November 28, 2007


My post overflowing with Toor dal dishes this week goes to Linda of "Out of the Garden" blog who is the hosting JFI event this month. JFI event is originally started by Indira of "Mahanandi". Linda has chosen India's most favorite "Toor dal" as a theme to cook for this November. Thanks for hosting Linda, excellent choice for JFI!:))

About Toor dal:
"The pigeon pea is a member of the family Fabaceae. Other common names for Pigeon peas are arhar, red gram, toovar/toor (Hindi/Gujarati/Marathi/Punjabi), togari bele (Kannada), Kandi pappu (Telugu), gandul, guandul, Congo pea, Gungo pea, Gunga pea, and no-eye pea. The Indian subcontinent, Eastern Africa and Central America, in that order, are the world's three main pigeon pea producing regions.
In India, split pigeon peas or toor dal are one of the most popular pulses, routinely used everyday in dal or Sambhar, specially in South India.
Pigeon peas are nutritionally important, as they contain high levels of protein and the important amino acids methionine, lysine, and tryptophan. In combination with other cereals and vegetables, pigeon peas make a well-balanced food group."
Info from WIKIPEDIA.

Except in non-veg Dhansak and very few others, Toor dal is not usually used in cooking non-vegetarian dishes, so it's all vegetarian dishes here this week here!:))

Toor dal-fresh Dill spiced dumplings cooked in Tomato Gravy:
This is a classic Tamil dish called "Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu", which means Dal dumplings in gravy, somewhat like Matzo balls in soup! The basic recipe idea is adapted from a cookbook called "Dakshin Bhog" and I changed the recipe a lot by adding Dill leaves to the dal and simmering it with spiced Tomato gravy, very nutritious and flavorful. Try it!:))

Toor dal-fresh Dill spiced dumplings:

Make the dal-dill dumplings first:
1. Soak 1/2 cup of Toor dal for 2 hrs in hot water, drain and add to a blender. Add 2 red chillies or 1/2 tsp chilli flakes,salt, 1/8 tsp of hing and grind to coarse paste without adding water.
2. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a pan, add 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds, 1 finely chopped green chilly,1/4 cup minced onion,fry until soft,add 1/2 cup chopped Dill leaves,stir for minute.
3. Add in dal paste, 1 tbsp grated coconut, 1 tsp rice flour, stir well for 1 minute until dal slightly changes color.Mix well and cool slightly. Make large marble sized balls and keep aside covered.

Sambhar powder: Roast 1 tbsp Coriander seeds, 1 tsp Cumin seeds, 1 tsp Tuar dal, 1 tsp Chana dal, 1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds,2 red dry chillies, 1/4 tsp Pepper corns,1" cinnamon stick, cool and powder.
Now make the gravy: 1. Heat 2 tsp each of oil and ghee in a deep pan, add 1 tsp mustard seeds, pinch of hing and few curry leaves.
2. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of Tomato sauce(canned), 1 cup water, 1/4 tsp turmeric,1 tsp sugar, salt, Sambhar pd, and cilantro and simmer on low heat until it boils for 2 minute and yu get a good aroma of Sambhar.
3. Now drop 3-4 balls of dal in the sauce,wait they come up on top,take them out and keep on a plate.Repeat with all the balls until they are cooked in the sauce.
4. To serve with rice and papad, heat the Sambhar gravy first and then add Dill balls to the gravy.Once they are cooked, they do not break. Delicious, enjoy!:)

Madras(Pearl) Onion Sambhar:
We call Pearl Onions as Madras onions in Karnataka. After Theeyal, this is my favorite Sambhar to cook immediately after I come back home from any vacation, craving for some spicy dal!:D
I like the Pearl onions to be still slightly crunchy in the Sambhar. I fry them separately and then add to cooked dal to prevent them from getting mushy if you cook with Toor dal in pressure cooker.

How to:

Roast these until golden, cool and powder: 1/4 cup dry grated coconut, 1 tbsp Coriander seeds, 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds, 1 tsp Pepper corns, 1 tsp Channa dal, 2-3 dry red chillies,1 tsp Poppy seeds. Add 1/4 tsp hing or asafoetida and powder in a coffee grinder.
Season: Heat 2 tsp oil, add 1 tsp Mustard seeds, 1-2 red chillies, few curry leaves.
To make Sambhar:
1. Peel about 20 Pearl onions, stir fry these in 3 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan until they are golden on the edges and almost cooked. They still should be whole and slightly crunchy. Cool.
2. Pressure cook 1 cup Toor dal with 3 cups of water, and 1/4 tsp Turmeric until soft. Mash slightly.
3. In a deep dish, heat oil and add all the seasoning ingredients, fry. Add cooked dal, Pearl onions, ground Sambhar powder, few chopped cilantro, salt and 1 tbsp Tamarind juice.
4. Simmer for 15 mins and serve with rice , pickle and Pappadoms. Tastes better the next day.

Special Masale Dose!
Quick and crisp (Adai)Toor dal-Rice masala dosa, sprinkled with MTR brand red Chutney powder, stuffed with Potato-Tomato filling, served with Coconut-Garlic Chutney and ghee! Sounds good huh? I thought I will give a special twist to the good old Masala dosa and combination of all these three slightly different than usual dishes makes one very tasty masale dose! Enjoy!:))

To make the batter: Soak 1 cup long grain rice, 1/2 cup Toor dal, 1/4 cup Chana dal, 2 tbsp Moong dal, 2 tbsp Urad dal for 4 hrs.
2. Drain all the water, add as much water as you need to grind the soaked dal in the blender until you get a thickish coarse batter like Semolina/cream of wheat, do not have to grind until very smooth.
3. Add the batter into big bowl, adjust the salt and it's ready to use right away or keep it in the fridge if you don't need it immediately.

Potato-Peas-Tomato filling:

To make this: 1. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, add 1 tsp mustard seeds,2 tsp Urad dal,few chopped curry leaves, 2 chopped green chillies, 1/2" fresh ginger grated or minced.
2. When they turn slightly golden, add 1 minced onion, 1/8 tsp chilli pd, stir until edges are golden. Add 3 peeled, cubed Potatoes, 1/4 cup water, cover and cook until almost cooked.
3. Add 2 large Tomatoes chopped, salt and cilantro. Mix and cook until all the water has evaporated. Adjust the spices and serve.

Coconut-Garlic Chutney:
This is an easy chutney you can make in a jiffy and you will love it if you like Garlic! Keep the chutney creamish in color!

This is how you make it: 1. Add 1 cup of grated fresh Coconut, 2 fresh green chillies, 1/4 tsp pepper corns, 3 garlic,few Cilantro stems (not leaves), few curry leaves, salt, 1 tbsp yogurt to the blender.
2. Grind all these to a smooth paste without adding water if you can. Sprinkle little bit of red chili pd on top and serve.
I used MTR brand dry red chutney powder to sprinkle on top of the dose. To make your own, you can powder 1/4 cup roasted Chana dal(chutney dal or chana dalia) and powder it with red chilli pd, salt, Hing.

