September 26, 2006


Ennegayi I am posting today, a eggplant dish which is also called Mulgayi palya, a popular dish in the coffee plantations or Lingayat communities, and also called Badanekayi enngayi elsewhere!! :)
I thought I would cook this dish which I have not done in quite a long time! I rummaged through all my old notes to get this recipe out and when I was done, it did look like as I remembered,actually tasted even better!!Traditionally ennegayi is made with whole slit stuffed whole eggplants but I don't like it that way because sometimes it stays raw in the center unless I pressure cook it gently. It's almost always served with plantation style rice rottis, which are differently from the regular rice rottis elsewhere in the estates.You could also serve with Coorgi Paputtu (Dill is my grandmother's addition, you may skip it), dosas, Idlies and may be even chapatis too! Never tasted with chapatis or Parathas but might work too!!

Mulagai Ennegayi:

Mulgayi is an another word for eggplant around Hassan, literally means (Mullu- kayi) a thorny veg, may be because some eggplants do have thorns at the top! Ennegayi literally means cooked in oil although I don't use that much of oil in my version. This authentic recipe is from my aunt Prema, who is married to a coffee planter near Sakleshpura, Hassan district in Karnataka. Although there are no particular "plantation cuisine", we do cook little differently from the rest of the Kannadigas using uncommon vegs like Bamboo shoots fresh off the ground and citrus fruit like Dodlikayi which are grown in that region etc!! So, even if you think these dishes are not very authentic "plantation style", take a deep breath, smile and just enjoy the recipes! :D

Mulgayi ennegayi is so popular around there, my cousins when they were young children, as soon as they come home from outside playing, would ask their mom whether she has made mulgayi palya with rice rottis everyday! :D
My kids on the other hand,..sigh..whenever I make ANY eggplant dish, take one look at it and say "OH NO!! You made another Indian eggplant dish! Do WE HAVE TO EAT eat that?" Grrr.....YES!! I make them eat it all!! and after eating it they compliment me on the "yummy" dish as always! Try it and see if you like it too! :)


Roast and Grind:
2 tbsp Chana dal, 1 tsp Urad Dal,1 tbsp coriander seeds, 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds, 2" cinnamon(dalchini),1/2 onion,1 big garlic,2 tsp Chana Dalia (Roasted Yellow Gram),1 tsp poppy seeds(khus khus),4 dry red chillies,2 tbsp dry coconut(optional),1-2 tbsp tamarind juice ,little sugar and hing to a smooth paste.

Heat 1 tbsp oil/ghee,add 1 tsp mustard,1 onion chopped,curry leaves,turmeric. When onion are reddish, add about 3-4 cups of diced eggplants.Fry, cover & cook until almost done. Add ground masala ,1 cup or more water ,and salt.Simmer gently until you get thickish gravy.

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Garnish with cilantro.

Serve with plantation style Rice Rottis,Paputtu, with dosas or idlies if you like!!

NOTE: if you use the whole slit eggplants, stuff them with masala without much water and cook in non-stick pan with 1/8 cup oil and ghee mixed until they are cooked inside out.Ennegayi always tastes better the next day.I usually keep it in the fridge and forget about it (on purpose!) for 2 days!! ;))

Here is How Plantation Rice Rottis Look Like:

For How To Make Akki Rotti , click here..

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COORGI PAPUTTU OR THARI (made with Nucchu or coarsely crushed rice):
Dill leaves (Supseege/Subbasige soppu) are optional, my ajji always added it and I like the flavor of Dill but not necessarily required in this dish.

