December 19, 2007


Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to all of you!

Well...this is my last post in 2007! Christmas and Hanukkah are almost here, hope you baked lot of cookies and ready to have some fun! Although personally we don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah at home, I love baking few cookies and kids love decorating the X-mas tree with colorful ornaments. My last year's holiday posts are here and here. I love how people smile more and kinder around this time, even though they are little stressed about shopping for gifts and getting ready for the big day!!

Have a wonderful blessed Christmas and Hanukkah, enjoy the holidays with your families! :)

Photos are from and

About Christmas and Hanukkah:
To read all about how Christmas is celebrated around the World, click on the link. If you are curious about how did the Christmas start or the history of Christmas, click on the link.

Click on the link to read the beautiful story of Hanukkah; about the "Miracle of the Maccabees" etc.

Now, the cookies!!

I am sending these delicious Rugelach to Susan from "Foodblogga", who is hosting "Eat Christmas cookies" event. If you want to try myriad recipes for cookies, head over to her round up here to bake them to your heart's content! Thanks for hosting Susan!:)

Rugelach in Hebrew means "creeping vine", according to WIKI. Usually dairy products are not used in this to keep it Kosher. But I do like Cream cheese and added colored sugar added to this recipe! I adapted the recipe from "Ina Garten" of "Barefoot Contessa" with my own different fillings like Mango jam,Papaya jam,Raspberry jam, Pineapple jam with coconut and Nutella! YUM!!

To make the crust:
4 ounces cream cheese,softened, 1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened, 1/8 cup granulated sugar, 1/8 tsp salt, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 cup + 2 tbsp all-purpose flour.

Combine 6 tbsp of granulated sugar, 1/8 cup brown sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 cup raisins and 1/4 cup walnuts to top the jam. Keep aside.

1/4 cup fruit preserves, pureed or any jam, nuts you like or chocolate and coconut fillings etc. Use your imagination!!

Egg wash: 1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoon milk.

To sprinkle on top: Mix 3 tbsp granulated sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon powder or red and green colored sugar.

How to make them:

Cream the cheese and butter in a mixer until creamy and light. Add 1/8 cup sugar, the salt and vanilla. Add the flour and mix until just mixed. Take out the dough onto a well-floured board and roll it into a ball. Cut the ball in two pieces, wrap each piece in plastic and chill for 1 hour or more(must do this).

Roll each ball of dough into a 9" circle using as much flour as you need on the counter top. Spread each with the jam filling and sprinkle the filling and press the filling lightly. Cut the circles into 12 or 8 equal wedges, starting with the wider edge, roll up each wedge. Place the cookies, end piece under on a baking sheet sprayed or lined with parchment paper. Chill in the fridge for 30 or more minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Brush each cookie with the egg wash. Combine 3 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon pd or take colored sugar and sprinkle on the cookies. Bake for about 17-25 minutes or until lightly browned on top.

Remove, let them cool on the sheet for a minute, and then remove them carefully onto a wire rack and let them cool completely.

Makes 24 mini cookies or 16 big cookies. Process is little messy and you must chill the dough and the rolled cookies as long as you can but they are so delicious, they are absolutely worth the effort and time. Hope you try.

Meeta from "What's for lunch honey?" blog's "Monthly Mingle" this month with an interesting theme of "Drop in and decorate".She is asking us to bake and decorate cookies and donate them to shelters etc in our own community. I will take these cookies to a family with kids I know who would love and appreciate them. Thanks for the great idea Meeta!:)

Festive cookies:
These are the easiest and delicious cookies to make and with red and green festive colors,they make a attractive presentation and I am sure kids would love to grab by the handful!

You need: 1 stick butter (1/2 cup) softened to room temp, 7 tbsp Powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence, 1 1/4 cup plain flour, 1/8 tsp salt. Red and Green food color and colored sugar to sprinkle.

To bake cookies:

1. Add and beat butter, sugar pd and vanilla until creamy and light in a blender with paddle attachment or in a bowl with a wooden spoon by hand.
2. Add in sifted flour and salt little at a time and mix just until just blended.Take out on the counter top and knead to a soft dough gently, not too much.
3. Divide this dough to two and mix red and green food color to each and knead to blend the colors. Cover in Saran wrap or plastic and chill for half an hour in the fridge.
4. After 1/2 an hr, preheat on the oven to 350F. Take out the dough, shape the colored dough into wreaths, canes(make 2 ropes,and twist then around each other), 2" round balls and crescents.
5. Place them on a double layered cookie sheet and bake for about 12 mins. DO NOT let the cookies get brown on top. Take out the cookie sheet, let the cookies cool for 2 mins on the sheet. Gently remove them on to a cooling rack. Let them cool completely before you store them.

Note: To make plain white butter cookies without color or fancy shapes like the photo below, add 1/4 cup more flour (ie 1 1/2 cup instead of 1 1/4 cup) to the above recipe, chill the dough and shape into 12 round cookies and bake. Take out the cookie sheet out of the oven and sprinkle some sugar powder on top and transfer them to cool on a rack. Makes about 12 cookies. Double the recipe if you need more than 12.

Vanilla-Butter cookies:
This recipe can be adapted to make Khara/spicy Biscuits/cookies. To make Khara biscuits or spicy cookies just skip vanilla and sugar from the above recipe and add finely chopped curry leaves and green chillies or chill flakes, pinch of Ajwain/Caraway seeds, 1 tsp cumin powder, salt. Bake as above. Enjoy! :)

Here are two holiday punch and a mocha drink I liked to wash down all those cookies!