How to make Masala Dosa:

1.Heat a electric griddle to 300F. Take a ladleful of batter, pour and spread into huge oval shaped dosa, sprinkle with 1/2 tsp chutney pd, drizzle with oil or ghee.
2. When the bottom is golden, brush 1 tsp of Garlic chutney, add a 4 tbsp of Potato filling in the center of the dose.
3. Fold in one side of the dose to the center and repeat the other side in the same way and take it out on a plate.
4. Serve the crispy dose with little Ghee,Potato filling and Garlic chutney on the side.

Toor dal-Chana dal Chutney:
This nutritious and quick to make Dal chutney tastes great with some freshly cooked hot rice and ghee or with some plain Yogurt and rice. Keeps well in the firdge for atleast a week!

You Need: 1/2 cup Toor dal, 1/4 cup Chana dal, 1/4 cup dry grated Coconut, 3 dry red chillies or 1/2 tsp red chilli pd, 2 tsp Coriander seeds, 1 tsp Cumin seeds,1 tbsp Peanuts, 1 Garlic, few curry leaves, salt, 2 tsp Tamarind juice.
Seasoning: 1 tbsp oil, 1 tsp Mustard seeds, 1 red chilly, broken.
To make it:
1. Heat a pan, roast both dals, coconut, Peanuts, chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, curry leaves one by one until reddish. Cool.
2. Add salt and tamarind juice to the blender along with roasted dal etc and grind with very little water to a coarse paste.
3. Heat oil to season, add mustard seeds and red chilly. When they splutter, mix with chutney. You can keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days.

More Toor dal dishes I have already posted:
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Last photos of the Fall:

Turning bright red before all the leaves fall out. Now all these trees are almost bare!!



Anonymous said...

Good morning Asha! I hung around a few extra minutes this morning in case your toor dal popped up before I have to go to work and here it is! So many wonderful toor dal dishes, I can't wait to go through them all one by one. I will be back later but for now just wanted to say a big Thank You for all your delicious recipes for JFI!! So far I am eyeing those dosa first! ;)

Rachna said...

i love the toor dal dosa and toor dal chutney.... go ahead ...take a break... you've worked so hard on RCi and all the posts... your rest is totally deserved!!!

Bharathy said...

Yipeeee I'm the 3rd one to comment!!! :)

I love your dishes this time specially...Yummy looking vengaya sambhar!love those golden cloured perfect dosas..And I love that chutney recipe!..Loveeeely spread Asha!..smells absolutely homely!:D

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice recipes for the event dear! :) I know we use toor dal everyday! :) Enjoy your well deserved vacation! :)

Kribha said...

Asha dear,
everything is just beautiful. Dill-dal dumplings looks exceptionally good. It's similar to our paruppu urundai kuzhambu except that it's cooked in a tamarind gravy and had dill in it. I wonder what this tastes like.
Talk about pearl onion sambar... yum.Pour it in a bowl with 2 idllis and a dollop of ghee. OMG! My drooling here.
Masala dosa is my all time fav. The toor-channa dal chutney is called thuvayal in our place and it tasted great with rasam rice too. You got to try that combo sometime.

Kribha said...

Forgot to add. Take a good break. Don't worry about us. Ofcourse we will miss you but it's about time you do something for yourself. Hugs:-)

Sia said...

its gr8 pleasure to see toor dal parade ashakka. much loved dal in my home:)
loved ur cirspy adai cum masala dosa :) and also toor dal dumplings.
so u too r taking break from blogging? have fun. will see u next year:) husg to u big sis:)

Sia said...

and yeah, its my last comment this year;) (i guess;)

Anonymous said...

Delightful Toor dal dishes, chutney and vengaya sambar are my favorites!!! Have a wonderful break!

Unknown said...

Hey ash.. loooooooooooong time. Howdy do???

FH said...

Linda, thanks for choosing a beautiful dal for us to cook. We can all come up with millions things, it was hard to choose!:D
I will send it to you thru' e mail later, just doing my morning chores! Have a great dy, see you later. Hugs!:))

Thank you so much Rachna, I really do need a break!:D
Try the Dosa, no fermenting necessary!:))

Bharathy, I know this post makes lot of you very happy, I am so glad!:))
Of course, most South Indians know some of these already. Enjoy, hugs.

Swaroopa said...

beautiful array of dishes with toor dal..looks gr8....thanx 4 sharing...

FH said...

Thank you Latha. Toor dal is so important for us,specially in the south. I loved these dishes too. Thanks to Linda, I loved cooking these too!:))

Kribha, thanks sweet girl, I will rest my hands and brain!:)
Rasam rice and chutney sounds like a great combo, I will try!:)
Dill is very flavorful, try it. In Karnataka, we call it Sappseege soppu and use it often with Toor dal and green beans Saaru! Hugs to you , have a good time and I will see you later.

Sia, have a great time in India, and don't worry about commenting.Enjoy your family to the fullest, I will be here when you come back.Yeah, really need to take a break myself!:))
Have a safe flight and Happy new year if you are not back by that time! Hugs to you, my regards to your parents and love to your sisters and to you. Have fun!:))

FH said...

Thanks Sneha, so good to see you!:))
Pearl onion sambhar is always yummy to eat, my fave too!:))

JOHNNY!!!!! What a great surprise!!
I am doing well, how are you? Christmas is coming, you must be in good hands this year. Update about what's going on with you, love to hear it! Hope you are happy and healthy now that you are with your family. I will check your blog or e mail me. Hugs to you, take care John.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you, glad you got me just before I will be off for a break. Keep in touch!:))

You are welcome Swaroopa, enjoy the dishes and have a great weekend.I will see you later!:))

Seema said...

Lovely post Asha! So many recipes.. your just a super women i think. Loved each dish & its Breakfast time for me & your Masala Dosas makes me more hungry.Have a great vacation & relax & enjoy.

Siri said...

How How How do u manage to make such yummy dishes every single time Ashaji....:)) Each one of the recipes posted is a must try by me..:)
And, u (fried) cooked the toor dal balls in tomato sauce.. thats very different. In all the recipes which I have seen till now, the balls had to be fried in Oil or steam cooked - neither of these I can't as either I don't like frying or I don't have atleast at iddli stand to steam book the balls. But, ur version is unique ashaji.. will make these for sure. One questions, can we cook the balls in a spinach sauce instead of tomato sauce. will that taste good? Do let me know ur opinion ashaji, as I just love spinach and want to cook toor dal balls in spinach gravy.. yummy.. take care and have a nice break . We will ofcourse miss ur sweet comments..:))

~ Siri

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Lovely recipes as always, Ashakka.... I liked the dal dumplings in tomato gravy!! they looks yummy... and btw, I tried your brussels sprouts palya. It turned out really good!! thanx :)
And you take good care of urself and come back soon!

Seena said...

No need to search anywhere for different dal recipes!
All dishes are looking great and delicious..have bookmarked them.
Enjoy the holidays..:)

Laavanya said...

Asha, yet another amazing post with the most awesome toor dhal dishes... Where do i start??

The paruppu urundai kuzhambu looks so perfect and lovely. That is my favorite curry too.
The Masal dosai looks out of the world.. I can't believe you made it with adai batter.. it's like a plate from a hotel. The chutney and filling are yummy too.
Pearl onion sambar looks delicious.. my husband will meticulously pick those out so I've stopped make this.. :(
The Dhal chutney or thovaiyal as we call it is heavenly with rice and ghee.. you are right. One mouthwatering post that was.. I feel like eating them all now..