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What??!! Did you ask what the heck is Paputtu? :D :D
Well! It is a kind of Kodava steamed crushed rice(Nucchu) cake made around Coorg to eat with all the unique yummy dishes of the region, specially with non-veg gravies. Although I am not a Kodava, we all do have similar foodie culture around coffee estates, do cook similar food. Since children always attached to mom's family more than dad's usually, I know bit more of Malnad cuisine than Mysore where my dad comes from! We also call this Thari which literally means 'crushed rice', in kannada 'akki thari or akki nucchu' or may be some other name around here.
To make sweet Paputtu, you add sugar,cardamom pd,little butter before steaming and serve with any Payasa (sweet porridge)! Hope you will try these unique delicious dishes from green pasture of Malnadu atleast once:))


1 cup long grain rice,crushed in blender until coarse like rava or semolina,1/2 cup milk or coconut milk, 3/4 cup water, 2-3 tbsp dry coconut, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder (optional), 1 tbsp chopped Dill leaves(optional).

Mix all the above except dill and pour into a sprayed (no-stick)wide mouthed dish, spread rice evenly and sprinkle dill on top.It will look watery.Steam like Idly in a pressure cooker making sure pan sits flat to cook uniformly for 10-12 mins.Open lid, cool slightly, take them out carefully and slice into triangles and serve with Ennegayi.

NOTE: This will make about 1" thick paputtu.If you want thinner paputtu, cut this recipe into half before adding liquid to the rice, add rice and milk mix to each plate separately and steam in two plates instead of one pan. Make sure they sit flat,( not tilted to a side ) in the cooker,so the milk is equally distributed over rice mixture, to let the paputtu rise as it steams uniformly.

Since we are talking about Plantation style dishes, how about trying a Bamboo Shoots Pickle which is, I am sure, a favorite of many coffee planter families in Karnataka:)

Hope you try my family's traditional dishes. ENJOY!!


wheresmymind said...

I love bamboo shoots!!

Ashwini said...

I so wanted to visit Coorg when I was in Bangalore but somehow didnt get around to it. I had no idea the cuisine has its own style...quite unique dishes here

Meena Kandlakuti said... this the traditional recipes your were planing to do...then its a great work asha...all of them are delicious..a must try..thanks for sharing trdaitional recipes.

Anonymous said...

Ohh wow..thats a very mouthwatering spread Asha. Wish I could visit your house and feast on them :).

Anonymous said...

One more of your fabulous menu! I have never heard of ennegayi or paputtu. Both look so tempting. Thanks for the recipes!

sra said...

the pix with the dill look really nice, and u seem to really have slaved over the cooking and the post! how long did it take you to make all these things?

FH said...

Thank God for you, W! LOT of Indians donot even know abt Bamboo Shoots!! :)))

I hope next time you can take a trip around Hassan coffee estates, not just Coorg, Ashwini!! I am sure you will love it!!:)

Yes Meena! This is it!! I felt little guilty giving up the 'best kept secret ' grandma recipes, but you know..if I don't do it, these will die with the older generation.Young'uns don't care!! So I am glad to share with all of you!

FH said...

Shilpa, glad you liked them!! Quite different ennegayi variation,isn't it? You are invited to make some and enjoy!!:)

Thank you so much, Hema! Paputtu is rare to know abt but ennegayi is not so! Hope you will try!! I am very proud of myself today to have posted these!! :))

You will be surprised to know that all three dishes took no more than an hour to cook ( not the rice rottis)!! I am a VERY organized person :D:D
But it takes 2-3 days for me to type into the blog though :)))Hard work indeed! That's why just 2 posts per week these days!!

Anonymous said...

Love your unique recipes! I am going to try ennegayi today itself. Will let you know how it turns out. BTW my native place is Madikeri, my dad's family owns an estate called Kanbile estate in suntikoppa, keep it going! Look forward to many more such great recipes :)


vasilisa said...

This looks amazing! I completely expect to visit here often, cause I absolutely love Indian food, and there are so many ideas here!

I especially love that you show ingredients (and quantities!), cause I frequently find things that I have no idea what they look like in a raw state, and therefore don't know what to look for in a store.

Absolutely great blog!

(ok, I hope this comment goes trhough, because blogger is acting up on me...)

FH said...