Holiday red Punch:
Recipe from "cooking light" magazine.
To make it:
3 cups of Cranberry Juice,
3 cups Raspberry Juice,
2 cups club soda,
1/4 cup Vodka or black currant liqueur.(Skip this if you like non-alcoholic punch)

Mix all and add Ice cubes or chill to serve.Serves 6-8.

Non-alcoholic party Punch:
This recipe from "" web site which I liked.
To make it:
4 cups cranberry juice
1 cup sugar
2 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple juice
3/4 cup lemon juice
2 cups ginger ale

Mix juice and sugar, chill. Add ginger ale just before serving. Serves 10 to 12.

Minty Hot Mocha:
Recipe from "Cooking light" magazine.
To make it:

1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa, 1 cup water, 2 tbsp instant coffee granules, 4 3/4 cups skim milk, 1/2 tsp Peppermint extract.

1. Mix sugar and cocoa, add water, boil stirring constantly. Stir in coffee granules.
2.On medium heat, simmer these for 5 mins.Add milk, stir for 5 mins. Take off the heat.
3. Add mint extract, beat well with a whisk until frothy. Serves 6.

That's it folks!:)

I am back blogging and commenting after almost 3 weeks of silence! Hope you are all keeping well. I had a good productive break, caught up with lot of reading too. We had our wedding anniversary last week (Dec 7th) which I didn't tell you here since I made a big deal about our 20th last year!:D

We enjoyed our anniversary in Charlotte last weekend relatively quietly this year, watched movies, shopped a little and visited few restaurants of course!! Thank you Linda, TBC, Raks, Neema, Kribha, Raaga and Meera for your wishes!

See you next week! :)


Laavanya said...

Hi Asha!! Hopped on over to see if you were back and you are! :) First, Happy (Belated) Anniversary wishes. Nice to know you had a lovely break. Cookies look smashing esp. the rugalah. Wishing you happy holidays too.

Shivapriya said...

Heyyyyyyyy ur back. Good to see u in action again. I hope you had a wonderful time. Happy holidays and belated anniv wishes. Fruit punch and hot mocha (-mint) is my fav. Loved those snowy white vanilla cookies:).

Rachel said...

Belated Anniversary wishes!
Back with a bang with all those lovely cookies..

lakshmi said...

appaada - your back!!! :) my wednesday dose of entertainment will be on air again :)

now let me get back to reading the post.

oh and btw i have posted pics from the play my friend and i produced, take a look at the blog.

FH said...

Hi Laavanya,thanks!:))
Cream cheese in Rugelach are so yummy!

Hello Shivapriya! Good to be back. You too have fun. Kids will be home next week, may not be able to be online much but will be regular from 1st. Vanilla cookies were yummy, loved them. Have a great day!:))

Hi Rachel, thank you. Have a great Christmas and enjoy. Baked enough cookies to last for next week!:D

FH said...

Haha! Hi Lakshmi, so good to see you. I saw the play post today and pics are so beautiful, very talented kids and so are you! Congratulations!:))
I will skip next Wednesday post again, kids will be home. Trisha is volunteering at the hospital, busy days ahead for me but will blog regularly from 1st. Enjoy!:)

ChrisB said...

Belated congratulations on your anniversay. I remember your post from last year.

You've given me some ideas with those cookies!

sra said...

Hi Asha, belated happy anniversary!
And season's greetings!

Mishmash ! said...

Nice to have you back :) We all missed you, superwoman :) Belated anniversary wishes too !

Vanilla butter cookies sounds quite similar to the mexican wedding cookies i posted recently...and as u said they re just delicious and easy to make...rigt....

Happy Holidays...have a great time :)


Rina said...

Love the array of cookies Ashaji.

FH said...

Thanks Chris, we did enjoy the weekend!:))
Rugelachs are yummy, hope you bake them. Have a great Christmas!

Thank you sra. It's so colorful and joyous here at this time regardless of bitter cold. Hope it snows on Christmas day!:))

Good to be back shn!:)
Actually those cookies are exactly like Benne(Butter) Biscuits from K'taka except Vanilla essence and sugar pd on top!:D
Hope you enjoying all the fun.

Thanks Rina. Merry Christmas to you and your's. Baking some cookies? :)

lakshmi said...

I adore Vivaldi - We used bits of his music (Four Seasons series to be precise) in this year's production :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Welcome back Asha! Belated Happy Anniversary! What a great spread of cookies and I like the mint mocha drink too. You always do it up right! ; )

Lissie said...

Happy belated Anniversary, Asha!
Wishing you and family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
yummy cookies... loved the festive ones :))

FH said...

We love classics too L. We have loads of those in our ipods!:D
Yesterday evening, Tushar had his Guitar concert in his school for the end of semester and high school students played this Winter song. We loved it!:))

Meera said...

I am so glad that your are back with your great post of cookies. I am baking like crazy!! it will be a great help. :-) Hope you are feeling alright now. I missed you. I can't tell you how much cheer and happy thoughts you spread whenever you leave your thoughtful comments. Take care & happy holidays!!:-)

AnuSriram said...

Asha, These cookies looks yummy! Decorations are wonderful ! Happy to see you back after a long time... Happy Holidays!

TBC said...

It is good to have u back, Asha.:) You were missed:-).
The vanilla-butter cookies look good.
Happy Holidays!!

FH said...

