November 21, 2007


A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you!:))

Here is my last year's Thanksgiving post! This post is just to thank all of you all more than the usual recipes galore. Enjoy your families and friends! I will be on a short break from Thursday until Sunday. Kids have 5 days of holiday, got to start driving to some unplanned little town just for a weekend getaway!:)

Historically, harvest festivals and thanksgiving celebrations were held by most of the cultures all over the World. You can read all about it here.
Here are few an interesting facts and Myths about Thanksgiving!! Did you know they had suggested the Turkey as one of the birds for American symbol before they chose the Eagle? They also think that they might not have had the Turkey for the "First Thanksgiving" feast!!

"Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks at the conclusion of the harvest season.Families and friends gather for a reunion, a day of thanks, and a festive meal." (WIKIPEDIA)
President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a Federal holiday as a "prayerful day of Thanksgiving" on the last Thursday in November, 1939 and was approved by the US congress in 1941.

Here is my thanks:
I thank each and every one of you who come to visit to say hello to me every week and share part of your lives with me and teaching me a lot about many things too and to my family for being there for me always. Without all your support, my blogs and life in general would be colorless and bare!! I have made many new friends through blogging this year and in one short year, you have made me feel so loved and appreciated like never before.For that, I am grateful to all of you.I haven't even had a day of allergy or flu for more than a year, I think my mind and body are happy and in sync, thanks to all of you and my family!!:)

Blog friends, let's keep all our blogging purely fun and without malice. Life is too short for ugliness, let's all be beautiful!! Enjoy, laugh, love, live, (try and forgive mean people who leave nasty comments!) and count your blessings. Wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!:)

I thank GOD for bringing Fall colors to North Carolina at last! There is light at the end of the tunnel after all. YAY!!:D

NC is in it's element with full force. It's just gorgeous around here right now!! Heaven is back on Earth!!

"The World is my Oyster!!"
This quote comes from Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor";
Why, then the world's mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.

Sword? Nay, I shall open my World Oyster with a click of a mouse at crack of dawn, with a smile on my face and with light loving heart armed with my fully loaded blog roll to reach all your Laptops in every corner of the World! How about that for a change Shakespeare saheb?! Hahaha!!

Photo from fotosearch.
I thank God for laptops too!:D
It's still amazes me how these little Laptops and desktops connects and unites us all like minded people from all over the World!! It's like having the whole World on your lap and you forget the real World around you sometimes!:D

Thanksgiving feast in USA:
"Thanksgiving meals are traditionally family events where certain kinds of food are served. First and foremost, Turkey is the featured item in most Thanksgiving feasts (so much so that Thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as a "Turkey Day"). Stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, turnips, yams and pumpkin pie are commonly associated with Thanksgiving dinner." Info from WIKIPEDIA.

Our Thanksgiving Feast!
(We are having our Thanksgiving lunch a day early, so we can plan to leave on Thursday afternoon, that's why a little delayed post today!)
Turkey cutlets with Mushroom Turkey Gravy, whole wheat Bread-corn-herbs stuffing, Cranberry-Pineapple-Mandarin orange sauce, Apple butter, Mango Chutney, sauteed Green and Yellow beans in sauce topped with French's crunchy fried Onions, Mashed Garlic Potatoes with gravy and maple syrup glazed Yams(skipping Pumpkin Pie this year)in Graham Cracker crust with little cream on top (which melted by the time I took photos!) and served with warm Apple Cider flavored with a Cinnamon stick and lastly, added a handmade Turkey to the platter, my son's old elementary school craft project, a wooden clothes pin Turkey!!:D

Here is a platter for you, enjoy!:)

