glad to see you!Hope you are back to blogging!:)Thanks girl.Soya granules will do fine,try it.

Shionge,thanks.Plantains look like bananas,green and taste like potatoes when peeled and cooked.Look in the photo.They are not babana fruit we eat but to cooking ones.Hope you get it there!:)Enjoy.

Thanks Lotus.My kids love that too!:))Anything not veg is their fav. anyway!Enjoy the recipes!

Hi Kristen,it rained a lot this winter!July,August are the worst for lawn.My husband does all the yard work,I will pass on the message!:D Thank you.

Hi Dramadiv!Welcome and thank you.Hope you try and make some Rissoles!:)

Hi sweet Mona.Thank you so much!
I know some "technicians" around here in blogosphere!I always thought blogs are for fun and to express our thoughts.But some have blocked me!:D It's little strange but true.Anyway,you are right.Do your best and be happy when rewards come.For me,all of you and your good will is the greatest reward,I want nothing else!:)
Have a great weekend,Mona.Hugs!

FH said...

I say Yay, Anjali!:))I write somuch about myself and us,I think most people know me.Sometimes it's easy to say it here than to your own family members!Enjoy the pie.

Beccy,thanks for the info!I made a Cottage Pie!Great to know from a girl who knows.I went to WIKI for info,that's all I got.But we love it with Beef,never made with Lamb though.Got to try sometime!:)
Weather gets scary,I thought it's Global warming which makes freaky weather but CNN says nothing to do with it but just weird winter!Thank god for that!:D

Hi Haripriya,thank you.I like it too.Great change from my old blog.Thank you!:)

FH said...

Hi Isha,are you commenting from India?Hope you are having a great time there.Thank you.This house is built well with a good curb appeal to sell quick!Have fun there.Hugs!!

Hi Cuber Kitty.Thanks.
Hey! You are my kinda girl to read that.I thought I was the only weird one! It is fun to read what they were thinking although most words are bad ones!;D

Hi Kishore.Hosa varshakke ella hosadagirabeku alwa?!:D I like it too,lot easier on the eyes!

Vikas,thank you.you are welcome to have all these with my family!:))Snow in Mumbai,that is a dream.But weather is so weird these days,you never know!
Yeah! I think I almost reached Nirvana,feels like it anyway!;D

karmic said...

The rissoles look amazing. I have never had Shephers pie but after reading this post, I surely want to try it once.
Loved your tag. #1 thru 3 and the dream we knew about, the rest sort of add more to the puzzle so to say. ;)

Seema said...

Kudoos to the new look !! Smart

Veg Rissoles with Ginger-Peanut chutney - look mouth watering...yummmyyyy...they're kinda just waiting to be bitten in to !

Heyy that lawn in the frontyard of your home is something i love beyond imagination...bare feet walking on that grass...heavenly!
So you had a lovely white cover on the greens for a day...

Lovely pictures n thanx for sharing them!

Your MEME - so down to earth..that's what makes u a special person !!!

Take care...lovely to have you around always !

Sai said...

Hey Asha:
Love the photographs and I absolutely love Shepherd pie. My f-i-l studied and lived in england for many years. We would have a lot of British and continental food in my in-laws home.

Krithika said...

YOu've always come across as a simple, down-to-earth kind of person and I am not surprised to read that in your MEME. Very unique recipes in your blog. Rissoles look delicious. Thanks for sharing

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
my second comment for this post of yours. How can you forget to answer to mine when you replied to all :(( ... :((...
it made me sad :( .
hope you get a llok at my revious comment .

Nee said...

Hey there darling!
I've never had rissoles...what's with the Brit special this time? Not that I'm complaining.
Good job on the tag. But please don't say you would like to buy a 'home by the water and die there and that you hope it happens soon' one after another. You know there are plenty of us who love you..nearly gave me a heart-attack!!


TNL said...

I loved your recipes...but what I loved the most about this post was the meme. You know exactly what you want, and what you have....not many people have mastered this art yet. I hope your dreams come true...you know, I live right by the water, why don't you make a trip here and look at some oceanfront properties?? Would just LOVE to have you as a neighbor! :-)
I mean it! and NFLD is a great place for vacations!!


g said...

Hi, The RSS feed does not do justice to your blog! Lovely pics

Thanks for visiting mine. g

FH said...