Great to be back Anali. Thanks, hope you try some of these too, festive cookies are easy to make! Merry Christmas!:)

Thank you Lissie. You too have a great Christmas girl!:))

Meera, I have almost recovered for cold now.It was pretty bad last week!:D
I can't wait to see all your cookies too, post them. Rugelach were a hit with kids, Cream cheese makes then so yummy!:)

FH said...

Happy holidays to you too Anu. Hope you try some of these. Enjoy. Good to be back!:))

Thank you tbc, feels good to see you all here!:))
Try the cookies, they are very easy. They are similar to Iyengar Benne biscuits from B'lore, can add Cardamom pd instead of vanilla too. Have fun!

Finla said...

This is not fair before i went out of home i came and checked your place and nothing new was there ( aroma there was ) and i comeback in few hours and there is a new post and a lot of ppl have commented ..........
Cookies look great. All of them. I like the jewish one the best. And give me any time of the day the punch with VODKA

FH said...

HeHe! Vodka punch will do you some good this Winter to keep you warm F!
I posted the Aroma first, had my coffee and breakfast and then posted this. It's okay if you are little late darling, no hurry!:)
Hope S is done with the exam and you are all feeling well now. I am almost recovered,last week was pretty hard with cold and all. Still had to bake a lot too for kids! Hope you try the Rugelach Merry Christmas to all of you. Hugs to you!:))

Sreelu said...

Hey Asha, good to see you back in action, love your Vanilla cookies.Happy Holidays and belated Aniiversary wishes !!!

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Good to see you back Asha. I am just back from India too. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your time with the kids!

Sagari said...

merry christmas to u asha ji festive cookies look soooooo colorfulllllll

FH said...

Thanks Sreelu, feels great to be back. Enjoy the cookies!:))

Shankari, glad you are back but cold here will get you homesick faster!:D
Thanks, enjoy the holidays!:))

Thank you Sagari, hope you try and make them. Enjoy the weekend!:))

Bindiya said...

Hey Asha, Glad you are back, things were really not the same without you around!!!Missed you really!
Where is my chocolatey recipe???
Lovely post and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
and Belated Anniversary wishes too...

FH said...

Hi Bindiya, thank you. I am glad I am back now too!:))
Check your mail, I sent one for you this morning. I had to combine 2 events in one since I am running out of time!:))
Happy holidays, enjoy.

TheCooker said...

You are back and how!
What a lovely array of cookies.

Mythreyee said...

Belated Anniversary wishes Asha! I was waiting for wednesday to come. How are you feeling now?

Have a great time with kids. See you on jan 1st. Advance wishes for a happy new year.

The recipes & pics as always are just gorgeous.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I have always loved rugelach, Asha, but with your exotic fillings, I'm giddy with delight! Thank you for a unique and delicious submission to my event! Cheers, Susan

remya said...

hii Ashaji...belated anniversary wishes....nice to see u all wonderful cookies...i'm goin to vacation for 10 wishing u in advance..."Happy Holidays"...

FH said...

Thanks TC, happy holidays!:))

Hi Myth, good to see you! Thanks. I am recovering from cold and doing lot better than last week!:D
I will be around until Monday. After I will take a break again until the first.Enjoy India, have fun!:)

FH said...

Thank you Susan, glad I could make it for you. I loved the Mango jam filling, so delicious. Enjoy.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!:))

Remya, thank you. Yeah, we all get a break again during the holidays. Enoy your vacation, I will see you when you come back.
Happy holidays and happy 2008! Hugs to you!:))

Padmaja said...

Asha so lovely to see you. Hope you had a smashing time and when did you make all those lovely goodies. I love all of them dear!!!
Yummy yum!!

DK said...

Nothing like that extra zing that ur comments bring to all of our posts..So glad to know u r back again...and as always hoping to see a screenfulllll of goodies :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Asha! Happy holidays and wish you have many many happy years ahead with your family.It was nice knowing more about you and seeing your pictures(wedding and others).

FH said...

Hi Padmaja, thanks. Kids were home for few days last week, made them all with their help for their friends too.Enjoy!:))

Hi D, good to be back blogging and commenting too. Hope you are enjoying the joyful season, very colorful everywhere, isn't it? Happy holidays!:))

Thank you Madhavi. 21yrs!! I know it's sooo long!:D
Enjoy the holidays. Hope you baked a few cookies too!:))

Paru ... said...

Hey Asha,

Thanks for visitng my blog and commenting..

I love ur blog..Yup another kannada girl in the list..The cookies look colorful and delish..

Happy Hols.

Mansi said...

hey Asha, welcome back girl! hope you had a lovely and relaxing vacation!!

all your cookie delights are looking amazing, esp the first, I could conjure up a thousand ideas with nutella and jam:)

Happy HOlidays to you and your family!

FH said...

Good to see you Paru, didn't know about your blog until today!:))
Happy holidays to you too, enjoy.

Hi Mansi, good to be back girl. Hope you had fun cooking, hope I didn't miss too many of your's.
Yeah, I had a great break, needed it!:D
I loved Mango jam in there, so delicious!! Nutella is for kids, they love chocolate unlike me!!:)
Enjoy the holidays.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hi Asha

Hope you are fine :)

Fantastic cookies and beautiful pictures.

BTW Belated Happy Anniversary..

Happy Holidays :)

Namratha said...

Yay, good you are back Asha dear...glad you had a fun break! Belated Happy Anniversary :) The cookies look nice, esp the vanilla sugar ones...simple and pretty. Happy holidays to you, see ya back soon :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

hey asha! just dropped by to say HI! missed visting ur blog :( will drop by later and read ur post leisurely..happy holidays!!

sunita said...