Deepa!! :D:D I am soo glad to meet you , another estate girl who KNOWS what I am talking about!! Why are you anon??!! You should be blogging abt coorgi stuff better than me, girl!!
My mom's estate is near Belur on the way to Moodigere' Kogodu Estate'!! Hope you saw my Bamboo shoot post? :))

Vasilisa! Welcome to my blog!! You need any help, let me know! :)))Thanks!!

indosungod said...

Asha, a great recipe, will have to try it out. Learnt it the hardway "that brinjals do have thorns" when I got pricked by one.
My neighbor gave me a bunch of eggplants, I was late in visiting your blog, made a different curry with them. Next time

Anonymous said...

Asha, I love brinjal....this is a new recipe to try.....I probably will try whole slit ones though, 'coz I love it that way.
I did visit Coorg a couple of years back when we'd gone on vacation to India but I didn't get to try any of these foods...didn't know that the cuisine there was so different. None of the restaurants I went to featured any of this....or maybe i just wasn't paying attention to the menu...Hmm!!! Something to look for if i go there again.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your traditional recipe...bamboo shoot pickle ..looks delicious..will try soon

Anonymous said...

Both brinjal curry and the pickle look delicious Asha !

Unknown said...

I love the enthusiasm and plantation stories here...i'm not a huge fan of eggplant but your recipe sounds interesting.

The paputtu sounds good to make too..

You do manage 3 recipes in one post girl - love your patience !


Unknown said...

BTW I see white eggplants in the picture, are those the white variety or have you skinned them?

FH said...

Thanks N!!I thought I might as well give you all a full meal than just one dish!!:D:D
Yes! they are white eggplants, new kind of seeds started by food Goddess Ms. Martha Stewart here.This year I planted some, they are beautiful looking!!Hope you try Paputtu atleast, very easy!!:))Did you see chole-bhature?You were on vacation...

Hi Priya!! Thanks and hope you will try my version of Brijal curry!! :)

FH said...

You are welcome, Maheshwari!! Glad you liked bamboo shoots pickle, they are delicious with plain yoghurt and rice!!

Jayashree!! Traditionally ennegayi is always made with whole slit Brinjals, but I took a bite once,got a mouthful of bland soft eggplant without spices,that put me off forever!:D:D:D
I don't think these dishes are served in any restaurant,but if you live with some local family you could ask them to make it!!:)

Indo!! You have some good neighbors!! Do try next time!! Those darn big thorns have damaged me too!! :D:D Thanks girl!!

Pavani said...

Hi Asha,
For a eggplant fan like me, this dish sounds divine.. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your recipe and plantation story.

Prema Sundar said...

Hey Asha,
You are becoming shilpa no 2 , posting lots of recipes!!!almost every two days. I haven't tried these traditional dishes of urs and will be very happy to try them sometime.. The pictures look very attractive and inviting...

Krithika said...

Looks delcious ! I see that you use a lot of dill in your cooking. Great recipes and thanks for sharing

FH said...

Thanks Pavani!! Love eggplants and telling stories too!!Hope you try them:))

AHHH..!! Prema! There is only one Shilpa out there!:D:D Actually, I have cut down to just 2 posts per week!! I don't want to neglect the family!!:)) Try and let me know! Thanks!!

I love the aroma of dill, it's so unique!! I try and include somehow!! Thanks Krithika!!:))

Kavitha said...

hi Asha
the ennegayi looks soooo good. it goes right onto my "TO COOK" list. i love such recipes... simple with a great looking outcome!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

"PLANTATION ENNEGAYI WITH KODAVA PAPUTTU " ...the title was so different that i have never heared of theses recipes before...but when i finish reading the full recipe i realy wanted to try the ennegayi.ashaji....u r tempting me with a lot of food around and i may have to think about moving closer to u!!!!....

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..there are talks about me again....Infact my family is more than happy because of my daily trials. They get to eat so many new dishes :).

vasilisa said...

Ok, I do have a cooking question. As far as I understand "dal" are small beans (sort of like split peas). Do they need to be presoaked before cooking? If not, how long do they cook for?


FH said...