Hi Sanjay.Try that dish,you will love it.It's easy too.I loved that tag,you know most of my style anyway!:))

Hi Seema,thank girl.I promise I will hang around for a while!:)It's too cold to walk barefoot right now on the lawn but it's great Summer.

Krithika,thanks.If any of you ask for more of me,there is nothing left to share,it seems!:D

Hi Nee darling!I didn't mean to say that!!:D
Oops!!I meant I hope I will have a home by water soon but live long and then say bye bye!!NO! I am ready to go now,my kids are still young!
British dishes?!I have love-hate relationship with them,I guess!HeHeHe!!

Hi T!!I would LOVE to be your neighbor too.You know,when we see Canada on TV,we always think it's the most beautiful and peaceful country!May be we will visit there one day and enjoy.I have been to Toronto,but it's a city.Thank you sweetie!Hugs!!

FH said...

Hi Pooja,you are my sister.Don't be sad!! A big OOOPS from me!!:P

I did see your comment but when I get 16 comments at a time,I probably missed replying you while scrolling all those.

Now,I am dedicating a special reply just for you.Thank you so much for saying all that and all your appreciation.You are a great girl.I didn't mean not to reply just to you and I always love what you say!!

I apologize for my oversight but what's a little oops between sisters, eh?! Forget and forgive!!I love you Pooja!:))

Pooja said...

:) I am al happy to listen this from you . Nice to get a sister like you :) . Love you a lot ! I forgot to mention that I enjoy reading your Meme, sucha wonderful person you are ,you have some the quality which resembles to my Mom . are all great people like this only? i wonder ! i am not so generous yet, and think about myself for little things of life :)) . perhaps that is what we have to learn from life as time goes by . I would take this Meme if i could gather proper wordsto describe myself. I dont want sorry from a elder sister ,it was jsut a reminder to reply me :)) . thanks for your dedicated reply . Waiting for your entry :) This time is goin to be fun, really !
take care .

wheresmymind said...

That was quite a storm! I'm surprised you could get out of the house ;)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Hello Asha,
Ginger-peanut chutney shall be made today :) rissoles look too yummy to pass maybe over the weekend, let's see. I think I kind of knew everything that you said in your meme...dunno just feel like I know you now! Plate idlis with side dishes ge wait maadtheeni.

FH said...

Hi Gunjan.I know it's giving lot of ppl trouble commenting.I don't know why.I went to Google Group for help.There are 3 comments I cannot publish but it keeps showing those!..sigh..Thanks for visiting me too!:))

Hi Pooja.Glad you are okay with me now!;D Thanks for reminding me though!You are still very young and just started your life.You will learn as you experience life.When I was your age,I had no clue about life,you are actually much better than me!I posted your entry a minute ago!!:)

Hi Jeff,Yeah! It was VERY hard to get out and take that photo!:D
They just exaggerate everything and make us run for some batteries and bread!!Oh well..!!There was some snow anyway!:)

Manjula said...

Hi Asha,
My net connection was little slow today and the page started downloading very very slow. I was looking forward for a pink page and got a total surprise! Nice change here and the comments are in big fonts, I admit its fun to read comments.

Nice pictures of your home and delicious recipes. Its good to learn many things about you.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! So many goodies...Fried ginger, now that's a novelty!!

And your meme.. omg !! It's so sweeet to read. Esp. the dream part :)

Good one, Asha..

FH said...

Hi Orchid.Thanks girl.Enjoy the recipes.MeMe's are like my diaries these days!:)) Idli special enoo illa,mamoolu palyagalu ashte!:)

Manjula,thank god you got in atleast.Many of them cannot get into blog for some reason!I don't know what's happening.Thanks and enjoy the new color.No more Pink!:)

Hi Mythili,thank you.I do my best!Fried ginger tastes great,hope you try!:))

Mishmash ! said...

Hello Asha,
This is my first visit to ur place and I was so happy to see the recipe for Shepherd's Pie. You know this is my hubby's one of the fav's and he's been asking me to make one ever since he had it from Cheesecake factory and to my bad luck,I misplaced the recipe I jotted down from a Cookery show. Thanks for sharing the recipe.I'm going to try it soon.

And hey, do drop by my space to have a taste of my mishmash!

Mishmash ! said...

