August 15, 2007


Happy 60th Independence day to India!!

Saffron represents "courage and sacrifice",
White represents "peace, unity and truth",
Green represents "fertile land",
The Blue wheel in the center represents "Dharma Chakra"(the wheel of Law).

Mother India has come a long way, here is her brief history:

The Indus Valley is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back at least 5,000 years. Aryan tribes invaded about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier inhabitants created the unique Indian culture. Arab incursions starting in the 8th century and Turkish in the 12th were followed by European traders, beginning in the late 15th century. By the 19th century, Britain had assumed political control all over India. Indian armed forces in the British army played a vital role in both World Wars. Nonviolent resistance to British colonialism under Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru (first Prime Minister of India) led to India's independence on August 15th, 1947.Info from here.

"Nice Matters" award with the cutest logo ever!:))

Cyber Kitty from "That's how it really works!!" blog gave me the "Nice matters" award. So nice of you CK! Thanks, Love ya!!:)
You are ALL nice bloggers to me, the best foodies around! I don't dare choose!:))
But who is the nicest of all bloggers I can think of to pass on this award? Anali from "Anali's First Amendment" comes to my mind immediately! This is for you Anali.You are the nicest blogger! Enjoy:)

Now on to the blogging business!!
As unbearably hot as it is right now, what a great time to make some cool salads ,Ice Creams and enjoy them! My Tomato, Eggplant ,Gourd and Okra plants are thriving in this heat and you know what that means at FH and Aroma!!;P Here are some cool salads, Soups and a Sandwich I made last week!

Tasty Tomato soup with a flavor of India!
You know what they say? "Keep it simple stupid?!" :D
I will start with a simple and tasty Tomato soup this week. I have too many Plum or Roma Tomatoes at home right now out of just two plants.I am practically throwing them in EVERY dish! Here is a soup for you with a little touch of spices!:)

You need: 8-10 Plum Tomatoes which are sweeter,pulpy and lot less seeds than regular Tomatoes or you can use canned Tomato sauce,1 small finely grated carrot,1 tsp olive oil or butter, Salt, pepper, 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (optional),2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp Cumin powder,1/2 tsp Garlic pd, 1 tbsp heavy Cream or Coconut milk, a sprig of Cilantro or fresh Basil for garnish.
To make it:
1. Cut a little X on each and blanch the Tomatoes with water in the microwave for 2 mins,drain,rinse them under cold water,peel the skins,slice and discard the seeds or open the can!:)
2. Heat a tsp of Olive oil or butter,add Carrot,saute for a while until it softens.Add Tomato sauce,cook for 3 mins on low to medium heat,taking care not boil the soup to avoid separating the pulp and water.
3. Add all the ingredients except cream when the raw smell goes, simmer for a minute or two.Take off the heat, add cream or coconut milk,stir gently to mix.
4. Garnish with Cilantro and serve warm or chilled with Croutons or crusty roll and a salad. Enjoy!:)

Roasted Red Bell peppers(Capsicums),Pear and Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber salad with sweet yogurt:
A beautiful looking and tasting cool salad,makes a great accompaniment for a hot and spicy sandwiches or soups.You can use Plum tomatoes,fresh red bell peppers but bottled roasted,peeled and soaked in Olive oil red peppers taste wonderful.

Here is how to make it:
1. Take a glass bowl, add chopped Pear,Cherry or plum tomatoes, cubed cucumber, 1/2 cup plain Yogurt,1/2 red or white Videlia onion cubed/sliced, 1/4 tsp Garlic pd, 1/2 tsp Cumin pd, Chaat masala (optional)and pepper coarsely ground.
2. Fresh herbs like Parsley, mint or Cilantro can be added, your choice.
3. Now take 3 roasted bell peppers slices out of the bottle,drain the excess oil and slice into thin strips and add to the bowl.
4. Add little salt,mix everything and chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

Chinese style Spicy Zucchini Ribbon Salad:
I love this so salad much,I could eat a bowl on it's own without any soup or Sandwich!! A wonderful mix of Sesame oil,seeds, and a touch of chilli heat, YUM!

You need:
2 zucchinis,sliced into ribbons, 1/8 tsp salt.
For spicy dressing 1/2 tbsp sesame oil (a must have ingredient!), 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds toasted, 1/4 tsp chili pepper flakes or 2 dried chili peppers sliced into strips, 1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger, 2 minced garlic, 1 tbsp rice vinegar or malt vinegar and 1/2 tsp sugar.
To make it:
1. Heat sesame oil until it smokes, take off the heat, add chili pepper flakes and sesame seeds.Keep aside.
2. Trim both sides of the zucchinis slice lengthwise to ribbons with a potato peeler as shown in the picture. Put them in a bowl, add salt and all other ingredients including the seasoning and toss well.Chill before you serve.

Chinese style Egg Drop Soup!
My favorite and quick Chinese style soup with Eggs streamed in to it and tastes great on it's own or with crusty rolls.I make this usually for a quick Sunday dinner after a elaborate meal for lunch and no leftovers!

You need:3 tbsp cornstarch, 6 tbsp water, 1 tsp canola oil, 2 tbsp minced Green onions/scallions, 1 tbsp soy sauce.
Soup Base 6 cups vegetable or chicken broth, 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 1 tsp salt, 1 cup frozen green peas,1 grated or cubed Carrot, 2 eggs lightly beaten with 2 tbsp water,and 1 tsp sesame oil(Important!).
How to Make it:
1. Combine cornstarch and water well.
2. Heat Canola oil, add scallions, and stir fry. Add in soy sauce and all the soup base ingredients until it boils.
3. Turn down the heat, slowly add cornstarch mix stirring constantly until slightly thickened.
4. Add the peas and remove the pan from the heat.
5. Slowly add beaten eggs in a thin stream around the edge of the pot and carefully stir once or twice so the eggs form into thin streamers.
6. Add in sesame oil, adjust seasoning,garnish with chopped Chives and serve with zucchini salad.

Sweet and delicious KFC style Coleslaw!
Although I don't like any of the other KFC food because of the greasy chicken etc, I LOVE their sweetish Coleslaw. Sometimes we just buy that and get Sandwiches from somewhere else! Here is how I make my Coleslaw which "almost" tastes like KFC's. Tastes excellent with BBQ Ribs and rolls too.