Thanksgiving 3

How did Thanksgiving became a tradition in my house?!
Before we moved to USA from England, we had never heard of Thanksgiving at all! That first year in 1994, we were really puzzled to see all these traveling,celebration and most of all cooking Turkey and all the mishaps one encounters while cooking that bird! When you don't have kids in school, you don't really learn much about local traditions and then kids grow up and teach us a few lessons of history of the land too!:)
I still didn't really think of celebrating until one day my son, then a 3rd grader, who is born and raised in US said "I am an American, I want a Turkey too!" Well..who can say no after that!!:D
I baked a 7lb Turkey for the first time following all the directions on the pack, it came out perfect. Turkey with all the trimmings was on a beautifully decorated table made my son and us very happy. Then he decided he doesn't want to deal with all bones after all. So next year, we just baked the Turkey breasts and year after, we baked a whole Chicken Tandoori style and now we are back to Turkey cutlets and all those trimmings!!:D
Anyway, we like the thought behind the "Thanksgiving" of giving thanks to all the people around us for caring and helping us thru' the year, not to mention the yummy feast attached to it and decided to celebrate Thanksgiving as one of our Traditions too just like we chose to celebrate Diwali and Shivaratri! Now, we look forward to Thanksgiving like any other family in America!:))

This post goes to Meeta of "What's for lunch Honey?" blog as my entry for her "Monthly Mingle" with a theme of "Traditional Feasts" this month. Thanks for hosting Meeta!:))

Here are my maple and Dogwood trees infront of house blazing with color and lawn is green too!


Savor every minute of life, enjoy the long weekend! See you all on Monday in your blogs and will post JFI-Toor dal next week!:))


I tried and loved Mythreyee of "Try this recipe" blog's Chana Masala recipe on Monday. This is not the usual North Indian Chana or Chole masala but very tasty South Indian style recipe, I added a cubed Potato instead of grinding it. I served it with Pooris, it was delicious. Thanks Myth!:)


vimmi said...

Hi Asha,

Happy Thanksgiving. My , what a spread. It looks heavenly. Hope u and ur family have a safe and happy trip.

Latha said...

Happy Thanksgiving to u guys too Asha! Such a heart warming post. Thanks to you for being a part of this blog world! You bring joy to so many of us.
Lovely fall colors and such an awesome lookign feast! You never cease to amaze me!

Bong Mom said...

Beautiful post Asha with all the lovely Fall colors and Thanks to You for being around at each and every post of mine with a sweet comment and being here every Wed with your lovely platters.

Have a fun getaway..where are you going ?

Shilpa said...

Wish you a very happy thanksgiving Asha. Thats a lovely spread :). I have been watching all Thanksgiving cooking on TV, I wanted to cook something too but I am sure no one will eat it :(. We are still not very much adjusted to the taste. May be next year :).
Enjoy the holidays...

Laavanya said...

I came by earlier this morning to see your post and since it wasn't there thought you must be working on it.. :)
That Thanksgiving menu is a mouthful.. but i just have to say 'WOW'! Super lady you. It looks so good and your family is so lucky to have such an enthusiastic, talented mom.

Have a rocking long weekend and enjoy yourself.

Ashwini said...

Asha I think I need to thank you too. You have always had kind words for every post of mine. And even when there were no posts!!
Have fun sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Asha and your family.

Have fun and do post pictures and it never gets tired to watch fall leaves.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Asha. I know you'll be eating exremely well!
Beautiful pictures of the Autumn trees and lovely Chana Masala.
Enjoy your mini break too.
Amanda x

Sia said...

ashakka, although we dont celebrate thanks giving but no harm in saying thanks to u;) thank u for everything (everything means everything;) u have been too kind and supportive to all the bloggers be it old or new bloggers. u always bring joy and smile oon my face:) hugs to u. enjoy ur long weekend:)

Mythreyee said...

I am so happy that you loved it. and thanks a lot for trying out the recipe. Happy thanks giving.

Richa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie!
Thank you for ur lovely recipes, comments and enthusiasm galore, some of it rubs off on others u know ;)
lovely spread as usual!!

Kribha said...

Happy ThanksGiving to you and your family dear. Actually, I should thankyou for all the inspiration, advices, encouragement and knowledge you have given me. You are such an amazing woman and you bring smile to so many faces.
Two weeks back,we just drove to smokey mountains(unplanned). When we entered NC I was thinking so much about you. Every desi I met kept me wishing that it should be you. All thru the trip I was talking about you and your family. Wish to meet you someday. See, you have such an influence on me.
Your spread looks fabulous and so does the fall colors. Take care and plentyof hugs to you.

Siri said...

