September 03, 2006


Chicken Satay is one of the classic dishes from the region of South East Asia, particularly Malaysia ans Singapore, accompanied by delicious peanut sauce! Tender strips of chicken breast marinated in spices,threaded onto bamboo or metal skewers and grilled to perfection and served with equally fragrant peanut sauce!!
You could easily convert this dish to vegetarian by marinating firm Tofu, Paneer, colorful bell peppers, tomato slices,Onion slices etc., thread onto skewers and grilling the same way.

This was our sunday lunch and our kids get to choose any dish they want on weekends.( Guess what they usually choose!anything but Indian vegetarian food!! ) I cook Indian food atleast 3 days a week so they don't get used to the 'foreign' food too much! :D

Hey!! Where is the need to go out of your country to savour this delicacy ( unless you live in Malaysia and Singapore! ), when you can make it at home in your own kitchen, right??!! ;)

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Btw, I would like say hello to my dear friend Cindy and her husband Tommy, who live in a beautiful home right on the Bogue Sound in NC. Cindy graciously invites us to her home for a weekend visit almost every year. Tommy, a retired Surgeon,teaches our kids fishing, cuts open a fish to show the bones and the inside works which fascinates my son. Now he says, he wants to be a surgeon just like Tommy !! We are VERY glad to hear that. If he does , credit goes to you Tommy! :D
And Cindy, thank you and I am sure you would enjoy making this dish for dinner and sharing it with your loved ones, sitting on your deck with a glass of wine looking at the serene Bogue Sound ! Cheers!!

4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips ( or any seafood )
2 tsp Light brown sugar ( for tenderizing the chicken ,I guess!)
6 Bamboo or metal skewers (soak bamboo skewers in water to prevent them from going up in smoke in the oven!! )

  Posted by Picasa FOR MARINADE:
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Fennel Seeds
1 1/2 tsp Coriander Seeds
1 Garlic
1/2" Ginger
6 Small Onions or Shallots or 1-2 big onion, chopped
1 tsp Lemon Grass or lemon juice
6 Cashew nuts
1 tsp chilli pd/ flakes or Paprika
1/2 Turmeric

  Posted by Picasa PEANUT SAUCE:
1 tsp butter
2 or more tbsp of above marinade paste
Enough lemon juice and chilli pd to your taste
1/2 Cup Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter or Mayonnaise
1/2 tsp Brown Sugar
1/2" cube Shrimp Paste (Optional)(I didnot use this,but is in the recipe book)

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1. Sprinkle sugar on the chicken breast strips cut lengthwise, and chill.
2. For marinade, dry fry all the ingredients and grind to a smooth paste with salt.Take out 2-3 tbsps for the sauce and keep aside.
3. Add chicken strips in the paste, coat thickly and thread onto the skewers, donot overcrowd them.Cover the plate and chill again for 4hrs.Do this in the morning if you are grilling for lunch. Save whatever sauce for basting or can use in the sauce.

4.Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Heat butter, add saved marinade paste and fry gently until you see little butter on top or until raw smell of spice disappears.
5. Turn down the heat to minimum, add peanut butter, simmer gently. You could add 2 tbsp coconut milk at this stage if you like, and cook until slightly thick. Remove from the heat. Keep it warm.If you are using Mayonnaise,add to cooked and cooled sauce,should be kept cold or at room temp.
6. Time for lunch? Heat the grill or oven to broil, grill for 5-8 mins.Keep turning the skewers every few mins. You will be the judge and the executor here :D to see they are cooked thoroughly to perfection!
7. Serve with Peanut sauce, salad,lemon slices , egg slices and may be some Rice with Green peas and cold drinks! or with cold beer, wine if it's for dinner!!

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TIPS: Spray oil occasionally on top of satay while grilling. I grilled in George Foreman's grill ,came out perfect without much effort..tender and juicy...