You need: 1/2 small cabbage, 2 carrots, 1/4 cup sweet onion like Videlia, 4 tbsp sugar or more if you like,1/2 tsp salt,4 tbsp milk,1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1 tbsp minced bottled Roasted Bell pepper (optional),1 tsp white vinegar,pepper pd.
To make it:
1. Slice Cabbage to thin shreds,grate carrots and mince onion.Add to a bowl.
2. Add rest of the ingredients to it and mix well.Taste for seasoning,adjust and chill in the fridge for an hr. before you serve.
3. KFC Coleslaw is sweet and crunchy which sets it apart from all other Coleslaws, my personal favorite.Enjoy with any burgers,BBQ and of course fried or baked Chicken!:)

My favorite hotchpotch Potato salad:
I say hotchpotch because I just add whatever I can think of and find in my fridge to this salad except boiled Eggs.It's yummy and I make it usually with Burgers and Coleslaw.

You need: 4 medium red waxy potatoes (DO NOT use baking potatoes),1/4 cup sweet chopped onion,1/4 cup chopped green or red bell pepper, 1 stick celery sliced thin,2 tbsp Hot Dog relish, 1 tbsp chunky stone ground brown Mustard or Dijon mustard, 1/4 cup sour cream,1/2 cup or less Mayonnaise,1 tbsp Chopped chives,1 tbsp Dill leaves, 1 tsp minced mint leaves,salt and pepper.
How to make it:
1. Boil red potatoes with skin on but make holes to prevent bursting until soft to touch.Cool under the cold water,peel the skin and cube into chunks.Cool completely.
2. Once cooled,add in a bowl.Add all the ingredients mentioned up there and mix gently,do not break the Potatoes.
3. Taste for seasoning,adjust salt etc adding more if you need.Cover and put it in the fridge for at least for an hr and serve.
4. It should be moist, thickish but not runny with thin liquid.Add a little milk,it's too thick.Enjoy.

Yummy Sloppy Joe!
The name Sloppy Joe comes from making a mess spilling stuff out of the buns while eating these sandwiches with a slop like ground beef filling which is neither like burgers or like a runny gravy but somewhere in between but very delicious with it's own way of cooking! They also say that Sloppy was cooked by a guy called Joe, hence the name Sloppy Joe. Sloppy Tom is made of Turkey meat!:D
Vegetarians can use Soya granules in the same way.

You need: 1 tbsp butter, 1 pound ground beef , 1 small chopped onions, 2 tbsp all-purpose flour, salt, 1/4 tsp chilli flakes,1/2 tsp cayenne or Paprika pd, 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 cup ketchup or tomato sauce,Tabasco,1 tsp seasoning or dry rub of your choice, 1 tbsp parsley, 1/2 cup or more water, 4 split and toasted sandwich rolls.
How to make it:
1. Heat butter, cook onion, add ground beef with salt ,any seasoning you like 1 tsp BBQ dry rub and coarse pepper until beef is no longer red, stirring often to break up the lumps.
2. Sprinkle flour over beef, stir to blend thoroughly. Let it cook for a minute.
3. Add Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, spices and water. Simmer, stir often until the sloppy Joe is thickened.Texture should be thick like sauce.
4. Serve on the toasted rolls with Potato salad and chilled Coleslaw.YUM!

Sloppy Joe with Coleslaw and Potato salad:
My kids are in 7th Heaven after this meal,somebody please get them back to Earth!:D

Last week, I tried these from other foodies;

Hema of "Vegetarian concoctions" blog's Morkootu with my homegrown Bottle/bird house Gourd and fat-free Sour cream instead of yogurt!! YUM! Thanks Hema :)

Lemon pickle with Anusha of "Talimpu" blog's Urad dal powder recipe! I added thinly cut lemon pieces instead of juice,seasoned with oil and mustard seeds. Simple and delicious!! Thank you Anusha :)

To make it:
Lemon 5-6
Urad dal 1/2 cup
Dried red chillies 5
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tsp
Heat oil, add broken red chillies.Add urad dal and fry until reddish, cool and powder coarsely.
Add to chopped lemon pieces and store.
That's "all" this week folks!!


Arts said...

Another Lovely spread!
cant have recipes with eggs n beef :( But Tomato soup and zucchini salad looks yum!!

Have a nice vacation! :)

Shivapriya said...

I'm the fisrt one to comment this time:)
Happy 60th Independence day Asha!!
Tomato soup is my all time fav... Lovely colour.
Yummy dishes. So did u decide on the date for surgery??.
Take care, Hugs!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Thank you for the award Asha! I feel so honored! ; ) And lucky you with all those tomatoes! Enjoy your trip to NC and the beach! I can't believe the summer is almost over and I haven't been to the beach once. That's just wrong. It will have to be remedied very soon!

J said...

Have a nice vacation Asha! Congratulations on yet another award :)

archana said...

Congrats again Asha :) Happy Independence day :)
Menu is fabulous. There are so many items. I need to go through each of them slowly. The zuchini ribbons are looking so pretty :)
You have so many types of potatoes waxy , baking potatoes.
Enjoy your holiday :)

Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha,
What a lovely spread. I have never tried eating zucchini in asalad, i thought it needs to be cooked !!!

You are very very nice Asha and enjoy your award and the vacation

Anonymous said...

Everything is awesome Asha. Love that potato salad and bell pepper salad.

Wishing you too Happy Independence Day.

Mishmash ! said...

Sigh!! What was that ??? Beautifuly post with all light dishes....the egg drop soup reminded me of mother's egg and chichen soup as she used to prepare it almost the same way....and so is the tomato soup which I learnt from a senior friend at my second job who was from Rajasthan....

so enjoy your beach vacation...see u next week :)


Sia said...

i am on time today to drool and drool and ofcourse droooooooool:) i am book marking both tomato soup and zuccini salad... fell in love with that rich red colour of soup. our 2 weeks short summer seems to be getting over. its raining and temperature is dropping slowly. so its again gr8 time for hot soups:)
enjoy ur getaway ashakka... will see u soon.. have fun:)
oh!!! congrats fo another award and happy independence day to u and ur family:)

FH said...

Arts, thanks. Don't forget the Coleslaw and Potato salad, they are pure vegetarian as well and tasty!:))

Hi P!:) Good to see you. Surgery is not scheduled yet.Still need to talk to him and then decide. Enjoy the day.