Happy Hppy Thanksgiving Ashaji. Have to prepare some goodies tonite! Love ur colorful post..:)..I am elated to see 'Fall Colors' at our place.. Yupee..:)


Bindiya said...

You are an absolute sweetheart!Lovely thanksgiving spread,anddd have a rocking trip!.Loads of love and hugs to u.

KayKat said...

I like your thanksgiving spread :)

Plus the fall color pix - is the drought finally over there?

Have a great holiday!

Lissie said...

Asha, Happy Thanksgiving to You and Family! You are one lovely person i have met through blogging!!!
Enjoyed the platter :))
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos & i see you have whipped up a feast as usual;)) enjoy:)

Padmaja said...

Hey Asha!! Happy thanksgiving to you all as well.
Love those pictures!! and have a great trip!! enjoy!!

bee said...

gorgeous fall colours. have a great weekend.

FH said...

Thanks Vimmi, you too have a great weekend!:))

Thank you for being a great friend Latha!:)
Colors are vibrant these days, it will 2 more weeks for them fall out, enjoying until then.Been busy cooking all morning, trying to catch up now!:D

Thanks for your friendship too Sandeepa. Not planned yet, will surf a little today and choose something interesting like a historic place nearby! Enjoy the weekend!:)

FH said...

Thanks Shilpa!:)
Turkey is very bland to taste, so need some sauces to perk up but you can cook Ham or Chicken too. These are different taste than we are used to indeed.With kids, have to do all these!:D

I was Laavanya! I just wanted to get a photo to post here, so worked as fast and hard as I can!:D
Thanks, you too have a great weekend, see you on Monday! Hugs:))

Thanks for being there for my event too Ash! I am always happy to visit your blog.Hugs to you. Enjoy your weekend!:))

FH said...

Pria, thanks, we will enjoy!:))
You know, this year Fall colors came very late. Last year I had posted so many by this time,colors just started a week ago here.Enjoy, I love the colors too!:))

Thanks Amanda, we will. I cooked as fast as I can today, so I can post photo!:D
You too have a great weekend sweetie, hugs to you. See you on Monday!:))

Sups, thank you sister!:)
You always bring joy to me and others too.
Only Canadians and Americans have Thanksgiving. A great way to celebrate the family and friends who love and support us, I love TG!:))
There is HUGE amount of people flying across the US to visit families today. It's crazy out here but tomorrow would be wonderful.
America closes down for Thanksgiving and Christmas, just 2 days a year. Mad rush for Xmas shopping on Friday, some stores are opening at 4am!!:D

FH said...

LOVED the Chana masala Myth, thank you so much for giving us your mom's recipe!:)
Have a great weekend , see you Monday sweetie.

Richa, thanks for understanding when made a wrong comment!You are a great fellow blogger:))
Yes, I wish everybody who receives a comment would return that for others! That's what makes blogging worthwhile and makes us inspired to do more.Have a great weekend Richa!:))

Oh Kribha, I wish I was that desi you met!:))
We all have become so close although we have never each other, may be one day! Wish I had a bigger house to have a great big party for all you!
Hugs to you girl, enjoy your hubby and son, give thanks to them.You are a great mom too!:))

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving sis
have fun on ur weekend getaway
am sure you would have existed without most of us. but without you i dont think least of us would exist sis. you are the best.
not sure of turkey but others look good...i like that wooden cloth pin turkey more ;)
btw they are beautiful shots
thx to u sis
have fun

FH said...

Siri, take some photos and post girl.We have one bare Maple tree already!! It won't last forever, I know!:D
Have a great Thanksgiving, make something special and say thanks to hubby! See you next week!:)

Thank you Bindiya. I am glad I met you this year! Hugs to you too. Have a great weekend!:))

Thanks Kay! Drought is not over at all, in fact it hasn't rained properly in 5 mins but leaves turn colors as the Fall moves in and then all fall out for Winter.It's just a joy to see the colors, makes you feel great and then Winter will be cold and snowy!:D

FH said...

Lissie, I am glad to have met you too !! There are so many new bloggers this year, it's wonderful!:)
Enjoy the weekend, see you later!