Have a great break and I'm sure you'll experience some 'withdrawal symptoms' the first few days... :) You will be sorely missed.

Mishmash ! said...

Your dosa always look so perfect, like the ones we get in the restaurants....that golden brown look, which I like a lot :)
Btw, how was the vacation...? Hope you had a good time :)

Take care

Priya said...

Love those dumplings Asha and now I have something to do for the weekend. Thank you.

Sagari said...

hi asha dosa and sambarrrrr lookss soo deleciouss i cannot wait to try your dosa recipe

Richa said...

no-eye pea is it??
loved the pearl onion sambar :) ur special masale dosa looks so good, i had md last wknd, they served it w/ 3 chutnies & sambar :)
enjoy ur vacation, breaks are good rejuvenators :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
everything looks delicious.enjoy ur break and will wait for december 12.


sunita said...

Asha, that was quite a parade go away and enjoy your well-deserved vacation...will wait patiently for your next post :-)

Finla said...

Well what a variety od toor dal dishes. Loved the dumplings, well i liked all the dishes.
ANd the dosa looks so delicious.
Enjoy the break, you deserve it.
Will miss you a lot.
Have fun

Raks said...

As usual somany recipies...hmm...all are very nice!!
Take care and have a relaxed break!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays and wishing you a great vacation Asha! thanks for reminding about toor dal chutney asha.I almost forgot about it from long time. Very nice and subtle dish I'll have to make it some time now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays and wishing you a great vacation Asha! thanks for reminding about toor dal chutney asha.I almost forgot about it from long time. Very nice and subtle dish I'll have to make it some time now.

sra said...

Lovely pix, and have a good rest, Asha! See you soon!

FH said...

Thanks Seema. I like no fermenting Adai, easy to make although Urad dal dosas are much better tasting. Try it. I will see you soon!:))

Siri, see the book on the sidebar, this recipe came from that, really tasty. No need fry or steam at all, just saute the dal a bit and make balls. Yes, you can make Spinach dal, make the gravy thin instead of tomato and mash the Palak and simmer the dal dumplings in it until they come up, 3 at a time.Once cooked, they don't break.Enjoy. I will see you on 12th again. Hugs. I will miss you all but my hand needs some TLC!:D

I will Ramya. Glad you made and liked BS palya, easy and tasty. Try this dal dill combo while I am at hiatus, really good. Hugs to you. See you, take care!:))

FH said...

Thanks Seena. Toor dal is so versatile, we have thousands of recipes,don't we? Enjoy. I will check your blog often.Take care Seena!:))

Laavanya, your hubby picks them out!! Man, he needs some deep Pearl onion therapy!!;D
Yeah, Masala dosa is quick and easy when you run out ideas, this is what happens to me! Enjoy all of them, I will see ASAP.It's hard but I try not to browse, my right hand needs some rest!:))

Shn, thanks. I use electric griddle which distributes heat equally, that's why the color. I keep it to 275F, works out well.
We went to small town called Farrington, walked off all the Turkey!:D
It was great, take care shn, see you in few weeks!:))

indosungod said...

Asha, what a treat with the array of dishes you have cooked up with our dear old toor dal. I love the paruppu urundai kuzhmabu looks lovely.

Will miss you! but rest your eyes and have a relaxing time.

FH said...

Have fun making dumplings and gravy Priya, I will see you in about 2 weeks. Hugs to you!:))

Sagari, Adai is so nutritious. I make them often and you can make them within 2 hrs, that's the best thing! enjoy, see you later!:))

Haha!! YUP! No eye peas are yum Richa! Three chutneys and a Sambhar! WOW!! I am drooling, may be I should make them too next time.
You are right! I do need a break before I crash and burn!:D See you later, take care.

FH said...

Thank you sweetie. Meanwhile, enjoy these and have a fun weekend.See you then Shalini, hugs to you!:))

HeHe!! Thank you Sunita. Got 2 more days to surf, then I disappear. I will cook for Kashmir and bake few cookies meanwhile, see you then!:))

I will miss you too F! Take care and enjoy. I will be back before you know it with more dishes. Phew!!;D
Have a great weekend.

FH said...

Thanks Raks. I will miss you all too, but need a rest. I will still be cooking though, no break from that! See you later!:))

Madhavi, I feel the same way sometimes. I see something on the other blogs which reminds me I haven't made in a long time and make it ASAP!:D
Enjoy and I will see you on 12th!:))

Thanks sra. I will miss your posts but got to get away from the blogs for a while!:D
See you soon, 12 days is not that long, I should go away for a month or so next time!:))
Have a great weekend.

remya said...

wow!! wat an array of toordal dishes....always rocking blog queen:-))) with lots of dishes in a single theme....
love all those dishes..wat to say masala dosa n that dal chutneys are my hot fav...onion sambar simliar to wat amma makes...havent tasted this parupuu urandai kulambu...saw many of these for past few days...wanna try smetime..u shld take enough rest..enjy ur days..and come back wid such wonderful dishes as usual...we'll miss u...

FH said...

Thank you Indo, I will. More than my eyes, it's my right hand which is bothering now. Carpal Tunnel syndrome?!:D
Enjoy the dishes. You too have a great weekend, see you in 12 days. Take care, hugs to you!:))

Thanks Remya. Toor dal was the easiest dal to make many dishes, don't have to think too much at all, great choice for JFI. Enjoy. Dill dumplings in dal is really tasty, try it. I will see you in a bit!:)

Shivapriya said...

A-Z my favorites. Looks delicious, yummy!!!!. Relax and have a nice vacation. I will miss u but i'm sure you will come back with all those mouthwatering dishes.

Bong Mom said...

Those tOOr dumplings look ravishing and your Dosa Asha, simply wow.

Enjoy your break Asha, hav efun

AnuSriram said...

U are such a wonderful lady... Energetic and enthusiastic. I love these dishes asha... they are really wonderful... Thanks for all these gr8 recipes. Have a wonderful break!

TheCooker said...

So many lovely dishes to drool over.
You are one high-energy momma!

Anonymous said...

The ddal and dill leaves dumplings look delicious! Must be nice with the tomato gravy. Everything else looks nice too! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Amaxzing that u have not missed a single wednesday since you started the schedule! Enjoy your break, Ash!

FH said...

Thanks Shivapriya, I will. I am planning to bake while on break, will see what I can come up with! Enjoy:)

Thanks Sandeepa. Yeah, got to take a break before I break!:D
Have a fun weekend, will see you later.

Thanks Anu. Glad you liked them, always feels good to blog some traditional food, don't you think? Enjoy. I will be back!:))

FH said...

Hahaha! Thank you TC. I loved the way you said it. Yeah, even big momma needs a break, so she can cook more!:D
Have a great weekend, hugs.

Vani, we did have a great time, had 5 days of long TG weekend break.Hope you enjoyed it too.
Hope you make the Dal saaru, really tasty. Feels like a festival dish, rather than everyday dish, very nutritious too. Enjoy.
I really posted without a break for more than a year now, unbelievable!! I will enjoy my first break, will see you later. Hugs to you and M too,have fun!:))

Chickoo said...