LOL! Anali, you are welcome!
Yeah, we missed the beach all this time,trying to catch up a sneak at the last minute!:))

Thanks J! Awards are running these blogs these days!:))

FH said...

Archana, thanks.Enjoy the day too.Zucchini salad was so tasty,hope you try.
Baking potatoes are NOT used in the Potato salad, just waxy red ones!:))

Thank you Sandeepa!:))
Fresh Zucchinis are best tasting when they are fresh and raw just like Cucumbers.Try that salad,you will love it.

Happy I day to you too Pria. Enjoy the salads:))

Hi shn, you can use chicken broth too in that soup,tastes great.
Light salads are the best in this weather, enjoy!:))

Richa said...

Happy Independence Day, Asha!
I can have soup anytime, never have to look at the weather for that,tomato being my fav :)
Zuchini ribbon looks good, can sesame oil be substituted?
have a great beach time!

Laavanya said...

Happy Independence Day!
That's a super spread (as always in your case :) ) I love Tomato soup and yours looks so vibrant. I like your Coleslaw too - it is defintely better than the one at KFC. My husband loves sloppy joes so I made it once with mashed beans - i ought to try your version with soy granules some day. The zuchhini salad looks pretty.
Have a great beach vacation.

mommyof2 said...

Happy Independance to you too. Not so independence for hubby as we got married on the same day;-)

great idea for sloppy joes. I can't say when am I going to try but one day soon:-)

Suma Gandlur said...

Happy Independence day and congrats for the award.
I love those tiny tomatoes I keep seeing nowadays on your blog. The only soup I make and know to make is tomato soup.:)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Asha you got some lovely recipes here this week:)

FH said...

Sia, try the Coleslaw and Potato salad too ,you will love them! Both are veg too.Enjoy.
We are sweating buckets here,it's getting worse for us next week they say.You are lucky to have some pleasant weather there!:))
See you next week.Poori bhaji is coming at Aroma tomorrow!:)

Thanks Richa, we will!:)
Sesame oil gives that Chinese food flavor to the salad, but you can add any oil or skip the oil all together too.Enjoy.

Thank you Laavanya! I LOVE the Coleslaw,so sweet and crunchy!
So you know about Sloppy Joe, great!:) Try it with Soy beans, healthy too.See you later.

LOL! MO2, happy wedding anniversary!! So nice to combine both.Cook something sweet. Enjoy. Hugs!:))

Thanks Suma! I am cooking so many dishes with Tomatoes these days, little tired of those now!:D
Enjoy the day and the soup too!:))

KRISHNA said...

Happy Independence Day,
I like coleslaw(i am veg but I get only this from KFC). now I know how to do, Tomato soup looks Yummy with its rich color,
I will try sloppy joe with soya granules,

Have a nice vacation :))

Pavani said...

Hmmm.. That was a refreshing meal. I'm already upset that summer is almost coming to an end.. But good things never last forever I guess.
Have a great time off and enjoy urself. See you next week.

Sig said...

Beautiful array of dishes... looks so yummy! Congrats again on yet another award :)
Enjoy your mini-vacation on the beach Asha... thats the best kind... :)

FH said...

Thank you Jeena! Hope you try some of these.Sloppy Joes are very tasty too.Enjoy:))

Mamatha, I do the same with KFC Coleslaw!It's so yummy there!:)
This tastes almost like that, try it.
Enjoy today,I will see you later.

Thank you Pavani!:)
Hopefully ,it won't be VERY hot there this week.Summer is not over yet for us,heat getting more and more intense for us. But it will end soon and then we will miss it!:D Enjoy the today.

Hi Sig, thanks. Awards are running all our bogs these days!:D
Yes, looking forward to the beach.It's so expensive right now at the end of Summer.Have fun at the Niagara too, see you next week:)

Kalpana said...

Happy 60th Independence day to you too, Asha!

Lata said...

Oh God, too many recipes again. I love the Tomato Soup and the Ribbon Salad. Great post.

Happy I-day to you again.

Namratha said...

Hii Asha, georgeous spread...definitely a feast to the eyes and I'm sure to the palette too:) A very Happy Independence Day to you too. Will try your Egg Drop soup, looks tempting!

Latha said...

Happy Independence Day Ashu! What a spread! Looks good!

ChrisB said...

Here's wishing you a Happy Independence Day:)

Enjoy your trip to the beach. It's nice to be able to take a break before school starts.

Anonymous said...

Happy independence day :)
i cannot believe you couldnt think of me big sis! just kiddin
thx for trying my lemon pickle.
ur version is simply awesome.
btw blanching the tomatoes in microwave is smt new to me
raita is so refreshing
love the zucchini ribbons. hot
egg drop soup is cool.
need to try the kfc coleslaw next time ufffffff
ur experimental salad is cool too.
cant imagine how good it tastes with sour cream ;)
finally enjoy ur beach and we all miss u :)

FH said...

Thank you Kalpana!:))
Have a great day today, enjoy.

Thanks Lata,!:))
Whenever I make dinner which is 6 days a week, I will just take photos and post!!;D
Enjoy the soup and salad.

Hi Namratha,thanks girl.Hope you have a great day today too!:))
Try the Salads too, they are yummy,specially the Zucchini one.Enjoy.

FH said...

Thank you Latha! It's exciting today ,huh? I bet Indians in India having a wonderful day today.Makes you miss it!!:)
Have fun, hugs.I am impressed with your light foods and sticking with it for so long!Wish you the best:))

Hi Chris, thank you!:))
Yeah, we didn't plan the getaway but just decided to go this weekend! After that, I don't think we can get out anywhere until atleast for 6mnts!

Hello Anusha!:D
Believe me , I thought of you but couldn't choose just few and leave the rest. so to be safe,I skipped all the foodies! You are a nice gal too,I know and you know that,award or not! Love you too!:)
Just 2 tbsp Sour cream really gives the salad a little tang, try it and Coleslaw too.Enjoy.
Happy 60th!!:)

TBC said...

Good god! So many recipes.. I'm gonnna bookmark this for all the soups & salads. Of all the different soups, tomato is my favorite & this is what I order always when we are eating out.I am not even ready to try anything else!I have not made it at home yet.
Congrats on the award!
Have loads of fun on your vacation:-)
Happy I-Day !