Asha Ma'm ! I think thats how I shd call u coz after going thru ur page and reading every bit of ur wedding anniv story,I'm speechless. Full of respect.I wish I had the same spirit and sense of accomplishment 20 yrs from here. Hats Off to you !!

and hey, thanks for visiting my page too and leaving those wonderful comments :) U made my day !


FH said...

Hi Mishmash.You do have a great blog,keep it up!:)) You can call me Asha,no need to be formal in my blog.It's your home too!:))
Good to hear that from you.Yeah,20yrs!!:D
Thanks and come back again.Check out Aroma and Recipe Index if you need more recipes,they are on the side bar!

Joyce said...

Love the idea of making fried patties with that great combo of veggies...how clever and the ginger puts it right over the top.
Thanks for your constant kind words, I appreciate hearing from you when I post.
Where do you get the time and patience to do such elaborate step by step instructions? Fabulouos!

FH said...

Hi Joyce.I would love to visit you always!:)Thank you for your appreciation.I have one whole week to work on each of my post.Hope you try the Rissoles!:)
Have a great weekend.

indosungod said...

Rissoles and the Ginger-Peanut chutney look delicious. I have to try this Ginger-Peanut chutney right away. This is the first I am hearing of Rissoles but will try that one soon too. The meme is pretty interesting, learning more ...

Asha, for some reason the comment was not working yesterday, it also happened a few days back. Wonder if blogger is acting up?

Anonymous said...

Love how you framed the no-snow and snow pictures exactly the same!

Your photos are so magnificent. So well composed and colorful.

Like the new template.

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, love your meme write-up!
About the weather, yes, we can't say things good too early, now I'm suffering from very cooooooold days now. But that little bit of snow in your area looked so pretty, seemed to add a silver lining on everything!
Finally, the ingredients you chose for rissoles are fantastic! I haven't deep-fried ginger, will definitely give it a try. Thanks Asha!

FH said...

Hi Indo,it's the blogger giving lot of trouble these days.May be we should all switch to wordpress or something!Ginger chutney is good,try the Rissoles to sometime.Thank you for trying again to comment,I appreciate it!:)

Hi Pearl,thank you.We get excited if we get little snow here!:))I love the new color but not the google these days,won't let me comment on few blogs!Enjoy Pearl.

Hi Gattina,glad you are able to get in my blog!:))Lot of ppl can't,I complained to blogger yesterday.Thank you so much.We did enjoy the snow for a while,that's it!Small blessings are okay too!:)Enjoy the recipes.

Pavani said...

Great y to JFI-ginger Asha. Rissoles look delicious. Fun reading your meme.

Sia said...

yippyyyyyyy ashakka... i am able to comment on ur blog now... jingalalaaaaaa... since the time u posted ur this weeks entries i was trying to post comment:)
abbba... u know what? even i read the posters and wall writings in public loo.... he he he... K keeps scolding me for that coz whenever i find some interesting posters or ads i just stop there and start reading;) u see like u even i love reading books and lots of them:)
oh... forgot to mention... as usual everything looks delicious... i got a quick peek at ur new kitchen gadget at full swing... u are just amazing:)

FH said...

Hi Pavani,thanks darling!:)) Hope you give it a try!Have a great weekend.

Hi Sups!! Yippee.Thank God,blogger probably fixed.I complained yesterday.At first,I thought it was my settings but it's the blogger!Thanks for trying again.I do miss you gals if I don't see your names.I know many left the comments on Aroma!:))

We are all readers,that's why we are all great bloggers too,don't you think?!I can imagine you stopping to read those!HeeHee! Me too!!Arvind wouldn't dare scold me,I'll kick his backside!:-O

Enjoy the weekend and are you starting any monthly event too?!It would be nice if we form a big group and blog ourselves silly!;D

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Asha,

sorry for delay in commenting. Some how I was unable to access any of ur links in ur web page from internet explorer.I thought some problem with ur site as u changed the look. But it was problem with my browser. Then I could access from mozilla and netscape. I said that god!! Altlast it gave me relife:-)

Anyways...all ur recipes are very good. And I liked the two photos of ur lovely house from same point.My husband too saw ur site yesterday..and he appriciated ur photos. Which camera u use Asha?...with me , he was also intrested to know abt it.Thank you dear in advance. This time Iam not able participate in JFI-Ginger as Iam in preparations for the vacation in India.Before that I will be posting one recipe anyways...But sure wil be in touch atleast to see all of urs updates in ur respective blogs:-))

FH said...