You are the best!!!!
Nim adai first try madtheeni nanu. It seems so simple to make.
Love your recipes!!!

Manasi said...

Heylo!! Superwoman!!! Awesome spread!!!
the dosa is so PERFECT!!! did u ever consider moving to L.A?? lemme know, .. i'll join u for lunch the day u r well settled in!!

FH said...

Hello darling Chickoo. Masala dose tumba ruchiyaritte takshana tinnoke. Bega madabahudu office inda bandameloo, try madinodamma.
Still waiting for Bhargavi's news! I will check it out later anyway, hope you write that too!Have a fun weekend,see you:)

Hahaha!! I will move in with you and you have to feed me then!:D
Thanks Manasi, try it, it's very easy. Have a great weekend, I will see you later. Hugs to you:))

Cynthia said...

Hey Asha, enjoy the break and do get some relaxation in. We make a dish similar to the Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu, we call it karhi.

Namratha said...

Wow, what a collection...awesome Asha...u have a fun break dear, you sure deserve it after all the hard work :)See ya soon!

Rina said...

Ashaji, I love Paruppu Urundai Kozhambu. I always made it wih channa dal. Your picture looks wonderful. Thanx for the sambar powder recipe. Looks simple to make. Love the Onion sambar. Used to be my fav in madras. Thankx for that details dosa making and for the potatoe masala. Gr8 post with info. Loved every bit of it.
Enjoy your break!!!

FH said...

Thanks Cynthia, I will rest and relax, about time too!:D
Karhi is interesting, we do have so many similarities in cooking. Hope you post when you make it, love to see that.Have a great weekend, enjoy!:)

Thank you Namratha. May be I will bake some cookies!:D
My work never ends but one less with not blogging, that;s all. I will miss you all though! Hugs to you!:))

Rina, Chana dal must taste great too, I will try next time.I love blogging, get to learn so much!:))
Try my version too, it's easy! Enjoy the recipes and have fun balkng cookies for Christmas!I will see you later!:))

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Oh wow asha super photos. looks similar to our paruppu urundai kulambu...

Anonymous said...

toor dal is my fav.
i almost forgot abt the event
spicy dumplings are looking great
sambar with pearl onions is a cutie
n crunchy pearl onions sounds great
dosa is beautiufl
but y long grain rice?
i like coconut garlic chutney too
vl try it sometime
toor n chana dal chutney is my fav
its good to take a break.
am sure you need one
do have fun and take care
we all miss u

bee said...

do you charge for shipping? :D

Mansi said...

wow, those dumplings are really wonderful..a great toor dal recipe asha!! enjoy your vacation and come back with full swing!!

archana said...

Enjoy your well deserved vaccation. I admire the enthusiam , energy and commitment that you reserve for blogging. Have a nice time, we will wait ( eagerly) for you to come back. Will be buying a bunch of dill this weekend. Thank you.

Recipeswap said...


Thanks for the wishes.
U guys have a fab anniversary.

Pravs said...

love pearl onion sambar. Adding poppy seeds is new for me in sambar. masala dosa looks sooooo crisp and yummy !! All the dishes looks so good.
Enjoy your time away from blogging.
Take care till then.

Rajitha said...

that dosa nd sambhar has made me hungry...and i have just eaten dinner ;)...and will miss ur sweet comments..but you deserve a break...but do not be away too long :)..take care and have fun asha...

musical said...

Ashakka, sorry, i got really late today! You richly deserve the vacation, dear. Enjoy your lil' time off.....and Ashakka, the sambar is looking sooooooooooooooo good, and it felt like you made the dosai just for me :).

Have fun :).

lots of love,

Neelam said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation Asha! Love all the recipes!

Kajal said...

Great recipe of Toor Dal my dear!!! This is something new recipe. I also use MTR masala for Sambhar my dear. You are not making roti round as I feel I not making dosa as crispy and big as you made my dear. I learn form all south Indian friends. Thanks for sharing very nice dish of Madras onion sambhar.:)

Meera said...

Hi Asha,
Wonderful post as always! Toor dumplings curry looks very delicious. Actually everything looks wonderful. Got to learn a lot.
Also, thanks for your encouraging words for a new blogger like me.
Enjoy your break!! Come back soon.:-)

Keshi said...

my mum makes toor dal curry...very nice! And Sambar is one of my Vege days :)

Those Fall pics r awesome! So beautiful.

I'll be on holz Dec. Will let u know soon.


Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji! first of all I want to tell you that those are very beautiful pics of fall. Toordal dumplings are very new for me. Very soon I am going to try this recipe. Thanks for the sambar powder recipe. All dishes looks awesome and beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing and take rest dear. Surely, we will miss you in our postings. But health is most important than others. Take care and all the best.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Dishes Ashakka. Toordal-dil combination rocks..Have a fantastic vacation! (:D

VINI said...

Totally bowled over once again by the amazing pictures. "Perfection" is what comes to mind everytime I visit your blog. Truly amazing asha. And hey, thanks for your comments on my blog. I somehow find time to upload the pictures of my dishes...have to really sit down and put down the recipes too. You are just wonderful...:)

EC said...

Oh my god...i wish i had the creativity and patience to make so many items like you...u shine every wednesday. Enjoy your break

Srivalli said...

Asha, just beautiful...all of them are so tempting...enjoy your break and come back to enthrall us again. Happy new year!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,
That was really very awesome,spicy traditional dish...Wonderful fall colour snaps...

Oh!you are taking break...will be missing you,but its really necessary for everyone to take break to refresh themself...spare full time with family too..Enjoy your vacation and come with lots of news for us Ahsjai to share.

Padmaja said...

Asha!! You are still here??? go and enjoy dear!!
In the meantime I am saving this post to read when you are on holiday!!
I just looked at those awesome pictures, my fav, masala dosa indeed

Kajal@aapplemint said...

hey thats the most i've ever learned about toor dal.and i just leanrt a fantastic new way to make them . Love the dumplings in the gravy. Ur dosa's look perfect !! and hey i just had some yesterday , from the streets in bombay !! yum yum !!

And hope u have a gr8 time.... everyone needs to take a break , i'm on one technically ...not posting but couldnt resist dropping by !!! Cheers

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Your version of urundai kulambu looks delicious.
I Liked that crispy texture of Dal Dosa.

Take rest for some time and come with a bang.
Definitely each and every blogger going to miss u.. Especially me!!:-(

FH said...

Mala, thanks. It is Paruppu Undai recipe with my own changes, adding Dill gives it great flavor, try!:))

Anusha, thank you. I will miss you too. Long grain is just what I use everyday, you can use any or brown rice too. Nutritions and gives a good color to dosa. Hugs, see you!:))

Bee, if you buy wholesale, I might consider skipping S&H!!;D

FH said...

Thanks Mansi. I will your posts too, but need a break!:)
Try Toor dal dumplings with Dill, really tasty!:)

Archana, I love blogging and I got to learn about so many things which otherwise never have tried!:))
Enjoy the recipes and will see you later.

Neema, thanks. Doing nothing special but will go out for dinner or something!:))

FH said...