Rashmi said...

Hello Ashaji,

Before commenting,Correct me if i am wrong,i think we both are only blogging from North Carolina little bit proud of that :).Whenever i see I-85 N Greensboro,the first thing comes to my mind is Ashaji.Ok now enough of my excitement.

Happy 60th Independence to you too.Simple and humble spread.Will visit again when i try these recipes.

Have a great vacation.We are also planning to go to Palmetto Dunes Aug end.

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS!
Lovely spread this week as usual. Zucchini salad has indeed caught my attention. Did you use a peeler to make strips? I am also thinking 'potato salad' as a side for our next BBQ party! Glad you posted these. I add a bit of potato for texture into my tomoto soup. And last but not least...glad you made and liked the morkootu. Home grown bottle gourd! U cant beat that. Have a nice week ahead and Happy swatntrata divas to you too!

Manasi said...

Happy Independence Day to u too!

Lovely spread as usual.. but my FAV is tomato soup!! I love it!!!!

Congratulations on the award, u deserve it!!

Have a wonderful vacation!

Suganya said...

Have a good time off Asha. I, in the meantime, will try few of these recipes :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Ah! I like the tomato soup... shall try it out during winters... m avoiding the kitchen these days... tooo hot n humid :| and zucchini looks yumm one confession.. hv never tasted it :(

bee said...

have fun on the beach, asha. loved your array of salads and soup. and congrats on another award.

Sharmi said...

lovely spread of dishes. Happy Independence day to you too. I am sure your kids would have had a great time. Have a great one!

indosungod said...

Have fun at the beach Asha.

Chinese style Spicy Zucchini Ribbon Salad looks ready to be grabbed.

I am not a big fan of salads but that MorKootu sure looks slurpy and tasty.

sra said...

Another award, you must feel so cherished! Am going to try that zucchini salad. Have a nice vacation!

Beccy said...

More yummy meals to tempt me.

I've never heard of sloppy joes but will try them out as I think my family will love it.

Dee said...

Have a wonderful time ashakka! excellent spread as usual. I'd like to try the zuchchini salad for sure!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

wow! so many salads...i've always wanted to try something with zucchini, so that definitely caught my eye..and luckily i hve sesame oil at home too..though I bought that for MIL joint pains, i'm sure she won't mind me borrowing some :)

FH said...

Thanks tbc! Tomato soup in the restaurant are loaded with cream that's why it tastes so yummy!I added a little.Try it and enjoy!:)

Rashmi, there are two more from NC, Lata and Ramya I think!
It's so expensive to go to the beach now.I think everybody is planning to go there in Aug! School starts on the 27th,no more vacation after that for us!Enjoy your's, hugs!:))

Hello tangacchi!:))
Yes, potato peeler does the job, carrot strips will be great too.Moor kootu was so tasty with juicy gourd,thanks! Chilled Coleslaw is great for BBQ too. Enjoy. Potato flakes when cooking Tomato soup will give it a body, true!Have fun,see you later.

Thank you Manasi!:))
Hope you are having a great day.Happy I-day to you. Enjoy the soup.You could add more cream if you like to the soup,makes it tastier.Enjoy sweetie.

FH said...

Great!! Suganya, I hope I won't be tempted to comment while I am on a "break"!!;D Have a fun weekend!

Reeta, I don't have a choice but to cook EVERY DAY except Saturday! Lucky you!:)
Zucchnis are almost like cucumber but softer.Really tasty when raw in salads,absorbs all the tangy hot spices.Happy I-day. Enjoy there.Hugs.

Bee! Thanks girl. Have a great weekend too. I will see you as soon as I come back.Hugs.

Hi Sharmi, kids are happy we are going to the beach at last!:D School starts in few weeks,so they are all psyched to get a dip in the Sea.Have a good time too, see you later.Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

First Happy Independence day.
luv ur soups.i love tomato soup from all. ur getting so many awards and u deserve it. ur the nicest blogger. what about ur surgery?? keep posted.

FH said...

Indo,I highly recommend Zucchini salad,make it.It was so tasty,I ate half of it and made some more again! Morkootu is a great recipe,I made it with fresh gourd.YUM!
Have a great weekend,see you when I come back:)

LOL! Sra, if you put it that way, yeah, SURE! You made me giggle like school girl!
Enjoy the salad,try the Coleslaw too.Have a great weekend, hugs.

Hi Beccy, Sloppy Joes are classic American burgers, if there is a such a thing as All American!:) But tastes great though, hope you will try. Keep lot of paper napkins by the side too, kids will love it!:)
Enjoy the weekend.Thanks.

Dee, have fun girl. Summer is almost seems to be over and so soon too!:)
Thanks, we will.Enjoy the salads.See you later.

Hi M! It helps with joint pains too! Didn't know that.I loved the Aroma it gives to the salad,try it.Chill for 1/2 an hr,it gets so juicy! Have a great weekend,see you next week.Happy I-day!:)

Neelam said...

Hi Asha, Lovely spread as always!
Congrats on yet another Award!
Have a great vacation!

Cynthia said...

What a delicious, diverse range of food this week! Love it all.

Happy Independence.

You and the family have a good time in NC and we look forward to your return.


FH said...

Ramya,thanks!Lasik meeting with the doc got postponed to 25th.Most of the doctors take off for a vacation at the end of Aug.I will update later.Enjoy the soup and salad.Have a great weekend, hugs:))

Thank you Neelam! Enjoy the recipes.See you when I come back,have a fun weekend:)

Hi Cynthia, India , China and US cuisine.You are right!:))
Thanks. Enjoy the weekend,I will see you when I come back!:))

Priyanka said...

Oh so this is the Chinese meal you were talking about... the zucchini salad is a must try out. I dont like soya chunks though... can i substitute the sloppy joe with something else Asha?

Unknown said...

Just got a fresh picked zucchini from my father-in-law. Thanks for the idea of a fresh salad!
I love sloppy joes. Haven't had them since I was a child. Time to taste them again!!! Looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

Liked the homely soup :) Yummy sloppy joe indeed looks YUMMMY :) I am going to try it the veg way as u told. Will miss u till next week asha and hubby are going camping this weekend to NH...thats gonna be an adventure camping this time:)

Unknown said...