Yeah Paati,bland feast though! You wouldn't like it! Tushar wants a whole chicken too, see if I can make a good stew out of that!:D
Glad you are a friend Paati, always nice to share with you. Hugs! Enjoy!:))

Thank you Padmaja. I appreciate you too and your comments. Have a great weekend while we stuff ourselves and sleep half the time! Hahaha!

FH said...

YESSS! At last the colors Bee! I was waiting patiently for this all this time! Usually, it comes very early and lasts for few weeks.But glad it's here!
Have a great weekend, I am exhausted already!:P

Anusha, glad I met this year too. I know blogging and commenting are not easy task but I will be there whenever I can. Keep on going sis, do not stop!:))
Turkeys are always very bland, got to have some sweet and tangy sauces but still not good for Indian palates!:D
See you on Monday! Hugs to you.

musical said...


Thanks to you too, dear! For always being there, with your lovely and encouraging words and for sharing this awesome goodness with your posts, eah time, all the time.

Lovely fall color pictures! Miss the New England fall colors sometimes.....Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving!

Much love,

FH said...

Thank you sweetheart Musie. It's always a joy to visit your blog to read with such traditional words and rituals explained so articulately. I appreciate your visits too, glad to know you too!:))
Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgivning to you to Asha.Fall colour looks so beautiful. Have a good one.

Meera said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy!!

Li'l Lite said...

Thank you for all the wonderful recipes that we look forward to on wednesday..I know there's a lot more to come!

Happy TG to you and your family!!

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too asha !!! Have a gr8 weekend !!!


FH said...

Thank you Madhu. It must be snowing there in Alaska by this time huh? Enjoy girl, have a great weekend!:))

Thanks Meera.You too enjoy the long weekend break!See you later!:))

Hello lil lite, thank you so much for visiting on every Wednesday, I appreciate you too. I do my best, glad you like the posts.Yes, lot more to come, will bring more Thalis form January!:)
Enjoy and have a great TG day!

FH said...

Thanks Vanamala. You too have a great weekend and enjoy your family! Hugs to you!:))

USHA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Thats a humble post thanking on Thanksgiving day .Gr8 person sounds very simple,hiding lots of talent inside good example is Ashaji...
Happy Thanks giving....enjoy your outting....You are correct,till kids grow, we don't consider this sort of native tradional celebrations.

Wonderful fall color snaps.We also leaving tonight to my sister's place.Myhubby will return this weekend,i'm gonna stay for 1 more week...Catch u later.Bye.

Convey my wishes to kids especially American:))...Trishul

Mishmash ! said...

It was nice to read how the tradition became a part of your family :) As many already noted here, the cheerfulness and charm you leave in the blog world is amazing. We re all thankful to have a blogger friend like you :)

Happy Holidays and Enjoy the vacation :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Happy TG to you and your family. Nice to see how you have adopted this tradition so wholeheartedly. This is one feast that I would love to celebrate too I just love the concept.
Have a great weekend and enjoy. And yes should give thanks to you for providing me with very inspiring and entertaining posts on Wed. I like the vibes out here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone in your family. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

Seema said...

What a post!! Asha - appreciate the effort u put behind this - from cooking such a fabulous meal, to the photo & write up & your thanks to your fellow bloggers.. I am lost for words.... Your a great blogger & a friend for so many of us. Thanks for always leaving a sweet comment & your encouraging words.. i really look forward to your comments & you've never missed my post! Thanks Asha - Have a safe & wonderfull Trip & enjoy!

FH said...

Thank you so much Usha, have a wonderful time with your sister.That is what it is all about Thanksgiving! Enjoy the family and say thanks for our good fortune!:)
If I didn't have kids, I don't think we will celebrate any festival at all including Indian ones! I will tell Tushar you said hello!:D

Shn, I appreciate your posts too, always bring a smile and lot of memories of India.Thanks for that. Have a great weekend,see you next week!:))

Angela, thank you for visiting me every week, I really appreciate all your support too.It makes me happy that some of you wait for Wednesdays!:))
Have a wonderful day with your family and enjoy them. Hugs to you.

Rajitha said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and ur family Asha...have a great weekend :)

FH said...

