September 29, 2006


Hi everybody!! May I draw your attention to take look at this interesting article about 'Copy Rights' posted by Manisha of 'Indianfoodrocks' blog! It will take just few mins of your time, thanks!! :))

Now on to my recipe..I am posting a dessert recipe this weekend! You must be wondering why a dessert first and then post a meal!! Well!! I thought I would tempt you first with a beautiful dessert and then hook you on to cooking a meal too! Hope it works!!:D

When I saw this recipe in one of Tarla Dalal's magazine, I had flashbacks of my own childhood!! My Mysore grandmother's yummy 'Kayi-Bellada Dose' in Kannada ,which literally means 'coconut-jaggery (gud/gur) pancakes':)) I had not even thought of this dish in years!!Suddenly flooded with memories , I got up and made these immediately! It tastes like eating instant Obbattu (Holige, Bobbattlu,Puran Poli) without all hard work of making the flour wrap and the dal filling! Divine!!

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I used dark molasses for this recipe instead of gud, which is easily available at any US grocery store and gives you that rich dark color, almost like dark chocolate and a smokey flavor and makes it tasty without needing lot sugar and the aroma of cardamom pd will make you drool, and put you in a festive mood!! Chocolate would be nice too if you prefer it, but it wouldn't be Indian!!:D

Btw, I forgot to sprinkle some cocoa powder on the plate to make it look pretty , realized only after I took the photo!! Please do it before you serve to make it attractive and elegant!! Hope you will try this quick and easy 15 mins recipe, a well deserving dessert after a meal this weekend for your family!!


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1 cup Wheat(atta) flour, 1/2 cup dark molasses, 2 tbsp dry grated coconut,2 tsp silced toasted Almonds,1/8 tsp cardamom powder.Some more coconut and almonds for garnish!!

 Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl with enough milk to a thickish pancake batter.
Make sure batter is not thin, should be thick enough to pick up the pan and swirl the batter to a circle!

  Posted by PicasaHeat a non-stick pan,rub a little butter or ghee in the center and pour about 2-3 tbsps od batter,cook on a medium heat. Flip carefully ,cook and take them out on a plate. Fold into 2-4 folds and sprinkle little coconut,almond slivers on top to garnish! You can stuff some of these inside the pancake too before folding!!

Serve this delicious dessert drizzled with some honey if you like to sweeten yourself and your family after a equally satisfying meal!! YUM!!!

NOTE: Instead of wheat flour, you could use plain flour.
You can use sweteened coconut instead of dry unsweetened coconut.
For even more delicious pancakes, you can melt 3 tbsp Girardelli Semi-Sweet baking chocolate and add to the batter, lessening the amount of molasses!! Sounds good to me !!

Have a great weekend!!:))

Now,on to the main meal to serve before the sweet pancakes!! Some savory pancakes anyone ??!!

The following Dosa recipe is how I make them !! My version and proportions which I always use!! I use electic pancake griddle to make dosas to get unform color!! Works out very well as you can see !! :)) For people who are not familiar with dosas, this would be good way to start and improve as you learn and become Dosa Pros!! :D

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 2 Cups long grain Rice
1/3 cup Urad Dal,1 tsp Methi or fenugreek seeds.
Soak for 4 hrs. Drain the water and grind urad dal mix first until very smooth with enough water to a fairly thick batter.You do need a powerful (550W) blender!

 Now grind the rice with water to a smooth fairly thin paste adding water. Pour both into a big bowl, mix thoroughly and sprinkle 1 tsp salt. Cover and put it in a warm place or in the oven with a oven light on (not the oven turned on!)overnight to ferment.Next morning, when you see the dosa batter risen, add 1 cup water if needed to thin like pancake batter, stir to mix.Do not let it ferment too much(not more than 12-14hrs that is)!

  Posted by PicasaHeat a dosa tava or Electric pancake griddle to 300F, put a ladleful of batter and spread into a 6-8" circle.Drizzle some oil or melted butter on and around it.Flip and cook the other side until golden, fold and serve!!