Asha,so nice to have you back... hope you had a relaxing vacation...belated anniversary wishes...and loved all your creations...esp the last one :-)

Altoid said...


You've been honorably mentioned ;). Stop over when you find time.

FH said...

Thank you Mala. I am lot better than last week. Hope you having fun too, see you alter girl!:))

Hi Namratha, those cookies tastes like Iyengar bakery ones, try them. Thank you, we did have fun in Charlotte!:))
Happy holidays. I will be around until Monday, then it's Christmas!!

Hi MM, good to see you. I am happy to blogging again too. Take your time, you must try Vanilla Butter cookies this weekend!:))

FH said...

Thank you Sunita. Simple cookies are the best, aren't they? Rugelach were great but takes quite a work!!:)
Enjoy the holidays, see you later.

Hi A,I just came back from there!:D
Hope you try these Vanilla cookies, can't go wrong hopefully!!:))

Anh said...

Asha my dear, belated anniversary wishes! And I wish you happy holidays. "see" you when I am back :)

Richa said...

hey, u r back :) lovely array of cookies :)

Archy said...

Hi.. Asha.
Lovely an colourful cookies,,..
Happy holidays..

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
good to see u back after a long break and wishing u belated anniversary wishes.


FH said...

Thanks Anh! Have a great time girl, see you later too. Happy holidays and happy new year!:)

YUP! Thanks Richa. Hope you try a few! Enjoy the holidays!:))

Hi Archana, new blogger I see!:))
Thanks , have a great weekend. Enjoy.

Thank you Shalini. Break did me some good!:D
Have a great holiday, get some time to relax around Christmas again. See you on the 1st.

Shweta said...

Good to have you back :) Missed you but glad you had your break... did you read something fun?
A yes! what a lovely spread :)

Cynthia said...

Hey sweetie! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Belated Anniversary wishes...Nice to see back with tasty cookies...

Enjoy your weekend with kids....Happy holiday...

Anonymous said...


How can we contact you ?

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha! Happy Belated Anniversary Wishes! The cokkies are looking delicious.

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Your post is full of Christmas colours. Happy holidays.

Linda said...

Welcome back Asha, at least part way till kids go back to school! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful break togther. I'm glad you had a relaxing blog break too, and got away for the weekend to celebrate 21 :) I've never been to Charlotte -- only the airport!

All the cookies look lovely -- I'm not a baker but I'm enticed all the same!

See you soon! :)

EC said...

Yeah u r back..and with a many mouthwatering cookies

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!! Your vanilla cookies look gr8!!!!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi asha
Wish you, your family and your friends,a very Happy Christmas and exciting New 2008.

Tried some wedding and a new birthday cake.Do have a look after your holidays.

Sig said...

WOW, 21st Anniversary... Congrats to you both... That sounds like the perfect way to spend an anniversary... Wish you many many more years of togetherness...

Srivalli said...

Welcome back Asha...really missed u around...Belated anniversary wishes.great to know you had fun...those cookies are rocking!

sallywrites said...

Happy Christams Asha. Love the recipes!

sallywrites said...

P.S. Happy Anniversary too! We celebrated our 21st this year too.... August 1986....

Keshi said...

Hey Asha WB! I hope u had a good one and will hv another great break during the next 10 days or so with ur lovely family!

Merri Merri Klishmascchhh! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Merry christmas & happy hanukkah to you dear asha:)))& happy (belated) wedding anniversary wishes too:)) Enjoy your break with ur kids but do come back ,will be eagerly waiting for your new year post. those vanilla cookies look great. I have already soaked the dry fruits in rum to bake my mums traditional x'mas gateau, which i will be doing this weekend:)

Raks said...

Happy christmas and new year to you and ur family! Hope you enjoyed the break!

FH said...

Hi Shweta, thanks. I read 3 books which have been putting it off bcos of lack of time!:))

Hi Cynthia, thanks. You too have a great time there. Hope to see what you cook for X-Mas in your blog!!:)

Thanks Usha. Kids last day of school today. Trisha is volunteering in the hospital, so more work for me!:D
Have a great weekend.

Anon, you can leave a comment here which is faster or mail me at, which I don't check often.
Happy holidays!:)

FH said...

Thanks Vijaya. You have agreat weekend too!:))

Hi Aparna, thank you. Colors are everywhere these days, it's fun!:))

Hi Linda, you must be busy at this time. Enjoy. Yeah, kids are home from tomorrow. Got to make lunch for them too for the next 10 days!:D
I will be around until next Monday, then I might not be until the 1st.
Happy holidays, see you later!:)

Hi EC, good to see you girl. Enjoy the cookies and weekend!:)

FH said...

Thank you Ramya. Enjoy the cookies, they taste like Iyengar Bakery ones without Vanilla!:))

Hi Anamika, thanks girl. You too have fun there. I will check your blog today, try and catch up!:))

Thank you Sig. I think you missed my 20th last year. Yeah, long time!:D
We had fun. It gets better as the time goes, glad it does for us. Happy holidays ,have fun!:))

Hello Sri, I missed all of you too but glad I had some break. Lot of things got done in that time!:))
Have a great weekend, hugs.

FH said...