You are welcome Meera, I love when you post dishes there! Have a great weekend and enjoy the long weekend! See you later:))

Seema, that is so sweet of you, thank you. It's true that we are all a part of a great blogging community. Just enjoy and have fun.
I might miss your post this weekend but will catch up when I am back.You too have a great weekend, have a blast tomorrow!:))

FH said...

You too Rajitha. Enjoy Thanksgiving and thank you sweetie.See you next week!:))

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Ashakka, Happy Thanxgiving to you too!!! Hope you have a nice time.... I miss NC fall colors :(

Mallika said...

Have a great break Asha. You are now forbidden from looking at blogs even once! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
Happy Thanksgiving.beautiful fall colours and enjoy ur trip.


sunita said...

Asha, happy thanksgiving to you and your family...enjoy your holiday ...and those colours while they last ;-)

FH said...

Ramya, you were in NC, I had forgotten! Yeah, nothing like Fall here, it's just beautiful.Came little late but it's worth the wait!:))
Enjoy the weekend girl!:))

Yes Madam Mallika, I WILL NOT DARE even look, I promise!:D
Have a great weekend dear girl, I will see you on Monday!:))

Thanks Shalini. You will love my next post, full of Toor dal dishes! Until then, have a great weekend and enjoy the Fall!:))

Thanks Sunita. I will savor the colors, they don't last long. Before you know, trees will be naked!;D
Enjoy weekend, see you next week!:)

Shivapriya said...

Happy Thanksgiving Asha, I have been coming and going from ur blog since morning like a cat:).... Looks like ypu posted lil late. Nice thanksgiving platter. I'm sure the chole taste yummy.

Saju said...

Happy thanks giving Asha, nice platter you have there. love your music, and photos of your trees

Keshi said...

Happy ThanksGivin to u and ur family Asha! HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Love that TG meal pic...Im drooling here cos rite now I want some Turkey!

**then a 3rd grader, who is born and raised in US said "I am an American, I want a Turkey too!"

LOL so cute! Im glad ur son brought the TG fun into ur family :):).

I THANK YOU too Asha for coming into my life...I really appreciate ur friendship. MWAHHHHHHHHH!

Hv a great long weekend n see ya on Mon then!


Latha Narasimhan said...

Lovely post on thanks giving! I too heard of thanks giving only from you ! :) I too made something to post for Thanks giving! No turkey though! :D
Thise trees are looking awesome dear! Enjoy yourself with family! :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

And I thank you for sharing those glorious pics of the foliage. How I miss that. Happy Thanksgiving, Asha!

TBC said...

That was such a lovely post, Asha.
That's a lovely feast you have prepared.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family:-)
Enjoy your weekend!

Ramya said...

Happy thanksgiving and enjoy ur weekend. We too had our thanksgiving early this year all with veg feast. ur spread looks awesome.

Dalicia said...

happy thanksgiving to you and your family :) i always enjoy your warm hearted meals :)

Sreelu said...

Asha Dear, Happy thanks giving to you too. Enjoy your vacation

amna said...

wow! that is so beautiful! i donno if i will ever live in a place that is so pretty. or even get to visit :)

thanks for sharing the beautiful pic :)

Prema Sundar said...

Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur family Asha...
nice spread and enjoyed reading the thanksgiving celebrations at ur home...
Yeah I love the fall season because of the lovely colours ..

Pravs said...

Happy Thanks giving to you and your family Asha. Beautiful fall colors. Have a great trip and good weekend.

sra said...

Asha, thank you for being who you are. Have fun on your getaway and don't forget to read all the blogs - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on every post! Makes me wanna write more and more ... Thanks! And have a nice trip!

Lisa Johnson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Asha! Your meal looks wonderful and the trees are so brilliant! I had no idea you got that kind of foliage down in NC!

Rachna said...

hey asha... happy thanksgiving to you to... love the fall colours.... hugs

Jayashree said...

Happy Thanksgiving Asha.....have fun on your vacation.

Raaga said...

happy thanksgiving... have fun. What a spread... and what lovely photos

Srivalli said...