Hi Meena,that's okay sweetie.Now I know it's not my fault!Phew!!:))

As long as you say 'hi Asha' ,that's good for me.Thanks for taking time to comment.Have a great time in India and don't worry abt comments and blogging unless you want to.
My camera is SONY Cyber-shot with 8.1 Mega Pixels.Very good camera plus very easy to operate.I took those photos with SONY.I have Cannon too but I prefer Sony.

Have a grand time in India,I will see you when you come back or if you post a recipe!:))Hugs!!

sallywrites said...

Love the look of your peanut ginger chutney Asha.

What a lovely Me Me. You are clearly such a lovely person.

Funnily enough one of my dreams is to live by water. One day. When we retire........

To overlook water from the house and to walk down to the beach and enjoy the day without any pressures. Lovely!

Have a great weekend Asha!


FH said...

Hi Sally.Thank you so much!
By your discription, you are making me want to buy a house by the water right now and start walking on the sand!:D
Oh! that would be so wonderful!I can't wait for that day to happen!
Have a great weekend too Sally!:)

Nidhi said...

Happy Republic Day to you too!

ServesYouRight said...

Awesome house pictures :-) As always, the food looks yummy :-)


FH said...

Enjoy the day Nidhi!Thanks:)

Hi S!Thank you! Have a great weekend swetie!:))

Anonymous said...

nice words on Meme.It was wonderful to know our thoughts are so similar..

.....like not being ambitious and not idolizing people :-)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
I always wonder from where do you get such superb idea's.You have an inbuilt talent dear.Keep it up.I just love your blog and am a great fan of your blog..hats off to you.

FH said...

Hi Jas,good to see you here.Thank you.Yeah,why bother idolizing others if you live your life on your terms,right?:))Have a great weekend J.

Hi Doc. Thank you lady!:))
I love your recipes too.I try to post the best I can bring.Sometimes I run out of ideas too!:D Have a great day sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Your posts always leave me feeling a) hungry and b) happy. How do you do it woman? No wonder you have so many comments on all your posts!

It's -5 degrees F here right now, wind chill considered. Suppossed to get even colder tonight!! Brrr.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

The rissoles and chutney look wonderful Asha! I will have to give them a shot very soon. Nice entry showcasing ginger!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes you can't get more "gingery" than that, Asha..:):)

Lovely recipes. The meme made a nice read and hope all your dreams come true..:)

Latha said...

Hi Asha,

A lovely meme! So positive and so much my style ! I can see myself in you, though I do like designer clothes (not that I can afford them all the time!) and I would rather die in my home in India with all my people by me ;-)
Loved the rissoles and the pie. I make a casserole similar to this with lots of veggies topped with hash brown potatoes, egg and cheese! Hmmmm yummm! I'm hungry now ;-)
Oh and u're house looks lovely.

FH said...

Hi Ari.Thank you madam!:))
We have in 50s today very sunny.
-5F!! Brrr.. indeed.Stay warm and make lots of soup!!:))

Thanks Roopa.Hope you try this weekend!:))Enjoy R!

Hi Sailu,they want ginger,I give them ginger overload!:)) Ginger tastes in anything in moderation anyway.
Thank you.Have a great weekend!:)

FH said...

Hi Latha,thanks girl.We all are similar in someway anyways.You are still a young woman,have fun.
As we get older,our priorities change.I don'w know I want to go back to India forever.My kids are going to be here,Arvind like it here too!We could go there for a long visit when we are free of most resposibities.That sounds good!:) Rissole are like Kababs,try it.Have a relaxing weekend and take it easy.I know how hard you work juggling everything!Hugs!!:))

Reeta Skeeter said...

ye post dekhne se pehle main mar kyon nmahi gayi!!!(y didnt i die b4 cing this post???) m in office.... its dinner time and i will anyway die of hunger :( sob! lovely onion pakoras!! slurp.. will try..though using no water/less water is kinda very complicated job... :( else help me wid more tips.. if i alerady squeeze all water out (by salt marination) how will more water come from the onions?

FH said...

Marne ki kyon baat karti hoji!!Zara jiyo bhi pahle!!:))

Kanda Pakoda;Onions leave lots of water(specially big Videlia) when salt is added,squeeze that out and add Besan etc.Leave to rest for while.You will see it will be wet again besan,spices clinging to the slices.Add teaspoons of water only if it's very dry.Try once Skeeter,you will see.It's a Southie way and easy too!:)

SJ said...