You deserve the awards you get these days:) Very encouraging blogger you are:)

FH said...

Hi Priyanka, yup,this is the one!:) I take photos and post when I can. I don't like Soya chunks either.You can add potatoes and greanpeas, any thing small enough to looks like thickish sauce.Try Moong wadis or Punjabi wadis, crushed ,would be nice too.Enjoy.

Erin,fresh Zucchinis are the best to make this, slices very nicely! Try it. My kids will do anything for those Sloppy Joes!:D
Thanks.Enjoy and have a great weekend!:)

Thank you rv!:))
I am glad to visit you all of you.Takes time but will do it. Camping sounds wonderful.We have never been camping at all.I am allergic,so we don't even plan.Have fun. Have a great time.
I will be back on Tuesday,just a long weekend,Arvind has to go back to work. See you next week girl,hugs!:))

swapna susarla said...

What a soup mela ashaji!!!

congrats for this another award..have a wonderfull vacation.Take acre of ur eyes!!

FH said...

Thank you sweetie!I will be back in 4 days.Have a great time there too.Take care.Happy I-day to you!:)

Anh said...

Oh Another storm from you Asha! :) I particularly like the sloppy jow, Yum!

And happy independence day!

Sai said...

Lovely spread! I must say though that the potato salad is my fav. The one I make is rather decadent....I add turkey bacon and onions, mayo, sour cream but the only spice I add is pepper.

So So Simple said...

I am liking the thought of the Zucchini salad Asha. Looks crisp and beautiful as well. They are so expensive here at the moment so I shall put it in my archives. Your tomato soup is a lovely colour...can't wait for summer food. Have fun on vacation. It's cold wet and windy here.
By the way I had a cataract removed by laser last year. It was a piece of cake..the best thing. I never realised how little sight I had in that eye. You will be thrilled when the surgery is done.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha! First of all too many recipes for me today to read on one day from your blog.So,I read only tomato soup,colesaw and potato salad for today. Except for tomato soup, rest of the recipes look new to me. Whenever I heard the word colesaw I just turned away earlier thinking it is non vegetarian.Bottle guard recipe photo and lemon pickle looks good.will come bak tomorrow to read them.Asha congratulations for all those awards you are getting these days.Keep up your esteemed blogging and continue to enlighten bloggers like me.

Anonymous said...

Asha ! Happy Independe day to you and how r our eyes now? Take care.

Keshi said...

**Cucumber salad

I love that...with youghurt. We make it at home. with some green chillies too.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Asha! Lovely colors of the flag and meaning!


Prajusha said...

i loved ur soup and zucchini salad.
congrats again for another award
Happy Independence day to u too.
enjoy ur vacation and have a nice weekend

deepsat said...

Nice spread Asha!!!

Independence day wishes to you!!!

And have a nice vacation!!!

take care!


Unknown said...

Happy independence day to you...
Lovely spread..i loved the look of colesaw and egg drop soup...hmmm..drool worthy...:))
Enjoy your beach time..

Srivalli said...

asha...not sure how you do...but so many ..really great...very lovely looking spread you have there....and congrats on yet another award...this aptly suits you..


Meeta K. Wolff said...

Happy I-day to you Asha! This is an awesome looking spread! My eye is on that coleslaw! Looks yummy!

Latha Narasimhan said...

More awards! great going!:))
You deserve all of them! Have a nice holiday!

Nee said...

Happy Independence Day!

And lovely recipes as usual - will start with the tomato soup!

Viji said...

All my kind of food Asha. Salads and soups. very nice. Take care and enjoy your break. Viji

Raaga said...

Congrats Asha... so many awards :-) and each one well deserved.

What a spread... why your kids... even I won't come down to earth after a meal like this.

have a lovely vacation.

Rachna said...

wow asha...i loved all your salads, and me too love KFC's coleslaw!! i go there just to buy the sweet coleslaw as hubby doesnt like the fried chicken... hee, your potato salad was awsome too.... the last plate with the sloppy joe and the salad made me sooooo hungry!!!!

Coffee said...

My goodness!! Thats one gorgeous post on salads Asha!! I am bookmarking this to try. :D Loved the zucchini salad especially!

Menu Today said...

Hello Asha,
Congrats for winning another award!!!
Soup looks fabulous:-)
Take care of your health and enjoy your hoiliday!!!

FH said...

Thanks Anh! Hope you try the Sloppy Joe, it's really tasty, kids favorite!:))

Sai, Bacon sounds yum! Usually they add boiled Egg and Ham.Any way you make ,it tastes wonderful chilled.I don't make it often bcos of the Mayo etc but kids keep asking, I give up!:D

Oh Gilly,thanks for telling me that about ICL! :)
I was little worried, I felt like I am going to be a Bionic woman!:D
They say ICL procedure to correct vision is relatively new but they have been doing Cataract surgery in the same way for long time.I am relieved.My retina etc will be intact, they just add the contacts behind the Iris in my case.
Try the Zucchini when you can, it's really delicious!:))

HeHe!! Madhavi, take your time!:))
Coleslaw is carrot and cabbage with other ingredients,pure veg, don't miss to try.Make veg burgers with it, YUM! Hope you had a great day yesterday,it was fun reading all the blogs. Surgery meeting got postponed to 25th,will update.

Hi Keshi darling, I love the taste of minced green chillies in Raita but kids won't touch it.Oh, the parental sacrifices we make!:D
Thanks. CNN mentioned it once about I-day,that's all the fun I got!In NY and CA, they have a celebration like you did there.Oh well...60th is down!:))
I will be back Tuesday,see you then Kesh,love ya!:)

FH said...

Thank you Prajusha!:))
Hope it's not going to be 100F at the beach, I can't stand it.It's 99F today here! Phew! Enjoy.

Hi Satheesh, thanks man!Hope you had some kind of I-day celebration there, we got nothing,just routine.Have a great weekend, I will see you later!:)

Maheesshh!!!So great to see you!:))
I am sure you enjoying your preg. now,midway is the best time.Last month is torture, in a good way!:D
Thanks, wish I could send you some.I made Almond Chicken last post,see if you like it.Enjoy and take care.See you next week.Hugs:)

Thank you Sri. These are just 3 meals out of a week for us, not hard at all.I just take photos as I cook!:)
Btw, I made something sweet in the MW for you,Arvind loved it!:)
I will post, may be on Monday at Aroma.Have a fun weekend girl:)

FH said...