Asha, thats such a wonderful spread you have there..I told you are a super so many and then to take a photo..just too great...Happy thanksgiving to you too!...I feel we dont' need a special day to thank all the wonderful people we get to meet and the change they bring into our live. You, as everybody know make all so happy with your lovely comments and great support. Even if its blog I visit for the first time, I see you have already left your mark. Not sure how you do it, but its simply great. Thanks once again for being the self you are. Enjoy your hols and come back with loads of joy and dishes.

Finla said...

Asha Happy thanksgiving. Enjoy the 5 dya strip and you can writ about it so we guys who are stuck here at in our routine can enjoy :-)
The picture of the fall colour is just beautiful.

Linda said...

Asha, you're a sweet soul and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend full of safe travel, wonderful sights, happy surprises and lots of turkey (sans bones, of course!).

Hugs my friend... see you next week! :)

Cyberkitty said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and ur family Asha and thank you very much for reading my blog.

EC said...

ur chole looks great with potatoes..loved the snaps of the trees outside ur house

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post on Thanksgiving Asha!
Thanks for your warm comments on my Blog, it always makes me smile.
Have a safe trip :)

Daily Meals said...

Happy Thanks Giving Asha! Thanks for your comments and kind words. Enjoy your trip.

indosungod said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Asha
Have fun on your road trip!

Mona said...

Happy Thanksgiving Asha!

Gosh That is North Carolina! How beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll miss you from Dec 1 to 10th. Have a great trip :)

PS: I added one of our family's fav songs to the blog - don't miss it.

Rina said...

Those fall colors are perfect. So is the thanks giving meal. Turkey and cranberrry sauce, made for each other. Yes I too thank God briing us to this part of the world , to see the beauty of His creation in each distinct season..

RML said...

Hello Asha,
Happy thanks giving to You and your family.Have a safe and fun trip for the hols.The fall colors are beautiful.We had our first snow showers today.
See you next week.

Sig said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and family Asha... Enjoy your break... The plate looks great, but I am not a turkey fan... we didn't do anything this year, but when we do, it is always a whole chicken instead of turkey... :)
My thanks to you for brightening up the blogging world with your sweet comments that all of us look forward to with each post...

Roopa said...

wonderfull post ASha! loved the pictures too have a nice time :)

ServesYouRight said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You're such a blessing in so many ways -

Warm wishes,

FH said...

Shivapriya, I was cooking so I can get a platter for this post!:D
Thanks girl, you are always good to me!Hugs!:)

Thanks Saju, thank you too for being a good friend and a fellow blogger. Best of luck to you in whatever you do. Enjoy the weekend!:)

Thank you for coming to my life too Keshi, I look forward to what did you do every Monday!!:))
If not for kids, I don't think we celebrate anything to tell you the truth! Arvind is not really into any festivals!:D
It's fun for me tough, I enjoy until kids go to college!
See you later Kesh, hugs to you. Love ya!:)

FH said...

Latha, now you know why TG is celebrated, it's a good thing to give Thanks to God and people around us on this day!:))
Good that you made something, I will check Monday.We are in a small town called Farrington, will be back home Sunday. Enjoy:)

You too Susan, hope yu had good one too. Fall is a beautiful season, unfortunately it came late for us and didn't last long! Enjoy the weekend, see you later!:)

You too TBC, thank you for being a great friend. Hugs to you!:))

Ramya, thanks girl. We had our feast and we drove to Farrington, a small town nearby. Enjoying strolling, will see you later!:))

FH said...

Thank you Dalicia. Enjoy your weekend too buddy!:))

Thanks Sreelu. e ate a lot and now we are digesting for 3 days!;D
Have fun, will see you on Monday!:))

Nags, in India specially in the South, we don't have any seasons although we do have lot of greenery and flowers! Here, it is like Heaven! Every 3 months, it changes dramatically, beautiful! Hope you can visit Europe and US someday!:))

Prema,thank you!:))
Hope you enjoying the long weekend too. Arvind usually on call most holidays, this time he is free all 4 days, it's miracle!:D
Have fun, see you later.

FH said...