Hi Sally, congratulations for your 21st year too. It is a long time to last in a marriage,isn't it?:D
But it's fun though, we had a quite celebration.
Have a very merry Christmas with your family Sally!:))

Hi Keshi, hugs to you too. Yeah, busy time these days until the New years. Got to take care of the kids meanwhile. Happy holidays, see you later, I will be here until Monday!:))

Ooh! Rum soaked dry fruit cake! Sounds good already!:)
If kids are home, they always want to go here and there everyday, so I get busy driving them around! I will try and blog though atleast in the morning.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs!:))

Shilpa said...

Hey Asha, Nice to see you back. Wish you a belated happy anniversary. Thats a great spread u have created. I loved the butter cookies, they look absolutely yumm....
Wish you happy holidays :).

FH said...

Thank you Shilpa. We had a quiet celebration!:))
Try the Vanilla butter cookies, they taste exactly like Benne Biscuits without Vanilla flavor. Happy holidays. Enjoy.

RML said...

Hello Asha,
Hope you have wonderful break and happy to see you in our blogs.We missed your comments.Happy holidays to you and your family and belated anniversary wishes.Yummy looking cookies.

FH said...

Hello girl, good to be back too. Had a good break though, can do better now than before.
Thank you. Have a great weekend and happy holidays!:))

Chickoo said...

Ashakka - konegu bandralla neevu! Phew! Your recipes rock big time, I will try out the Vanilla cookies as they seem a bit easier than the rugalach :).

FH said...

Yeah, I am back at last!:D
It's true, Rugelachs takes time and efforts. Try the cookies. Hope everything is going well at your end.Happy holidays. Have fun, we all get some more days off from work!:))

MR said...

u r amazing!!!
I jus posted and saw ur comment

So So Simple said...

What beautiful cookies you are a clever woman

It’s been a wonderful blogging year.
I have much inspiration from so many like-minded cooks.
This is to wish you a Very Merry Christmas/Holidays and a Fabulous 2008
Looking forward to lots more contact in the New Year
Cheers Gilli

Anonymous said...

Asha avare i visited u r blog last week specially looking for karanataka dishes its really wondering me i found very best blog that also from kanndiga
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u r blog was inspiration for making good&tasty recpies and also suggetion for postive think and lot
i have lot to say i dont know how?
advance happy new year wishes for u and all familly belated happy anniversary i hope u enjoy u r new year with wonderfull time

Twisted DNA said...

Hey Asha,

Just stopping by to wish you happly holidays!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

happy anniversary asha!! and happy holidays to you too...cookies look yummilicious..but asha I really need your help, I am planning a cocktail and appetizers party...please i need a 101 form you..have you done a post on appetizers exclusively?? direct me to it please (can you leave a comment on my blog with a link)??

Kajal said...

Good to see you back here with lots of home made cookies. I always love the cookies and simply butter vanilla is my favorite. How is your healthy after mini vacation because of cold? When I just check your blog and you are not around the blogge then I feel I miss some one near by my heart. Yes sometime I am not see your blog regularly because of my hectic scheduled of life but I always feel you are here. You always give simle when I see your comment. Love your green and red colors cookies and no words for your delicious one rugelach.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.:)

Seema said...

Happy Anni - though belated! Glad u had a good break & enjoyed.. we missed u though!

Lovely cookies..each one looks better than the other for me!
Happy Holidays & Have a great New year ahead...See u next yr Asha!!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Hey Asha,
Hope u had a great vacation and belated Happy Anniversary. Everything u've made here looks so delicious...Happy holidays..

J said...

Good to see you back, Asha! Also good to see you kept away and took a nice break!! :) Everyone's baking these days, good to see all those recipes! Happy Holidays to you!

FH said...

Hi M, I am just catching up with all after 3 weeks, so the hurry!:D
Happy holidays, have fun.

Hi Gilli, thank you. Yeah, it has been a busy year, hopefully I will be more relaxed next year!:)
Merry Christmas to you and your's, enjoy.

Hi Anon, please leave your name next time so I recognize you. So glad to hear from another Kannadiga and glad you found me. There are few Kannadiga blogs now, I am happy to say! When I started I felt the same way as you. Yaake kannada blogs jaasti illa antha. Eega swalpa paravaagilla!:))
Hope you looked at the round up for Karnataka, many recipes there. Hope you come back and comment. Happy hoildays!:))

FH said...

Hi TDNA, thank you so much. You too have a wonderful holiday and new year's celebration. Have fun with your family!:))

Orchid, thank you. You too have a great time.
I have linked two posts from last year in the first paragraph but I will leave a link in your's. Have fun. There is cocktail post too. Have fun!:))

Kajal, thank you sweetie. Yes, I was on break for 3 weeks and will be on break until 1st. Bust time for everybody, take it easy and blog when you can, no worries. Hugs to you. Happy holidays, enjoy the cookies!:))

FH said...

Thanks Seema. Yes, I am getting ready for Christmas feast now, I will be back on the 1st. You too have a great time with your family, we get some time off work anyway. Hugs , see you later:))

Thank you Maya. I enjoyed the break and be back again on the 1st. Have a great weekend, see you in a week's time. Happy Holidays!:))

Hi J! I know! Cookies are everywhere!:D
Yeah, this time I really took a break, didn't I? Haha. I will be back again on the 1st, see you then. Have a great time and happy new year to you and your's too.
Hope you don't forget to announce RCI-Kerala next week, we missed out on Kashmir last month!!:)
Hugs, see you later.

Finla said...

Hey Asha just came back to read the comments and my speaker was on so hear the music.
Shyama plays this piece.
Isn't it excelent music

Priya said...