NOTE: It looks complicated but once you get hang of it,it would be easy make dosa and enjoy it. It's like making regular plain flour pancake batter but rice,dal soaked, ground and fermented which is very nutritious for you!! You do get already ground rice and dal in Indian stores you might use, still have to ferment it though!!
Serve: with Kerala Sambhar or Tindora Masala for a perfect meal!!

Below are the recipes: I cooked at (different times ofcourse!) just to try them out!! As you can see, they are delicious savoury combos to serve before a beautiful dessert!! Thank you Latha , Indira , Prema and Priya for sharing!! Hugs !!

Priya Bhaskaran's Delectable Kerala Sambhar:

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Prema's Yummy Tindora Masala:


OR skip the savory pancakes and try these spicy Rice Rottis with Red Bell Pepper chutney!!

Latha's Rice Rotti and Indira's Red Bell Pepper Chutney


Hope you will try atleast some of these recipes this weekend:)))


Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
WOW!!! A parade of colourful recipes.. when I entered ur blog I thought it was some roundup I had missed..
Glad to know that u liked tindora masala. thanks
coconut molasses pancakes look great .. i used to make it with plain flour and jaggery..
Dosas are perfect and inviting..

Anonymous said...

Your molasses crepe looks great. will try it tomo. thanks.

Pavani said...

Hi Asha,
Those pancakes look awesome.. just like chocolate crepes. And that dosa makes me reach right into the screen. You set the stage for the weekend.
Have a great weekend. Also Happy Dasara to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Asha, Are you a kitchen magician,churning out so many awesome irresistible dishes all in one post ..OMG! what a treat you have out there ,can't take my eyes off...wish I could just take a bite of your dessert and all the other goodies spread out, have a great weekend....:)cheers!

Anonymous said...

so many dishes and so confused what to taste first...the dishes r sinfully delish..asha pls don't overfill our stomach..btw,i'll definitely try the pancakes and send u the pics.

Anonymous said...

Asha... please do go and look at my last post when you have a moment. I am laughing now -- did you write that dosa tutorial for me? ;) everything looks delicious -- thanks for all your time and effort. I know what it's like with a houseful of teenagers and it's appreciated.

Latha said...

Woooooooow Asha! So many delectables in one day! Wish I were in NC to try these :-)

First, hats off the Manisha about the Article! Glad somebody put all what we think in writing! I second every thought of hers. Its different when people try soemthing and mention the source, and its different when people just lift claiming it is theirs! That makes me very angry!

And I love u're Kaayi-Bellada Dose! Sounds yumm! Never heard of it. I am on this sweet making spree! Will try it out when I get a chance and let u know ;-) And u're Dosas look so golden brown. Lovely pictures!


FH said...

:D:D:D , round up!! Thank you Prema for your Tindora masala! It was soo delicious, adding with little clove pd in the end!! Brilliant idea!!Now that I know, I will be trying more of your dishes!!:))

Thanks Shaheen! It's VERY easy recipe!!

Pavani! Thank you!! Happy Dasara to you too! Enjoy the sweet dish!!

FH said...

Hi Lera!! Thanks!!:)) But I made other's dishes at diff. times, posted them today to give an idea of what you could have if you tried!! :D:D Lot of great cooks out there!! Lucky me!!

Sorry Maneka to over load you!!:D:D
Do try one at time starting with mine!! Looking forward to see how your's look,don't forget the cocoa pd!! Thank you Manekaji!!

FH said...

Thanks Latha for reading the article!! I want everybody to cook every recipe out there and enjoy.When they post it,give credit where it belongs and have a blast!! It's that simple,isn't it?
Why claim,cheat,copy?? It's not a competition but just sharing!!
Good addition to Dasara feast, this dosa, make some for your family! I saw your Bombe display!! Excellent! Enjoy!!:))

Thanks Linda! I will go your's and see abt what you mentioned,glad you could use dosa tutorial! I will put up Idli too sometime later:))
I have a Tween and a Teen at home!:D:D When they are at school, I will get some time in the afternoon! Thank the LORD for school!!:)))

Mamatha said...