The rissoles look lovely - so does the shephard pie! Got to try them both soon.
Yummy... :-)

brute said...

i have been to ur blog few times, but dont knw wat to comment , but one thing wat i observed was i started feeling hungry after visiting ur delicious blog...:)

Lisa Johnson said...

The rissoles look really good! And I love the meme! Funny about too much sharing! I hope you get your house by the water soon!

FH said...

Hi SJ,thank you!Hope you try them both!:)

Hi Brute the ghost reader, until now that is!!:D
Thanks for commenting!Just say "Hi!" if nothing else,I would be very happy.Glad you like my posts and you are welcome to peek in always,just make sure you eat something first! Have a great weekend!:)

Hi Anali.Thanks girl.I know!!:D How much do I reveal myself?!Seems everybody knows me 100% by now,well..almost!;D
Hope your mom doing well now!:)Hugs...take care.

brute said...

actually u even dropped by my blog posted commented also thts abt couple of months ago i guess... :P

FH said...

Aha Brutus!:)) You are right but then I didn't have the blog roll myself,so I forgot about you!;D
Hope you have got a girlfriend for yourself now!!NO??!! Bummer!!!:D:D

KCS said...

Hello Ashaji,
Hopped in through my hubby's blogroll, now that he is back in kashmir, i'll have lot of time trying different vegetarian dishes at home.

FH said...

Hi KCS!! Glad you hopped by!!
You are South Paw's lady,eh?!:))Nice to meet you!!Welcome to my home and yup!try all the veg dishes.There are more easy ones at Aroma and you can get'em at Recipe Index as well.Good luck to SP in Kashmir and GOD be with him!:))

vasilisa said...

Hi Asha! Something weird has been happening to my browser. I couldn’t access your comments section at all… finally lucky, so here I am, so Hi! :-)

We had the same snow situation. Green grass till mid-January, and then suddenly loads of snow. I like it that way though – nice and wintery. Feels more normal…

Love your food ideas (great as always) and your meme – feels like we all know you ever so much better now. And I agree with your take on Hip-Hop – unless I go out of my way to read the lyrics, I have no clue what they are singing :-)

Melting Wok said...

Asha, the peanut-ginger chutney sounds delicious. The recipe is very similar to the Malaysian Satay peanut sauce, except without the yogurt, plus tumeric spice. This is refreshing, and would definitely goes well with all the winter munchies u had posted, thanks !! :)

FH said...

Hi Lisa,glad you could finally be able to say hi.Lot of ppl couldn't get in,dunno why!!Browser problem.
Snow is gone already unfortunately,but sunshine is always welcome though!!Enjoy Lisa and have a fun weekend.Thank you for visiting!:))

FH said...

HI Shirley,I have Satay chicken with Peanut sauce in my blog! I love that dish,thanks for turmeric info for Satay sauce!:)Good to see you here,lot others couldn't get in to my blog!Enjoy...

Sia said...

ashakka... i have tagged u for new MEME:) he he he... plz check my blog for details...
and yeah... its not a bad idea abt all of us posting silly things in combined blog:) will definately give it athought... i guess it will be fun... what say?

Mr. J said...

It wasn't god, it was me who smacked you on the head. Hahahaha!! I'm watching you!!

FH said...

OH NO!!! Sups,another MeMe!!!AHHH...!!!:D:D Okay,I will take a look.Yeah!Great idea to start a communal blog!Are trying to give me more work?!:))

Johnny!!!I KNEW IT!!!So it was you...you little punk!!:D How is it going in London? Hope you do well.Wait a minute!!Why am I wishing YOU well!HAH!!I will poke your saucers out if you are watching me!:P

Sia said...

ha ha asha... enjoy MEME... he he he... i just imagined the look on ur face when u heard abt another MEME and i can't stop rolling on the floor now:)

Mr. J said...

I'm back from London lady, that's why I was able to hit you on your head. I'm keeping an eye on you!! Next time I will strike with lightning.

Praba Ram said...

Asha -

Loved the recipes and the meme! Thanks for your kind words on IndianThali...First one to comment! Yay!!! Such an honor to have Asha ji on IT...

Can't wait for your plate idlis!


FH said...