Good to see you back Asha. Happy holidays and belated Anniversary wishes to you both.

Those cookies look so lovely.

FH said...

Hi F, I LOVE the classical music. It's so soothing!
Trisha used to play "The flight of the Bumble Bee" in Violin and we enjoyed it so much. She doesn't play anymore sadly.
You can record it and blog Sha's concert you know.There is a new button to load videos now with blogger. We recorded Tushar's Guitar concert too, got to edit it.
Have a great weekend, I will be shopping for Honey baked Ham today and make side dishes and bake a cake on Tuesday. Enjoy your Christmas girl. Hugs!:))

Hi Priya, how are you? Thank you. I enjoyed the break, going disappear again until the 1st. Happy holidays to you, have fun!:))

Anonymous said...

asha avare thumba dhanyavadha nivvu replay madidhakye sorry last time i dont say my name. i little confused how to comment because of when i found ur blog i get lot of questions in my mind?(i so exited)
about me
i am roopa i have 4year old little cute boy and my husband works in pharamacy (pharmsist) we living in MAINE (US)but now we thinking to move, looking for best and warm place.
nivu NC erudhu antha gothayethu bahala santhoshaiyeethu my husband thinking NC,GA but we dont know which one is best nimanna keluna antha nivu bahalla varushdindha alli eeruva vishaya gothayithu,

Miri said...

The vanilla cookies look like pretty snowballs!

Happy Holidays!

FH said...

Hi Roopa, matte nimma comment nodi santoshavayitu. Maine is bitter cold compared to the south indeed. Atlanta, GA is excellent to move if you like Indian community, temples and Indian restaurants nearby. Although NC has good weather, you don't find many Indians in small towns except cities like Raleigh and Charlotte.We have been here for 10 yrs now, because of Arvind's job we stay put in one place!:)
GA has plenty of Indian community, we frequently go there although it's 6hrs away from here.That's my opinion!:))
So good to hear about your son.Enjoy him. Keep in touch. I will be off blogging until the 1st, got some work to do this weekend. Google Atlanta and research about the place, I think there are more job opportunities too than here, but try both. Good luck!:)

Thank you Miri. Those cookies are really yummy and easy to make, hope you try.
Happy holidays to you too, enjoy!:))

Meeta K said...

Just love all these cookies. WOW! Thanks for taking part in this!

FH said...

Thank you Meeta. I did my best, didn't have much time but they turned out well. Happy holidays toyou and your's, have a wonderful time with your family!:))

Manasi said...

Hi Asha!! sorry abt the delay.. hope u had a LOVELy anniversary!!!
yummmmmmm cookies!!!!

Seena said...

It seems am the last to wish you :)
was busy with Eid holidays. Belated anniversary wishes, Asha. cookies are excellent.
Happy holidays!

Viji said...

Nice to see you around Asha. Cookies are so cute. Have a nice time with your kids. Viji

Jaya M said...

really sounds great ,thanks for sharing ..lots of info as usual.
wishing you and your family a lovely weekend and merry christmas
hugs and smiles

FH said...

You are not late at all! Thank you. Wish you a very happy new year too, have a great weekend. Hugs!:)

Happy Eid to you Seena. That's okay, take your time, busy time for all of us these days. Have a great time with your family, happy new year!:)

Hi Viji, good to se you girl. Thanks, we are having a busy time but it's all good. See you next year and have a great 2008!:)

Thank you Jaya. You too have a great time. Happy new year. Hugs to you too!:)

Unknown said...

teeth whitener

Your cookies are wonderful looking! I love good cookies and a cup of hot chocolate.

Manju said...

those cookies are simply delicious....wanna try those vanilla ones!!! happy holidays!! n belated anniversary wishes ( as i can see frm other's comments :) )

FH said...

Hi Tracy, doesn't that sound like a great combo? Thanks. Have a great Christmas and new year!:))

Hey girl, I just came back from your blog and you are here already!:D
Take your time to settle down and then blog. Enjoy the holidays. Thanks, we had a quiet celebration this year!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi asha
thanks for giving back replay,
nimma sugestion sari namghye temple mathye indian communitiy eeruvalli move aaghuna anthye vichara madiruvudhu
mathye nimmana next year betti yaghuthyenye alliyavareghu "Hosa varushdha shubhshayagalu" nimma biduvina samaya chenaghi celebrate madi

FH said...

Good luck Roopa. Atlanta has a beautiful Vishnu temple, we go there often. see you on the 1st, enjoy!:))

Mallika said...

Happy Christmas Asha. And huge congratulations on your 20 years of domestic bliss! My eight years look nominal in comparison. Have a brilliant start to the New Year too.

Rajitha said...

Sorry to have missed this post Asha!! but a very happy belated anniversary :)..and those cookies are making my mouth water...happy holidays asha :)

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, happy belated anniversary. I remember I made your fruit punch last year, love this recipe even more!
Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful holidays with your kids and family!

Kajal@aapplemint said...

u cant just make one thing can u ??? hahaha its always such a pleasue seeing your blog , so much variety and always such a challenge.
Happy Holidays to you as well :D

FH said...

Hi Mallika , thank you. You too have a great holiday and new year's celebration.
We have been married for 21yrs this Dec, celebrated quietly!:))
See you on the 1st!:))

Thank you Rajitha. No, you are not late at all, I just posted it on Wednesday. Happy holidays girl, enjoy the cookies. See you next year!:))

FH said...