2. DO NOT use any leftover marinade used for chicken, please discard.
Idea is to be alive and well to enjoy the feast , not end up in the hospital with salmonella :)
But all you vegetarians, go right ahead and use it as a dip after cooking it for a while.
3. If any of you do not like peanuts, use 1/2 cup Mayonnaise, but mix it only after cooking and cooling the marinade sauce. Do not cook or mix with warm sauce. (Satay recipe is adopted from a book on Asian cooking)

Hey Wait!! What about the Dessert ??!!

Graham Cracker Crusted Strawberry Cheesecake !!

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NO!! I didn't make this dessert but bought from a local Steak House! Gimme a break, people! :D



Manjusha Nimbalkar said...

Hey foodie Hope,

Wowsie peanut sauce...chicken with peanuts goes so very well....

Amazing delicious post !!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful array! Lucky kids! This sure looks like something I should try soon. What did you serve those eggs with?

Anonymous said...

new here, but really intriguing recipes. hope to keep visitng you.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting sauce using peanuts which I am sure will give the chicken a wonderful flavor. Will give it a try for sure, Asha.

FH said...

Thanks Manjusha! Peanut sauce was very tasty , indeed!!

Hello Gini! thanks and with eggs I used leftover marinade ( not used for marinating chicken) cooked and seasoned.Peanut sauce is only for Satay....

FH said...

Welcome Shaheen! Thanks and hope you will be back :)

Hi Sailaja! glad you are here. I love your site and all those traditional recipes. Thanks for coming by, hope to see you back here again!
Peanut Sauce goes very well with grilled chicken , I myself was surprised to find that out!!

indianadoc said...

I love satay dishes...had made some, a while ago...they are amazingly deliciously...good snaps too!!

Deepa Culinary World said...

Hey Asha,

Wonderful here.Keep posting American style recipes ok.Good job done I will try soon.

FH said...

Hi doc, they are delicious, aren't they? I never tried this before, came out very tasty. Thanks doc!

Hello Deepa, glad you liked it. I do have lot of american recipes but they are boring!But I will try and post some when I make it for my kids which is often :)

Revathi said...

Hi Asha

Thank u very muchfor the concern gal. U r reallly nice !!!

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Chicken satay looks wonderful.. The pictures are excellent...
Thanks for the recipe.

Keshi said...

Im fatally hungry now!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome dishes ! Asha, your spread is a delight to view..I 'm sure you'll had a great time...:)

FH said...

Revathi anytime!! I mean it, girl!! :)

Thanks Prema, hope will try the recipe....

Yes, we did Lera!! I tried this recipe for the first time too and it tastes wonderful! My kids gobbled them all in record breaking speed :D

Keshi, welcome! NOOOO!!! DON"T!!!!!
Please have some for God's sake and live forever ! :D Thanks..

Deepz said...

Hi Asha,
The satay looks awesome and the recipe looks pretty simple. I will surely try it out sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the 5th or 6th time I came here and immediately closed the window. Actually since I have stopped eating chicken for some reason, it bcomes really hard to resist such pictures. Absolutely amazing...I have bookmarked it and will be making it for my chicken eating friends in future.

I need your help here Asha,Please...Looking at your posts, I know you would be of great help for the moms.

I tried your capsicum dish last week and absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing

FH said...

Thanks Deepz, hope you will try sometime!!

Oh sorry Shilpa! I didn't know you have stopped eating Chicken!! I apologize for tempting you.I will post new Veg. dish tomorrow you can try.

Yes, I will try to help you with the school lunches...

Keshi said...

hehe I shall then :)


FH said...

PU...NO!! I wouldn't say that about you (Clint Eastwood style..)


Finla said...

it is skinny but delicious looking. This is a post when i was not even bloggin, well at this time i didn't even know about food blogging.
I am so glad i found about food bloggin :-)

FH said...

I know! I posted this dis long time ago, never made it after that. As soon as I saw your's , it came to me that I need to make this again! :D

Your satay is lot better looking than mine, I am glad you are blogging too! :))