Shukriya Manekaji! Aajaoji yaheen kaheen! Milke kha peeyenge!!:D:D
I know it's very unusual recipes, hope you will try!!:)))

Hi Vasilisa! Dals are any kind of pulses generally speaking! But at US grocery, you get split peas and Orange colored masoor dal, right? If you are cooking in the pressure cooker,no need to pre-soak these but if you are microwaving them, soak for an hour and depending on the strengh of your microwave, cook for 10-15 mins until they are soft.Indian dals like Tuar is very hard to cook, you got to use the pressure cooker, cook for 5-10 mins after the pressure is on with enough water in the cooker, not more than 1/4 the cooker with 1 tsp oil in it!Hope it helps! Be careful with pressure cooker if you are not familiar, dals tend to foam as they are cooking, block the nozzle!!

FH said...

:D:D:D Shilpa! I know!! That's why I said there is only one of you!:))
I bet your daily down home food keeps him happy, I have seen your hubby's lunch boxes!!:))
I have to please my kids ,a husband and myself, big family here,hard to cook dishes where everybody is happy and posting often is hard for me without neglecting them, I almost did ,believe me, never again!!
But you keep'em coming,I love it!! I wonder how would you manage when the kids come??!! :)))

Thanks spice lover! they are very easy,but look complicated,don't they?:D I hope you will try!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, whenever I want a wonderful eggplant recipe, I always know where to look! This one sounds scrumptious :)

Keshi said...

I know I can nevere cook this beautifully and yummily, so when do I get em fedexed by ya? :)


FH said...

Thank you so much for your morale boost, Linda!! I really appreciate it! :)))

When do ya want it, Keshi?:)) Yes!! you can cook some of my recipes if you try!! Some of them are hard, I agree...

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!!! I love all your details and photos. I'll definitely be back. :)

Vidya said...

these days i just take a quick look at your blog each time i want to make something interesting.. which is quite often :) what to do... cravings do drive a sane woman nuts :)
made ennegai for dinner last night... even my little one loved it!
can you think of something interesting to do with green moong dal?? other that the usual dals and chundals??

Anonymous said...

hi asha, i didn;t see this for some reason. blogger was showing me the old egg curry post and i was wondering what happened to u. good to know u were just cooking. nice recipes. now i want to visit a plantation.:(

Keshi said...

its lunchtime and Im sitting here drooling at the pics...


FH said...

Thanks Pearl for your appreciation!!Makes all my hard work worth it!! Do come back!!:))

Keshi!! Drool, drool and more drool!!! COOK SOME!!:D:D

FH said...

Hello Vidya, the nutty woman!! :D:D
I honored to know that your KID loved it!! YAY!! I know it's hard to please kids!!
Are you talking abt whole green moong or split green moong DAL?!
Let me know, I will think abt what I can come up with..:))
Sundal= you probably meant whole green moong..right?

Shaheen!! blooger these days giving me LOT of problems!!
Hey!! I am promoting coffee estates
so much, I should be paid by somebody!!Evevrybody wants to go there!! :D:D
Thanks for visiting!!

Al Nims Media said...

Pappattu-chicken curry is the normal combo...haven't heard of ennagai though?? your pics have activated my hunger pangs:)

FH said...

Hi there, Kishore!! A real coorgi!!YAY!! Are you related to the General Cariappa??!! Just kidding!!:D:D
You are rt abt chicken curry and paputtu which is Kodava, but my grandparents are vegetarians, so it's always with ennegayi which is from Lingayat coffee planters around Hassan Dist.
Nice to meet you Kishore and come back and give me some recipes so I can cook more coorgi stuff!!:))
Some other reader Unnati from coorg suggesting 'Pandi Curry' with Paputtu!! Dunno how to make it!! Thanks man!!

Al Nims Media said...

Am very real, 100% genuine Kodava (Coorgi) :) Not related to the great Field Marshal KM Cariappa, but we share a common name. Nice stuff you've on your blog. Well, me used to cook well, and the interest seems to be fading away. I suggest for authentic Kodava dishes like pandi curry, etc. Hope this helps.