Pravs, thank you. I will enjoy the break after a long time of blogging!
Around Mysore, coconut and poppy seeds are routinely used for masala, gives a real good taste and thickens a bit too, try it!:)

I will be back before you realize Rajitha, thanks girl!:))
Enjoy the weekend, hugs.

Musie, that's okay, don't have to hurry!:))
Yeah, every time I make something very B'lorean, I think of you! Hope you try and make it at home and enjoy! Hugs to you, see you on 12th!:))

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, if one day you publish a cookbook, I'll be the first one to place the order!!! A few days ago I just tried your pulau rice (maybe spell it wrong), we all licked our plates until they shined like mirror! I'm sure these toor dal all are fantastic!
But I have a little problem... it takes my computer quite a loooong time to down load your site. Very often I search your yummy recipe, it takes (seemingly) forever but the page still doesn't pop up. Is it only me having the problem?

FH said...

Thank you Neelam, I will take a break and rest.You too have a great weekend!:))

Hi Kajal, good to see you sweetie. Making dosa like oval shape makes it longer and like restaurant dosa, which I like. You can make it round and smaller too,tastes equally good. Hope you try.Thanks, see you in 2 weeks!:))

Meera, you will learn, don't worry. I didn't cook at all until I was married!:D
I will see you later, keep on blogging, hugs.

FH said...

Keshi, Toor dal is so versatile, love it. Faal came late and went out early but enjoyed the colors!
Enjoy your break too, I need one badly. I will see you later, hugs!:))

Thank you Jyoti, Trees are bare now but it was fun!
Try the Sambhar, really tasty. I will see you as soon as I can. Hugs to you!:)

I will Lakshmi, thanks. I called you Roopa yesterday, so I DO NEED A BREAK!;D
I will see you later, enjoy the cold and snow if you have it there!:))

FH said...

Oh thank you Vini. Take your time uploading the photos, I know how hard it is to find time to do everything.I do it somehow on time. Take care, see you!:))

Thank you EC, you do a fine job blogging too, I appreciate it as well.Have a great weekend sweetie!:)

Sri, thank you friend. I will miss your posts. I will be back before Christmas, so I will be here for New Year, can't miss those posts!;D

FH said...

Thank you Usha. I am just taking a break give some rest to my fingers. Kids have school,so can't go anywhere really. But I will enjoy the break and bake some cookies, will be back soon. Enjoy!:)

Padmaja, I have one more day, will be gone on the 1st of Dec. Thanks for visiting buddy. You too enjoy your fame on TV too, great to know you are one of us! I am so proud of you. See you later!:))

Kajal, nobody can beat the taste of street cart dosas!! Lucky girl, enjoy those yummies!:))
For us, we have to make it at home, the one we get here in the restaurants are so bland!
Enjoy your break too, will see you later. Thanks for dropping by, hugs to you!:))

Anu said...

You are sooooooooo amazing Asha!!Lovely pics and gr8 dishes as always :)) Have a good time and come back soon

FH said...

MT, I always loved the taste of Dill, so I added to the Urudais, really yummy, hope you try. Adai are always come so crispy, love it as Masala dosa. You are taking a break too, right? I will see you later, will miss you too. Hugs girlfriend!:))

Gattina, thanks for trying the recipes, glad you liked them!:))
I loved your cookies, you set the std up very high for all of us!
About the slow loading, only people from outside USA seems to have problems with the site like India and UK. They say that it happens to them too but US bloggers don't have any problems, don't know why!!
Try googling the recipe or foodies hope, bloggers from India say that it takes them straight to this site. (I use Firefox browser btw) Try that way, hope it works for you.
I will see you in 2 weeks, hugs!:))

Shilpa said... kind of dishes. I absolutely loved this spread Asha. I got to try these soon.

Have a relaxing break. Come back with more recipes :).

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm back, with a big spoon and plenty of napkins ;) Asha, I love every dish you made here! The tomatoey kuzhambu with dill dumplings is going to the top of my must-try list, along with those dosa and coconut garlic chutney! I made a chutney too, little different than your other one, with toor dal, haven't posted it yet. Your madras onion sambhar is famous already of course :)

Love the fall colors. Our leaves are long gone -- dull dreary wintry now with not even a speck of snow.

Have yourself a wonderful break from the usual! Hugs to you and thanks again for all these yummy JFIs!

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Thanks Asha for dropping in to my kitchen :) I think I have to commend you for your energy on coming up with so many posts!

FH said...

Thank you Anu, I will enjoy my break and cook more!:D

I will Shilpa, take care until then and yes, I will bake some cookies while I am gone.Hugs to you!:))

FH said...

Haha!! Linda, glad you are back!:))
Try the dumplings in gravy while I am gone, dill gives it a great flavor and aroma.
Same here too, lot leaves to rake and clean up,Winter is almost here.Can't believe how time flies!!
Enjoy while I am gone. I might do lot of baking for Xmas and New Year, will see.Enjoy rounding up.
We have our 21st Wedding anniversary is on Dec 7th too, so it will be fun!:)
See you in 2 weeks Linda, hugs to you. Take care, will miss ya!:))

Thank you Aparna. I try my best, glad you liked them. See you in 2 weeks, take care!:))

Saju said...

Great recipes and pics. I love the dumplings. Enjoy your break, we will miss you.

FH said...

Thanks Saju, hope you try the dumplings in gravy. I highly recommend it, nutritious and tasty.
Enjoy and take care. I will be back before you know!:D

Sreelu said...

Asha, you are amazing to be so regular with such good recipes. I love pearl onion sambar your recipe inspired me to try it soon.I have been so busy with work that I hardly get time to breath and catch up with blogs.Hopefully the holiday season should make it easier.
Lovely pics, you rock :) Ashaji

Lissie said...

loved all your dishes, asha... the dumplings in gravy looks rich and yummy! noted down the adai recipe. will try it for sure :))
taking a break in between is really appreciated :D

FH said...

Sreelu, take it easy. I know we try to do everything and try to cope like superwomen. Sometimes, you just need to cut down, that's what I am doing!:))
Glad you liked the post. Enjoy and I will see you in 2 weeks. Hugs.

Thanks Lissie, hope you do try and enjoy the dishes. Tomorrow will be my last day and then you won't see me for 2 weeks!:D
Enjoy the weekend, see you later.

Grihini said...

Hi Asha, Hope you are havng a great time off. Enjoy!

Loved all ur toor dal entries...Masala Dose is my fav :)

FH said...

Hi G, thank you. I will be off from tomorrow, still surfing and commenting today!:D
Glad you liked them, try it. See in 2 weeks girl, take care!:))

Suma Gandlur said...

So many wonderful dishes.
Are you going on a vacation or something? I think we do need a break some times. Besides kids' getting sick, I felt very lazy for the past one month to blog. :)

Lakshmi said...

Hi Asha,
Eventhough I stopped blogging, but I do visit my fav. blogs.
Really so many nice recipes are coming out.
I'll start again, don't know when but i'll.
Today, I saw almost all my posts copied by rosyrosy2000, a member of sulekha. She copied all posts and didn't even left a thanks on my blog.
I felt bad and reported to sulekha. Will update what happens.
Felt I should inform all fellow bloggers, whoever see this comment and be alert.
Because our hardwork has been copied by others and they are posting as their own.
Anyway, happy holidays Asha.
Take care

FH said...