HUH Sia!! Did you say something??? I am still in shock and my mouth is still open!!:D:D
It's short and sweet,I don't mind this MeMe but 5 things you don't know abt me!Good God ,where do I find them!!:))

Hi Johnny,did you visit Nee then?!Hope you did,waiting for update in your blog!:))
I will strike you down before you do!After I gouge your eyes,you can't see straight,remember!!HeHe!!

FH said...

Hi Praba.Honor is all mine really.I did look at your dishes last week but couldn't see the comment section to leave comment.Glad I could today.Blog more!:))

Revathi said...

Hi asha
Great post.. fist u made me warm looking at the pics of ur home, then those crisp looking patties, sheperd pie and to end the great post a little bit of Asha for us.. excellent post !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
I didn't know what shepherd pie was until I read your post. Looks yummy;will try with soy as you have suggested. Thanks,Nalini

Keshi said...

the pie looks yummy!

mothers always hope for their kids' well-being. how sweet!


FH said...

Hi Revathi.Thank you,you are always so sweet.Hope you are doing great!:) Gald you got in my blog to comment,lot of them can't for some reason!Enjoy.

Hi Nalini,pie is a British,usually made of meat but yes,you could add veggies and Soya to make it a great meal.Hope you try!:))Thanks.

Hi Keshi,good to see you here!Moms are moms,we are a special breed you know!;D I don't think anybody knows the emotions we feel for our children.You will see when you have few!:D:D Thank you for visiting Kesh!Hugs!

Praba Ram said...

Asha ji -

I have the recipe for the Lemon-Ginger rasam put up on indianthali.blogspot.com - thanks to you for encouraging me to write it!

My first JFI entry - don't know how to send it. Should I just email it to Rosie? thanks!


FH said...

Hi Praba,so glad you did that and sending your first entry to JFI.
You do need to send it to Rosie with 160 by 120 photo if you have it.Click on JFI "Ginger" on my sidebar under blog events and it will take you to her E mail addy and how to send.Any problems with that ,let me know!:))

Anonymous said...

Wow....this is the first time I am dropping by your site....cool yar...!!

The snow covered building looks awesome...U really have a great flair for scenery ..hope!!

I liked the rissoles...have never tried anything with plaintain...so should start with this one..

Keep cooking..!!

Smita said...

I bumped into your blog while searching for a recipe and WOW!!!!! I had so much fun read all the recipes and I am certainly going to try out a few.....I am a food enthusiast and loooooooooooooooove cooking. Check out my blog at http://dabbusrecipes.blogspot.com
Definitely not as well written as yours but its a start:)

Anonymous said...

That is your house!! Man I am moving to NC. That house in CA would be like 4 million!

Very nice pictures by the way. Beautiful house too

"I am a simple and low maintenance woman!"
We need to check with your husband!

FH said...

Hi Yunus,glad you found me.That building is my home yaar!:D
Thank you,I appreciate.Hope you do try Rissoles.Keep in touch!:)

Hi Smitha,welcome to my blog!:))I love cooking too as you can see.I will check out your blog later.Every wednesday is new recipes posting day,so here it comes.Enjoy and come back again!:)

Hi TDNA!!Thanks.CA is very expensive,I know!But beautiful state though,that compensates for lack of space and loads of money.
Hey! Are you saying you don't trust me?!!:D Okay,you can talk to him if you want!;D

Catherine said...

You are a wise woman! Thanks for your list and recipes!

FH said...

Thank you Catherine!:))
You are always welcome to enjoy all the recipes.

Aarthi said...

I really enjoyed reading your meme. I saw my own reflection in many of them. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Thank you Aarthi! I couldn't find your comment before ,just found it here!Thanks for visiting.

Melting Wok said...

hehe, you sounded tad like my mom, except tt part, she's more into the chinese bollywood style. Its great to know you bit more, and thanks for sharing, Asha, great sport !! :)

FH said...

Thank you Shirley! Glad you enjoyed it.Hey! I am a blog mom to some, so I will adopt you too!;D

Mansi said...

Hi asha,

first time on your blog, and I really have no fit words to appreciate your blog!! everything's great, just one qs, how do u manage to do it??!!!

Awesome job!

FH said...

Hi Mansi, glad you found me!:))
I do multitasking very well and I enjoy cooking, so it's not that hard for me. Cooking is easy,it's the typing in which takes more time for me!;D
Enjoy the recipes, hope to see you back.