FH said...

Thanks Kishore!! Yesterday I did google and got that site!! I like chicken curry, I don't know abt cooking 'Pandi curry'!!:))Not used to it! But I have ordered 2 coorgi cook books by Muttamma and Kuttaiah! So next will be Kadambatoo with something! I keep 'plantation' and 'coorgi' recipes seperately so people don't get confused, they are similar but not the same!!:D:D
I enjoyed the pics in ur blog!:))

Anonymous said...

hai there,asha , i prepared the PLANTATION ENNEGAYI WITH KODAVA PAPUTTU !
it came out so well
but i made few variations:D. thanks for sharing the recipe
. can i add ur blog name to my blogroll?

FH said...

YAY!! Glad you liked them!! But I want to know abt variations you made so I can improve this dish for myself next time!! Let me know,please:))Thanks!!
You are welcome to add me to your blog roll! More the merrier!!:D

Anonymous said...

thank you asha for allowing me to add ur blog name to my blogroll

Vani said...

Tried this recipe today. Really nice! I just added a little jaggery. Everybody loved it! Will post it on my blog soon. Thanks, Asha!

Vani said...

Just realized I did not mention what recipe i tried coz this post has other dishes linked too! It was the ennegayi. Yummy! :-)

FH said...

You are welcome, Jaya K! No worries!:)

Vani! I am glad you tried and liked it! Little jaggery or sugar is a good , it gives a good balance of tangy,hot ,sweet flavor! I will add to my recipe too up there! Thanks for that!
I always like feedbacks so I can learn,never fails me!!:D
Good luck with going back to work,sweetheart!Glad ur mom's here right now!!:))

Anonymous said...


Awesome. I have tried akki roti whichw e call uppu roti at home. I donno why its called may be becoz of less spicy. Never knew eggplant has an another name and my favorite too.

FH said...

Uppu rotti; may be bcos there are no other masalas added,makes sense!:)

Thanks for the compliment, Priya!Eggplants are also called Badane Kayi,Mulugayi,Katri Kayi,Aubergine and many many more!!I love it too!
More recipes with it are coming in future here!:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Your eggplant curry looks so yummmmy. Also thanks for sharing your traditional recipes!

FH said...

Thank you LakshmiA.I am happy that you liked it.It is very traditional and I am glad to share it with you all:)

musical said...

i was looking for akki rotis on your blog and its right there :). Yummy!

FH said...

Hi M! This Akki rotti is coorgi style and different from the regular one which is made from rice flour.Add as much as rice flour as you need to the cooked rice to make it non sticky dough but not too much.Enjoy:)

Raj said...

I stumbled on your page and I am putting on weight just reading it! What intrigued me is that Deepa said that he father's family owns Kanbile estate.. thats my family !!! Now I am left wondering who Deepa is from Madikeri!!

Raj ggrk @

FH said...

Hi Raj, thanks. Is it possible that we have 2 Kanibale there in Madikeri? It is intriguing. Looks like you have a long lost sister around!! :D

Raj said...

Hi Asha,

No there is only one. Must be a cousin or niece that I am not familiar with! Probably I have forgotten..


FH said...

That's true! I myself have 8 maternal uncles,3 aunts and numerous cousins I haven't seen in 20+yrs, I probably do not recognize any of those if they come infront of me today. That's how coffee planter families are, aren't they?LOT of people at the weddings, no need for guests!!:D
Deepa must be on of those from your family too, hope she comments again here so we could know.Always nice to know new members! :))
Happy new year to you and family.

Coorg said...

i have say first, you have good site on foods. thanks for this post, this is the rare post on coorg recipes.

FH said...

Thanks Coorg. Although I am not a Coorgi, I try my best to bring some of their dishes to the fore, love them. I know there are very few of Coorgi bloggers out here, wish they posted some authentic Coorg recipes, would have loved it! :)