No Suma, kids have school until the 20th, so we can't go anywhere now. Yeah, I am feeling the pain too. I have been blogging non-stop for so long that I feel like going away for a while just for the heck of it!:D
Take it easy, family comes first, then blogging. I will see you later if you have new post. Take care, hugs!:)

Lakshmi, I am so sorry about that. Expose her page on your blog and in Indiar's site too, let Manisha know too. It's terrible.I saw my Khandwi photo in one of these member website too, I wrote to them and I can't find that site now.These people are shameless. Hope they listen to you and take your recipes off. It does make me angry too. We work so hard.
Don't let that stop you from bogging though! Keep complaining to them, sometimes they do take notice.Spme are stealing photos from flickr too!
See you later, take care Lakshmi. I will see you later! Hugs to you!:))

Seema Bhat said...

Oh Ashakka, All the recipes here have to go into my must try list. All of them. I really mean it. The methi dish is so very creative Ashakka. Never tasted that before. It looks wonderful. You take a break. I will miss you a ton. Enjoy and keep your laptop away from you for a couple of weeks.

Suganya said...

You definitely need this break Asha. Rest well. See ya in two weeks.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear! I have been busy getting a room ready for my appa's stay! Even though the guest room is separate, we get all sorts of doubts when some one old is going to stay for long! I want it to be tolally comfortable for him! I too will be busy for some time till he settles down well over here! :)
Have a great vacation and bring lot of sweet experiences to share with us! :) Convey my best wishes for a great vacation to Arvind, Tusshar and trisha! :) Hugs dear!

Mona said...

I never knew that we can make Toor dal dumplings too! We always make either chana Dal or moong dal dumplings .

The sauce sounds interesting too. But your pearl Onions Sambar is mouth watering!

So are the dosas! I could never make them no matter how much I try!

Enjoy your Vacations Asha! Hope to see you around soon ! :)

TBC said...

The dal dumplings look fab! I thought they were baby potatoes at first. The masala dosa is perfect-looking...just like the ones we get in restaurants:)

FH said...

Seema, thank you. I will keep away except moderating the comments!:)
Dill leaves are not Methi Seema, we call it Supseege soppu in Kannada, hair like leaves which has a great favor, try it. See you in 2 weeks.Hugs to you!:))

Thanks Suganya. I do need it.I will miss you all but about time I rest a while.Hugs, see you later!:))

Latha, it's true, he better stay in the main house, so you can keep an eye on him. Take a break girl, blogging will always be there. Look after your dad!:)
I am planning to go anywhere since have school until the 20th before Xmas holiday but intend to stay away from Laptop and typing too much and rest my fingers. I will update the events as they announce but might skip a few this month! Hugs tp you, take care and I will see you in 2 weeks!:))

FH said...

Mona, they are almost like Koftas but made of Toor dal, really tasty, hopr you try. Usually,they make tamarind gravy,I like to add Tomatoes,gives a great color.
Electric griddle makes the dosa evenly golden and crisp,I have stopped using Indian dosa tava long ago!:D
I will be surfing today, will see you later but from tomorrow, I will be off, see you in 2 weeks.Hugs, take care:)

Thank you tbc. Look like Koftas, don't they?:)
I will miss you all girls, but have to take some time off. I will see you in 2 weeks.Hugs to you! Enjoy the dishes meanwhile!:))

Ashu said...

Hey Asha! Nice post! The dishes look so tasty :) Enjoy your vacation. I'll be going to goa from 19th dec for 2 weeks. Happy New year to you in advance :)

FH said...

Enjoy Goa Ashu,that's such a great news.You must be so excited!:))
I will be back on 12th, see you then. We will get 5 days inbetween, will see youthen. You too have great New year celebration in Goa, lucky girl.Hugs to you!:))

Mythreyee said...

Hi Asha, wonderful recipes for TOOR DAL. I will be posting a recipe sometime today for the JFI. by the by, I have launched a new website and transferred all the trythisrecipe contents to the new portal. This is for your information. I want your feedback about the new layout.



Lakshmi said...

Thanks Asha,
I was relieved.
But again I found some more posts from Saffron Hut's( and Priya's Kitchen( on their blog.This time also and they copied recipes like oreo spiders, hariyalli tikki etc.
I emailed them.

Jaya M said...

its always apleasure coming to your lovely blog,thanks for sharing yummy dishes ,you make me always crave for those crispy dosas ..great.chaalo ek break to dserve karti hi ho aap ..enjoy !
blogging is very demanding ,our time ,energy and patience also ..
you fully deserve this break (I know how much it gives you options to catch up other works),enjoy it with your family .
hugs and smiles

By Deepa and Supriya said...

missed ur thanksgiving post also..thanks to the damn sinus surgery!!
u made my day many veggie dishes..nam ammanu nim blog odthidare..she is not that computer savvy, so won't comment and all but she is learning new stuff is what she said!
pearl onion sambar...yum, want it now :(

will read ur tg post also :)

Mandira said...

love all the recipes Asha, and enjoy your break... like you said you deserve it!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
As usual nice posts.I loved to read about the information about toor dal.Love the dumpling dish also.Your masala dosaa looks so nice crispy and yummo...the madrasi sambhar is outstanding.those onions on the top is so tempting.hmmmmmmmm....mouth is watering badly slurp.....hey you said you are on a short break i will surely miss you and your wonderful posts.Anyways happy holidays.

Swati said... do you manage making so many yummy things together...ALWAYS!!!
Love the sambhar....mouth watering!!

Deepak Gopi said...

Masala Dosa my fav :).It is best made in hotels run by Tamilians.Malayalee masala dosas are not delicious.
Enjoy a nice week end.

Ashu said...

Yes! I am super excited!
We'll get 5 days in between :)
hope to see lot of more posts of your vacation and recipe then! hugs to you too :) Have a lovely time!

Miri said...

The sambar onions are my favourite, but what a fantastic spread with all the items!

FH said...

Myth, I switched to your new site, it's beautiful!:)
I will check your JFI entry. Have fun Myth, will see you in 2 weeks.

Lakshmi, I found my Khandvi photo in Indianetzone (Gujarati section) again, I emailed them twice too with no result! What's wrong with these people, it's terrible. We work so hard and they take it in a second!! Atleast, you got yours removed. I will wait for a week, then expose that site here again!

Thanks Jaya, it really does give me time to do other things.I cleaned my kitchen pantry yesterday from top to bottom!:))
Glad you liked my site, will try my best.I might extend my break for 1 more week too!;D

FH said...

Orchid, glad you got treated for Sinusitis, I get that problem too sometimes, but it will go away after few days.Take care girl!:)
Nimma amma nanninda kalitiko bekagilla adage madodanna! I am sure she cooks LOT better than me! But I do appreciate it though!!:))
I will see you later.Hugs, have a great weekend.

Thanks Mandira!:))
I really do need a break, got to rest before I crash completely! Hahaha! Enjoy the weekend.

Sowmya, thank you. I didn't realize you were in India all these days, thought you were just busy! G;ad you had a great time at home!:)
Hope you try the sambhar, it really is tasty, good with Idlis too, see you later.

FH said...