Thanks Pravs, you too a great weekend and enjoy your family!:))

sra, I didn't open the laptop at all for a whole day and today thought I would reply and close it again!:D
We are in a small town, just walking around and relaxing, see you later!:))

Thank you Ashu!
Enjoy blogging, i's fun. I will see you Monday!:)

Anali, Ashville has one of the most beautiful Fall foliage in US. Around the end of September and october, people start coming there just to see the colors. It's like a wonderland!:))
Hope you had good Thanksgiving, enjoy!:))

FH said...

Thank you Rachan, have a great weekend!:))

Thank you Jaya, hope you are having a fun weekend too!:)

Thank you Raaga. We had a great feast and now walking around to digest!:D
Have a relaxing weekend there!

Sri, thanks for being a great blogger and a friend. It makes me feel so good to think that most of you do really care about others and be there for each other.I try and encourage new bloggers specially!:))
Enjoy and say thanks to your family and every time you cook for them with love, that is Thanksgiving day!!:))

FH said...

Thank you F!:)
We were home until yesterday, now we are in a small town. Nothing special but little time away from routine days. I will see you later. Enjoy the weekend:)

Thank you Linda. Enjoy your sweet little family too, I bet they having tons of fun at home with mom!:))
I also cooked a whole Chicken too in a clay pot, will post sometimes later!
Have a fun weekend and enjoy.

Thank you Cyber Kitty. Love to read your blog too and I enjoy your unbiased film reviews. Blog on buddy!:))

Thank you EC. Enjoy the colors and I will see you later friend!:)

FH said...

Thanks Pearlin, love to visit you! Enjoy blogging and have a great weekend!:))

Thanks Vijaya. Hope you having relaxing weekend too, enjoy!:))

Thanks Indo. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too. Hugs!:))

Thanks Mona! YUP! It's the most beautiful season here, colors came late this year but it's finally here.It's just a joy to look around but it lasts a few weeks before trees are bare!Enjoy the weekend!:))

FH said...

Thanks Lakshmi. We are having fun here but will have be back home on Sunday. I haven't opened the Google reader yet, keep the song until Monday, will see you then. Hugs!:))

Rina, you are so right! We are so lucky to see these colors we wouldn't never have in India! It's so beautiful, makes you feel great! Enjoy and have a fun weekend!:))

Madhuri, snow already! We might get snow here too this year too but in late January! Meanwhile, let's enjoy Fall colors.Thanks girl, see you later too!:)

Sig, thank you friend. Alays a pleasure to visit you blog wheather it's Indian or western dishes,you are a great blogger!:))
Tushar wanted a chicken too, baked a whole Chicken as well, will post later!:D
Enjoy your Spain trip, looking forward to loads of photos! Hugs:))

FH said...

Thank you Roopa. Hope you are having a great weekend too. We have 4 day weekend this tome, lots of eating and digesting!:D
See you later girl. hugs!:))

Thank you Smita. I am thankful for knowing you too. Hugs to you. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Fall season. My best wishes to you!:))

Cynthia said...

Hon, I trust that you and the family are enjoying the holiday weekend.

FH said...

Yes, hank you Cynthia. It has been good so far, we had 4 days long weekend!:)
Have a great weekend sweetie, see you later.

Seena said...

happy thanks giving and happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Look at those amazing trees. Wow!
I hope you had a very blessed day!

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Hope u enjoyed to the core, the Thanksgiving, and the micro vacation, Asjajee..!!!...I suppose thats the reason, u have not posted the recipie for all those lovely foosies on theplate. Love the fall snaps, missing such views here in the Middle east...enjoy, dear, theae are god's gifts just for u people out there!!!

Deepak Gopi said...

Belated Happy thanks giving

Viji said...

Enjoy your trip Asha. Have a nice weekend with your family. Nice spread and colourful photos. Viji

FH said...

Thank you Seena, take care buddy!:))

Thanks Kristen. We did have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekend, See you tomorrow!:))

Thanks Sona. Arvind rarely get 4 full days off of work ever, this is the first time! So we are enjoying our little break.
I know like India,Middle east doesn't have seasons.It's beautiful here right now! See you later!:)

FH said...

Thank you Deepak. Hope you are having great weekend too, see you tomorrow!:)

Thanks Viji, will catch up with you tomorrow.We are enjoying the long weekend! Have fun there:))

SMN said...