Hi Meeta,happy I-day to you as well.We didn't have any organized event here,not a lot of Asians around.It's probably the same for you too.Oh well..:)
Coleslaw is sweetish,your son will love it.Try the Zucchini salad too.Potato salad of course comes from Germany,we just Americanize it with Hot Dog relish!:D
Have a great weekend, thanks.

Thank you Latha, I appreciate each one of them!:)
You too have a great weekend,Must have been fun there yesterday in B'lore, lucky you!:))

Hi Nee, good to see you. Tomato soup with lot of croutons is a perfect meal for both of you.Enjoy your weekend, I will see you later:))

Except the Sloppy Joe Viji!!Don't go there!!:D
Salads are all great here,I love each one of them.I will miss your weekend lunch this week but I will check it out when I come back!:)

FH said...

Raaga, you are almost like my kid too, I will stuff you as well! ;D
Enjoy your weekend. Thanks,we will leave tomorrow,see you next week.Hugs.

Rachna, only we non-veg people know the taste of Sloppy Joe!YUM! Hope you make it. I love the cold and sweet KFC Coleslaw,so good to have that on a hot day!:)
Hope you try,it almost taste like that as well.Enjoy , see you later:)

Coffeee, good to see ya!:)
I know you will love all the salads,pure vegetarian dishes too.Try them.Zucchini salad is excellent with sesame oil,smells so good and spicy too!:))
Have a great weekend,see you next week.

Thank you MT! You too have a great weekend.Try the salads and enjoy.I will see you later. Hope you blog more, I am missing your posts!:))

Raaga said...

Asha...Thanks for making me your daughter :-) But in terms of age, I'm guessing you'll be like my older sister. Don't go by the fact that I got married last year :-) I am very very old :-)
have a great vacation. I'm off to the Himalayas tonight.

Anonymous said...

how does your soup turn so red?!!! mine is almost red but palish - a wee bit on the orange side perhaps.

secret technique or just the nature of tomatoes?

FH said...

LOL!!! Raaga, if you are "old", then I am very very very old!! Have a great time darling girl, a big bear sister hug to you then!!:)))

Lakshmi, Plum or Roma(Italian) tomatoes are very red (homegrown in this case), pulpy with thick skin and sweet with very little seeds inside.Regular tomatoes are tangy and very pale in color.That's why the color.I don't know whether we get these Plum T's in India though.Try it!:))
I also use Paprika,dark red Hungarian sweet pepper pd!

Namratha said...

The potato salad sounds and looks delicious..I simply adore bell peppers, so I will be trying that..maybe this weekend..will let you know how it turns out:) Have a fun trip dear!!

FH said...

Hi Namratha,hope you do try this weekend.It is tasty.See you next week, thanks!:))

Anonymous said...

hey,just visited your blog...great recipes and yummy snaps.
A small correction...

The first color on our flag is not orange,but saffron. Pls correct,especially since it concerns our flag :) No offense meant.


FH said...

Hi Deepa, no offense taken!
welcome to my blog. All the sites I have referred on the Internet for flag info and other bloggers as well says it's Orange!! Check here.
Anyway, thanks. I will add a /saffron there too!:))

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Asha, everything looks beautiful! The tomato soup, zucchini salad, and the sloppy joes - just my kind of recipes, too - simple. I'll be busy this week trying three new recipes. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful time at the beach! :D

FH said...

Carol, while you are cooking all those, we will have a good time baking and soaking at the beach!:D
Thanks girl, enjoy.It's very short vacation,will be back soon.Have a great weekend:)

Li'l Lite said...

Zuchhini looks yummy..will try tomato soup..Have a nice weekend sis!

Padma said...

What a salad medley going on here! Happy Independence Day to you too And tomato soup is my all time favorite.

Can we replace with grd chicken/turkey/lamb in the slopping joes recipe? that looks fantabulous!

And congratulations on the well deserved awards...enjoy your vacation and we all ya miss u!

Padma said...

Forgot to say I loved you chinese style soup..will try that soon!

musical said...

Lovely spread of soups and salads, Akka. I love the zucchini ribbons, pretty and atsty to boot and that potato salas is looking yummy as well! I would love to make the fake sloppy joe too ;).

OOh, and congratulation for the award, Akka :).

FH said...

Hello lil dr!:))
Enjoy and have a great weekend. I will see you when I come back.

Padma, you absolutely can replace with any other ground meat.Try it!:)
I will miss you all too, see you as soon as possible. Hugs.

Hahaha!! Musical,fake Sloppy Joe sounds great too,try it. Zucchinis are so refreshing to eat.Have a great weekend, I will see you next week! Hugs and kisses!:)

Chickoo said...

Nan ankonde, neevu independence day ge major agi recipes kodtheera antha :). Ninne inda kaitha idde. Wonderful as usual! Nim photos nodidre nange yavaglu hasivu shuru agutte :(
I have started collecting recipes for RCI karnataka event.

Kay said...

soups and salads!!!! :) looks so inviting..

Asha, how does zucchini taste raw? those ribbons of Z looks great. I like stir-fried Zucchini and grilled ones.. but raw?

Kay said...

and congratulations on yet another award...

Susan from Food Blogga said...

There is so much deliciousness, I don't even know where to begin! Let me say that I would eat it all! And having too many tomatoes is the kind of problem I'd like to have right now.;) Happy Independence!

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence day to you too Asha. I would love to try your Zuccini salad sometime. I don't know what to cook with that beautiful vegetable(other than lasagna). Have a great holiday and Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

more salad recipes hope you enjoyed yourself at the beach.

your daughter is getting her license :) i remembered how nervous my mum was....congrats again..more awards and recognition for you!


FH said...

YAY!! Deepa, I am so glad to hear that.Bring them on for RCI baby!!:D
I thought I will make some cool salad this week.Enjoy:)

Kay,raw tastes great, almost like biting into a soft cucumber but way better than cucumber.Try this salad.It also absorbs any flavor you put it in, yummy!:)

HeHe!! Susan, you are right, there are 3 meals here at least!:)
I am tired of Tomatoes too, can't think of any other way to finish them.I have used them in somany dishes so far.
Have a great weekend.See you next week:))

FH said...