Thank you Gattine. I remember that punch as well,looked lot better in your blog than mine!!:)
Enjoy Christmas. Yeah, kids are home, hard to keep up with blogs now but will enjoy their company and then will be back next year. Happy holidays and happy 2008. Hugs to you!:))

Hi Kate/Kajal, thank you sweetie! Yeah, I don't do single ones ever at FH atleast!;D
How are you? Hope you are getting ready for New year's party etc. I am taking a break until 1st too, kids are home until the 3rd. Have a great time, see you later!:))

bha said...

Wonderful post and beautiful presentation......delicous looking goodies....Merry Chirstmas and happy new year

FH said...

Thanks Bha. You too have a great time with your family, happy 2008!:))

Siri said...

Ooo lala, those are some yummo cookies ashaji.. hope u are having splendid holiday season..:)

and Belated Anniversary wishes ashaji..:)

So, are u officially back to blogging world now?.. missed u so much!

Happy Christmas and New Year..:)

~ Siri

KayKat said...

Wow! I'm seriously drooling over those vanilla cookies, got to try those now.

FH said...

HI Siri, I was wondering where you were!:D
Thank you. Yeah, I was back but going on break again until the 1st from today. Happy holidays toyou. See you in the next year!:)

Hi Kay, those cookies came out really tasty, give it a try. Have a great week!:))

Susan said...

Best wishes and blessings, Asha, for time spent with your family during this special time of year. Congratulations on your milestone wedding anniversary. I hope you have cut yourselves great big pieces of cake. You all deserve it!

Anonymous said...

fristly belated anniversary wishes sis.
n good to know you had fun.
cookies looks colorful and yum
guess cookies are long way for me
party punch sounds good
i just know mango extract mixed with ginger ale....
and happy christmas to u all
have fun

FH said...

Thank you so much Susan. We really enjoyed the wedding anniversary. It's been 21 yrs indeed, looong time!!:D
You too have a wonderful blessed Christmas and a new year too. Have fun!:)

Hi Anusha, thanks girl. Hope you baked some cookies too. Mango and ginger ale sounds great, I will try. Slurp!!:))
Have a great week. We all get some time relax, enjoy. I will see you later.

Dalicia said...

hi asha, wish you and your family and merry christmas. i like things with alcohol in

i've been baking quite a bit too!
happy belated anniversary to you :D

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Asha ji
Happy chrismas & a happy new year to you and family

Deepak Gopi said...

Belated Happy anniversary

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Belated anniversary wishes!!!!
Vannila cookies look great:-)
Happy Christmas:-)

Arathi said...

hi asha, those cookies look just yummy

hi asha

Those cookies look just yummy , cant wait grab one of them !thanks for sharing the recipe.will surely give it a try . Wish you and ur family a very happy new year!

arathi from sharjah


FH said...

LOL! Yeah, once in a while it's okay make merry, right? Enjoy D, happy new year to you and your's!:))

Thank you Deepak. You too have a great time and very happy new year!:))

Thanks MT! Those cookies are really yummy, hope you try! Happy new year, enjoy!:))

Hi Aarti, how is going there in Sharjah? Thank you, try the cookies. You too have a great new year's celebration. Happy holidays to you!:)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Happy Holidays, hope you're having a wonderful time Asha.

Coffee said...

haha..... Here I am aunty ;)

I haven't come back to blogging in full speed..... I am commenting but still in bits and pieces as I see the posts one by one on food blog desam.... infact I sent you a card for your anniversary and it bounced back to my mail box reposting some error. :( Life's been more than busy and blogging has actually gone for a toss!! I hope to come back soon....... have missed all your lovely posts so much!!

Mamatha said...

Dear Asha,
First off, a very happy belated anniversary to you and Arvind. Wishing you both and the kids a very happy new year.

Best wishes,

Anjali Koli said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The cookies are real eye catchers.

Kristen - Dine & Dish said...

Merry Christmas Asha and happy belated anniversary!
You deserve the best this holiday. I hope it was wonderful!

bird's eye view said...

Hey Asha,

Have been checking to see if you're back. Those vanilla-butter cookies look delicious, and now you know one more person who wouldn't mind if you dropped some off :))

Have a lovely holiday season and see you next year!

FH said...

Hi Amanda, we had a wonderful Christmas feast, ready for new year's! Enjoy and I will see you next year!:))

Coffee, I loved that "shock" emoting characters there in your blog, it was too funny!:D
I understand. I have been taking long breaks too, so you didn't miss much this month and I am planning frequent breaks again next year, it's getting to me!!

Thank you Mamatha, good to see you. We had a nice time quietly this year!:)
Happy new year to you and your family, have fun. See you next year!:))
Anyway, thanks for your wish,I know e mails act up sometime. Have a great new year's celebration, see you next year. Hugs to you, take it easy!:))

FH said...

Happy new year to you too Anjali, thanks girl. Have fun and bake some cookies.See you later!:))

Thank you Kristen, so do you!:))
Have a wonderful healthy and happy new year's celebration, see you next year. Can't believe 2007 will be gone in few days!!

Hi BEV, thanks. I have been on a long break this month and again on a break now. Very busy time these days for all of us but exciting!:)
Have a great new year, I will see you on the 1st. Hugs to you, enjoy!:))

Swati said...

Hi Asha

Great to see you back...n back with a bang!!
Lovely cookies...will definitely try them out.

Happy new year!!

Meera said...

Wanted to wish you and your family a very merry christmas. Happy Holidays, dear!

Raki said...