Swati, Toor dal is so versatile, I could post few more yummies with that!;D
Glad you liked it, hope you try. Have a great weekend, see you in few weeks!:))

Deepak, that's true! We went to a Indian restaurant here last week, cook was from Kerala. They had a good Chettinadu chicken but Masala dosa was horrible! I had to make my own at home now!:D
Have a fun weekend.

FH said...

Ashu, have a great time in Goa. I might not go anywhere since kids have school until Xmas holidays but will do other things at home like cleaning you a bit!:)
I will see later, hugs. Enjoy.

Thank you Miri. Toor dal is so tasty, we all do have so many dishes with that dal. These are few I have, glad you liked them, enjoy. Hope you try!:))

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha! The pearl onion sambar looks great and the fall photos are very beautiful. Happy Vacation Asha! Enjoy!

FH said...

Thank you Vijaya, hope you try. I will see you later, hugs.Enjoy the weekend!:))

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

It all looks delicious! Enjoy your very well deserved break.

Anonymous said...

You made me so hungry for dosa, one of my most favourite foods. That's not fair, my indian restaurant does not open for another 10 hours! It is 8am here. Not fair!

Beautiful post and I loved reading about toor dal.


Kumudha said...

Mouthwatering recipes and great pictures!

vasilisa said...

Hi Asha,

Here I am, trying to check out how everyone is doing, and I can see that you are as popular and as delicious as ever :-)

Hope you are doing well otherwise too.



Viji said...

Nice dhal recipes Asha. Have a restful break and enjoy your time. Viji

FH said...

Thanks Amanda. I am taking long break after a looong time!:)
Enjoy your Sunday.

Thanks Vegeyum. Toor dal is everyday dal in India, we can literally make millions of dishes with this dal!:D
Have a great Sunday,Indian restaurants do open late on Sundays, don't they?:)

Thanks you Kumudha. Glad you liked them, see you in 2 weeks.Hugs!:))

FH said...

Hi Lisa, so good to see you. I checked your blog many time for update, hope you are doing well too. My eyes are 100% okay now, just taking a break to rest my wrist now!:D
Have a great weekend, will see you later! Hope both kids are doing well too!:))

I will Viji, thank you. I started cleaning the kitchen pantry yesterday and will clean the whole kitchen and book shelves while I am away!:D
See you 1n 2 weeks. Enjoy.

Pearl said...

Enjoy your hiatus.

Thanks for more beautiful photos and recipes.

ChrisB said...

Have a lovely rest from blogging. See you when you return :)

FH said...

Thanks Pearl, I am enjoying the break and doing lot unfinished work too, will see you later!:))

Good to see you back home safely Chris. So nice to see all the SF photos, glad you had a great time there. I will see you in 2 weeks!:))

Raaga said...

have fun Asha... lovely post as always :)

FH said...

I am enjoying the break Raaga, I might even extend since RCI Kashmir is not announced sofar!;D
Have fun, see you in 2 weeks, hugs!:)

swapna susarla said...

hi ashaji
have a joyful break.
never heard of toordal dumplings.looks yummy!!!

Pooja V said...

Loved the entire spread. U rock gurl..wso many dishes and entire spread looks fab.

FH said...

Thank you Swapan. It's a Tamil recipe,I added dill and Tomato.Hope you try!:)

Pooja, thank you. It's easy to come up with Toor dal dishes. Enjoy. see you in 2 weeks!:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha dear, you should read everyones comments in my AFAM announcement post! So many bloggers have teased you! :D
Actually I have not visited all the blogs since four days. I may not be able to concentrate for sometime as my appa is here. Take care of your fingers and take real break from blogging! :D

BTW, there is a new addition in your bloggers comments section, asking for nick name. I write my nick name as girl in your blog! :D

FH said...

I knew it when I left a comment in your's that would happen!!;D
I still have to delete Google reader every day though, about 60 posts, so I am updating all the events as they happen but that's it, no more typing after that.
I have cleaned up my whole kitchen so far, on to our closets from today. It really feels great to have so much more time to do these. I might not come back until 19th!!:D
"Girl" is great, will be glad to see that everywhere too!:)))
Spend lot of time with your dad, never mind about blogging and commenting, can do that later! Get Raghavan out to guest house and replace dad in his room!! Hahaha!!
See you around girl, take care!:)

Lisa Johnson said...

I thought I commented before, but maybe not... I'm still coming out of the NaBloPoMo haze! ; ) I hope you're enjoying your break Asha!

FH said...

Hi Anali, glad you are out of that haze! That was one long ride to post everyday. You made it though!!:))
Thanks, I am enjoying the break, feels great not to worry about what to post etc for a while atleast!!:D
Have a great week, see you in 2 weeks.

Vineela said...

Hi ashaji,
Nice photos of toor dal preperations.
masala dosa looks yummy.
shallots sambar is my favourite.
yummy looking chutneyeverything.
nice post on thanks giving.
Colorful photos of fall.
Happy Holidays TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.!!!!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Hi Asha,

Thanx for visiting my site and all the nice words and suggestions. Please keep doin that in future too. Ur pearl onion sambhar looks realllllly yummy..I'm goin to try it soon..btw, i got to know tht yes, i'm a distant relative of arun shanbhag :), thanx to blogging ...take care and enjoy ur break...

Pooja said...

Hi Asha,
I am a Great fan of dosa, be it any form of it, and your dosa is making me hungry all over again now.... Nice recipes with toor dal , though being a dosa fan , i jsut stop looking at your crispy dosas for a while. :D. thanks for sharing.Goodthat you are on break now. enjoy the break and be out of any worry dear. planning ti be active on blog again , so now will be visiting you regularly on blog.
Btw, i read al lyour missed posts and enjoy readin the post of your thanksgiving too very much.

take care dear,
Hugs to you :)

starry said...

Asha thank you for all those wonderful recipes especially the special masala of my favorites.Have a good break and will see you when you get back.

Unknown said...

Hi asha, that was the first time i heard abt the dumplings dish with toor dal, and also the chutney, good timing i found this as i love cooking with toor dal a lot, just wanted to try new recipes and uve posted lovely pics too:)

FH said...

Thank you Vineela, I appreciate your comment, enjoy the recipes. I am on break now, will see you when I come back. Have a great week!:))

YAY!! Good to hear that Maya, nice to know and have relatives in US, Arun is a great guy. Keep blogging and enjoy. I will visit you when I come back!:)
Btw, did you see the round ups for Karnataka cuisine here at FH (Sept. archive)? Lot of M'lorean recipes there too.See you later.

FH said...

Hi Pooja, so good to see you and hear that you are going blog regularly!YAY!
I will visit you as soon as I come back.Yes, I needed to take a break, it has been so long!! I am doing lot cleaning ,reading and cooking etc, feels great. See you later, enjoy the dosa,really easy. Hugs to you too!:))

Thanks L. I am really having a great time relaxing and catching up with reading. Enjoy and have a great weekend.See you in 2 weeks!:))

Roopa, that dill dumpling saaru was really tasty, hope you try. Toor dal is the tastiest dal of all, I love it too. Enjoy and I will see you when I am back to blogging!:))

Mallika said...

Last but by no means the least - have a super break. I'll have a little suprise for you when you get back...