Shilpa, hope you had a great day too.We didn't have any celebration here at all.
Zucchinis are great in Kosumbari, shallow fried in oil, Pulao.They are spongy,so they absorb all the flavor.It is a like soft southekai.Try the salad.
I will see you next week, have fun!:)

Hi Dalicia,thought salads are appropriate in this hot weather and had too many tomatoes around for soup!:)
Yeah, she got a car and has learner's permit.It is a little scary but she is almost ready to fly the coop!;D
It's good in a way,teaches them independence.We are leaving tomorrow and will be back from the beach on Tuesday.See you then:)

Keshi said...

Tuesday? aww im gonna miss ya. TC.


Anonymous said...

I would like to put together a 'western' meal for my family.Something totally different from the regular Indian stuff.I've seen ur recipes,but Iam confused since its my first attempt.Can u help me? Pls put together a lunch menu for me .Thanks

Roopa said...

congrats Asha! and happy belated I day :) soups and salad looks out of the world. yumm bye see you :)

Anonymous said...

Plum tomatoes aren't accessible but paprika sure is. thanks.

FH said...

I am already missing you Kesh!:)
But better get my dose of Ocean before the school routine starts.Trisha's last year in HS this year although she starts 11th,Early college program sends her to college next year free, for lessons.Busy time this year for me.Have fun Kashi,see you next week.Hugs.

Thanks Roopa. Hope you had good celebration there, we got nothing here!:P
See you next week, take care girl:)

Lakshmi, byadagi and Kashmiri chilli has great color too but might be hotter than paprika.Good that you get Paprika there.Nilgiris might sell lot of western stuff, right? I remember buying Russian loaf there, YUM!:))

FH said...

Okay Deepa, saved your reply for last!:))
Now, I am not sure you would like a veg or non-veg meal, for adults only or kids too.So, I am giving you how a western meal goes in general.
Appetizers; assorted cheese, dips, Walnut bread slices with Extra Virgin Olive oil, soups, etc
Beverages; Wine, Sparkling non-alcoholic wine, soft drinks for kids,Cocktails etc.
Main course; steaks with sauce, salad, chicken, Seafood, veg dishes, dressings or gravy, a veg side dish etc
Dessert; any cake, pudding, fruits with sauces etc
Coffee; coffee is optional if you would like to end the meal with just dessert.
Now, the dishes specifically, I can't tell you bcos it's up to you what you like.In my recipe index,I have plenty of choices with soups ,desserts etc.Go thru' and choose
Hope this helps and enjoy your meal!:))

KA said...

Heard on the news about the heat wave. Looks like you have found lots of ways to keep cool..

FH said...

Hi KA, good to see you!:)
Yeah, after 10 days continuous 99+F heat,today it's drizzling a little which makes the humidity worse of course! We will be at the beach for 4 days which is hotter than here!:D
Keep cool where you are, see you next week.Thanks for visiting:))

Shionge said...

Sorry for being late but Happy 60th Independence Day Asha :D

I am not an egg person but when I saw your egg drop soup it took me back to my childhood as I remembered my Mom used to cook them :D

FH said...

Hi Shi, glad you visited me just before I leave for my little break!:))
Thanks. Hop Egg drop soup looks like what your mom used to make! We loved it, kids like anything wit Eggs.Have a great weekend Shi, see you next week:)

TheCooker said...

This entire post is bookmarked. The tomato soup looks delish. Great colour.

Pooja V said... v ur luxurious spread asha....they r just awesomely nice :).

sunita said...

So much to choose from...they all look yummm, especially the soup...liked the sloppy recipe as well.

Kajal said...

Happy Independence day to you.

Congretcation for Nice Matters award Asha!

Tomato soup looks very yummy with three green corianders leaves it looks more beautiful.

Also Red bell peppers with cheery tomatoes and sweet curd is very healthy and nice sweet side dish. Nice idea....thanks for sharing.

No words for your Chinese style salad.... All Salad is rocking.

Your Sloppy Joe is really very yummy and I like your tips for Vegetarians can use Soya Granules...Thanks because I am totally vegetarian.

Your kids are in earth because they need more and more food dish making by you my dear...:)))

FH said...

Thank you TC!:))
Use plum tomatoes for soup, they are lot sweeter.Other varieties are very tangy,doesn't taste that good.Enjoy.

Hello PoojaV, thank you ma'am!:))
Have fun making salads, they taste so good and refreshing in Summer.

Sunita, Sloppy Joes are kids fave bcos they can make a mess and parents don't care when it comes to these Burgers!!:D
Have a great weekend:))

Hi Kajal, kids are at the beach right now!! Yeah, they do enjoy the Sloppy Joe,Soya is the best replacement for those too.Enjoy.
Thank you for everything, hope you had a great weekend so far.I will see you next week.Hugs:))

SeeC said...

Congrats asha !!! Apt award. Soooo many dishes...thats a great spread.
Drooling over.
I should try it sometime...(dunno when)

Anonymous said...

I liked your blog. It's so nice and you have explained things wonderfully. I have bookmarked it and will be visiting regularly. If you get time, visit my blog as well.

FH said...

Thanks Seec!:)
These are 3 meals for us in a week, I just take photos as I cook!;D
Try when you can. I will be back home on Tuesday,see you then.

Hi C, new blogger I see!:)
Welcome to my blog, hope you come back. Thank you. Try them and enjoy!:)
I try to check your blog by clicking on your profile,but can't get into blog.You will have to leave your URL here again. I am on vacation right now!I will check lare.

Pragyan said...

Hi Asha, Have a great vacation. Sloppy Joes look yummy. Maybe I will give that a shot for our next team potluck. I am passing you the "Rockin' Girl blogger". You are such a bundle of energy! :)

Anonymous said...

love that tomato soup colour ! beautiful spread and I have to bookmark it for summer which isnt too far away - just a couple more months to go, hopefully !

A Very Happy Independence day , Ashaji :-)

Grihini said...

Hey Asha, your post of Soups n Salads are a real treat to eyes ! Can't thankyou enough for sharing recipes every week.... :)

I suppose you are having a good time on vacation. See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

You know what I love about your blog? It is so versatile. Amazing ethnic dishes and sloppy joes in the same place. I love it!

vasilisa said...