You have an awesome blog with great recipes. Love the way you write - I get enthused just reading your posts. Keep up the good work.

sra said...

Way to go, foodie! Lovely colour the dosas are!

Abha said...

Hi... Nice blog. Thank you for your suggestion. Yur blog looks good. I am going to put a link of your blog on my site...

EYE said...

nice lovely yum looking food blog. moi a lazy cook

Annita said...

i've tried your Masala Baingan and it came out really good..I'm grateful to u for that recipe..I'm a great eggplant fan ..I've put the post in my blog..Pls go thru it..

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Asha..great job again..all recipes are very nice..i will try them soon and let you know ..thanks for sharing

FH said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement, Faffer!!Keeps me going for sure!!:))

Thanks sra!! Magic words are electric pancake griddle!!:D

You are welcome, Abha! Thanks for linking me!!

FH said...

Hi ME!! Enjoy looking at the pics then!!:D:D No, I want you cook something easy like tomato salad I have!! TRY!!:))

Thanks Annita for trying my recipe!! Very glad to hear that you liked it, that makes me very happy!!:)) I will take a look at ur blog!!

FH said...

Thanks Meena!! Hope you will!!:))
Happy Navaratri to you and ur family!!

Anonymous said...

Send me some of those delicious stuff... my mouth's watering.. DHL ;)

FH said...

Okay John!! Tell me where and when!! Just kidding!!:D:D:D
Easy enough recipe to make that pancake,don't you think??!! :))

Chandrika said...

Asha, this is not at all fair!!!

Here I am on a lazy Sunday morning, going through all blogs and I spot your yummy pancakes, which has sent me drooling...

But alas, I have no molasses in my pantry and I am waiting for my DH to wake up, so that I can pester him to get me some!!!! :-))

FH said...

Hi Chandrika! Sorry to wake you up with cravings!!:)) But you can use brown sugar too, will be of lighter color!! Thank you and hope you try some time if not today!!

Nabeela said...

I just discovered its a bad idea to visit your site while I'm fasting....I'm dying here Asha looking at all those pictures...send all those foods over to my place PRONTO....*GRUMBLE* me, my stomach wants to get in a word too

FH said...

Yes Yes, Nabeela!! I can hear your stomach rumble aaallll the way from there!! Please eat, eat!! :D:D:D
Thanks and You have so many goodies at your blog ,I should be moving in with you!:)))

indosungod said...

Asha, lovely pancakes, I am going to make this next weekend, my daughter loves pancakes.

Reeta Skeeter said...

amazing pics... all o' 'em

Happy Blogging!!!

sra said...

Hey Asha, you're tagged! Only if you want to do it, though!

FH said...

Thanks sra!! I will honor your tag, I promise!! But a little bit later though since all these entries for events are due in a short while!!:)))

Welcome Reeta and thanks!! I am enjoying the blogging!:))

Thanks Indo!! This pancake is perfect for the kids,indeed!!I bet your kid loves it!! :))

Harmonia said...

WOW! What a post! Thanks for your comments on my blog...I responded to them!

Krithika said...

Great idea ... using molasses. I usually make wheat flour-jaggery dosa. Will try this with molasses. Thanks for sharing

Nee said...

Ooh, that Kayi-Bellada Dose looks really good, awesome color, wonderful presentation, even without the cocoa powder!

FH said...

Hello Nee!! you sound more and more like south Indian to me these days!!Are you ?! Thanks, hope you try this! Tastes good!:))

Krithika! you are the only one who know abt this dessert other than me ,thank God!:)) Molasses makes it dark and gives it a smokey flavor!Yummy!!

Thanks Harmonia! I will check your response!!:)

Nee said...

Hey Asha,
Oh yes I am. Thought the various mentions of murukku, kozhambu etc in my posts would have given it away :-)


FH said...

Actually Nee! No!! I started visiting your posts, probably last 8-10 of them,in Aug! I never saw murukku etc. in your posts at all!:))
Now I have to go and check'em all out!!Glad you are southie too!!:D

FH said...

Hi Jeena,thanks.Welcome to FH and hope you come back!:))