FH said...

Ooh! A early Christmas present for me? See you in 2 weeks!:))
Thanks Mallika, I am really enjoying the break at the moment. Have a great week and weekend. Hugs to you.

Mishmash ! said...

Hey Asha, I came here looking for your regular wednesday post, forgetting that you re on a break!! Missed you!!

Have fun and enjoy the break:)


Meera said...

Came here because it's wed. But u are on break!! Miss you!! but do enjoy and have lots of fun!!

Deepak Gopi said...

Just dropped in for a masala dosa :):)

FH said...

Hi shn, thanks girl. I will be back on 19th, got some more work to do at home!:))

Thank you Meera. It's first ever Wednesday I missed!:D
See you in 2 weeks.

Have two masala dosas Deepak while I am gone!;D

Have a great weekend all of you!:))

Bindiya said...

What a lovely spread Asha, take your well deserved break, enjoy!

Tee said...

Wow! what an array of dishes ! You really deserve some time off...have fun! :)

FH said...

Bindiya and Tee, thanks girls. I will see you in 2 weeks, have a great weekend both of you!:))

Recipeswap said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!- A time to celebrate the beauty, gift, and the blessing of enduring love.

FH said...

Thank you sweetie, glad you remembered! We will have special dinner tomorrow!:))
Hugs to you, have a great weekend.

Meera said...

Dear Asha,
I know you are on break. But just stopped by to wish you and Dr. Arvind a very happy anniversary!! May God bless you and your family.
With best wishes & love, - Meera

TBC said...

Hey Asha,
Happy 21st anniversary!!!Came to know about it thro' Linda:-)
So that's why u disappeared;-)
Enjoy your vacation. Come back and tell us all about it.

FH said...

Thank you Meera. I made a big post for 20th last year,so I didn't want to tell everybody again this year!:D
Have a good day sweetie!:))

Tbc, thanks girl. I am not going anywhere since kids have school but yeah, I am enjoying the break.We will go to Charlotte today for a weekend and have dinner or something. See you later!:))

J said...

I just returned from my vcation to see you were away on vacation! Enjoy yourself! :) The toor dal parade is mouthwatering! I bought some dill to try your dumplings!!

Rachel said...

That is a lovely collection of toor dal recipes..I like the dumplings and the dosa looks soo scrumptious!

DEEPA said...

Asha ji ,I am very late on posting comments these days ...Have been quite held up at home ...

Hope to see you back on wednesday and This is just an awesome spread....

See you soon!!!!

Kristen - Dine & Dish said...

I hope you are enjoying your break. Can't wait to hear about how you like your new eyes. I've wanted to get that surgery as well!

Sig said...

Hope you are enjoying your break Asha... It is so strange not having you around :) Don't ever stop blogging :)

Keshi said...

Hope ur bak today Asha. Missed ya!


Kavitha said...

Asha... all the dish look wonderful. as always.
I should try the paruppu urundai kozhambu... I just ordered some cookbooks including a coorg cookbook by Ranee Vijaia Kuttaiah insipred by you of course. will let u know how it is.
hope u had a wonderful anniversary.

FH said...

J, hope you enjoyed your vacation. I am too, feels good to take a break,it's has been so long! See you, enjoy the dill dumplings!:))

Thank you Rachel. Hope you try some of these!:))

That's quite okay, Deepa, take your time, no hurry. I will be back on 19th, enjoying my break!:))

Hi Kristen, I am having fun, we had our wedding anniversary last weekend!See next week:)
I have recovered completely from LASIK and have 20/20 vision now. I have written about LASIK at Aroma, check it out. I highly recommend the surgery if you find a good experienced doctor!:))

FH said...

Hi Sig, are you back from Spain already? Time flies when you are enjoying life!I did see your first post, loved it!:))
I will be be back next week, got to bake some cookies now! Hugs to you, see you then.

Hello Keshi girl, missed you too! I will be back next Wednesday,had wedding anniversary ,took a little trip last weekend and had a great time. Hugs, will see you next week!:))

We did S, went to Charlotte and had a great time, thank you!:))
Coorgi dishes are very traditional and great tasting, enjoy the book.Linda has linked 2 websites too, they have good recipes as well. I will see you next week, enjoying the break right now!:))

Recipeswap said...

Hey Asha,

Im off to India today :),will be back in a couple of months.
u take care
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

RML said...

Hello Asha,
Yummy Toor dal dishes!Have a wonderful vacation.We all would be waiting for you here.

FH said...

Couple of months? Lucky girl enjoy and I will see when you come back. Hugs, happy new year to you ad your's!:))

Thanks Madhoo, see you next week. Until then, enjoy these recipes!:))

Cyberkitty said...

I never seem to be able to make a dosa without burning or tearing it... charming pics of the red trees :)

FH said...

Hi CK. Buy a nonstick electric griddle if you can to make perfect dosa. I get in trouble with the usual Indian tava too, they do stick!
I will see you on the 19th, on break now. Trees are bald now until Spring!:))

Priyanka said...

all the toor dal recipes look so delicious and mouthwatering- a great spread as usual Asha. i miss the fall colors and the winter- the snow (i know...i cant believe i m saying this)- florida is so hot and humid.

BTW, hope u r doing well and recuperating. u just need some rest, adrakh vali chai and some hot soup.take care.

Swati said...

Hi Asha
Hope you are feeling better now and rejuvinated for Christmas...Missing you now :)
Just wanted to let you know that I have added you to my blogroll too !!
Have a great Christmas!!

bird's eye view said...

Hey Asha,

Hope you enjoyed your break. The dishes sound delicious, and so different - can you messenger them over?:)

bird's eye view said...

Oh, meant to say i love sambar onion huli - especially with crisp dosas - yummy...

FH said...

Thanks Priyanka. Chai and pepper soup is doing me good service right now!:)
It suddenly turned very hot and humid here too, 78F!! Can you believe it? Waiting for Winter now.That;s why all the cold and flu, weird weather.

Hi s, thanks. I have added you too but will see you next week.Have a great day!:))

Hi biv, thanks girl, hope you try. Can't go wrong with Toor dal anyway!:))

AJ said...

Wow, these toor dal dumplings look super. One for my Saturday night specials.


FH said...

Thank you Apu, we love that dish too. Nutritious and tasty as well. Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Lovely sambhar picture there. Having lived in South for a long time, I know that sambhar means the small onions that go into it.

Wish you and your family a very happy Chrismas .

FH said...

Thank you Kulpreet. You too have fun there.
Yes, Madras onions make the this sambhar really tasty.
I will be back blogging tomorrow although kids start their holidays from Friday until Jan 3rd.
I baked a few cookies for Christmas, that's about it!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha !! All your recipes look so mouth watering !! You do a lot of cooking !!
Well, those dosas on the griddle looked so perfect. I do not know how to spread the batter into perfect rounds by a laddle in a single go, i never did it perfectly. Guess i'll have to learn from you. Any tips?!!

FH said...

Hi Mona, thanks. Hope you are enjoying the week!:))
I have a electric griddle for dosa which helps to get a perfect color and also easy to spread. If I use the traditional dosa pan, I won't get dosas that perfect. Get a small electric griddle and heat up to 275F to make dosas. Good luck!:))