Looks so yummy! I'm already planning to try a version of the zucchini salad. I actually have sesame oil in the house! And I love the tomato/pear salad idea -- I make a similar salad a lot (with sour cream though :-) ), but I never thought of putting pears in! Gotta try that.

By the way, since you are the cookbook and Indian food experet (you are, you know that :-) ), do you know where I can find a recipe of a Masala Dosa (my current addiction in my favourite Indian restaurant). I think you wrote about dosas before, but I can't seem to find it :-(

FH said...

Thank you P! I appreciate it and collect it right away!:))
Sloppy Joe is great dish fo r party and easy to make too.Enjoy. See you tomorrow:)

Hi Abha, thanks. Our summer is ending in a few weeks! It's such relief bcos it's been so hot all Summer. Enjoy the soup, see you later, still on vacation!:))

FH said...

Thank you G! Yes, we are having a great at the beach, it's beautiful here.But we will have come back tomorrow:)
I will see you later, enjoy the dishes.

Hi Kristen, thanks friend!:))
India, China and US dishes at the same time, cool huh?;D
Kids love Sloppy Joe, we enjoyed them all.See you later.

Hi Lisa, great to see you!:))
I will be home tomorrow, see you then.I haven't checked your blog so far, I will. Thanks , enjoy the dishes.
They are NOT Pears in the salad, but Pear Tomatoes, which look like Pears and yellow too as in the photo.
Masala dosa; see the Google search in the sidebar in the tail end, type in "Mysore Masala dosa" it will show the post.
Also instead of Rava/Semolina, you can use Adai dosa recipe too, which is lot easier than making Rava dosa. Again type in " Adai" in the google search or go to recipe Index, choose dosa/Rice bread category to everything.Good luck!:))

Prema Sundar said...

wow... no wonder that ur kids are in 7th heaven Asha.
coleslaw, potato salad, bellpepper salad.. all these have had outside in restaurants but have not tried at home.. it looks so perfect ... u are a wonderful cook Asha( wonder how many times I have said these!!!!but sure worth it.)

RML said...

Hi Asha,

Great recipes!I liked the Zuchini and the lemon pickle.I tried your lemon pickle and it was delicious.Using urad dal was new to me.Thought would try and then let u know.
Thanks for sharing!
Hope u had fun at the beach.
And good luck for your Lasik.I am curious about knowing your personal experience about Lasik bcos I too wear glasses.
Have a nice weekend!

Mandira said...

happy 60th anniversary albeit a little late. the salad and the soup looks delish asha!

Keshi said...

r ya bak? :)


FH said...

Hi Prema, thank you. I do like experimenting with different dishes and flavors.Most of time they taste great,I post them here but sometimes not so great,will not post here except my failed attempt to to fry the Ice Cream!;D Enjoy.

Madhoo, wasn't Urad dal pickle unique recipe? I loved it too,thanks to Anusha.I always make the usual mustard and Methi,this was very different. Glad you made it. YUMMY!:))
I will write the details of Lasik later,not gone thru' yet.

Thank you Mandira, hope you enjoyed the 60th too.That many years and we are still struggling with the society as a whole but looks like good times are coming!:))

Hi Keshi,still at the beach ,just got some time to moderate comments but we are leaving around 10am,will be driving back home.Back to blogging from tomorrow!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, hope you had a lovely break at the beach and brought back some great memories! Congrats for all your well-deserved recognition from blog awards, and congrats to Miss T. on her stupendous school achievement! Her new car is a beauty! So is your yummy summery meal here -- love your addition of mint to potato salad, and KFC coleslaw, that's my fav too ;) Hope I get enough tomatoes to try some soup -- I was even beginning to get okra but it's turned very chilly here past few days. Will be waiting to hear what you and eye dr. decide next week. Oh, and a belated Happy Independence Day to you, too! Now off to Aroma! :)

sallywrites said...

Happy independence day!

Love the look of those yellow tomatoes. I have never seen those.

Great blog as always Asha!

Hope you have had a good holiday!

FH said...

Linda, I will be home today.It was 95F all week and no end is here it seems.Hope my plants survived the heat.Enjoy the dishes.
Trisha is happy. School starts on 28th and got to go to open houses tomorrow. She is taking 8 APs this year! It's 11th grade but last year of HS for her (Early college), for 12th, she will be in freshman college free!
Phew! Lot of studies to do for her this year!:)

Thank you Sally! We had a great time at beach, now will be home today.No more holidays until next Summer for us!
Back to business as usual for both of us now!;D

starry said...

I love the chinese egg drop soup and the zucchini salad.All this food making me hungry. have a good vacation.

FH said...

Thank you Lalitha!:))
Just drove back home, unpacking and checking mu blogs!Hope you had a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Whoa !! What an amazing spread like always :):)

The ribbon salad is so enticing.

Does anyone feel like you are on a roller-coastes when reading this blog ??? I do :D :D


FH said...

LOL! That's a very opt description Mythili! It is like that. Can you imagine I have to write all these!!:D
Thanks, see you later. Hope you had great weekend:)

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, I am so sorry I am late with the Independence Day wishes, I hope you had a wonderful Aug 15th!!! The tomato soup looks absolutely scrumptious, will have to give it a try, thank you for so many wonderful recipe ideas, what would I do without your blog?

FH said...

I think you were on vacation Lotus! That's quite okay!:)
We didn't have any public celebration here like they have in CA and NY but we had some special dishes at home! Enjoy the dishes.See you later:)

zlamushka said...


this is a wonderful feast there. I love the chinese yucchini salad, I make exactly the same one, but with cucumber. And the coleslaw, and the sambar lime thingy... Totally bookmarked, thanx

FH said...

Hi Z, welcome to FH!:)
I love that salad too, so tasty and refreshing.Hope you try the MorKootu and Lemon pickle,YUM!:))

Meena Raj said...

Ashakka.. You seriously ROCK !! I need another 24 hours everyday just to try your recipes. So many different varieties.. Zucchini salad and coleslaw.. My God.. I can't pick one. Thanks for the awesome spread !

FH said...

LOL! Thanks Meena. I make my meals for us in the weekdays and I post them once a week here. Try one by one when you ca, no hurry!:)

Suganya said...

I shouldn't have come here now. God I am HUNGRY.... Beautiful round-up, Asha!

FH said...

Thanks Suganya, enjoy! :)