Hi Asha,

I am really impressed by your presentations, the enthusiasm in your writings and the uniqueness in all of the dishes that you bring out. I enjoy visiting your blog. The colourful cookies, the vanilla ones and also the new dish... ?I forgot the spelling!! :o) are great...

Wish you and your family a very happy christmas and happy holidays...

Mythreyee said...

Dear Asha,

Wish you and your family a wonderful New Year 2008 !

Best wishes and season's greetings from,


FH said...

Hi SCI, thanks. Hope you try some of these. Have a wonderful 2008!:)

Thanks Meera. You too have a great new year's celebration, see you next year!:)

Hi Raki, glad you like the Rugelach, they are really tasty. Little work needed but yummy. Thanks for visiting, have a happy 2008!:)

Hi Myth, thank you sweetie. You too have a great celebration on Jan 1st. 2007 seems like yesterday! Hugs!:)

Vani said...

Hi Asha! I hope you had a nice break and anniversary. Happy holidays and my best wishes for a rocking new year!
See you at your next post! :)

FH said...

Hi Vani, thanks firend!:)
Hope you are having great time too. 2007 is almost over, can't believe how fast a year went by!
You too have a great new year celebration, wish you all a happy and healthy 2008. See you next week, planning to bake a cake as we speak. Hugs!:))

Laavanya said...

Hello Asha, Just popped in to wish you a Fabulous New Year ahead.

FH said...

Thank you darling Laavanya, you too have a great time. I am baking a cake for New year,will see you in January!:))

Reeta Skeeter said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Asha! It has been long since I visited your blog..but oh what a pleasure to be back :)
Rugelach does look really nice, though I don't bake at home :)
And Belated Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

The cookies look delicious. I love the snow white vanilla cookies. Wish you a very happy new year. Enjoy the hols with your kids.


FH said...

Good to see you Reeta, thank you. You too have a wonderful new year, have fun!:)
Rugelach are tasty but need a little work to make them indeed, enjoy.

Hi Kate, so glad to hear from you, I was thinking of you last week and was planning to ask Paati to wish you on behalf of me!:)
Happy new year to you, have a wonderful year ahead. Hugs.

Meg Wolff said...

Happy Holidays! Nice site. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year and belated Anniversary Wishes.
Love your high spirits and energy and hoping the New year would see you with renewed vigor and hoping some of it would rub off on me too :)
Have a Great Year Ahead


FH said...

Thanks Meg. You too have a wonderful new year!:))

Thanks Shobha. Of course, we all will have a great time in 2008 too. I will be taking more breaks this year though. Daughter is getting ready to graduate from High school but will try my best to keep up with blogs. Happy new year, have fun!:))

krystyna said...

Hi Asha!
Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary!

krystyna said...

You have an amazingly wonderful blogs! Its needs many times and hard work!
You are great! And you are great blooger friend!
It'll be my pleasure to give you my humble gift for you.
Please, take Award from my birthday's post.

krystyna said...

I don't celebrate Christmas at home too.
Thanks for these links and of course for this yummy cookies!

Happy New Year!

WokandSpoon said...

Fantastic looking cookies! Hope you're enjoying the festive season and Happy New Year

FH said...

Thank you Krystyna. Have a great new year celebration. I am baking a cake tomorrow!
I visited your mom's blog and left a message. I don't understand Polish though, but as long as she is enjoying the blog, it's great. Thanks for the award too!:)

Thank you W! Rugelach were yummy, hope you try. Happy new year to you, enjoy!:)

Little Miss Muffet said...

hope u had a good xmas :) happy new year !!

Little Miss Muffet said...

Just wanted to let you know that I made your Missi Roti- Okra Dal Sambhar for lunch today. Absolutely yummy!! The Better Half says we need to visit you to thank you personally :)

Deepak Gopi said...

Happy new year to you and family

FH said...

Haha! LMM, tell your hubby to wait until I get a new kitchen.Old thing is in pretty bad shape right now and not company worthy!:D
Glad you tried them. I will post a meal in 2 weeks, you will love it. Happy new year to both of you. Enjoy. Baking a cake today!:))

Thank you Deepak. Wish all your dreams come true in 2008 and may you have great opportunities to realize them. Have fun and I will see you in 2 days!:))

Anonymous said...


nimgellrighu "Hosa varushdha shubhshayagllu", I think u r busy in celebrating new year eve and making new dishes take u r time

FH said...

Hi Roopa, you guessed it right, I have been working since 7am today!:D
Kids go back to school on Thursday, after that I will be little relaxed. Happy new year, have a great time!:))

Shivapriya said...

Dear Asha, Happy new year to you and your family.

FH said...

Thank you SP. you too have a wonderful start for the new year. I will post tomorrow and will be back blogging too!:))

deepsat said...

Asha, Wish you a very Happy & Safe New Year!! Take Care!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi asha
I like to send you new year card but i dont know u r mail so i sending link i hope if open this link could work? paste to u r browser

Mandira said...

Hi Asha, the cookies look lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Asha MWAH!


Kalpana said...

Happy New Year 2008!!!

indosungod said...

Asha, Happy New Year! Have a great year.

FH said...

Mandira, Keshi, Kalpana and Indo, thanks girls. Happy new year to you too.
Got very busy yesterday, couldn't even open the PC to check on.
Hope you all had a wonderful day on the 1st. I will be back to blogging today. See you all later!:))

Samahita said...

This is a great blog you have running here. I have blogrolled you. Thanks for all these amazing recipes.

FH said...

You are welcome S, enjoy! :)