U must be njoyed with the spread of food ashakka.. lovely.. food

FH said...

Thanks smn, we did. We are enjoying the last day of the long weekend, back to routine from tomorrow. See you then!:))

Priya said...


Just to let u know, my blog address is changed and check my profile.

FH said...

Thanks Priya, I will change to new one! Happy Monday to you!:)

Meeta K said...

Love your platters and I thank you for all your energy you pout into your posts. Lovely as always!

Raks said...

Wow you have never posted simple/single recipe ..always grand!!
Hope you had a great thanks giving time around there:)

FH said...

Thanks Meeta. Got to do something for kids although we adults might not be that excited about any festivals.Glad you liked it!:))

Thanks Raks. I made these a day early so we can take a break. We thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend we had. Hope you did too!:))

Namratha said...

Hiii Asha dear, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! It's nice to know you celebrate Thanksgiving, atleast the food part :) I was off on a vacation too with hubby dear to Orlando, so getting to your post now ...hope u had a fun weekend getaway too :)

FH said...

Namratha, great to hear that you were in Orlanado and enjoyed your vacation.It's our kids' favorite place too, specially Universal studios!This is the best time to o there,lot cooler and pleasant:))
We had fun eating and shopping all five days. It's little boring to get back to routine now, but have to do it! Happy Monday!

AnuSriram said...

Wow.. wonderful fall colours.. hope u had a wonderful lonnnngggg weekend....

FH said...

We did Anu, thanks. Colors are almost gone now, they came late and went early this year but glad we got to see some colors atleast!:))

Keshi said...

WB darlin!


Mandira said...

What a beautiful spread Asha :) Hope you had a great trip!

bha said...

Belated Happy thanks giving...i m late as usual......wonderful meal u guys had.....

bird's eye view said...

Hi Asha,

Belated happy thanksgiving! I just looked at all your blogs and was amazed and humbled by how many dishes you've tried and what beautiful pics you've taken, and the sheer number of entries, each one so well written.

sallywrites said...


Sadly we don't celebrate it here.... We have Harvest Festival in September, but that is a church service and no family celebration....


FH said...

Thanks Keshi!:))

Thanks Mandira, we did enjoy the long weekend and did some shopping!:)

That's quite okay Bha!I know we all had long weekend off this time, takes time to get back to blogging!:)
Hope you a good one too.

FH said...

Thanks B!:))
Did you go thru' every post? You are a brave girl! Haha! I used to post almost 3-4 every week before, then I thought it's better to post once a week with few dishes to help me and readers too, works well for me.Glad you liked it. Hugs to you.

Thank you Sally. I know! TG was supposed to be to celebrate harvest and time for prayer but in US every holiday becomes very commercialized for some reason, including Christmas!:D
I think your way is better, enjoy. Xmas frenzy has already started here, shopping and more shopping.Some kids here even think Xmas for just getting presents, nothing else!!

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I dont know why My comment is not appearing.

Happy Belated Thanks giving. Had a Wonderful vacation????

You are always special to me....

Anonymous said...

Mappy thanksgiving for you and four family.

Lovely pictures! Chana masala is an all time favourite. I also liked the presentaion of the thali.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling mistake.

Kindly read as : Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

bird's eye view said...


Hope you don't mind - just tagged you on 7 weird things ( at

Waiting to see what u have in store:)

FH said...

Hi MT, thanks friend. We had a fun weekend if nothing else!:))
I will post today, then I will take a break after the first. See you later:)

Thank you Kulpreet. Got to do something for the kids sake, so they can enjoy both cultures!:))
Hope you are enjoying life there.

FH said...

Hi B,thanks girl. Siri already tagged me for this MeMe,so I will be doing it after the 12th, although I told her I can't think of 7 weird things about me, may be 1 or 2!Hahaha!

Raks said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I saw in linda's wanted to wish...See you soon after break.;D

FH said...

Thank you Raks, that was very nice of Linda to remember the anniversary!:))
Have a great weekend girl, see you later.

Purnima said...

Asha, Wish you and your family Happy Holidays, Happy Christmas and a Rocking New Year!!!

FH said...

Thanks Purnima. Wish you a happy new year too, enjoy sweetie!:)